How tall is Tony Parker

Tony Parker's Height

6ft 1 ¼ (186.1 cm)

Belgium-born French Basketballer. He has said in his own words, [I'm] "One Metre 86cm'.

How tall is Tony Parker
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6ft 1.42in (186.5cm)
Canson said on 21/Nov/20
@Vincent: agreed
Vincent Caleb said on 19/Nov/20
Tim Duncan needs a page. He is 6’10” and the greatest power forward ever. I am not a Spurs fan but I am a Duncan fan. He always seemed like a respectful guy and good family man. He edged out KD. And was about an inch shorter than KG. Tony Parker is listed correctly. Also, Nowitzki could use a page as well.
Vincent Caleb said on 10/Nov/20
Honestly edged out Obama. Easily this listing.
Canson said on 25/Oct/20
@Rampage: agreed. I’m not sure about 186-187 but I could see 6’1 or 6’1.25 like listed
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Oct/20
6ft1 flat would be the absolute minimum I'd place this guy at. Can look 186-187cm
Dmeyer said on 29/Aug/20
makes obama look 6-0,75
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 12/Jun/20
I can even buy his 186cm claim measure in the night. He can pull off 6'1 1/2.
Onabill said on 13/Sep/19
When he got drafted the listed height said 5 ft 11 1/4 which meant even after the age of 19 the Tony Parker grew another 2 inches
Tunman said on 9/May/19
Click Here
If Parker is 6'1.25" how tall would you say this guy is?His name is Remi Gaillard and he's probably among the most famous pranksters and is listed at 176.I think he could look a good 4.25"smaller so a honest enough 5'9.Your opinion?
Editor Rob
He can look roughly 5ft 9
Canson said on 13/Jul/18
@Junior: after seeing more pics I can agree that TP is probably 6’1” flat to 6’1.25 but not any highee
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jul/18
@Canson I don't think Parker was measure during NBA pick draft. His 186cm claim probably a later morning height or noon. He should be strong 6'1 anywhere from 185.5-185.8cm. If he drafted measurement was 186cm he should look 185cm flat most of the time. He look very strong 6'1 or wee bit over with many of his teammates. Kobe strongly suggested was 6'4 7/8 low round down saying 6'4 3/4 and easily look 6'5-6'5 1/4 differnt time on the day.
Canson said on 24/Jun/18
@Junior: other possibility is 6’4 7/8 or 3/4 for Kobe and Parker flat 6’1” or 6’0 7/8. The difference from 3 3/4 to 4” is hard to see
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 28/May/18
@Canson I don't think Obama lost height and he could have never being over 185cm if he measured 6'1 (185.4) maybe just before an afternoon. I think Tony Parker maybe just tiny bit like 1/8 under 186.1cm and remember Kobe might had a chance holding 6'4 7/8 while he can look like 4" taller than Tony considered that Kobe head was smaller with a higher eye level had some illusion to look 196cm next to Parker and Obama.
Canson said on 10/May/18
@Junior: yea I may be wrong with this one. Maybe 185-185.5 similar to Renaldo. Odd thing is that he has a 6’0” measurement somewhere along the lines. I’d go with a solid 6’1”. President Obama looks a weak 6’1” these days imho. I can, however, buy him being 6’1 or thereabouts when he came into office in 2008.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 9/May/18
6'1" or 6'1.25" most likely
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/May/18
@Canson Can't be. He look at least 3/8 taller than Obama who look weak 6'1 with Kobe.
Daniel MZ said on 8/Feb/18
A tad over 6'1". He was a tad taller than Obama
Alex said on 4/Jan/18
Nah 6’1.25 I was born in France went to Parker’s basketball camp and I’m 187.3 he was about a cm shorter.
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/17
Rob, you shoud look at him next to Dieudonné M'bala listed at 182cm. He seems to be about the same.
Canson said on 1/Jun/17
@JTM: Kerr looks 6'1" with Curry too about 1/2" shorter. But Kerr has back problems remember and had surgery he is older and may not be as tall as he was before although I doubt 6'3" Kerr peak 6'2" makes sense
jtm said on 9/May/17
The funny thing is Steve Kerr doesn't look over 6'1 with Kevin Durant. I guess it depends on the camera angles
Canson said on 6/May/17
@SJH: maybe I was wrong. That makes parker 186 Obama is a weak 6'1 184.5-185 (6'0.75). He's a good 2.5" shorter than Vernon Davis who is 6'3.25
Johnson said on 30/Apr/17
Omar Sy listed 190 in celebheights is only 2 cm on Parker

Click Here
S.J.H said on 21/Mar/17

That would make obama 182-183cm if parker 184cm max
Canson said on 20/Mar/17
More 183-184 than 186. He's a couple inches shorter than Steve Kerr is and Kerr was never 6'3" barefoot
S.J.H said on 20/Mar/17
Click Here parker is a full cm taller than barrack obama
Peruvian 1.73m said on 13/Feb/17
9 cm shorter than Zlatan (194.0cm) maybe
He is 186cm but before midday and with bust a gut measurement, sometimes looks 6'0.5
Canson said on 17/Jan/17
@Rampage: I've always seen 6'2 listings never 6'3". Think he's always been listed that and no lower as well I can't remember if his pre draft was 6'0 or 6'1". He's somewhere between the two tho as I doubt flat 6'0 but not sure about a full 185.5 either
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/17
Billed as high as 6ft3...doubt he's less than 6ft1. This isn't pro-wrestling.
184-182 said on 22/Nov/16
I'm guessing he's about 6'1"
DetroitMichigan said on 1/Nov/16
Strange because near Tsongo listed at 6'2 he looks 6'2 or 6'3 but near Zidane he looks more 6'
I think he's 6ft (183-184), according to pictures with 6'6 Evan Fournier
Leonardo 1.73m said on 28/Oct/16
Looks not under of this with about 6'5 Zlatan
S.J.H said on 24/Sep/16
Tony look a like a cm than .25 taller than obama. Obama might be dipping 6'0.75 nowadays
Canson said on 18/Aug/16
between 183-184 barefoot. He's 6'2 in shoes (rounded up).
Canson said on 18/Aug/16
@Oregonborn: Kyrie measured that in the morning. A poster here (actually 2) met Rose and one put him 6' the other 6'.75. I think personally he's a legit 6'1 no lower and Kyrie 186cm-186.5.
Oregonborn said on 18/Aug/16
Y'all are dumb saying kyrie 6'1.5 barefoot he's 6'1.75 barefoot talker then rose
Andrea said on 3/Aug/16
Rob, from where do you think the 6' "measurement" come???
I can't believe he's just 6', of course...
I've seen some pictures of him and i doubt he's under his claim, 186cm!
I mean, he can look near 4 inches taller than Amaury Nolasco (a noticeable difference than how Amaury looks with Dominic Purcell, who really can look more 6-7 cms taller in many pictures)!
It is also true that he looks at least 2 (good) inches taller than Chris Paul...
He does look taller than Obama...
He can look 2.5-3 inches taller than Bekcham!
If anything there's more chance he's 6'1.5-6'2 rather than just 6'!
Reading the old comments, it seems that many people truly believed he was just 6'!
Do you think 6'1.5 range is possible?
Would you give him a photo?
Editor Rob: I don't know if he started his career early and then grew a few more cm's and the old listing still existed - a bit like with some footballers.
Dsmooth said on 8/Apr/15
Tony is taller than Will Smith. Also D. Rose and Kyrie were measured at 6 1.5' barefoot per draftexpress website, they are listed at 6'3, which is in shoes. This height for Tony is correct; he is definitely over 6 feet.
Sal said on 22/Jan/15
He was looking an inch taller than the President at the White House Visit! Click Here
Judd said on 15/Jan/15
in my opinion he's 6'1.5"...he has 2" on Chris Paul
LegendKillerIzma said on 20/Dec/14
He's a solid 6'2 for sure
cobra1262 said on 31/May/14
Kyrie, drose are both 6'3 I think tony parker is 6'2.5-6'3
Andrea said on 28/Apr/14
I doubt he's under the listing, just look at him with Amaury Nolasco, who does look near his listing with Prison Break member cast... He looks can look 4 solid inches taller than him!
KROC said on 29/Mar/14
He's 6ft on the dot. Compare him to legit 6'1 point guards like Kyrie Irving or Derrick Rose.
Viper said on 19/Aug/13
This must be right, because a lot of people are convinced hes 6'2-6'3
lindsey said on 17/Jan/12
wow he is1 m 86 cm? thats OK
Shaun said on 30/Dec/11
I wonder if Eva Longoria considered him short.. Well he is next to those six ten team mates of his!
Anonymous said on 28/Feb/09
I think Parker might be 6'1.25 barefoot but he definitely looks taller in shoes. I met him twice in France and he looked tall, around 190cm, maybe 188cm.
Jim said on 26/Dec/08
Parker does look a little bit taller than 6'1 Steve Nash every time they are playing against each other. Not sure if it's an illusion thou cause Nash has a tiny frame. Plus, some basketball shoes add an inch and some add an inch and a half, therefore it is hard to get their barefoot heights dead on.
Shaq said on 1/Nov/08
And that's with Kobe closer to the camera. The above 6'5" stuff for Kobe is obviously BS. He claims to be 6'4" and his wife says she measured him at 6'4 3/4". He does look about the same height as Michael Jordan(6'4 7/8") and a little taller than 6'3 3/4" Dwyane Wade so that measurement seems accurate.
Alex said on 26/Sep/08
I'd say at least 6'1.5 next to Kobe.
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/08
Renzo... He is listed at 6'0'' in the NBA lol. what are you talking about
Shaq said on 1/Aug/08
Look at Tony next to 6'4.75" Kobe
Click Here

6'1.25" looks dead on accurate. What do you think Rob?
Gago said on 30/Jul/08
Rob, do you know when he said he was 186? when spurs was playing lakers in conference finals, i saw him a lot and he's 188, he was 19 when he came to nba, and some guys grow after 19, possibly he did, I just know that he definitely looked avery bit of 6'2.

[Editor Rob: it was I think on his official site or an interview in French. Still makes mention on his site about him being 1.86]
Renzo said on 29/Jul/08
Some more of the info at the link from "Shaq" 30/May/
Kev said on 27/Jul/08
This guy is 6'1 tops. In pictures he looks about the same height as 6'1 Steve Nash, mabey a hair shorter.
Shaq said on 30/May/08
Listed 183 cm on this basketball site. Click Here

He doesn't look shorter than 6'1" Steve Nash though.
Shaq said on 30/May/08
There is a better chance Tony is under 6'1.25" than over it.

I heard the Olympics had Parker at 183 cm barefoot and 186 cm in shoes. That would also back up the draft sites that had Tony had 6'0" flat.

I think Parker might be giving 186 cm as his height in shoes, that would also make sense because most basketball shoes add exactly 1.25" inches.
Bruce said on 28/May/08
there is no strong doubt he is 6'2" take it or leave it. this 6'1.25" listing is absolutely wrong. dont everyone know that 6'2" are still the shortest players in anygame. he is exceptionally good considering his height & having to play with guys from 6'6" & upwards

[Editor Rob: argue with Parker, he himself gives 186cm as his height!]
Alex said on 20/May/08
He's at least a solid 6'0 maybe a weak 6'1.
thekiddd said on 18/May/08
He's not 188cm! You just want him to be Matthew.
Mattiew_- said on 16/May/08
What I find funny is that he was listed at 182cm in France before being drafted and all of a sudden he is 188 cm ( 6'2 )...?

I guess it's the NBA magic ... I wish they drafted me so I could have a late two inches growth spurt too ...
thekiddd said on 11/May/08
Obviously you are hearing what you want to hear anonymous. When will people understand THAT ACTORS ALMOST NEVER CLAIM A HEIGHT SHORTER THAN THEY ACTUALLY ARE?
Anonymous said on 9/May/08
tony parker and daniel gibson are the same height, 6'2''.
thekiddd said on 4/May/08
Rafael, how is this guy 6 feet 2 when he claimed 186cms( or 6'1 .25")? Actors are not taller than what they claim. And you friend isn't 192cm( 6"3.6) If he is only an inch taller than him.
Rafael said on 18/Apr/08
Tony parker is 6 feet 2 legit

i have a photo of a friend of mine who is 192 cm

and the diference is like 1 inch max
thekiddd said on 13/Mar/08
I think it is very unlikely than he is 3" below 6'2" the height he is listed as in the NBA. I'd say 6'1" rather than 6'1 1/4".
mon said on 22/Jan/08
yeah, he doesn't look really tall for a BB player. Thought he was like 5'11
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/08
Ironic as it sounds, Yao Ming is a perfect way to measure another player's height, because Yao Ming had so much hype for his height (and rightly so) they were accurate in measuring him. People call Yao 7'5-7'6 never more, never less.
Alex said on 19/Oct/07
Tallest Parker would be is 6'1 if he's listed at 6'2. Likely he's around 6'0 1/2 and 6'1 1/2 or so with sneakers and round to 6'2.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/07
nba heights are totally bogus, there's an italian player who's said as 7ft and is no taller than 6'8 in reality. it's all about inflating the heights and catering to the silliness of pro sports competitiveness. tony parker is 5'10 and a bit. i met him and laughed inside at how silly a 6'2 listing is for him
Big T said on 27/Sep/07
I am Thierry Henry's biggest fan and have always believed him to be 6'1'', not 6'2''. I would say both he and Parker are probably 185cm or 186cm.
CourtVersion said on 25/Sep/07
I have investigated and found every single evidence needed to Counter Argue statements of those who dont acknowledge Tony Parker being 6'0 The Court has already found him guilty of Adding extra length to his height, surprisingly he even appeared to be 5'10.5 179cm in real life , If he was really 6'1.25 186cm as he claims he COULD NOT be 5'10.5 (179cm)by slouching, as a punishment all of his elevator shoes will be taken away and He will be monitored when he puts on his basketball shoes, To STOP him from putting newspaper or anything else to raise his height he will lose his prievilages to take pictures next to Fans and Athletes( he has asked them not to stand up straight, in some cases even raised his feet)
asdasd said on 7/Sep/07
seem taller than zidane ( legit 6'1) so it could be 6'1.5 or 6'2.
allen4 said on 18/Aug/07
tony and manu ginobili :
Click Here
Gonzalo said on 19/Jul/07
He looks 1`86 to me
Kyle said on 18/Jul/07
I'm pretty sure Tony was standing on something during the Subway commercial. After all, he's a basketball star. They won't have him being towered over by Jared.
Arjun said on 12/Jul/07
6'1" looks OK. Certainly not anything under 6'0".
Viper said on 19/Jun/07
Strahan is actually 6-4, and not the billed 6-5 the NFL gives him.
annonymous1992 said on 18/Jun/07
I have seen saw tony parker standing next to Marbury who is listed at 6'2 there was somewhere between 1.5 and 2 inch difference , there is something you can put under your shoes to make you look taller i guess thats what tony parker was doing
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/07
Parker looks a little shorter than Jared. Jared is listed at 6'2, but in the commercial with Michael Strahan (who is listed at 6'5 on, Jared and Strahan look the same height.
Jason said on 17/Jun/07
I thought he physically looks 184-185cm.
Vegas said on 16/Jun/07
there are a number of parker and thierry henry photos today in the newspapers. They look the exact same height. Henry is listed at 6'2, could be 6'1 though

[Editor Rob: I'll link the pic Parker and Henry, and here.

Maybe when Parker said - him afterall being european - 186cm, he was telling the truth...]
Arjun said on 16/Jun/07
Anonymous: Duncan's head nearly 12 inches? Not a chance. His head is no longer than Shaq's, and I know Shaq's head is 10.5 inches tops. If Duncan has an 11.5 inch head, than how long is Big Show's head? 15 inches????
youngsta said on 15/Jun/07
I always though he was like one of those 5'10-5'11 small iverson like Point Guards but after seeing the subway commercial with him and Jared he could be like 6'1 or 6'2 , its funny cuz i always though Jared was a tall guy.
Vegas said on 15/Jun/07
ha great spot TheJerk; parker is roughly 3-4" taller than Jared Click Here and Cena is about the same height if not 1" shorter Click Here than jared. so based on those videos if parker is just 6ft then cena is just 5'7-5'8".

ok something is wrong here methinks, parker is not that tall as subway list jared at 6'2 Click Here making parker 6'6 in that video, lol.
Anonymous said on 15/Jun/07
duncan has long face the bottom of his chin to the top of his head is about 11.5 inches
TheJerk said on 15/Jun/07
He had a few inches on Jared the Subway guy in a commercial. Funny, I always thought Jared was tall, he looked taller than Cena in the Subway commercials. Could there really be a big height difference between those two? I would think they are close in height.
Vegas said on 15/Jun/07
decent enough full length pic of duncan and parker Click Here
Arjun said on 15/Jun/07
Duncan is a little under a full head taller than Parker; Parker looks to be somewhere between Duncan's bottom lip and chin. He has a shaved head, so no hair advantage there. Duncan has a small head for his height, probably 10 inches. So Parker is about 9 inches shorter than him .... I believe Duncan to be 6'10", so this would put Parker at 6'1".
Viper said on 14/Jun/07
Now 5-11 is underestimating him.
JWill said on 13/Jun/07
I heard an announcer say that he is "one of those 5'11 guys."
Vegas said on 12/Jun/07
According to the article Viper posted on MJs page Kirk Hinrich is 6-2.75" barefoot Click Here and listed at 6'3 by the NBA; just a 0.25" inflation so parker could easily be inflated by just 0.75".

I was watching the finals on sunday night and parker always had 0.5" at least on Greg Popovich when the were next to each other, just like the numerous pics of the two i posted. of course a 6ft parker equals a roughly 5'11.5" Popovich which is surely not rite.
Alex said on 10/Jun/07
The thing that can make him look 6'2 is that he's with Eva Longoria who is no more than 5'0 tall. The tallest he would be is 6'1 flat and just an inch inflation from sneakers but most likely he's 6'0 1/2.
Anonymous said on 10/Jun/07
i remember seeing parker driving to the rim in a basketball game in asia against 7'5 iranian player jaber rouzbani, he looked no bigger than 6' when they stood next to one another and next to 6'11 samuel dalembert
BigBen said on 7/Jun/07
I have seen a picture with Parker and Arenas both standing the same distance away from the camera. Parker is a 1/2 inch taller than Arenas, and he should be 6'2.5 barefoot, according to the pre draft measurements on That does not make any sense, if parker is 6'1 1/4. I think Arenas is a lot shorter than 6'2.5, cause I do not think Parker is is taller than 6'1 1'4. Click Here A have heard that Arenas should be 6'1, that makes sense to me. What do you guys think?
Viper said on 5/Jun/07
Parker is 6-0-6-0 1/4. Some of these guys really surprise me of how much shorter they are when they get measured actually. Guys who I thought were there billed height or close to it. Sometimes its over 2 inches.
Vegas said on 29/May/07
There are loads of photos of Parker and NBA players posted here Click Here

Just scroll down to my two entries on April 4 2007. There are a lot more photos of Tony Parker looking a legit 186cm than just the Zidane photo.
hi said on 28/May/07
parker needs to be downgraded here
he's 6'0.25
period. people who met him say it, and this is consistent with the nba size policy
picture with zidane doesn't show their shoes, rob, so I wouldn't trust it
MD said on 16/May/07
Exactly, in the same way Steve Nash is given 6'3" in the NBA, but is really only 6'1".
Alex said on 16/May/07
Parker is a little over 6'0. If he's listed at 6'2 then he's probably a little over 6'0, 6'0.5 most likely and 6'1.5-6'1.75 in shoes and rounded up.
Vegas said on 30/Apr/07
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh attack of the giant headed Gregg Popovich in Steve's pic. Guys please post proper pics, stop wasting peoples time here, Parker is about 10 feet away from Popovich there, hence Popovich's giant head.

Post pictures of Parker and Popovic side by side like these Click Here or Click Here or Click Here or Click Here or Click Here

BTW Popovich is listed at 6'2 by the NBA but he doesn't look any taller than the legit 186cm Tony Parker
Viper said on 29/Apr/07
He looks 6-0 there.
Derek said on 28/Apr/07
Steve- Pops is a bit closer to the camera, but I still think Tony would be a bit shorter. I'm not sure how tall Pops is though.
Steve said on 27/Apr/07
Well he is shorter than coach pop in regular dress shoes which don't give much height Click Here
ice said on 20/Apr/07
Question: You say the NBA list heights in shoes? Well, If TP was 6'1.25, wouldn't he be around 6'2.5" in sneakers, meaning they would list him at 6'3." Since they list him at 6'2, I think he's under this. If he's 6'2 in shoes, I would guess he's about 6'0.5". That's only 1/2 over his original 6'0 listing, which seems more likely that he gained 1/2 an inch at 19, rather than 1.25 inches at 19.
maddie said on 6/Apr/07
if that's true, the man is SHORT...
J-Sinn said on 6/Apr/07
I've just seen an awful video of him "rapping" in french? i guess. It has Fabolous in it and he stands at least 2 inches above Fab, I'd say 6'1.
Alex said on 16/Jan/07
I think Tony is 6'0-6'0.5 and 6'1.5-6'2 in sneakers and then gets listed at 6'2. Basketball sneakers do give 1.25-1.5 inches of height anyway.
Alex said on 10/Jan/07
Derek, the picture you posted with Shaq is a nice one. Thats how, 5'0, 6'0 and 7'0 look next to each other, haha. But I think Tony could actually be 6'0.5 though.
Alex said on 10/Jan/07
There is a solid foot between the 2 at least, maybe a bit more. Eva looks 5'0 so Tony I'd say is between 6'0 and 6'1. 6'0.5 maybe? Is there any site that has his barefoot and his listed height?
Derek said on 4/Dec/06
If Eva is shorter than 5'1", then Tony is 6' tops, like I said before.
Viper652 said on 3/Dec/06
Eva is shorter than 5-1.
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/06
Eva's like 5'1". I'll give him 6'1-6' 6'1.5 sounds about right...
luc said on 21/Nov/06
Tony is a friend of mine and i can say for sure he is 1,85cm
Derek said on 27/Aug/06
tony is 6'.

Click Here(I)

shaq is listed at 7'1" but is at most, 7'. tony is clearly a foot shorter. 6' on the nose, just like his draft bio says.
jesse said on 3/Aug/06
its hard to say but id put him at 5-11 because i saw him fairly close and id say he is my height
alex said on 20/May/06
a basketball shoe adds an inch to a player's height. Any player that is 6.4 is 6.3 without shoes
J-Dog said on 4/May/06
It seems like most think Parker is 183-185 cm.
suzy said on 2/May/06
When Eva Longoria was on Jay Leno, she said "Tony is 6'3" and I'm 5'2"...a bit of a stretch! He is the same height as my husband, 6'0" barefoot. We met him at a game and he was eye to eye to him.
bullman said on 15/Apr/06
hes 6 foot 1 for a fact
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/06
Iam 187cm between 6'1 and 6'2 ( little over the half inch line)
I have met Tony Parker in real life I think Tony Parker is 6'0 (183cm)
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
Every hardcore Spurs fan knows that Parker is 6 foot and 1/2!! He's one of the shortest players in the NBA. Not 6'2" without Basketball shoes!!
john said on 17/Mar/06
hey james , maybe you had 4 inch boots
James said on 5/Mar/06
I pass by Tony in Downtown San Antonio last year. I am about 5'9 1/2 and i had on boots. He wasn't much taller than me.I was very shock to see how short he was. I would have to say he is about 6ft" max.
Jake said on 4/Mar/06
Bill Walton exposed this guy's lie about his height. He said that Parker was 5'9" - 5'10", the guy who he was with said something to the effect of well everyone must look 5'10" from your point of veiw but he was listed at 6'2", at which point Walton looked surprised and the subject was dropped. Parker while more than 5'9" - 5'10" is probably 6'0" - 6'1". Even if your 7' tall, you ususally mess up that bad.
Seaton said on 9/Feb/06
If this guy is less than 6'1", there's no way in the world Longoria is anything beginning with a 5.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 9/Feb/06
Always looked 6'0 even 2 me.
CoolJ said on 9/Feb/06
Perhaps he did grow to 185-186cm... Nevertheless, I think this still cuts Longoria to around 5' even.
CoolJ said on 9/Feb/06

His original draft profile from NBADRAFT.NET, a pretty reputable site, had Parker at 6' even.

The 2001 Main Draft Page, has him at 6'1 180. - Relatively unknown draft site had him pegged at 6'0

EUROBASKET.COM which will usually have the old profiles of Euro Players, has Parker at 183cm.

The posters here may be right.. He was 183cm in Euro no shoes. 186cm w/ shoes.. Got rounded up to 6'2 for NBA Standards.

Sorry to keep flooding the board.. but EUROBASKET mentions their top 2005 players and has Parker in there as 183CM as well.

Also have
Nowitzki at 6'11 (NBA - 7'0) <- He's definitely under 7' not by much though

[Editor Rob: this could be very feasible...aged 19 at the draft? unless he grew, then certainly the 186cm he claims might be that in shoes, which then gets magically rounded to 6ft 2 in nba, and even in some newspapers when describing him with longoria I've seen 6ft 3!

now if this guy is 183cm barefoot, then Eva Longoria really is much shorter

only, thing is: see pic like this. mid 2005, pova is undergoing her growth spurt, 185cm zidane whilst isn't standing as great, I think the 186cm for Parker is very reasonable in such a pic...
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/06
The basketbal players are measured with sport shoes on,therefor I thinh he is 6' barefoot.not more
Mr R said on 8/Feb/06
I mentioned before, that I was watching a Spurs game a few weeks ago, and one of the tv commentators referred to Tony as a "5 foot 11 guard", and they are usually pretty accurate. The commentators must interview these guys, and they often tell the true heights of these ballers, because they must stand directly next to them.
MD said on 8/Feb/06
He looks this, but isn't he French? I know his father is American and his mother Belgian, but he was born and raised in France, right?

[Editor Rob: i'll call him belgian-born Frenchman then ;-0]
Seaton said on 8/Feb/06
If this guy is only 6'1 and she is wearing what are probaly at least 4 inch heels and only comes up past his shoulder by maybe an inch, then her true height could under 5 feet tall.
CoolJ said on 8/Feb/06
She looks like a child next to Tony. She's got heels on that pic and still looks a good 10" shorter. 5'1" is her max..

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