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7ft 0.86in (215.5cm)
viper said on 21/Jun/18
Construction style boots give you 3 inches in height?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Jun/18

I don't think it's fair to compare Shaq's 6'11" claim to Durant's 6'7" claim. Durant looks easily 6'9" while Shaq looks right around 7'0". A 7'0" guy can be 6'11" range like 6'11.75" and it wouldn't look any different, so maybe that's where Shaq got his claim from. Durant was joking because he looks too tall to be in the 6'7" range.
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Jun/18
Duhon is right. The 6'11" claim shouldn't be taken any more seriously than Durant saying 6'7". If Shaq had ever gotten a 6'11.75" measurement, it'd have made more sense to say that as it'd be a funnier response to the significance of the 7' mark. He's clearly 7'0" minimum as he looks a good 6" taller than Lebron, noticeably(more than an inch) taller than Garnett, can look 3" taller than Duncan such as when they were co-MVPs at the 2000 all-star game and 6'11" Shaq would make Big Show not even 6'9". He was basically identical to Khali and looked a minimum 4" taller than Amare Stoudemire. 6'11.5" Tyson Chandler clearly didn't look as tall next to Amare as Shaq did. If guys like Anthony Davis and Durant really did grow then it's possible Shaq did as well.
Mods said on 15/Jun/18
i like shaq he has a good attitude. however, i have seen shaq on several tv shows and he often shows up wearing what i call construction style boots. meaning they give you 3" inches or more of a lift. why would anyone wear shoes like this for casual wear if they are not trying to hide something. my guess is that he is 6'10 or 11" in reality. his son is a good primer of what his height is. i have seen pics with his son shareef where they were exactly the same height.
187.5 cm said on 7/Jun/18
213-213.5 cm
Canson said on 6/Jun/18
@Height: I agree on these two. KAJ would be a couple inches taller peak and probably still edges him today.

@Christian: yea could be that he varies significantly in terms of height being as tall as he is. He may dip to 6’11.75 at a low and have rounded down
Height said on 4/Jun/18
@Duhon actually Kareem seems slightly taller. I see Shaq at 213 cm even (slightly below 7 feet) or maybe 7 feet even (213.36 cm)
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jun/18
The worst case is a min 6'9 1/8 Kevin Durant claim before that he is only 6'7-6'8. Lol..
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 30/May/18
Shaq could've measured 6'11 7/8" and rounded down to 6'11". You see some basketball players rounding down, like 6'4.75" Kobe claiming 6'4" and 6'6.75" Lebron claiming 6'6".
Canson said on 29/May/18
@Junior: he may be like 6’11.75. He’s got KG by a couple cm. But taller guys like Shaq May very over an inch in a day so he and KG may dip to 6’11 range and even 6’10.75 at a low
Duhon said on 28/May/18
Why does everybody keep bringing up the Stern interview? Shaq is a joker and Stern's a shock jock, it's a funny thing to say for a famous 7'er. Shaq being 6'11" would mean actually strong 6'11' guys like Bill Walton and Kevin Garnett are barely 6'10".

Whether Shaq is actually 7'1", I'd say he's a textbook strong 7' guy.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/May/18
Just curious if Shaq is 7'0 why did he downplay 6'11 on Howard Stern show when caught red handed lies. Could it be 6'11.5" and he just put down saying 6'11? But that would have make Kevin Garnett max 6'10.5". Anyway 7'0 1/4 is too high for Shaq if he claim both 6'11 and 7'0.
Duhon said on 24/May/18
Looking virtually the same height as Kareem here Click Here
FLEX said on 24/May/18
Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/May/18
Shaq admit he is 6'11 on Howard Stern show when hes been confronted how tall he really is. Howard say he was taller than Magic Johnson who claim 6'9. They say most of the NBA guy attend Howard show claim higher but get caught red handed of inflating height. I'm not sure of that but the it's through out the conversation they have being arguing.

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Canson said on 13/May/18
I think he dips below 7’0” very easily but not all the way to 6’11 flat
cmillzz said on 7/May/18
He’s over 7 feet for sure. How much over it though, I’m not sure.
VicLions said on 6/May/18
I would say Shaq is about 6ft11 3/4. He does appear almost 7 inches taller than 6ft5 Kobe Bryant. However he still appears shorter than Kareem
Canson said on 10/Apr/18
@Flex: At 14:20 or so is when they’re next to each other. Kareem isn’t even standing straight and Shaq is not taller than he is. Kareem is still taller even today. Shaq has never been 7’1” he’s no taller than Rob lists him. Even said he’s 6’11 before (maybe at night he dips to like 6’11.75) but I can call him 7’0” at best like he’s listed here
Jmerk said on 7/Apr/18
FLEX, good source video.

Rob, what do you make of Kareem’s significant slouching? In the video Shaq appears taller due to posture, but would that constitute a downgrade for Kareem? (It still looks as if Kareem straightened out that he would edge Shaq). Thanks.
Editor Rob
Kareem is at an age he will have lost height, how much exactly is debatable.
FLEX said on 7/Apr/18
Watching the Elgin Baylor Statue Ceremenony and Shaq is taller than Jabbar in whole video.
Shaq need to upgrade to full 7'1'' and Jabbar is no more than 7'1'' today.
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even said on 23/Mar/18
legitimate 7'0" , anyone who says otherwise is a fool .
Canson said on 23/Mar/18
@Sal29: other way around. And he admitted to being 6’11 on Stern’s show. That’s low but 6’11 and change perhaps closer to 7’. Ben Wallace also measured (supposedly) 6’7.75 and admitted 6’6/6’7. John Wall admitted he’s 6’1 range when he’s supposedly 6’2.75. I know people who met wall who confirmed that much. Some nba pre drafts are full of it
Sal29 said on 20/Mar/18
Shaq was clearly growing during his rookie year. He was measured at 7'0.63" in his first barefoot measurement, and he was measured at 7'0.88" during his second barefoot measurement.
Both measurements were probably done at the same time during the day.
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Sal29 said on 20/Mar/18
Shaq was measured 7'1" BAREFOOT, 303 lbs, and 12.2% body fat.
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Jeffrey said on 5/Mar/18
More likely a solid 213 cm at his lowest
Canson said on 26/Feb/18
@Ian C: he’s been had a page
Ian C. said on 21/Feb/18
Anybody here heard of Muggsy Bogues? He was a point guard in the NBA, and he was five foot three.
Duhon said on 10/Feb/18
I wonder why Dwight Howard looks so close in height to Gasol here? Click Here

I do think it's possible he's a full 6'10".
Canson said on 4/Feb/18
@Johnson: the perception is off most likely. It’s likely due to the change in time of getting measured. So a 198-199 guy in the afternoon would be 200 in the morning probably out of bed 200-201 or a full 201. But that should be their height. You shouldn’t inflate them just to accommodate the others who were measured later in. So Melo is for a fact 198-199

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Johnson said on 3/Feb/18
That is my opinion. I saw the pics of Carmelo and company and that 198.8 sounds his low at that time 19 y.o

I know people who have met Gareth Bale and Arbeloa and they are legit 6 footers and Carmelo in loafers met them. He is the typical 2.00 in medicals. Perhaps is 199.X low I do not deny this.

Just check the pictures with Ashton Kutcher. Check the video of Gareth Bale on his section
Canson said on 2/Feb/18
@Johnson: what are you talking about with the 3 hours thing? That sounds like another excuse. If he wasn’t measured 3 hours out of bed and has a measurement of 6’6.25 I don’t see why you are adding half inch to get to a height he is 3 hours out of bed. That’s sounding more like you’re inflating him to make the soccer players (you did it again recently) taller. For the record you don’t just lose 1/4” after 3 hours that’s typically half inch for most people. Even so unless he loses a full inch then that isn’t possible. Someone his size may actually lose that full inch but that’s more the reason why it’s unnecessary To inflate people as these measurements typically are already not lows. I really don’t get any of your reasoning. You make a ton of excuses just to make people taller. No disrespect
Canson said on 2/Feb/18
@Johnson: Sorry but Melo is not 199.5-200. He’s 198.5-199. These “players” “growing” is not as common as you think. You see on his page where you asked Rob to upgrade him to 200 and he even said he’s not.

What you said about 198.8 bring rounded to 199? Why is that everything with you has to be optimistic when it comes to height? In basketball it’s aftuslly just the opposite. If he were a straight 199 he would’ve been rounded up to 6’6.5 not down to 6’6.25. So there’s a better chance he was under 198.8 than above it. I can tell you that when I stood next to him I was told 1.5-2” and he looked around the same height as my buddy who is a legit 6’6. So 198.5-199 is possible as is 198-198.5. He’s def not below 6’6 but didn’t see him as high as 6’6.5 or certainly not 6’6.75
Canson said on 2/Feb/18
@Johnson: Sorry but Melo is not 199.5-200. He’s 198.5-199. These “players” “growing” is not as common as you think. You see on his page where you asked Rob to upgrade him to 200 and he even said he’s not.
Johnson said on 2/Feb/18
I am talking about growing up players 0.5-1 cm, not 1 or 2 inches, the exception is Kevin Durant I think he grew up almost an inch, or Giannis Antetokounmpo, special case.

Carmelo lowest nowadays can be 199.5, so it would be 0.7 cm maximum of growth since draft, because 198.8 draft can be 199.0 they are rounding to inches, that day he could be in centimetres at 199.0 so I am talking about 0.5-0.7 cm growth

That 199.5-199-7 lowest can be 200.0-200.4 typical height 3 hours, I am not paranoic with lows
Canson said on 1/Feb/18
Shaq likely edges Webber by about 3”. Webber shows a draft (via newspaper article) of 6’9” barefoot. Mo Cheeks and Spencer Haywood have said he’s between 6’8/6’9. Likely rounded up a tad and Webber calls himself 6’9” when he refers to himself while calling games or in interviews never 6’10. If you see Webber with Iguodala or Penny etc even Stojakovic when he olayed in Sacramento he looks 6’9” at times but more often looks more like 6’8.5 esp with Peja.
Canson said on 1/Feb/18
@Johnson: doesn’t change the fact that every one of the players “grows” that’s in their 20s. You say D-Rose, Melo along with Westbrook Lebron Curry Durant and the list goes on. You think all have grown by absurd amounts. Then you once said Jordan was 6’5.5 and that Kobe was 196.4. Odds are if you have 10 guys measured in their teens that one or two may grow more than 1/4” at 18. Certainly not an entire inch or 2 like you say. The average person may gain 1/4 maybe if they’re lucky half inch by the time they’re 22 if measured at 18.
Johnson said on 31/Jan/18
@Canson that old saying about Curry was before reading the tweet and relating draft height and that tweet

I had not read before I thought they were saying about typical season measurements of every year for the team

Then I discovered that tweet was from draft combine when he was measured 6'3 in shoes and 6'2 without

Anyway I say predictions according to mathematics
Duhon said on 31/Jan/18
How tall do you think potential #1 draft prospect DeAndre Ayton is? This is him next to Dwight Howard Click Here
Canson said on 30/Jan/18
@Christian: Johnson has always done that. When he first came on here he said Kobe is 196.4 Lebron was 6’8” Etc then when you show him pre drafts which are inflated for some of these guys he inflated others to make them those heights. It’s especislly bad with the soccer players where he was yet comparing some to Melo to say he grew. Not to mention the part about Derrick Rose growing to 190cm. I don’t expect everyone to agree but at least don’t make excuses just to make others the height he wants them to be. Mainly his soccer players he “claims” to have reached out for measurements on. It’s funny that I have met Melo and don’t see that he’s anymore than his listed. Not to mention Max met Rose and he said no more than maybe his pre draft no less than about 186.4ish and with Melo it’s “near 5”” at most. Then of course the excuse after the shift from evening to morning where it was “they only did that for that one year” or the steph curry tweeting from his “hotel room” that he was 6’3” barefoot. He tweeted from the combine that and that’s in shoes. Then the excuses about when someone wakes up drives to the combine etc. the players all sleep at the combine when they’re measured as we saw with Blake Griffin and since 09 they’ve al been morning. A doctor previously suggested that players measure taller in the AM and since then they’ve gone with that in football and basketball at least and apparently soccer. I mean common sense if it worked so well there was no need to change it. Which is why many of the players before 09 whom we reliably know their height look taller than later drafted players
Codfather said on 29/Jan/18
How tall is this guy next to him,Rob? He claims to be 6'1".
Click Here
Editor Rob
He could be that tall next to Shaq.
FLEX said on 28/Jan/18
Shaq towering Chris Webber
Click Here
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 27/Jan/18

Yeah, I constantly see that "grown" excuse from Dillon and Johnson especially. Most players are in their 20's by the time they get drafted to the NBA so some might've gained a few mm's at most. But the vast majority aren't gonna grow like 1/2" inch or more.
Canson said on 27/Jan/18
@Flex: you must not be watching the same video that you posted, as I am? KG looks taller at 2:10-2:20 but maybe because he has a camera angle. But that would almost nix Shaq having a 2” advantage on him. It’s half inch maybe an inch
Canson said on 26/Jan/18
@Christian: in addition to that pre drafts when used are some of the later ones in the morning since 2009 those players. Then when someone who would generally measure or listed their real barefoot height is next to them they always say well he could’ve grown. It’s silly if you ask me. Especially when Kobe is 6’4.75 people will make Melo 6’7 and Lebron 6’8
FLEX said on 26/Jan/18
Shaq is full 2 inches taller than KG, so SHAQ is 7'1'' barefoot, PERIOD.
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Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 26/Jan/18
@Bard @Canson

Average guesses are especially high with basketball players I've noticed. I have a suspicion that some posters vote their NBA listed heights.
Canson said on 25/Jan/18
@Bard: that’s the norm here on Celebheights. Most are overlisted by a bit. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Shaq dips under 7’0” at night as he did mention once he’s only 6’11. Not that low in my book but I can buy a low of 6’11.75 no higher than a flat 7.
Bard said on 25/Jan/18
You guys seriously need to cool it with the average guess being above 7'1, which is his listed height in shoes.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 24/Jan/18
Editor Rob
he could be a weak 7ft I'd estimate, knowing the camera is well under 7ft.


Imo with a straighter posture he could get near 7´2.75-7´3" with this camera angle, The camera looks 5´10-5´11" centerpoint and is slightly tilted downwards, so the centerpoint could even be a bit higher. Imo he wouldn´t measure under 7´1.5" standing straight, footwear??? possible 1.25-1.5"...
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 23/Jan/18
Sorry my bad, the scale is not inches, so Shaq comes out 7´1.5" in footwear.
Click Here

Shaq looks 7´1.5" in footwear here too Click Here
He only looks to crack 7´2" if standing straight because of low cam angle
Editor Rob
he could be a weak 7ft I'd estimate, knowing the camera is well under 7ft.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 23/Jan/18
Click Here

Right on 7´2" in this one, he always looks 7´1.5"-7´2" in footwear, so 7´0.25"-7´0.5" barfoot.
Duhon said on 20/Jan/18
Looks just shy of 7'3" in shoes next to this height ruler Click Here
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 17/Jan/18
Here´re the measurements I read for Shaq during the past decade:

7 feet flat
just over 7 feet
7´0 5/8"
7´0 7/8"
The taller measurements are imo closer to morningheight.

I can´t see, never seen him look under 7ft. Never seen him in less than 1.25" footwear,
so he usually walks around street @7´1.5" wich he looks in some heightchart pics...
Im 171CM said on 11/Jan/18
Shaq is a giant amongst us lets face it people...
Canson said on 9/Jan/18
That’s more like 1.5” between shaq and Big show. Shaq was still near 7’ when he had the pic but maybe 6’11.5ish not a full 7’ at his low
Dude 173 cm said on 9/Jan/18
Shaq isn't nothing over 7'0 and Big Show looks even around 6'9 sometimes but 208 cm is just
Edimar1.84 said on 4/Jan/18
I dont understanded now Rob, He looks easily 2 inches taller than Big Show...
Editor Rob
well Shaq did claim he was only 6ft 11, so that would put Big Show 6ft 9ish and every other wrestler down another inch or so...I do think Big Show is in 6ft 0 range now, and who knows, if standing tall for a measurement, he might still creep 6ft 10.5-10.75
Canson said on 19/Dec/17
@Gonzalo: also keep in mind that many measurements take place in the morning. I agree with most of what you said tho Gasol looks a solid 7’ and Porzingis can look 7’1-7’2. Not sure if his 7’1.75 is a morning measurement tho
Gonzalo said on 18/Dec/17
Porzingis was listed 2,16 when he played in Spain. I also remember reading an interview in which he said he had grown in his first year as a pro. He said he was 2,17 or 2,18. He said the 2´20 listing was in shoes.
In the pic ncaa posted Porzingis looks more than an inch taller than Shaq.
As for Gasol he was measured 2,14.4. Shaq looked 2,16 on the court but someone mentioned (I think it was LSU alumn) that Shaq´s shoes were thicker than others.
Canson said on 17/Dec/17
@Duhon: when I zoom all the way in that looks maybe half inch difference in my opinion
Logan said on 16/Dec/17
Shaq is about 7'0".5, look at him beside the 7'1" Wilt Chamberlain
But I'm still going to say Shaq is 7'1" next to the 6'11" Big Show and the 7'6" Yao Ming
Canson said on 16/Dec/17
@Vegas: look at their shoes. Shaq has dress shoes on while Bosh has what appear to be flats. And the difference is not as much as it appears because Bosh is leaning. I always believed Shaq to be a legit 7’ but since he said he was not I take his word for it.
Canson said on 15/Dec/17
@Rob: are you sure you’re talking the right Gasol? Pau is thin always has been. Marc his brother is the bigger one (not necessarily taller)
Vegas said on 15/Dec/17
Shaq is taller than pau gasol

Gasol was taller than 6'10 barefoot measured Chris Bosh however Shaq is noticeably taller Click Here
Vegas said on 15/Dec/17
That video is from 1994 so Hogan isn't going to be losing 2 inches of height compared to the 1980s
Duhon said on 14/Dec/17
Shaq still looks above 7' next to 6'11"+ Kevin Garnett Click Here
James said on 13/Dec/17
Rob do you a think a guy like Pau Gasol would edge Shaq out? He looks a stronger 7ft guy to me.
Editor Rob
the question with Shaq is whether he was really 7ft and change in sneakers and 6ft 11 range barefoot...I would have still thought he looked closer to 7ft than 11.

Gasol has a bigger presence, maybe due to his overall shape.
Canson said on 12/Dec/17
@Vegas: I said a peak Hogan was 6’5”. Maybe not 6’5.5 but he could be 6’5-6’5.25 in the 1980s. Hogan’s height is all over the place here. For sure today or even the 90s he wasn’t. Max 6’3 maybe even less is how he can appear. I only give him a full 6’3” because Alan32080 met him and said he’s more like 6’3.5. I don’t agree he’s that tall but I don’t think too much less than 6’3 tho imho
Canson said on 12/Dec/17
@Vegas: yes I do see a “peak” Hogan at that height but when he stood with Shaq who was drafted in 92 that may not be the case. He probably wasn’t that tall. Shaq is shorter than Chamberlin was. The absolute most for Shaq is a solid 7’ but he did also say he’s 6’11 maybe that’s not flat but a guy who measures 7’ can dip below very easily and let’s face it a current Hogan never looks over 6’3” today at best
Vegas said on 11/Dec/17
The top of Lebrons head needs to reach the red line for there to be 4 inch difference..I can't see that happening no matter how straight he stands. Tilting his head upwards would only add mms not cms.

LeBron would need to be on his tip-toes to reach redline Click Here

Shaq at 6'11 range, upper of lower is virtually impossible seeing how tall he is next to people measured 6'5-6'11.

Canson you see hulk Hogan at 6'5-6'5.5 yet Shaq had 8 inches easy on Hogan Click Here
Canson said on 10/Dec/17
@Vegas: yes if Lebron stood straight that’s close to how it should be although I would put Shaq higher in the 6’11” range can’t see a flat 6’11 and possibly call that 4.5-4.75
Hamrd said on 9/Dec/17
216-217 cm
Vegas said on 9/Dec/17
Canson said on 30/Nov/17
@Vegas: only problem with that video is Lebron is not standing completely straight.


He is standing pretty straight. regardless LeBron isn't gaining the extra inches required for the top of his head to reach shaqs eyebrow level (how a 6'7 and 6'11 guy should look back to back) by simply standing a little straighter Click Here
David Allen Patrick Maddox III said on 8/Dec/17
Shaw admitted he was 6’11!! On Youtube type up Shaq 6’11
Canson said on 6/Dec/17
@Danimal: looks 2” in almost any pic they have together

Click Here

Howard I don’t think was ever close to 6’6” at his lowest. Maybe he was 6’5.25 or something like that like Rob has him now at his peak. I agree on Magic tho he’s overlisted although I don’t think he’s less than 6’7”-6’7.25 peak maybe looks hair under 6’7 today tho
Canson said on 4/Dec/17
@anonymous: Jimmy Kimmel measured Davis with a long Afro in shoes at 6’11”. I doubt he’s higher than 6’9.5 barefoot. I’d put Boogie at 6’9” since the 6’9.5 was a morning measurement and him max half inch taller if even noticeable
Danimal said on 3/Dec/17
Canson said on 21/Sep/17
Here is the clip from Howard stern where he says he's 6'11. He calls Howard 6'6/6'7. My thinking is Howard was in a thicker shoe and was likely a strong 6'5" peak 6'5.25ish. I don't believe the part about Howard being taller than Magic. Magic had him by close to 2" if not 2"

Magic was barely taller than Howard in the 1990's. Howard may have been closer to 6'6", or at least 6'5.5" at his peak. Magic was nothing over 6'7", but most likely slightly shorter.
Logan said on 2/Dec/17
Maybe 7'0".5 at the least most likely 7'1".
LeBlanc said on 2/Dec/17
Morning- 215cm
Afternoon- 213cm
Before bed- 212cm
Canson said on 2/Dec/17
@Erik: he was never 7’1” barefoot. And someone his size and weight would easily vary at least an inch during the day. He could’ve been 7’1” out of bed and 6’11.75 at night or even 7’ but he did say before he was 6’11 range on Howard stern. Looking at him with Kobe or Barkley lately he doesn’t look a full 7’0 looks 6’11 range
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/17
Click Here
Hello Rob, is it possible for Anthony Davis to be 6'11 while David Ortiz is actually listed at 6'3 ? Is there really about 9/10" between them ?
Erik said on 1/Dec/17
It seems Shaq is decently honest with his height claims. Probably a lot of wrestlers who were his height would greatly exaggerate their height. Because of his weight, I can see him maybe losing half an inch or so but nothing huge. He is EASILY 6'11 ft nowadays and I'd give him today a solid 7'0 or 7'0.25. And in his peak, he was probably a legitimate 7'1 and 7'2 in shoes.
Canson said on 30/Nov/17
@Vegas: only problem with that video is Lebron is not standing completely straight.
Vegas said on 29/Nov/17
Shaq and LeBron @ 20 seconds back to back Click Here

There is no good shot of Shaq and Kareem and Shaq is actually taller than wilt in a full length photo but again no good footage of the two
Canson said on 28/Nov/17
Shaq is not as low as a flat 6’11 but him dipping under 7’0” at night is conceivable. He’s not as tall as Wilt Chamberlin and around 2” less than Kareem
Vegas said on 25/Nov/17
Jeffers that photo with Beckham is of little value.

Compare that to say this video where he is standing straight and looking every bit 7'1, rashad evans the guy on the far left is probably close to be Beckhams height and everyone else is over 6 foot Click Here
ncaa said on 24/Nov/17
Click Here Here is Lauri with his 207 cm father (the one in the middle beside the red lady)
ncaa said on 24/Nov/17
I can't really see Lauri Markkanen as tall as Shaq. If I look I saw that Porzingis was similar than Shaq
Click Here so nowhere near his 221cm listening
and I can't see Lauri as tall as Porzingis either. Lauri looks about 6'10-11 at best
JEFFERS said on 20/Nov/17
Rob, it has been confirmed several times that David Beckham is a true 5ft 11in. But these pictures with Shaq probably wearing a similar sole as opposed to his huge basketball trainers do not show a 13 inch plus height difference, a foot maximum. What's the chances he really could be closer to 6ft 11in?Click Here
Editor Rob
well Shaq did once say he was just under 7ft, although he was supposed to have measured around 7ft range...Shaq sometimes looks 6ft 11, 7ft and even up to 7ft 1, although that is far more rarer I think.
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/17
Click Here
i was astonished here, the fan seems to be not so far from him. (0:25)
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/17
Click Here
rob, what's your estimation for basketball player Lauri Markkanen here playing ice hockey ? Also I find Canson estimations interesting, so would have his opinion
Editor Rob
he sure can look closer to 7ft at times.
Greek said on 20/Nov/17
Shaq is 210-211cm . Not more. That's what he mostly looks.
Canson said on 19/Nov/17
@anonymous: agreed and throw Wiggins in that category listed 6’7 barefoot but as tall (at most) as Scott van pelt from ESPN who has said many times he’s 6’6”. I have a friend that has met van pelt (he’s from DC area) and validated that too. Levine is max 6’4” imho and could be right there at it
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/17
And in my opinion Shaq is a traditionnal 6'11 guy as he admitted it with Howard. He looks that in most rap movie clips he made when he tried a musical career (he was not bad).
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/17
I'd say Lavine is a traditionnal 6'3"5 6'4 guy (192-193). But I really can't give him anything above 194, especially when I look at him with Yao Ming. But also others guys as Karl Anthony are upgrading themself.
Ian C. said on 7/Nov/17
Amazing guy, because he doesn't appear abnormally tall if no one else is in the picture to indicate proper scale. Nor does he have any facial distortions congruent with a pituitary condition. Wilt Chamberlain, in comparison, had too-long legs and a smallish head. Richard Kiel had misshapen features.
Duhon said on 1/Nov/17
I've highlighted the height difference here look at the red line up-top Click Here
Canson said on 29/Oct/17
@Duhon: Ewing and Hakeem look the same height in the pic you posted but I agree Ewing is the taller of the two. I don’t think it’s a full inch tho prob 1/2”
Canson said on 29/Oct/17
@Junior: I see where you’re coming from But because most of these other guys’ pre drafts are high. I saw 1.5-2” next to him as did the others around us that commented. I can buy absolute max 199cm (6’6.35) that’s 2” taller than me as I’m 193.9 (6’4.33) but can’t see lower than maybe 6’6 1/8 for him either. I think the 6’6.25 is reasonable as he won’t dip much below it and someone his size can lose a full inch. He likely wakes up 6’7”. And when I look at pics they add up. 1.5” on Kobe, same as Kyle Korver. I believe your buddy who met Lebron. He’s prob not really 6’7.25 at his lowest prob closer to 200cm
Canson said on 29/Oct/17
@Duhon: that is debatable. It depends on where they stand. In this pic Dwight appears slightly taller. I’d say they’re prob the same height or if anything if Hakeem edges him it’s slight (like half inch)

Click Here
Canson said on 28/Oct/17
@ncaa: Levine actually measured 6’4.5. If that’s a morning measurement (they also round up if even a mm over 1/4) my guess is he isn’t much over 6’4” unless he’s grown.
Duhon said on 28/Oct/17
Hakeem is about an inch taller than Dwight Howard Click Here and Ewing is roughly an inch taller than Hakeem Click Here
ncaa said on 27/Oct/17
also please, as Porzingis you could had Lauri Markkanen. Finnish basketball player listed at 213cm. Here is a picture with 192 predraft listing (Click Here) Kobi Simmons : Click Here
some other proof he is not 213 :
Click Here
Click Here Kobi with cheerleaders
Click Here with 6'5 listed but mostly around 6'3/4 Zach Lavine
Matthew Robinson said on 24/Oct/17
I think his measured height of just over 7 feet makes the most sense. That's basically right around what he looks like he is anyway. Dalip Singh needs a downgrade though, because he's no taller than Shaq (if anything I think he'd measure shorter than Shaq by a little - Dalip always forces his posture).
Canson said on 21/Oct/17
Click Here

@Rising: I have to believe Mario Elie. Hakeem is not taller than Dwight Howard. The pic with all of the centers if you move Howard back where Hakeem stands they would be the same or Howard taller.
Canson said on 21/Oct/17
@junior: yea the bigger guys like him may lose a bit more too. I always got the impression that those two were closer to 7’ than Ewing or dream. Ewing admitted he’s 6’9/6’10 and Hakeem was said to really be 6’9” by Mario Elie
Junior said on 21/Oct/17

Perhaps what you say is true on howard stern show but when i think of David Robinson he gives impression about 1cm shorter than Shaquille. I did point out 6'11.75" for Robinson and 7'0 for Shaquille.
Canson said on 18/Oct/17
@Junior: 6’11” may be a bit low for him and I heard him say it too because stern called him out about how they lie about his height. But 6’11.5-7’0” like David Robinson makes more sense. He probably is a weak 7’0” meaning at night he dips enough below it. I honestly do not believe that he was joking when he said that on the show.
Junior said on 14/Oct/17
I don't understand when i saw the clip on Howard Stern show why Shaquille O'Neal claim that he was 6'11 and yet he get lsited 7'0-7'1 everywhere i looking it. I did think that he is solid 7'0 not sure about 7'0.25".
michael- 169 cm said on 27/Sep/17
this is really impressive!
do any of the height experts here know how is that possible? that a man without gigantism or some rare disorder can grow that much
214 cm is just incredible, i mean looking at some height percentiles, only 1 percent of adult men are 192 cm or over, so we can say that any man growing up to 190 cm is quite rare... a very slight percentage
but heights over 2 meters, without some sort of gigantism, like i said earlier
how is that possible?
Canson said on 25/Sep/17
@rising: that's not more than maybe 8cm. You can also see that Horry is favored In the picture with him.
Canson said on 25/Sep/17
@rising: it's not all based on Robert Broome meeting him but logic here with dream and Clyde And he and carter that's 4" with both not a complete 5". Clyde clearly goes to his eyebrows. As for Vince I've seen enough evidence to say he is 6'5" tops. He's no taller than Kobe is (not noticeably). As for Thorpe and dream I don't see how dream is taller that's your opinion not a fact. Horry is not much shorter than dream either maybe 1-1.5". And with Olajuwon and Howard I don't see any difference in some pics.
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Sep/17
I doubt Shaq was being serious there. Even the mood is more of a joking one and Shaq says it in a way like "OK, you got me" Just like Kobe's "between you and me, I'm really 6-foot-4." Shaq says Magic is 6'9" and he's 6'11" in that interview. He can't possibly believe that: Click Here

Shaq at 6'11" range makes Duncan what exactly?: Click Here Click Here 6'8" range? Maybe 6'9" at best?
Kobe looking 6'3" range here in that case: Click Here

It's best to take what Shaq says with a grain of salt in general. Back when he had just turned 17, he made a point of telling Dick Vitale he was NOT 6'11", but 7' even. If he were really under 7' then I'd have thought he'd have said it one other time than that interview. There's a lot of erroneous things said in that interview such as Howard and Robin saying Howard was taller than Magic, but also Reggie [Miller?] You and I know that's not the case. Howard also guessed Wesley Snipes at 6'1" around that same time!
aaronious said on 24/Sep/17
Shaquille was still growing at the time of his Draft measurement, he peaked at 7'1" on the dot. he might be less today, not being in shape anymore
Canson said on 24/Sep/17
He said here he's 6'11. Doubt flat but 6'11 range is feasible

Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Sep/17
@Canson: "A poster here" doesn't make Ewing a certain height. We don't even know that poster even met Ewing as people do lie on the internet, but we do know that person didn't measure Ewing. Ewing looks 6'11" with Mutombo. 6'9" is just not even possible. Strong 6'10" range maybe. Even if Clyde is only 6'5", that still makes Dream 6'10". As for Carter and Dream, even a 6'5" Carter makes Dream look 6'10": Click Here But I believe the 6'5.5" for Carter. Mario Elie is no known authority on heights. He's just one man. Most of the time you hear Dream at 6'10" and I already showed Dream looked taller than both Thorpe and Howard. As for MJ and Barkley, Jordan is closer to the camera and on higher ground there. The photo I posted was indoors on hardwood. I didn't base my estimate on Dream on Barkley at all. I've never once posted a comparison between the two, but Barkley does consistently LOOK 6'5.5", sometimes even taller. The argument for Barkley being shorter is more based on that being what most people say, the same way most people say Dream is 6'10".

Pre-draft measurements are open to certain flaws, but they're certainly better than the word of a random internet poster, who may or may not have met the person they claim to and may or may not have a good perception of height, but certainly didn't measure them. I doubt many people would even be able to tell whether Ewing is 6'10" or 6'11". Only a tiny, tiny percent are even within half a foot of his height and he'll probably be slouching and looking down at almost everyone around him. Starks is 6'2", but he can't possibly be a better reference for Ewing than Mutombo, Dream, Pippen, Mourning, Oakley, Magic etc. He's much farther from his height. Ewing did look 6'10" with Starks, but he had 4" on Pippen. Even if I'm wrong and Pippen is 6'7" flat instead of 6'7.5", that still makes Ewing look 6'11" in comparison.

As for Horry and Kobe, Horry looks much more than a mere 8 cm taller: Click Here Horry may be 6'8", but the only reason I'd even guess him that was pre-draft. Without it, I'd have guessed him more 6'8.5"-6'9".

@Duhon: Agreed. The difference between the two isn't very big at all. Shaq at under 7' would make Z struggle with 7'1", much less 7'2".
Nelo said on 24/Sep/17
217 cm in a basket ball match
Oanh said on 22/Sep/17
John said on 21/Mar/17
He's 7'1 barefoot, and 7'2 in sneakers.

Not quite. His peak was 7'0-7'0.5" barefoot.
Oanh said on 22/Sep/17
I remember when Shaq was drafted by the Magic, and he started making commercials. He made one with his mom, and she said something like "He's 7'0 and 300lbs"
Duhon said on 21/Sep/17
Guanzo said on 20/Sep/17
2'' or 2.5'' shorter than Big Z

Click Here

That's an odd pic for height comparison, They're not level and Shaq has a significant bend.

The difference is more like an inch in reality: Click Here
Canson said on 21/Sep/17
Here is the clip from Howard stern where he says he's 6'11. He calls Howard 6'6/6'7. My thinking is Howard was in a thicker shoe and was likely a strong 6'5" peak 6'5.25ish. I don't believe the part about Howard being taller than Magic. Magic had him by close to 2" if not 2"

Click Here
Guanzo said on 20/Sep/17
2'' or 2.5'' shorter than Big Z

Click Here
Matthew Robinson said on 12/Sep/17
Shaq at just over 7'0" makes perfect sense. I'm sure many of those who claimed he was 6'11" just wanted him to be under the round 7 ft number. To those who claimed 7'1"+ need to watch the video of him near older Wilt, Kareem, etc. He's 7'0" - 7'0.5" range legit. Could've got listed at 7'2" by the NBA at that height, but 7'1" less audacious as he really is over 7'0", even if it's only by some small fraction.
Canson said on 3/Sep/17
@Rising: yep I do question many of the pre drafts as overlisted tho not underlisted meaning I can't see Horry above 6'8" esp with Kobe and Tim Duncan either. I don't necessarily use it as holy grail of course but since I know how tall Kobe and Rick Fox are or at least have an idea it is easy to tell Horry is 6'8". And that's only about an inch difference with them not 2". Yes as far as Clyde and Hakeem go that is eyebrow level.

As far as Jordan and Barkley go that is going to make a difference where they stand. As you know I am 194cm barefoot and have a friend who is 190.5cm. We have a pic where we are right next to each other and he appears taller no tricks or anything just the camera. If you reverse the angle I'd appear much taller than him. anyone who is unbiased can tell that the camera angle favors Barkley there. Just as it would if Jordan were standing in that spot. Look at Jordan and Barkley here and Jordan appears taller physically as well as in the pic but lol. Of course here on celebheights bias is what gets a hold of people because so many people have their minds made up that Barkley is underlisted this picture is gonna be deemed useless and it will be that Jordan is favored which he is slightly but no different than a pic where Barkley is. It's just that when Barkley is favored in a loc he isn't favored that's his true height because he undersells himself rather than people accepting that half of these listings are inaccurate instead

See below the Jordan Barkley pic a pic with Clyde Hakeem etc. horry and Clyde look the same height when horry is taller by a few inches yet Hakeem looks a few inches taller than horry and about 4" over Clyde. Point in making is these pics that are used to compare are no good.

Click Here

Click Here

As for Hakeem he does only look 6'9". He looks like that with Carter. People who have met carter (as well as Richard Jefferson who played with him say he's 6'4.5 maybe 6'5" on a good day). I put Vince at 195cm like Kobe is as there is no difference between them and Vince isn't as tall as Dr J either. Maybe a full 6'5 for Vince but no higjer because if he edges kobe It isn't noticeable.

Click Here

You have Ewing overlisted he is really only 6'9-6'10 barefoot per a poster here who has met him and also after seeing more pics with John Starks who is 6'2 that's only 7-8" difference same with LJ who I have met is a 196cm range guy. I'm also going off how he looks with Horry Vince carter and Barkley. Problem is when you have guys overlisted like Barkley 6'5.5 it brings Hakeem up. But Mario elie says he's 6'9" here too.

Click Here

Same with Clyde I doubt he's over 6'5" flat. He has no reference to a predraft height either it's just assumed he is 6'5.5. I don't believe he is taller than Howard. As mentioned if you move Howard back to the wall I. The pic he is the exact same height. I agree on Sampson tho not sure how he was listed 7'4. Eaton was actually a solid 7'3" from what I remembee but maybe you're right. I have never seen anyone barefoot listed in the NBA except KG or Durant.
feez said on 2/Sep/17
his son Shareef pretend to be 208cm but he is at least 5" under his father
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Sep/17
Just to be as thorough as possible. The red lines are the top of Drexler's head and the yellow lines are Dream's eyebrows: Click Here In all 3 pics, the difference is actually remarkable consistent and the margin of error not enough with Drexler bald in 2 pics and with only a tiny amount of hair in the other.
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Sep/17
@Canson: You're free to draw the line yourself if for whatever reason you question where I placed it, but he simply doesn't reach Dream's eyebrows in that full back to back pic or the 2 all-star ones I posted. I can demonstrate this further by drawing a line not only on Drexler's head in all pics, but on Dream's eyebrows as well, which I guarantee will clear Clyde's head. If the difference is only 4" then all 3 photos must favor Dream and personally I don't see it. I don't believe Jordan would be taller standing where Barkley is, in fact, Jordan is closer to the camera, though as I said, I don't think it makes a difference. But I'll pick back up with you on the other pages on that when I get a chance since our Dream argument is more exclusive to this. As for Dream and Howard, I believe that's the best pic we have of Dream and Howard by far. Now let's look at Dream with Ralph Sampson: Click Here Sampson looks 4" max taller, imo. I never bought him anywhere near 7'4" even seeing him with Dream. It's funny how that never registers with people and they accept Sampson's height without question while rightfully questioning Dream's. I've always assumed Sampson is around 7'2" or just under. A apparently 7'3.75" Mark Eaton suggested he was about 2" taller than Ralph. As for Dream and Dwight, even closer to the camera, Dwight is still shorter: Click Here And I found another full pic where Dream edges Dwight although ceteris paribus, by less than an inch in the pic: Click Here To move on a bit with Dream, here he is looking easily over 3" taller than Lebron, imo: Click Here

I'm gonna have to end there on Dream for now, but I'd just like to make a couple of points. First, using the argument you apply to Barkley that he's roughly 6'4.5" because the majority claim he's 6'4"-6'5" range is something I understand. Obviously, I still think Barkley is 6'5.5", but I understand why you think he's an inch shorter than I do. But in Dream's case, people overwhelmingly said he was 6'10". Certainly not 6'9" so to be honest, that's one estimate where I honestly don't quite understand your thinking . Dream doesn't look 6'10" in that one pic with Horry, but that's assuming Horry is 6'8" and the source for that is pre-draft measurements and you've repeatedly questioned the reliability of those, which is my second and final point. Though as I said previously, I do think Horry is probably favored there.
Canson said on 28/Aug/17
Understood Rising. But if you say that argument doesn't stand neither does yours with Barkley and Jordan. Like I mentioned I could reverse them and Jordan will be taller. Also if you move Howard back toward the wall he becomes just as tall as Dream. You really cannot use pics like that to compare because what I said is true dream and Howard are the same height in other pics

As for dream and Thorpe I believe they're similar height but dream not taller unless Thorpe is somehow under 6'9". He looked taller than horry both did by an inch. As for drexler and Hakeem that's clearly eyebrow level and 4" there. Not any more than that. Dream is really only 6'9" barefoot which puts drexler 6'5" which he is more likely than not as he's only marginally taller than Jordan is (1/2"). Drexler isn't as tall as Dr J is
Canson said on 28/Aug/17
Understood Rising. But if you say that argument doesn't stand neither does yours with Barkley and Jordan. Like I mentioned I could reverse them and Jordan will be taller.

As for dream and Thorpe I believe they're similar height but dream not taller unless Thorpe is somehow under 6'9". He looked taller than horry both did by an inch. As for drexler and Hakeem that's clearly eyebrow level and 4" there. Not any more than that. Dream is really only 6'9" barefoot which puts drexler 6'5" which he is more likely than not as he's only marginally taller than Jordan is (1/2"). Drexler isn't as tall as Dr J is
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Aug/17
@Canson: That's just not true in that pic. You can question whether the pic itself is representative, but the line is virtually irrefutable. The margin for error is tiny with a bald head. Do you deny the line is straight? In fact, looking again, I put it as high as I possibly could and it couldn't possibly be more clearly at eye level. You'd be better off arguing something about the pic rather than where Drexler reaches.

I have seen Hakeem look shorter than he should in one pic with Horry, but Horry was a bit closer and Dream slouching and then full side by side pic and 50 year old Dream has at least an inch on 6'9" minimum Dwight Howard: Click Here If anything, Dwight is closer and seems to have more perfect posture.

As for Thorpe, well I think the pic I posted is pretty decent, but in all fairness, it's not a full one. I would bet money on Dream being as tall at the absolute worst, but I firmly believe Dream is taller.
Canson said on 25/Aug/17
@Rising: Hakeem only has 6'8" Robert horry by an inch

Click Here
Canson said on 25/Aug/17
@Rising: drexler is all the way up to his eyebrows. Thats clear as day. As for Thorpe i have to disagree Thorpe is taller than dream is from what I've seen in some pics. That pic is no better than eBay if the ones people use for Barkley comparisons since we can't see footwear. The same with majerle and Barkley in the all star pic majerle acknowledged that Barkley is shorter than he is and Barkley appeared his height in that pic
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Aug/17
@Canson: Obviously Durant was joking, but I'm saying the same thing about Shaq joking about how important the 7' mark is made out to be. He even mentioned the significance of the 7' mark when he said 6'11" so I'm as convinced he was joking as Durant. Like I said, I have no idea just how much a guy like Shaq will shrink so I can't comment either way if he drops below 7' at night, but I will say I see no chance he drops to 6'11" flat and I'm convinced he's a legit 7 footer at any time you're likely to measure him in the middle of the day. Robinson can occasionally look 6'11.5", but I give him an even 7'0" and Shaq was a bit taller this year, just as he was during the 90s. Shaq was also easily taller with Duncan at the 2000 all-star game when they got co-MVPs than Robinson ever was.

One thing I can say is you overestimated how high Drexler reaches on Dream: Click Here And that's the highest I could put the line. At best, he reaches Dream's eyes and Dream will easily have a 5" minimum eye to head. Actually, the difference looks even bigger in other photos: Click Here Click Here I think that even a 6'5" flat Drexler makes Dream 6'10" minimum, but I see Clyde around 6'5.5" or so. 6'10" was the height you heard most for Dream, I just really don't see 6'9" at all.

Dream is also clearly taller than Otis Thorpe: Click Here

As for Ewing, I never heard his height questioned when he played. And I don't think anyone would have guessed him less than 6'10" range had Ewing not made the joke about being 6'9" in that SI interview with Yao and Mutombo. Even if I'm wrong about Pippen being 6'7.5" and he's 6'7" as you contend, Ewing was easily over 3" taller than Pippen. No way it was less than a 3" difference.

Back to Shaq, I'm guessing you question Grant Hill as a legit 6'8", but even if he were only 6'7"(I don't think he's that short having seen him with T-Mac and Mike Miller), look how tiny Shaq makes him look: Click Here

I won't argue with anything 7'0" and up for Shaq midday, but he just makes too many really tall people look tiny and looks too tall with contemporaries for me to believe less.
Canson said on 23/Aug/17
@Rising: re: your pic with Dream and Drexler that's at most a 4" difference. Clyde comes up to his eyebrows or slightly above and he has no hair. Yes I feel Clyde is a solid 6'5" and Dream 6'9". Durant sting he was 6'7" was a joke I knew that all along he was playing to the point that most NBA players overstate by 2" on their height and that was a twitter post he did in response to. He's for sure 6'9+. As for Ewing he's easily a good couple inches shorter than Shaq is. I can see Shaq sub 7'0 at night next to a guy like Kobe who is 195cm. Shaq is closer to 7' than a flat 6'11 imho but he can look 6'11 range as can David Robinson. Ewing at 6'9.5 or .75 would be more like 6'11ish in shoes. As for Magic I have to agree with what Christian said when he compared him with Boris Khodjoe that Magic can even look under it today at almost 60 years old. I doubt Magic was 6'7.5 at his lowest peak. I can buy maybe 6'7.25. He wasn't but maybe 2" taller than Michael Cooper and about an inch or inch and a half on Wilkes who was 197-198. Kurt Rambis was debatable as a solid 6'8" and even if he was he clearly edged Magic out making Magic a legit 6'7" more likely than not at his peak
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Aug/17
Ewing easily cleared 6'10" and was a 7 footer in shoes. He looks only about 2" shorter than 7'1.25" Mutombo. Even if Drexler was only 6'5" flat, Dream still looks a good 6'10" back to back in a full pic: Click Here I can't buy any less than 6'10" for Dream and Ewing is undoubtedly taller than Dream. Remember, even if I'm wrong and Pippen is 6'7" flat at best instead of 6'7.5" then Ewing was still well over 6'10" in comparison, so I just don't see any basis for 6'9" range. To me, it was just something not to be taken seriously like Shaq at 6'11" and Durant at 6'7". I can't say how much Shaq shrinks in a day since he's massive, but I'm convinced that just about any time you're likely to measure him, he'll be at least 7'. We'd have to see Shaq's actual shoes to make that determination about how much they add.

If Shaq is 6'11" then Magic would struggle to reach 6'7.5" on his toes: Click Here

Kobe would be only about 6" shorter, yet the top of his hat reaches Shaq's mouth: Click Here

And in 2009, Big Show was 2"+ shorter looking at the bottom of Shaq's nose: Click Here Click Here A 2009 Big Show wouldn't even be 6'9".

Nowadays, that make Big Show just a solid 6'8": Click Here

Now Big Show is a questionable 7 footer, but Shaq? i really don't see much question. Shaq had a couple of inches on Bill Walton in 1998: Click Here Walton was about 45. To me, the question remains just how much over 7' Shaq is. I'd bet he's at least around 7'1" out of bed. I'm sure he shrinks over an inch, though.
Shane said on 22/Aug/17
Also, it is worth noting that Shaq's shoes during part of his career were close to 2 inches thick, where most other guys were likely wearing shoes only adding .75 to 1.25. That makes a difference. Furthermore, most 7 footers likely compress easily over an inch from out of bed to nightfall. I can see Shaq falling to 6'11" flat or close by nightfall or after a game/practice. Can also see him measuring 7 foot barefoot or slightly above early in day/out of bed.
Shane said on 21/Aug/17
Ewing at 6'11"-6'11" 1/2 barefoot is comical. Hakeem isn't 6'10" 1/2 barefoot either unless it's right out of bed and I doubt that. Drexler id peg at 6'5" flat. Lots of guys got very generous listings in very late 80s - early 2000s such as John Starks, Ralph Sampson, Steve Nash, etc...
feez said on 21/Aug/17
I would say 6'11 because he is under Porzingis. In a video Porzingis admitted to be 2m13, so he was listed at 2m16 with shoes. But after his draft he was listed at 2m21. I can give the video (from 2015, I doubt he gain 8cm)
Canson said on 18/Aug/17
@Rising: you have a point. However for all three Shaq Kobe and Ewing I believe all three to be not much above those


Kobe 6'4.75
Shaq 6'11.75
Ewing 6'9.75
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Aug/17
Shaq must have been joking about the significance of the 7' mark with that 6'11" claim, otherwise, every basketball player and everyone else Shaq has been pictured with has to come way down. It's clear there's not less than a 4 inch difference between Shaq and Lebron: Click Here Click Here Looks more like 6" as Lebron is around the bottom of Shaq's nose. And in the second pic, Shaq is slouching more and further from the camera.

Looks much more like 6" than under 4". I don't know of any shoe measurements before around 1999. There are specific references to Shaq at 7 feet in "stocking feet" or things like that. If there were any truth to Shaq's comment, he'd have probably said it more than just that time in a quarter century Speaking of Z, a 6'11" Shaq would make Z nothing above what Shaq is listed here now: Click Here I'd put Shaq at 6'11" in the same category as Kobe telling the kid he's 6'4", Durant saying he's 6'7", Ewing saying he's 6'9" etc. The real question, imo is how much over 7' Shaq is or if he's an even 7'0". He doesn't look like he's lost much honestly as the difference between him and Big Show has seemed to get even bigger since 2009. But I have no idea what to expect in terms of height loss with a man Shaq's size. Shaq looked more 7'1" most of his NBA career, but it could have been his shoes and orthotics.
Canson said on 15/Aug/17
@Guanzo: makes sense Z is prob 7'2" barefoot Pau 7'0"
Nils said on 14/Aug/17
Hey Rob Shaq claims to be 6ft 11 barefoot on Howard stern. He says he claims over 7ft because it's a mark not many
players reach.
What do u think about this claim?
Editor Rob
Stern claimed he was measured 6ft 5 too I believe back then. Hard to tell if he was deadly serious, though he did say I am 6'11.

the question is whether at the draft camp Shaq was measured in sneakers at 7ft and a fraction...
Guanzo said on 13/Aug/17
Big Z looked 2'' taller than Pau Gasol
Duhon said on 8/Aug/17
I think Shaq is a strong 7'er barefoot but in reality in his big sneakers that he tended to wear he probably stood closer to 7'3" in his playing shoes. I remember he looked pretty close in height to Big Z listed 7'3" but 7'2" barefoot.
S.J.H said on 7/Aug/17
Shaq had often claim 7'1" when he actively played in NBA, he claim a few times at 7'0 after retired and also claim 7'1" for acting and only one time he claim 6'11 in howard stern show. I don't see him lost any height yet. By the draft standard he was measure 7'0" in the morning so probably always holding a strong 6'11.5"
Canson said on 28/Jul/17
7'1" in sneaks
Likely falls under 7'0" at night in bare feet
Will Smith said on 25/Jul/17
As DDK28 mentioned, the 7'6 dude looks to be only 2 in. taller than Shaq. I think Shaq is 7'2 and a little bit above 7'1 w/o shoes.
DDK28 said on 23/Jul/17
Click Here The man in this picture with Shaq is listed at 7 foot 6 but he looks more like 7 foot 4 to me! What do you think?
even said on 20/Jul/17
a legitimate 7 international feet ( 2,133.6 mm ) tall , he also weighs 325 pounds .
Canson said on 17/Jul/17
Carmelo and Amare both look roughly their predrafts in the pic Melo actually is in person no less than maybe 1/8 below or could be near the full 1/4"

Click Here
Canson said on 17/Jul/17
@Rising Force:

For Tim Duncan he's no more than a 6'10" guy. Look at his pics with Dirk (who is taller). Also look at this pic. Amare Stoudemire measured 6'8.75 I believe and next to Odom who is around 6'9" looks it. Look 1-1.5" shorter than Duncan. As for Shaq and Kareem I still say it's 2" and if it's less Kareem likely has lost height he claimed I think 7'1 7/8 assuming that's a low (taller guys vary a lot). But I'd say his previous claim 7'1 5/8 is the worst case.

Click Here

I can see Shaq as a 7'1" or near 7'1 out of bed and dip below 7'0 at night. As for Barkley and AI AI next to Melo is hardly close to 6'0" tall that's about 8" worst 7.5. Between them. Melo is his draft height for the sake of argument worst he falls to maybe 6'6 1/8. Kobe looks around 6" taller than AI does
185cmAriel said on 17/Jul/17
I saw a picture of him next to Robert Wadlow with a height chart and he was measured at about 7'1 with shoes so 7-7'0.5 barefoot is about right
Canson said on 13/Jul/17
@Rising Force: if I can remember Stern told shaq he looked like 6'11. Now I agree he isn't a flat 6'11 but he's Admiral's height 6'11.5-7. They look almost identical in height he's just not as thick as shaq
RisingForce said on 13/Jul/17
@Canson: I was just pointing out my disagreement on Iverson to show that it's not the best example to me. Of course, for you believing Iverson is shorter than I do, it would be a compelling reason to doubt pre-draft measurements, but it's not one I have a difficult time believing. Barkley I'm still pretty convinced on. On topic, I haven't seen a 2" difference. On the full '92 pic from the card, it looks like 1" to me. We don't have a lot of good height comparisons of the two, though, but I do remember the '04 finals and the difference didn't seem large to me. The shortest I'd ever argue Shaq at is 7'0" and I do believe Kareem was 7'2", so it's possible, but then I think Shaq could at least be 7'0.25"-7'0.5", so it'd be more 4 cm difference. Shaq has always been taller than Robinson, but not much taller. You can see when you compare each to Duncan, though that Shaq is taller. Also, think back to both facing Hakeem. The height difference between Shaq and Hakeem was more apparent. Shaq could look at least 3" taller at times, though I think the difference is probably less than that.
Canson said on 13/Jul/17
@Rising Force: I believe Larry brown on AI because I know people around 6'0" tall who have met AI and they said he's shorter than them. I mean it is widely known on the internet also that say they met AI (they're around 5'9/ 5'10/5'11 too) and he's no taller than them. My AAU coach was a scout and still works closely with the league now. He has met almost everyone under the sun and I've seen a couple pics (not many that he has with some guys). But he is 6'2" himself and he's a "good" few inches taller than AI. Said himself AI is the same size as our point guard that was on my AAU team and he's 5'10/5'11 like Larry Brown did. And under 5'11" vs being 5'11 flat really isn't that easy to tell because you don't know the validity of the other measurements you compare him with. AI at 5'11 implies to me he wakes up 5'11.125-375 and goes to bed 5'10.375-.625. That's all.

When you hear them what you perceived as hyperbole it's really not. They don't downgrade Barkley or AI those are there barefoot heights where as they don't necessarily inflate KD the 6'11 or 6'10.75 like he mentioned is his shoe height so they use that to keep in line with the rest of the league. If you put KD next to Barkley he's 4 to 5 taller than him.

As for Shaq I agree with Harry Sachs. Kareem is always 2" taller than him in pics. He and Robinson are similar in height.

As for predrafts you have to remember the disclaimer that these numbers are coming from reporters. I guarantee some are accurate at the time of day they measured. Others I can gueanatee are not. Like John Wall 6'2.75???? Not only did S.J.H meet him and say he's about an inch or so shorter than listed two friends of mine did one 6'3 that has seen him more than once as he's a season ticket holder and said clear as day that he's taller by 1-1.5". Same person met Beal and said he actually is at least his listed 6'3.25. Said he had the impression Beal was slightly taller maybe a cm or half inch. Beal is said to have grown tho. But A 6'3 guy and a 6'2.75 guy would be no difference in height where you can see. Then a 6'0" guy met him and said Wall was "at most" 2" taller maybe 1.5.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 13/Jul/17
7´0.25" is pretty close, just thinking about more realistic wrestler heights like

Swagger 6´4.25" really hope more come out with real numbers
Big Show 6´10.25"
Taker 6´6.25"
RisingForce said on 12/Jul/17
Canson, we basically agree on Pau, but I honestly see Marc under 7', but close enough to 7'1" in shoes - probably 7'0.75" with sneakers. I'm convinced Shaq was joking on the Stern show as he said simply 6'11" and was talking about the significance of the 7' mark. As for pre-draft, I do agree there's a few suspect measurements, but as you know, I disagree about Iverson being under 5'11". I tend to agree about 6'11.5"-7'0" being a good guess for Robinson, though. Of course, like everyone else legitimately around 7 feet, people use to say he was 7'2" early in his career!

harrysachs, Kareem is much closer to the camera there and Shaq is leaning. Shaq's head is not that small compared to Kareem. If anything, Kareem's head could look fairly small for his height so that's the distortion from being closer to the camera. This is a better, full pic without the camera advantage: Click Here Kareem is taller, but looks more like an inch rather than 2"+. There wasn't a big difference between the 2 at the 2004 finals between the Lakers and Pistons either.
even said on 12/Jul/17
a legitimate 7 feet ( 213.36 cm ) tall man
Timur9717 said on 11/Jul/17
I think he is 6'11.5 now.
Canson said on 9/Jul/17
@Christian: the 6'11.5 is still possible too. Depending on who he's next to he can look that or look maybe a full 7'0" or so. The 7'0" at the olympics could also be rounded up. Jordan is listed 6'5" there. I see Robinson easily clearing 7'0" out of bed tho maybe 7'0.5-7'1. He looked near height with Shaq and remember Shaq saying he's 6'11 range with Stern
harrysachs said on 8/Jul/17
Click Here If Kareem is 7'2 then Shaq may be less than 7'0
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 8/Jul/17
6'11.75" is arguable for Robinson.
Canson said on 7/Jul/17
@Duhon: I agree. it's hard to tell for Robinson sometimes. At times he can appear 7'0" or slightly over at times he can appear like Christian said.
Canson said on 7/Jul/17
@Rising Force: Collins is not 6'10.25. He's admitted to being shorter than that himself. Don't know if as low as 6'8 flat but probably under 6'9. You have to think if RJ said Vince is 6'4 1/2 (6'5 on a good day) that he isn't 6'7" barefoot himself. As for Marc gasol and Pau I agree some pics but then you posted some where Marc is identical with him one in particular. So it's inconclusive honestly

Click Here
Canson said on 7/Jul/17
@Rising Force: yes some are within an hour but some in the afternoon that look totally accurate though. but still some where a shoe measurement is put In the barefoot column. It still has Allen Iverson listed at 6'0" barefoot when he is under 5'11". I think you can use but take with a grain of salt. I mean Adam Silver is well known to be 6'3" and looks it with most people. Silver tho with Deangelo Russell is taller yet Russell got a 6'3.25. but hair probably inflated too because it looks like a big diff. But that's why we are here is to debate. If we all used them we'd not only be wrong but there's no debate. I have to disagree. RJ is not as tall as Lebron that is not the only pic of them but he also Is on the court. Then with the Gasols I don't think pau is taller honestly. I agree Pau is 7' but Mark looks the same imho or taller
Duhon said on 6/Jul/17
David Robinson in the 1988 Olympics was measured at 7' flat, despite being listed at 7'1" in college. So I don't see him any lower than 7'.
RisingForce said on 6/Jul/17
Canson, we do know some measurements are early, perhaps within an hour of waking, but I still think it's just about the best reference point. I agree if they look off, then there's a good chance they are, but sometimes it's me or you who were off so it's always worth considering. Honestly, I don't think you can conclude much from that photo of RJ and Lebron. I believe RJ at 6'7.25" is possible looking at his many pics with 6'7.75" Luke Walton: Click Here Click Here Click Here But these aren't perfect pics either so I'll have to look at him with 6'3" Kidd, 6'8.75" K-Mart and 6'10.25" Collins. As for the Gasol's, Marc is 6'11.5" tops while I can't believe Pau is anything less than a legit 7'. Not a big difference, especially on such huge men: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Close enough that if the angle favored him, Marc could look at least as tall or slightly taller, but I'm convinced Pau is the taller brother. People erroneously thought Durant was 6'11" because of his face to face confrontation with Marc years ago and Marc didn't look much more than 2" taller, but that's because Marc is probably 6'11" range rather than 7'1", though he could be near 7'1" in shoes.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 6/Jul/17
184guy said on 1/Jul/17
Have you ever take a look on David Robinson ? I used to think that he was taller than Shaq and was a real 7'1 but seeing again he looks a little shorter . He probably is dead on 7'


Shaq's 7ft even and Robinson's maybe a hair under. I wouldn't say he's anything below 6'11.5" though. My 6'2.5" friend met him once and took a pic with him and he looked 9-9.5" shorter.
Canson said on 5/Jul/17
@Rising Force: I don't think Pau is taller than Marc. Think it's other way around based on pics.

Lebron is taller than RJ. This may not be the best pic below but he always does look taller. My guesses would be maybe 6'7 and 6'6.25.

Click Here

As for the draft measurements I do look at them but make my conclusion based on how they look with others who i have a real idea of how tall they actually are. Some of the pre drafts are accurate like Keith Bogans or Caron Butler Carmelo but then you get John Wall at 6'2.75 or Zo at 6'9.5 (I admit I have not met Zo nor do I have anyone who can attest but he looks shorter than 6'9 with LJ). Wall however have had friends in DC that have met him as well as SJH all day 6'1.5/6'2
RisingForce said on 4/Jul/17
I'll give my estimates for the same players.

Mutombo: 7'1"-7'1.25"
Gasol: 7'0"-7'0.5" (Taller than his brother, despite being listed an inch shorter)
Duncan: 6'10.5"-6'11"
Ewing: 6'11"-6'11.5"
Dream: 6'10"-6'10.75"
Howard: 6'9"-6'9.5"
Thompson: I have to compare him more. 6'10" peak wouldn't surprise me, but 6'9" is possible too.
Mourning: 6'9-6'9.5"
Lebron: 6'7.25"
RJ: 6'7.25"
Dr. J: 6'5.5" (6'6" is possible too, but looks shorter with Moses)
Miller: 6'6"
Artest: 6'5.25"-6'5.5"
Drexler: 6'5.5"
Carter: 6'5.5"
RisingForce said on 4/Jul/17
Canson, I think you misinterpreted what I was saying about Dr. J. The source for 6'5.5" was Dr. J himself when he was talking about his late growth spurt, but I think I may remember him saying he wound up 6'6" in that interview. I can't say for sure because I haven't seen the interview in years, though. I had assumed 6'5.5" because it's the precise figure, but I want to see exactly what Doc said before being certain. But as for height claims, I view it much differently when the person is talking about themselves as opposed to estimating someone else. The person will be in a better position for their own height to the fraction than someone else's. I don't believe Barkley is 6'5.5" because he says so, but because that's about how tall I believe he looks. Obviously, I couldn't just base it on Barkley's claim because he's claimed 6'4.75", 6'5", 6'4" and I think 6'4.5" as well. I do agree Miller is slightly taller than Barkley, though. But as for the pic, you can never completely judge from just one pic, but I believe it's as good of a pic as you'll find. Full body shot, side by side. I believe Barkley can look closer to Miller's height than Artest does: Click Here As for Jalen, he looks virtually identical to Reggie's height in this video interview: Click Here

I didn't mean to imply that you were saying pre-draft measurements were rigged, but the way you were saying Carter may have gotten 6'5.5" because it was favorable made it sound like you might have been getting at that. My mistake if that's not what you meant. I do agree that they're not 100% reliable for the reasons I stated, but I would classify them as more reliable than someone else's estimate. Human error factors into both methods, but there's a larger margin for error with just a guess than an estimate, imo. I believe Carter could be 6'5" as well, but the 6'5.5" looks believable to me. It could be that they rounded up his shoe height when he played the 3 and then rounded up his w/o shoe height when he wasn't.

I can't see Mutombo anywhere near 3" taller than Ewing either.
Canson said on 4/Jul/17
My estimates

Mutombo: 7'1" (3" taller than Ewing minimum not 2")

Gasol: no reference to him being a legit 7'0 since he's listed that way on the roaster. but I'll give him that

Duncan 6'10"-6'10.25 (was listed 6'10 at wake)

Ewing 6'9/6'10

Dream 6'9-6'9.25

Howard 6'9-6'9.25

Thompson 6'9" tops barefoot (6'10 in shoes)

Mourning 6'8.5

Lebron 6'7

RJ 6'6

Dr J 6'5.5

Miller 6'5.5-.75

Artest 6'5.25-.5

Drexler 6'5

Carter 6'5
Canson said on 4/Jul/17
@Rising Force: Miller said about Artest "he's my height, around 6'5/6'6". That I see more than him a full 6'6". Maybe he's a hair taller than artest is but not significant the pic you used the angle isn't great and it's not to say you chose a bad pic the pic. it just makes Miller appear taller due to angle because other pics he and Artest appear the same or similar. I agree with you on Artest's height he said before he's 6'5 1/2. Looking at him with Kobe he's probably like 6'5.25. But look at Miller with Jalen Rose. Rose is taller than miller in almost every pic together when Rose is only 6'6"

Click Here
Canson said on 4/Jul/17
@Rising Force: Ewing doesn't have 2" on Mourning it's more like an inch or 1.5"
Canson said on 4/Jul/17
@Rising Force: but now you're saying where "Dr J mentioned his height". But RJ also mentioned that Carter is 6'4.5-6'5" before and people who have met Barkley described him one way but why is Dr J's word any different? before you've said that you don't take what people say about someone's height or even their own seriously when debating. When you've also said before in comparison with Barkley he's 6'5.5? You can't pick and choose who's word to believe just to make math work. I think It's more than likely carter isn't 6'5.5. Remember that most do not measure perfectly to a CM or fraction. So carter being 6'5 1/8-1/4 measurement earlier when in reality he's possibly under 6'5" later on in the day. Remember sprewell where you said he looked 6'4" in person which is what I believe. Though listed 6'4.5 could be same scenario.

However Rigged for pre drafts is a bad word for describing. I didn't say rigged. What I said was that they are "Third Person". I think the better word for this is Unreliable or not totally accurate. but what I was saying Is the disclaimer that I mentioned before that writers provides the info. As for RJ, he admitted 6'6" and for him to say Carter is 6'4.5-6'5 he's def not 6'7.25. Look at RJ next to Lebron when they supposedly have the same pre draft. Lebron has him by an inch.

@Joe: I am not seeing him that tall. He's not any taller than Noah Is in the pic if both stand straight and not any taller than bosh. He's shorter than dirk too
Canson said on 4/Jul/17
@Rising Force: but now you're saying where "Dr J mentioned his height". But RJ also mentioned that Carter is 6'4.5-6'5" before and people who have met Barkley described him one way but why is Dr J's word any different? before you've said that you don't take what people say about someone's height or even their own seriously when debating. When you've also said before in comparison with Barkley he's 6'5.5? You can't pick and choose who's word to believe just to make math work. I think It's more than likely carter isn't 6'5.5. Remember that most do not measure perfectly to a CM or fraction. So carter being 6'5 1/8-1/4 measurement earlier when in reality he's possibly under 6'5" later on in the day. Remember sprewell where you said he looked 6'4" in person which is what I believe. Though listed 6'4.5 could be same scenario.

However Rigged for pre drafts is a bad word for describing. I didn't say rigged. What I said was that they are "Third Person". I think the better word for this is Unreliable or not totally accurate. but what I was saying Is the disclaimer that I mentioned before that writers provides the info.

@Joe: I am not seeing him that tall. He's not any taller than Noah Is in the pic if both stand straight and not any taller than bosh. He's shorter than dirk too
Canson said on 4/Jul/17
@Rising Force: but now you're saying where "Dr J mentioned his height". But RJ also mentioned that Carter is 6'4.5-6'5" before and people who have met Barkley described him one way but why is Dr J's word any different? before you've said that you don't take what people say about someone's height or even their own seriously when debating. When you've also said before in comparison with Barkley he's 6'5.5? You can't pick and choose who's word to believe just to make math work. I think It's more than likely carter isn't 6'5.5. Remember that most do not measure perfectly to a CM or fraction. So carter being 6'5 1/8-1/4 measurement earlier when in reality he's possibly under 6'5" later on in the day. Remember sprewell where you said he looked 6'4" in person which is what I believe. Though listed 6'4.5 could be same scenario.

However Rigged for pre drafts is a bad word for describing. I didn't say rigged. What I said was that they are "Third Person". I think the better word for this is Unreliable or not totally accurate. but what I was saying Is the disclaimer that I mentioned before that writers provides the info.
joe### said on 3/Jul/17
Duncan is taller The case is that duncan has a very very bad posture, He definitely over 6'10 with kevin durant, but maybe 6´10.5 for he
with noah 6´10.5 Click Here
Canson said on 3/Jul/17
@Joe:I meant to say Bosh not KG KG is taller than Duncan but Bosh is his height
RisingForce said on 3/Jul/17
Canson, in general, while I don't consider pre-draft measurements absolute, I do think they're pretty accurate for the most part. What I don't believe - at least until evidence is presented - is that pre-draft measurements are intentionally rigged the same way roster listings can be. There are of course some inflated measurements due to being fairly early in the morning and naturally, always a chance for human error. Personally, I believe 6'5.5" for Carter until I see sufficient evidence he's shorter. 6'5" flat is possible as well, but I really can't see him lower. RJ is actually a 6'7.25" barefoot guy listed 6'7" and Carter slouches like his cousin. I don't see any 1998 shoe heights listed on DraftExpress. As for Dr. J, maybe he is taller, but maybe he grew to 6'6" after all. I'm not sure, I'll have to find the interview where he mentions his height again. As for Artest and Miller, well Reggie clearly looked taller to me: Click Here Artest is somewhere in the 6'5" range and I believe Reggie is 6'6" as I've said in the past.

As for Mourning with Ewing, well Ewing's height is obviously the center of the debate. It depends if I'm right or you're right, but I can see Ewing 2 inches taller than Mourning. But to Ewing's height, Mutombo is only 2 inches taller. Mourning looks at least 6'9" to me with 6'6.75" Haslem. Maybe he's no taller and the measurement was early, but then Ewing can look at least 2 inches taller. As for Thompson, I've not seen any evidence to doubt 6'10" for him yet. You're right that the difference isn't big, but Ewing is definitely taller.
Canson said on 3/Jul/17
@Joe: Duncan is the same as Lamarcus Aldridge. Some pics favor TD while others favor LA where others they're the same height. Duncan is also shorter than Dirk and KG but taller than Durant barely very barely. Sure he may be a strong 6'10" but don't see over that maybe 6'10.25. And can see 6'10" after a game. If he were really 6'10.75 I don't think they would've changed his listing to 6'11" from 7'0" since he would be just as tall as the other 7'0" listed players in the NBA where he's really only as tall as a 6'11" listed in some cases like KG or Aldridge or even Noah
joe### said on 3/Jul/17
Rising Force a comparison of shaq with Duncan without looking at shaq footwear clearly had the advantage of footwear look ducan with kevin ganett he is more than 6'10 flat
Canson said on 3/Jul/17
@RF: in the pic with Reagan, Ewing has a footwear advantage on Thompson. Ewing has thick sneaks on whereas Thompson is in a dress shoe (looks like a lower one too). I do know that dress shoes back in those days were not as high as they are today. That reduced the height advantage its likely less than an inch
Canson said on 3/Jul/17
@Rising Force: the thing to remember (having played at the collegiate level and having an idea of what prospects for the pros do), if a person is indefinite for a position they may get a slight boost carter could be that or it could've been where he was over full 6'5 but not near 5.5. When he was at UNC remember he played a lot of 3 as well so 6'5.5 makes him 6'7" in shoes on a roster. Or he may have only been 6'5.5 in shoes as well and may only be 6'4.5 barefoot like RJ said. I noticed for Vince he doesn't have an in shoes whereas the other 1998 draftees I believe some did. But based on how I see it Mourning admitting he's 6'8" looks maybe 6'8.5 with LJ and Bosh and Ewing as well as guys in Miami that he played with such as Haslem PJ Brown (he's 6'10ish himself and taller than Mourning by a good inch or so) and Jamal mashburn who is only 6'7"
Canson said on 3/Jul/17
@Joe: but have to remember Thompson is 70 some odd years old. Peak 6'9" is probable for Thompson barefoot 6'10 is what I give Ewing although he could be a weak 6'10 is what I could see too.

@Rising force: As for Carter max absolutely 6'5. He's not as tall as Dr j. Also Richard Jefferson in Vince's documentary said Vince is 6'4.5 (6'5 on a good day). Vince isn't taller than Kobe noticeably so maybe 1/4 that's it. Vince isn't as tall as artest or miller either. Ewing a solid 6'10 looks a stretch with Starks and Hakeem. I believe Olajuwon is 6'9-6'9.5 tops. He and Howard look the same. Robinson and shaq both are taller than Ewing. Robinson looks 6'11.5 with Duncan. As for mourning 6'9.5 is impossible for him. I see what you're saying about 1999 being the start of shoe measurements but they come from reporters as was stated in the article with mourning not to mention the disclaimer draft express has saying that they are simply printing what other writers have said and that they did not measure anyone. That's their disclaimer. Looking at Zo he for sure isn't more than 3" taller than LJ in any picture. LJ may have measured 6'5.5 earlier in the day or he could've been 6'5.25 and rounded up to .5. Notice back in 1991 they only did full inch and half inch increments.

Click Here
RisingForce said on 2/Jul/17
As far as I'm aware, shoe measurements didn't start at the camps until 1999. Larry Johnson was reportedly measured 6'5.5" w/o shoes at the camp, which does add up with about 6'5.25" at his low. I think the measurements are generally close. Some like Blake Griffin may be earlier, though. The lowest I can see for Mourning is 6'9"-6'9.25" range compared to Mutombo since there's 4" max difference, but I believe 6'9.5". He looked similar on the court to Howard. As for Dwight, Bosh is definitely taller, but I believe Howard likely grew to 6'9.5" seeing him with Kobe. And he looks taller than a flat 6'9" with legit 7 footer Pau Gasol: Click Here Bosh can look more than only 3" taller than 6'7.25" Lebron as well, imo. I'm not certain he grew past 6'10.25" by any stretch, but I don't rule it out. Incidentally, Bosh was also listed at his barefoot height in Toronto.

Ewing looks noticeably taller than Thompson here: Click Here Click Here Click Here Ewing looks at least tall, or slightly taller than Bosh does compared to Mourning: Click Here Admittedly, I do see near 2" so 6'9.5" looks doubtful there.

The lowest I can see for Ewing would be 6'10.5"-6'10.75", but I stand by 6'11". He's almost as tall as David Robinson in the Dream Team photo and an easy 4"+ taller than Magic. I still see 6'10" minimum for Olajuwon as well.

I believe Carter's 6'5.5" measurement. He looks the same as Drexler did with Hakeem - About 5 inches shorter. Carter can look taller than Kobe, who I believe is 6'5": Click Here Click Here Here's a full pic with Paul Pierce as well: Click Here He also wasn't that much shorter than his 6'7" cousin T-Mac, though McGrady definitely looked under 6'7" with Kobe at the '03 and '05 all-star games as there was not 2" between them.

At least we agree on some, Canson. Mostly Starks and we basically agree on LJ. I don't necessarily disagree on Bosh either and I think. I'm open to Howard not growing past 6'9" as well, but I believe there's as good a chance Howard grew to 6'9.5" as Durant.

Correct about Shaq being a bit taller than Robinson, 184 guy. You can see it in recent photos. Robinson was at 7'0" in the 1988 Olympics. I believe that's his barefoot height. There's a chance of 6'11.5", but legit 7' seems likely. Shaq is at least slightly taller than 7'0", imo. Of course, Robinson's back could have made him shrink a bit, but then so could Shaq's weight. But Shaq is slightly taller in the 90s photos I posted and definitely taller compared to Duncan than Robinson was. You can see it when Shaq and Duncan were awarded co-MVPs. I've said I believe Duncan is 6'11", but even a full 7'1" Shaq would make Duncan look 6'10".
joe### said on 2/Jul/17
Ewing is taller thompson
Canson said on 2/Jul/17

Thompson and Ewing are the about same height

Click Here
Canson said on 2/Jul/17
@Rising Force: I believe he's 6'8" range now. 6'9.5 I never believed. I initially thought he may barely clear 6'9" but now it adds up that the 6'9.5 is a shoe measurement. thing is almost every photo I've seen of Mourning with Larry Johnson or Bosh he's 3" taller or 2" shorter. Bosh doesn't look like he's grown. His 6'11" listing is in shoes. All NBA guys except for Mr Durant or Mr Garnett were shoe listed. Bosh with Howard too is about an inch taller than him in the Olympic photo so his 6'10 fits him barefoot also how he looks with Lebron James. I think what throws a lot of people off is that they aren't consistent. You have to figure for Mourning as well that he'd be a candidate for that being a very undersized center in that era so I can totally believe them doing that especially when they told him he was 6'8" and went ahead and listed him 6'9"

The second photo of Zo and Bosh, Bosh is about 1.5-2" taller than Zo. The only one was inconclusive was the first one where Zo has the hat on. Now 6'8 may be low 6'8.25 or 6'8.5 may be a better fit
Canson said on 2/Jul/17
@Shane and @Rising Force: for Mourning there is only one measurement for him no barefoot and shoe. That leads me to I believe that is in shoes the 6'9.5. That makes sense. You saw the links from yest? One was with bosh and Bosh is clearly 2" taller. The thing is and I appreciate the three of us having a good discussion here but a lot of others will say well the measurements are all accurate. That's proof that they aren't especially with how mourning stacks up with Ewing or Mutombo or other contemporaries. Now I met LJ as well before and he's def closer to 6'5" at his lowest than 6'6". I'd have put him 6'5.25 (I have a friend "about an inch taller who also met him" and in their shot together they are the same height to a T with Starks also being In it). He met them I believe when he was in college in NY).
184guy said on 1/Jul/17
Have you ever take a look on David Robinson ? I used to think that he was taller than Shaq and was a real 7'1 but seeing again he looks a little shorter . He probably is dead on 7'
Editor Rob
not really looked at him.
Shane said on 1/Jul/17
@Canson: you're right on target with Ewing and Hakeem. I'm surprised to hear Mourning admitted to dropping under 6'9". Must have been a very late measurement as I thought he measured over 6'9" at his,pre draft.
Canson said on 1/Jul/17
@Shane: agreed. Not sure who would measure taller between Duncan and Ewing. Duncan was billed 7'0" only when Robinson was there to market them as twin towers then was dropped to 6'11" later in his career. I believe he may be a hair over 6'11" in sneaks and 6'10" barefoot. He's not as tall as KG who's a true 6'11" or as tall as Dirk
Canson said on 1/Jul/17
@Rising Force: Olajuwon isn't but about 4" taller than Vince Carter. Carter is more 195cm or tops 6'5" (he's not as tall as Dr J and only about as tall as Kobe). No way he's 6'10" barefoot that's gotta be in shoes

Click Here
RisingForce said on 1/Jul/17
Good finds, Canson, but I just don't believe Mourning finished growing at 6'8". He was only 18 when the article was written about Mourning admitting it. Mourning is always taller than 6'8" with Mutombo: Click Here Click Here Click Here Admittedly, the second pic has a low angle, but you can also compare him in the pics below I posted with Ewing. At worst, imo, his 6'9.5" measurement was early and he's 6'9"-6'9.25" based on how he looks with Mutombo. Bosh is taller as he measured 6'10.25" entering the league and wound up claiming 6'11" on the Tonight Show with Leno and being upgraded to 6'11" so he may have even grown a bit. But the difference looks greater as Bosh is closer to the camera. Look at these ones: Click Here Click Here

How tall do you think John Thompson is? Ewing is consistently taller even in the 80s. A then 6'0" Ronald Reagan only came up to about Ewing's shoulders: The difference looks bigger than a half inch to me, but I think Hakeem could be 6'10.5" and Ewing 6'11". I think I posted the photos of Hakeem back to back 5 inches taller than Drexler on the Pippen page, full pic of Hakeem and Howard with other Rockets centers, full pics of Hakeem 7" max shorter than Yao who could be as tall as 7'5.75", imo. Hakeem was also never more than 4" max shorter than Ralph Sampson who I believe was about 7'2".
Canson said on 1/Jul/17
@Rising Force: the pic with Dream they look almost identical if anything Ewing may be a small fraction like 1/4-1/2 taller and with Mutombo it can look 3-4" he's barely at his eyebrows there. As for Mourning see my last post
RisingForce said on 30/Jun/17
Not true at all, Height. Wilt is closer, but beyond that, it's obvious that photo is WAY off. Wilt looks 6-7 inches taller than Bill Russell there, which he wasn't. Shaq has 3 or 4 inches on Russell, which does add up, but then he's at least 3 inches shorter than a then 7'0.5" max Wilt there and 5 inches shorter than Kareem. Kareem is basically a head taller than Russell there. Meanwhile, Walton is 2-3 inches shorter than Shaq there, but as a result, winds up 5 or 6 inches shorter than Wilt there or 7-8 inches shorter than Kareem. I can't see one conclusion to draw from that photo. For reference, this is how Russell and Chamberlain looked next to each other: Click Here And keep in mind, there's more evidenced Wilt had shrunk just over half an inch by the early 90s, while Russell seemed to keep his height remarkably into old age.

Shane, Ewing was at least nearer 6'11". He looked way too long to be 6'10" and was barely shorter than David Robinson. He was indeed taller than Hakeem who is a minimum 6'10" himself. Here he looks to have about 3 cm or so on Dream: Click Here Click Here And here's Ewing with 6'9.5" Mourning and 7'1.25" Mutombo: Click Here Click Here

Ewing is obviously enough between Mourning and Mutombo's heights. At worst, he could be about 6'10.75". Ewing really got none of the talk Olajuwon did about being undersized or overlisted. As for Duncan, he may have been 6'10" when he entered Wake Forest at 17, but I believe he grew to closer to the 6'11" he reportedly measured at 21 years old, but I see more of a case for Duncan at 6'10" than Ewing. I'll grant Canson's point that Ewing looked shorter with Starks, who is indeed 6'2". I know this because he's one of the rare NBA players whose height I could judge fairly confidently in person. But I'm wary of reading too much into big differences rather than guys closer in height.
joe### said on 30/Jun/17
duncan 6´10.75 barefoot Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
duncan is over 6´10 looks probably 6´10.5-75
Shane said on 30/Jun/17
@Canson I can see both Ewing and Olajuwon dipping under 6'10" late in day. I think Ewing was a shade taller than Olajuwon (1/4 to 5/8 of an inch. Probably 1/2 inch or less).
FLEX said on 30/Jun/17
Shaq & Jabbar
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Canson said on 29/Jun/17
Agreed Shane about Duncan. He was 6'10" listed at Wake and that is his true barefoot height. As for Ewing I always thought 6'10" but 6'9" and change isn't out of the question next to Starks
joe### said on 29/Jun/17
duncan 6´10.75 barefoot
Shane said on 29/Jun/17
@RisingForce Ewing was more 6'10" barefoot. Certainly not 6'11 or 6'11.5. Duncan under 6'11 without shoes as well .
184guy said on 28/Jun/17
Click Here
Shaq With Kareem, Mutombo , Robinson , Mourning,Bill Russell

If anyone know which event Was this , we could se more interesting pics
Duhon said on 28/Jun/17
Shaq standing among Kareem Adbul Jabbar, David Robinson, Dikembe Mutombo and Alonzo Mourning. Click Here

All except 6'9.5" barefoot Mourning measured above 7'.
andre said on 28/Jun/17
andre was 208cm barefoot, the great kali 212cm,shaq 211cm
Height said on 22/Jun/17
I do agree with that Canson, but the general idea is to show how massive Wilt is next to Shaq and that he is by no means the same height. The picture is also interesting because Bill Russell (207.5cm - 208 cm range) is at Shaq's right and it is clear that he edges Bill by about 5cm-6cm.
Canson said on 11/Jun/17
@Height: actually Wilt looks a couple inches taller than shaq there. May just be the angle. Normally he looks an inch taller than Shaq and an inch lower than Kareem. And Kareem looked around 2" taller than Shaq did.
Guanzo said on 10/Jun/17
With 6'3'' Dwyane Wade

Click Here
Canson said on 3/Jun/17
7'0" is fair enough although he is sub 7'0 at his lowest and prob woke at 7'1
Canson said on 1/Jun/17
Agree with you on Wilt Rising Force. He was a legit 7'1" at his peak and wasn't that much shorter than Kareem but was taller than Shaq by an inch
Logan said on 28/May/17
I think shaq is 7,1 maybe 7,0.5
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 27/May/17
Rob, how tall do you think this guy is, about 196cm? Click Here
Editor Rob
maybe even 197cm range.
RisingForce said on 22/May/17
Wilt may very well have been taller peak, but not by 1993. Both probably in that 7'0" and change category just like Roy Hibbert, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol then and Wilt probably was 7'1 1/16" peak. That's a full pic with Kareem I posted so I tend to trust that one more and there definitely wasn't a 2 inch difference at the 2004 finals. I don't know about Shaq's weight now. It seems to fluctuate, he doesn't have anywhere near as much muscle as he did even at his high weight on the Lakers. This was evident by the time he was on Phoenix. He's not nearly as overweight as Big Show, though. 340 was his ideal playing weight. He probably should have stayed closer to 320 once he got to mid to late 30s, though. He was still an effective player on the right team and could dominate at times offensively, like in 2009, but he would have been much more effective his last 5 years and maybe played an additional year until age 40. It greatly helped Duncan and he was never anywhere near as large as Shaq, but was still often the biggest guy on the court with how small the league has gotten.
Duhon said on 18/May/17
I have no doubt Shaq wakes up to at least 7'1" but Shaq is about a hundred pounds+ heavier than someone like Kareem so I can imagine his weight possibly brings him down quicker.

He looks well over 400 lbs pounds now, quite overweight at even over 7'.
Canson said on 17/May/17
Kareem can look 2" taller than him at times Rising Force and yes Kareem was legit 7'2". Wilt was also taller than Shaq
RisingForce said on 15/May/17
Shaq is obviously shorter than a 7'2" Kareem, but not by much, here it looks like at most, an inch: Click Here And Shaq had at least a couple of inches on a 45 year old Bill Walton: Click Here Also, comfortably taller than Patrick Ewing who had to have been 6'11"-6'11.5" range: Click Here And much taller than 6'11" Tim Duncan: Click Here For reference, here's David Robinson with Duncan: Click Here There's really no chance Shaq was under 7 feet. He's at least 7' or a little over, not under. You can argue 7'1" because he can easily look it at times, but Rob's listing or a 7'0.5" would probably be safer.
Canson said on 14/May/17
@Rising Force: Wilt edged Shaq other way around
HarrySachs said on 13/May/17
The fact that people keep saying Shaq is 7'1 yet people put up a video of Shaq, Wilt, and Kareem years ago and they were all taller. Wilt was 7'1 in his prime and Kareem was 7'2. Shaq is 7 or maybe slightly shorter.
RisingForce said on 12/May/17
Shaq actually edged Wilt out in the one decent photo of the two: Click Here Zoom in and you'll see better, though a thinner line would have been better. Wilt may have lost half an inch, though. But Shaq was definitely taller than Robinson: Click Here Click Here Click Here Shaq also looked taller than Robinson did next to Duncan, but then Robinson was listed 7'0" during the 1988 Olympics when he was 22-23 years old so maybe he never grew past it. Shaq was at least as tall as Khali as well: Click Here No real difference there, especially since Shaq is bald.
PYZONFlesh said on 11/May/17
Snoop is 6'5 IMO, Shaq had a head on him (almost) and way more than that on Method man (6'2-3).

My Hand span is 9 inches and head appears 10.5 (at least) near that so we assume Shaq has a one foot head, because I'm not especially large at all

Shaq is 7'4, but can appear 8'5 ft near his former girlfriend who is contradictory in comparison, they had to edit Willz and Lebrons for this fact
Mark(5'9.25 said on 11/May/17
The average guess can stay as it is. As long as there are reports of Shaq measuring slightly over 7'0" flat, then my checking here fine. Can't ignore that.
184guy said on 10/May/17
I still think 7'0.25 - 7'0.5 is a Better guess than 7'0
He never looked as shorter as any listed 7'0 but looked shorter than every 7'1 guy . Wilt , Khali , Robinson , Mutombo were all taller
Guanzo said on 7/May/17
Rob, maybe add Kristaps Porzingis, DeAndre Jordan, Rudy Gobert page?
ma said on 7/May/17
Upgrade Rob....
Look at the average guessed height
Editor Rob
if we have reports of Shaq measuring a little over 7ft, then I think that is hard to ignore.
Canson said on 1/May/17
@Rising force: agreed Russell's peak was 6'9.5. Today no less than maybe 204cm. Ewing tho prime 6'10" barefoot looks better than 6'11" to me. Hakeem was 6'9" range according to Mario elie. But that's a bill Russell 6'9" like weak 6'10" probably (206/207)
joe### said on 30/Apr/17
yes strong 6´8 is possible for bill russel
Fury fan said on 29/Apr/17
legit 7ft 1, 216cm
RisingForce said on 27/Apr/17
I can believe Russell at 6'9.5" peak and he held his height surprisingly well until old age seeing him with Dwight Howard(Magic years) and Garnett(Celtic years). Wow, Shaq's average guess right now is exactly Shaq's official height, bang on 7'1" with 142 votes. Shaq did look taller to me on the Lakers than Magic, but iot could have been the orthotics he wore, then again many players wore them. Growing slightly after age 20 when you're THAT big isn't impossible. Whatever height David Robinson is, Shaq always seemed just a bit taller. Ewing struck me as likely being somewhere in the 6'11" range as he was taller than Hakeem, but shorter than Shaq and Robinson.
Canson said on 24/Apr/17
@Joe: Russell doesn't look 6'8" to me. he's a weak 6'9" or a strong 6'8" like 6'8.5 because he doesn't look that short with other players he stands next to from the younger generation like Lebron or Ben wallace does. I don't see him having lost more than maybe 1 solid inch
joe### said on 21/Apr/17
Bill russell legend nba was 6'9.5 peak now 6'8, he is 83 years old and alive
RisingForce said on 21/Apr/17
Shaq bulked up to 332 pounds entering the '95-'96 season. He lost weight when he was out with an injury in 1997 and returned lighter for the playoffs, but he was still 330 in the lockout year, then bulked up to 340 for his best year in 1999-2000, he looked basically the same in 2000-2001, but perhaps more 350 early before he played himself into shape despite it being reported he was down to 325. It was rumored he was as big as 382 in the 2002 playoffs then when he showed up supposedly 345 for the '03-'04 season, which was said to be down to from 380 in 2003, though when he dropped to 327 pounds for 2004-2005, he said he had been 355 when he first met with Pat Riley following the season. He then bulked up back to 340 for 2005-2006. He reportedly dropped to 321 when he was traded to the Suns in 2008 then apparently showed up to training camp in 2008-2009 at 330. Don't know about his final 2 years. His best playing weight was roughly 340, though he had less muscle after leaving Miami, which explains why he wasn't as heavy as he looked relative to his Laker days.
Canson said on 14/Apr/17
@Duhon: I agree. He was more like 345-350 late career and had times when he was closer to 370 probably
Duhon said on 10/Apr/17
John said on 9/Apr/17
Looks bigger than 303 lbs.

That was his weight drafted out of college. He was indeed more slender at that time.
Canson said on 9/Apr/17
Well said Nick which makes it equally frustrating when people lie about their height esp guys who are real tall like myself because you know that much about it being no good height when you reach that
John said on 9/Apr/17
Looks bigger than 303 lbs.
Nick said on 8/Apr/17
I believe when you start to be above 2mt in height, lifespan decreases a lot, the more above from that mark the less you got to live, I feel a bit sorry for those guys.
Chris said on 3/Apr/17
I think just 7 foot and no more. Heard his mum was 6"3
Canson said on 1/Apr/17
@Flex: no chance KAJ is shorter than Shaq even today. KAJ I feel was accurately listed 7'2". Maybe he's 7'1.75 barefoot making him 7'3" in shoes but a peak Shaq was shorter than that by a couple inches
David Allen Patrick Maddox III said on 31/Mar/17
Yes, we all know he was 7' when he was younger. So, he shrunk now he's down to 6'11-6'12. Everyone starts to strink in their 40s.
Mathew Robinson said on 31/Mar/17
Kareem in his playing days was just under 7'2", that's what he claimed to be and I believe it. You can tell that he is taller than Shaq, and you can also tell that near Bill Russell (who is quoted as having been 6'9 5/8") and Wilt Chamberlin (who was 7'1" but might have been more 7'0.5" by the time this video was taken) that Shaq is around 7 feet tall: Click Here

I think Rob's listing looks pretty much on the money.
S.J.H said on 30/Mar/17
@FLEX said on 28/Mar/17

Dude if you believe it then true to you. But something call different views and camera angle causes. If going by listing shaq is 7'0 and kareem is still not under 7'1 nowadays
FLEX said on 28/Mar/17
Shaq taller than Jabbar
Click Here
Canson said on 26/Mar/17
What 184 guy said is correct I believ a peak KAJ is 7'2" ish but today 7'1". He's always been taller than Shaq tho even today
184guy said on 26/Mar/17
It's very hard to say that he is the same height as Kareem
Kareem is probably broken down and no more than 7'1 barefoot and probably walks and stands shorter than he really measures.
FLEX said on 26/Mar/17
Shaq is clearly the same height as Jabbar (+/- 0.25 depends of the posture of pictures)
Click Here
Click Here
Shaq need to be listed 7'1'' barefoot
Canson said on 25/Mar/17
@Shane: I agree with what you said S.J.H's cousin if measured early would likely be close to 6'9" by NBA standards. I don't think he was 6'9.5 tho I thought SJH said 6'9 out of bed 6'8.1. For someone that height it's tricky because I'm not sure how they would claim. But for most that are a little taller than me around 6'5-6'7 they'd take the afternoon and round whichever is closer meaning if the person is 6'5.5 they may go with either or if over maybe 6'6". The thing is with taller guys they don't tend to want to be taller so they go with what is fair. Like me for example I finish business at the end of the day at about 6'4 1/3 (sometimes a full 194 if I've laid down late in the day or 6'4 1/4 or 6'4.2 if I go to the gym. So I claim 6'4 over 6'5" although I am a tad over 6'5" out of bed. But more so because I have taller friends many of which do the same or claim there's to the decimal example a 196.4 cm friend who always just says he's 6'5". But you made a very strong and interesting point that many people view height differently and it's not just different places it's different mindsets based on how tall you really are. Me for example I'm a practical person and always say 6'4" or 6'4 and change now although I am guilty of 6'5" when I played ball as well lol. But my mindset now a days is that it varies from one person to the next. Take Rampage for example he's 6'3 7/8 at his lowest maybe even a full 6'4" under normal conditions whereas you may get a 6'4 out of bed guy who measures 6'3 1/4 at night and may have measured along the lines of 6'3.5 or 6'3 5/8 in the morning and just round themselves up. You put them next to each other I'd be able to tell but others close in height may assume Rampage is 6'5" instead based on it. My philosophy tho now is that nothing with height is clear cut but I go with my normal walking height of 6'4 and change because if I am challenged about it, I will at least measure it if push comes to shove and not be lying about it saying 6'4 and change
Canson said on 25/Mar/17
@Shane: I agree with what you said S.J.H's cousin if measured early would likely be close to 6'9" by NBA standards. I don't think he was 6'9.5 tho I thought SJH said 6'9 out of bed 6'8.1. For someone that height it's tricky because I'm not sure how they would claim. But for most that are a little taller than me around 6'5-6'7 they'd take the afternoon and round whichever is closer meaning if the person is 6'5.5 they may go with either or if over maybe 6'6". The thing is with taller guys they don't tend to want to be taller so they go with what is fair. Like me for example I finish business at the end of the day at about 6'4 1/3 (sometimes a full 194 if I've laid down late in the day or 6'4 1/4 or 6'4.2 if I go to the gym. So I claim 6'4 over 6'5" although I am a tad over 6'5" out of bed. But more so because I have taller friends many of which do the same or claim there's to the decimal example a 196.4 cm friend who always just says he's 6'5".
Guanzo said on 24/Mar/17
Shaq is same height with 7'1.25'' Jabbar 09:10 of video

Click Here

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