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5ft 9.19in (175.8cm)
grizz said on 8/Dec/17
Click Here Next to 5'8 James Corden she doesn't much taller than he. Maybe 2cms tops. They both wear similar footwear.
This new Reputation image (wearing no heels) isn't helping Taylor with making her supermodel-tall. The truth has been revealed.
Allie said on 7/Dec/17
Yeah Taylor has a long torso in contrast to her legs. In heels though she gives an illusion.
Mimi said on 6/Dec/17
She does look a bit taller than Ed Sheeran. Possibly at least an inch
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Slim 186 said on 5/Dec/17
Flat 175 /5’9.0” is a better listing.
grizz said on 5/Dec/17
@Alma, this is a horrible photo for height comparison
Canson said on 4/Dec/17
Solid 5’9-5’9.25 max
Alma said on 3/Dec/17
@Yay did we watch the same performance?She had same footwear as Ed and was 1,5 or 2 inches taller,and she was leaning next to him whole performance.I agree about her illusion of being taller but she is no less than 176cm,Rob is right.
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AJAX_177 said on 2/Dec/17
I guess Harry Styles edges her out. Don't know whether it's 1/2" or a 3/4". Wouldn't go below 5ft 9 for Taylor Swift.
Yay said on 2/Dec/17
100% Only 5-8/5-9 she performed with Ed Sheerna today at the Jingle Bell, and wasn't wearing her huge heels, Ed was as tall as Taylor, and you can really see how small Taylor's legs actually are because no more big heels give off the illusion anymore.
Dude 173 cm said on 1/Dec/17
With the fans worldwide not surprised me if the average guess grows until 176.0 - 176.5
Allie said on 27/Nov/17
If Taylor was tall as Karlie, Elizabeth or Gwendoline I can bet she'd probably be wearing flats a lot more often instead of those crazy 5-6 high heels she always wears.
LeBlanc said on 27/Nov/17
She seems to me a weak 5’9” or 175cm
Ang said on 22/Nov/17
Hello Rob, how tall would she appear in those pair of heels? Click Here
Editor Rob: 6ft 2 easily
Allie said on 18/Nov/17
The very lowest I think Taylor could be is 5'8.75. She generally looks 5'9.
Mimi said on 17/Nov/17
Taylor has a very big chance of being 5ft9 even.
Nik said on 17/Nov/17
@ ....

You have an interesting name and your comment was interesting too!
Oliver said on 17/Nov/17
Rob,in the pic Christian posted,doesn't Taylor looks a good 4.5 inches shorter than Karlie? So,don't you consider a downgrade to flat 5ft 9, assuming Karlie is 6ft 1.5?
Editor Rob: I've not seen enough to be sure giving her 5ft 9 flat would be a better guess, at the moment I still feel a fraction over 5ft 9 is as good an argument.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Nov/17
Not under 5ft9
Allie said on 16/Nov/17
If she was the 5'11 she says, I'd doubt she'd wear heels everywhere she goes.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 16/Nov/17
I can't find pics where Taylor and Karlie has equal footwear, but both of them have similar height heels in this pic, and Karlie looks like she would be around 4.5" taller than Taylor here Click Here so Lynn27 could be right, Taylor's likely 5'8"-5'9" range and specifically I would put her 5'8.75"
grizz said on 15/Nov/17
Yeah,Lynn, where did you get that info?
MaryAnne said on 15/Nov/17
@Lynn27, where did you get that information?
Lynn27 said on 14/Nov/17
Karlie Kloss confirms that Taylor Swift is shorter than 5ft10 and barely 5ft8-5ft9. End of.
5'11.25 @ noon. said on 14/Nov/17
Has everyone seen Taylor ever wearing sandals or flip flops I believe she goes to the beach with wearing high heels 👠
don said on 14/Nov/17
If you see Taylor swift performance on Jimmy Fallon you can see that she's about 176 cm compared to him (no heels for her).
.... said on 12/Nov/17
Taylor Swift is about 180 cm my friend saw her.... and Karlie Kloss doesn't necessarily dwarf her if you look at pictures of them together they look about 3~4 inches
Erin said on 6/Nov/17
I don't understand google lol. She went from being 5'11 to 5'10, and then back to 5'11. Too many people nowadays are upgrading their height and add a few inches to their actual height. I mean, sure if it makes them feel better about themselves. I know this guy who is a weak 6'0 but he claims 6'3! He doesn't look 6'3 at all! But I guess he wants to feel more superior because he feels inferior and insecure about other things. Who knows?

As to Taylor Swift, I don't think she is 5'11. When actual models of that height like Maria Borges and Lais Ribeiro are standing next to her, she looks 2 inches shorter. Not to mention, Karlie Kloss absolutely dwarfs her. I don't know what there is to be ashamed off, 5'9 is tall and a good height for women.
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/17
How you explain that she lie Rob ? Problem of ego ? For most people 5'9 is the ideal height for female
Editor Rob: could be ego, might be mismeasurement or giving a height in footwear.
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/17
Near predraft 6'6 Carmelo Anthony she seems far from 5'11
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/17
now listed at 5'11 by google
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/17
5'9", guys. Nothing more!
highlysuspect said on 3/Nov/17
She’s over listed by a half inch at least
DirectorKrennic said on 2/Nov/17
178 cm morning, 176 cm at night.
Nik said on 2/Nov/17
@ Mimi

Don't worry, you will! That distant future is real and if we dream about the future it may be a case of remembering the future! We will
all have downgrades in the future but if we are. here and healthy, then we won't care!

Have a good evening!
Mimi said on 2/Nov/17
Maybe I am dreaming of the distant future 😀😀 But who knows I may not be even able to reach that future haha
Nik said on 1/Nov/17
@ Mimi

I may be in for my 5'6.5" downgrade in a mere 15 years, being 41 and about 5'7.3"!! You may have been dreaming about the distant future!

Mimi said on 30/Oct/17
Well maybe she'll get a 5ft6.5 downgrade after 50 years. 😹😹
Subwoof said on 30/Oct/17
I think she's 176.5cm tall.
Nik said on 30/Oct/17
@ Mimi

It was a strange dream to have though, wasn't it? There was never any chance of it coming true though!

Cristian said on 30/Oct/17
She’s probably like 5’8.5 in her barefeet; taylor appears tall because of the heels she’s always wearing but she looks kinda short in her barefeet
Mimi said on 30/Oct/17

My heart was pounding when I woke up hahaha. Dunno why I dreamt of that, maybe because I was falling myself to sleep reading celebheights😹😹😹
Nik said on 29/Oct/17
@ Mimi

You both dreamt this bizarre dream, but it still wasn't true!!!
Nik said on 29/Oct/17
@ grizz

I take it you weren't dreaming out of the psychic part of your brain!

Mimi said on 28/Oct/17
@grizz I had the exact same dream as yours although mine happened loke 2 years ago. I immediately checked celebheights to see if it was true.
Subwoof said on 28/Oct/17
5'9.25 out of bed but an official height of 5'9 could be possible.
Allie said on 28/Oct/17
Tay is now 5'11 on Google. Waiting for hee 6-6'1 claim!
grizz said on 27/Oct/17
Lol, I dreamt Rob downgraded her to 5'6.5 😁
Brad said on 26/Oct/17
5-10 easy.
Warren said on 24/Oct/17
No under 5'8.5", I'd say she's anywhere from 5'8.75 to 5'9" range
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/17
I’d say she’s 5’11
Alma said on 24/Oct/17
Rob,would you be more supriced if she was higher than 5'10 or lower than 5'9?
Editor Rob: yes, I think so...although I'd still be surprised if she really fell under 5ft 9 too.
tony t. said on 19/Oct/17
Several years ago my friend who is positively 5'9-5'9.25 had a picture with her. They were both wearing cowboy boots in this picture. Taylor was a half an inch taller than her. I've always believed she was undoubtedly 5'9.5.
Bego said on 18/Oct/17
5'9'' morning 5'8'' at night
Geeus said on 16/Oct/17
Like everyone said she's around 5'8 - 5'9 .. It doesn't make sense though, because there is a clip of her with Joe Jonas and she's wearing cowboy boots yet Joe is the exact same height as her.

Then.. Recently she has taken photos with fans (a few weeks ago), one with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn's little brother, and his little brother is 5'8, yet he's the same height as Taylor, or almost who is in heels. Keep in mind the little brother (Patrick) is only 14, according to Tumblr / and has a model page that links his real height, which is the 5'8 range.

Taylor doesn't tower over him. Then there is a photo of her and Blake Lively walking the streets not wearing boots.. Blake is 5'8 and they are equal height.

Taylor has a confusing height, it's probably in the 5'9 range though imo.
Mimi said on 15/Oct/17
I agree with Slim. 5ft8.75 is the lowest she can be
Junior said on 14/Oct/17
I'm confuse on Taylor Swift height. She can look everywhere 175cm and sometimes doesn't look under 176cm.
Peter181cm said on 14/Oct/17
She is between 5'8.5 - 5'9 ;)
Slim 6' said on 12/Oct/17
She's between 174.5 and 175.5.
5'11.25 at noon said on 10/Oct/17
@ Anzhela 178cm at most but not the 180.34cm she's claiming to be personally I think she's 177cm suits her best
Just said on 9/Oct/17
@Oliver I agree with you. Taylor is 5'8"5 (5'9 morningheight). In pics with 5'9 Doutzen and 5'9 Katie Holmes, Taylor is shorter than they... If Taylor really is 5'10 then a lot of people need a upgrade.
Mimi said on 9/Oct/17
5ft9 no less maybe 0.1 inch more
Warren said on 6/Oct/17
At my imagine it without their shoes advantage, Harry would look still 2cm taller than her
Bob said on 5/Oct/17
Going back to Ang's post on Sept 17, 2017, based on that picture Click Here
If Taylor Swift is indeed 5'9.25," then with those heels (+3.5") it'd theoretically make her around 6'1" and appear to be almost as tall as Karlie Kloss, listed at 6'1.5" standing next to each other.

However, Karlie Kloss appears to be at least 2" taller than Taylor (Taylor appears to be at or below Karlie's eyebrows). Doesn't that put Taylor in the 5'8" range, Rob?
Oliver said on 3/Oct/17
After observing her height for a long time, I finally come to a conclusion that she might be close to 5ft 9 but not a solid 5ft 9er like Doutzen Kroes,Katie Holmes,Gigi Hadid,etc. So, there's a chance she's 5ft 8.75. Out of bed,she would be 5ft 9.5-9.75 range. Her 5ft 11 claim is really hard to believe. Who agree with me?
vam said on 3/Oct/17
175 cm is right for she, no more...
Anonymous said on 2/Oct/17
she definitely ain't 5'11, if Harry Styles is 5'9 like this site says. Search up Harry Styles and Taylor Swift in Google. Styles is taller
James said on 1/Oct/17
That’s actually pretty funny...there’s no way she could be 5ft. 11in. At most 5ft. 9in. On a good day, I say 5ft. 8in.
mohsen said on 30/Sep/17
Absolutely 5ft 9.5in
Anzhela said on 27/Sep/17
Guys, she‘s definitely 1,78. don,t forget, that she has a terrible posture, that makes her look shorter. Moreover, i‘ve read the comments, and people who met her, mostly write, that she s about 177-178. and people who never met her, just suppose that she‘s 176
Slim said on 26/Sep/17
174 with a chance of 175. I've ruled out 176 as impossible.
oliver said on 25/Sep/17
Rob,don't you think 5ft 8.75 would be perfect for her?
Person said on 23/Sep/17
I think she is 5"11 because I saw her in a picture where one person was actually 5"10 and Taylor swift looked a little taller
Johan said on 22/Sep/17
3 inches more footwear and still at least 2 inches shorter there than Kloss.

Leaves her at 5'9" max as Kloss isn't over 6'2" ( gets listed everywhere as that) but claimed at one point 6'1.5". I would say 5'8.5" or 5'8.75" is even a possibility going from that pic that ang posted.
Joshua said on 21/Sep/17
I think she’s really 5’10
ang said on 17/Sep/17
hi rob, how tall is taylor in those?
Click Here
Editor Rob: they will give close to 3.4-3.5
Seysey said on 16/Sep/17
1.78, she looks as tall as Martha which is 1.79
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
She is 1.75m - 1.76m range ;)
PPPeter said on 4/Sep/17
5ft 9in max !
John said on 4/Sep/17
Click Here

this dude is listed as 5'9 here and he s 1 inch taller, maybe he s wearing cowboy boots
Marre said on 2/Sep/17
For me is around 5'8'' or 5'8.25" no more.
Warren said on 1/Sep/17
Shorter than Harry Styles in the every pics and he's not taller than 176, she's 174-175 in a reality, just a Bruno Mars makes her look taller
truth said on 31/Aug/17
If Karlie is 6'1 then Taylor is exactly 5'8. No more no less.
grizz said on 29/Aug/17
@Lol, stop being so delusional and get a reality check. I've got the hots for Taylor, too, but I'm not blind.
Slim183 said on 29/Aug/17
so the troll returns......

Sorry big editor, I can't see anything above 5'9".
Intevel said on 29/Aug/17
Rob in this link Click Here that Sam posted, you think that Taylor would be about 6 foot 2? She is surprisingly towering over Justin Timberlake, who isn't short by any stretch of the imagination.
Editor Rob: there are some photos out there with Taylor in heels looking shorter than Justin...granted he might have better posture.
Lol said on 28/Aug/17
Rob you are disappointment
I don't know why you are doing this. Taylor is no way under 1.76.7 ....
Editor Rob: don't be too disappointed with somebody's estimate - what I or anybody else guesses her at, won't ever change what she actually measures.

In 99.8% of cases, none of us know what they are measured at, hence why we are offering guesses.
Mimi said on 26/Aug/17
Anything under 5ft8.5 is absurd and impossible.
Sam 5'11 said on 26/Aug/17
Rob, how tall would you say taylor is in these heels?

Click Here
Editor Rob: they look like a 2-inch platform and so somewhere over 4.5, maybe almost 5 inches.
anonheight said on 26/Aug/17
Next to Karlie Kloss, she definitely looks about 5'9. I'd say a weak 5'9. Next to Lorde she looks 5'7, ish. I'd say she's maybe 5'8?
hannah said on 25/Aug/17
None of you have seen her in person,ridiculous comments like 5'6 are you for real?She is 5'10 minimum!You are just hating this girl
Mimi said on 23/Aug/17
She's releasing a new album in November and has been quiet for quite some time. I bet she has found about this site during those times. 😂😂😂😹😹😹
Cathy said on 22/Aug/17
Based on how she looks near some of her short famous friends. I don't think she's more than 5'6.I don't think she has the leg length to be taller than that.
Anna said on 22/Aug/17
I always thought Taylor looks like a solid 5ft 10in. I don't think she is as high as 5ft 11in, and I don't think she is lower than 5ft 9in. I'm sticking with 5ft 10in, but it's possible that she could be 5ft 9.5in-5ft 9.75in out of bed and throughout the course of a day walks around no less than 5ft 9in.
Mimi said on 20/Aug/17
Rob with that heel she is wearing above do you think she's at least 6ft0.25?
Editor Rob: yes, she'd probably clear the 6ft mark by a fraction.
Anonymous said on 19/Aug/17
Current listing is good she is maybe 5'9" flat but no less than that. She can pull off 6' when wearing big heels even close to 6'1" at times with platforms.
Finn said on 18/Aug/17
5.8 without shoes not more
Junior said on 18/Aug/17
She's a bad liar. She claim higher and higher through the years she make out her popularity. I bet as low as 5'9 or right at 5'9.25"
Mimi said on 13/Aug/17
Rob do you think Taylor Swift has a chance of edging out 5ft9 women like Gwyneth Paltrow or Mira Sorvino?
A172 said on 13/Aug/17
Click Here

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.
Rob either Ed needs an upgrade or Swift needs a downgrade.
Matthew Robinson said on 12/Aug/17
Editor Rob: I know some don't like the decimal precision, but it means a closer metric equivalent is displayed for each fraction of an inch.


I thought it was better the way it was before just because calling mms seems way more precise than quarter inches. CMs are closer to quarter inches in magnitude. But obviously it's your site and your call!
Ann said on 10/Aug/17
She is both tall and skinny, but her proportion is not so good, which makes her look not as tall as the height she really is. But I agree that she's definitely shorter than 180cm.
MaryAnne said on 9/Aug/17
Bring back the old system of listings Rob!
Editor Rob: I know some don't like the decimal precision, but it means a closer metric equivalent is displayed for each fraction of an inch.
Johnson said on 7/Aug/17
@Rob very good idea!!
Don said on 7/Aug/17
Rob, why 175.9 listing? Are you changing idea?
Editor Rob: I've put in the decimal place for the metric, so the centimetre equivalent is more 'exact' compared to the feet and inches part.
berta said on 6/Aug/17
i think she is somewhere in this range " 175-176,5. the current lisitng is probably the best listing
Brad said on 4/Aug/17
I'm gonna try to get in the same trial room I saw Michael Jackson in next week to see her walk by. She was grabbed on her rear end and wants to punish a Denver DJ.
Lana said on 2/Aug/17
Rob, if Kendall and Gigi are 176 ,how can she be listed as same height as them? She's clearly shorter than them.
Just look at her next to Gigi, the're wearing same footwear (although I think Taylor's appears to be more massive, as if she has inner heels or something) ,she is so much shorter than her! You need to downgrade her!
Mimi said on 1/Aug/17
When slouching she looks to be around 5ft8, if standing straight she looks to be around 5ft9 range
S.J.H said on 1/Aug/17
The lowest i would go 174cm
Allie said on 30/Jul/17
The worst I think Taylor can be is 5'8.75 tbh. At best 5'9.25. Anything else seems too high or too low.
Jani said on 28/Jul/17
I am 177cm and my girlfriend is about 174cm. Visually we have the same height difference as Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. So that's why I am guessing 174cm for Swift.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 27/Jul/17
Looked nearly 6" shorter than a 6'2.5" Wiz Khalifa so 5'8.5"-5'9" for Taylor.
Slim 182 cm said on 27/Jul/17
She's a flat 5'9 at best tbh.
Warren said on 25/Jul/17
Taylor is obviously taller than Justin and Zayn tho, and Taylor is 5'8.75" Harry is 5'9.25 tbh, yeah these were at the super least it obv
Kelly said on 24/Jul/17
Taylor is 5'9" 7.5 or 5'10" Harry styles is at least an inch taller so
Melik said on 22/Jul/17
I think she is skinny and looks taller
robson said on 22/Jul/17
Yeah, women usually wants to be about 5'11 with heels because its quite a lot for woman but not too much like 6'0 which is privilage at most for men.She is about 5'9 so with heels she can clearly be 6'0 and 5'11 very easily.Women nowdays have many options of "towering" themselves.They don't want to by taller than man usually but they are making so themselves :D
Mimi said on 21/Jul/17
I wonder why Taylor wants to be taller. She's already like 5 inches taller than the average American woman and her slim frame makes her look even taller. I used to be a big fan of hers and believed she was 5ft11 back in 2010. It's always got me puzzled how can she be 5ft11 if she's barely taller than Gwyneth Paltrow.
even said on 20/Jul/17
out of bed : 5'9.5" , before sleep : 5'9" , average : 5'9.25"
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
Same as Harry styles, making Taylor 5'9.5 or Harry 5'9.25.
Allie said on 16/Jul/17
Well since we know Gigi Hadid is 5'9ish and since she and Taylor are close in Height, there is no way Taylor is shorter than a weak 5'9.
highlysuspect said on 13/Jul/17
Lol you women and these 5'11 guesses. Maybe in 3 inch heels. Terrible guessers of height
highlysuspect said on 13/Jul/17
She's not 5'9"
S.J.H said on 12/Jul/17
I think of Gigi Hadid a strong 5'9 than Taylor Swift. Swift look dipping in 5'8.75 and Kendall Jenner was a good 5'9 same as Gigi
Siam abedin said on 12/Jul/17
She looks pretty tall probably 5'10
Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
HAHAHAHA 🤣😂😅😁😇😍 she is 5'9 maybe even 5,8.5 tbh but more 5'9 I don't think Taylor is taller than zayn Malik or jb and she is definitely shorter than harry tbh I would match her with Gigi she is 5,9
oliver said on 9/Jul/17
Rob,how tall is Martha Hunt? Can you please tell me your opinion? She's listed at 5ft 10.5 on google but I doubt she's that tall.
Editor Rob: yeah she came onto the scene listed as 5ft 10 about a decade ago, though it's arguable she could be 5ft 9
Taengooofan said on 7/Jul/17
She is not over 5'10
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
Taylor has to be 5,9 although now she is 5,10
oliver said on 4/Jul/17
She doesn't look much over 5ft 9 most of the time.(at times she looks as short as 5ft 8.5). I wonder why she claimed 5ft 10 and 11. She is really tall for a woman(but average height for a female model). She should claim her real height(or maybe she never measured herself?) As for me, I always claim my real height though there are several people around me who add one or two extra inches. Many women in 5ft6-6.5 range love to say more attractive thing like 5ft 7, 8 etc.
Nik said on 4/Jul/17
She is 5'9.25" at maximum.
Kelly said on 3/Jul/17
Taylor is 5,10? What are u Talking about?
Intevel said on 1/Jul/17
Rob can you do a height for Taylor's friend and model Martha Hunt who claims to be 5 ft 10.5?
A AK said on 28/Jun/17
I doubt that she is taller than 5'8 ...
compare her with harry styles,clearly he looks 5'10 not more
Kelly said on 26/Jun/17
She is 5,9
Canson said on 26/Jun/17
@Christian: yea I see Swift as a solid 5'9". Not more
5''11.25 at noon said on 25/Jun/17
She doesn't have the dimensions of a 5'11 person I'd guess she's like 5'9.75 max.
Lovatic said on 24/Jun/17
I think shes 5'10
Eric said on 24/Jun/17
My height is approx 178 cm on barefoot in the morning, Taylor's height is around 176 cm to 177 cm, she is 180 cm without heels, no way
Ronaldo said on 21/Jun/17
morning: around 177 cm
afternoon: 175.6 cm
night: 175.3 cm
Kelly said on 19/Jun/17
Hmmm ppl say she is 5,10 like Gigi but she's taller than swift I think swift is 5,9 and 1/2
Vithya said on 17/Jun/17
She's 177.5cm...there is a pic of Taylor and Karlie together and they are very close in height there but Taylor is abit shorter there (3 inches shorter)...also she's been tall from when she was 19 and was 5 ft 10 back then
Kelly said on 16/Jun/17
She has a slim body and it's good and tall I would say 5"9
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 16/Jun/17

Kendall might be a little over 5'9", taller than Hadid and especially Swift.
Original said on 15/Jun/17
around 5'9 probably.
S.J.H said on 13/Jun/17
Kendall jenner, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift = max 5'9
BillisaLefty said on 10/Jun/17
No way she's higher than 177. She is definitely above 173. I'd say 176 in the morning.
oliver said on 9/Jun/17
Rob, do you think a weak 5 ft 9 listing like 5ft 8.75 would be more possible than current listing? How much probability she is under 5ft 9?
Editor Rob: oliver, I can understand that range of estimate, but I still feel she would measure 5ft 9 range.
Michaellin said on 9/Jun/17
My height is 177 cm on barefoot and I think Taylor's height is about 176 to 177 cm same at me if she is on barefoot. She is 180 cm, no way
Canson said on 5/Jun/17
I don't think she's under 5'9". 175 is adequate enough a solid 5'9"
az said on 1/Jun/17
Stood behind and beside her buying ice cream in my hometown very recently. Seen her around before that too.She is very nice to all the many fans who stop to say hi to her. She's not taller then 5'8" or shorter than 5'6". I really truly think 5'7.5" but I can see how people think close to 5'9". Because she's to thin and lanky.
grizz said on 1/Jun/17
@Bab, lets forget that you have no pictures to prove that. Unless you're Rob, your perception is very likely wrong. I was fooled for the longest time that I've been the same height or shorter than people around me...until we stood in front of the mirror. And I saw that I had at least an inch over them.
Bab said on 1/Jun/17
I've met her in real life when she was on flats and she was the same as my height(178). Come on people.
grizz said on 30/May/17
@Bruce 182cm, I've got a theory: many people have a hinged perception on other people's height (1-2 inches). Even if she constantly kept replying 5'9, people wouldn't believe her and they'd say something like "no way, you're 5'10/5'11 at least!". So, she got tired of correcting others and caved in.
Well, hardly a case in Taylor's case given her ego, but I think that's often the case for other down-to-earth celebrities (Paul Walker,Jim Caviezel,Jimmy Fallon etc.)
Bruce 182cm said on 29/May/17
Why do people always claim to be so much taller than they really are I mean you can get away with 1cm but 1 inch or more??? I believe she's 176 cm max.
Demiigod said on 28/May/17
She is more like 5'8 And 5'10 In heels!!
Mimi said on 28/May/17
Rob are you going to retain her at 176cm or maybe going to have a change in mind and put her at 175cm
Cris said on 26/May/17
She looks alot shorter with no shoes, just look up barefoot pictures of her and she seems pretty average size, probably around 5'7-8 MAX with no shoes. with big heels anyone can look super tall just look at lady gaga.
BrianST said on 25/May/17
If we took Taylor's 6ft2 height claim, then 6ft1.5 Tom Hiddleston would have looked shorter than her. Instead, he always towers over her. I think the fashion models she's been hanging out with also contradict her inflated height claim as she's always the shortest of the lot.
RisingForce said on 25/May/17
LOL. Bieber isn't even 174.5 cm morning! Taylor is probably 174.5 cm evening. Not sure why she inflates her height 2 inches.
Johnson said on 24/May/17
I laugh because people here are very generous with Swift using the terms morning and evening... and not with other guys. Bieber is 174.5-175 evening, Swift is 175-175.5 evening

they are very close actually
Bowie123 said on 24/May/17
It's really weird for woman to be towering herself so much, it's more often for men to do so.We saw in the most pictures that it's impossible her to be 5'11 she claims, even 5'10 is to much, I would say 5'9.5 in the morning(maybe) and about 5'9 even 5'8.5 late evening,it's still quite a lot for a woman so I don't know why it's not enough for her.TBH its just laughable when someone says is about 2 inch taller than in real, that just makes him/her pathetic, I can understand 1-2cm but 5cm?I'm myself 181 so I honestly confess I sometimes say I'm 6'0 but I wouldn't ever say I'm 185-186!!I don't have so much in shoes so I'm realist to know how much is possible.
BillisaLefty said on 23/May/17
No way she's 181. I think a maximum of 178 is in order. I would guess she's 176-177 in the morning and 174-175 in the evening. No doubt pretty tall. But she often wears heels, something tall women rarely do. So I would guess she wishes she was 5'11'' and wears heels often to disguise her true height.
Josh1 said on 22/May/17
Its a good downgrade but I think 5'8.5 (174cm) is her true height, she never looks taller than 5'9 in flats, also in some beach pictures she looks 5'8, I think her height range is from 172cm to 175cm.
RisingForce said on 21/May/17
I'd say 5'9" flat. She makes others look taller than they really are.
oliver said on 20/May/17
Rob, do you consider her'a strong 5 ft 9'. To me, she at times looks 'a weak 5 ft 9'. So, I think 5 ft 8.75-9 zone would be more possible than 5 ft 9.25-9.5 zone you have guessed.
andre said on 19/May/17
173cm barefoot
Mimi said on 18/May/17
175-176 cm is I think where her height is around throughout the day
Johnson said on 17/May/17
She is 1.75👌
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 16/May/17
@Celebrity lover

180 is laughable. She can't be that tall when she's constantly towered over by 5'11" supermodels.
Celebrity lover said on 13/May/17
Rob, she is deffo 180 cm, because 1. She has a terrible posture (not hating), and 2. She is probably 180 (or maybe even more) in the morning, but at day and with a bad posture she can easily drop to 176 cm.
Warren said on 11/May/17
174-175 is good for her and me
Canson said on 6/May/17
I think a solid 5'9" fits better for her
Allie said on 5/May/17
Mimi, I concede with Blake. She looks close in height with Taylor though. I'd even wager Blake could be 5'9 in the morning then maybe drop to the 5'8 range by night.
Mimi said on 5/May/17
@Allie I do think Taylor's only in 5ft9 range but no way is Blake Lively the same height or even taller
Allie said on 4/May/17
Sandy if she's 5'10 then Karlie Kloss is 6'2 plus and all her model friends must be almost 5'11 along with Blake Lively.
Sandy Cowell said on 1/May/17
@ A? - That is exactly what I used to think she was!
I still think she's more than 5ft9.25, so this time round, I shall put 5ft10.25, which is the sort of compromise I swear by if I'm in any doubt! Cheers to you!
A? said on 30/Apr/17
She is really tall. Definetely 5 foot 11.
oliver said on 28/Apr/17
She can look anywhere from 5ft 8.5-9.5. Something like 5ft 8 seems a bit low and 5ft 10 seems too high. Most visitors(including me) see her in the 5 ft 8.5-9 range whereas Rob sees her in 5 ft9-9.5 range. Whatever,I appreciate Rob's opinion and the listings here are much more reasonable than those on google.
Canson said on 27/Apr/17
Solid 5'9"
Ronaldo said on 27/Apr/17
Taylor 1,75
Harry 1,76
Mendes_ said on 26/Apr/17
She looks like she's male average height.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 26/Apr/17
oliver said on 20/Apr/17
Rob,it's time you downgraded her to 175 cm(a flat 5'9). That'd be more reasonable than 176 or 177.


I agree
Thasha said on 23/Apr/17
I am 12 years old and 158cm
oliver said on 20/Apr/17
Rob,it's time you downgraded her to 175 cm(a flat 5'9). That'd be more reasonable than 176 or 177.
Tono said on 17/Apr/17
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Taylors height here is listed at 5ft 9.25 and Rob has listed Blake lively height at 5ft 8.5 but @Rob if u see blake and taylor picture carefully taylor has around 2.5 inches of heels over blake who is wearing flats with not even a cm and both of them measures the same height You could check yourself Or will the google still upgrade blake's height after this?
Canson said on 15/Apr/17
Solid 5'9 to strong 5'9" 5'9/5'9 1/8
Markon said on 14/Apr/17
For me it's just a legitimate 5'8 ''! She does not have legs that long and is very thin. I'm also thin and people by photo find me much taller than I really am.
DaveMills said on 14/Apr/17
Grew an inch at 23?? Yeah Taylor we believe you lol nothing over 5'8.5 with Harry Styles
Megrace said on 14/Apr/17
Meh I personally think she's 5ft8 1 1/4 inches
That's still pretty tall for a girl
Marine said on 14/Apr/17
5.9 - its still good model height Taylor)
Bobby said on 13/Apr/17
Google is listing her at 5'10, and she's more 5'9 flat.
Just said on 13/Apr/17
@ oliver
Rob hasn't ruled out 5'8"5-5'9 yet.

Just said on 18/Nov/16
Rob, I think you didn't receive my last comment. But can you for sure rule out 5'8"5 for Taylor? You can see she's barely taller than Click Here Blake (in flat sneakers) while wearing 3" heels Click Here Same clothes, Same day, same shoes.
Editor Rob: Just, I personally haven't seen enough to say 174 would be nearer.

On 2017 January 15th
Editor Rob: Kate, I feel nearer towards 5ft 9 seems a better fit.
I've not seen enough to think 174cm is closer.

I still think Taylor is 5'8"5-5'9. Can't buy anything over 5'9.

@Cameron Everybody loves the perfect model height: 5'10. Even the 5'9 girls.
oliver said on 12/Apr/17
Personally, I guess her at 5'8.75 but Rob has ruled it out.
Cameron said on 10/Apr/17
Weird. Tall girls tend to under list their height.
Charlie said on 10/Apr/17
Rob the best way to find out her true height is to have her photo with you. This way if she is wearing regular shoes people will know for exact how tall she really is and the mystery of her height will be solved
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 10/Apr/17
5ft9 flat, nothing more. Even a weak 5ft9 isn't impossible. Her thinness and small head gives her a taller illusion.
Glen said on 29/Mar/17
@ Alesz how much of a height advantage do you think Kate has over Taylor?
KH said on 29/Mar/17
Weak 5'9. Hiddleston towers over her. Barely taller then Ed Sheeran. Almost all these people (celebrities) exaggerate about there heights so when people say she looks almost as tall as x you have to take an inch to an inch and a half from what x claims they are lol.
Mimi said on 28/Mar/17
Rob, have you seen Taylor's 2014 Grammys interview with Nancy O'Dell(whom you listed at 5ft9.5)? With a slightly taller heel,she appears to be at least an inch taller than her what do you think
Editor Rob: yes, she did look like she'd edge her...they may well both be 176ish
grizz said on 24/Mar/17
Editor Rob: yes oliver, I'd be a bit surprised if she dropped to that mark, and I'm sure Taylor would be even more shocked and have a major tantrum!

@Rob, I guess her next song would be about that stadiometer :)
Editor Rob: surely somebody will do a song about being measured by a stadiometer one day!
oliver said on 24/Mar/17
Rob,would you be surprised if she got measured at 5'8.75 under the stadiometer(during the afternoon)?😁😁😊
Editor Rob: yes oliver, I'd be a bit surprised if she dropped to that mark, and I'm sure Taylor would be even more shocked and have a major tantrum!
Sean5 said on 23/Mar/17
In those Kate Upton photos, Kate has much bigger footwear than Taylor
Wily said on 19/Mar/17
2 shorter than Kate Upton

Click Here

This definitely puts an end in her 5'10 claims
Angelos said on 19/Mar/17
Rob ,in this clip from 2008 Katy was wearing those heels Click Here and she was a little bit taller than Taylor while she was in ballets flats.
Click Here what do you think?
Mimi said on 18/Mar/17
@Wily in that picture (the whole body version) Miley and Katy are both wearing heels. Taylor was in ballerina flats. 😊
mariam said on 18/Mar/17
Rob how tall a man or a woman should be to stand the same height as Taylor when she is wearing 6in heels?
Editor Rob: if Taylor is wearing a 6-inch heel (that gives 4.5 inches of height say), then the man would need to be over six foot, maybe 6ft 0.5 inch to match her up.
Johno said on 16/Mar/17
Styles needs to be listed a good inch or more than whatever height Taylor is listed at.
Wily said on 16/Mar/17
What a heck is that?

Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 15/Mar/17
Funny. her and Styles have swapped height LOL.
oliver said on 15/Mar/17
I think 5'9.5 for Harry Style and 5'9 flat for Taylor Swift would be the most reasonable figures.
andre said on 13/Mar/17
5ft8 barefoot
AJ said on 7/Mar/17
The more I've seen of her, I think 5'9" flat is the safest bet. Compared to people like liam payne and taylor lautner she looks this height.
Jasper said on 5/Mar/17
You can tell she isn't over 5ft 9-10in. in flats. There's several photos of Ed Sheeran and her clearly showing the two of them about the same height. Ed has said he's around 5ft 8in. Most people, especially celebrities exaggerate at least an inch, maybe 2-3 inches because it's obtainable through illusion and footwear. You can't make an argument claiming she's x height compared to y height of another celebrity due to the fact that whomever you're comparing her to is probably inaccurately listed as well. The listed height of 5ft 9in, give or take a few centimeters, is reasonable in my opinion.
crazypeoplethesedays... said on 5/Mar/17
no way taylor is under 1.77, come on guys!! Why so much hate? LOOK AT HER NOW, I MEAN NOW NOT from 2-3 years ago. she has it
jay said on 4/Mar/17
Taylor is 5'10" not shorter I have met her and I am 6'2" she was 4" shorter than myself
oliver said on 4/Mar/17
Rob, how tall do you think Austin Swift is? Google says 6'3".
Editor Rob: he might not be far off it.
Alexa said on 3/Mar/17
she looks smaller than Gigi
Nova176 said on 1/Mar/17
I agree, Gigi is the only one who can look 177. Taylor really isn't more than 5'9 and Jenner is probs around 176 as well
Chris said on 26/Feb/17
Taylor's height claims it's definitely one of the most controversial on this site, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, One Direction guys, Afrojack and Justin Bieber.
dpp said on 21/Feb/17
It's time to downgrade...again.
oliver said on 19/Feb/17
Rob,can I make a suggestion that you'd better list Taylor and Kendall at 175 and Gigi at 176-177. Gigi always looks marginally taller than the other two.
Angelos said on 16/Feb/17
Taylor, Kendall, Gigi, which of them has a chance on being taller?
TOKYO GIRL said on 12/Feb/17
I've worked with Taylor Swift, She is 175 cm
oliver said on 9/Feb/17
I agree with @Allie.
Johnson said on 7/Feb/17
@Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) Swift 175 maximum but she has a tiny head and give the illusion of being taller. Bieber is solid 173 cm. Look at Bieber with Bouchard, and Bieber grew up since then
Allie said on 6/Feb/17
No way, Taylor is def not 5'7 range. She's at least 174 at the bare minimum, 176 is the very most I see her being, but she looks 175 cm most of the time.
Angelos said on 6/Feb/17
Rob how tall would she measured in those? Click Here
Nik said on 6/Feb/17
I think that Taylor Swift being 5'8.5" without heels is a very distinct possibility.
Chris said on 5/Feb/17
Flat 5"9. Brother is 6"2
Monika said on 5/Feb/17
for me, she´s definitely 177 cm
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 4/Feb/17
Johnson said on 2/Feb/17
Taylor Swift is similar to Justin Bieber if they both stand barefoot. In my honest opinion


I would disagree. Taylor is nowhere near 171cm, neither is Bieber anywhere near 176cm.
sevina said on 3/Feb/17
i know this is old pictire but here is taylor next to tom bergeron who is said to be 175 or 5'9 - Click Here
Mimi said on 2/Feb/17
Rob,how would Taylor appear beside a person who is like 6'1-6'2?
Editor Rob: if both in similar footwear she would probably be at their eyelevel.
Johnson said on 2/Feb/17
@angular that video proves Taylor Swift is shorter tan Zayn Malik...
Johnson said on 2/Feb/17
Taylor Swift is similar to Justin Bieber if they both stand barefoot. In my honest opinion
Angelos said on 2/Feb/17
Rob, which is most likely for Taylor?
Α : 1,80 – 1,78
Β : 1,79 – 1,77
C : 1,78 – 1,76
D : 1,77 – 1,75
Editor Rob: today I'd argue a/b should be more impossible than c/d
ToldUtaylorSwiftwas5'8 said on 2/Feb/17
Rob....i know you've seen many of comments saying Taylor swift is 5'8.5 without heels. Take a look at the behind the scenes shoot for the song "Dont Wanna Live Forever. Taylor and Zayn Malik are roughly the same size. You can really see Zayns 5'7 height in display with a bit of heel height next to a 5'8 Taylor Swift
angular said on 31/Jan/17
I'd shoot at Zayn having 2cm on her with a 4cm shoe advantage (assuming Taylor is in flats).

Roughly worked out I think she's 173 at night (max) - 174 in the day. I think that this seems the most congruent in comparison with all other celebs.
Harambe said on 31/Jan/17
Pepe has nice legs... as does Taylor Swift
DefinitelyNotCC said on 30/Jan/17
@Tall Girl
It's impossible for Kendall and Taylor to be below 5'9.
angular said on 28/Jan/17
@Rob, does this Click Here now well and truly put the 5'9" rumours to rest?
Editor Rob: how much taller, about an inch maybe from what I could see there.
frank said on 28/Jan/17
Click Here Take a look here! Probably 1.74 cm for Taylor
6'7'' said on 27/Jan/17
She is 5'7''.Totally agreed with you@Tall Girl
Tall Girl said on 26/Jan/17
This chick is even shorter than 5'7" - 5'7.5" Kendall. I'd say 5'6.5" - 5'7" is spot on and she probably weighs like 100 pounds or so. I remember going to a wax museum with her likeness as one of the main features and the wax figure was wearing 4 inch heels and I was still taller than the replica. I'm 5'11" and at most my shoes contributed only 0.5" of height (I'm usually trying to wear the flattest shoes I can find due to being embarrassed of my height.) So that means if the replica was close to the real Taylor's height then she is at MOST 5'7.5", and I think that is being pretty generous.
Truth said on 24/Jan/17
Barefoot midday measurement no more than 174
Angelos said on 21/Jan/17
Rob, how tall would she measured in those if 5ft 9 barefoot? Click Here
Editor Rob: Angelos, if we went with a 5ft 9 barefoot, she'd measure a comfortable 6ft, a little bit over it in fact in those.
Anna26 said on 20/Jan/17
I'm a tall 174 girl I feel I tower over everyone nearly, Rob is that really tall for a girl and I'm 26 does that mean I've stopped growing.
Editor Rob: I still think you'd be a bit shorter than Taylor, at 174 it's tall, but I'm sure you will still find a percentage taller every day.
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Jan/17
@ Grizz- Well, I stand corrected! Since coming to this website I have found that a fair few stars do bungle their heights! I hardly think it's the Crime of the Century! It's quite funny really, especially now that there are sites like this which are bound to catch them out sooner or later!
I have never seen Taylor standing with Blake Lively. I've only seen her with high shoes as well. Plus she's very lean!
As I said before, I admit I've had the wool pulled over my eyes...and it won't be the last time, I'm sure!
grizz said on 19/Jan/17
Seriously, Sandy? You can't get round her lying?
Then how to explain Grant Gustin ,claiming 6'2,who's shorter than Amell,who claims 6'1? Dwayne Johnson,who now claims 6'4.5,who is exactly the same height as Brandon Routh (who claims 6'2.5 and looks it).
Or Taylor Swift being shorter than 5'8.5 Blake Lively,even though she wore elevated boots and Blake only flat sneakers?
Yeah,it can't be... Probably everyone else is lying about their height except them.

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