How tall is Ziyi Zhang

Ziyi Zhang's Height

5ft 4 ¾ (164.5 cm)

Chinese actress best known for films like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, Rush Hour, House of Flying Daggers, 2046 and Memoirs of a Geisha.

How tall is Ziyi Zhang
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Average Guess (22 Votes)
5ft 4.58in (164cm)
aac said on 19/Feb/23
And I agree with @Eastern Chinese's comment. I was born in Shanghai in 2000. Most Chinese women I see are between 155cm-165cm regardless of their age, and 160cm is a quite common and average height among Chinese women. If you're a woman and you're above 165cm then lots of people will tell you that you're tall, and if you're above 170cm, people will: 1.tell you that you are too tall and it's hard for you to find a boyfriend; 2.tell you that you can be a model.
I am 167cm and most of my female classmates and friends are shorter than me, and I always sit in the last or the second last row in my class (the teacher allocates our seat according to our height, from short to tall, and usually there're 6-7 rows each row 6-7 people).
aac said on 19/Feb/23
Me and my mum once saw her at the airport and I had a photo with her. She was about the same height as my mum (my mum is 160cm). She is definitely shorter than 165cm, I'd say 161cm-162cm at most. I am 167cm and normally if there's a 165cm tall person standing next to me the height difference won't be significant, but in the photo there is a significant difference in height between Ziyi and me (I'd say 6-7 cm).
Jackie Lee said on 24/Mar/22
Chinese men on the other hand seem to average about 5'5-5'9, at times around the younger generation I think the average is more like 5'7-5'11.
Jackie Lee said on 24/Mar/22
I'm Chinese myself and most Chinese women I see are about 4'10-5'3 on average. The 5'6 average Chinese women height is pure drivel. I'm 5'5 and would be surprised if the average Chinese woman is 5'6 considering I'm taller than most of the Chinese women I see :)
FE said on 19/Oct/21
@Editor Rob,

Is 5’4.75” or 4⅞” possible?
Click Here

Interestingly, she’s listed 164cm on her agency Click Here & also on other Chinese websites. Initially thought 5’4.75-5” max, but weak 5’5” is fair.

What do u think Rob?
Editor Rob
Good spot, if she's given that mark then 4.75 is fair.

Interesting that is a kind of bridging agency, but they put Jet Li 163cm and Jackie Chan 173cm way Jackie would claim that low!
Nik Ashton said on 16/Jul/20
@ Eastern Chinese - You are not really short in the UK!
6footTom said on 14/Jul/20
@stop trollin' 6footTom

It's backed by empirical data, buddy.
calm down babe said on 3/Nov/19
Well, Even in the U.S., 6' is taller than at least 80% of people, so you don't have to be surprised.
stop trollin' 6footTom said on 3/Nov/19
Well you're definitely trollin', I'm E Asian too and you have no evidence at all.

and Christian why can I see you everywhere
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Aug/19
@US person
The key word is "on average". Of course, there are gonna be some East Asians that are taller than Europeans.
6footTom said on 15/Aug/19
@U.S. person

Eastern Asians are on average shorter than Europeans. I'm not trolling, I'm an Eastern Asian myself.
U.S. person said on 5/Jul/19
@theblacklab not at all that East Asians always taller than the Euros so stfu
U.S. person said on 5/Jul/19
Hoost you are just an idiot troll, 174 cm is not short, this is the average height, more than 90% of American women are no more than 170 cm tall, so I would say that Euros are no higher than East Asians on average.
U.S. person said on 5/Jul/19
Du I'm totally agree with you East Asians ain't shorter than Euro
Debjani das said on 31/Mar/18
I don't know but I see each and every women in chinese industry are not shorter than 5'5" or 5'6".... It's not that I'm saying Asians are short, not at all.. but seriously, does every celeb have to be 5 '6" or 5'7" ?.. because I think it's really an injustice to those who are 5' to 5'4" there are many famous celebs like lady gaga and kristen bell who are 5'1"... I guess to be short is not at all a shame...
Tom said on 24/May/17

I find that data hard to believe. I'm only 6ft tall and I went to Beijing last summer, and walking around there almost made me feel like a giant at times, even among younger folks my age. I'd be really shocked if the average for younger generations really was 174cm.
DR said on 29/Jun/16
Looks 5'4" to me. I've been told I look like her, and I also have her small, slim build. I'm 5'3", and I look a bit shorter than her in pics. So 5'4" it is, give or take a few centimeters.

She looks shorter in movies, but I think it's because of her small frame and young-looking face. It's a total stereotype that Chinese and Asians are short. Whether they're in China, the US, or elsewhere, they're often close to the height of white people.

Non-Asians often say I'm petite because of the tiny Asian stereotype, but at 5'3," I'm close to the average American white woman's height of 5'4". In my city, I'm really not that short. When I'm in heels, I'm taller than everyone because many women wear flats. People automatically throw me into the petite category because I'm Asian, whereas they would not call a white/black woman my height petite. It's fine being called petite - that's not derogatory at all. But it's other stereotypes that hurt, and that wreck me in all areas of life. Stop stereotyping, people.
Hoost said on 12/Apr/16
@Finally The newest data shows that young generation in China is only 172. Young men ( 17 year old) in Beijing is only 174cm average, which is capital of China, people have very good nutrition and diet. For young generation in the whole world, 174 average is only average, My chinese said Beijing is one of tallest cities in China. So it is safely to say even young chinese are not tall.
Hoost said on 12/Apr/16
@Eastern Chinese said on 1/Aug/12
I am an Eastern Chinese from Shanghai and I can tell that I am really short. I mesure 5'1 . So I guess it really depends on your genetic because many chinese womam from Shanghai mesure up to 5'6 and even more.

It does not make sense. American women are 6' and even more that I've seen, but the majority of American women are still around 160-170 cm. Maybe many chinese women up to 5'6, but 90 percent of Chinese women are under 5'3'.
Cliff said on 6/May/15
Yeah, Rob should revisit this one. I see 162 tops from nearly all photos I've seen.
SK said on 27/Aug/13
There's no way she's 5'5". She's been wearing massive 5"-6" heels lately, and she still looks short next to Tom Hanks (6') and Lee Byung Hun (5'9"). She looks about 5'7" in these massive heels. A woman who is truly 5'5" would look much taller than this in such huge heels.
Click Here
Here's a close-up shot of the shoes she was wearing that night.
Click Here

She looks about 5'3", not 5'5".
Vivi said on 25/Aug/13
This really surprised me. I thought she was maybe 5'4" at most!
yy said on 24/Aug/13
i am chinese and i have met her in person once rob,
seriously,no more than 162cm cause i am 166cm。。
theblacklab said on 23/Aug/12
Finally, I agree that people in the cities are generally taller, but I could still expect them to be averagely shorter than Western people. Maybe 5'0" and 5'1" was a little too low, but obviously these heights are quite common, they are even common in the US and UK. Perhaps the average is around 5'3" to 5'3.5", but I can't imagine as high as 5'4". Obviously, when the government posts the heights of ALL people, it definately means not ALL, because I can suspect some people in poor and sparse regions have never even been measured. I even know a lot of people here in the UK who have never been measured by their doctor, and they aren't poor, it just has never been necessary. Also, there aren't that many people in the country, so their relatively shorter heights won't significantly effect the taller heights of Chinese in the cities, where most of the population resides. As for Ziyi personally, I suspect she is 5'4", most other sites seem to claim that and she seems the same height as Michelle Yeoh (listed here as 5'4").
Finally said on 18/Aug/12
The average height of Chinese including cities and countryside, however, peolpe in countryside are much poorer and shorter than thoes in cities. so normally the Chinese people we see on street are taller than what the report made by government says. And by the way, Janpanese are shorter, because they live in island and human evolution is slowly done there, they marry people not far, so genetic keeps them alike and not tall.
Eastern Chinese said on 1/Aug/12
I am an Eastern Chinese from Shanghai and I can tell that I am really short. I mesure 5'1 . So I guess it really depends on your genetic because many chinese womam from Shanghai mesure up to 5'6 and even more.
theblacklab said on 10/Jun/12
Chinese are generally smaller than North Americans, Britsh etc., but I think Ziyi is above average for women of her race. The average height for a Chinese woman is 5'0" to 5'1" in southern China, and 5'1.5" to 5'2.5" in northern China. And also, I know Ziyi was young (21), and perhaps had a tiny bit of growing left, but she seemed shorter to equal than 5'3.5" Michelle Yeoh in some of the fight scenes. Perhaps Michelle had a tiny heel advantage, so I think Ziyi is 5'4" 5'4.5" tops.
ken said on 10/Jan/12
northern chinese are the tallest among chinese. japanese are short. check out the stats and stop making bs. american news already reported chinese average heights on par with american average heights and will continue to grow due to advancement in the country.
did said on 21/Sep/11
North chinese are never tall. They are shorter than japanese. You just check out the report from china government. They recognized they are shorter than Japanese. You see a few tall chinese women.
Liang said on 6/Jun/11
Northern Chinese people are indeed a little taller than the people in the south (where most Chinese here originate from) but I think some of you are exagerrating your heights and overestimating how tall you are and the average height in the north. Young men in the north average about 5'9-5'10 and women about 5'4-5'5 which is equal to the average height in the West. However, older people are often times much shorter than the average.
bullseye said on 1/Apr/11
My girlf friend is a Chinese, she's from Dalian and she's 5'7, her dad is 6'1, mom is 5'6.
issuetall said on 27/Feb/11
dongbei says on 13/Feb/10
u all joking 5'9 is not tall at all in northern china
i'm 6'4.75 and just above average among the young males, all guys under 6'1 are called shorty here

You can say what you want. I can also say that one of my Croatian friend who is 6'5, He just above average among young male in his hometown, all guys under 6'3''5 are called drawf in there.
Blaah said on 15/Jan/11
I think it's true nothern chinese women are taller than other asians like koreans or japanese girls but there still can't be considered tall in a european or american way.
koreas average height (woman) is about 5'2" and I've heard that nothern chinas woman are slightly taller but still...
I think she is about 5'3" to 5'4"
lol said on 20/Nov/10
korean girls/guys are not taller.
they just shamelessly wear lifts.
Sandy said on 27/Oct/10
Mitsui, are you serious? If you're Chinese you would know that many Northern Chinese women are tall. And the tall Chinese women that you see in US are mostly Northern.
Mr. R said on 3/Apr/09
She is listed at 5-5 in the May 2001 issue of People.
Lyn said on 11/Mar/09
What difference does the height make unless one is too short (below 1.50)/ too tall (above 1.80) - I mean for a woman. Who is attractive anyway. It is the proportions which matters when judging upon phisical beauty, and most of all - the presence, charisma. It's absolutely ridiculous that so many people have endless debates on how tall Zhanz Ziyi might be - 1.64 or 1.70. What difference would it make? She is charming, feminine, attractive, talented, successful, rich. So you can simly shut up.

(For the record, I've noticed that women above 1.80 don't have a straight back even in their 20's, look either too big, or too bony, seem a bit clumsy when they walk... it's just not feminine; my personal criteria: 1.60 - 1.70 is just perfect. men, of course, are allowed to extra 15 sm.)
Diane said on 6/Mar/09
I've worked with Ziyi, she's taller than I expected to her be and I saw her with and without shoes. I couldn't state an exact height but definately taller than 5'3 and not 5'7.
C. said on 2/Nov/08
Exactly how tall is Adriana? Because I've seen anything from 175 to 178 and now I'm thinking that she's closer to 173-174. Even then I think Ziyi isn't as low as 5'2" nor is she as high as 5'7". Maybe she is closer to 5'4" which is why she gets listed both ways.
anonymous said on 16/Oct/08
in rush hour two she looks tall. She was about 2 inches shorter than jackie chan with heels. I would say she's five foot 4. SHe doesnt look tall off camera.
89 said on 1/Sep/08
rose, in this pic adriana looks shorter than 1.75... ziyi has bended her head, so she looses some cmeters, and still comes to the middle of adriana's eye... this is about 8cm. if rose put her head straight its even less the difference. so or adriana is tops 5'8'' or ziyi is less than 5'5''
Obamaisaboutnothing said on 3/Jul/08
My wife is Chinese- from Hong Kong and is 179cm (not a model), so not all Southern Chinese are short, but generally sweeter than the Chinese sisters to the North (Marry a Norther girl, prepare for battle) No offense :)
Last time I checked, Average height for American gals was 5'4"---pretty average on the world stage (those dannes!) Cheers
Silent said on 25/Jun/08

Maybe by race as well! Indigenous race certainly. Compare people in Hong Kong to those in inner mongolia, or the Uyghur people of Xinjiang province. Most people would say they all look the same, but they are VERY different.
Rocky said on 24/Apr/08

yes, it depends greatly on the region. China has over 1.3 billion people, which is almost 5 times as many as the U.S. In many ways, it is a more diverse (not referring to race btw) as well.
Hmmm said on 2/Apr/08
I don't understand why people are claiming that a 5'9 girl would not be considered tall in China. Yes, average heights vary between the different areas of China, with people in southern China being generally shorter than those in northern China. But from the research I have conducted on the internet, I have found that the average height of women in China, and in China as a whole, not just certain cities, is about 5'2. Therefore, a 5'9 woman would be considered tall in China.
nadina said on 28/Mar/08
ziyi looks about 5'4'', or even 5'4.5''. 5'5'' might be too high. and adriana lima by the way is only 5'8'' or 5'8.5'', so the picture below looks about 3-4 inch difference.
midnight said on 27/Mar/08
my cousin is hk chinese and at 5ft9 she is considered very tall by hk standards,she hated being so tall while in high school,she was already 5-8 at the age of 12/13! which meant she towered over both her female and male school friends! lol.
C. said on 11/Mar/08
I guess I was confused as to what ??? was actually stating, b/c has China ever stated it was a country of supermodels? I'm confused. And what is this about 5'9" and beauty standards? Every country has them. You don't see me whining and I'm taller than you are. Get over it. And did anyone not say 5'9" wasn't tall? Where are you getting your information from? I don't even see how or why this has been brought up on the Zhang Ziyi page as this topic has no relevance.

Anyway, I haven't seen the picture with Tang Wei and Ziyi, but Tang is close to 5'8" so obviously Ziyi would look shorter. In the pic below, if Lima is 5'10", Ziyi is pretty much 5'5".
Rose said on 15/Feb/08
Um, here's a pic of Adriana Lima and Ziyi, both wearing flip flops. I think 165 is pretty accurate, if Adriana Lima is around 175. Or maybe she's even a bit taller? I mean, models make shorter people look diminutive, but Ziyi looks pretty normal standing her.

Click Here
Bert from CHINA said on 15/Feb/08
oh, my god...Are friends from Europe and America interested in discussing HEIGHT? I think most of you are tall enough.
I am approximately 175cm, in CHINA, average.
The number of young girls above 168cm are growing
WikiGirl said on 8/Feb/08
To Anonymous, LOL..."blonde chicky vs peking ducky" LMAO...
to yy, don't be too defensive. ??? is expressing her opinions. "chinese appreciate silent beauties" where did this stupid quote come from? it's like you've been living in the 20's not the two thousands. Everyone has rights to fall in love with every person in this world. I'm a chinese woman, and I have chinese boyfriend..I'm also very talkative,active person and would not be afraid to express my minds (and arguing LOL..)and my chinese boyfriend LOVES me that way. Be wise!
Peace out.
yy to ???? said on 24/Dec/07
1, Hongkong ppl is generously smaller than residents in most other parts of China. I really hope u can pay a visit to northwest part of China or maybe beijing, u might find ur height is very average among gals there...shame u havent had a good study over those areas and rushed to a conclusion.

2, 5'9" could be 'big' if u have big bones, not due to ur height. Actually some european woman does possess bigger skeleton than their peers, this might explain why u look 'bigger' in the street.

3, if u really win the heart of that stupid asian guy, u 'd better be less talkative. Chinese appreciate silent .... good luck:)
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/07
hey im a female and im 5'11.5 tall and i dont like my height.. why do people care so much bout height?? i dont think height matters if your a female its all about the curves...and i think girls 5'1-5'7 looks great and fit...than 5'8 and above...
im so tall and im always been called the giant dont u guys think it sounds bad haha
??? said on 15/Dec/07
Is it not right? Is it not a city of supermodels when 5'9 (female) is nowhere tall?
I was once in Hong Kong (ok! Hong Kong is not China) for working and looking for boyfriend. For some reasons, I love asian beauty and chinese eyes. It was a complicated time for me because I'm too big there(I don't request that my bf has to be tall, but he should be a bit taller than me, "I apologize to Rob, Glenn and Mamun") . There were some chinese girls similar to my height, but they're a few, not a lot. Fortunately, some chinese colleagues introduced a man to me, he needed someone for training english. As their describing, he is handsome, 1m80 tall. Wow! I was suddenly dead when I met him. With typical chinese face, he is really good looking: square jaw, high cheekbones, cold black eyes, single eyelids, tenderly smile; comparing to the chinese people he looks tall but he is not taller than I. Eventhough, his driver's license and his resume also say:"he's 1m80". However, I haven't talked to him about his height, I shouldn't. We are living now in America. He wanted to get admitted to FBI, so he had to have a medical and physical check as well his height was measured carefully again. Nothing is wrong, he's 5'9, it's sufficient to enter FBI. The question is: Is 5'9 similar to 1m80?
I don't know much about "chinese culture" but I can see that the chinese people seem to adore the giants, I don't understand why is your definition "tall is beautiful"? After hearing a story about the heroes in Water Margin novel by a friend, I had to utter: "Oh! it's a NBA Basketball star story". The most heroes were about 7 feets, 8 feets; the shortest was 6' (Song Jiang), Lu Junyi was 9'. I also know, leg-lengthening surgery was very public in China until it was Banned.
I say, chinese people may be not much shorter than the Noth Europeans, but "5'9 barfeet female is nowhere tall" is hard to believe to me. I confess, I'm a 5'9 naturally blonde, it's ok as people think, blondes are stupid, but you can believe, most blondes are honestly and "love posing", so I say my height doesn't do me a favour. My height is not too tall but it' s enough to make me find myself being "a big girl", it's also my nickname ( die Grosse) and I don't like it, even I'm just 105 pounds, I still feel that I'm bigger than my husband. When people tell me: "you seem to be taller than your husband", I just can answer:"No. It's just because my legs are long, so you think so". I'm not proud at all of the words "My legs are long". I don't say that I want to be tiny, but 5'4, 5'6 is my wish. I know 5'9 girl is normal and beautiful for camera world, but it's so much for a girl in real world.
For C. " Many Asian celebs (in their home countries, not abroad) are just as tall as their Western counterparts". Of course, in most countries, you have no chance to be a music or movie star or a symbol of beauty if you're below 5'3(female). Recently in Germany, there is "for the first time" a 5' music star, her name is Annett Louisan. The most positive thing in Hollywood is that Eva Longoria, Shakira, Natalie Portman,...are all symbols of beauty. But the most negative thing in Hollywood as well in China is that they're much prettier than the everyday girls ( in particular, in America much thinner). Symbols of German beauty are often not prettier than the simple girls. You can check: Marlene Dietrich, Dianne Kr
C. said on 9/Dec/07
@ ??? : Your point is...?

Zhang Ziyi is nowhere close to 170cm. She looks this stated height. However, Michelle Yeoh looks shorter than the 5'4" on this site. More like 5'3". And although the average height in East Asia (and Asia for that matter) may be shorter on average than US and European averages, the younger population is significantly taller than the older generation. Many Asian celebs (in their home countries, not abroad) are just as tall as their Western counterparts.

And exchange students here...well, let's just say they're not the 5'2" the some seem to think. The girls especially are most often just as tall (sometimes taller) than the guys, which is more or less the same 'phenomenon' found in the population I occupy on campus, although there's still plenty of tall guys around.
??? said on 3/Dec/07
And I'm a 5'9 German girl. I'm everywhere in my country "absolutely tall" and "quite tall" in Netherland...I'm speechless about chinese women's average height (a country of supermodels). My eyes are tired...I go sleeping.
YY said on 13/Nov/07
JC, i am wondering which part of China u have been to, plus when and how many times u have done so. I myself is 5'9" without(female) and find myself nowhere being TALL in my city. So pls pls pls open up ur eyes and mind before opening ur mouth.

By the way, have u ever seen zhang ziyi in real person?? If not, how can u come to a conclusion with so much certitude?? I saw her in real person, she might reach 5'5" with high
JC said on 11/Nov/07
"TangWei Is not very tall based on China standard.." YY are you dreaming or what? I've been to China and Chinese people are not that tall. I'm 5'8, and most of the girls there were not as near as 5'5,there might be some taller girls but it was only 1-2% from the population, so please...there are no such thing as "china standard" for heights....Ziyi is 5'5 straight.
yy said on 16/Oct/07
zhang ziyi is famously short in china, which is about 162. Any she posted with the newly famed actress tangwei (lust, caustion)face to face on the same stage. In the photo she is quite petite, tangwei is not v tall(172cm) based on china standard,but still a gigantic in front of zhang are two links:
Click Here

Click Here

it would be funny if sb. guess she is 170 or she herself claims so.....
myspace celebrity said on 6/Oct/07
5'5 sounds right if michelle yeoh is 5'3.5
Sef said on 19/Sep/07
@shiko & i'm what i am

What a coincident i live in Assen.
But anyways it's true that northern dutch poeples are a bit taller compared with the southern. But in the end dutch poeples have a average of 183cm wich is tallest average in the world, thus makes us holland the tallest.

As for me i'm 179cm, i'm considered short in holland but i don't feel like i'm very short maybe becaus there are a lot more poeples in holland that are smaller than me.
I can't complain about my height becuz i come from hong kong and 179cm is considered tall in HK^^!
French guy said on 9/Sep/07
Oh man, your statistics are wrong !
nowadays, Average height of men is 176 cm and 163 cm for girls...
Gloria said on 3/Sep/07
I am originally from China and saw Zhang Ziyi once. She is somewhere between 1.62 to 1.64. She's definitely no taller than 1.64m (she looks 1.63m to me).
shiko said on 18/Aug/07
yes thrue but thats because assen lays in the northern of the netherlands the average for young men is 6'2-6'3their you should go to maastricht in the south the average wouldbe 6'0 there
I'm what I am said on 21/Jul/07
Sorry Daisy! It's not mine, it's from some magazines. I'm now being in Netherlands for 3 months; at this time I'm in Assen. NL seems to be the unique country make me feel that I'm an usual. Most of Dutch men, I've met here, are 6'2 or 6'3 and there're still some people, who are towers over me "a head" ; I'm 6'4; 6'5 when I stand straight. I went to Germany, somewhere in Saxon, and Paris; most of German men are about 5'10 - 6'1; but Paris girls seem to very tiny to me, about 5'1 or 5'2. I was once in VN in 1995, not only in Hanoi or Saigon, also in Quy Nhon, Lao Cai, Sapa, Kon Tum, Dac Lac...I specially like the clothest of ethic minorities so I went there; at these places I was really confused to recognize who are children, who are adults...Vietnam was "The Shire" for me.
The statistic below is not exactly, but it seem to be right;every area statistic doesn't only say about big cities and the people were born in 1970, 1980, 1990; there are still the '40s, '50s, '60s people, the highlands and the other may be right, the Hanoi girls are not much shorter than the Paris's.
Daisy said on 20/Jul/07
It's stupid! Height for men and women in Vietnam is 5'5" and 5'1" respectively! It's also wrong in the situation of France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, at least what I know.
I'm what I am said on 18/Jul/07
Country Male Female
Feet Cm Inches Cm
Australia 5' 10" 178 5' 4.6" 164
China 5' 6" 168 5' 2" 157
France 5' 7.7" 171.9 5' 3.1" 160.4
Germany 5' 8.2" 173 5' 3.7" 162
Italy 5' 8.0" 172.8 5' 3.4" 161
Japan 5' 6" 168 5' 1" 155
Netherlands6' 1" 185 5' 8" 172
Sri Lanka 5' 4.5" 163.9 5' 0.0" 152.3
Sweden 5' 8.5" 174 5' 4.6" 164
United Kingdom5' 10" 178 5' 4" 163
United States 5' 9.3" 176 5' 4.1" 162.7
Vietnam 5' 3" 160 4' 10" 147
Ok now!? The statistic above is trustable! Dwarves, Monsters, Hobbits, Giants are all beautiful; My definition! I can't imagine, if I live in a world and all the people are the same...(even just "height"), it's so boring! Horrible! This website is wonderful; I can get relaxing and see the variety of the world, although it's just about height!
wangyue said on 18/Jul/07
I am one of the girls in southern China. Zhang Ziyi is my favorite star. It seems to me that she is very charismatic. 165 cm tall girls in China is very standard. The traditional Chinese aesthetics with Western countries is a huge difference. If you have questions regarding Zhang Ziyi, or to further understanding of my motherland. You can always send an email to me, I am willing to help you answer.
My email address is Click Here @
ice said on 11/Jul/07
mandy: First off, I know how to spell unattractive, I just type too fast for my own good. Also, my field is heavily based on gathering and analyzing statistics, so you need to quit with your assumptions. As for the subject of the people in China's height, I could give less than a d*** whether they're 2ft or 7ft. I'm not Chinese, so it does not affect me.
mandy said on 10/Jul/07
and... not like you would know the difference, but i said "hardly ever" accurate, not "never" accurate.

but why am i wasting my time talking to someone who doesn't know how to spell unattractive and doesn't know a thing about the impossibility of obtaining accurate statistics....
ice said on 10/Jul/07
Chrissie: Okay, first off I wasn't talking to you, nor did I say she was unnatractive. So, get your facts straight. This is who I was talking to:

Anonymous says on 21/Mar/06
Zhang is min 170cm, may be between 170cm-173cm.

amanda: How can you go around talking about how statistics are never accurate? The reason everyone relies on statistics so much is because they ARE accurate. If you've never been to a place, refuse to use statistics, and won't even consider other options, you have nothing. All hot air.
amanda said on 4/Jul/07
again, ice, "mini gong li" DOES NOT LITERALLY TRANSLATE into being "the mini version of gong li". "mini gong li" would translate into "gong li junior".

i think she's definitely above 5'5, but what do I know? I've never met her in person.

and why is everyone saying "in this part of the world the average height is blahblahblah"? If you went ever took a statistics course you'd know that statistics are hardly ever accurate, AND you should realise that you don't really know what you're talking about UNLESS you've actually BEEN to the places where these stats are from.

Chrissie said on 29/Jun/07
Ice what do you mean say that with a straight face? she IS very pretty and she DOES have a nice body. And she is 5'5 my Cousin met her in a shop and my cousin is 5'6 she said ziyi was only a little bit smaller
Mario said on 12/Jun/07
You mean Vivi Nevo? That's her boyfriend, but not for long I guess.
5'11.5 guy said on 11/Jun/07
Not sure about southern Chinese, but I meet young students from the north/Beijing on a fairly regular basis and they are tall. At least as tall as northern Europeans.

On the other hand, they seem to have more height in their heads and less in the body. Which is weird.
Jasmine said on 24/May/07
I think she is shorter because in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or House Of Flying Daggers commmentary or making of in Chinese she says "This is good for other females to see such a tiny, small girl like me do.." etc something like that.
Mario said on 21/May/07
I couldn't say how much percent, but in my eyes it was as common as in Spain or in Italy. I'm 5 ft 11.

Isn't the avarage height for females in china 162cm?
Leung said on 20/May/07
Mario, I have been to HK on numerous occasions and my observation is that less than 5% of girls in Hong Kong are 170cm and over, that’s not what I would consider common.

I live in Sydney where there are many HongKongers, and most of them are really small compared to Caucasians. My parents are from Hong Kong so I’m not being negative against Chinese.
I am 5’11.5” which is not tall, but whenever I am with relatives I feel like a giant.
Mario said on 17/May/07
I was last summer in Hong Kong and in my eyes the average girl there does look about the same height as the average girl in Spain (163cm or so). Girls in the 170cm range are also pretty common. The males are short thought.
ice said on 17/Apr/07
Amanda, if you read my full post, you will see that I said she was shorter, younger, and smaller than Gong Li, which is why people refer to her as mini. Also, asian women are not 5'5 average. In Japan the average height of women age 20 (done growing, haven't started shrinking yet) is 5'2. In Taiwan, the average for women age 17 is 5'2.75". In South Korea, women age 17, the average is 5'3.5". In China, the average of adult women is 5'2.5" Now, I understand there is some disparity between the north and south in China. So, it is possible that the women from the north may very well be 5'5". But, as a whole that is not the case. Also, if she is 5'7, then Gong Li is at least 5'9. Gong li doesn't claim this, she says 5'7. Ziyi is at least 2 inches shorter, and the fact that most of the asian fan sites give her 164cm (5'4.5) I can believe it.

Editor Rob
see this 164cm, I cannot be certain but I am pretty sure on her old website that was what was listed...
amanda said on 14/Apr/07
Sute, if I can just add to your comment: it's true. Lots of people think Asians are short... but it's not true. I hardly see white girls taller than me. I'm 171cm.

Anyway, I've been seeing taller and taller Asian girls around... they used to be around 160 on average.... now I think they might average at 165. I also did this runway show with Chinese models (from China), and yes I know I'm short for runway, but anyway they were all at least 5'9. Chinese women are not short, especially not the ones from the North...

Okay. long post done :P
amanda said on 14/Apr/07
lol ice, when chinese people say "mini gong li" it doesn't translate literally into "shorter". just thought i'd let you know...
amanda said on 14/Apr/07
my photographer friend says she's 5'7, and mentioned she looks taller in person than she does on pictures/in movies.
Mario said on 25/Mar/07
Of course we take the heels in mind, but that’s just a crazy estimate! If she’s only 5 ft 2 to 5 ft 3, A big guy like Chow Yun Fat would be in the 5-9 to 5-10 range, and guess what Johnny Depp then would be…! Gong Li 5-4 5-5…Tony leung +/- same as gong Li….

All those heights are related and the fact that Zhang Ziyi has a considerable advantage over a couple 160cm+ actresses, pretty much discard those low guesses.
Johnny said on 25/Mar/07
I think she is about 5 ft 2 or 5 ft 3. I noticed that she is wearing at least 4 inch heal in public, that makes her looks taller than her actually height. Look at this link: Click Here
mysterygirl said on 12/Mar/07
if ziyi is taller than 5'3 than monica bellucci is taller than 168 which i don't think is true.look at the cannes photos any you will see how tiny is ziyi,for me 5'3max.
Mario said on 1/Mar/07
No, I tottaly disagree with that Tony. I can understand the 5 ft 4 estimates, but 5 ft 2 is really to low. Just look at what she looks next Chow Yun Fat 183-184cm, Takeshi Kaneshiro 178cm, Michelle yeoh 161-162cm or Zhou Xun 160-161cm and tell me she's 157cm.
tony said on 12/Feb/07
there is no way she's 5'5 compare to (click here photo) adriana lima 5'10 there should be such height difference between then is she was 5'5 I think she's between 5'2 and below
Mario said on 24/Jan/07
Chris, it's more than obvious that Zhang Ziyi as at least 3 to 5 cm advantage over Yeoh, then again we can't negate the height she looks next to other stars.
Chris said on 17/Jan/07
this is absurd zhang ziyi is definitely shorter than 5'3
zhang ziyi is about the same height as yeoh in crouching tiger when they were fighting without heals
yeoh is listed 5'3 and is shorter b/c she is older and all the injuries
Jazzy said on 28/Dec/06
she says in house of flying daggers commentary that she is 'such a tiny girl!!'
Hmmm said on 7/Nov/06
To Chris:
Yeh, true, China is enormous.
To Naomi24:
Yeh, true, northern Chinese people are pretty tall. At my uni, there are heaps of international students from China. Those international students from Northern China are much taller than those from the Southern China. Most girls from Northern China are at least 5'5, some are even 5'9 or more.
Chris said on 24/Sep/06
@Naomi24 and Sute:
China is enormous, it's understandable there are wide differences in height between different China they speak around 52 languages; unlike any other country I know.
Mario said on 24/Sep/06
To me she never looks tiny. She's is easy 165 cm if the heights of Gong Li, Maggie cheung, Michelle Yeoh, Tony Leung are correct on this site. I believe they are.
Naomi24 said on 23/Sep/06
To Sute:
People in northern China are on average 3-4 inches taller than southern Chinese. Also, people are getting taller because of better nutrition.
ken said on 8/Sep/06
im a half/asian hereby.. saw him in real.. looks no more than 163cm tall.. believe or not is true..
Sute said on 1/Aug/06
Most people will think that people in Asia are shorter than white people. But I think it's hard to say, if you go to some places in northern China,e.g. Beijing, you will find there is still some very tall people. most of my friends are more than 180cm tall. The situation is like this, in China, if a person can be tall, he is very very tall, if a person can be short, he is very very short.The height of people in China range too wide.
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/06
Click Here
Mario said on 4/Jun/06
I have seen recently a lot of movies of Zhang Ziyi, and if the heights of Andy Lau, Chow Yun-Fat, Michelle Yeoh etc.. on this site are right, she is easy 165-166 cm. She really is far of being petite, especially for an Chinese girl.
Jason said on 1/Jun/06
5'4 1/2'' would be my guess.
Serene said on 1/Jun/06
She looks very petite.. very petite.

People keep saying she is only 5'4" only
johnny5 said on 29/May/06
Helena Bonham Carter is 5ft Ziyi Zhang is about 2to3inch taller so 5ft3 look bangon
ice said on 23/May/06
Actually, 5'3 from 5'10 would be seven inches. I think that's downgrading too much.I looking at that, I say her most accurate height would be the 164cm all of the asian site give her. maybe 163, but 164 looks more like it.
Maria said on 22/May/06
I definitely think she is closer to 5 foot3 or 4 because in this picture at Click Here she is next to Adriana Lima that is around 5 foot 10, and she is wearing higher heel flip flops while Adriana is wearing flatter flip flops. I think she is 5 foot 3 on the mark because she looks 5 to 6 inches smaller than Adriana, that is with HIGHER heels. Trust me people, shes most probably 5 foot 3 not 5 foot 5!!
D. Ray Morton said on 19/May/06
Zhang next to Bellucci in Cannes:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Etc. etc.

Editor Rob
ah, she isn't in the mega platformers here...

you know, with tim roth and bonham carter in those pics, I think both zhang and belluci could be 1cm less!

The thing with monica is, sometimes she wears very big heels under those long gowns...Big Heels...
dmeyer said on 19/May/06
that seems right since she didnt look that far of belucci height at canne festival
Jason said on 5/May/06
She looks 164cm to me. The rest is just typical exaggeration.
Serene said on 4/May/06
YOu know something, there is an interview in my local newspaper saying that ZiYi is only 5'4" what do you think?? is she that 'short'? or not?
Anonymous said on 21/Apr/06
Bella, 166cm may be quite tall for an Asian girl in general. But in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, 166cm isn't considered tall. Most Chinese actresses these days are in the 165cm-173cm range. But that's probably because many Chinese actresses these days were beauty pageant contestants.
sing said on 17/Apr/06
anonymous that wasn't jackie chan that was jet li you doofus...anyhow, jet li is about 5-5, ziyi could be wearing heels, so i'll give her 5-4.
5 feet even for michelle yeoh.
ice said on 17/Apr/06
anonymous, you can't just ignore the rest of the thread. After they said that 172cm, many mnay people started saying 164cm. She is the same height as penelope cruz on her pic with her. 164cm.
Anonymous said on 17/Apr/06
see the first post in the discussion in the following url, she is 172. She is taller than Jackie chan
Click Here
bella said on 12/Apr/06
166 is quite tall for an Asian girl. I think in the pics I have seen she looks more like 162-163 (5'3) I would say her proportions, which are very well balanced, make her look taller. This proves that it's all about proportions!
ice said on 12/Apr/06
In memoirs it didn't appear to be much between yeoh and zhang. At most an inch. The big height difference was gong li and everyone else. My opinion, ziyi is 164cm, and yeoh is 161-162, maybe her 163 was her youth. She is in her forties, and a lot of asains lose great height as they age.
Sing said on 10/Apr/06
wrong editor Rob, Michelle Yeoh is absolutely not 5-4 or 5-3. A friend of mine has personally met and hung out with her in Asia and he told me she is very short, like 5 feet, definitely not 5-3.
BDawg said on 10/Apr/06
Every chinese website I've ever seen, without exception, lists her as 164 cm, which is 5 ft 4 and 1/2.

Editor Rob
and every chinese website lists michell yeoh at 163cm, but there's a noticeable difference between them more than 1cm. Yeoh has claimed 5ft 4, I think she rounds up...
Anonymous said on 22/Mar/06
We fitted the gown she wore on the Oscars. She is 5'4".
Very pretty, beautiful body, very little English spoken.
ice said on 21/Mar/06
Anonymous, say that with a straight face please. LOL
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
Zhang is min 170cm, may be between 170cm-173cm.
Serene said on 11/Feb/06
Eikk..she is growing? Can't be.

Ziyi is about half inches taller than Michell and few inches shorter than Gong Li.
ice said on 24/Jan/06
she was no where near close to gong li's height in memoirs of a geisha. Rob,I think you need to see that movie for yourself (if you haven't already)
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/06
rob,our arguement is on 4 insist that she is 166 cm but why? she looks 170 cm for me next to michelle yeoh every time they stand together.dont you think she is 170 cm?

Editor Rob
no, I can't see 4 inches. What I can see is Yeoh possibly being a little under 5ft 4. In all ziyi pics just a little over 5ft 5 is what she appears in most...sometimes she may look taller, but that hairstyle is slightly deceptive.
Serene said on 16/Jan/06
Michelle Yeoh is 5'4" right? So .. what Rob comment about Zi Yi's height is estimation.. only..

Editor Rob
I am close to giving back 1cm to ziyi, she can look taller...
ice said on 16/Dec/05
Alicia Keys is only 5'6, so that would make ziyi 5'5
Anonymous said on 24/Sep/05
you said that she is only 1 inch shorter than emmy rossum (whoever that one is) at this picture no, i think it's 2 or 2.5 inches shorter. so, she is about 5'4.5". and 5'4.5" = 164cm, which is her correct height.
ok, all actors and actresses inflated their height.
ice said on 20/Sep/05
A lot of people refer to her as the mini Gong Li. She's shorter, and smaller, and younger. But, they have a similar look. So, she's shorter than Gong for sure.
heightgirl said on 15/Sep/05
I think she's taller than people give her credit. Here she is next to 5'7 Emmy Rossum, and it looks like there's only a one inch difference:
Sing said on 17/May/05
Zhang Ziyi is about 5'4" without shoes.
Cho said on 7/May/05
I walked right past her a few months ago when I was on business in China and she is no more than a little over 5'5" I really don't see why so many people think she's gorgeous. She's cute at best. Then again, I do work for a modeling agency and my standards are high.
Anonymous said on 29/Apr/05
She said on her words that she is 170

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