How tall is Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Height

6ft 0in (182.9 cm)

American Professional Golfer. In the NY Times, 2009 he said, "If you look at it, guys are getting bigger and stronger. People forget that. When Jack and Gary and Arnold played, and Hogan, they're all about 5-9. I'm 6 foot and I'm the shortest guy in the top players of the world", and he has said that height back in the same paper in 2001, "I'm a 6-foot guy chasing a little white ball.". Strangely, some publications described him as 6ft 1 or 2 when again he has consistently said 6ft as his height: "Here I am six foot, and I'm considered short at six foot. Most of the guys now are 6'3", 6'2", 6'4" Just like every other sport, it's evolved".

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5ft 11.83in (182.4cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Oct/17
Just insane...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Oct/17
Rob, looking at old comments I think you actually did have him at 6ft2....
Editor Rob: yeah I think in 2005 he was at that, and been on 6ft for over a decade now.
Jamie said on 22/Aug/17
Hey Rob how long do you think his head is? Looks small.
Editor Rob: might be only 9 inches.
breadnbutter said on 25/Jul/17
Ive seen Tiger from a distance, but Ive seen Phil a lot up close. There is absolutely no way hes 6'2. Hes 6'1 at most. From a distance he can look just 6'0.

Vijay Singh is 6'2.
Spencer said on 17/Jul/17
182 cm. Morning 6 footer tho. Mickelson who is a legit 6'2 has always looked about 2 inches taller maybe a little more.
Canson said on 30/Jun/17
@SJH: phelps is def around 189cm in person. I saw him in AC and looked about 2". Looked around the same size as Jarret Jack does "roughly". If anything it's close to where both dip maybe to high 188 at night. May fall under in the evening by a hair but prob still like 6'2.25ish. But with Tiger he looks around 2 or so inches taller. Woods I agree tho could fall under 6'0" at night. He doesn't look the strongest 6 footer out there but looks around it imho
S.J.H said on 29/Jun/17
@Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8)

You have to see him with Barkley. There is massive difference between them. Only 12cm is impossible. 13cm is not enough and i did stick with 181cm. Michael Phelps may not be taller as you think. 1-2cm off listing for many celebs/atletes you can see it with kobe bryant and charles barkley.
Cameron said on 23/Jun/17
bang on 6 feet, looks shorter in this pic due to baggy pants.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 21/Jun/17

Not really. Woods has to be 5'11.75" because he looked it next to Michael Phelps who's 6'2.25" or 6'2.5"
S.J.H said on 21/Jun/17
Barkley look 5.5' taller than Woods to me. Woods is 5'11.25 max
Spencer said on 20/Jun/17
5'11.75 6'0
S.J.H said on 16/Jun/17
When he quote about charles barkley not over 6'4 in real it get in my mind that Woods is no way 6'0 at most 5'11.25 and more like 5'11 tops next to barkley if big barkley is 6'4. Lol
Sixfoot2Luke said on 8/Jun/17
In the video at the police station they asked him his hair color, height, and weight. He answered, six foot, 185. Ive seen him in person, he does seem taller but he's never claimed anything taller than 6'.
Canson said on 4/Jun/17
He's about 6' maybe a weak 6' but not less
Supermanis6four said on 30/May/17
What did the latest Police Report say for his height ?? He just got arrested.
LG69 said on 28/May/17
I saw TW in 2005 at the American Express Championship. He walked within 5 feet of me. I'm 69" tall, and Tiger probably had 3" on me. He did have a slight advantage with his golf spikes on. He's no less than 5'11.5"
Mark(5'9.25 said on 20/May/17
Rob, would you argue a strong 6'0" footer or a weak 6'0" footer?
Editor Rob: there may well be more chance of a 6ft 1/8th than 5ft 11 7/8th.
Lanaka said on 16/Apr/17
Yeah @ comments far below his ex wife Elin Norgegren is no way 5'10 or 5'11! That is just craaaazzzy! She always in her 2 to 3 inch heels looks 3 to 4 inches shorter than Tiger! Yeah her height is 5'5 to 5'6!
KILOP said on 15/Jan/17
a 5'11 but easily 6'1 in shoes .. id list myself at 6'0.5 if i was him and 6'1 if i had straight and more hair.
HonestSlovene said on 9/Jan/17
5'11.75"/182 cm is probably bang on for him.
185cmAriel said on 24/Dec/16
rob there's a recent photo of him and Trump playing golf together, he looks about 5'11 standing next to trump
Editor Rob: Ariel, if you go to and type donald trump tiger woods, there's certainly a few photos of them. Some of them Trump looks taller, in a few Tiger looks taller.

I do think though, Donald would measure a bit more if push came to shove.
Jay said on 2/Dec/16
Google has him at 6'1 when he's said multiple times he's 6 foot? Google just loves celebs I guess
Editor Rob: google is a Fake Height site.

Imdb isn't that bad because visitors from celebheights update and correct listings. Not as fake as it was in the past...
Canson said on 25/Nov/16
6'0" on a good day. I'd say strong 5'11/weak 6'
S.J.H said on 1/Oct/16
I think bill clinton at 6'0 few years ago edge him out. Woods is 5'11.5
manny said on 25/Sep/16
6 foot and 6'1 in dress shoes I'd say at least a strong 5'11 and that is that any shorter I mean Rob you're prob gonna have to get the tape out lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Sep/16
Rose looks 191/192cm zone like Ernie Els and Nick Faldo
Arch Stanton said on 16/Aug/16
Dan Walker, looks a legit 6'6.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Aug/16
The sports presenter Dan I think is around 6'6. looked that with Thierry Henry, and others. He had easily 3 inches on Justin Rose. The most I'd give Rose is 6'3, but a chance of just under it, no way a legit 6'4.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Aug/16
Rob, is Justin Rose, the Olympic golf gold medalist worth adding? Doesn't look the legit 6'4 listed. 6'3 maybe.
Editor Rob: not found a claim from him yet
Kevin Brian Heath said on 12/May/16
Ok.... I used to work for Nike and I have been 5'11", and I mean barely 5'11" since forever, and I once stood next to 20 year old Tiger when I was 21... He was not 6'0" or anything of the sort.
Kevin Brian Heath said on 12/May/16
Ok.... I used to work for Nike and I have been 5'11", and I mean barely 5'11", and I once stood next to 20 year old Tiger when I was 21... He was not 6'0" or anything of the sort.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Mar/16
I actually stood a few feet from Faldo at the Ryder Cup Tournament in 2006 and he was a little bit shorter than me (about 1in but not more).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Feb/16
I'd give Faldo the full 6ft3 (possibly a strong one in his playing days) and Azinger a strong 6ft2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Feb/16
Rob, howabout this other tall guy Paul Azinger?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

In some photos he looks shorter than Nick and in others taller. He's listed 6ft2 in some places. I reckon he's at least that.
Editor Rob: I think Nick would measure taller, paul can look a decent 6ft 2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Feb/16
Rob, could you add Nick Faldo?

I notice he has a page on CelebWeights. He looks a genuine 6ft3 guy and could be a fraction over just like Ernie Els
Editor Rob: I'm certain he's claimed 6ft 3 and 4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jan/16
CoolJ said on 31/Jan/06
PGA at 6'1 sounds pretty close to me.

[Editor Rob: actually, come to think...back when he won the masters he got the jacket from Faldo and 186cm looked closer since Faldo in person is a big 6ft 3 guy]

Rob, what height did you start Tiger at here?
Editor Rob: I know in 2008 he was at 6ft 0.5 and from 2009 to now stayed 6ft.
SportsHeight said on 29/Sep/15
Rob, any chance Tiger's lost some height? Coming in to 2015, he'd already had a laundry list of injuries to the knees, back, and neck, resulting in back surgery and reconstructive knee surgery. Just had a second operation on his back.
[Editor Rob: a small fraction is always a possibility at his age, especially with some injuries/surgery.]
Panda said on 22/Feb/15
@176,2Trunman I agree that his ex is nowhere near 5'11". I don't know he she's listed that high. If she's actually 5'11" then Tiger Woods must be like 6'6" because Woods is consistently at least 3 inches taller than her even when she wears heels so yeah I'd say she is probably not more than 5'6". 5'5" seems fair for her. 5'11"...yeah right.
MD said on 4/Feb/15
That's usually the case of people who start out in any industry as young as he did and stayed on top for so long. You tend to forget how young they were when they began, so you tend to think that they are older than what they actually are.

Anyway, some shots for reference with Jimmy Fallon and Rory McIlroy:

Click Here

Click Here

I guess this kind of disabuses me from the opinion that I held for years that Jimmy Fallon could possibly be a full 6'0". It's looking like he's only 5'11" at the most.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Feb/15
Astounding isn't it that he's not even 40 yet!!! I was honestly thinking of him as more like 49!!
miko said on 31/Jan/15
He's 39 now, and he's had an awful lot of surgeries on injuries his knees, back etc.... its not out of the question he could end up shaving half an inch by his early 40's.
nobody said on 12/Jul/14
I am 5'11" and have stood next to Tiger. He may have grown since he was 20. If not, he's about 5'10".
nobody said on 12/Jul/14
I am 5'11" and have stood next to Tiger. He may have grown since he was 20. If not, he's about 5'10".
176,2Tunman said on 1/Jul/14
His ex wife Elin Nordegren is listed at 5'10-11 everywhere,hahahahaha,she almost never looks over 5'7 and that's probably with heels,I'm guessing she's around 5'5 give or take an inch,any opinion guys?
mike said on 18/Jun/14
183-184 range no less or no more.
Arch Stanton said on 14/May/14
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 22/Apr/14
His height changes in every photo. By Arnold Schwarzenegger he can look an easy 6'2" in one photo:

Click Here (this was taken in 2007 if I recall).

He has at least 2 inches on him there.

You need you eyes tested! Two inches? Barely taller, and that's probably because of camera angle. They look about the same height to me. Today I think he'd be about an inch taller than Arnie.
Jay said on 13/May/14
You are likely wrong PPS.
PPS said on 12/May/14
Tiger is probably 5 ft 11.5 - I was very surprised to meet him because I had thought he was huge. He was really quite slight - I know a lot of people who have met him have been similarly surprised.
Andrea said on 12/May/14
Yeah, MD. He keeps posting these pics, that have all possible bad angles! How can you compare people's heights with these photos? You shouldn't even try to post them. They're just useless...
Danny said on 11/May/14
I don't get it why people still think height matters for being the best at anything... Look at lionel messi he's 168-169 cm tall and he's one of the best soccer players of all time.
MD said on 28/Apr/14
Why do you keep posting ridiculously bad comparisons? That first pic of yours is absolutely laughable, and the second one is barely better.
MD said on 23/Apr/14
@Andrea, he almost always posts pictures with bad angles. I don't know why. If I can't find a picture with a good angle, I don't usually post it, unless you can judge something worth noting from it.
Andrea said on 22/Apr/14
How can you judge heights from a photo like that? He once again has camera advantage, you know what it is? o.O
His height doesn't change in every photo, he generally looks about 6', which is exactly what he claims...
Andrea said on 22/Apr/14
In all those photos he does look around 6', Sea. Mark Sanchez is closer to the camera, Federer too and with Michael Phelps he clearly has some big camera advantage! No way he looks only an inch shorter... He's probably 2-2.5 inches shorter than Phelps, who is not a full 6'3!!!
Mario said on 19/Apr/14
Gillete featured Reggie Bush, Cena, Derek Jeter and Woods for a event. Woods looked at least two inches over Cena (183 minimum). Woods is minimum 6ft 1. Strong insecurities are strong in this one.
MD said on 14/Apr/14
@Paul 181cm,

I agree that golfer's heights are probably every bit as overlisted as any other sport (something I was surprised to find the more I started watching the sport on television). Aside from agreeing with that, though, I don't even think they measure the guys or that when the guys give their height, they are giving them in their golf shoes. I think they are just basically doing what the general population is doing and giving themselves two extra inches, generally.

BTW, Spieth is listed at 6'1" by the PGA, now. I agree about Scott, though, who I've always suspected of really being 5'11", tops. The funny thing is that when Scott gave the Bubba Watson the green jacket, yesterday, I honestly didn't see much over an inch, yet I regularly see Bubba listed at 6'3".
Paul 181cm said on 11/Apr/14
I agree that 6'0 is a solid above average height for the PGA Tour. The listed heights are nearly all jacked up by an inch or 2. Golf shoes add a significant amount of height because of the spikes and I think that the tour measures heights based on in-shoe estimate (like the NBA) and not on a barefoot estimate. The real tour average is probably 5'10.5/5'11
Guys like Scott, Dufner, Day, Spieth are all listed 6'0 when they are clearly weak 5'11 range or lower.

Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 12/Mar/14
He isn't short for a golfer at all. Most of the current ones are around his height (or shorter).
Click Here

He looks to be about 6'1.
The Doc said on 17/Mar/14
Regarding Phil Mickelson: Stood next to him. I'm a legitimate 6'1... he had me by between two and three inches... I'd say he's an easy 6'3.5

Have been near (not next to) Woods... he seems a legitimate 6' tall, maybe a bit more.
The Doc said on 17/Mar/14
Regarding Phil Mickelson: Stood next to him. I'm a legitimate 6'1... he had me by between two and three inches... I'd say he's an easy 6'3.5

Have been near (not next to) Woods... he seems a legitimate 6' tall, maybe a bit more.
MD said on 13/Mar/14
Yeah, he's not a short and not even for a golfer, but a lot of the top players are well above 6'0", these days. I have to say that pro-golf has to be one of the fastest "growing" of the major sports in how much taller the top athletes have gotten. The average height for the top players definitely has to be at least 6'0", these days.
Mr. R said on 13/Mar/14
For many years at the start of his career Tiger was listed as 6-2.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Mar/14
Not exactly "short" for a golfer no, but as Tiger says there's a lot of 6'3"-'6'4" guys on the tour nowadays.
MD said on 8/Mar/14
Kind of just something else to add to the pile since we can't see the ground and this is a golf course, after all, but here he is with 5'11.75" basektball player Chris Paul and 6'0" Kid Rock:

Click Here

I've always thought Kid Rock was closer to 5'11" than 6'0". Either way, you can see that they are very close in height, so this 6'0" for Tiger is very close to the mark, maybe 5'11.5" to 5'11.75" at the absolute lowest.
176,2Tunman said on 25/Feb/14
Funny how sites describe him up to 6'2 when he claimed he's only 6'.Seems like some fans are hopeless,take the example of Daveigh Chase,she claimed 5'8,is listed here 5'7 which is more likely and still some sites have her at 5'10.5!Press and fan sites are definitely the last reliable sources to know a celebrity height.
Ron said on 7/Jan/14
It's funny how people think 6 foot is short. I'm 5'11 and people tell me all the timee saying "wow you really gotten tall man!"
scata said on 23/Nov/13
Very confused. His wife is listed as 5'11 yet in all pictures he looks much more than an inch taller than her.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/13
"Tiger Woods's height is 6ft 0.25in (184cm)"
Rell said on 25/Sep/13
I would state Tiger is 5' 11 1/2". He is at least three inches taller than Rory McIlroy (so McIlroy is definitely not 5' 10" as he claims). Phil is at least two inches taller than Tiger. Kuchar who is listed at 6' 4" seems to tower over Tiger...looks more than 4" maybe even 5". Stricker is listed at 6' and has at least a half an inch on Tiger.
Bill said on 16/Sep/13
I just stood less then 10ft. away from Tiger at the BMW championship and I'm 5'11" and felt even with him. Its fair to say he's 6'0" (definitely not taller then 6'1").
Handcock said on 18/Jul/13
Tiger Woods is a mystery. He is most definitely 6 ft 2 inches tall or even taller. My friend who is 6 ft 1 in and I were at the same resort as Tiger and walking to the men's spa I could clearly tell Tiger was about an inch taller than him.
Spencer said on 15/Jul/13
Phil is 6'1.5 or just shy of 6'2. Tiger is 6 even. No more. No less. I don't buy 5'11. He has always looked 6 to me.
historicus said on 15/Jun/13
I saw Phil Mickelson up close yesterday. Hes barely 6'1, and he has about 2 inches on Tiger. Tiger isnt any taller than 5'11.

Henrik Stenson looks a bit taller than Phil physically and hes a solid 6'1.
tall said on 13/Jun/13
depends on which time of the day Rob measures Tiger s height..
honestly..he looks about 6 ft ..BUT..if Lindsay Vonn is 5 10..Tiger is at least 186 or 6 1 ..since he is considerably taller as her..

i mean..if you mean he is 6 ft in the evening he could claim morning height 6 1 ..and i heard that a lot of men claim morning height..since they get measured at army physical s in the morning etc.
TSM said on 27/May/13
I will add that Phil Mickelson is a legitimate 6'3", at least.
TSM said on 27/May/13
I greatly dislike woods, but having seen him in person, and close up, he's at least as tall as I am, and I'm 6'1/2". I don't believe he's lying about his height.
Penguinboy25 said on 19/Mar/13
6'0 looks right. In another photo with Arnold he actually looks taller. Looks right about 2 inches shorter than 6'2 Tony Romo also.
Spencer said on 1/Mar/13
Saw him today at the Honda. Playing with 6'3 6'4 Dustin Johnson looked 3-4 inches shorter. I think he is a legit 6 footer but not much more.
Jamesy said on 14/Jan/13
He looks under 6ft in pics with Barack obama
Connor 184cm said on 23/Dec/12
Rob do you think tiger is 6ft as he claims to be? to me he looks more 5ft 11.5 or 5ft 11.75 could also be possible.
[Editor Rob: I think he's an honest enough 6 footer]
MBH said on 5/Dec/12
I'm 6'1"and a lot of the time when some one asks how tall are you ill say 6 foot I thinks that's what Tiger is doing. As well his golf shoes add 3/4 to 1 inch now he wood be around 6'2" if he is really 6'1".
MBH said on 5/Dec/12
I'm 6'1"and a lot of the time when some one asks how tall are you ill say 6 foot I thinks that's what Tiger is doing. As well his golf shoes add 3/4 to 1 inch now he wood be around 6'2" if he is really 6'1".
norder said on 30/Nov/12
Yeah, Els is a solid 6-3 guy at least, like Vijay Singh. Tiger is right at 6ft tops, seen him up close in Augusta.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Nov/12
Click Here

With Tiger Woods. He surely has to be a legit 6'3" guy?
Arch Stanton said on 25/Nov/12
Rob, any estimates for Ernie Els? He reminds me of John Wayne in height and build but some people say he isn't even a legit 6'3"?
[Editor Rob: ernie's been quoted saying both 6ft 3 and 4 as his height]
Arch Stanton said on 25/Nov/12
Yeah McIlroy is no way 5'9", much less 5'10 as I've seen him listed at!! He's small framed.
Gustavemalachane said on 10/Oct/12
Rob what do you think of mcilroy's height.
[Editor Rob: more 5ft 8 range.

Funnily Graeme McDowell says he's only 5ft 7 (even though he's listed at an insane 5ft 11). McIlroy ain't much taller.]
Max said on 4/Jan/12
I saw both tiger and phil at cog hill in 2010, they were paired together. Tiger was 6' , phil was 6' 2".
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 4/Dec/11
Woods is nothing under 5ft 11.75 (1.82 m) and looks the height he's listed as.
Alex Frazier said on 21/Nov/11
Great height! Great looks! Now what's his shoe size? Tiger should have pictures of himself with his barefeet up on a table. That would reinvigorate his "hunk status"! Put your best foot forward Tiger.
D said on 9/Oct/11
@ Mike "Tiger is short. He is Thai. People forget that. Lets just say Phil is 6'1" which he is not. Look at these pics..."

First wouldn't open for me. Second one though, Phil is clearly much closer to the camera which makes him appear much taller than he is compared to Tiger, who is further's like the old firshermans trick, you hold the fish way far away from your body so that it is closer to the camera and thus looks bigger. Same concept here, Phil is closer, thus looks much bigger in general (taller, bigger head, way way way wider shoulders etc...) than Tiger.
LAN Jiao said on 30/Sep/11
Tiger is 5"11.5 up straight! :)
Mike said on 24/Sep/11
Tiger is short. He is Thai. People forget that. Lets just say Phil is 6'1" which he is not. Look at these pics...

Click Here

Click Here
Jay said on 4/Aug/11
Tiger gets absolutely towered by Thomas Bjorn, who is listed at 189 cm. When you look at him next to Vijay, Furyk, Ernie, and Phil its just not possible he's under 5'11''. Stricker seems a little taller and he's a solid 6'0'' so I'm gonna go with 182 centimeters for Tiger.
fuzzblaster said on 4/Aug/11
Tiger is under 6'1" because Federer is 6'1" and he's shorter than Fed in all pics.
Ryanus said on 19/Jul/11
Hes lucky to be that tall.
Earl was 5'8 tops and his mom was very tiny.
Click Here
Spence said on 30/Jun/11
Ya i don't McIlroy is more than 5'8. Tiger is a solid 5'11
Max said on 29/Jun/11
Rory is not 5 9 . In the photo with him johnny mac and andy at wimbledon yesterday he is towered over boy johhny mac (5 11) and is at max 170cm
Spence said on 18/Jun/11
Clay said on 16/Jun/11
Fallon is closer to 6'0''.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jun/11
Vijay Looks 189cm, a bit more than 6ft2
Viper said on 13/May/11
Tiger is 5-11. Its plain as day now knowing these other guys real heights and seeing them in person.
Viper said on 13/May/11
Yeah, I admit Vijay looked taller than 6-2 from a distance. But up closer he looked 6-2.

I saw Vijay on tv standing next to 6-4 Dustin Johnson and he looked 2 inches shorter. Hes 6-2
Spence said on 12/May/11
Viper I've seen Vijay in person. He is a big guy. He may be slightly over 6'2. Mickelson is a solid 6'1
Viper said on 10/May/11
Oh and I also saw Stenson again as well. This time he looked his listed height of 6-1 to me. Have no idea how he looked so much taller before.
Spence said on 10/May/11
I think Mickelson is 186. Tiger is 181-82
Viper said on 10/May/11
Saw Jim Furyk and he is a legit 6-2. Vijay is a legit 6-2. Saw both those guys.
Viper said on 9/May/11
I saw Mickelson in person this past week. Hes no taller than 6-1
Paul said on 9/May/11
How much more height do golf shoes give over sneakers? All these 6'0 guys who see Tiger and claim he is the same height as them probably don't take the footwear into account.
Viper said on 16/Apr/11
Tiger is 5-11
Spence said on 15/Apr/11
I'd bet money on Christopher Walken being taller than Tiger even today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Apr/11
Rob, more golfers need to be on this site. Nick Faldo, Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, Phil Mickelson, Colin Montgomerie, Ernie Els etc.
Viper said on 11/Apr/11
This forum has a couple of guys who saw Tiger at 5'11 Max in person. Click Here
Viper said on 11/Apr/11
This guy even thought Stenson was 6-5 on tv Click Here
Viper said on 11/Apr/11
Ive seen Henrik Stenson though from some distance and I swear he gave off like a 6-4 impression, and hes listed at 6-1. I think I read somewhere that hes taller, and If thats true thats crazy to see somebody in sports who is actually taller than their listed height.
Viper said on 11/Apr/11
Geoff Oglivy certaintly looks a legit 6-2. He can even look taller.
Spence said on 29/Mar/11
Your not 6 feet then cause Obama looked an inch taller or a little more and he is 6'1 flat..You might be 5'11 dude
henry said on 27/Mar/11
I'm exactly 6ft and stood right next to Tiger at the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Friday and he is at least my height, maybe even a half inch taller.
Spence said on 21/Mar/11
5'11.5..Obama looked an inch and a half taller and he is 6'1
Paddington said on 20/Mar/11
Early in his career Woods always got listed as 6'2". Without a doubt I saw this in multiple interviews and magazine listings in the late 1990's.
Viper said on 20/Mar/11
Hes not 6-0. Same height as 5-11 Fallon
5'11 barefoot.. said on 17/Mar/11
was on the show with jimmy fallon and they both had dress shoes on and were the same height.. So 6 foot is exact good job rob...this guy is not 6'1...
Spence said on 22/Feb/11
I think Tiger: 5'11.5
Vijay: 6'2
Mickelson: 6'1.5
Ernie Els: 6'3/.5
Viper said on 21/Feb/11
Tiger = 5-11
Mickelson = 6-1
Vijay = 6-2
SAK said on 20/Feb/11
With 6ft5 Peyton Manning
Click Here

I would say he is 5ft11.5/182cm
JackieTreehorn said on 20/Feb/11
Appeared 182-183 viewed next to a slightly elevated tee at Torrey Pines...very close to Rocco who I stood right next to and appeared about 181-182. 182 is my best guess for Woods. Spence is right about Mickelson too...approximately 6-1+change not 6-3.
SolidSnake said on 17/Feb/11
Based on the Gilette adverts he must be 5'11 if Federer is 6'1
Dean said on 14/Feb/11
He is more likely 181 than 183. 182 is the fairest for Tiger..he just doesnt look a 6 footer and has even said himself "about 6ft"..183 is 0.2 over 6ft..if he was 183 at worst at night he'd claim 6'1 or 6.05'...182 would explain him saying about 6ft as its honest. he should get 181 but could even be as low as 181
Spence said on 3/Feb/11
181-82..Obama had too much height on him for him to be 183
Spence said on 15/Jan/11
Pamco Starting to agree with you although I would give him 182..but it is possible he is only 181. He is towered over by Ernie Els..Looked 2 inches shorter than Mickelson who might not even be a full 6'2 more 6'1.5. The Mickelson 6'3 stuff is BS. He was listed at 6'2 his whole career he magically grew an inch in his 30s? He is 6'3 with boots on maybe. He has a thin frame which give an illusion of being taller. The Obama photo did it for me. Obama is 6'1 and looked over an inch taller
Pamco said on 8/Jan/11
He's 5'11.
Spence said on 17/Dec/10
Rob I don't get how you keep him at 184 with the Obama photo I have..he looks 182...too much evidence 183 should be the listing now but I think 182 is the truth

[Editor Rob: I will label him what he said, an honest 6 foot.]
Spence said on 4/Dec/10
I think he is a solid 5'11 not a full 6 feet
funnyguy said on 25/Nov/10
he's much shorter than federer who's 6'1, he should be around 5'10
177cmmm said on 10/Nov/10
met him yesterday and he was as tall as my friend who is 6 even. They both had the same kind of shoe.
charlie said on 6/Oct/07
Have been to quite a few tour events and have met some of these pros in person. Most of those heights in the PGA Tour guide are up about an inch. Tiger is def. over 6' as I am just under 6' in shoes and he is taller than me but not much, prob 6'1" in shoes is a fair est. And I also believe being VERY tall is a disadvantage. But, look at the top money leaders and you'll notice that the majority of them are in the 6'1" to 6'3" range, like Tiger, Ernie, Phil, Fyruk, Vijay. So being kinda tallish is an advantage as you have a naturally wider swing arc and power to spare. No need to force it, look how easy Ernie Els swings and how far he hits it......
leo734 said on 10/Sep/07
Tiger Woods is not 6'2" - from his own mouth he said 6feet and about a 1/2inch, but he didn't say with or without shoes. Who cares, he is well built, and the best golfer on the planet, a nice young man with values and he's a great role model for young people.
Viper said on 13/Aug/07
Being very tall is a disadvantge for a golfer. You dont want to be 6-5.
Pete said on 2/Aug/07
have u guys seen the new guillette add on tv?? tiger with federer and both same height
AAAA said on 16/Jun/07
My father saw him up close at a competition a year ago and said he only looked 5'11-6' but was in wicked shape. he said vjay sing was enormous though
Skybo053 said on 12/Jun/07
Hey all. I live about 10 minutes away from the Oakmont Country Club in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I go to a gym that is even closer; about 5 minutes away from Oakmont. Yesterday, on June 11th, I went after work, around 3:30 PM, and none other than Tiger Woods was there. It was awesome seeing him in person. At one point he and his trainer were using the bench right next to me. Tiger was standing in the way of the weights, so I had to say "excuse me" to get passed. I am 5'10'', and he was a little taller than I expected. He was standing, as far as I could tell, straight up, and we were both wearing basic sneakers. I would put him at a strong 6 feet or even 6' 1''. I have friend that are 6', and Tiger seemed a little taller when I walked by. Anyway, thought I'd put in my 2 cents.
robotix said on 7/Jun/07
out of all the celebrities that exaggerate their height, golfers have the least reason to. They're not trying to portray a tough image like other atheletes, and they're not running for office, and their not trying to get leading men roles in movies!
antron said on 7/May/07
Spence's pic is not really definitive; you can't see the ground; golf courses obviously are not all that flat. Jordan looks closer to the camera; look at the angle of Wood's gaze, its not straight to the side, its forward and to the side. He may well be 6'0" but you couldn't tell from that picture. Half an inch doesn't really matter to me.
Viper said on 6/May/07
Yeah, he needs to be downgraded to a flat 6-0. In certain pictures Jordan looks closer to 6-6!!!
Tom said on 6/May/07
He seems taller becasue of his leg length...he has got some long legs
Spence said on 4/May/07
Jordan is a solid 6'5 1/2 maybe 6'6 and honestly he looks 6 inches taller than Tiger. Im starting to to think Woods needs to be downgraded from 6'0 1/2 to an even 6'0. Tiger can't be more than 183 barefoot the more I see of him. His height is really inflated. It went from 6'2 to 6'1. He even admits hes only 6 feet.

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Viper said on 3/May/07
He does dwarf him I have to admit.
Sean T said on 2/May/07
At the Pro-Am Michael Jordan DWARFS woods.. I think 6-6.05 is very accurate..
TheJerk said on 15/Apr/07
I am in full agreement on the height listed here. In 98' I saw him within 10 feet of myself. I was 13 years old and 5-10, he wasn't anymore than 2 inches taller. I was expecting him to be a bit taller.
Editor Rob said on 8/Apr/07
Lol, even back in 2002 old Charles Barclay was having none of 6ft 2 tiger...
"Barkley questioned Woods' listed height of 6-foot-2, Woods responded by saying, ''every program said you were 6-6. you're no more than 6-4 on a good day."
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/07
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Els and Woods. Els is 6'3 or 6'4 and has at least 3 inches on Woods. Woods is a solid 6' thats it. Hes not even 6'1.
Mike said on 27/Feb/07
184cm looks right when you see him lined up with 188cm Henry and Federer
Editor Rob said on 7/Feb/07
Ian Woosman claimed in 1986 "I'm 5 feet, 4 1/2 inches tall, and don't forget the half"!
Stevie G said on 6/Feb/07
Saw a some kind of press conference with Tiger Woods, Thierry Henry and Roger Federer lined up beside eachother. Federer and Henry looked the same height and woods looked about 5 cm shorter. If Henry is 188 cm then about 183 is a good guess for Tiger.
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/07
Athletes always add an inch to an inch and half in height. They always measure themselves in shoes, not barefoot.
Felix said on 23/Jan/07
Huey - Sergio Garcia is 177 cm :)
Garry said on 23/Jan/07
6-0 sounds about right for Tiger, I passed him on the way to the loo at the Masters in '99, I.M. 6-3+ and he about three inch shorter. He's definitely not above that though as some people claim.
Huey said on 21/Jan/07
I dont see Singh being shorter than Faldo and Els; 6-3. Has anyone seen Sergio Garcia up close?
Viper said on 19/Jan/07
Ive seen Nick Faldo up close many times and hes a legit 6-3. Loren Roberts is a legit 6-2. Most golfers heights are correct it seems.
Felix said on 19/Jan/07
Correct Viper
Viper said on 19/Jan/07
Vijay is 6-2 and Els 6-3.
Spence said on 18/Jan/07
Another thing Mickelson does not seem 6'3 to me at all. Singh is about 6'3 and Els is almost 6'4. Tiger is a strong 183 but Mickelson seems about 6'1 1/2 to possibly 6'2 to me. 186
Spence said on 6/Jan/07 now has Mickelson at 6'3. Vijay seems more than 6'2 to me and Tiger has always seemed about 6'0 to me. He even said himself he is. Retief is about 5'11.
Viper652 said on 7/Dec/06
It would be pretty dumb to downgrade a guy on political affiliation. I dont like a lot of democrats or republicans but I wouldnt low ball a guy like Bush at 5-7.
Brad said on 7/Dec/06
Clinton is a solid 6' 2". I'm not his political party but I will defend his height I saw from a foot away. Woods is 6' and his wife is a stone fox.
Viper652 said on 6/Dec/06
Was Clinton really a full 6-2? Maybe he was 6-1 1/2 peak height.
POD said on 6/Dec/06
Clinton is a solid 6'2" and i'm not a democ-rat.
Woods is a solid 6'

[Editor Rob: clinton's barely touching 6ft 1 these days. Since he doesn't have more than 5 inches on Tom Cruise, although if anybody is firmly of the belief Tom is flat 5ft 7 at 2pm in the day, then by all means, Clinton is 6ft even.]
Jason said on 6/Dec/06
Tiger looks to have clunky shoes on with Bill Clinton. I think Bill would be almost an inch taller otherwise. I would figure Tiger 184cm and Clinton 186.
Jman said on 5/Dec/06
I think 6ft is just about right. If you compare pics of Woods next to Teri Hatcher and Conan O'Brien next to Teri Hatcher, you can see a considerable height difference between O'Brien (6'4) and Woods (6'0). O'Brien towers over Hatcher (who's wearing high heels) while Woods is much closer to Hatcher, although still taller.
sleuth said on 4/Dec/06
Horse, image 8 of 10 is a little better perspective
sleuth said on 2/Dec/06
He Looked 2" taller in pictures than 6' Stevie Wonder when he posed with Stevie and Teri Hatcher!
OOFatman said on 27/Oct/06
Tiger looked about 1"-1.5" taller than Jay Leno last night.
halos said on 18/Oct/06
I see him at the gym all the time. Wouldn't be suprised if he isnt 6'2. Im a legit 5'11 and he's much taller.
Viper652 said on 17/Sep/06
Roger is 6-1 flat. Woods is 6-0 flat.
Jason said on 16/Sep/06
Roger Federer doesn't strike me as anything more than a flat 6'1''. Tiger Woods' 6'0 1/2'' listing here seems bang on.
Viper652 said on 15/Sep/06
Roger looks more 5-10 in tennis matches for some reason. Must the camera angles.
MD said on 14/Sep/06
Where'd you get that assumption? He's very similar in height fo 6'1" Andy Roddick. He's tall, but not freakishly tall by any means.
Mike said on 13/Sep/06
Anon, I was under the assumption that Federer is about 6'5''?
Viper652 said on 6/Sep/06
Ive seen Faldo up close many times and he is easily his listed 6-3. Can look even taller because of his large frame.
Huey said on 5/Sep/06
When Tiger first turned pro he was listed 6-2 everywhere, in recent years everyone (himself included) is saying 6ft. I saw him at the open and he looked 6ft flat next to Faldo.
Felix said on 27/Jul/06
A couple of years ago our golfmagazine in Sweden tried to create the best golfplayer and they took an average of all PGA tour players in arm lenght, bone lenght, handsize etc..and they hade a golfplayer from the tour to every criteria...and also about height! They said the average height on the PGA tour (2001?) was 179cm and they had a picture of Mark O'Mera.
Viper652 said on 26/Jul/06
Tiger is a solid 6-0 guy.
dokosoy said on 26/Jul/06
Have two cases to report. A family friend worked out in the Ritz Carlton gym during vacation in Florida a couple years ago. He said Tiger is a lot skinnier and slightly smaller in person than he appears on TV. Another source met him in the Amex tent in San Francisco and said Tiger is not quite 6'0".
Huey said on 11/Jul/06
Does anyone know how tall Sergio Garcia is? The PGA site says 5'10, he looks pretty lanky to me though like he could be taller. I think you've got Tiger right, he's shorter than his 6'1.5 caddie Steve Williams but taller than 6' Mark O'Meara
knut said on 20/Jun/06
I thought Tiger was a solid 6ft 1. By the way I must tell I know seve ballesteros since long time, and he's 1m 82-3 without any any any question
Mandrake said on 10/Jun/06
I saw him up close in person. Yeah he's more like 6'0" or 6'0 1/2"tops than 6'2"
See the following for photos
Click Here
Click Here
deepestvoice said on 26/Apr/06
yeah, I agree. 6'0.5 looks a lot closer to his height than 6'2, which proves my point. That any larger than life person who does extraordinary things will be boosted up by at least a couple of inches. That includes Hulk Hogan, Big Show, Undertaker, Michael Jordan, Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, etc.....
Gramps said on 11/Apr/06
I always thought Tiger was 6'2" until I read the comments below from Sal and Rob. I did some digging and found a bunch of photos that clearly showed Tiger to be the equal of Phil. Thought I had him nailed. But then I started seeing some photos where Phil definitely looked 2" taller.

I gave up!

6'0.5" is about as close as you can get, I think.
Sal said on 9/Apr/06
Click Here

I thought you guys had him at 6'2" on here, he looked about an inch and a half shorter than the listed 6'2" phil mickelson... the above link has him listed at 6'1"

[Editor Rob: he got changed back when he said he was 6ft]
Anonymous said on 9/Apr/06
Just watched the ceremony of the Master 2006 when Tiger presented the green jacket to Phil Mickelson. I'd say he is safely 2 1/4 '' shorter than Phil. So at 6' would be a good height although he might be a tall 5'11''. Regards to every body and editor Rob.
gdawg said on 26/Mar/06
Tiger Woods himself said he's about 6 feet tall on his latest interview on 60 Minutes. Responding to Ed Bradley's question, Tiger Woods says, "If you look at the top five guys in the world, I'm the shortest one...about 6 foot. That's kinda where the game is going."
Bill said on 8/Feb/06
Tiger is 6'. He is just slightly shorter than Parnevik.
CoolJ said on 3/Feb/06
Well.. if he's quoted as 6 foot.. Then Tucker is only 6 foot too.. because that Photo Op shows them at exactly the same height.

CelebHeights Editor said on 3/Feb/06
Maybe Tiger can answer the question:

"The game has become bigger. I'm six foot - and if you look at the top five players in the world a bit short, although (Retief) Goosen and I are the same height. If you look at (Arnold) Palmer, (Gary) Player and (Jack) Nicklaus' generation, I'd be tall. The guys now are all 6ft 3in and above. Bubba is 6ft three-and-a-half - he's a big guy"

Retief is 6ft...
CoolJ said on 2/Feb/06
Tucker is a pretty strong 6'1" and Tiger looks his height.. but not really any bigger.

I'd say 6'1 even is best bet for Woods.

Viper652 said on 2/Feb/06

Well, these pics sure do confirm he is at least 6-0, and possibly 6-1. He looks virtually the same height as Chris Tucker, maybe a half inch shorter give or take. Plus look at the pic with 5-9 combine Ronde Barber, easily has over 3 inches on him, and maybe 4.
Viper652 said on 2/Feb/06
Also where are all these Tiger under 6 foot sightings coming from?? Ive seen the guy from far away once at a golf tourney in 99, but I couldnt get an exact pinpoint measurement on him. He is at the very least 6-0, Im sure of that.
Viper652 said on 1/Feb/06
Rob, Ive seen Faldo up close in person, and he really is a legit 6-3 guy. He actually can appear taller then that at times. I I hope to see Tiger up close an in person at the Masters this spring to see If my 6-0.5 estimate is spot on.
Viper652 said on 1/Feb/06
Ive come to the conclusion that Tiger is between 6-0-6-1 as well.
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 31/Jan/06
editor rob, I'm gonna trust my instinct and say he's 6 foot 1.
CoolJ said on 31/Jan/06
PGA at 6'1 sounds pretty close to me.

[Editor Rob: actually, come to think...back when he won the masters he got the jacket from Faldo and 186cm looked closer since Faldo in person is a big 6ft 3 guy]
Viper652 said on 10/Jan/06
Id say he is 6-0.5 at best.
CoolJ said on 9/Jan/06
Bunch of pics with "6-2" Mickelson on Google.. but cant ever find one with Mickelson not slouching.. If he stands up straight, you get the impression he'll have .5" on Woods.. Maybe 1". Then again, how tall is Mickelson really?

I think Woods is a weak 6'2 at best... I'd go with that 6'1 high on

uhdbvsch said on 9/Jan/06
this guy is 6-2 with 70s spike golf shoes on. Tiger is 5-10 and a half barefoot.
CoolJ said on 8/Jan/06

Golf site that has his height at 6'1" which is probably more realistic.
Bob said on 9/Dec/05
I just walked past Tiger on the way back from diner. I'm 6'2" and my wife is 6'. Tiger was shorter than either one of us. Easily!
realitycheck said on 16/Nov/05
hes 187cm and vijay is 192cm
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/05
Yeah right, whenever someone doesn't want to admit something, it's always a trick. Benny why don't you explain exactly how both pictures are camera angle tricks?
Benny said on 28/Sep/05
That Colin Montgomerie pic is a camera angle trick. That said even if you did compare him to another legit 6'2er, how do you not know if the second isn't 6'2.5 or so forth. This would make both of them 6'2, but one could be a few cm if not 3/4 or more of an inch taller and not counting it.
sonic soul said on 25/Jul/05
Tiger is close to 6'1" no shorter than 6'.05". I attended the U.S. Open this year and was 10 feet from him at one point.. He looked tall. And it may not be wise to use Vijay Singh as a guide because that guy is closer to 6'4" than 6'2" I was 5 feet from the guy at one point and he is tall. No doubt he is taller. I am between 5'8" and 5'9" and felt short next to him. But I can tell you Tiger didn't look to be struggling to reach 6'0" like "anonymous" is suggesting below.
Anonymous said on 25/May/05
I never believed Woods was 6'2.seeing the photos below,now I`m sure about that.
Anonymous said on 11/May/05
I know for a fact Tiger aint 6'2, he's 6 feet at the most.
Smoke said on 21/Apr/05
Again, most people agree that Chris Tucker is a solid 6'1", I've posted numerous times, shots of him with Tucker and Ray Romano where Tiger looks about an inch taller than Tucker, and slightly shorter than Romano. If Romano is indeed not 6'3" like some of us claim, this could push down Tucker and Woods' heights.

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