How tall is Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant's Height

6ft 7in (200.7 cm)

British actor and writer known for roles in TV series The Office and Extras. He said in an interview, "one's a short, fat guy and one's 6'7" referring to his attempts to get Hugo Boss to give him and Gervais suits for Bafta's. In the same IcBirmingham interview he talked about height issues: "... heard all the jokes. People say things like 'Did your parents put you in a grow bag?' and 'What's the weather like up there?'...I went to the bar to get a drink and a bloke sniggered 'That's a tall order!'s amazing how people feel they can make fun of your height when they never would if you were fat or disabled". In 2015 he mentioned a peril of being too tall: "I'm too tall. I am 6ft 7in, so I've been most people's height at some point in my life, and 6ft 4in is the best. You're tall, but you don't have to bend when you go through a door."

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6ft 7.05in (200.8cm)
Junior said on 17/Oct/17
I'm betting Peter Crouch had a full inch on Stephon Merchant. 6'8 vs 6'7.
Handy Andy said on 8/Oct/17
If You Happen To Be Exactly The Same Height As Stephen Merchant, Remember To Duck.
avi said on 1/Oct/17
A legitimate 6'5 is very large so it's definitely not desirable, though yes less issues with day to day tasks. I think 6'4 and under there aren't too many issues day to day. As for cancer I know there is one study out there for prostate which I believe it stated Men over 6'0 increased risk. The main study was a huge one done mostly on women but confirmed the risk stands for men as well albeit slightly less.

One quote to paraphrase:
"They found that for every 4-inch change in height, there was a 13 percent increase in risk for developing any type of cancer. The cancers most strongly associated with height were cancers of the kidney, rectum, thyroid and blood. Risk for those cancers increased by 23 to 29 percent for every 4-inch increase in height."
This is a huge deal as the sample size was extremely large and conducted over quite a lengthy timeframe.
Canson said on 14/Aug/17
@Avi and Christian: agreed! Think that height of 6'6 or 6'7 are too tall in those regards. Doorways health etc. however I don't think 6'5" is all that bad at least like Christian said less issues with doors. Now Avi made good points for health but no guarantee that's the case necessarily for all types of cancer
avi said on 7/Jul/17
@Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8)
Also potential health risks go up. For anyone over 6'2. Pancreatic cancer risk is very high for men over 6'1 and over 6'0 for prostate. Ideal height is different for everyone but most seem to agree 6'1-6'2 area I think. Obviously it's not 6'5 or 6'6 it's too large and 6'7 and 6'8 are very undesirable for multiple reasons many more serious than doorframe issues. Based on all the discoveries health wise with being too short or too tall I'd say the "best" height is 5'10-6'1 if you fall in that range you are basically a solid average. I don't think someone 6'0 or most at even 6'1 have too much more health risks but 6'2+ I believe the risks rise significantly.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 5/Jul/17
People like Merchant having issues with doorframes is the reason why I believe anything over 6'6" is an undesirable height for everyday life imo. You have to constantly duck down when entering/exiting doors, because the standard doorframe is usually 6'7", so you even if you're 6'6" barefoot you would be 6'7" or close to it in most shoes. Not to mention for every inch you're above maybe 6'2" the trouble with fitting in shorter cars, plane seats, and finding clothes etc increases. At least 6'2-6'5.75" range people usually don't have to worry about doorframes though.
even said on 28/Jun/17
200 cm
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jun/17
So Stephen Merchant has to bend down when he goes through doors! That must be incredibly irksome!
Steve says that the best male height is 6ft4, and that 6ft7 is just too tall. I can understand that but I can't relate to it, obviously!
However, I have known guys of 6ft4 and even 6ft2, for whom certain doors require for them to bend down in order to walk through without scraping their heads!
I will put 6ft7 for Stephen.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/Jun/17
199-200 range perhaps
S.J.H said on 22/Jun/17

Agree with you. Merchant could be a full 6'7.25 max out of bed and like my thoughts he drop to min 6'6.25 , my max lost height for a day is 2.65cm upon out of bed when i get about 8hours of sleep so i bet on stephen merchant could have lost this much a day just like me.
Canson said on 19/Jun/17
@SJH: he may have been measured in the morning and been 6'7" 1-2 hours out of bed or maybe lost some height. A guy his or your size tho could lose a full inch easily tho. As for Kimmel and Fallon I always suspected that both were lucky if they were 5'11 meaning no more than that for either perhaps less. I see it in those comparisons to Conan or Michael Jordan the latter I've heard too many people including NBA say he's 6'4" range so likely around 6'4.5
S.J.H said on 19/Jun/17
He could not pass over 6'6.5 with jimmy fallon. Fallon listed 5'11.5 but a big problem is that i have met jimmy kimmel in person close up he was not taller than 5'10.5 but rob listed him at 5'11.25 and fallon had always look about 1cm taller so give it a generous 5'11 for Fallon and the max between merchant and fallon is about right on listing here but fact would be they're both 2cm shorter in person than listing. 6'6.25-6'6.5 max for Merchant that explain why 6'7 Peter Crouch giving impression look easily taller than all 6'7 celebrities not just 0.5 more like 0.75 or an inch. Highly doubt 6'7 claim actors were in the 6'6 range a little more or lesser.
Canson said on 4/Jun/17
He actually looks 6'7" not like a 6'5 1/2 guy who inflates or is inflated.
Gladstone Screwer said on 3/Jun/17
Stephen seems a real gent, to be fair, and manages his height well. It can't be good being stared at all day, but at 6'7" that's just gonna happen.
Great suit in the picture, by the way.
berta said on 14/May/17
beside dwayne johnson he looked atleast this heioght in recent photos BUT i think he can be a guy that fall down to 200 cm flat on bad days
Canson said on 10/Apr/17
@SJH: I agree on most of that. But Westbrook is taller than Wall for sure. Same person has met both at 6'3 and said Wall is 1-1.5" shorter than him and that Russell Westbrook and him is maybe 1" maybe less. Westbrook looks taller than Curry Rose and Wall all of which are 6'1" range at their lowest. Westbrook I can believe is his actual pre draft height of 6'2.25 especially on the court which is why people assume he's 6'4-6'5. Kobe with barkley too I believe Kobe has always been taller. Kobe may have been a solid 195 and probably really hasn't lost any height. Maybe he dips a fraction below the 195 mark but with Barkley I've heard and seen multiple posts and have 2 people who are reliably measured who met him and even another person as well as his teammates coaches fans and all to the effect of he's 6'4 range or under or at most 6'5". One of the same ones met Kobe and said he looked 6'5" in person so 6'4.75 is likely there since the diff with a 6'2 guy is 2.75 or 3" and that's no difference esp if Kobe has a footwear advantage. But MJ and Barkley I believe prime were at best weak 6'5" guys no less than maybe 6'4.5 no higher than maybe 6'4.625. Meaning both would wake a fraction over 6'5" more than likely
S.J.H said on 6/Apr/17

I take another few look at the picture of merchant with 6'6 peter jones atually they look identical like my cousin insist jones is nothing over 6'6 so they're both 6'6 i don't think merchant have loss any height yet as he was only 43years old at worst just a fraction. James harden is really 3cm shorter than kobe and without camera angle harden look the same next to charles barkley (barkley height loss was still a myth) only thing i'm confuse with westbrook because he look 1/4 to 1/2 shorter than john wall whom i met not quite over 187cm. Maybe westbrook and john wall was same height just that wall wear thicker insole.

Click Here He can even look tiny bit under 6'5 when standing relax. Honestly i have my own picture standing like this and i still look much taller than him

Click Here you may check out this video kobe atually look 2' taller than conan and look 6'6 standing next to 6'0.5 andy ritcher

Click Here Conan was atually closer to the camera. Without a tip of hair on conan he look nothing over 190cm with kobe and you can see kobe look 14cm taller than andy richter

Click Here kobe look an easy 6'6 with 6'0 bill clinton. Clinton atually look marginally shorter than CP3

Click Here this makes me wonder rob have listed most politician 3cm higher than real barefoot height
Canson said on 31/Mar/17
@SJH: I agree with most of what you said. Harden however is only 1" shorter than Barkley is. He looks around 1-1.25 shorter than Kobe as well. I'd put harden very worst as 191 maybe 191.5. Westbrook isn't as tall as he is and he's 188-189 in real life according to someone I know who met him. Said was around the Rock's height
Canson said on 31/Mar/17
@6'0": only thing is SJH is 6'7" as well so easier for him to tell but to me merchant looks near 6'7" peak maybe not today
6'0 said on 25/Mar/17

I'd say he looks closer to 6'8" in the Dennis Haysbert picture. You need to take into scout the fact that Denis is standing much closer to the camera. Of course, this is all predicated on Dennis being 6'4".
6'0 said on 25/Mar/17

How could you even tell? His character was slouch through the whole movie.
S.J.H said on 21/Mar/17
When i think of 6'8.25 claimed brad gerrett being 200cm in real met by a visitor here name Robert Broome, i don't buy stephen merchant, richard osman pass for 6'7 anymore. They may just be 6'6 range and peter crouch a real 6'7 and a peak greg davies 6'7 too
Peterson188cm said on 19/Mar/17
Stephen Merchant: 200cm / 201cm

Peter Crouch: 202cm / 203cm
184guy said on 11/Mar/17
Looked very tall in Comparsion to Hugh Jackman on Logan
No less than 5 inches difference
And looks also about 5 inches taller than The Rock and John Krasinski ( both around 6'2.5-6'2.75)
So Stephen might not be a full 6'7 but he is very close like 6'6.5- 6'6.75
S.J.H said on 6/Mar/17

Stephen merchant didn't look like my height that is why i could tell and i always suspect he is 6'6.25 as my 6'8 cousin met 6'7 claim peter jones in real say he was really not over 6'6 and most people have see the comparison that merchant look fractionally taller than jones. Honestly barkley didn't look under 7cm taller than the rock also look strong 3" if the rock is 6'2 and barkley 6'4.5 it didn't make sense and james harden even look like not over 190cm with barkley. I think rock is 6'1.75 a big 187cm guy could look 6'2 and i'm buying barkley a strong 6'4.5 nowadays and 6'4-5/8th peak and michael strahan is probably not a 6'4 but just a 192cm guy and measure 6'4.25 in the early morning

Click Here kobe had 1.5" on strahan on nickelodeon award but kobe had about 0.4" more footwear. Without footwear advantage kobe is at least 1.2" taller than strahan not 0.5" range. Strahan is between in the 6'3.5-6'3.75 (6'3.6)

Click Here kobe sneakers look 1-1.1"

Click Here strahan footwear much like a flat style 0.7" boost

Click Here you can see the difference from top of their head look 3" and worst is 2.8" really not 6cm. Wahlberg, barkley and rock posture were prepared except for big shaq only if the ground was not level then rock could be 6'2 but not over which is less impossible
Canson said on 4/Mar/17
@S.J.H: he may have been 6'7" prime maybe down to 6'6" today. In the pic with Barkley and Rock it looked 2-3" and strahan looked about the same difference with Rock as Barkley. My 6'3" friend told me when he met Rock he's 6'2" and Barkley about 1.5" taller than him and about 6'4 1/2. He said Barkley is my height
S.J.H said on 26/Feb/17
6'4-5/8th charles barkley had solid 3" on the rock and stephen merchant only had like 4.5" on the rock. Check the link below

Click Here
S.J.H said on 25/Jan/17
Dennis haysbert is 6'4 so merchant does look 6'7 here but the angle seem a little odd

Click Here
Ned Schneebly said on 13/Jan/17
Poor guy, must be awful to be six seven. He seems quite jolly though.
John said on 20/Nov/16
I think his comment is absolutely accurate. I know it for myself.
But at least one may say that he has been almost everybody else's height...
S.J.H said on 14/Nov/16
Hiding aside and suddenly look like a 6'6 stranger Click Here
MadDrummer said on 1/Nov/16
I'd say he's between 6'7.25" and 6'7.5" next to Peter Jones.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Oct/16
I think Osman might be the stronger 6ft7
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Oct/16
Rob, who do you think is taller Merchant or Osman?
Editor Rob: would be great if they ever met, I think it is a toss up really.
S.J.H said on 20/Sep/16
I think merchant could hold 200cm but that positive fraction more at 6'7 only happen before afternoon. Unlike richard osman who look like 201cm than 6'7 alot and the dragon den Peter Jones met by my 6'8 cousin said that he was only 6'6 in person i doubt it when i saw a full picture he look 0.5 shorter richard osman back to back which osman in converse chucks which is 0.7 less footwear than Peter Jones dress shoe calculate up at 3cm difference
Wallace said on 7/Sep/16
I've met him. That looks right. I have a six five friend and he looks taller in person. I came up to his neck at five eleven
Alex said on 14/Jul/16
It's funny, cause I'm 6'4" and I'd love to be an inch or two taller, even though I realize that once you get close to the 2m mark (6'6"-6'7" or above), life becomes pretty annoying. I have a doorway at work that has a thick inner frame, so its height is ~6'2" (188 cm), and I have to slouch pretty heavily when entering, and it's a huge pain in the ass. I can't imagine what it's like to have to do that every time.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 27/Apr/16
"I'm too tall. I am 6ft 7in, so I've been most people's height at some point in my life, and 6ft 4in is the best. You're tall, but you don't have to bend when you go through a door."

I think that's a good point, that really someone who is extra tall would have pretty good insight to the best height to be. And he's got a point in his assessment; 6'4" is a standout tall height but doesn't come with the problems of heights over 6'6" like ducking doorways.
S.J.H said on 27/Apr/16
Jimmy Fallon is a guy like timberlake 5'11 and 6''0 with dress shoe. Stephen merchant look max 7.5inch taller than fallon. 6'6.5 is fair and he could be 6'7 in the morning
Lenny said on 27/Apr/16
Click Here here is the vid where he stands back to back with Peter Jones @ 2:44 , two things: Jones doesn't like finding someone taller than him and goes up on his toes for a few seconds, Jones has far better posture. I estimate Merchant to be about 6 7 and a quarter and Jones to be a couple of mm below
Arch Stanton said on 27/Apr/16
Rob for some reason the right column is italicized.
Editor Rob: ok thanks for pointing out, in this case it was a missing closing tag on the 2006 comment I made...
Arch Stanton said on 27/Apr/16
Interesting that he says he'd be happy at 6 ft 4. 6'4 is still a very tall height, so he can't detest being very tall that much, otherwise he'd have said 6'2. I can see what he means about the ducking through doors though and jokes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Apr/16
Yeah he does look a strong 6ft7 beside Jones
Arch Stanton said on 26/Apr/16
6'7.25-6'7.5 arguable with Peter Jones.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Apr/16
He looks like a very tall Elton John
Jenn said on 7/Apr/16
If you watch him standing next to 6'0 Jimmy Fallon, 6'7 seems pretty damn accurate
Rifle said on 6/Dec/15
In big bang theory S09E09 he looked 6'9" with Leonard.
James B said on 30/Nov/15
Lillo thomas said on 28/Feb/15
6'4 isn't too tall. 6'4 is solid tall . It's almost in the very tall range. 6'5 - 6'6 is the start of the very tall range. I agree with Stephen Merchant. 6'7 is too tall in real life. 6'7 is a very good height for playing basketball. For nonbasketball guys being this tall must suck.

6'3-6'4 range is the start of very tall. 6'4 is a weak very tall height yes but it's still within the very tall category. 6'5 and 6'6 are legit tall heights.

Merchant at 6'7 is virtually a giant.
S.J.H said on 22/Nov/15
I don't he was 6'7 not even 6'6.75 , because i check out the lip sync clip that merchant with 5'9 joseph gordon levitt at best he look 6'6.5 there and even a flat 6'6
A6'2Guy said on 27/Jun/15
@hal I agree, I also agree that you shouldn't discriminate with people of any height, short or tall.
hal said on 2/Jun/15
A 6'7" guy saying 6'4" is tall? Wow, I love this guy even more now. It proves that he's not one of those manmore jerks who thinks that every guy under 6'5" is either short or average height.
Rifle said on 5/Apr/15
Hi Rob,
Could Stephen Merchant be 6'8" out of bed?
Also are the heights of really tall celebs(6'6" and above) in this website their afternoon or evening heights?
[Editor Rob: it's the same all round, afternoon/evening. I'm sure he'd touch 6ft 8 yes.]
hal said on 4/Apr/15
Are you for real? Did you mistake that 7 for a 0 or a 1? How can a guy who's 6'7" not think he's that tall and wish he was taller? To most normal height people, like me(184cm), Stephen's a giant. I think 200cm is the start of giant range. I wish I was his height or close to it.

And I think Stephen's a legit 6'7". Maybe a strong 6'7". Like 202cm.
Lillo thomas said on 28/Feb/15
6'4 isn't too tall. 6'4 is solid tall . It's almost in the very tall range. 6'5 - 6'6 is the start of the very tall range. I agree with Stephen Merchant. 6'7 is too tall in real life. 6'7 is a very good height for playing basketball. For nonbasketball guys being this tall must suck.
Legend said on 26/Feb/15
Why are people saying this is too tall?
Stephen probably wishes he was even taller than what he is. Its a fact most people around his height do indeed wish they were taller and do not think they are that tall.
Duberry said on 8/Jan/15
Must suck being this height, like being a 5'2 guy on the opposite end of the spectrum. Top bloke though.
Hetty said on 9/Dec/14
where do you reckon a 6'4 & 6'1 guy would end up near him? near the eyebrow/under his ear maybe?
[Editor Rob: probably above his eyebrow, his head isn't a huge size or anything for his height. A 6ft 1 man probably wouldn't look that much above his nose.]
BGee said on 24/Nov/14
Definitely 6'7 (looks a bit like he was supposed to be 6'3 or 6'4 but was stretched out), hence the way too tall height he has now (anything over 6'5 is too tall in my book). Though he'd make a great Plastic Man with those lanky limbs of his!
Hauptstadt said on 12/Sep/14
@James B

Perfect tall height is 188-193. Too bad i'm only 186cm and will probably not reach dat dere 6'2.
James B said on 11/Sep/14
Yeah he looked a weak 6'7 for sure in Modern Family. Peter Crouch could have a good 1 inch on this guy.
James B said on 1/Aug/14
Even 6'4 is still too tall. I'd say perfect tall height is 5'11-6'2
avi said on 16/May/14
@The Exorcist says on 7/Dec/12
He's about 6'7".

He's making Matt Lucas and Elton John look like midgets here:
Click Here

actually he doesnt look more than 9-10 inches bigger than Elton John who is 5'7 at best. so 6'6-6'7 for Merchant. and yes its too tall i agree with him.
person said on 25/Apr/14
stephen merchant looks taller than he actually is because i thought he was around 6'9-6'10 but when me and my mates met him in london and i'm legitimately 6'8; i was startled and perplexed to find out that i had around half an inch to an inch over him. 6'7-6'7.5 for stevie boy.
django said on 28/Mar/14
I know what he says about his height, that's not too reliable when you're too tall though innit
Editor said on 21/Nov/13
He said recently "Being 6ft 7in is too tall. 6ft 4in is much better"
Hypado said on 20/Nov/13
I must say he looks taller than 6'7"

John said on 18/Nov/13
Been watching "Hello Girls" and I must say he looks taller than 6'7".
Aerocobbler said on 26/Jun/13
Easy,easy,easy 6'7. I would have thought closer to or 6'8. I saw his standup show and he looked gigantic.
Fei said on 24/Jan/13
Door Frame comment from below - if its an American movie, remember that US doorframes are 6'8", not 2m.
cansen79 said on 4/Jan/13
I think he's more than 6'7. I know that he's quite skinny and that adds a bit to it, but still 201cm is not too tall. I honestly believe that he's at least a strong 6'8
The Exorcist said on 7/Dec/12
He's about 6'7".

He's making Matt Lucas and Elton John look like midgets here:
Click Here
MaskDeMasque said on 28/Oct/12
I think he might be 6'6ish actually. 6'7 out of bed. Has 6 inches on pilkington who i don't think is taller than 6'.
somedude said on 30/Sep/12
he is tall but he is built like peter crouch i think. how much do you guys reckon he weighs??
EB said on 8/Aug/12
I seriously thought he would have been about 5'11" because he is always sitting next to Ricky and he looks so thin and weedy. When I heard 6'7" I was literally like "Holy F***!"
Vegas said on 20/Jan/12
steven says on 19/Jan/12
seriously he look 6'5-6'6 in Hall Pass. i bet he is shorter in real. probably mid day 6'7 in shoe. not under 6'5.5 and not over 6'6

he was 3 inches taller than conan o brien easily and taller next to jon ross Click Here than penn jillette Click Here
steven said on 19/Jan/12
seriously he look 6'5-6'6 in Hall Pass. i bet he is shorter in real. probably mid day 6'7 in shoe. not under 6'5.5 and not over 6'6
Sam said on 30/Dec/11
How much would you estimate he weighs, Rob?
[Editor Rob: could be in the 160-165 range]
Godred said on 27/Nov/11
@mike - I would not want to look like that though.
Mike said on 2/Nov/11
Uh, Stephen, people usually "make fun of" your height because it's usually not seen as a bad thing. I'm 6'2 1/2" and I wish I was taller.

Saw him in a crowd a few years ago and he towered over everyone even slouching. Skinny as a rail though.
LAN Jiao said on 1/Nov/11
again i think solid 6'6.5 for merchant, not quite good 2metre tall so let alone 6'7. peter jones a solid 6'6.25 and atually look more 6'7 in shoe then barely range. even they were 200-201 morning and claim 6'7 is still fair but they gota be weak 6-7 through out the day unlike peter crouch a scary skinny tallish 6-7 can pull to look 6-9 alone.
LAN Jiao said on 25/Oct/11
Consider to took off every tip of his hair in thea evening or night he would be measure out 199.2cm max. Peter jones case 198.3cm and
Peter Crouch case 200.5cm
Yaspaa said on 1/Oct/11
Ooh James, that's , I don't what that is, the guy is as close to 6'7 as it gets, he made The Rock look like a midget.
Abi said on 1/Oct/11
Also the time of day photographs are taken at can play a big part in height because people grow and shrink during the day
Vegas said on 30/Sep/11
lan jiao, the premier league claim crouch is 198cm (under 6'6), obviously he is taller than that but thats what the official site claims Click Here
LAN Jiao said on 29/Sep/11
be honest we have eye to see people's frame and height. if peter jones and merchant were same height as peter crouch nobody would bother to argue here. if peter crouch truely just 201cm as the premiere league got him measure this height, so how could stephen merchant and peter jones were level height as peter crouch?
much obviously stephen merchant and peter jones stand around 6"6-6"6.5 nothing over max 199cm. crouch was then a real 6'7 guy.
Abi said on 4/Sep/11
Household Door frames are actually 2 metres tall (6'6") he is 6'7" most of the pictures you see of him are usually in e.g. Itv studio and those doors are taller. When he stands next to Karl pilkington who is 6'1" he is at least 6" taller than him and on one picture they are standing together and next to a door and stephen is taller than the door and he has to bend down to get under door frames.
James said on 28/Aug/11
Stephen Merchant is not 6.7. I will prove it to you in five reasons.
1. On the picture with picture with peter Jones he was on tiptoes
2. he is not six inches taller than Johnathan Ross
3. Most doors have a standing height of 6'8 and he was not level with shoes on.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Aug/11
Peter Jones can look 6ft6.5
James said on 27/Jun/11
Conan O'Brien 6'3.75 (192cm)
Stephen Merchant 6'7 (201cm)
James said on 23/Jun/11
JJ says on 13/Jun/11
No james you got it wrong, peter jones towered 6'1 johnathon ross peter jones is a legit 6'7 along with stephen merchant, or mayby there both easily in the 6'7 range not sure about the latter, but it's quite possible

Merchant is just a fraction taller than Jones so.
James said on 12/Jun/11
Stephen Merchant 6'7 (201cm)
Peter Jones 6'6.75 (200cm)
James said on 12/Jun/11
okay 201cm
Chameleon said on 26/May/11
Parker how tall is that girl next to Crouch do u know?
Cranberries said on 10/May/11
He has an enormous, almost alien-like head; makes him look slightly shorter than he really is, but he's every cm of 6'7".
Parker said on 6/May/11
[Editor Rob: maybe crouch is a guy who is half inch over 6ft 7 and just drops the 1/2 inch, whilst merchant is near enough 6ft 7.

Crouch looks closer to 6'8 to me Rob.
Click Here
James said on 4/May/11
he looked a weak 6'7 in comparison to Dwayne Johnson in Tooth Fairy.

Rob is 199cm not out of the question for Merchant? He's very skinny which can help him loook taller but he does not look as tall as someone like peter crouch.

[Editor Rob: maybe crouch is a guy who is half inch over 6ft 7 and just drops the 1/2 inch, whilst merchant is near enough 6ft 7.

I think if he were 6ft 6.5 he seems a kind of guy who would say that height.

I never seen tooth fairy so can't comment on him and dwayne.]
Mathew said on 13/Apr/11
WHAT!? I thought this guy was like 6'2"!!!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Mar/11
Merchant is taller than Peter he's 202cm

When you reach 6ft6 and up you'll find guys claiming a shorter uncle is prime example. He himself is 6ft7-6ft8 and he always claims 6ft6...sometimes even 6ft5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Mar/11
marshall said on 11/Mar/11
tell me james, what exactly is a weak 6 foot 7in hahaha
Anonymous1 said on 3/Mar/11
Click Here
Jacob said on 12/Feb/11
Said in the 'Ricky Gervais Guide To... the World Cup' that he himself is 6'7".
Henry said on 10/Aug/07
I was next to him at the Prince Concert, he's easily 6'7".

He also dances strangely.
pianochris said on 24/Apr/07
Well the standard height for a doorframe in the UK is 6'6" and this guy has to duck to get in the doorway in 'Extra's'. Oh but maybe they built the set smaller to make him look big......yeh right
Anonymous said on 30/Dec/06
he's massive, saw him in london recently and he ws simply towering over the people he was with. funny this guy is normal looking but he is so stringy
david said on 17/Dec/06
luis-garcia you have no sense to judge height if you think he's 6'4,really mate.
Anon said on 3/Dec/06
Stephen Merchant is 6"7 - he's said so numerous times before, as has Ricky Gervais. The photo doesn't really do him justice as he's at least a step behind Gervais and Gallagher.
Rastus said on 29/Sep/06
This guy is at least 6' 7", probably even more. Saw him on Extras last night and he was so much bigger than Gervais (and a dwarf, ironically enough) that it looked superimposed. 6'4" and 6'5" guys like Goldblum, Vaughn and Hasselhof look very tall beside most people on screen or in pictures. However Merchant towers over people so much that you have to do a double take to believe what you're seeing.
Kat said on 27/Apr/06
My friend, who is 6', was at the University of Warwick with Steve [they did a radio show together] and he says that Steve is 6'6"
Fozzy said on 28/Mar/06
6'7'' my arse!

they only said that because anything above 6'6'' is very unusual
fmem said on 5/Mar/06
he says he's 6ft 7
and he DOES tower above Gervais. just look at the pictures of them at the Golden Globes. They barely got Ash Atalla and Stephen's heads in the same shot
CelebHeights Editor said on 6/Jan/06
From hbo site, " He's eight foot tall, has stupid glasses, awful hair, but it makes me look good, which is why he's in the series. We look so strange on screen together as well. The height difference is ridiculous. I want people to know that he is a freak and I'm the normal one. Don't look at this and go, "What? Didn't know Ricky was a dwarf." I'm not. He's the weird one." - Ricky Gervais
makdaddy said on 5/Jan/06
luis_garcia u are wrong if u knew wat 6'4 was u would'nt say that its incorrect 6'6 but no way 6'4
Luis_Garcia said on 25/Dec/05
No way is he 6'7, if he was he would completely tower Gervais and Gallagher. I'd say he's 6'4, 6'5 max

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