How tall is Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

Indian Actress best known for films such as Khoobsurat, Delhi-6, Saawariya and Raanjhanaa. In an interview she said "I am too thin for my 5 ft 9 inches long body" and once weighed 84kg. In another article she mentioned her vital statistics: "I'm 5'9'' and 36-24-36 and that's how I just am". She was also quoted coming out with an even taller the Indian Telegraph she proclaimed: "I am really tall - I am 5ft 10 1/2. Most of the girls in the West are not as tall as me."

How tall is Sonam Kapoor
Photos By [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Average Guess (85 Votes)
5ft 8.13in (173cm)
Dost said on 3/Jan/23
You know who's taller than her? Her own cousin Anshula Kapoor (Boney Kapoor's daughter, Arjun Kapoor's sister). I reckon Anshula must be an easy 5'10"!
All Time Blockbuster said on 31/Jul/22
Dosent Looks Over 170cm
Cause Sonam Is 5'6.7 [169.7cm]
All Time Blockbuster said on 2/Jul/22
Rob Can You Add Ananya Pandey
Madz said on 4/Jun/22
Considering that she claims to weigh 51kg, even with a height of โ€œonlyโ€ 170cm she would be considerate underweight.

She is probably lying about her weight and/or height.
Rukmini Singh said on 22/May/22
I Think She is 170 cm in this picture
Dost said on 22/Jan/21
Good list Officer. I agree with the order, except I think Anushka is 171, taller than Deepika.
Sneha Pahadi said on 21/Jan/21
@Rob please her add to the Bollywood actresses category. And I agree with the this listing.
officer said on 20/Jan/21
This is my list from many pictures
Kriti sanon 173cm
Diana penty 172cm
Lisa haydon 172cm
Nargis fakhri 171_172cm
Katrina kaif 171cm
Sonam kapoor 171cm
Deepika170 cm
anushka sharma 169cm
Bipasha basu 167cm
Priyanka chopra 165cm
Luci paura said on 18/Jan/21
She is 5'9.
Glady said on 14/Jan/21
Sonam Kapoor is max 5.7 not more than that most female celebrities lie about their height, and try to inflate it to max 2 to 3 inches
Aaryan said on 5/Jan/21
total bull . she's nothing more then 172 cm
Veronica said on 9/Nov/20
She is as tall or maybe even taller than her father, Anil Kapoor at 5'9. How did he have such a tall daughter?
Dost said on 10/Aug/20
@Nile, I agree with you that Katrina is probably marginally taller than Anushka and definitely a bit taller than Deepika. Kriti Sanon is 5'9" and taller than all of them.

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Are you guys mad? said on 8/Aug/20
Are you guys mad? you can google ton of pictures between Deepika and Sonam. And you know what? most of them show that Deepika is taller than Sonam by an inch.
nile said on 29/Jul/20
@Dost don't you think that Katrina Kaif is taller than Anushka & Deepika and Kriti Sanon is around 5'10 towering way over Katrina Kaif??
Dost said on 27/Jul/20
Agree completely, she is nowhere near 5'10.5, that is ridiculous for sure. I'd say she is max 5'8.5"
Linke said on 23/Jul/20
@Dost, that's accounted for. She does look sub 5'8 at times, especially when you compare her with western celebs. I am not saying she's a flat 5'7 but good possibility she is 172 cms and fudging height by almost 3 inches.

5'10.5 is an atrocious claim.
Dost said on 21/Jul/20
Linke, you have to also account for the fact that those male actors likely have 1" heels, especially Salman.
Linke said on 15/Jul/20
Rob is there a possibility that she fudges her height by 3 inches? She does look under 5'8 in these pics:

With 6'1ish Abhisekh Bachchan

Click Here

With 5'11ish Ranbir Kapoor

Click Here

With 5'7 Salman Khan

Click Here

With 5'10 Hrithik Roshan

Click Here

This may not be the best picture but here she is with 6'0 Jordan Dunn but Jordan has bigger heels. Its funny how Jordan claims 5'11 and Sonam claims 5'10.5

Click Here
Editor Rob
There's not a lot who fib by 3 inches, but I can see why at times she looks 2-3 inches shy of what she suggests she is.
Lakheswar Saikia said on 27/Apr/20
Rob please Downgrade her put as 170cm to her
JohnMoore-162cm said on 26/Apr/20
Weak 5ft8 or 172 cm
Lakheswar Saikia said on 7/Apr/20
Weak 5'7
Rob She Might 5'7 height not that much tall.
afzal said on 19/Dec/19
Weak 5.7
Bhushak said on 5/Nov/19
I think 5 10
Rajat Bajaj said on 28/Oct/19
If she's 5'9", then her husband should be at least 5'11" which he isn't. She looks 169cm at most
Lazar99 said on 9/Aug/19
"I am 5ft9" , NO Mom you are not !
She has claimed 5ft9 , but looked 5ft8 with Karolina Kurkova.
I'd go with 5ft8.
khaled taban said on 6/Jul/19
5'8", 5'9" isn't exactly impossible, although I doubt she is taller than Katrina Kaif.
So I'll go with 5'8"
Karan said on 22/Apr/19
I will go for 170 cm
afzal said on 10/Apr/19
171 possible i think 173 is strech for her
afzal said on 28/Mar/19
She may be 5.6 and half not that much tall
Chitra said on 11/Mar/19
She is not more then 169cm barefoot. Her father is 173 cm. It is impossible for her to surpass or match her father's height.
Anjali said on 17/Feb/19
As like me๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹
Chanti said on 23/Jan/19
She is my onend only heroine
My (lovely) very good actor
And my beauty queen
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Dec/18
LOL at her 5'10.5" claim.
Nik said on 5/Dec/18
Yes, she is taller than most girls in the west!
Hardy said on 28/Nov/18
Prachi tehlan said she is the tallest actress in india with 5 feet 11 inch as per source
Oliver said on 27/Nov/18
@Rob,what do you think of my last comment?
Editor Rob
Close to 3 inches yes.
Oliver said on 26/Nov/18
Click Here
Rob,how much does Sonam look shorter than Karolina Kurkova in this picture?(Heels are relatively similar). For me,it looks at least 3 inches. If Sonam is 5ft 10 like some of the users say,then Karolina would be at least 6ft 1 which is extremely impossible.
Waiting for your reply and thank you.
Oliver said on 30/Jun/18
Click Here
Rob,if Sonam is 5'9-10 range, then Karolina Kurkova must be 6'-6'1. Because Karolina looks a good 3inches taller there.
So,your guess is right.๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
Sonam is no more than 5'8.
MAD SAM said on 14/Jun/18
173 cm, not a cm more or less
Oliver said on 9/Jun/18
Click Here
Click Here
For anyone who says Sonam is 5'9 or 5'10,just take a look how she looks next to Jourdan Dunn and Karolina Kurkova. Fact is the fact. She is no more than 5'8.
Debojit said on 11/May/18
She's 5'8" not more than that
Mimi said on 25/Apr/18
This girl has guts to claim 5ft10 1/2 when she's not even 5ft9
Mimi said on 25/Apr/18
This girl has guts to claim 5ft10 1/2 when she's not even 5ft9
Uxma said on 21/Apr/18
I had this Indian girl who worked with me, claimed she was 5'8 when legit she was an inch taller than me (I'm 5'5.75) ... All the ladies claiming to be 5'9 yea right lol ... My guess is Sonam is a phenkoo and she's max 5'8 cus otherwise all our macho heroes would get height complexes lol
Ebis5'8 said on 20/Apr/18
5 ft 9 seems to be true, but who knows, she's very slim which may give us a tall impression, but she may be shorter than that even tho she looks taller because of her slim body. As far as sonam's height is concerned, she didn't look relatively very tall in the movies even though she was slim and most of those co-actors were themselves not tall at all either, so highly possible to be shorter than 5 ft 9 mark, too.
mannexus2885 said on 12/Mar/18
she looks 5'9.25(176 cm)
shantz.189 said on 10/Mar/18
she looks 175-176 cm to me.She is definitely taller than 5'8".
hexa said on 30/Jan/18
Sonam, Deepika, Katrina and Anushka need downgrades. Sonam for one is no more than 5'6 same as Deepika. Kat seems about 1/2 to 1 inch taller, same as Anushka who is a solid 5.7.
mru said on 30/Dec/17
She is about 2 or 2 half inch taller then then srk i think she dreams alot of being srk life parter best advice be your self
Sdf said on 8/Dec/17
She's much taller than sonakshi she should be 5'9"
Xyz said on 3/Dec/17
She's definitely more than 5'8" she's 5'9
Dost said on 22/Nov/17
Rob, I think she should be bumped up to 5'8.5" - definitely she is not anywhere near 5'10" but she is about the same height as girls like Deepika, Anushka and Katrina and you have them all (correctly) at 5'8.5, so why not her??
Nona said on 14/Nov/17
Sonam looks around 5โ€™9โ€ and weighs around 68 kgs
Oliver said on 13/Nov/17
Rob,what makes you think that she's 5ft 8? Is there a good evidence(like pics or clips)you've seen? Moreover,isn't it too weird to claim from 5ft 9 to 10.5?
I'm looking forward to your reply.
Editor Rob
it is a bit weird giving 5ft 9 then 10.5. My first thought a few years back on adding her was she looked more 5ft 8, but I haven't given her much of a look since then, I could have always underestimated her.
hardy said on 31/Aug/17
@engineer you notice that sonam is in flat and dunn jordan in high heels
Engineer said on 29/Aug/17
@xxx I am not surprised with your observation. I am sharing once again photo with Jourdan Dunn, who is legit 5'11" totally owns Sonam
xxx said on 18/Aug/17
I am a legit 182cms measured by stadiometer i will say that its probably the right measurement for her.i had met her earlier at the Airport .we both were on sneakers and i was towering her by 4 inches so i think she must be between 5 7-8
comets said on 13/Aug/17
Personally, Sonam has always looked a perfect 5'9 to me mainly because she has a good posture and lankiness. She has always towered over most actors she worked with except Abhay Deol (5'11), she should be upgraded (Click Here) and (Click Here)
Sid said on 21/Jul/17
Please add Shahid kapoor
Emmanuel said on 22/Jun/17
She is clearly not up to 5'10 because in 'Thank You' movie, she wore flats a lot and was shorter than Bobby Deol who I think is 5'10.5-5'11 and about 3
inches shorter than Akshay Kumar who is a Legit 5'11... And Being a 5'11 guy myself I can say some ladies who are about 5'8 could appear taller than usual
Yvon said on 9/Jun/17
She is almost the same height as her father Anil 5.7
debabrata said on 4/Jun/17
shes shorter than paula patton and shes a legit 5ft6.5in
Anji said on 25/May/17
She's very tall
hirdy said on 20/Apr/17
Sonam height is 5'8 is best for her
Riya said on 4/Feb/17
I'm 5'8 and I met her. We were both in flats and she was a good 2-2.5 inches taller then me. She is definitely 5'10. I've met Deepika, Katrina, Anushka too, they're about the same as me.
6'7'' said on 22/Jan/17
She is 5'7''.She just reaches my shoulder level.
Anna said on 19/Jan/17
Sonam kapoor standing next to Karolina Kurkova's today proves she's 5ft 7 nothing more
M said on 30/Nov/16
@janak it is a very bad photoshop which made her legs so unrealy long.Look at her hands on your picture and then make conclusion.
Dosti said on 17/Oct/16
Click Here
Sonam is tallest of all
Engineer said on 4/Oct/16
@ Rob Looking at this photo gives also an idea how tall the girl behind sonam. Of course Sonam in that outfit in another photo she is in absolute flats.

Click Here
Editor Rob
the girl on theleft looks quite tall, the one right behind might not be much different, but really it is a very hard photo to tell much from. Angles can hide several inches from the girl right behind.
Thunder 192 said on 2/Oct/16
First of all @another we indians are only as tall as dutch
Another5'8_guy said on 25/Sep/16
We are definitely shorter than Europe by three inches on all scales. But, Americans are not that frikking tall. Not that tall like the Dutch, or other Scandinavian countries.
Abhishek said on 23/Sep/16
@another5'8 i'd say more like 3 inches shorter than West!
Another5'8_guy said on 16/Sep/16
In India, even in the richest of the areas, you won't see the reflection of the West. Rarely you'll find a 6'2 / 6'3 specimen. Even in the current generation(18 y-o), to which I belong, the tallest median would be around 5'9.5". A 5'10 guy here is tall here (see Siddharth Malhotra, Sushant Singh Rajput). And, if the average is calculated, then it won't surely surpass 5'7.5".

For girls belonging to upper caste families, and heavy on early nutrition, they're undoubtedly tall. Still shorter than the West, but decent enough. Median Tall will be 5'6.5" and Average will be around 5'4".

So, for a general comparison, we are still 2 inches shorter than the West in all numbers. And, hence in India, a 5'7 guy will pass as a 5'9 guy.
ccgvhbj said on 6/Sep/16
@amaze, what part of india? i am 177cm (on the meter, no e-stat) in chandigarh and called chotu :(
Johno said on 2/Sep/16
Pretty girl, would have thought she would be taller than Deepika and Katrina.
heightchecker34 said on 7/Aug/16
Maybe I'm a bit biased because I find her the most beautiful bollywood actress, but I am going to give her the 5'9 height. I think lowest she is a strong 5'8, but once again its hard to tell because of the heels and the fact that for some reason you rarely see top bollywood stars getting their pictures taken together, unless its for a film. It would be interesting to line up sonam with deepika, anushka, and katrina barefoot and see who is the tallest. Only for height purposes of course! *winks*
Engineer said on 8/Jul/16
Take a look at this photo totally owned by Jourdan dunn

Click Here
Qman said on 8/May/16
5.10.5 is took heigh for her she is not more than 5.8.
181.5 cm said on 18/Apr/16
Rob you watch bollywood movies?
kalu said on 16/Apr/16
sonam is 5'11/6'0"
John said on 11/Jan/16
I agree with Dost.
Katrina at 5'8 is taller than every bollwood actress excluding Kriti Sanon and Diana Penty who are both 5'9.
Dost said on 8/Jan/16
@Comets, you must have missed Katrina taller than Anushka in Jab Tak Hai Jaan promos (both admitted it) and Katrina appearing taller than Sonam in a L'Oreal promo. None of these women are 5'9 actually, but Katrina comes close and the other two and Deepika are not far behind.

The only legit 5'9"er is Kriti Sanon.
Comets said on 19/Dec/15
Good image of her which shows of her height Click Here
Comets said on 11/Dec/15
Her and Anushka are the 2 legit 5'9ers in bollywood (female) ohter major actress is taller than them though Deepika Padukone comes close..
Rojina said on 11/Nov/15
I cant speak for India,but Im of Bangladeshi descent and only between 5"6-5"6-yet I tower over most female peers who are 5 feet or under
Karan said on 7/Nov/15
Rob, Please Add Farhan Akhtar, Imran Khan, Varun Dhawan and Shahid Kapoor heights,
Thanks in Advance,
Max said on 20/Oct/15
"I am really tall - I am 5ft 10 1/2. Most of the girls in the West are not as tall as me."

The funny thing is that she's not even TRYING to hide the fact that she's boasting about something that's purely genetic, and also you only hear people from bollywood compare themselves to "the west" not the other way around. You have to be careful with women who claim 5'10" because that seems to be some type of magic number among women. Every women wants to be that height since it's seen as "modelesque".
Nishu said on 25/Sep/15
What did she eat to make such hight?
Editor Rob
lots of Corn.
zzzz said on 6/Aug/15
@Amaze your statement does not hold true for all parts of india though. In cities like hyderabad and chennai, I have very often come across girls towering over my 170cm. Many of them were well built too. 163cm would be considered short at these places(it'll be the case at punjab,haryana etc also). But it is true that people are much shorter at many other cities and most of the smaller towns/villages.
Amaze said on 19/Jul/15
@rea true when I went India I was 170cm last year I was taller than most males. The tallest ones were always 175 and everyone called them lombu which means tallll. Lol
My 163 cousin who is a girl was taller than most girls too. Everyone called her tall aswell.
Janak said on 16/Jul/15
How can anyone who's less than six feet tall have such long legs:
Click Here

Her legs alone might be 4 feet long. I mean look at it. You could have 3 guys sit comfortably on each of her legs. Make no mistake, Sonam is close to six feet if not taller. She's bigger and taller than most Indian actors.
rea said on 22/Jun/15
In India mostly people assume their height without even measuring it properly, every guy who is taller than other is not 6' .In realty, a 175+ cm tall man will look taller than 80 % of indian male and same goes with a 170+ cm female. any one who is more than 178 cm in india declares himself as a 6 footer. the best way to find your or any ones height is to measure it properly. you can never know ones height by comparing it with yours or looking it on internet.
Bunty said on 21/Apr/15
Have you guys heard of an actress called Jamuna? She acted in a movie called Lady Tarzan. I just came across this site and wanted to find out more: Click Here
Tania said on 8/Mar/15
I think she's taller than 5'8", probably 5'10 like she says. I've seen her attend a college festival and she towered over everyone else on stage, while in flats.
Engineer said on 26/Feb/15
Click Here

Look at this photo, either all of them have to be around 5' or she with heels at least 6'+
Jay said on 15/Dec/14
Sonam Kapoor was on Bigg Boss last night with Salman Khan. She was in flats giving her probably 0.5 inch and Salman was in his famous shoes. When Salman was seeing Sonam off to the exit, they were walking right beside each other and Sonam was a clear 2 inches taller than him.
Here's a pic from last night: Click Here
Better pictures from the event should be available online later.
nona said on 26/Nov/14
Sonam is an absolute knock out at 5'10" with a super hot body and legs that go on forever. She has feminine curves too and IMO weighs close to 72 kgs
BGee said on 24/Nov/14
Very tall at the 5'8-5'9 range (especially by India's standards, the average woman is 5'0!), but no more.
Aman said on 11/Nov/14
I'm 5'11" and she was only a tiny bit shorter than me in flats. I think 5'10.5" is correct. Plus she probably said she was only 5'9" before since it was considered bad for a female actor to be so tall when the big superstars (SRK, Aamir & Salman) are only about 5'7"-5'8" max., but she's not insecure about it anymore and is more truthful now.
nona said on 17/Oct/14
@Realist: My comments are always open to discussion, so if you say Madhuri is 5'3" maybe its true. Luckily for me Rob realises that most of us are just doing guesswork.
Realist said on 15/Oct/14
@nona Madhuri doesn't look 5'4 more 5'3 range. Plus they wear heels u can't judge them that way. Its lucky for u Rob accepts such ineffective comments.
James said on 10/Oct/14
Sonam, Katrina, Depika and other who has same in height are 5.7" feet tall.
Watch this. because SRK is not more than 5.8" feet. and watch this as well. Both SRK and Sonam not wearing high heels shoe.
John said on 10/Sep/14
She can't be 5'10 at all more than 5'9
nona said on 9/Sep/14
Saw Sonam Kapoor with the 5'4" madhuri Dixit on a TV Show and Sonam was easily 6" taller than Madhuri. So Sonam should be anywhere between 5'9" & 5'10" and easily weighs close to 72 kgs. Though she is heavier than the 56 kg Madhuri, she does not have the feminine curves of Madhuri
Re@l heights said on 4/Sep/14
Akshay Kumar 5'11(180cm)
John Abraham 5'11.5(182cm)
Hrithik Roshan 5'10(178cm)
Ranbir Kapoor 5'10.5(179cm)
Imran Khan 5'9.3(176cm)
Sharukh Khan 5'7(170cm)
Salman Khan 5'6.5(169cm)
Shahid Kapoor 5'7(170cm)
Aamir Khan 5'5(166cm)
Bobby Deol 5'10(178cm)
Vivek Oberoi 5'10(177cm)
Sunny Deol 5'7.5(171cm)
Abhay Deol 6'1(185cm)
Sunil Shetty 5'9.3(176cm)
Irfan Khan 5'9(175cm)
Karan Johar 5'9(175cm)
Sanjay Dutt 5'11(180cm)
Zayed Khan 6'0(183cm)
Ranvir Singh 5'9(175cm)
Saif Ali Khan 5'7(170cm)
Ritesh Deshmukh 5'8.5(174cm)
Aftab Shivdasani 5'11.5 (182cm)
Akshaye Khanna 5'7(170cm)

Deepika Padukone 5'8(173cm)
Anushka Sharma 5'8(173cm)
Katrina Kaif 5'8.5(174cm)
Diana Penty 5'10(177cm)
Sonam Kapoor 5'8(173cm)
Shilpa Shetty 5'7.5(171cm)
Sushmita Sen 5'7.5(171cm)
Tabu 5'8(172cm)
Sonali Bendre 5'7(170cm)
Priyanka Chopra 5'5(165cm)
Lara Dutta 5'7(170cm)
Aishwariya Rai 5'5(166cm)
De said on 29/Aug/14
@Amaze so if Ranbir is 5'11 then Imran is 5'10?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Amaze said on 28/Aug/14
@john ranbir may be 5'11 not convinced for 6ft
John said on 27/Aug/14
Nona,i agree with you.Btw does anybody know how tall is ranbir kapoor?
I'm not sure about Imran khan,he has a good posture.Most sites list him as 5'9(176cm) but he looks 5'10-5'11 next to all of his heroines and he only looked arround 1.5(1-2) inches shorter than Ranbir.
nona said on 22/Aug/14
Sonam's height is up for real debate. She looks really tall in all her movies but people who have seen her swear that she isnt more than 5'8". Her legs seem to go on forever and coupled with her hourglass figure (broad shoulders tapering to a slim waist and widening into nice curvy hips) give the impression that she is closer to 5'10". IMO she is 5'9" & weighs 70 kgs
John said on 19/Aug/14
Next to 5'9(176cm) Imran Khan,she looks a good inch or two shorter so i would go for 5'7-5'8
nona said on 18/Jul/14
Sonam looked tall in Bewakoofiyaan. She also has a well built and toned body for her height, specially her legs which go on forever. My guess is she is atleast 5'9" and easily weighs about 70 kgs. Only Katrina is as tall and well buolt as Sonam
abhishek said on 17/Jul/14
@riya when did abhishek say that sonam is as tall as him?
video link available?
Riya said on 26/Jun/14
I met her a few years ago and I'm 5'9" and she was atleast an inch taller. Also, during Players Abhishek claimed that she's as tall as him without heels on (6 ft.). Well, either way she's a tall girl.
Amit said on 11/Jun/14
Sonam was mentioned as 5'7" by the Zoom and it seems appropriate. Both Deepika and Sonam are 5'7". Deepika herself claimed 5'7" in "Desi Boyz."
Aliyah said on 23/May/14
Believe me she is one tall girl if she wasn't there wouldn't be so much discussion regarding her height. A person height depends a great deal on their stance. Not many women are confident enough to stand with a completely straight back and head high and a lot of tall girls do a knee bend to make themselves look shorter when standing. Truth is Sonam is very tall and she is quite confident and comfortable with her height.
:) said on 12/May/14
Her father anil kapoor is listed at 5ft9 which quite possibly actually be 5ft8 so judging by photographs of her in flats with her father wud prove she's no more than 5ft7.
nona said on 12/May/14
Oh c'mon...there is no way Sonam is even an inch taller than 5'9". The only 6 footer in Indian Cinema was the 6'1" Yukta Mookhey who no longer acts. Sonam at 5'9" & 65 kgs would look like a small kid in front of the 6'1", 88 kg Yukta
Aliyah said on 20/Apr/14
Sonam was in London at an opening of a restaurant in 2011 and I along with a few other people spent a bit of time with her. There was a gentleman there who was curious about her height and he said he was 6'0" tall. He stood next to Sonam and she had heels on so she took them off and he slipped his shoes off. Sonam stood with her head high and back straight and she was about an inch or two taller than him! We were all surprised, she said in her everyday life she doesn't walk around with her head in the air but if she did she would surpass 6'0". A lot of girls when they get measured they try to make themselves look shorter whereas men try to make themselves look taller and I have to admit she's right.
That's the truth as difficult as it may be to believe, she is a very tall girl with size 9 feet because I saw a 9 in the inside of her heel when she took he shoes off and she said she had bought them from London. Take it as you want, depending on how she or a female stands when being measured can make a big difference. Her height should be changed to 6' 0" at least.
Realist said on 20/Apr/14
Saw a picture with Tom Cruise same height as him 171 needs a downgrade Rob. This is the 1.5 inch rounding of trick she is doing.
Editor Rob
she is probably adding a bit, I had a look at her with Tom - she looks taller to me in a modest heel and not standing military...some of the photos with him are tilted in his favour. A bit under 5ft 9 is quite possible, but under 5ft 8 I'm not sure on that one.
nona said on 13/Apr/14
Sonam Kapoor has a smoking hot body. Long toned legs leading to wide hips, a tiny waist and well toned shoulders and arms. Guess she weighs close to 70 kgs ahch is great for her 5'9" frame
HARSHU said on 3/Apr/14

nona said on 20/Mar/14
Sonam looks very tall and also very well built in Bewakoofiyaan. I would put her at 5'9" & about 70 kgs
F said on 18/Mar/14
When Tom Cruise came to India he wasn't even wearing lifts just simple shoes she stood next to him wearing heels yet she was still shorter 5'9 is an absurd claim on her behalf. Watching her interviews she tries too hard to be western even the above quote reeks of her copycat ways. 5ft7 at most srsly!
linke said on 16/Mar/14
Imran khan dude is like 5'9 range
nidha said on 22/Feb/14
Sonam Kapoor is the tallest actress in Bollywood. She has a height 5โ€™10ยฝโ€™โ€™ (179 cm).She is taller than all actresses in Bollywood includes Sushmita Sen,Deepika Padukone,Katrina Kaif,and Anushka Sharma. Just try to compare their height (Deepika Padukone,Katrina Kaif,and Anushka Sharma) with their co-star Imran Khan or Ranbir Kapoor. Without hight heels, Sonam little shorter than Imran who has a height 5'11''(180cm).
harry said on 11/Dec/13
Nope she is 5'9 .
Ss said on 26/Oct/13
Sonam kapoor is 5"10 with only 55 kgs
nona said on 11/Sep/13
Sonam Kapoor is a big girl with long legs. She is easily 5'9" and weighs about 70 kgs. Deepika is 5'8" & 66 kgs, Anushka Sharma is 5'8" & 53 kgs and Katrina is 5'9" & 73 kgs
abhishek said on 7/Sep/13
she always looked taller than bipasha during players' promotions
linke said on 27/Jun/13
Lol @ her claiming 5'10.5
guru said on 8/Jun/13
i think that she more then 5'10" because when she came punjab for the shooting of her film MUSAM i compare my height with her.
guru said on 8/Jun/13
i think that she more then 5'10" because when she came punjab for the shooting of her film MUSAM i compare my height with her.
anon said on 22/Apr/13
Sonam claims to be 5'10.5"
nona said on 6/Apr/13
Any idea how much the 5'9" Sonam Kapoor weighs? My guess is she is weighs in at about 68 kgs. She is thin but carries a lot of bone weight just like Deepika padukone who is also 5'9" & weighs 65 kgs
kuku said on 6/Mar/13
Anonymas, katrina is not tallest . There are many actresses taller than her . Deepika padukone, diana penty, sonam kapoor, anushka sharma , are all taller than katrina
Anonymous said on 5/Mar/13
Hmmm @ ramisa she is 5'9 of eye to eye level with deepika , diana and a little shorter from katrina(who is current tallest bollywood actress )
ramisa said on 4/Mar/13
ithink she somewhere 5"9
harry said on 3/Mar/13
No, katrina kaif is taller from sonam kapoor
joe said on 3/Dec/12
You guys must be crazy, she is not 5'7", I am 5'7" and I saw her at a movie release party. She was over 6' with heels, and taller than all my friends who are below 5'10"
Minnie said on 12/Oct/12
If you saw the sonam episode of oye it's Friday, then you would have noticed that she has the same height as farhan aktar. He is 5'9.
harsh said on 5/Aug/12
I think she is 5'11''....I m 24 years old and just 4'8''tall..I am equal to her chest
Tom dS said on 25/Jul/12
I think she's 5'10"(177cm) tall;might be more not less!
Pravin said on 9/Jun/12
she doesnt luk 5'9 next to karan johar.
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Pravin said on 9/Jun/12
she doesnt look 5'9 next to karan johar.
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NIKIL said on 22/Jan/12
I'm sorry to say but all your height measurement is incorrect or it might be correct in your perspective. I have met the shortie SRK n he's hardly 5.8" i'm 5"10. i dont' know what is your height but i gotta say if you think SRK is 5.11" then someone might have given you a wrong info of your height. in other words not as tall as you wished. If SRK is 5,10" then i'm 6.1".
jimmy said on 16/Jan/12
I don't agree with that statement.Sonam does not look tall and slim like Deepika and Anushka because of her broad build.She is a beautiful woman.I am sure she is not serious when she says she is too thin for her long body.Sonam has a broad built and her upper arms looks a bit heavy.That was very obvious in her earlier films.She has thunder thigh which is still quite prominent in her movies.Call it baby fat or whatever she is full of it.Sonam is very beautiful lady with a great height.The only thing missing in her to be that perfect lady is her flab.She needs to tone up a little more, other wise she is perfect.
Vicky said on 7/Jan/12
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aks said on 1/Jan/12
she looks like 5'11...she is taller than her dad..i am 5'9 and when i met her she was taller(barefoot)
Meena said on 13/Dec/11
This is the hard truth of the entertainment business, entertianers measurements in bollywood and or hollywood and the fashion world, are never accurate. In bollywood, actors/actresses heights are ususally increased by 2"-3", where as hollywood ranges from 1-2" and same for almost all models. The negative side to all this is when people/young adults start to compare themselves to these said measurements, when in truth they are all just like everyone else. The trick is elevated shoes with 1"-1.5" heels (lifting the person by about 2"-2.5")for men and high heels for women. Take Miranda Kerr for example, Beautiful woman, confident, great posture is not 5.9, but 56.5 -7 max, but her thin toned body gives the illusion she is taller (stood next to her at the pool barefoot). Unless an actor has scoliosis their height will not vary by much. All the heights I mentioned are measureed next to me barefoot or with wafer thin flipflops next to the said people. I woul post pictures I have but that means compromising my position and my work in this industry.
Meena said on 11/Dec/11
I have worked with Sonam and her family for some time now. She is no more than 5.7. She appears taller only because everyone in bollywood is of short stature.
If you were at the Tom cruise Welcome to India bash you would have noticed, Sonam while wearing exactly 4 inch heels, she was exactly 1/2inch taller than Tom cruise who was clearly wearing lifts/elevated shoes. Had she really been 5.9, with 4inch heels she would have towered over Cruise and been as tall as Abhishek Bachchan 6.05, but she is shorter than him(by about 3-4inches) even with 4inch heels. She is big boned thats for sure.
harry said on 16/Oct/11
no doubt sonam is tall but i think depika is of sonam height and katrina is taller than sonam
harry said on 16/Oct/11
yes sonam is 5'9 but i think katrina is taller than her
anon said on 19/Jul/11
Sonam Kapoor is tall & goodlooking with a great body but unfortunately she cannot act. Guess she should be in the modelling world.
ร‚ยฎ said on 31/May/11
Those heels give about 3.5.
Engineer said on 29/May/11
Nice photo of Anil and Sonam
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Me said on 12/May/11
I would say somewhere from 5 ft 10-5 ft 11.
Ranbir said on 10/May/11
I think shes about 5'10''. She looked about an inch shorter than 5'11'' tall Imran. She's really tall.
sampada deshpande said on 6/May/11
i love u so much sonam
tanuj said on 27/Apr/11
what a great hight she has i dont like sonam accept her hight cause i am not as much tall i am only 5 ft 5 inches
Neeraj said on 22/Apr/11
Hahahaha what you guys are joking??????????????
If u call salmaan 5 7 n srk 5 8 than its not possible because salmaan is taller
and sonam is 5 7
Chester said on 8/Feb/11
Rob : Is there a possibility that she's less than 5"9 and more like 5"8 ? Since she's generally shorter than her 5"9 dad.
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/11
sonam kapoor is 5'10" & weighs about 65 kgs
shreshtha said on 27/Dec/10
if deepika padukone is 5 feet 8.5 inches (she said in dus ka dun) then ranbir kapoor is 5.10 maximum (watch last scene of bachna ae haseeno) they were almost equal .. and sonam kapoor is 5.9 for sure ..
does it matter? said on 7/Dec/10
@engineer: well she is quite tall but not that beautiful.
@joper: karan is a solid 5'8.25" & SRK is like 5'6.5". that makes imran around 5'7.5" & ranbir must be 5'10.5" not more than that.
So sonam would peak around 5'8.25".
bollywood always has a height exaggeration of around 2". hope this helps.
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/10
Saw the Coffee with Karan episode starring Sonam & Deepika. Both of them looked so fake and they were quite disgusting with all the giggling for nothing. To top it both dressed up so badly that they did not do any justice to their height and lean bodies
linke said on 19/Nov/10
Sonam and deepika are going to star on cofee with karan.Deepika is a measured 5'8 girl.i'll post the video if you want.I'd say sonam would be atleast a bit taller than her.
Anonymous said on 18/Nov/10
sonam kapoor is 5'11" and deepika 5'9.5" there is one inch difference between them.
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/10
I agree with Linke. Sonam Kapoor is highly overated in everything except her height. She is just average in looks & acting skills but at 5'9" is very tall. I would prefer Deepika Padukone who too is 5'9" but is a better actor and has got a much better body than Sonam. Sonam is 5'9", 68 kgs whereas Deepika is 5'9" & 58 kgs
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/10
all the girls are so tall today most of them are above 5'8" sonam is around 5'11"
almost equal to his dad who was 6' now 5'11"(180cms).
Prince said on 3/Nov/10
Only heighted girls like sonam look good while rest are the portable sized television.......
linke said on 31/Oct/10
Engineer says on 26/Sep/10
Does she not look sizzilingly tall and beautiful! though in 4" heels

No,she's pretty overrated imo.Average in everything.
pooja said on 31/Oct/10
sonam is 5'9 definitely.
pooja m said on 31/Oct/10
her height is rocking .no doubt its 5-9.
kaynat said on 28/Oct/10
i think sonum kapoor is tall as her dad but a tinsy winsy tall
Anonymous said on 27/Oct/10
sonam is 5'10 n 1/2 " and ranbir is 6'1" barefoot their correct height..though sonam kapoor claimed 5'11" in one interview.

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