How tall is Tom Hollander

Tom Hollander's Height

5ft 4 ¾ (164.5 cm)

British actor best known for roles in films such as Gosford Park, Land of the Blind, Enigma, In the Loop and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. In an Independent interview in 2016, he gave a couple of insightful remarks on the subject of height and Tom Cruise:
I never thought of myself as being short. Being an actor has made me much more conscious of it than I would have been otherwise.

How tall is Tom Hollander
Photo by PR Photos
We're [Tom Cruise and I] standing next to each other and he's a good two or three inches taller. With Valkyrie, I was excited at meeting this short superstar and was horribly disappointed to discover he was perfectly average.

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Average Guess (20 Votes)
5ft 3.85in (162.2cm)
Daycringeothon said on 13/Apr/22
Paul Wood said on 15/Mar/19
His limbs are a bit disproportionately short in comparison to the rest of him. That always make someone seem shorter than they actually are. I can believe just under 5ft 5in for him, maybe 5ft 4.5in but I'd say no shorter than that.

Same thing can happen for a six foot male with 30” inseam (considered short). Average man has about 32”. When I say average I mean 5’9”-5’11” range.Actually 32” is barely average for 5’11” male. So again if around women 5’9”+ with heels on they can look shorter than they really are.
Gladstone Screwer said on 15/Feb/22
He could have even lost a bit at 54. I’d say sub 5’3”, not wishing to be harsh. The above pic makes him look shorter than he probably is.
He gas a great voice, however.
MaskDeMasque said on 5/Jun/21
I think he's lying about not feeling short, seems very hard to believe a 5'4 range has never thought of himself as short.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Jun/20
@ Brittany - What a lovely thing to say, you and Tom light up celebheights! 😀👌🏻
pgjtftkwnbczmp said on 9/May/20
Biggest head ever on a 5ft5 body?

He looks 5ft2, almost midget sized in the pic above because of his HUUUUUGEEEEEE head.
MaskDeMasque said on 14/Jun/19
5'4.5 I think. In Taboo, Tom Hardy had about
four and a half inches on him.
LaPancarte said on 4/Apr/19
I thinks there is more than 4+1/4 inches between him and Tom Hardy : Click Here
Paul Wood said on 15/Mar/19
His limbs are a bit disproportionately short in comparison to the rest of him. That always make someone seem shorter than they actually are. I can believe just under 5ft 5in for him, maybe 5ft 4.5in but I'd say no shorter than that.
P.W. said on 10/Mar/19
Tom is roughly the same height as Jessica Raine in Baptiste, so he's about 5ft 4.5in to 5ft 5in. Although his short legs don't help him look visually the same as an equivalent height woman.
He's a very good actor and has a good voice to make up for his stature.
Conan said on 27/Mar/18
He is completely shorter than me over 4 inches. I'm 5 ft 3/4 in (177.3 cm) on barefoot so I give him at 5 ft 4 1/2 in (164.2 cm)
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/17
Looked quite a lot shorter than Tom Hardy in Taboo. This is his max. height. He was basically towered by him.
Igmus said on 16/Jul/17
I'm 5'11" and I met this guy last year. He's tiny. Barely over my shoulder. My brother's 5'6" and even he's around my eye level. I'd say Hollander's about 5'2"-5'3", no way he's nearly 5'5". And tbh I think 5'7"-5'8" is pretty average, it's just that most people claiming that height are around 5'5" ish.
scotsheights said on 5/Jul/17
@hans meiser an honest 5'7er can seem average
Hans Meiser said on 10/Jun/17
5'7 is average? That's cute.
Peter175 said on 8/Jun/17
Of course a weak 5'5 guy would think that a 5'7-8 guy is average. It's not though, but it at least breaks up more of the sub5'7 tom cruise myth
MJKoP said on 4/Mar/17
It's fascinating how different people perceive their own heights. Here we have Tom, a guy who is under 5'5" and never considered himself to be short. Then we have Paul McGann, who claims to be 5'9"(and looks pretty close to it), describing himself as "quite little". I guess in Paul's case, growing up in a taller family influenced his perception of what being small really is. Similarly with George W. Bush - having a 6'2" father and 6'3.5" brother made him feel like the "little guy" at 5'11". It's all comparative, I suppose.
Ned Schneebly said on 10/Jan/17
Come on people ! Have you seen the Night Manager ? I had to stop watching because this character was an ex army captain! How would he even BE in the army at this height ! I'd say not over 5'1", he really is DeVito like.
nilkn said on 4/Dec/15
I think this guy is 5'3" or even 5'2".

He's really not 5'5" because this guy is short enough that you can tell how short he is even when he's not standing next to anyone. He looks about the same height as my mom or girlfriend, who are both 5'2".
Brittany said on 23/May/13
Tom Hollander is a very hot and sexy looking gentleman and it has his height down as 5" 5" tall and with all due respects he looks the same height as I am which is 5" 3" in height

Anyway Tom is gorgeous and I just love him to bits and would love to meet him and have a chat over a coffee with him one day and who knows maybe date him
Anne said on 22/May/11
He's a great actor with sexy eyes, perfect lips, and an I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E voice - who cares how tall he is? :)
MD said on 14/May/11

Do you think you could take another look at him. I went through all of his pictures at Getty, and it seems as if almost every woman he is photographed with is taller...even if they weren't in heels. Either he hangs out exclusively with tall women, or he's quite a bit shorter than what he's currently listed.

Anyway, for reference, with 5'10"ish Russell Crowe:

Click Here

And, in this picture, he actually looks a bit taller than he usually does in photographs. He just generally looks SO small, smaller than even you'd expect a guy 5'5" to look.
Danny said on 21/Jan/11
Tom is about 5'5, i think, because when i talk and stand next to him, i just barely look up to him. i am 5'3, so.. yeah. i think he's brilliant. i just love him to pieces.
Stand in and photo double said on 6/Jul/09
I stood in and photo doubled for Tom. In a special effects scene, I had to be his EXACT height. They put me in his shoes that he was wearing for the scene. By putting on his shoes, I was the exact height that he was in his shoes. I am 5'6.5" tall. People should realize, you can never tell the height of someone by looking at them on the screen. You never no when one or other of the actors will be standing on an "apple Box" or have high heels on.
Nicci said on 13/Jun/09
I love how short he is in pirates of the caribbean and how he ACTS like he's six feet tall. I'm only 5ft. tall so I favor short people
Matt said on 19/Nov/08
"...where most actors are tall( like Bill Nighy, Johnny Depp, Jack Davenport...)..."

Actually Johnny Depp is kinda short, like 5'9"
Zeke said on 17/Nov/08
Bill Nighy is 6'2". So quite tall, im 6'1", im getting there. (im 15)
Cecilie said on 13/May/08
I'm only 5'2 but in Pirates of the Caribbean, Pride and Prejudice and Elizabeth: The Golden Age he looks like he is as tall as me.. He looks small, but maybe it is because Johnny Depp (<33), Keira Knightley, Orlande Bloom, Jack Davenport etc. is so much taller than him...
Mandie said on 27/Dec/07
Well, I'm about 5'2, so if he's really 5'5 like people say, we're not that far apart. To me, he's kinda tall, but in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, where most of the actors are tall (like Bill Nighy, Johnny Depp, Jack Davenport...) he's small. So... yeah. But, like deb said, he's a talented guy, and I've heard a total sweetie. Just 'cause we're short doesn't mean everyone HAS to talk about it. Seriously, stick to pointing out his talent, not his height.
Andre said on 11/Dec/07
He is not 5'5, at most 5'4 would have been 5'5 with lifts in Pride and Prejudice. Looked 2.5 inches shorter than Keira Knightley
deb said on 10/Nov/07
I met him in June and got hugs. I am 5'5" and we were eye-to-eye but the BIG question is WHY does this matter to anyone? The man is extremely talented AND a sweetheart of a guy. Forget about his height. Focus on his talent.
ruby said on 11/Oct/07
Besides his height was else can you say about him? Why is he still single?
Angelene said on 29/Jan/07
I was lucky enough to be in the crowd at the Premier of POTC2 and was suprised at how short he was; I am 5'2" and he didn't seem much taller than me - I suppose he could be 5! 5" at a push, Orlando and Johnny are a lot smaller than you would think, and both very slight.
Typo Queen said on 11/Jan/07
My question is how he can look Orlando straight in the eyes in their first scene if he is about 4, 5 inches short than him? I've seen the picture. And did you notice that they never show his feet?! It's because he has like, major heels on!
Jessie the Cat said on 22/Dec/06
I've been in a film with Tom Hollander, and actually danced with him. 5' 3" looks about right to me - maybe less - he really is tiny. Does it matter?
me said on 31/Oct/05
On second thought, I was wearing those extremely thin-soled indian style sandals (1/8th inch) and Tom was wearing proper shoes. So barefeet, it wouldn't surprise me if he is indeed 5ft 5.
me said on 29/Oct/05
I stood next to him at a party this summer and he seemed slightly shorter than I am (5ft 7). 5ft 6 sounds about right for Tom.

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