How tall is Trey Songz

Trey Songz's Height

5ft 10 ¾ (179.7 cm)

American Singer. In an interview on, on being asked how tall he was Trey claimed: "I am 6 feet even"

5ft 2 Kevin Hart with Trey
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (41 Votes)
5ft 10.38in (178.8cm)
Canson said on 26/Mar/20
Next to someone like Chris Brown it’s probably a 4-5 cm difference. 5’10.5
GCBraintree said on 24/Mar/20
I can’t see Trey as 6ft, can believe as a strong 5ft11
John John said on 4/Jan/20
Trey said he was 6'0. He looks around that. I'll give him 5'11-5'11.5"
pov said on 25/Sep/19
He’s listed as 187cm on google wtf πŸ˜‚
Christian Roberts said on 11/Jun/19
6’1 seems believeable because he is taller than 50 cent in this footage.
Unless 50 isn’t really 6’0

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Canson said on 3/Jan/19
@Zampo: I would still say 5’10.5 tops or perhaps some form of strong 6’10 instead of a weak 5’11”. I’m gonna say he’s probably similar with Blazer and Greg (maybe a smidge taller than both)
James G. said on 30/Dec/18
Rob, this is a good listing, he should claim 5’11” overall as his height if he wants to marginally round up. I don’t understand the 6’1” or 6’2” claim.
James G. said on 30/Dec/18
Google thinks 6’2” ??? I think 5’11” even
Zampo said on 16/Nov/18
This caught me by surprise. I've been following Trey Songz since way back and whilst I never paid attention to his height. I would have thought nearer 5'10 flat than 5'11, possibly 5'10.25 (5'10.5 max).
Tallgreekboy said on 16/Nov/18
Trey songz is NEVER above 5ft10. Pictures with him and 6ft1 Obama is all you need to check this.
dreezy said on 23/Jul/18
Guys, Trey Songz is at least 6'1. Here's a video of him teaching Chris Brown how to play golf and it's pretty clear he's in the six-foot range.
Click Here
Have a look at the footwear and you can see that there's no way he's wearing lifts in vans, especially because he has shorts on.
Unless Chris Brown is lying about being 6'1, then its safe to say that Trey is above 6 feet.
However, I do agree that Trey looks significantly shorter before 2010, perhaps he had leg lengthening surgery? Who knows....
poop said on 16/Jul/18
How is he listed as 6'2" then....
Nik said on 29/Apr/18
I have no problem with this listing!
Jake13 said on 29/Apr/18
Based on his pic with Rich no way this man 6'1 or even 6 lol, Im 6ft and I easily got 2-3 inches something over Rich Homie Quan when he came to perform at my local club.
Tallish89 said on 31/Jan/18
I doubt he's this 5'10 .75 listing seems to be more 5'9.75/5'10 flat
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/18
I was in the club in Vegas standing right next to him, he’s no taller than me. I’m 5’10 1/2.
Larry said on 7/Nov/17
Rob, how tall does trey songz look in this picture with no shoes on?

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Editor Rob: photos like that, well you could have a 5ft 11 or 6ft 1 guy
Larry said on 30/Oct/17
After doing more research on Trey songz I give him 5'9.75-5'9 7/8. Tops 5'10 max. He seems to really care about his height and may wear lifts after looking at this video of an interview where the host of the show Big Boy says "it seems like everytime I see Trey he get taller and taller. This is in the first 38 seconds of the video as well as looking at this picture of him with Justin Bieber and Lil Romeo(Romeo Miller Master P son). Trey and Justin Bieber are both on their toes. Also I have the Rich homie quan pic who admitted he is something like 5'9 in one of his songz and a picture with Trey songz with Singer Tyrese and Singer/actor Jamie Foxx. Rob you have Tyrese at 5'10.75 and Jamie at 5'9 flat. This picture seems to maybe show otherwise

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MD said on 25/Oct/17
Yes, he's much closer to 5'10" than 5'11".
Larry said on 23/Oct/17
Rob you're off about 3/4 to 1 1/4 inch. I know one of his dancers. When i asked her approximately how tall he is without shoes she said about 5'9.5 to 5'10 max.
Tyler said on 14/Oct/17
Looks to be around the 6 foot range
highlysuspect said on 28/Aug/17
Idk the footwear but in his picture with obj they look around the same height and trey actually looks a little taller if anything
Alex said on 10/Jul/17
Funny thing is I know Tremaine personally my guy is 6'1 (185 cm) it's crazy how people try to assume the height of somebody through pictures on the internet
Sprintmidfingerup said on 3/Jul/17
If Trey Songz is 5'10 then Terrence J must be drastically lying about his height because I remember watching a BET Awards show where he's so uncomfortable about his height standing next to Trey Songz he says something about and Trey Songz says something about it. If Terrence J is really 5'9, 5'10 like says so then Trey Songz must really be 6'2 like Google has him listed and Chris Brown must be 6'4. I use to only think Terrence J was around 5'6, 5'7 but now he looks as tall as Trey Songz. These celebs are having height surgery and here we are arguing about their height. Wale use to be short too.
lope said on 2/Jul/17
Similar to richie homie quan
J5'8 said on 17/May/17
I always laugh at his 6 feet claim i mean atleast timberlake is 5'11.5 but this guy is like 5'9 yet claiming 6feet same thing harry styles does
Bruce182 said on 6/May/17
5'11 no more
Frank said on 5/May/17
Wrs567 - You're forgetting Drake is also 5 ft 10.5 (This site will say different, but...)
Peter175 said on 15/Apr/17
Rob, care to add him to one of the most ridiculous height inflations on google of all time
3.5 inches
Matt said on 13/Apr/17
Trey Songz is like 5'10-weak 5'11 max based on the pic of him with 5'9 Rich Homie Quan. Rich Homie Quan look like a solid 5'9 standing next to 5'10 YG. Also another rapper who heavily frauding his height is Ty Dolla Sign, he is listed at 5'11 yet he is shorter than 5'9 Homie Quan and 5'10 YG, more like in 5'7-5'8 range
Kenneth said on 7/Mar/17
Rob, How much do you think Trey Songz weight is of him being 5 foot 10 and being lean?
Poseidon said on 28/Feb/17
Google has this guy at 187cm... Generally they're about an inch off or so, but I mean, that seems to be quite off... Looks 5'10 to me, 5'10.5 tops.
Realist said on 30/Jan/17
He's like 5'10.5 I think he got buff to look larger. At 175 he can look 6 foot. But without muscles he looks like a normal lean guy.
Truth be told said on 30/Jan/17
Click Here

5'9 138 pound Rich homie quan

5'9 155 pound Trey songz
Nova176 said on 29/Jan/17
Rob is this woman abnormally small?

Click Here

How tall do you think she is? Maybe 4'8?
Editor Rob: yea Nova, she looks at least a few inches under 5ft, but maybe is barefeet and trey has sneakers and possible could be slightly higher ground (hard to tell on sand).
erza said on 14/Jan/17
nah he 5'9 max
Max S said on 11/Jan/17
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This Russian rapper is 5ft7.5 tops I have a picture Im 5ft8.75 flat (exactly) and I had around 2 inches on Timati(russian rapper)
Trey Songz can not be more than 5ft9

Im writing approximate heights (mine is correct in millimeters), some of you guys have a laser measurement I dont!
Wrs567 said on 28/Dec/16
Rob, you sure you got this one right? I am actually surprised he is listed this low, he has to be a strong 5'11'' at least

He can look same as Drake

Click Here

Not too much shorter than Chris, still looks 5'11''

Click Here
Sam said on 27/Sep/16
Here is Singer Tank, Tyrese, Jamie Foxx, and Trey Songz. All are absolutely no more than 5-9-5-9.5 with shoes off. Tank is probably in 5-7 range, Jamie maybe 5-8. Tyrese and Trey songz are not over 5-9.5. Rob please downgrade Trey songz height at least one inch. There enough evidence on this page to show he is not over 5-10 & most likely in the 5-9/5.9,5 range.
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Zaddy said on 24/Sep/16
@Anthony, t.i. has been listed as 5'6", max 5'7" on a good day. That would still put trey in the 5'9" no more than 5'10" range. With all this evidence and I'm completely confident that trey is no more than 5'10 on his best day. I can finally lay his height to rest. It's too hard for entertainers to fool viewers with their heights with the internet now days.
Anthony said on 3/Aug/16
T.I.(5ft8) and Trey Songz, back to back. T.I. slightly slouching a little.
Click Here

What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob: could be at most 3 and look a bit less than that.
James said on 15/Jul/16

Trey songz looks in the pic with his shoes off to be 5'9-5'10 max. Judging by all the evidence I have seen I think he is 5'9 3/4 to 5'9 7/8
Tremaine said on 6/Jul/16
One of the very few pictures of Trey Songz with Shoes off. Curious to know what height he looks to you guys
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Sam said on 4/Jun/16
Trey songz and Dj Khaled. Dj Khaled is listed as 5'6 on bing, yahoo, and google
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5'9-5'9.5 for Trey songz my opinion
MD said on 6/May/16
@Cameron, I think the other photos in that set do show him taller than Quan. I'd say it's likely a full inch more if they were side by side and both straightened up. I don't think he's shorter than 5'10", but I'm also pretty sure he's closer to 5'10" than this current listing.
Cameron said on 3/May/16
Trey Songz is around 5'9" - 5'9.5" he looks very average compared to six foot guys. I think he pays google and various sites to list him taller. There is no way he is 6'2" as google lists him. Why is Trey Songz listed at 5'10.75" if Rich Homie Quan is listed at 5'9" and in the picture they are the same exact height?

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MD said on 17/Apr/16
This doesn't have anything much to do with Trey, but I'm glad we're getting his height closer to its reality, because it showed me how ridiculous height listings are even in a sport like NASCAR. Here is Trey, who is not even 5'11" with NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Hamlin is listed at...6'0". lol
oshat said on 16/Apr/16
Trey Songs is probably more like 5.81/2- 5-9 because Jay-Z and Barrack Obama are listed at 6.1, 6.2ish and no way is Trey Songz in that region. He's probably more like 5.8/5- 5.9 and wears big shoes with thick pads like most men with a height complex do. I've seen him on stage with Chris Brown and August Alsina who are probably more in the 5.11-6ft territory. If Trey Songz says he's 6ft even he's flat out lying.
RXH said on 1/Apr/16
Why did you downgrade him?
Editor Rob: generally I think he looked a bit shorter overall.
Mark said on 23/Feb/16
Why is he listed so high here? He should be between 5ft9 - 5ft10 based on all these pics here.
Sam said on 25/Jan/16
Trey songz and 5'9 Rich homie quan
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here Trey songz with 5'9 Rich homie quan and supposedly 5'9 Young Jeezy?
Chad said on 24/Jan/16
How are you calculating 5'11'' for his height? He is close to bow wows height which is around 5'4''. I've seen him in person and he is around 5'9''. You should really rethink a downgrade and take a closer look at him. He is quite average in height
TJE said on 27/Dec/15
10.75 could be a better fit.
Keith said on 26/Dec/15
Trey Songz and 5ft4 Bow Wow.Can we please get a more accurate listing for Trey?

- Click Here
- Click Here

He's obviously not 5ft11.
Keith said on 26/Dec/15
Another pic where Drake is more than a inches taller than him.

- Click Here

Trey Songz and Chris Brown behind the scenes. Trey doesn't wear lifts to appear taller in public.
- Click Here
Keith said on 26/Dec/15
Trey Songz forgot to wear his lifts these days with Drake who is .75 inches taller than him. Drake looks two - three inches taller in these pics

- Click Here
- Click Here

Drake slouched a bit in this but still is taller and more than .75 inches.
Click Here

A close up and good posture standing next to each other.
-Click Here

Trey Songz needs a downgrade and not by a half inch either.
Sam said on 23/Dec/15
Rob i'm not sure if you know who the rapper is to the left of Trey Songz in this picture. His name is Rich Homie Quan and he states in one of his songs titled "blah blah blah" that he is "like five nine feet tall ". This picture is not great to judge their heights because trey songz has a hat on and is crossing his arms at chest level which brings his shoulders higher and rich homie quan has longer hair but if Rich Homie Quan is really 5'9 like he states in his song based off this picture Trey songz does not appear to be more than 5'10 max
Editor Rob: without seeing that lyric, I might have thought he could pull off near 5ft 10, but with rappers, half the time they never stand great, so it can be harder to get a sense of their heights.
Sam said on 22/Dec/15
Trey songz and drake. Are they really looking 5'11 and the 5'11.75 for Drake in this picture Rob with 5'9 Jamie Foxx
Click Here
Editor Rob: depends how much a guy like drake is losing there. I think Foxx at times could pull off 176.
Donald said on 18/Dec/15
Rob in a number of pictures of trey songz and chris brown there is at least a 1.5 inch difference in height that I have seen. I think you need to adjust one of their heights. Either trey songz is under 5'11 or Chris brown is over 6'0. What do you think Rob? Here are two examples:
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: I'm not sure if trey is only 179cm
Sandra said on 27/Nov/15
Rob....Trey Songz isn't a legit rapper. He's a R&B singer. Anyways, based on the pics and evidence below, I think it's accurate to minimize his height to around 5ft9 1/2

This guy wears lifts obviously.
Anthony said on 8/Nov/15
So are you going to downgrade his height Rob?

I think he may be wearing lifts sometimes in public. That would explain his drop in height in some of the pictures.

5ft9.5 would seem on point.
Editor Rob: it would surprise me if rappers wore lifts. Their reputation would be in jeopardy if ever caught out.
jen said on 13/Oct/15
I have two pictures with Trey Songz. He is definitely not 6'2. I am 5'7 1/2 and if I would have had on heels either time, I would have been taller than him. I would say he's about 5'9 or 5'10 @ the most.
Bobby said on 13/Oct/15
I don't think I ever seen any actors, RnB singers, or rappers/celebrities in general heights vary as much as Trey songz height does. Sometimes he looks taller next to a celebrity and then in other pictures he will look not that much taller than the same celebrity. Here is an example with 5'8 Nas who I have seen in person who I think was about 5'8.
Click Here

Click Here

In the first photo trey songz seems to be about an 1 1/2 inches taller than Nas and in the second photo about 3 inches taller than Nas. My guess is Trey songz is 5'9.5-5'10.5 with shoes off. If he wears lifts that would explain him sometimes looking in the 5'10ish range versus the 6 feet range .
MD said on 6/Oct/15
If you have all of this evidence, then, do the tiny bit of work required to SHOW what you think is true.
Copper said on 5/Oct/15
This guy wears lifts, funny thing is a radio personality called him out in a joking fashion not too long ago.
Rambo said on 4/Oct/15
Trey songz manager is kevin liles. Kevin liles is listed as 5'6 and has pictures with T.I . Kevin liles and T.I seems to be the same height. In most of trey songz and his manager Kevin liles pictures there seems to be no more than a 3inch difference in height. Again I believe Rob's listing of trey songz is correct BUT that is with his LIFTS whether they are shoes INSERTS or he has CUSTOM made shoes that are lifted which I would not be surprised because he probably has the money. Trey songz had a thin body when he first came out probably weighing 140-145 lbs max my guess and that also helped him to look taller. Now he probably is 154-165 lbs which still helps to give him that slender look making him appear taller.
Trey songz height NO Shoes on- 5'9 least- 5'10 max
Trey songz height WITH lifts- 5'10.5-6'0.5 max
Rombo said on 4/Oct/15
@ MD

Trey songz is pretty much on point with wearing his lifts around taller celebrities and Rnb singers/ rappers for the most part but when he's around shorter rappers for example T.I. who is Actually around 5'6 with shoes off NOT 5'8 or 5'9 you can see their is max 3.5 inches and that may even be too much probably more like 3 inches max which would make trey songz 5'9. Look at Pictures of trey songz and t.i who I believe you put a line from an article from XXL magazine quoting T.I. s height as a "petitie 5'6 frame". There is a picture of trey songz and T.i with the same shoes on and there looks to be no more than 3 inches between them. He's even got a picture with him and a SHORTER singer USHER who is supposedly 5'8 probably shorter with shoes off and Keri Hilson. There seems to be no more than two inches between him and USHER which would make trey songz 5'10 max with shoes off if USHER is 5'8 which I think he is shorter than that with shoes off.
MD said on 23/Sep/15

While I've argued he's no more than a flat 5'11", it seems very unlikely to me that he's a regular lift wearer. I have just seen no real evidence of that, at all.
Rambo said on 20/Sep/15
It's clear trey songz Is 5ft'11.5- 6''0.5 max WITH his 2 inch lift inserts. Look at trey songz next to all the supposed 6'1 guys like Barack Obama, Jay-z, R Kelly, and Will Smith. These guys all have about 2 inches on him at least. Look at his picture with Chris Paul measured at 5ft'11.75in with NO shoes on. Chris is leaning over and he's still about the same height as trey songz. If you know who Big Boy is formerly of the radio station power 106 in California and currently on 92.3, he has two interviews with trey songz at the radio station and makes the comment " it seems like every time I see Trey songz he get taller and taller". I'm not for sure why he said that but I have a pretty good guess. Google/youtube the interviews.
Dmax said on 14/Sep/15
I highly doubt Trey Songz a.k.a Trigger wears lifts he seems tallish even without shoes on.
dave said on 11/Sep/15
Hi Rob, how tall do you think this guy is? (Standing next to Trey Songz)

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
[Editor Rob: looks like 5ft 5-6 guy.]
Dimes said on 10/Sep/15
He doesn't wear lifts. He's 6'0 for real
Rambo said on 27/Aug/15
Trey songz true height is 5ft 9.5 with shoes off. With his 2 inch lift inserts he is approximately 5ft 11.5 in-6ft depending on the shoes. His weight ranges 155-163 lbs
5'11" kid said on 21/Jul/15
in his pics with the rapper q tip there exactly the same height with similar shoes on. TS is no taller than 6 foot with his lifts. He is officially listed at 6'2" which is so absurd but if you consider lifts it can be so. I knew a guy who was so insecure about height that he wore 3 inch lifts and he was about 5 10" barefoot. This guy was over 6 foot in lifts and tilted forwards everywhere he stood. He looked so odd since his arms were short and his head was big. Anyway it's possible TS is on his lifts.
Anthony said on 5/Jul/15
Trey Songz DEFINETELY wears lifts in the main media and public. Here he is next to 5ft4 Bow Wow, and he definetely aint no damn 5ft11 barefoot. More like 5ft9 or 5ft8.
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Even said on 14/Jun/15
Hey Rob, If you notice Trey Songz appears earlier in his career to be shorter than he is now, I think he is 5'10" barefoot and can appear taller because he has long arms and possibly wears lifts. Do you think it's possible he is closer to 5'10" barefoot?
Steveo7 said on 4/Jun/15
I'm 5ft 11 dead on... 6/6'1 in shoes. I recently saw trey songz and stood next to him for a while and we were definitely the exact same height (coincidentally we were wearing THE SAME trainers) so I would say 5'11 flat foot is spot on here, Rob. (183/184 in shoes).
Bandaid said on 30/May/15
Rob I think you are pretty much on point. Trey is probably no more than 5'11 given his picture with 6'1 President Barack Obama. Seems to be a 2 inch difference in height
MrTBlack said on 5/Jan/15
@ Grunge

Why would he be 6'2" when he claimed 6'0"? Celebs rarely claim their height less than what they are.
Onika said on 29/Dec/14
That still doesn't explain why he's so short next to Bow Wow in the other photos. And Trey isn't taller than Chris Brown lol
Grunge said on 28/Dec/14
Guys he's 6'2", the latest pic is with chris brown & he's 6'1" and trey songz looks a little bit taller than Chris so it makes sense.
MD said on 6/Dec/14
Just to further put to rest the 6'0" claim, here he is with New York Giant Odell Beckham, Jr. who was measured at slightly over 5'11" during his NFL draft:

Click Here

So, yeah, 5'11" is the absolute top of the scale for Trey. He may be slightly shorter, even.
Onika said on 26/Nov/14
I have two other pictures of Trey Songz shorter than his claim with rapper Bow Wow who's around 5ft4 I think?? Trey is the rapper who wears lifts lol. One minute he's tall. the other minute he's looking shorter.

Pic - Click Here

Pic - Click Here
Tony said on 18/Oct/14
Rob, do you think trey songz is 6 foot, or 5 feet 11, people saying he is. 5 feet 9, how tall you think he is in your opinion, i think he is 6 foot 183 cm, and do he often we lifts, how tall you think he is barefoot,thank you
[Editor Rob: I don't think many rappers would be in lifts, if caught they probably lose any cred they have! I think he's nearer 5ft 11 than his 6ft claim though.]
Onika said on 15/Oct/14

Robin Thicke is in the very early 6ft range and in this photo in a studio? Trey is at least a half foot shorter than him. I'm telling you, this guy wears lifts to look 6ft in public(On Camera) He's like 5ft8 - 5ft9ish barefoot - Click Here

And he's performing with singer Ne-Yo(5FT8) on stage on this pic, and Trey doesn't look taller than him at all, they look exactly the same height, can you downgrade Trey to 5ft8 please?Pic - Click Here
Onika said on 15/Oct/14
@Kerin, I agree. The appropriate height for Trey is around 5ft9 or even 5ft8 lol. Big Sean is like 5ft7 or 5ft8 and this photo shows Trey talking to him in a club. Trey doesn't appear to be five inches taller than him like he claims. Trey wears lifts to get him to 6ft lol. Pic - Click Here
Kerin said on 14/Oct/14
Rob, I have proof that Trey is not 5ft11. He is shorter than Fabulous in photos who is 5ft11 and in this photo Keri Hilson-5ft9 with heels which means around 6ft, Trey is WAY shorter than her - The appropriate height for Trey is 5ft9, please change immediately!!!! - Click Here
Kenneth said on 19/Sep/14
I think he is 6'1 because him and chris brown are the same height
Kenneth said on 19/Sep/14
I think he is 6'1 because him and chris brown the same height
Guest said on 1/Aug/14
I know trey personally and I can tell you he is exactly 6ft. You cannot really base your opinions off pictures because depending on the angle and how they pose, they can look shorter or taller than they actually are. Drake is not 5'11.5 guess you candy round him to 6ft. Fab is 5'11 and Chris brown is 6'1.5
Beeka said on 28/May/14
He has to be 6 ft because I took a photo with him and Im 5'7" and I wore 5' heels we were the same height
Caramel said on 21/Apr/14
He's about 5'10-5'11
Anicka Wit Dem CK said on 7/Feb/14
I met him, i'm 5'1, and got to a little over his shoulder. I would say 5'11-5'11.5
MD said on 21/Dec/13

Sorry to keep bugging you, but this guy is only as tall as (and, I'm being generous, becausee he actually looks shorter than) rapper Fabolous, who you have listed at 5'11", here. There is no way this guy is 6'0". You can go through the Getty Images to see. He should have been started out at 5'11", which is the absolute top of the scale for this guy. He can give off a taller impression, but he's of very average height.
[Editor Rob: I had a good look at him just now and can agree that he really doesn't look his claim]
J.J. said on 19/Dec/13
@Rob he is absolutely 5'11" or close without a doubt. Fabulous needs to be upgraded to 6'0" or 5'11.5"
MrTBlack said on 8/Dec/13
No he isn't 6'1". Why would he say he's shorter than he is? That doesn't make sense.
jordydecke said on 24/Oct/13
if you watch 'Texas Chainsaw' there isn't much difference between him and actress Alexandra Daddario who claims to be 5'6, she'd have to be wearing some killer heels to be 5'11 (which is what she looks if Trey is 6') and in a lot of scenes it wouldn't be practical to wear such heels.
Mike T said on 16/Oct/13
I think he's 5'10" or 5'11" next to 6'3" Waka Flocka Flame
KROC said on 1/Oct/13
@ jay Is he now? I'm going to have to check that out. I'm just going off of what friends told me. That still doesn't make him 6ft. I've met Fab. He's about 5'11.
Jay said on 20/Sep/13
What are you smoking KROC? How is Trey Songz only 5'9 when he's the same height as Fabolous?
KROC said on 28/Aug/13
Rob, no... He's lying. I have friends who use to see him before he was famous back in Virginia. He's 5'9 or 5'9.5.
brendan v said on 26/Aug/13
he is like 5'9 because he is shorter than fabolous
Yelmer said on 8/Jul/13
He is noticably shorter than Drake NOT 6 feet maybe 5'10.5 - 5'11"
Cj said on 12/Jun/13
Well treysongs looks taller than drake to me,if you look at his pics,he looks a bit taller...
Hozan said on 12/Mar/13
Trey is not 6'0. Look in this picture we can see fab who are 5'11 or 6'0. 2 inches taller than him, and i got another pictures this is a french model (Eve Tramunt) (Click Here) her real height 5'9.5 tall. Look at here with trey songz she's taller than him we know trey songz wear often high shoes and probably her too. so i think trey is 5'10 or 5'11 maxi without shoes please correct it.
ciara johnson said on 13/Jan/13
Kevin hart need just trying to grow because its not going work trey well all way's be tall
What????l said on 30/Nov/12
Trey songz is definitely a 6 footer
Yo said on 20/Nov/12
Rob, you downgraded Fabolous to 5ft11 so you might do the same for Trey because they are approximately the same height. I even think that Fab is taller than Trey.
Tony said on 17/Nov/12
I agree with M.D. He has the build of a 6 footer but I think somewhere between 5'10 and 5'11 would be the truth. Its quite obvious Skyy Songz <3 is a Trey Songz Fan Girl much like How Justin Bieber fangirls go onto his page and try and say that he really is 5'9"!!
Nate said on 6/Nov/12
Trey Songz is close to, but he isn't 6 feet. 5'11.5 is my max guess. that or drake isn't 6 feet Click Here
MD said on 27/Aug/12
I honestly don't know were the he gets away with claiming 6'0".
Yelmer said on 26/Aug/12
6 ft? no.... 5'10.5 - 5'11 MAX, he is never on par with Drake and sometimes appears even shorter I can't see him wearing lifts though... or maybe he does because his height varies a lot
Yo said on 22/Aug/12
Rob, look at some pics with Drake, Fabolous which are truly 6ft and u'll see that Trey is a bit smaller.
Ajax said on 3/Aug/12
I think he's a 5'11" guy. What do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: always a chance a guy claiming 6 foot could be doing it with sneakers and thinking nothing of it. ]
Tony said on 31/Jul/12
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With 6'1 Chad Ochocinco
MD said on 27/Jul/12
Honestly, he's not six foot, though he can give off the impression. He usually has decent posture. I think he's 5'11"ish. Oddly, for whatever reason - maybe just coincidence - most of the photos of him are with folks of below average height.
Tony said on 26/Jul/12
probably more like 5'11.5.
with 6 feet drake
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Michael said on 26/Jul/12
Always thought he was 6'1.
Ajax said on 25/Jul/12
More than likely, he's about 5'11".

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