How tall is Takeshi Kaneshiro

Takeshi Kaneshiro's Height

5ft 10in (177.8 cm)

Taiwan born actor best known for films such as House of Flying Daggers, Red Cliff and Dragon.

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5ft 11in (180.3cm)
Joshua said on 3/Aug/17
He's 6'0.
S.J.H said on 26/Jan/17
@Pleb said on 29/Nov/13

lol. That was camera angle issues. Hu Jun is 1.5" shorter than 6'1 Gao Hu and 1cm shorter than 182cm Daniel Wu.
S.J.H said on 25/Jan/17
He claim 180cm. I suspect he was more like 177cm barefoot
Aaron zamora said on 4/Dec/15
How tall do you think that Daniel Wu from Into the badlands is Rob?
Pleb said on 9/Jan/14
@fa, Seriously, you're going by what agencies claim? Haven't you learnt anything at all from this site? Celebs are rarely what they claim, agencies are paid to promote said stars by said star in the best light possible...
Pleb said on 9/Jan/14
@fa, I said 'probably', so not sure. They look like some funky kungfu boots that don't have much sole, Takeshi is in typical 1 inch dress shoes.

@mr.rashi, erh..., yes some do, insole lifts are pretty popular in South Korea.
Pleb said on 18/Dec/13
@FA Jun Hu is not a full 6'1, he is listed 184cm. More Chance he is under 184cm than over it. Since you know, practically everyone rounds up!

Takeshi is around 175-177 in my books and so is Chang Chen. They are weak 5'10 at best, 5'9 is probably more on the money.
Pleb said on 14/Dec/13
Click Here

Jun Hu probably has footwear advantage here, doubt his footwear is giving him more than an Inch.
Pleb said on 14/Dec/13
@FA: "i can c 2 or almost 3 inches between them." Almost 3 inches means he is under 5'10, go and hit up some images with Rob and 5'10 guys to see what two inches look like.

Anyway Jun Hu is kind of leaning there and taking into account of camera angle and perspective, his eye level is almost level with the top of Takeshi's head.
Pleb said on 11/Dec/13
184cm Jun Hu with 182cm Daniel Wu.

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Kaneshiro with Jun Hu:

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Takeshi might get away with looking like 5'11 with the likes of Jet Li or Donnie Yen etc... But with a legit 6 footer he looks under 5'10.
Pleb said on 10/Dec/13
@FA Jin Cheng Wu is struggling to look a full 5'10 next to Jun Hu.

@MR Rashid Daniel Wu is 1.82m barefoot and around 1.86m in footwear.

I do not see Louis being within 1-4cm of Daniel. Not without footwear adavantage.

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No way is Louis Koo 1.80m-1.81m barefoot.

Anyway what does the honesty of the west and east Asians taking of their shoes while entering others homes got to do with most east Asian celebs fibbing their heights? Take your sophistry else where, don't try to insinuate stuff I never said...
Pleb said on 29/Nov/13
5'9 max guy with good proportions that can fool you to think he looks 5'11.

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See the tall guy in both pics, that's Jun Hu a legit 6ft0.5/1.84m, who edges out a 1.82m Daniel Wu.

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Dunno about Jet li but both Donnie Yen and Andy Lau both fib their heights, Andy Lau wears lifts.

Most Asian stars fib their height, Louis Koo for example is listed 5ft11/1.80m but only looks 5ft9 next to Daniel Wu.
zohan said on 4/Dec/12
I think he is taller or maybe donnie yen need an shorter upgrade

with donnie yen Click Here
kevin said on 20/Jan/12
i saw fallen angels yesterday and in one scene there was a height chart in the backround. he hit the 175 mark but was goofing around. so i guess he isnt quite 178cm.
LLLLL said on 17/Sep/11
I peg him at 175 max, he never looks tall or tallish like many true 5'10ers can pull off with proper camera work. Maybe even 5'8"...
Anonymous said on 12/May/07
He's 179cm (about 5'11"). Don't be fooled by the picture he stood next to Andy Lau, who's known to wear "speal shoes" that help raising your height by 2-3 inches (they apear normal from outside), those shoes are very popular in Asia right now.
MD said on 8/Apr/07
With 5'6" actress Ziyi Zhang, and 5'8.5" Any Lau (5'8" maybe?):

Click Here

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Maybe, more like 5'9"-5'9.5"?
Joe said on 6/Apr/07
5'9" looked about 1 inch taller than Andy Lau in House Flying Daggers.
footballed28 said on 24/Jan/07
just to share a fact with you'all...his father is Japanese and his mother is Taiwanese...something I read from an article...he is also very talented...speaks English, Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese
Shaun said on 28/Dec/06
Wasn't there an article in GQ where he was listed as 5'9''? Not sure, because it was a while back, but I think he was.
Jim said on 11/Sep/06
He looks really short in all the fashion magazines. Maybe around 5'8" at most.
Ay-za said on 2/Feb/06
He looks taller than his real height
Adrianna said on 13/Dec/05
5'10 sounds about right.
Tang got pwned said on 12/Nov/05
thanks rob, i made the same mistake as Tang, thanks for showing me the path to true knowledge.
HAHAHAH Tang got owned so hard

[Editor Rob: it's surprisingly common for many to get confused with all those conversions]
Jordan said on 25/Jul/05
Golden rule of thumb. Subtract about 1 1/2 to 2 inches from any celebrity's listed height and you have his/her real height.
Firestar said on 1/Jul/05
I just have to say...178 centimeters = 70.0787402 inches....which is 5ft 10... Gotta agree with Editor Rob...
Vivian said on 29/May/05
I have never seen in person because I think he lives in Hong Kong? But I do think he's actually shorter than 5'10 based on the HK movies he's been in.
Jobe said on 11/Apr/05
Has anyone ever me this guy in person. He looks pretty short in most of the non- publicity pics I see. Like around 5'8 to 5'9"
Tang said on 30/Mar/05
Rob, I would just like to tell you how much of an idiot I feel like at this point in time. I don't know why I didn't see that. I really didn't care about this guy, just stubborn when it comes to numbers. Besides, we could never know these peoples' real heights anyway, they always jack up their height a few nches anyway on their sites. Damn I feel like an idiot.
Tang said on 29/Mar/05
Ummm, ok, look at your rationale. 70.079 inches. Divide that by 12 inches (or 1 foot) which equals a little over 5'8". Do the math there Rob.

[Editor Rob: Lol Tang, just ask your Math Teacher...(5 * 12) = 60 inches. 70 - 60 = 10. Hence, 5ft and 10 inches. the 5.839 'feet' you are fixated on is a decimalised value, but since there ain't 10 inches in a 'foot' you have to multiply that .839 by 12 to arrive at the remaining inches. 70 inches = 5ft 10in = 5.833 feet, 71 inches = 5ft 11in = 5.916 feet]
Tang said on 29/Mar/05
Ummm, I don't which converter you're looking at but go to the International Standards of weight and measure converter. 178 cm is a little over 5'8". Unless you're going by a standard noone but you knows about to arrive at 5'10".

[Editor Rob: Ah, I understand what you're saying. 178cm = 5.839 feet. Yes, but there's 12 inches in a foot. I do see this mistake a lot on some sites that convert the cm wrongly in that way. The inch-cm conversion factor has existed for ages and is simply 1 inch = 2.54cm. Hence 178cm = 70.079 inches, or 5ft 10in]
Tang said on 28/Mar/05
I hate to break it to you people , but he's 179 cm which is around 5'8" not 5'10".

[Editor Rob: 179cm = 5ft 10.5]

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