How tall is Stephen King

Stephen King's Height

6ft 1.5in (186.7 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 4in (193 cm)
American novelist. On his official website it states, "Stephen is of Scots-Irish ancestry, stands 6'4" and weighs about 200 pounds".

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Average Guess (8 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 3.53in (191.8cm)
Current: 6ft 1.34in (186.3cm)
Bobby said on 12/Oct/17
He lost quite a big of height, from 6'4 down to 6'1.5? That's 3 and half inches of height. Now I understand how my dad went from 6ft to 5'8, it's possible for guys 6ft and over to lose more height than average in old age. Though Stephen King is a writer, I don't think he's done anything strenuous in his life. I think if I recall, another author, Michael Crichton, or Peter Benchley, were exceptionally tall, like 6'6.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 14/Sep/17
Rob, I never thought he was this tall, and I only read his 'Dark Tower' series. I'm loving it so far!

Aw man... he broke his legs? 😵😵😵 I can understand his height loss.... hope he's doing awesome. he did look very tall.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 7/Aug/17
.........Holy crap. I never knew he was this tall. Rob, I didn't really paid attention to his height and I just adore his novels!
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jun/17
@ Capp'Happy - I agree there's no way Stephen King would lie about his height! All the reasons you gave are spot-on!

PS I like what he did to the car that caused his injuries!
Capp' Happy said on 4/Jun/17
All the people here trying to tear down King's height need to chill. King is not an actor, who's insecurities AND need to sell themselves often led them to exaggerate their height. King is a writer, he is down to earth, and incredible honest even about revealing his flaws. He's not the type given to lying about his height. I've seen a lot of photos of him when he was younger, along with scenes from movies he did cameos in - the man was freaking tall, anyone can see it! If he wasn't a full 6'4"" he was awfully damned close. He's almost 70 years old, and he was in a devastating car accident a few years back. Throw in a slouchy posture, and it's not surprising he now stands around 6'1". There is NOTHING about this man that makes me believe he would lie about his height.
berta said on 20/May/17
hahah i see current listing 187 now haha yeah that sound about right but could be down to 186
berta said on 20/May/17
yeah look at him with obama , they are about the same height in photots. i guess king would be taller of he could stand normal.but he is for shore no taller than 188 today and looks shorter. can he really ahve lost that mutch height since peak?
S.J.H said on 20/Apr/17
After a serious injury from car accident in 1999 he broke his two legs and might have a few vertebrae break and lost near 2'. Losing total of 6cm nowadays sounds right. But i never thought of a peak King is over 6'3 maybe he just goes with shoe. I think the positive side he would stay this height untill he pass the age of 80-85
berta said on 14/Feb/17
was he this tall :O i have never paid atention to his height but i have maybe thought that he was 6 foot ore shorter. now looking at photos i see he is tall.maybe he was this tall
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Dec/16
@ Rampage - Hello! Stephen was without doubt 6ft4. Try to see 'Creepshow' and you'll see what I mean! He also plays the conductor of a band in his own remake of 'The Shining' and that was made in roughly 1997. He didn't seem to have shrunk by then at all!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Dec/16
He did look 6ft4 in the 70's
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Dec/16
Ha ha ha! I made a mistake! That 'few' was meant to be a 'view' - excuse me! That's it for now....
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Dec/16
Further to my little Stephen King sound-off of the other day, I would like to add that I really appreciate the era he's from and how it is reflected in his films, from a musical point of few and otherwise!
I have just finished the film 'Riding the Bullet' and it is awash with lovely songs from the hippie era of the late 60's! The film itself is one that just has to be seen at least twice, so if you'll excuse me...
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Dec/16
I am very excited to say that I have just tracked down a copy of 'Cat's Eye' on the internet! It is a beautiful story and one which was sorely missing from my ample and ever-growing film collection. I like the fact that Stephen King incorporates sensitivity, humour and a happy ending into some of his novels. This is one of them and it tells the story of a little tabby cat's struggle in the big, bad world before he finds happiness and hugs!

The first time I caught a glimpse of Stephen was in his acting debut in 'Creepshow' and he came over to me as a big, hairy giant of a guy! 6ft4 is entirely believable. I think that the latest of his cameo film appearances I saw might have been in 'The Langoliers', wherin he still came over as huge! I haven't seen him lately, so I cannot really comment on his current height, but he'll likely have lost some inches so I'll opt for 6ft1.75.

One last thing: I remember reading about Stephen buying the car that injured him so he could knock seven shades out of it! What a splendid idea, and something I would relish doing myself to the cars that ran over my cats!
Harold said on 2/Nov/16
Perhaps "peak height' should be replaced with 'billed height.' Don't mean to pick on Steven King, but on celebrities in general. Peak is almost impossible to verify in so many cases. Billed, well, that's the publicist's job.
bobby3342 said on 16/Jan/16
perhaps your right never saw him in his prime(70s) as im only 34 but in the mid 90s he was not 6'4 not even close to a barefoot 6'4. good call rob
177cmGuy said on 29/Dec/15
Read pet sematary this year. Yeah I think had to be at least 6'3 range.
Sam said on 29/Sep/15
Don't know when you've seen him, bobbyh, but he's been involved in a few serious accidents and has probably lost more than average amount of height for his age.
bobbyh said on 3/Dec/14
I love steven king and have seen him in bangor and at bosox games genuinely nice guy, totally down to earth....but..... not 6 4 as others have stated 6 2.5 barefoot with a pair of shoes =6 3.75 classic fake 6 4
richie said on 13/Nov/14
King was never 6'4", saw photograph of him stood next to George Romero who is 6'5" and he had nearly 3 inches on him
Arch Stanton said on 16/Feb/14
Yikes, he's lost a lot of height, and only bout the same age as my dad. I've just begun reading The Shining novel. First lines are something like "officious little prick, he stood five five".
jimbo said on 1/May/13
Wilton, when a truck drives over you, you're bound to lose a bit of height.:)
wiltonstilts said on 29/Apr/13
Stephan king peaked at 6'04 there's no reason anyone should dispute that. But, my question is, how did he lose so much height? I mean was it surgery? It certainly couldn't of been age could it? I wonder...
Trent said on 18/Jan/13
Click Here

Here's the photo I was talking about. They're standing next to each other in this one. You can't see their footwear and King is a bit loose with posture, but I make a rough guess of 6'2 for King. Certainly can't have been 6'4.
Sam said on 15/Jan/13
This is a bad photo where King's back is turned and he looks bigger since he is closer to the camera, but it's hard to believe under 6'4" peak for King here with George A. Romero:
Click Here
Trent said on 24/Nov/12
He certainly didn't peak as high as 6'4, yeah. I mean, I know he must have lost some height, but he really did look the same height as Craig Ferguson and King was actually in cuban boots. 4 inches or more would be a lot. I could see 2 or more inches though because of the accident. He does look pretty bent nowadays. I will say he peaked at 6'2 because of how he looked with George Romero and is down quite a bit now because of the accident.
Mathew said on 20/Nov/12
I think his peak height is probably more 191 - 192 cm than 193, and his current height is probably more 188 - 190 cm than 191. He is certainly a tall man, but he doesn't give off a 6'4" impression.
Danimal said on 24/Aug/12
truthman says on 24/Aug/12
He has lost some serious amount of height, looks as tall as Craig Ferguson recently. Also, Stephen looks way skinnier now, probably around 175 or so.

He broke almost every bone in his body a dozen years ago when hit by a truck. He was a tall man (close to if not a fully 6'4") and he was a heavy man in the 1970's and 1980's. He has lost a tremendous amount of height since the accident. MAX 6'2" today.
truthman said on 24/Aug/12
He has lost some serious amount of height, looks as tall as Craig Ferguson recently. Also, Stephen looks way skinnier now, probably around 175 or so.
Michael said on 8/Jan/12
In his latest book the main character is said to be 6 ft 4, so whether the character is based on King's appearance is questionable, but it seems likely.
LAN Jiao said on 25/Oct/11
6-2 on king.
Didi said on 22/Oct/11
knew that guy was a tree.
avi said on 17/Aug/11
6'2 flat. has big head so looks bigger but too many people are taller or his height in order for him to be a true 6'3
Danimal said on 5/Jul/11
With age and his major car accident from a decade ago, he has lost height. Was close to 6'4" in his younger and healthier days. Conan Obrien had noticeable height on him a few years ago. I'd say he's down to 6'2" today.
runt said on 4/Jul/11
hmmm...either you guys are all wrong, or Stephen King always takes photos with NBA sized dudes...

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Aaron said on 2/Apr/11
I'd say King is an eay 6'6", he's a very large man. You can tell by comparing his cranium to the size of his body. Could be mistaken for a 7-footer as well.
XJV said on 16/Jan/11
I'd say around 6'3.5 peak, but I do think he's slightly less now, probably around 6'2.75.
dirtyharry1979 said on 22/Dec/10
Bumped into the author Lee child in aWaterstones in York in the UK promoting another Jack Reacher novel. He's tall 6'3" tall, I should know because that's my height. He looked more like a CIA spook, also could have passed as an Actor type.
Chemer said on 15/Sep/07
he looks just exactly 6'2.5 considering he is slouching and wearing converse
T said on 6/Sep/07
I'm six 6'5" and I've stood next to him. I'd put him at 6'4" easy. He slouches A LOT.
Smok said on 8/Aug/07
On the picture above he looks 6'2 at best, taking into account the way he stands.
anonymous said on 27/Jun/07
he looks pretty massively built. could pass off as 6`4 in a photo alone, but with glenn, doesn't quite look it.
glenn said on 24/Jun/07
6-4,no.thats sounds extreme to me.but anything is possible.
Viper said on 24/Jun/07
Glenn, did you ever see him at 6-4? It looks like King is only wearing converse in the pictures.
glenn said on 21/Jun/07
he still looks 6-3 to him again 2 weeks ago.those moon boots genius are reeboks that give you barely an inch.
Danimal said on 20/Jun/07
King WAS obviously 6'4". He lost some serious height after his car accident. This is King next to a LEGIT 6'4" guy in 2005: Click Here
Anonymous said on 31/May/07
glenn is standing erect with what appears to be moon boots and king is standing iwth one knee bent and slumped over with all stars... king is obviously 6'4''.
snrub said on 7/May/07
He does'nt look 6' 3" in that photo, but he's much more heavily built than I thought. Probably makes him seem taller
Moke said on 13/Feb/07
No! he doesn't stand full height! I'd say he's 191cm
Franco said on 16/Nov/06
looks 1.88 there.
James said on 30/Oct/06
King certainly isn't looking 6'3" nowadays. Here he is with some 6'2" guy; they look the same to me. I have no idea what he was in his youth.
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/06
i think glenn is tip toing lol
kenneth said on 13/Sep/06
look clearly at the pic above!! king was't standing a good posture while hes wearing converse sneakers (only 1.5cm thickness shoe).. while glenn standing a good posture beside him while his shoe lift was unknown..
Regus said on 5/Aug/06
My uncle went to college w/ King, was in a couple classes w/ him. 6-4 or so is right on the money, trust me.
Anonymous said on 15/Jul/06
King is not an actor so his physical appearance isn't so important. He'd have nothing to gain by exaggerating his height. He doesn't look quite 6'4'' today going by that Conan clip though. Still quite a tall guy 6'2'' or little over I guess.
Danimal said on 15/Jul/06
Furthermore Beaner, on closer inspection, in that YouTube clip, King's upper torso is far shorter than it once had been (pre-accident). Just compare that pic with Glenn the that clip of his with Conan. It's possible he is 6'2" TODAY!
Danimal said on 15/Jul/06
Dude, the man is just about 60 years old. He had a MAJOR car accident and I'm sure lost height as a result and is severely slouching that clip with Conan and Conan has stated that he is between 6'4" and 6'5". Bring on a younger and healthier King and he'll be that 6'4" he always claimed to be. BTW, he lost 100 pounds after his accident!!!
beaner said on 29/Jun/06
He is obviously not 6-4 in this clip with Conan O'brien. Check it out. Looks 6-2ish at the most. Click Here
Glenn said on 19/Jun/06
Those are black reeboks that made me ridiculously inch soles.and I was possibly 5-7 at the time.
Viper652 said on 18/Jun/06
Glenn said he was only 6-3. He might have just been 6-3, and still is around that today.
TNTinCA said on 17/Jun/06
Being older, and the fact that he had to recover from that horrible car accident, likely affected King's height. Every source I have ever found seems to indicate he was 6'4" at his peak.
Anonymous said on 30/May/06
king is wearing chucks and he is not only slouching, but his knees are bent, while glenn is standing completely erect with what looks like boots on. king is clearly 6 foot 4.
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/06
On The Biography Channel, they said Steven was 6ft at age 11! So 6ft 3 or 4 would be right as an adult.
Glenn said on 19/Feb/06
he looked 6-3.
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/06
I'm taking my Stephen King books back to the bookshop today for a refund. There's no way I'd have bought them if I knew he was only 6'2''.
6' and 18 said on 6/Feb/06
There's one thing about this site, the people who post generally tend to underestimate/try to reduce someone's real height. Look at the pic; his shoes, the way he stands, of course he's min 6' 3" and pushing 6' 4" most likely.
Anonymous said on 4/Feb/06
Glenn, did he look 6'4'' when you met him? It's hard to tell from the foto, he's at least 6'2'' but was he taller?
Glenn said on 4/Feb/06
before the accident.this is 1992.
wrestling said on 4/Feb/06
I SAy Hes About 187-189cm Range .. 6'4" IS Just Too Tall For Him ... + Conan Has Him By An Inch Or 2 And Conan Is Solid 6'4" MAybe Even 6'3" Soo ...
Danimal said on 3/Feb/06
That picture with Glenn is defintely PRE-accident. Kind lost 100 pounds after that accident. Also, Glenn has changed quite a bit since the too ;)..
Anonymous said on 3/Feb/06
Maybe the accident has affected his posture making him look slightly shorter.
Superfuzz said on 3/Feb/06
I agreee with Anshelm. I saw that show and I'd say Stephen was an inch or and inch and a half shorter than Conan. He did look like he could've stood straighter though,
ahaha said on 2/Feb/06
well glen is wearing boots that look like they have a decent size heel and stephen has on converse so yea 6'4" or 6'5"
Anshelm said on 2/Feb/06
No way he was Conan O'Brien's height, more like 6'2"/188 cm. Unless his posture is REALLY bad. No idea what he was in his youth.

Yea, I guess he looks about that much in that photo too.
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/06
King is indeed all of that 6'4". My cousin went to a book signing a couple years ago in Vegas and he is my height (5'11") and he said King had at least 4 inches on him in the minimum.
Mikex said on 1/Feb/06
Gordon Brown is no way 6'2''. 5'11'' I reckon.

[Editor Rob: SundayMail called brown 6ft, but I think he looks a little shy of blair]
Zach said on 31/Jan/06
In a recent BBC 5 Live (a UK radio station) 'quiz' about celebrities heights, King was said to be 6'5. Others I remember are Keegan at 5'7 and that channel four show presenter red head guy whats his name cant remember but he was said to be 6'2 as was Gordon Brown.

Dunno where they got their info from though.

[Editor Rob: wasn't me for sure! Gordon Brown looks lil shorter than blair, unless another gordon?]
Anonymous said on 31/Jan/06
really? i think he looks at least 6'3 in this picture...notice his knee is bent too which probably is affecting his full height a bit too
Mike said on 31/Jan/06
Only looks about 6-2 in that photo...
Mikex said on 31/Jan/06
King has always been quoted at 6'3'' or 6'4'' and he does look it.
Danimal said on 30/Jan/06
The man is tall and his son is even TALLER. I am a huge Stephen King fan. He is awfully thin today. He never really recovered after getting hit by a truck. He lost a hundred pounds and never really gained it back. The man was 6'4". He's creeping up on 60 years old. He is maybe 6'3" today.
Buster said on 30/Jan/06
The truth is out... Glenn is 6'0"!

He just gets off on downgrading celebs by pretending to be 5'8".
Jon Smith said on 30/Jan/06
when he does cameos in movies he looks much smaller like the 5'11-6' region im really surprised he is this tall.
Cycklops said on 30/Jan/06
Looks like if King stood up straight, Glenn would come about to his lip.

I buy 6'3" or 6'4" there. Especially considering both men's footwear...

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