How tall is Samantha Giles

Samantha Giles Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

English actress, best known for playing Bernice Blackstock in TV soap Emmerdale. On her twitter, she commented on her stature, saying "I am tall! 5 ft 8 inches!" and in a 2001 Mirror interview "I'm 5ft 8ins, and even though I'm a size 12 now, and I probably was a 16 at my biggest". She also commented on her weight, "Got down to between 10 and 10.5 stone, and that's what I am now. I try and eat when I'm hungry and not to be silly. I haven't weighed myself since just before I got married last year. I was 10st 2lbs. Happy with that."

How tall is Samantha Giles
Samantha in Emmerdale
At university I was 13 stone, compared to the ten stone I am now. Even though I'm 5ft 8in, I looked heavy. I was worried about being in debt so I lived off chocolate instead of eating properly. When I went back to my parents and got quite depressed the weight started to drop off. I go through stages of exercising but most of my workout tapes are still in their boxes!
-- The Daily Mirror, 2001 (May 5th)

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5ft 7.56in (171.6cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jan/22
Bernice was married to caring vicar Ashley Thomas, played by John Middleton, who was written out in 2018.

He looked much taller than Chris Chittell in this morning's Classic Emmerdale, so I couldn't resist finding out his height - 5ft11. He deserves a page for being such a kind vicar to the Emmerdale community! 🤗
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Dec/21
Hey, Bernice - you CAN'T go flirting with other women's men, let alone Kim Tate's! 😣

You were lucky to get away so lightly!

5ft7.5. 🎄🎅🎁
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Nov/21
Sam's character, Bernice, got married on this morning's Classic Emmerdale - to vicar, Ashley Thomas. The episode first went out on Christmas Day, 2000.

It was a fairytale wedding! 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️

I can't see Samantha being any noticeable amount shorter 21 years later, so 5ft7.5 it is.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Oct/21
Heeeey! Daughter Gabby doesn't want to hear about your five stitches when YOU were in childbirth with her, Bernice! It's surprising she didn't give you more of a verbal roasting, but the poor girl simply didn't have the energy - she was giving birth! 🤰😖👶

5ft7.5. 🌹😁🌹
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jun/21
I still find it amusing watching Samantha on 'Classic Emmerdale' and the fact that she still looks exactly the same!

This isn't very helpful if you want to know whether you're watching the old version or the current one, but her Mum DID look completely different back then, so you only have to look at her!

I got a bit carried away last time, giving Samantha a quarter-inch higher, so this time she can have her proper, Rob-approved 5ft7.5. 😃💐
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/May/21
Samantha has recently started in the Classic version of Emmerdale and, very much to her credit, she really hasn't changed much over the years.

I should think her height has stayed the same as well.

5ft7.75. 😄🌹
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Nov/19
What a shock for Bernice tonight, hearing that her daughter's father is lying critically ill in hospital after a traffic accident.

She's had to board a plane to be there for her young daughter, who's flown over to be there for her Mum's up-and-coming marriage.

I do hope she'll be back soon. Sam's Bernice is a lovely lady and an asset to the Soap.

5ft7.75. 💐
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jan/19
@ Nik - Now that I have my new phone, losing comments is a thing of the past. I still get interrupted by adverts, but whereas the comment I'd written would have been lost with my old phone, now I don't have that problem, so the adverts are just a minor inconvenience instead of causing a total wipeout!

I agree that Samantha Giles's Bernice plays an adorable and funny character, and the to-do she's made about turning 50 has been entertaining in the cutest possible way! With each milestone birthday, I've undergone a complete refurbishment of myself and my wardrobe. When I turned 50, I had my hair lightened with highlights and cut to a more mature-looking length. Also, I threw my trainers out and started wearing elegant skirts and tops and jackets, giving up my rock chick look. Mind you, my hair is long now, and the highlights have continued, turning it completely blonde, as you know. And once again, I can often still look hippyish, and wear trainers when it's too painful to wear anything else, but I have given up the schoolgirl ones! I only take size three in trainers, and they cost less than sizes of 4+, but I won't let that tempt me.

When, like Bernice, you run a beauty salon, and most certainly look the part, then how can you improve on perfection? Perhaps she could go for a few low-lights, or high-lights to frame her face. She always dresses well, and has the height of a fashion model, so no one will ever be able to label her a 'little old lady', even in 20 years' time, unless they want a smack in the gob!

As far as badly-behaved representatives of the law are concerned, any youngster today would doubtless have the facility of a phone handy to record the improper behaviour; in my day, there were no such things to hand and nobody would have believed a young woman of 26, worse for wear after a few drinks, over an officer of the law. Police are supposed to perform their duties in pairs, and a young person would hopefully smell a rat if offered a lift by a solitary policeman. They are so much more worldly wise now. It's safer for girls to travel in pairs as well.

So 8-and-a-half months later, your reply is complete! I don't think it'll be the last stray, unanswered comment I find either!

Cheers Nik! 🦉 "Hoot!"
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jan/19
Samantha's real age is 47, and even that is difficult to believe. She's hardly the age, neither at 47 nor at 50, to be a candidate for height loss. Speaking from personal experience, I WAS, having chosen to keep my weight unhealthily low throughout my life, and at 50, not even I had lost any height yet. Mind you, all that was to change.... 😲

Pull through Bernice, pull through! We love you very much indeed! 💖
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jan/19
@ Nik - I'll read and reply shortly! 😁
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jan/19
How sad to see how badly Samantha's character Bernice is responding to turning 50. At first, I found it mildly amusing, but when a woman - and such a stunning one at that - resorts to dodgy internet botox to take away a few facial expressions, it becomes really sad.

Bernice is now in hospital on life-support, with the threat of facial paralysis hanging over her. If that isn't enough to put people off from the flippant buying of second-rate fillers, then nothing will.

Samantha is an excellent-postured 5ft7.5, and I have such difficulty in believing she is really 50 that I'm going to have to check out her DOB!

The Soaps can be worth their weight in gold sometimes, reflecting real-life situations and warning people away from everyday dangers that can be acquired with just the touch of a button.
Nik said on 15/Apr/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

It wasn't too much trouble writing out my comment before I sent it, I did it on my iPads notepad before I copied it onto Samantha's page! In fact it was rather easy but I didn't explain what I did properly, sorry about that! Losing comments is very frustrating, particularly if you have spent a long time writing them, sometimes my ipad runs out of charge without me noticing it however what happened 3 days ago is that the page just refreshed itself and the 🔥 box where you write your comment then became empty! I can understand your way of thinking regarding your workings out when you did your school homework, it was probably easier to do things the way you did and if the teachers didn't like it, tough **@@*! I didn't always like the workings of a red pen on my homework, never mind!

Yes, Samantha is very larger-than-life in "Emmerdale" and her character Bernice is certainly very comical, just like Charity is! They have both got an edge to them and neither of them live average or mundane lives, they always seem to be involved in a crisis or conflict. That's the thing about a lot of our soap stars, they are generally good people but they typically have an edge to them! However if this wasn't the case the soaps wouldn't be as interesting and most of the characters are loveable anyway!

It is appalling when people in positions of responsibility badly betray their trust like the Policeman who once gave you a lift, these people give their own profession a bad name and I can only think that genuine people in positions of authority are ashamed of such terrible behaviour from some people in their own profession. Every single person in a position of authority should act in a way that we all approve of and they should do this throughout their lives, this policeman who gave you the lift should have given you the lift out of kindness, he should not have done it for any reason other than to help you get home when you were sozzled. People like this should be rooted out of their positions of responsibility and everything should be done to ensure that these sort of things do not happen again, also stiffer punishments should be given to anyone like this in order to deter this sort of behaviour as much as possible. These sort of situations should be brought to the public eye and everything should be done to prevent situations like this from occurring in the future.

Sandy Cowell said on 13/Apr/18
@ Nik - Hi! The last time I lost a comment was on the Aleksa Palladino page! It is very annoying, but writing them out first would be too much like hard work! It would remind me of my homework days, and all too often, I'd do six hours a night! Eventually, I packed up doing it in rough, and if the teachers didn't like my crossings out, then ***l***s to them, I thought!

Samantha is a very larger-than-life comical character in 'Emmerdale', and along with the character of Charity, she is one of the two funniest women in the Soap. Finding out this week what happened to Charity as a 14-year-old kid was most disturbing, and I for one, would like to see things like that brought to the public eye. Once I accepted a lift from a policeman in a police car, and when he realised I was sozzled, which is probably why he stopped in the first place, he tried it on in no uncertain terms and even suggested I was asking for 🐖👮 'it'. I kicked open the door and fled, giving him the finger! I felt it would have been futile to report him. Who would they believe? Hardly me!

There are a few nasty members of Society thrown into every sector of authority, alas, and these people should be weeded out as they ruin the reputation of the authorities they represent! It isn't fair on the good ones!
Nik said on 12/Apr/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I have just lost a nearly completed comment but I am not going to let it happen again, I am now writing it out on my notepad and when I have finished I will copy it onto Samantha's page before pressing the submit button!

Oh, I didn't know that people were called man very much down south, in fact I only thought it was really used in places like the North East and Cumbria! I have also noticed that groups of people are often referred to as "guys" nowadays, irrespective of the genders of those people! I had previously only known a man being referred to as a "guy"!

I am not totally sure how tall Samantha actually is, in fact she can look anywhere within the 5'7" - 5'7.75" range, sometimes she looks at the bottom of that range, sometimes at the top of that range, and at other times she can looks to be of different heights between 5'7" and 5'7.75"! If I had to hazard a more specific guess it would be that Samantha is within the 5'7.25" - 5'7.5" range, if I wanted to sit on the fence I could offer her 5'7.375", to the nearest eighth-of-an-inch! Ha ha! Those eighths-of-an-inch are so useful!

On "Emmerdale" Samantha has a towering presence as she often wears high heels, very few people are as tall as her when she is wearing those heels! She is not someone to be messed with on "Emmerdale" and she sure can stick up for herself! She must have a sharp tongue if she can tell someone to "Trollop off!"!

Good evening!
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Apr/18
@ Nik - There are plenty of people down South who say 'man' a great deal as well!

I got a little fed up when someone says it repeatedly to me, and will eventually be tempted to blurt out, "I'm NOT a man far Heaven's sake, or haven't you noticed?"

Today I give Samantha 5ft7.5!
Nik said on 11/Apr/18
@ Sandy Cowell

That's very funny! It's nice to see that the producers of our soaps are always looking to give us something to laugh about!

I always thought calling people man was something associated with Geordies!

I can see what Rob means, 5'7.25" does look possible for Samantha!
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jun/17
@ Hey Rob, I had never heard that expression before!
I assume the lady on the bus was saying "What are you like, man?" in a strong Scottish accent!
Now I've heard of that one and also "What am I like?" can be used by a person keen on self-deprication!
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jun/17
🎈 Fun Time! 🎈

I saw Samantha in the Emmerdale repeat this morning telling a woman of doubtful reputation to "trollop off!"
I still give her 5ft7.5.
Editor Rob
not heard that phrase for a while. It's interesting the phrases folk use, was sitting beside a woman on the bus the other day and every sentence ended with 'Whit are yae like man'.

As for Samantha, sometimes I think roughly 5ft 7 might be possible
Sandy Cowell said on 15/Mar/17
I think that Samantha was at one time in 'Where the Heart Is', and if that's the wrong series, then it was something similar! It gets regular viewings on ITV3!
I started liking her when I started watching 'Emmerdale'! She's soppy and funny, but she's nobody's fool! Her character is also an honest one who speaks her mind!
For someone in Emmerdale, Samantha is positively tall! She could pass for the 5ft8, but I'll make a compromise for my buddy Nik, and call her 5ft7.75!
I feel for her young daughter at the moment! The poor kid's really having a rough time of it, what with her Dad suffering from early onset dementia. She's not even 16 yet and shouldn't have to be dealing with that for decades, if at all! Yes, I am getting carried away, aren't I, and I know it isn't real, but things like this can and do happen, more's the pity. It is much to the credit of the 'Soaps' that they bring to our attention these problems.
I'm sure Samantha will look after her pretty little daughter and forgive her her recent indiscretions! She's just trying to continue life as a young girl! 👱😿👧
I like Samantha's job in 'Emmerdale' as a beautician!💆💄💋💅
Nik said on 23/Sep/16
About right. Same height as me.

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