How tall was Randolph Scott

Randolph Scott's Height

6ft 2in (188 cm)

American actor, best remembered for roles in films such as Ride Lonesome, Ride the High County, Western Union, The Desperadoes, Seven Men From Now, Decision at Sundown, The Tall T, Buchanan Rides Alone, The Nevadan and My Favorite Wife. A 1994 biography described him as "six foot three and a half".
I really enjoy the outdoor pictures. I seem more at home in an outdoors part. I guess I'm a little too bulky from drawing room dramas. I'm six feet, two, you know, and I need a lot of space for what I'm pleased to call my acting.
-- March 1933

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6ft 1.9in (187.7cm)
Gonzalo said on 2/Oct/17
If Scott was "just" 1´88 we need to downgrade Lee Marvin and John Wayne
mrbobh5344 said on 7/Jul/17
Have never thought Scott was really 6'3".. Tall, yes..... but not much over 6'1". And in later years his footwear always looked odd. I'm watching Western Union from 1940 today. Scott is about an inch taller than Robert Young (6')... and 'maybe' a smidgen taller than Dean Jagger (listed at 6'2")..... Everyone has modest footwear. Many, many scenes of the 3 in long shot. Beautiful color movie... Scott is young, maybe 40. Have read conflicted birthdates. I think scene after scene makes Scott look like he's right at 6'2"... give or take a fraction. 6'3" was really tall in 1940 and guys just stood out....... In this 'epic'... Scott is very handsome and though not the top listed star (Young)... he steals the movie..... But he only towers over the leading lady.... He was never taller than 6'2", if that.
James said on 21/Feb/17
He was closer to 6'2".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jan/17
6ft2½-3 range
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jan/17
Looked 190cm, with Tyrone Power in Jesse James.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Nov/16
His claim might have been in shoes. A fraction under this at worst...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jun/16
Saw him listed at 6ft2 also. I can buy this also.
Tom said on 29/Apr/16
Scott was 6'2" in normal shoes. He probably had built up shoes for films. He was far too old for "Seven Men from Now", they should have cast Robert Mitchum.
Gonzalo said on 27/Jan/16
I saw "Seven men from now" the other day and he looked a 4-5 cms taller than Lee Marvin. By that time Scott still looked in the 1`90 área. The film was excellent
Shadow2 said on 28/Aug/15
In "Carson City" Scott is wearing thick heeled cowboy boots to be mostly two inches taller than 6' 1.5" Richard Webb (in normal footwear) playing his brother. Scott was maximum 6' 2" barefoot.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 1/Feb/15
I'm a big fan of Randolph Scott in later Westerns. He appeared very tall in '7 Men from Now' near Lee Marvin.
Sam said on 26/Nov/14
In a movie I just watched with Forrest Tucker, Tucker was just a smidge taller maybe by a half inch.
Bruno said on 26/Oct/14
In Sante Fe, there is a wanted poster and his character is listed as 6'2''
Sam said on 8/Oct/14
He can seem a bit taller in this shot (farther down the page) with Errol Flynn.
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Arch Stanton said on 7/Oct/14
Looked 6'3" in Ride Lonesome.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Oct/14
Rob can you update with a photo and American actor, best remembered for roles in films such as Ride Lonesome, Ride the High County, Western Union, The Desperadoes, Seven Men From Now, Decision at Sundown, The Tall T, Buchanan Rides Alone, The Nevadan and My Favorite Wife.
Sam said on 18/Sep/14
Weird greenscreen-y shot, but I think he does look around 6'3" next to Lee Marvin here.
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However, I mentioned in the past in the movie Roberta, with the first pairing of Astaire/Rogers, Scott's character is described as 6'2".
mrbobh5344 said on 2/Mar/14
Noticeably shorter than Jock Mahoney and Forrest Tucker who made several films with him. He was a tad taller than Dean Jagger in Western Union, but I believe it was the boots he wore. He was noticeably shorter than Joel McCrea, also. Except for Jagger, the others were 6'4". I believe Scott was 6'3" with his boots on. I would accept that. Jagger was suppose to be 6'2". I put Scott in the 6'2"+ range. Great cowboy. One of the all time best.
John said on 3/Jan/14
I've heard 6'2 1/2".
Alex (London) said on 17/Nov/12
Randolph Scott said 6'3" on more than one occasion.

I believe for once a Hollywood actor is both honest and accurate.
Gonzalo said on 28/Mar/11
He looked as tall as john Wayne in a couple of films they did together in the early forties. And In hangmen´s knot he looked more than an inch taller than Lee MArvin. Clearly in the 1´90 area.

Not the best pic to judge but Scott looks taller than Marvin in this one
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thebad7 said on 24/Feb/11
Underappreciated actor. His Westerns in the twilight of his career are his greatest achievements. Next to Joel McCrea in 1962's RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY, he looks to be about the same as 6'3" McCrea or just a hair (hair = less than 1") shorter.

In the Kennedy/Boettischer films in the late '50s, he looks at the bare minimum 6'2". He was a very lean, but broadshouldered man. I recently watched him with Lee Marvin in SEVEN MEN FROM NOW. I believe that Lee Marvin, as a young man, was 6'2" tall, and in this picture, Scott looks to have roughly 1" on Marvin. 6'3" is probably accurate for Scott.

sam said on 18/Jul/07
Was described as "about 6'2"" in the film Roberta, but always looked more like the 6'3.5" listing.
Bob H. said on 11/Aug/06
Scott was in several movies with 6'4" Forrest Tucker and 6'4" Jock Mahoney.
In all he was clearly about 2 inches shorter. An interesting thing to notice in Scott's movies is that he changes outfits often. Most westerns have the hero wearing the same clothes the entire film. Scott would change hats and outfits several times in a picture. To me it gave him a touch of class.
abazzio said on 14/Jul/06
John Wayne and Scott were co-stars in the movie Pittsburgh and in most shots they appear to be virtually the same height, though to a discerning eye Wayne seems perhaps a half-inch taller. That would put Scott at 6'3.5". That fits with the observed 2 to 3 inch difference with Cary Grant, who is widely reported to have been 6'1".
Gonzalo said on 18/Apr/06
I saw a movie with Marvin and Scott and Scott was taller. The movie was called Hangman's Knot. It was good. I like Scott; he did a bunch of great westerns
larry said on 13/Apr/06
He was about 4 inches taller than Dana Andrews in a Civil War drama I saw on TCM last summer. Sorry, forgot the title. He was the same height as Lee Marvin in 2 movies together. 6'2" or 2.5" sounds right.
Babyboomer said on 6/Apr/06
Saw an old Western called "Dodge" (not sure about the exact title). Scott played Wyatt Earp & there are two scenes with Lon Chaney Jr., nose to nose. I saw Mr. Chaney when he was fairly old and he was 6'2" then. He and Scott were the same height in that movie. Maybe they were BOTH 6'3" THEN? Or maybe Scott was really 6'2 or 2.5"?
Frank2 said on 31/Mar/06
Back then it left little doubt in the minds of their peers. Scott married one of the wealthiest heiresses in America when he latched onto Marion duPont Somerville in 1936. So did Cary when later in 1945 he wed Barbara Hutton. After that they refered to Hutton and Grant as "Cash and Cary." But shortly after Scott was married he'd still reportedly head for the beach home he shared with Cary for a little R & R. Both marriages didn't last that long, about three years each. Scott remarried as did Cary. In fact Cary was married five seperate times. Scott just twice. Rumor has it that when both men were in their early eighties they would meet at the Beverly Hills Hotel's famed Polo Lounge where the maitre d' reportedly saw the two men holding hands while seated next to each other in a darkend booth. But whatever they did in private they were true stars, not the untalented juveniles that populate the screen these days. Also for what's it's worth, both men fathered children. Cary had a daughter by actress Dyan Cannon and Scott had two children from his second wife, actress Patricia Stillman who he remained married to until his death in 1987 at the grand old age of 89. Grant died a year earlier at age 82.
J-Dog said on 30/Mar/06
That picture of Cary and Scott still leaves doubts in people's mind? Hahahaha.
Gonzalo said on 30/Mar/06
Scott was tall, at least 6`2. He was in a movie with Wayne and they both looked the same. However, there was this picture of Scott and Wayne with Marlene Dietrich and Wayne looks clearly taller.
In my favourite wife he doen´s look much taller than Cary Grant. Fran2 pictures aren`t truly reliable but maybe he knows if there was an old technique to make them look similar in height.
Scott and Grant lived together for a while and there were a lot of rumours about it. Scott married in 1939 and his marriage lasted until his death. We will never know if they were "brokeback mountainers", but is that important anyway?
Scott was an underrated actor
Frank2 said on 22/Mar/06
My lips are sealed!
Glenn said on 21/Mar/06
Is there anyone you suspect hiding in the mountains past or present? I dont want us to get sued, but you do know the rumors of hollywoods #1 and the dance fever guy?
larry said on 20/Mar/06
Scott was described as 6'2-3" in a couple of his movies. He looked a bit shorter than Joel Macrea (sp?) in RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY. I would take 2-3" to be 2.5". :-)
Editor Rob said on 17/Mar/06
Saw a 1978 Dallas Times article that described him as a "Rangy 6ft 2 185 pounder"

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