How tall is Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon's Height

5ft 1.5in (156.2 cm)

American actress best known for roles in movies like Legally Blonde, This Means War, Wild and Walk The Line. Quoted on Canoe as saying "I'm really tough in my mind. I'm only 5-foot-2 but I think I'm big. And tough", also "I'm 5-foot-2 and I weigh 93 pounds". In a WalesOnline interview in 2009 she's quoted saying "I'm only 5ft 1in and sounding like I could take on an evil alien was actually the hardest part of the movie for me"

How tall is Reese Witherspoon
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Average Guess (18 Votes)
5ft 1.4in (156cm)
ana said on 24/Sep/17
Joshua said on 2/Sep/17
She looks 5'3 to me
Lee168cm said on 30/Aug/17
Would she be only around 5'4" in the above photo rob those heels dont look they'd even give a full 3 inches
Nathan Donnelly said on 10/Jul/17
If you ask me she's about 5',1½" even though long time ago when I watched Hot Pursuit (which in my opinion is a very funny and cute movie) in one of the scenes she says she is 5',2" but then when I read her biography that came out in 2015 that I got from the bookstore, it said she is actually 5',1½ and it didn't say how much she weighed so my guess is 93-115 pounds
Em said on 7/Jul/17
Very good listing
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Nov/16
Last night I saw this little lady playing the lead role in a film called 'Freeway!' The storyline is a serious one, even very sad, yet her performance was irresistibly funny! There are many top stars in the cast - Kiefer Sutherland, Amanda Plummer and Brittany Murphy to name but a few. I paused the DVD more times than I can recall so that I could laugh myself stupid at her facial expressions! I can't recommend this film highly enough! Reece, who plays a tearaway teenager born into a disfunctional family from a rough area, chooses to cope on her own in her own inimitable way, when her parents are taken into police custody. It is all the funnier because she's a tiny girl, but can she look after herself or what?
From this film, my favourite of hers so far, I'd put her height at between 5ft1 and 5ft1.5. I was waiting for her to stand near Brittany Murphy so I could compare the two, but it doesn't happen as you only see them sitting.
I'll settle for just over 5ft1 for this extremely talented and charming actress.
Sean said on 13/Sep/16
Here with 5'3" ScarJo
Click Here

You can see the shoes here
Click Here
Max said on 12/Jun/16
Saw here in person 5'0" barefoot. My 10 year old niece is 5'2" and had 2" on her, similar shoes.
lizzy said on 26/Apr/15
she does not look this short to me.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Jan/15
Rob can you add Wild to the list? She's got an Oscar nom I think. I get a big ballsy no nonsense vibe from her. She's little but makes up for it in other ways.
Steve said on 13/Jan/15
Rob, have you seen her recent pictures with Salma Hayek?
Salma looks clearly taller standing next to Reese, by about 1.5 inches.
[Editor Rob: I think salma is taller, how much more is hard to say without seeing photos and their heels.]
wishbone said on 6/Nov/14
Yet thanks to 5'2" Trade Winds friend Kelly Brough,I got Walk The Line back on Oct.31. Reese is very small,at just 5'1",but she sang beautifully on her own in it,and she is sweet and pretty.Gently warming up to reese,but I'm going to need more time to develop liking her the way I love,i.e.,Jane Powell or Sally Field,but she's nice.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Nov/14
Rob if she's 5'1.5 how tall is her mother LOL??? She looks taller next to her!! Click Here
[Editor Rob: there's a few inches advantage with Reese there, her mother might be almost 5ft.]
wishbone said on 29/Oct/14
I'm comfortable with looking at Reese Witherspoon as being small. 5'1" would be perfect as her height. Nice Oscar winning performance in Walk The Line. Needs to calm her thick Louisiana accent,though,but like all petite women,she's pretty. Sang nice,too,in Walk The Line. Had the DVD for a while,but I gave it up because I only moderately liked Johnny Cash.
Brad said on 23/Apr/13
Looks of her own words at 5' 1" in the vid with the cop, tiny.
K said on 21/Apr/13
She was aressted Friday and was listed as being 5'2" and 105 lbs on the arrest report. So 5'1.5" is probably right.
lenad is sexy said on 10/Apr/13
156cm. No more
countryboylee said on 21/Nov/12
a woman being short is fine. western women though, prefer a man over 6'
lisa said on 10/Sep/12
short is not as bad as you may think. some people do actually like it; I like that I am short and I would rather be my size (about 5'2) and no taller. I read Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't want to be any taller and I read Toni Braxton say she was 5'1 and then she said 5'1 and 3/4, and I think she looks more 5'1 and 3/4
Claire said on 3/Sep/12
Its enough for me that she once said, 5'1.
Noone in the world especially if we are talking about celebs, wont even shorten their heights.
Grace said on 7/Aug/12
We were really good friends with her and her family, but I was quite young, and never been good at math and sizing so...but my mother it quite all, and reese seemed very small in comparison to her! I would guess around the sizes you've said!
Peaches said on 5/Aug/12
While google says she's 159
maria j.m said on 21/Nov/11
met her, she is indeed 5'2''
Kostas said on 20/Nov/11
natasha says on 3/Jan/11
I weigh like 106 lbs...but my waist is like 27 or 26 inches..BMI calculator says I'm underweight..I'm way taller than her anyway..

Why do some (if not most) people have to make everything about themselves?
kristine said on 19/Nov/11
no way is she 93 pounds. im 5'0" and i weigh 118!
Heightgirl said on 13/Jul/11
I found a pic of 5f2 Selma Blair and Reese together. Selma wore flats and stood a bit hunched. Reese was standing tall in 3 inch heels and Reese was only an inch taller. I think Reese may be 5f1 or a bit less. Click Here
Shannon said on 22/May/11
Reese Witherspoon is not from North Carolina. She's from Tennessee. Born in Lousiana, but brought up in Tennessee for the most part.
gregory lehmann said on 16/May/11
Slowly warming up to Reese. Need to see more Reese Witherspoon movies to fully like her. But she's cute,but needs to calm her thick North Carolina accent.
g said on 9/May/11
Its crazy, she is the same height and weight as me, same hair colour and face shape... Im 17 and get called reese all the time!! glad to know being petite isn't a bad thing...
Lenad is sexy said on 29/Apr/11
5'2 max
lacey said on 4/Apr/11
Saw her in a spa in NYC last year and she was small but by no means rail thin skinny. Imagine one of your petite friends, and that's Reese. She has curves, but no jiggle!
Robert said on 31/Mar/11
Reese Witherspoon height is 5 feet 2 inches / 157.48 centimeters
Reese Witherspoon weight is 50-55 Kgs / 110.23-121.25 lbs
5'7.56 said on 22/Jan/11
she's short and skinny, so she can weight even less than 93 pounds.
natasha said on 3/Jan/11
I weigh like 106 lbs...but my waist is like 27 or 26 inches..BMI calculator says I'm underweight..I'm way taller than her anyway..

She looks her weight..I think Reese is more of 5'1"
alex said on 31/Dec/10
i doubt shes 93 pounds. i'm thinking more like 105.
Rachel said on 25/Nov/10
you can't really judge her by her weight because that also depends on her bone density, I'm 5'4" and I weigh 115lbs and MDs tell me I'm underweight but if u see me I'm clearly not, but I have a low bone density. So that's probably why she weighs so little, its actually not very hard to believe since she looks very petite width-wise.
Anon said on 14/Oct/07
93 pounds? Thats halarious.
FiveOne said on 2/Oct/07
I believe that she is 5'2". I don't believe that she weighs 93lbs! More like 98-100 lbs. I'm 5'1" and weigh 105 lbs. No way she's 93 lbs!
triz said on 24/Sep/07
When you see this picture of American Psycho, there is no way she would be more than 5', next to 6' Christian Bale and even more 5'5" Samantha Mathis !! Besides, she strikes me as a person that would lie about her height.
Click Here
me said on 9/Sep/07
i always thought she was a little taller well almost everyone is kind of small in hollywood it seems like at least 124 and 5'5 and she doesnt look like she ways 93 pounds
A said on 4/Sep/07
Saw the girl this weekend in W. LA and she's about 5'2 and maybe 100 lbs - she's way shorter than I ever imagined and small but not "skinny" and definitel not as ample as the camera makes her look. Everyone sort of tried to prentend it wasn't a big deal but everyone was eying her - she's got a cute accent.
Leigh said on 24/Aug/07
To: SS

Bebe, according to your BMI ratio, you're overweight...o.O
I'm 5'1" and 96 lbs, definitely not small framed as I also got ample butt/hips and C cups and I definitely don't look sick. In fact, I still look a bit heavy. So yeah, hard to believe you could be 134 at your height and not look fat.
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/07
either way she's gorgeous
Anonymous said on 13/Jul/07
she may be 5'2, but she was never, ever 93 lbs! she's cute, but who's she kidding? she's a thick, curvy woman! my guess, even at her thinniest was prob 106. AT HER THINNIST. on average she looks close to 115.
TS said on 23/Jun/07
Cassie said Witherspoon "is not educated in any way" or "intelligent".
Her biography states that she attended Stanford for some time. That would put her at a higher educational level than most.
Petite Activist said on 19/Jun/07
I recall reading an article in Seventeen when I was in junior high where she claimed to be 5'3" and just under 100 lb (and with a 23" waist!). She must have been about 17 or 18 at the time, because she said she was a senior in high school.

(Click Here)
SS said on 16/Jun/07

I am 5' 0.75" and I weigh 134 pounds and I am not fat. I have curves - ample butt and D cups, but I am not fat. I have a flat stomach and trim arms, etc. These people saying they are taller than me and weigh less than 100 pounds (if they are adults) worry me. I weighed 105 senior year of high school after an illness, and I looked positively sick. And I am a small person. I cannot imagine being an inch or two taller and weighing 30 or 40 pounds less than I do! I'd look like... well, Nicole Richie.
TS said on 8/Jun/07
I'll repost what I said on Phillipe's page. Glenn was a
'security employee?'. Employees do not act as guests. It's rude and intrusive. How would you like it if the waiters,busboys,bartenders et al joined your the party (or table)as guests ?
Most parties are for invited guests
runt said on 29/May/07
why is 5-2 considered tiny? its 2 inches below average. For males, 5-7 is two inches below average and is not considered 'tiny' its considered the minimum accepatable height for an actor.
TNTinCA said on 22/May/07
I think this may be a little high. In American Psycho when she is in scenes with Christian Bale, he absolutely towers over her, even when she is in heels. Might be closer to 5 foot.
height_sleuth said on 5/May/07
There's a scene in "Just like Heaven" where the guy is describing her and he's like "she's around 5 feet 2" and she adds in "and a half!" so she's 5 feet 2 and a half inches. Just like me. Good things come in small packages:)
karen said on 29/Apr/07
also if you searh Yahoo for "reese witherspoon sweet home alabama" you will get screen shots of her and Patrick Dempsey who's listed here at aroundd 5'9"-5'10"...the top of her head comes up to his mouth.
karen said on 29/Apr/07
There is a screen shot in "sweet home alabama" where she has her mug shot taken. She's at the 5'5" marker and she's slouching a little bit. Not sure if they used any camera tricks, or what kinda shoes she's wearing. But she's at least 5'2".
Kathryn said on 10/Apr/07
i would say 5'2.25''(158 cm) because in cruel intentions sarah michelle gellar [5'3'' (160 cm)] looked ALMOST about 1 inch taller than her. and the ALMOST isn´t 1 inch, haha. =)
Viper said on 27/Mar/07
No Cassy, I havent met her. But she comes off as being down to earth in the media.
Cassy said on 25/Mar/07
Viper have you met her??? If not than who are you to contradict people who have?!!?!? Get real, these are entertainers it is their job to portray themeselved in a good light
Viper said on 25/Mar/07
She comes off as being really down to earth.
Cassy said on 24/Mar/07
Saw her during promos for Walk the line, and would say 5'1 is correct. Also, to varify what Glenn was saying earlier about her character..others who actually dealed with her did say she is highly unapproachable. What is interesting is that she is not educated in any way, or even intelligent enough to have a snotty attitude hence why people have found her behaviour that much more shocking!!
fashionista said on 28/Jan/07
woah i don't know how long ago that quote was from, but she's DEFINATELY not 93 lbs!! Not that she is by any means fat, but I'm 5'2" and 90 lbs and a lot skinnier. My sister is 5'2" and has Reese's body type, and she's 115 lbs. Reese is probably 110-115.

[Editor Rob: oh, the 93lbs quote comes from 1993, she said in the same interview "almost 17". More chance of sub 100 at nearly 17 than in her 20's I guess.]
Alex said on 25/Jan/07
Kim, you're only 96lbs at 5'3.5? Thats pretty skinny, you should be 100-105lbs for that height at least, but you'd still be pretty thin but look good though.

Reese is more 5'1 to me but she still looked at 110lbs-115lbs.
ancient aztec guy said on 25/Jan/07
Reese witherspoon is a funny feller.She is no more than 5'1". I mean in high heels she was dwarfed by Qoaquin pheonix.I would not doubt that she is even 5 feet tall.
boy george fan said on 21/Jan/07
5-2 is believable for her height, but 93 pounds in weight is a f*ckin' lie.

I knew a 5-2 girl who weighed 94 pounds who was extremly scrawny, no way did she have Resses' breast size, curves or legs.

Resse would have to weigh at least 110 pounds.
Glitter1 said on 17/Jan/07
Kim said on 15/Jan/07
5'2" sounds about right as i'm 96 pounds and 5'3.5"
Ashley said on 12/Jan/07
When I first saw her in Legally Blonde, I thought that she was 5'5". But when I found out she was 5'2", I was surprised that she's that short. Sometimes when your 5'3" or shorter, you can fool some people by appearing taller on camera.
Alex said on 6/Jan/07
Some girls who claim to be 5'2 are really 5'0-5'1. I think Reese is really 5'1. In Fear she was around the same height as Alyssa Milano who most will agree with is 5'1 and not 5'2.
vilz said on 9/Dec/06
i met her last year. i am 5"2. we were both wearing flats. i was on flip flop and she's on sneakers. i think she's 5"2 and a half..
firecracker said on 21/Oct/06
If she's 93 pounds (at least during the Legally Blonde period), it's unlikely that she's 5'2". She has to be a bit less. I'm around 5'2 and 3/8", and I weigh 98 pounds, and I'm thin and have a very small frame. She's thin, of course, but I'm sure her bones are heavier than mine - most people's are. I'd put her height at 5'1" to 5'1.5". A way to gauge celebs' heights is to compare it to their weight, which may be more accurate, since we weigh ourselves more than we get our heights measured.
ancient Aztec Guy said on 3/Sep/06
I don`t think Reese is even 5'1".I would say she is 5'0" at the most.Pheonix is about 5 or 6 inches taller that with her 3inch heels.Most sources I have found says she is 5'1".
Glenn said on 5/Aug/06
Shes nice when she wants to be Lilly.she ignored everyone when promoting Walk The Line and had a wall of security around her.shes fake.dont tell me whats crap when Ive been meeting celebs for 16 years and was security at an event she was at 6 years ago.
Lilly said on 4/Aug/06
Glenn I think thats a load a' crap. I met her myself and she's not like that at all
Goldie said on 11/Jul/06
She goes to the same gym that I go to and I was next to her on the treadmill about a month ago. I am 5'6 and she was definitely shorter then me, her 5'2 seems pretty accurate. Looks wise, she did not look much different then she does in the movies, pretty girl.
Emily said on 24/Jun/06
I think she is around 5'2, but in the Leally Blonde Movies she did look taller, well I think she is a sweet wonderful actress. When I met her she was sweet and nice to me
Cath said on 4/Jun/06
In Just Like Heaven, they make a bit of a joke about her height. Mark Ruffalo describes her as 5-1, she jumps in with 5-2. Always wondered if Reese wanted that put in!
Anonymous said on 19/Apr/06
Something about her always screamed bitchy and plastic to me, so Glenn's experience just confirms my notion. Plus, I never liked her as an actress.
Kats said on 19/Apr/06
yeah... fake nice sucks. Shame on her.
Glenn said on 13/Apr/06
She can be a fake nice.but she was always mean around me.
Kats said on 13/Apr/06
I'm totally shocked to hear this Glenn. I believe you for sure, but just wow-- Didn't think I'd hear this about her.

Speaking about her height, 5'2 it is, I think.
nikki said on 17/Mar/06
That's a shame she seems sweet! I think she is really gorgeous anyway
glow said on 16/Mar/06
Wow Glenn I'm amazed, all I ever hear about is how nice she is... unless she's just putting on an act...
Glenn said on 15/Mar/06
I was at a new years party 2000,when she complained about me asking for photo OP to security,when I was in fact,in rare occasion,head of security myself! And till this day I hear she is snotty.
Jessica said on 14/Mar/06
What do you mean worst Glenn? Explain yourself I think she is very beautiful!
Glenn said on 13/Mar/06
Really Nice? She Is One Of The Worst!
Sydney said on 12/Mar/06
Yeah!!!I think Reese is really nice so it doesnt realy matter how tall she is.
Oh and by the way does anyone know how tall is Rachell Bilson?????
Emma said on 4/Mar/06
Yay!! i thought i was really small and i felt stupid because im 5'2 aswell!! that makes me feel so much better!!
Wicked Kid said on 27/Jan/06
In Just Like Heaven, the guy described her as "5'1", 5'2"?"
gyllenhaalic823 said on 12/Dec/05
to "WOW!" i watched legally blonde recently and thought, ooh she might be short but she is short AND tiny, and being tiny (a.k.a. short and thin w/ a small frame) it makes her look taller, even though you can tell that she's not that tall; even look at her compared to 6'0" Luke Wilson in that movie (when she has heels on even)
and like wow and random, i'd also like the heights of yellowcard ;)
Mr. R said on 30/Nov/05
After watching Walk the Line Saturday, I actually think she is closer to 5'1". There is a pretty huge difference between her and Joaquin Phoenix, and she is in 2-3 inch heels for most of the film. She is also way shorter than hubby Ryan Phillipe, and he is said to be 5-9, but is probably closer to 5-8!
WOW! said on 29/Nov/05
OMG I didn't know she was that short! She looks so tall in Legaly Blonde . . . I don't know heels work for her =))
and i also would be interested in the heights of yellowcard, I love those guys!
RANDOM said on 30/Aug/05

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