How tall is Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert's Height

5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm)

American television personality, writer and satirist known for his show The Colbert Report. In 2018 he claimed "I'm 5' 11" and 185 pounds" and on his talent resume, listed himself as "Height: 5'11, Weight: 160"

How tall is Stephen Colbert
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5ft 10.45in (178.9cm)
AK World said on 21/Nov/22
Hi @Rob,

How tall does Nate Silver look with Colbert in this video?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Maybe a couple of inches shorter.
ADAM VARCO said on 27/Jun/21
He's 5'10". He seemed only 3 inches taller than Jon Stewart on his show recently. I think Colbert is 5'10" at the most.
Herbet Hug said on 21/Jun/21
I used to live around the corner from Colbert in Montclair. Would see him around the Upper Montclair area a few times a month, I stand at 5'9.5 and he definitely had a solid inch or more on me.
Ian555 said on 4/Jan/21
Rob, Colbert deserves a downgrade to 5' 10 1/4"; it just seems like a much better figure for him. At 0:20 mark in this video, Colbert looks to be the same height as 5' 10 1/4" Daniel Craig Click Here. Here he is now with LEGIT 5' 10 1/2" Andrew Garfield Click Here. At the 0:22 mark, Garfield does appear to be the taller of the two. With 5' 11 5/8" listed John Oliver, Colbert struggles with 5' 10 1/4" Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. In these photos with Jimmy Kimmel, Colbert looks a solid inch shorter with him, looking around 5' 10-5' 10 1/4" range again Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. Moving on from guys closer to his height range, here is with a gigantic 6' 4" Conan O'Brien Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. While O'Brien is much closer to the camera than Colbert is in the second picture, there still appears to more than a 5.5 inch difference based on the first pic and the gif alone. Here is a picture and a video of him with Ryan Reynolds Click Here, Click Here. Throughout the video, Colbert consistently looks 3.75-4 inches shorter than the 6' 2" Reynolds. And finally, here he is with 5' 9" Steve Carell Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. The difference tends to look a solid 1.25 inch difference most of the time. So what do you think? Will consider changing Colbert's height to 5' 10 1/4"?
Editor Rob
for a time I thought he could be just 5ft 10, but the more I saw, the greater chance I felt over it...5ft 10 and a 1/4 might be a believable range he could measure.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jan/20
Editor Rob
Yeah that's possible
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Dec/18
I think 5'11" is too much for Colbert since he was slightly shorter than Bruce Willis a few years ago and Bruce hasn't been more than 5'11" himself since his 40's.
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 16/Dec/18
I trued to guess his height when watching the Late Show, he looked like a 5'10"-5'11" guy on his show to me, so this listing is accurate. Stephen Colbert is 5'10.5"-5'11".
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Dec/18
Yeah, 5'10" is arguable too, though he's consistently looked around 2.5" shorter than Obama give or take 1/4", though Rob did say he thought Colbert might wear a 1 cm or half inch lift with taller guests. But if you watch Stephen shake hands with 5'10" Daniel Craig at 19 seconds: Click Here Stephen does look at least as tall and I do think Craig wears small lifts pretty regularly. Daniel wore boots, which could conceal a lift without any trouble: Click Here
Andrea said on 7/Dec/18
Yeah, if anything, Stephen holds his own quite well next to Ryan there, and assuming that Ryan is near 6'2 (which I believe he is) and that they are in similar footwear (I remember someone speculated about Stephen possibly wearing lifts), I certainly wouldn't put him under this listing with him. A guy like Dolph does give a taller impression than Ryan with him, I'd say...
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 6/Dec/18
It's not implausible he'd measure below this listing as there have been many moments where he has looked just 5'10" (and he probably gets a footwear boost at times).

But 5'9" range, especially only a little over 5'9", is stretching it. He's never looked that.
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Dec/18
Here's the video with Reynolds: Click Here Colbert doesn't really look shorter than listed in the video and certainly not 5'9". It's not like you'd expect them to be close in height, but from viewing the video once, I wouldn't guess more than a 3.5" difference. Ryan often has loose posture in general so it can look less.
Editor Rob
The most I'd argue would be 4 inches, but I struggled to imagine 5 inches between them...
Danimal 5'9 3/4 said on 28/Nov/18
Another celebrity that you're over-listing Rob.
Here he is with 6'2" Ryan Reynolds (who is literally crouching down so not to completely tower over Colbert). Look at the top of their heads. Colbert is a little over 5'9": Click Here
Editor Rob
I'm not convinced he would measure 176cm. I certainly couldn't see him near 5 inches smaller than Reynolds, sometimes angles can reduce or exaggerate, like Here with Benedict just as an example.
Sotiris Gravas said on 14/Nov/18
Here's a recent staredown between Colbert and 6'2.5" "Ivan Drago"... Click Here
Sem said on 30/Oct/18
Come on, Rob... No way he is 179cm. He is a 173 (174 max) guy. Look at him with James Corden whom you reasonably put at 173cm.

Click Here

Also, he seems to be very uncomfortable with his height. Look at him with Conan when Colbert didnt want to get down to be on the same surface with Conan as he knew he would look ridiculously short next to Conan

Click Here
factorx said on 21/Aug/18
how tall does he look next to O reilly Rob ?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Still seems over 5ft 10 with Bill who might be half inch shy of 6ft 4
Nik said on 6/Apr/18
He is clearly not 5'11"!
berta said on 4/Apr/18
ryan rynolds was almost 4 inches taller than him in half inch less fotwear. so there is 10-10,5 cm beetween them. i think this guy is 178,5-179 and ryan 189 ish
sridgley09 said on 2/Apr/18
Rob, do you think his exact height is 5'10.3/8? I think that would be his exact height, the tall side of average.
Editor Rob
It's arguable for him.
Heightist said on 22/Mar/18
He looked about the same height as Malcolm Gladwell, who's listed as 5'9". Downgrade!
Animus said on 20/Mar/18
The probability that Colbert is wearing lifts seems higher than the base rate. He seems very height-aware and in recent years he has managed to look taller than he ever did in the past, even looking close to 180cm on occasion.
Animus said on 20/Mar/18
It's hard to gauge weight, especially if it can only be gleaned when the subject wears a suit. You can carry a lot of mass in the midsection without it being noticeable. Incidentally, I'd say 185lbs is overweight for a 5'10½ man with an average frame.
MD said on 26/Jan/18
Nah, his weight is very believable. If you're followed him throughout his career, he's definitely gained quite a bit. His tailors do a pretty good job hiding it, but he's been fairly honest and open about his weight gain. In fact, he did a interview back in August of last year saying he'd gained at least 15lbs since the election of 2016. I remember a few years back, too, when he did some clip where he was measured for a suit, and his waist was quite a bit larger than you'd think just looking at him.
Ajay said on 24/Jan/18
Plus, 185 pounds? He looks too skinny to be that much. I would have said more like 175 pounds at most.
Editor Rob
Weight is much tougher to pinpoint.
Ajay said on 24/Jan/18
Editor Rob
He's not being outrageous with his claim. I'd say half the time Colbert can pull off a strong 5ft 10 near 10.5.

What about the othe half of the time though? He only looked a flat 5'10 in the past
RZ said on 18/Jan/18
Colbert stated 5'11 in yesterday's monologue (January 17, 2018) Click Here
Editor Rob
He's not being outrageous with his claim. I'd say half the time Colbert can pull off a strong 5ft 10 near 10.5.
Ajay said on 2/Jan/18
Editor Rob: it wouldn't surprise me if a guy like Colbert wore a 1/2 inch lift at times.

Rob, I forgot to post the video, here it is Click Here

What do you think? I can see Colbert at MOST 5'10 from that clip, especially near the end, he looks so short compared to everyone. There's no way there's just 0.5 inch between him and Wayne, unless he wore lifts in this clip. But Colbert did look 5'10 at most against Colin Mochrie too
Editor Rob
I think there is a chance Colbert wears a 1cm lift, he has looked at most 5ft 10 flat in the past, but sometimes pulled off 179cm...
Ajay said on 30/Dec/17
Rob, how tall dou you really think he could be? He looked 2 inches shorter than Wayne Brady in Whose line is it anyway 20 years ago. I believe he wears lifts, he sometimes looks 5'11, other times 5'10, but the height gap with Wayne Brady couldnt be explained. Unless Wayne was wearing lifts at that sketch?
Editor Rob
it wouldn't surprise me if a guy like Colbert wore a 1/2 inch lift at times.
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 27/Dec/17
I hope you don't mean Corden, Laura B, because then you're saying that Colbert is only 3/4ths of an inch taller than him, which is blatantly untrue. Click Here
Laura B said on 27/Dec/17
Stephen Colbert, standing next to James Corbin, is probably 5'9" at the most.
Mike said on 7/Dec/17
Um, you know the whole "Stephen Colbert's upset about being listed at 5'10"" bit was just that, a bit. Right? It was when he still had his "Colbert" character from a few years ago. I honestly don't think he cares about being listed an inch short in real life. Oh, well. I'd say 5'10.5" is probably about right. He's not tall, not short. Maybe slightly above average height, thin build with average proportions.
Nick said on 17/Oct/17
Rob, what do these heights signify? Morning or night height? For instance for myself, this morning I stood at 5’11”, and usually at night I end up standing 5’10.25”-5’10.5”.
Editor Rob
I would discount them as being morning and think of it as being up for a good few hours, more like afternoon...
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/17
Like Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert seems incredibly tall and well-proportioned, but in reality when standing next to known, shorter celebs, they're not significantly taller. Example, recently Jackie Chan was on The Late Show with Colbert and looked only a couple of inches shorter at most, and Tom Cruise on The Tonight Show looked at worst 3 inches shorter than Fallon.

I guess it helps to be a talk show host if you wanna look tall!
MM said on 2/Sep/17
Rob, Stephen is wearing lifts. His old 5'10 listing was on the money!
Flagsy said on 14/May/17
What's the height difference between Colbert and Carell here? looks to be about 4-5 cm which, if Carell is 174-175, would make Colbert a solid 179-179.5.

Click Here
Editor Rob
could be between 1.5-2 inch range.
HonestSlovene said on 4/May/17
Anything in the 5'10"-5'11" range is fair for Colbert. Arguing is he either 5'10.25" or 5'10.75" is basically nitpicking.
6'1.5 said on 2/Apr/17
5'10.5"! There was nothing wrong with 5'10.25" especially since 5'10.5" andrew garfield is half an inch taller than him
Arthur said on 1/Apr/17
Rob, is there a chance Colbert is wearing lifts? He has looked only 5'10 some of the times, yet other times over 5'11. Especially with tall guests, he seems taller.
Editor Rob
sneaky 1cm lifts are literally undetectable....I couldn't say if he wore them, but you never rule the possibility out...

as I've said in the past I was surprised when my next door neighbour admitted to having bought and worn elevator shoes, a man who worked in the comic industry and used to be near 5ft 11. If that guy wore them, anybody can!
TJE said on 29/Mar/17
This listing makes no sense. He consistently looks sub 5'10 with Obama and is an inch shorter than Trevor Noah; but I guess he can pass off for 10.5 on occasion. I think the first listing was fine. 5'10-10.25 tops but very height aware.
John said on 25/Mar/17
Why was he listed 5'5?
Editor Rob
to get him riled up!
AJ said on 8/Mar/17
Rob you just listed him as 5'5", I doubt he's wearing 5 inch lifts lol.
Editor Rob
If he got a tiny bit upset over 1 inch, imagine his face seeing that! 😂😂
garf said on 7/Mar/17
How come he is listed as 5ft 10.25in (178 cm) when the average guess is 5ft 10.77in (179.8cm) ? You should look some videos of him where he is greeting his guests for example hugh jackman, who is listed on 6ft 1.5in (187 cm)!

Click Here

Im not saying he is a strong 5'11'', but he is definetly a 5'11'' the morning at even at his lowest he will probably still stand 5'10.5''
5'10.25 is just not right rob
Editor Rob
to be fair, he can pull off looking a 179cm a fair amount of the time.
G 5'11 said on 11/Feb/17
Why the downgrade for Colbert? I felt like he could pull off his 5'11 claim possiably measure a fraction below it at the worst?
Flasgy said on 1/Feb/17
Looks comfortably 180-181 with Jon Stewart here:

Click Here
Arthur said on 10/Nov/16
Rob, could this guy be more 5'10.5? He looks very similar with 5'10.75 Viggo in the video posted by flagsy below. Of course, 0.5 inch is still a small amount that can be easily lost in posture.
Editor Rob
I think you could argue he pulls it off
flagsy said on 5/Nov/16
edged out Viggo Mortensen in this sketch: Click Here

Unless he wears lifts he has to be minimum 5'10.5"-.75" possibly the full 5'11".
Arthur said on 17/Oct/16
Rob, this video is insane. Stephen Colbert looks the same height and maybe taller than David Schwimmer when they greet. Click Here

This could only work if Colbert really is 5'11 and Schwimmer 6' and Colbert probably wears lifts in his shoes. Can't explain it otherwise
Editor Rob
you would think he was at most 6ft in the clip, but it's in movement so I don't know how they would look in a posed shot.
shiva 181 cms said on 15/Oct/16
On the late show with Liam hemsworth he looked just 3-4" shorter definitely didn't look 5" as listed here thought he was around 6' Rob can you explain this
Editor Rob
sometimes in movement height is lost, it would be interesting to see a pose between the guys.
Who Cares said on 21/Sep/16
If Colbert is 178, why is Bruce Willis 182? Willis actually looked shorter than Colbert on The Late Show
MD said on 4/Sep/16
Larry is a physically large man, but it's more 6'1" (max) than 6'3". And, while Larry is quite a bit taller and I know you're exaggerating, he's not THAT much taller than Colbert.
Johan said on 9/Jun/16
Seems like a funny guy but yeah sorry Stephen your 5'10". Don't get mad though Johnny Depp is down sucking 5'9" air :)
Mat said on 8/Jun/16
Editor Rob: Some people are obviously pretending to be serious or dead-panning and people end up taking what they say too literally.

Are you implying that I'm stupid or something? I know he was trying a bit of humor, and he wasn't really angry, but he actually did claim 5'11.
Editor Rob
I'm only talking about Stephen and offering a general observation about humour - from experience, there are a lot of people who seem to miss intention or jokes and take things too literally.
If I buy 4 inches said on 6/Jun/16
He's 5'9".... has the proportions of that man
Mat said on 3/Jun/16
Admin, have you seen that? Click Here

I mean, can someone make such a great deal about a height he isn't? Not even 5'10.5ish?
Editor Rob
Some people are obviously pretending to be serious or dead-panning and people end up taking what they say too literally.
BT said on 6/Apr/16
@Editor Rob: You could give him the 5'10.25 listing, he pulls off 5'10.5 quite often.
Mat said on 1/Apr/16
Rob, why does he look taller than 5'10 Anderson Cooper?
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
I think they can look within half inch of each other, whether Colbert is the stronger of the two and could edge him out I'm not sure.
Mat said on 31/Mar/16
Rob, how tall has someone to be to warrant a 5'10.25 listing? I mean, what's the least you expect for someone to be at night to give him the 5'10.25 and how much to give him 5'10 flat?
Editor Rob
maybe they could be a guy who can look 5ft 10 most of the time, even at times looks 179cm, but a 10.25 is a kind of better fit as there is a chance he may be only 178 but a chance he is the listing could be closer to either.

If that makes sense.
johemoth the dog said on 13/Mar/16
Looks listed height with Henry Rollins. But i could see Colbert being a bit over 5'10.
BT said on 13/Feb/16
He looked nearer 1.5in than 0.5in taller than 5'9.5 listed Josh Brolin recently.
FIVE NINE said on 17/Dec/15
Similiar height as 5'9" Henry Rollins on his show. How do I add a picture?
MD said on 23/Oct/15
Go to Jimmy's page, here. If they were of similiar height, it's not because Colbert is taller than listed, it's because Jimmy is shorter than his listing.
5'11 Stud said on 21/Oct/15
Wow Jimmy Kimmel was over his show and they are similar heights.
Colbert is fuller and wears baggier clothes which explains why he's seen as shorter.
Sam said on 1/Oct/15
Yeah something like 5'10.25" or 5'10.5" is possible for him.
Rob, could you add Strangers with Candy, The Daily Show & The Late Show to his credits?
james said on 27/Sep/15
5'10.5 is more accurate .
C said on 10/Sep/15
He's close to 5'11'', if not there already.
Sammy Derrick said on 8/Apr/15
5'11-height peers with Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe.
5'10-Matt Damon numbers and Johnny Depp.
Rob aren't scared if he threatened Larry Page a 5'11 billionaire.What will he do to a 5'8 guy like you?
Nobody said on 7/Mar/15
Careful Rob. If Colbert finds out about this site, he might threaten to sue.
Editor Rob
would be fun to measure him in a court setting!
lelman said on 6/Mar/15
He's been upgraded to 180cm on you know what. His tirade paid off.
TJE said on 11/Dec/14
I saw the Obama appearance on the Colbert Report a few days ago. Colbert looked exactly 3 inches shorter. I find it funny how he always tries to look 5'10.5-5'11, looking over Jon Stewart's head and hardly shorter than Neil Patrick Harris. He must put in an insole in his shoes or something.

It would be interesting to see how he'd hold up next to me; the possibility's there since I live like 20 minutes away from him.
danR said on 9/Dec/14
He now shortens it to 5 10 1/2. (Barack Obama appearance, Dec. 8/14.) Standing near Obama, that still seems a stretch.
TJE said on 4/Nov/14
He's a very height aware 5'10er.
Andrea said on 3/Nov/14
Rob, as far as i'm concerned that judging his height only based on those pictures with the 6' guy (on a field like that) is not the best thing to do, you agree he can look 3 inches smaller? I mean, 5'10 is probably his best case scenario! The funny thing is that he's really convinced to be 5'11 and remarks that everytime!
Editor Rob
there's a clip of them but you'd need to set your ip to an american one to view it...
Sam said on 27/Oct/14
Colbert was also in a play with Neil Patrick Harris and Harris seems to have a couple of inches on him.
Click Here
truth said on 23/Oct/14
5ft10 no more.
Sam said on 22/Oct/14
Haha, a very relevant link.
Click Here
Concerned 181 cm said on 22/Oct/14
Rob, you better hope he doesn't see this. He'll tear into you like he did with Larry Page ("yes, that was a physical threat").
Sam said on 21/Oct/14
This works for Colbert, nearly 4 inches over Jon Stewart and nearly 6 inches under Bill O'Reilly.

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