How tall is Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

Northern Irish Professional Golfer. In the Irish Times he said about his stature, "Tiger gives me stick about being short. He always asks me, 'Seriously, how tall are you?' I'll say, '5-foot-9.' 'Yeah, but without the hair? That's 5-7, right? He'll ask me, 'What do you do when Caroline [Wozniacki, McIlroy's former girlfriend] wears heels?'"

How tall is Rory McIlRoy
Photo by Debby Wong/
I'm only 5ft 9in and 11-and-a-half stone [161lbs]

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Average Guess (22 Votes)
5ft 7.78in (172.2cm)
Jesica said on 5/Jun/23
Kerr said on 15/Oct/22
He's 5 feet 9 for a fact. I'm measured accurately for Police medical at 5 10 and he's just short when I stood beside him for a photo. Nonsense he's shorter. I have the photo to prove it.

McIlroy is 1" shorter than 5'9 Schauffele, who is 1" shorter than 5'10 Cantlay. No way 5'9 for McIlroy. At best, he's 5'8.
Kerr said on 15/Oct/22
He's 5 feet 9 for a fact. I'm measured accurately for Police medical at 5 10 and he's just short when I stood beside him for a photo. Nonsense he's shorter. I have the photo to prove it.
nz said on 27/Aug/22
How tall is xander schaufelle?
Click Here

He's noticably shorter than 5'10 listed cantlay.
Imo rory 172, fitzpatrick 169, schaufelle 173, cantlay 177
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have thought under 5ft 8
nz said on 14/Aug/22
Gotta give us open winner matt fitzpatrick a shoutout. Listed at 5'10 but has to be around 5'7. He looks shorter than Rory in all their pics and a lot shorter than 5'9 Mourinho
Click Here
Probably 5'6.5 range
cmillz said on 3/Dec/20
Dustin Johnson I feel is closer to 6’3 than 6’4, similar in height to Liam Hemsworth perhaps.

I’ve seen him in person and had pegged him at a strong 6’3 or so, but I didn’t get super close to him. Somewhere in the 6’3 range seems likely though, doubt he’d measure under it.

Matt Kuchar noticeably edges him out though, and I can confirm that he is a legitimate 6’4 having seen him in person too.

I still think Rory is 5’7 range though.
cmillz said on 3/Jun/20
Rory Mcilroy is 5 foot 7
rkv said on 17/May/20
Rickie Fowler's taller, about 1cm.
Paul Wood said on 15/May/20
I'd say he's 172cm or just under 5ft 8in, very close to Tom Cruise's height.
cmillzz said on 7/Aug/19
Rob would definitely be taller than Rory, that I can assure you.
cmillzz said on 7/Aug/19
When I saw him at the BMW championship I honestly did peg him at around 5’7.
rkv said on 4/Aug/19
Wasn't he once 174 on here? 172 is better, as seen recently in the CBS interviews with Amanda who might be 169. Easy to udege height next to her might as well be Rob.
Editor Rob
the presenter Amanda Balionis I see claied 5ft 7, I don't know if she's a full one.
MD said on 30/Jul/19
I'm a bit confused to the listing, myself. I've yet to see a good picture where Niall Horan does not look taller than him, and he has Niall listed here as 5'7.75".
cmillzz said on 27/Jul/19
Rob, I think a downgrade would be appropriate for Mcilroy. But meh, I guess it’s not a huge deal if he’s left at 5’8 even though he’s very likely under it.
cmillzz said on 15/Apr/19
strong 5’7 maybe, nothing more than that. Have you seen pictures of him with Niall Horan? Niall is clearly taller.
Vibram said on 4/Mar/19
5'8 on the dot.
cmillzz said on 10/Aug/18
Gives off a 5’7 impression sometimes. He may only be 5’7.5”
J.E.M said on 30/Jun/18
Spencer said on 29/May/15
My guesses:

Phil Mickelson - 6'2 ish 187-88
Tiger Woods - 5'11.75 182-83
Rory Mcilroy - 5'8.5 174
Jordan Spieth - 5'11.5 181-82

Mickelson- 6'2(listed at 6'3), but is 1" shorter than 6'3 Ernie Els.
Tiger-6'0 flat. Saw him up close at a tournament.
Mcilroy-5'8 max. He appears 1" taller than 5'7 Rickie Fowler.
J.E.M said on 30/Jun/18
In nearly every photo that I've seen, Rory appears 1" taller than 5'7 Rickie Fowler.
I'll say 5'8 for Mcilroy.
jonas said on 9/Apr/18
He is 5"8 def, you need a decent length to drive long.
Conan said on 8/Apr/18
I'm 5 ft 9 7/8 in (177.5), so I think Rory's height is 5 ft 7 3/4 in (172.2 cm). He is shorter than me exactly 2 inches ( 5.3 cm)
Josh9 said on 20/Feb/18
He’s not even 5’8 I don’t think. I don’t even know if he is the full 172 cm either. Could be like 171.5 cm range.

When looking at photos of him with Niall, it seems like Niall could be slightly taller than Rory and I think Niall might be the full 5’8 these days.
MD said on 17/Feb/18

Can you take a look at the pictures I left on Rickie Fowler's page? Rory needs an appropriate downgrade; 5'8" is a bit too much.
cmillzz said on 24/Nov/17
At the very most he's 5'8. Seeing him from a distance he almost gave off a 5'7 impression tbh.
5'9 said on 25/Aug/17
Think it might be time to give this one the old downgrade.
MD said on 19/Aug/17

Now that we have Rickie Fowler's height, this might be one you want to take another look at. I left some pictures of the two on Rickie's page. He doesn't seem to be taller than Rickie from what I can tell.
Cameron said on 17/Aug/17
Probably more in the 172 cm (weak 5'8") range.
Spencer said on 20/Jun/17
PGA lists him as 5'10 what a joke . He's 5'8 at most
KH said on 31/May/17
This guy keeps shrinking and rightly so. 5'8 is the most he is. Could be 5'7.5.
LG69 said on 31/May/17
Rory at best us 5'7.5"
Johnson said on 12/Apr/17
I have seen so many of them at the tournament here at the TPC. Most of them are shorter than they say. I am 6'0," and I am taller than most by a large margin. Rory is maybe 5' 7." Tiger is maybe 5' 10," and Dustin in probably around 6' 2.5" or 6' 3."
Dmax said on 6/Oct/16
Looks 5'7 to me
Odinson said on 2/Aug/16
Somebody has shown a link on this guys page, and he's with dan carter. Dan carter looks a couple inches taller. Should check it out mate 😄 Dan carter looks 1.82-3 cm tall
Arch Stanton said on 29/Jul/16
Rob can you do a "you may be interested" connection here for other golfers?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/May/16
I wouldn't go under this...
MD said on 17/May/16
Still trying to figure out why he's got this half-inch attached to him when Niall Horan is taller than him in just about every picture of the two.
Editor Rob
he is at 5ft 8 now, which may well be nearer the truth against guys who have been honest about their own height.
manny said on 13/Feb/16
A lot of 5ft 8 men say their 5ft10 once you put a good dress shoe on with thick soles who knows really Rory is definately no more than 5 ft 8 the stats are baloney
A.C. Reeds said on 5/Feb/16
Technically three very best golf swing ever, yes I said ever.However, from 60to100yards you should be within 7feet 95% of the time,and from115to150yards you should be within 12feet100% of the time. This is of course from the fairway.Work harder on your short game and history will mark you the greatest of ask time.By the way, was'nt Ben Hogan 5'9" tall? That's pretty tall company.
MD said on 23/Dec/15

Another shot with Niall Horan:

Click Here

Event after event, now, I'm seeing the same thing. Unless Niall is listed way off, Rory simply can't be as tall as you list him.
Spencer said on 29/May/15
My guesses:

Phil Mickelson - 6'2 ish 187-88
Tiger Woods - 5'11.75 182-83
Rory Mcilroy - 5'8.5 174
Jordan Spieth - 5'11.5 181-82
MD said on 21/May/15

Some more, and this time with a few different angles and locations. Rory can't be 5'8.5"; it's simply not a possibility.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Not only is he not a full inch taller than Niall, but he is most likely not any taller, at all.
Editor Rob
yes in some shots he can look barely even 5ft 8, I don't know if he looks 5ft 8 more often than a bit over that mark.
MD said on 1/May/15
The green looks fairly flat to be. Flat enough that it couldn't account for the inch difference between the current listings for the two. This is really about as good a shot as you're going to get: flat surface and identical footwear with a fair angle.
MD said on 27/Apr/15

With 5'7.5" Niall Horan:

Click Here

Click Here

Even taking into account what might be (slight) elevation differences on the green - though, they are also very close to one another in these shots; a shoe-length or two difference in each shot - I'm don't think that's an inch difference. There are a few other shots from this event, but Niall is purposefully bent over in them. They look very close in height. Since Niall's height is far more nailed down, this height probably needs to be changed.
Editor Rob
it's always a bit more tricky on golf courses. If it was inside it would be more clearer the difference I feel, although 5ft 8.5 for Rory isn't impossible.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 8/Apr/15
Phil Mickelson: 6'2.5" (he's not a full 6'3")
Tiger Woods: 6'0.5"
Rory Mcilroy: 5'8.5"
Curly said on 18/Mar/15
The only thing tiger can tease rory about is his height. Certainly not his game. Hard for tiger for being the golfer on his way out...age..etc.....and rory receiving all the glory. Tiger you had your day. Time to step back and give credit where it is due !
Duberry said on 24/Dec/14
Sounds like Tiger's a bit jealous that "wee Rory" is currently twice the golfer he is ; )
fsd said on 6/Oct/14
i think hes 5'7 , 5'10 dan carter has 3 inches on him Click Here
kaplaaa said on 25/Sep/14
check the pics with luke shaw, he looks at least 2 inches shorter than him. think he could be 5"7
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 5/Sep/14
Murray claims to be just south of 6'2 and is towering the dude hardcore
Click Here
Steve (5'10) said on 29/Aug/14
"Short man syndrome. He's an odious little man and she has had a lucky escape!"

From the comments section of this article: Click Here

I hate how 'short man syndrome' will be blamed for every little thing a man does if he's not 6 ft +. "He broke up with Woznicki just before they got married? Must be a case of small man syndrome!" Frustrating to say the least.
JT said on 12/Aug/14
Click Here Looks no more than 5'8" considering Lebron is a little over 6'7" and Wade just under 6'4". He hits the ball like he's 6'8" though.

Matt Kuchar (listed at 6'4") is probably one of the few golfers listed at his actual height.
ray said on 12/Aug/14
Rob, Out of curiosity what would be your guess for Tennis Player Caroline Wozniacki, She is listed as 177cm on her official site, she looks in that 5'9 range I am guessing
Editor Rob
I put her as Her claim here.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Aug/14
Yeah you'd expect the big 6'3-6'4" guys on tour to hit it much further and as you say it's more about technique and the "way" in which power is applied rather than pure brute force. That said though there is a 6 ft 8 300 pound long range driver Mike Dobbyn who holds the record for the longest drive at 551 yards!

Golf is the sort of game you can get really into, much like tennis. I was a member at the local club for a few years before it got too expensive and I remember some summers I used to play nearly every day. My longest drive was only about 240 yards I think though!
Arch Stanton said on 12/Aug/14
@Phil Are you sure on Fowler being a proper 5 ft 8? I saw him and Rory walking together at the Open and could have sworn McIlroy had him by between 1 and 2 inches. He looks more 5 ft 7 range to me. I think 174 is spot on for Rory. He's that sort of height which can look average at times and short next to 6 fters.
Phil said on 11/Aug/14
Seeing him in real life at the Open he definitely appears taller than you think. Wouldn't surprise me if he's just a hair over 5'9, but definitely no taller than 5'10, definitely not 5'8. Rickie Fowler is a legit 5'8 and he's definitely slightly taller than him. They still all hit it bloody miles though
Arch Stanton said on 1/Aug/14
@Sharpshooter He can drive as far as 400 yards with wind assistance true, but his average drive is something like 305 yards. Still in the top 10 longest hitters on tour, yup. He can hit further than some of the big 6'3-6'4" players.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Aug/14
@Sharpshooter. I didn't say he was better than Tiger. Peak Tiger was pretty awesome and arguably the greatest golfing talent of all time, but McIlroy's all round game when he's at his best I think is certainly right up there with the very best, at times even better. He has flashes of brilliance.
Sharpshooter said on 21/Jul/14
Rory looks shorter compared to most golfers though definitely one of the shorter ones on the tour. Given his short and slight stature its staggering how he can hit a driver 400 yards, shows you its all technique and not power.

@Arch Stanton
I personally can't stand Tiger Woods, but no way is Rory better than Tiger at his best, nonsense. British commentators will go over the top with locals, typically. Tiger had won his 8th major when his 26, he's also won calendar slam (winning 4 majors consecutively) and currently has 109 professional wins. Rory has 13, a great player, but I would be very surprised if surpasses Woods/Nicklaus totals. He's flavour of the month right now.
Nick Name said on 21/Jul/14
Look at the comment section of this article: Click Here

on McIlroy and Wozniacki's break-up for a superb example of modern-day heightism. Notably the people blaming 'Short man syndrome' for the reason behind the break up.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jul/14
Seems he and Wozniacki are no longer together. She says she can start wearing heels again now!! Click Here This guy had it almost too good to be true, as if winning almost £1million for a couple of rounds of a golf course doing what you love isn't enough!
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jul/14
Congrats Rory! May you have many more wins!

Rob do you think that Dustin Johnson looks a legit 6'4"? I was watching him today and I think he looks more 6'3". He looks bad ass with the beard and walk though, even the commentator said he looks like a gunslinger! He looks older than me and he's a year younger.
Editor Rob
would have thought 6ft 3 range
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jul/14
Tiger could give him all the stick in the world but he'll never be as good a golfer as McIlroy any more!! When McIlroy is at his best as the commentator said yesterday he's easily as good as any golfer has ever been, if not better. His two eagles yesterday were staggering.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jul/14
He looks average compared to some and short next to others. He definitely gives a taller impression than Matt Damon look-alike Luke Donald though who surely can't be a hair over 5 ft 7. Luke Donald looks the spitting image of Matt Damon at first glance LOL!
Keltoi said on 20/Jul/14
That's because 174cm IS average.

173-178cm is the average range.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jul/14
Watching him currently on the Open and he doesn't really give off a short impression at all. Seeing him tee off and all that he looks average height.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jul/14
I think he'd measure very similar to Rob on the stadio. I'm sure he's a nice guy but he's definitely punching way above his weight with Wozniacki!
Filippo said on 16/Jul/14
McIlroy seems slightly taller than Wozniacki, when are both barefoot, to be honest. Click Here
And Serena Williams seems a shy taller than Caroline, too. Click Here
Click Here
So I think Rory McIlroy is the same height as Serena Williams: 5'9 (175 cms). As she is listed everywhere and as claimed by herself.
Wozniacki's 177 cms claim was a Sharapova-esque joke. She is at best 173 cms.
AnderTMaster said on 19/Jun/14
Like Mike Tyson, his lack of height just makes his ability to generate power, even more impressive. Rory can hit a golf ball an absolute mile, I think he is in the top 10 on the PGA tour for average drive distance.
Cal said on 19/Jun/14
Caroline is listed as 5-10, but she has been since she got on the pro radar. I believe she was that tall when she was about 12 or 13, but now she is about 6-0. Rory is listed 5-9, but it is established that he is infancy much shorter, I would guess about 5-7. That puts there actually height difference very steep.
MD said on 15/Apr/14
With 6'0" Tiger Woods:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

No, he is not 175cm.
SAK said on 14/Apr/14
Click Here with GF.
jj said on 13/Apr/14
definitely 175, actually looks a lot taller than that most of the time.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 6/Dec/13
holy ****. Looking oddly short with Nadal.
LG69 said on 14/Jun/13
I was watching the U.S. Open this morning, and I watched McILroy tee off with Adam Scott and Tiger Woods, who are both 6'0. When Rory walked down the fairway next to Adam, he looked a full 4" shorter...mayber 4.5". I don't believe Rory is any taller than 5'8" flat. I've heard 5'7 1/2" a few times come up for Rory in golf magazines. I think with his shoes on and curly hair, he looks 5'9".
Martin said on 4/Jun/13
Mature comment from Tiger Woods...
Bran said on 29/Mar/13
Just saw him today at the houston open. I'm 5'8.25" in the morning and was with a 5'9" buddy. we both agreed he was around 5'7" when he walked by us.
thorterr said on 2/Mar/13
the majority of women prefer taller men,,if the woman is taller there classed as odd,,,im 6ft 2 and would prefer taller than average women ,,although my fantasy is a 7ft-8ft women ..ill keep dreaming
truth178cm said on 5/Feb/13
Ok if it is not ground then maybe footwear? How much does nikes give?
truth178cm said on 5/Feb/13
I the first one sak posted looks 5ft5-6.
The next pic looks an easy 5ft8-9.

I would say 173-174cm (5ft8). The first pic they were probably on an uneven ground, thats why he appeared so short. Not quite 5ft9, but a very strong 5ft8.
174cm sounds fair.
Balrog said on 4/Feb/13
He doesn't look over 5'8''.
thorterr said on 2/Feb/13
yes hes lucky sharapova 6ft 2 didnt fall for him ,Wozniacki 5ft 9 is tall enough but sharapova in 5 inch heels and rory in hush puppies?..he would be jailed
SAK said on 26/Jan/13
@MD, the ground level is not all that different. I can post pics if it's relevant to the page.
John said on 26/Jan/13
First pic something is up with it...that's like 7 inches difference haha. Mcilroys not 5'5 :)
lulo said on 25/Jan/13

That first pic has to be photo-shopped, that looks a lot more that a 3-4' height difference
Arch Stanton said on 25/Jan/13
That's what confused me SAK, he can look as low as 5 ft 6 and as high as 5'10.5"!! I think somewhere in between 5'8"-5'8.5" is about right. Shorter than Daniel Craig ano!
SAK said on 25/Jan/13
McIlroy with Tiger Woods.

Click Here

Click Here
ano said on 24/Jan/13
Same height as Daniel Craig, I think!
Arch Stanton said on 22/Jan/13
Well, he could always reply "taller than you if I steal the stripper heels your bit on the side left under my bed last night". Meh, I bet that's what he thought in Janice Dickinson style, seriously, this guy is dissing me?
miko said on 22/Jan/13
I must say last time I saw this guy I saw 5'7 but he might have grown since 2009.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Jan/13
That's celebrity for you though isn't it, they live in a different world to most of us!
John said on 22/Jan/13
Good page! I agree with this because he does like a hair shy of 5'9 next to Wozniacki.

Btw, I think the quote shows Tiger is a bit of a jerk ... I know Rory was re-hashing it as a joke and all and that Im probably being overly sensitive, but it just rubbed me the wrong way reading that. I don't know, seems like only a certain type of guy who would even 'joke' like that.
da_truth said on 21/Jan/13
Arch Stanton says on 21/Jan/13
Sharpshooter says on 20/Jan/13
What a difference being a multi-millionaire makes eh? Would she have looked twice at him if it wasn't for him being the number 1 in the world at golf?

I think you'd be surprised. She's wealthy enough in her own right. Physically, yes, he's not good looking and she looks way out of his league, but he obviously has a fun personality or charm which makes him attractive to her. I don't think she's "gold digging". Look at Peter Sellers, the real life Austin Powers for instance..

It's not that Caroline Wozniacki would gold dig, but merely the fact that Rory gets the time or day from her because of his popularity and wealth. That opens the door for her to spend time with him and therefore she likes him based off of other things (his charm or personality) - perhaps. But, like Sharpshooter points out... he wouldn't have had her attention otherwise.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jan/13
Sharpshooter says on 20/Jan/13
What a difference being a multi-millionaire makes eh? Would she have looked twice at him if it wasn't for him being the number 1 in the world at golf?

I think you'd be surprised. She's wealthy enough in her own right. Physically, yes, he's not good looking and she looks way out of his league, but he obviously has a fun personality or charm which makes him attractive to her. I don't think she's "gold digging". Look at Peter Sellers, the real life Austin Powers for instance..
John said on 21/Jan/13
Yes, I would buy 5'8.5". His claim of 5'9" is a bit ambitious. Most guys round up their height to the next inch.
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 21/Jan/13
If shes 177cm and 4 inch heels on(3 inch advantage over 1 inch shoes), she is 187cm? If shes 187cm there is no way hes 174cm(176 range in shoes).
That is much more than a 10cm difference!
Id say that looks a near 6 inch difference! Wozniacki can see well over his head so at least 5 inch then not forgetting his hair is very thick..

187cm - 15cm = 172cm. So rory is IMO appearing 170cm(5'7) barefoot in the pic. The stride could make his lose a little but I still think he cant be any taller than 5'8 rob?
SAK said on 21/Jan/13
@Dean, Wozniacki is 175 barefoot. I doubt those heels give 15cm of added height. I think they give 12-13cm.
175+13cm=188cm She is 188cm/6f2 with the heels on.

Rory goes from 174>177cm/5f9.5.

The difference between the couple is 4.5" in that pic.
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 21/Jan/13
Rob whats the difference in height in that pic? If hes 5'8.5(5'9.5 in those shoes) she must be at least 6'3 in those heels? meaning 5.5 inch heels? serious?
Editor Rob
she's probably got a 3-inch footwear advantage, and maybe he's got a little stride disadvantage.
Sharpshooter said on 20/Jan/13
What a difference being a multi-millionaire makes eh? Would she have looked twice at him if it wasn't for him being the number 1 in the world at golf?
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jan/13
Yeah I think he's about an inch shorter when him and Caroline are in trainers. Click Here is crazy though, not surprising the media were mickey taking his height from that photo, he looks 5 ft 7 or 8, Wozniacki looks 6'2" in those heels!
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jan/13
Good one Rob. 5'8"-5'8.5" seems right.
SAK said on 20/Jan/13
Wozniacki is similar height to 5f9 Serena Williams. Click Here

So I would say Wozniacki is 5f9.

But with heels the difference is pretty bad. Click Here

Without heels
Click Here

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