How tall is Usher Raymond

Usher Raymond's Height

5ft 8in (172.7 cm)

American Singer and Actor from The Faculty.

How tall is Usher Raymond
Usher with Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun
Photos by PR Photos

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Average Guess (17 Votes)
5ft 7.54in (171.6cm)
5'11.25 at noon said on 2/Oct/17
I don't see him measuring over 5'8 if he's 5'9 than how tall are Pharrell or Jamie fox??
KH said on 18/Sep/17
Usher is one of these guys that is almost always wearing thick shoes. Has he every given his height? I would take an inch or two off whatever that is if he has. Weak 5'8 range with a possibility to be a little shorter then that. I mean look at the picture above I don't know a person with shoes like that a sneaker with a two inch sole.
Cameron said on 27/Aug/17
This should be downgraded to a weak 5'8".
John said on 7/Aug/17
I think he should be around 171.7 to 172.4cm. As he is at least quarter inch or more shorter than 5'8 range (172.8cm)
Ben said on 22/Jul/17
He's obviously wearing lifts I say weak 5'7
Canson said on 5/Jun/17
5'7.5 like Height said no less than maybe 5'7.25
Charlie said on 2/Jun/17
lol I read Justin Bieber claimed to be 5'9? ha unreal. Scooter Braun has 2 heights on the Internet 5'8 and 5'11. I will say 5'7 for Usher, 5'7 1/4 for Scooter and 5'5 for Justin Bieber. The taller guys look about average height for Men.
Jani said on 19/May/17
No more than 171cm. He is noticeably shorter than Pharrell who is around 174cm and in the picture with Scooter and Biebs he seems to be having some serious lifts in his shoes and Bieber has pretty flat shoes.
delancey said on 1/May/17
Yeah this is a weird listing Rob. I'd at least have him pegged at 172 cm, he's definitely not 5'8.
MD said on 2/Mar/17

One more time...

With 5'8.5" Pharrell Williams. This is a great shot as they are on a flat surface, similar shoes and no real angle:

Click Here

There is honestly at least an inch between them. This 5'8" is too high.
height said on 15/Feb/17
i think 5 ft 7.5
Harris said on 28/Jan/17
Rob why does Google and IMDB list Usher's height as 5ft 7.5 (171 cm)? That surely seems a little weird if Usher's truly a 5ft 8 man.
Editor Rob: he can look that height at times, but generally his posture looks weak most of the time.
MD said on 28/Oct/16
I'm not saying he's a lot shorter than the current listing, but he's definitely under 5'8" rather than over it. He could come away with looking average if he were 5'8" or over and he NEVER does.
MD said on 26/Oct/16

With 5'8.5" Keith Urban:

Click Here


Click Here
Click Here

First question is if the footwear accounts for all of the difference, here, and is Keith Urban really 5'8.5"?
Editor Rob: I think the wrong link was included, it is This one I presumed. There can look maybe 3cm between them, how much difference in footwear I'm not sure, those shoes Urban wears look a bit funny.

There's another event they were closer in height Underneath. If Usher is under 5ft 8 I don't think it is much, he never strikes me as a guy who stands great, always a kind of loose stance.
Jay said on 15/Jul/16
Rob I think he is 5'7" barefoot
realheight said on 7/Jun/16
max 5'6". tiny (or tall) people are worst liars. if usher is 5'8", i'm a giant.
5'11 Guy said on 12/Mar/16
Houdaloth,I believe Usher wore pretty big heels (inner heels) I believe cuz' his shoes looked very large...And yes it is possible to dance in high heels!!
Houdaloth said on 19/Feb/16
In the Madison garden performance next to Michael, you can see they are similar height.
Usher is 5'9 solid.
Celebheights is a speculative site.
Various people will give differing heights.
5'9 is spot on.
Aaron zamora said on 5/Feb/16
How tall do you think Romeo Santos is?
Weezy said on 6/Nov/15
Any ideas how tall Kid Ink is? Here's two pictures next to Usher
Click Here
Looks smaller here
Click Here
Why is he taller here? Different angle, posture?
Editor Rob: Ink can look somewhere in 5ft 8 range, maybe I would start him at 5ft 8.5
MD said on 23/Oct/15
Rob, I'm still having a hard time with this listing. Here is a recent pictures with Chiwetel Ejiofor, who is listed at a full 5'10" but who may be every-so-slightly shorter:

Click Here

Even with the angle this is more than two inches, and there is just so much more evidence showing Usher not at 5'8".
[Editor Rob: the low angle/closeness and chewie being possibly slightly closer could account for difference.

One thing with Usher, at times he really can look under 5ft 8, but his posture doesn't look great half the time.]
MD said on 18/Aug/15

Can we get a better listing for Usher? Here he is with Zedd, who isn't much over 5'8", himself:

Click Here

To flesh out Zedd's height a bit more - something I think we did on the height request maybe a few months ago? - here he is with 5'10" Jason Derulo. Jason's not standing straight in most pictures, but it's clear the difference is fairly significant.

Click Here

Click Here

With 5'9.5" David Guetta:

Click Here

With 5'9" Jared Leto:

Click Here

None of these are great pictures, but I think it shows Zedd can't really be over 5'8.5", and he's certainly more than just half-an-inch taller than Usher. Even in the case Zedd was a full 5'9" Usher still wouldn't be quite 5'8" next to him.
Blink said on 3/Aug/15
Have to agree with John, I'd say 5'7 range.
John said on 14/Jul/15
In this video with 5'6.5 ellen degeneres he looks the same height maybe even shorter than ellen. Click Here And his shoes look suspect.
Alex said on 9/May/15
There's no way he's 5'8
MD said on 7/May/15

With a 5'9.5" David Guetta:

Click Here

Click Here

Usher is obviously leaning, but so is Guetta. Usher may be losing more height, but it's neglible. Coupled with all the other evidence, and perhaps it's time to reconsider this listing. A full 5'8" is more than a bit of a stretch for him.
joelj said on 21/Feb/15
5' 6.5" without lifts
MD said on 20/Feb/15
With 5'7.25" Moby:

Click Here

Click Here
Nick 179.8 said on 19/Feb/15
hes 5'7 no more
Kevin said on 23/Dec/14
Rob i think its high time you downgrade his height. 5'8 is too generous a claim.
MD said on 17/Dec/14
With 5'7.5" Ryan Seacrest:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
MD said on 12/Dec/14
This is a bit too high. He's not any taller than 5'7.5" Ryan Seacrest. But, a 5'7" is too short, and a 5'6" listing is out of the question compeletely. He's somewhere in between 5'7" and 5'7.5".
NNA said on 9/Dec/14
Rob, Please correct the height of Usher here. look at this picture with justin bieber:

Click Here

Usher is probably 5'6 to 5'7. Please correct the height measurement.
doesnt matter said on 13/Mar/14
i posted this years ago but i'll do it again. i saw him at walmart standing next to me. i had already ordered my deli meat and he was waiting. i'm 5,9". he was a couple inches shorter. funny part is i now see people agree hes 5'7 or so but back then when i posted (2008) it was met with serious doubt.
Zjun said on 4/Jan/14
5' 7½" definitely. Not that it makes a big difference. But still he doesn't look a full 5' 8" especially with 5' 6" Justin Beiber Rob.
Hola said on 20/Dec/13
With the recent pics with Bieber I think you need to re-evaluate Usher's height. I can tell people have argued 5'7 is his real height before, and I think it shines through quite clearly in the pics with Bieber, there's a miniscule chance that bieber has grown an inch in two months, but aged 19 it's far less likely than that Usher is really 5'7. Which he quite frankly also looks.
Sain't said on 25/Aug/13
He wears lifts. 5'8" is fair.
someone said on 18/Mar/13
He was touring our school today for his child. (Go to a small school so yes we saw the pre-k and kindergardners im in 5th) He probably 5'7 he didnt look that tall today. So excited he is maybe going to our school. I got his autograph. HYPERVETELATING :)
Elijah said on 14/Feb/13
@Michael: at that height and age you are over 99th percentile. Like you, I was (and still am, lol) 6' at 14 as well and definitely towered over everyone else at the time. It's definitely not so common to be that tall at that age... maybe not exactly rare but you are definitely at the "top" at that height and age. I was by far the tallest in my class at the time and taller than almost all of the teachers as well.

So it's definitely not exactly common either to be that tall at that age.
Michael said on 7/Jan/13
some of the comments on here are ridiculous.

Taller (you kid us not) than your 14 year old? I was 6' at 14(never got any taller) and I dont think that is that rare.

A. Your 14 year old may very well end up short.

B. Who cares?

C. Idiots on this site, smh
mel said on 17/Dec/12
I actually met him in Dubai recently and he is about 170 cm max.. Was shocking bec he isn't that tall...
ababa said on 5/Dec/12
definitely 5'8" i saw him last time downtown
Gigi said on 2/Dec/12
I actually met Usher and shook his hand in March 2006 in Cleveland, Ohio at a young achievement weekend given by the YMCA of Greater Cleveland. I am 5'9" and he was just slightly shorter than me. I will say he is probably 5'8". I don't think any taller. Whatever, I'm one of his greatest fans and I love him!
nmst said on 24/Nov/12
i think he's around 5'7
watch the new luda's video "rest of my life", he stands next to luda and looks almost same height
B said on 27/Oct/12
Rob I'm 176.6 cm and I've met him and stood around him, sadly I couldn't get a pic but I'll say this...he didn't look 5' 8'' to me, 5' 7'' is closer to reality. Rob I really don't think 171 cm for him is out of the question my brother is 172 cm tall and appears a bit taller. I'd guarantee if you met him yourself you would be taller I'd bet money on it, a lot of money. A closer inspection perhaps?
Ian said on 24/Oct/12
Usher was wearing flat basketball type trainers and was dancing in them so I doubt they had lifts in but he appeared slightly taller than Graham Norton and a little smaller than Arnold wearing shoes. I would say 5ft9 or 9.5 is a possibility as Graham Norton is 5ft8.5 and was wearing shoes.
Silent d said on 21/Oct/12
5 foot 8 with nice lifts on the graham norton show. A few cm shorter than arnold.
171cm said on 18/Sep/12
He looks 171cm, maybe 173 when he wakes up.
Johnnyfive said on 15/Sep/12
Next to Romeo Santos who is listed in many sites as 6'1 and looks it

Click Here

I think Usher is 5'8 flat, and even 5'7.75 at night time.
dovey said on 17/Aug/12
Usher is quite short at around 5 ft 7 inches tall.. You only need look at be length of his calves and lower legs from foot to knee. Midget city lol
Silent d said on 6/Feb/12
5 foot 8.
Leedc said on 5/Jan/12
He is absolutely not taller than 5'8". I literally ran into him at a Whole Foods at the end of 2011 and was shocked. He was very nice and took pics with our group, but he was (I kid not) about 1/2 taller than my 14 y/o.
SIlent d said on 30/Nov/11
He looked 5 foot 8.5 next to ellen. 174cm.
Adamz said on 21/Nov/11
Not under 5'7", come on.
MD said on 19/Nov/11

I don't think he's under 5'7", but he's definitely not a full 5'8". Here he is with 5'5.5" Kenny Chesney:

Click Here

Click Here

I'm actually giving Usher the benefit of the doubt, here, as Kenny is almost surely in his cowboy boots. Even with that, though, there is no way Usher is 5'8". I'd really shave off half an inch if I were you. You know, to be honest, the more pictures I see, it is very possible he's slightly under 5'7", maybe only a quarter-inch.
josef said on 17/Nov/11
he's 5'6½
Silent d said on 9/Nov/11
5 foot 8. He always looked much taller than bieber. I think he is shorter than kanye west. Usher never looked tall to me. Same height as oprah with huge heels.
Adamz said on 22/Oct/11
Phil said on 16/Sep/11
I respect your opinion.
I think Usher is 5 foot 7. 75 = 172 cm.
MD said on 15/Sep/11

Usher isn't fat or anything, but nothing about that man is "skinny".
Phil said on 15/Sep/11
You know Rob. His skinny body gives the illusion of more height.
He is a 5 foot 7 man. Maybe 5 foot 7.75. He is just not 5 foot 8.
Phil said on 15/Sep/11
Rob, is 5 foot 7 possible? I think so. He looks like a 5 foot 7 and a half guy.
I think 5 foot 9 is just impossible.
[Editor Rob: I can't believe he'd be as short as 5ft 7]
Adamz said on 11/Sep/11
68 inches looks to be about right. Maybe 68.5"
DGKRocks said on 3/Aug/11
Usher, isn't very tall he's not even that much taller then JB (Justin Bieber) who is 5'5 I would say Usher's about 5'7 1/2 or a weak 5'8.
Phil said on 2/Aug/11
This one is really way off. Jim Cramer of CNBC who is always joking about how short he himself is (says he's 5`7") just said he is taller than Usher who he met yesterday at the New York Stock Exchange.
Oladele olatunji said on 30/Jul/11
He is okay he only needs to be more discipline
CaydaMJ said on 24/Jul/11
MJ is taller than Usher . Hey check on the google . It's very obvious Click Here
Mr. Tempus said on 9/Jul/11
He is not 5'8, usher is a weak 5'7 and no more.
Toby said on 7/Jul/11
just saw the pic with usher and obama, he looks like a dwarf, no way is he over 5'7.
Cranberries (18m, 192cm dinnertime) said on 30/Jun/11
Michael Jackson is more in the 5'8"-5'9" range... You can tell in his video with Naomi Campbell; he's in shoes, she's barefoot, and he's still easily shorter.

Usher is no more than 5'8" either.
A said on 29/Jun/11
Usher getting towered by 6'1" Obama Click Here Nothing over 5'7" for Usher.
Anthony said on 25/Jun/11
Usher is 5'8" exact, or maybe even 5'8.5"...he's no taller or shorter than that. When he's standing next to P. Diddy, he always looks 2-3 inches shorter than 5'11" P. Diddy.
Slim Shady said on 16/Jun/11
@ Sanchar
Michael Jackson's Height : 5'11"
Usher : 5'9 - 5'9.5

I Saw The Performance And I Think Mike Was A Bit Taller
Than Usher
Mhmm said on 10/Jun/11
Usher is 5'9 tall
Sanchar said on 28/May/11
Usher is a lot taller than the king of pop Michael Jackson, I've seen it in the performance of Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary special. Now Michael was about 5'10" tall according to his death certificate. So Usher should be at least 6'3" tall. I'm not kidding.
Danny said on 23/May/11
I have a picture with him and I am 5 9 and a half..he is prolly between 5 7 and 5 8...
Sully said on 19/May/11
This guy is 5'7 on a good day. Pretty sure even Neyo had him beat.

Hard to tell the true heights of short people these days with all the tricks used to thwart perception.

Dude can dance though.
Jasmine said on 18/May/11
Shutupp stop making them sound shortt like for real Usher is a good 5'8.5 to 5'9 &ns even if he was 5'8 thats still average.!.. if you're a guy no wonder your saying hes short.. your jealouss..
James said on 15/May/11
MMM says on 18/Feb/11
usher is Perfect 5'9.5
some of you guys try to make him and other celebrities short
like Anonymous

Wow, and you are trying to make them taller. 5´9.5"? Reall? He is lucky to get away with 5´8"...
SAK said on 3/May/11
Usher and 5ft9, what a joke. He is not even fully 5ft8, I would have him at 172cm/5ft7.5, but that's the highest. Short, weird looking and irritating personality what a horrible combination.
Viper said on 24/Apr/11
Hes 5-7
jordan said on 23/Apr/11
my friend met Justin and she said he was alittle taller than her and she's 5'7 so yeah. Justin is 5'7 and like a half (:
Gerard said on 19/Apr/11
For everyone of you that claim he's 5'9 or more: You couldn't be more wrong! He cannot be taller than 5'7.5". And Justin Bieber hasn't grown that much, he's 5'5" barefoot, tops...
mee said on 10/Apr/11
Yer hes just a little shorter than Mark Sainsbury . When i saw him in concert he was smaller than thaught but never the less doesnt matter
SolidSnake said on 8/Apr/11
I think Usher is 5'9 because he was the same height as Mark Sainsbury from Close Up (NZ News show) and they were same height standing up. Mark Sainsbury is 5'9 as I have seen him in the supermarket twice and he was slighly shorter than 5'11 me.
Stewie Bluey said on 5/Mar/11
Usher is approxametly 5'9. He doesn't have the tall genes. His parents and step-sibiling were all short. That is why Usher Raymond is not that tall
mememe said on 23/Feb/11
i noticed that ever since justin bieber grew everyone is now claiming that usher is 5'6. he only looks 5'6 becuase justin grew a few inches. i mean justin isnt short anymore okay. plus whats up with everyone saying that they stood next to the celeberity? everyone knows thats not true.
john said on 19/Feb/11
im 510 and ive stood next to usher and i would say he was about 5 6 max
MMM said on 18/Feb/11
usher is Perfect 5'9.5
some of you guys try to make him and other celebrities short
like Anonymous
Anonymous said on 5/Feb/11
@DUDE: You're way off. Usher has never claimed anything above 5'9" but in reality he's 5'7". He uses the infamous hollywood "2 inch rule".
Paddy said on 4/Feb/11
Next to Dermott O'Leary on the X Faxtor and Alan Carr just recently on his show I think Usher is taller than listed. I always thought 5 8" was correct but im not so sure anymore. He looked 5 9" in my opinion.
leonari said on 4/Feb/11
Dude: Yeah Usher wishes he was 5'9.5. But he ain't even a full 5'8 so...
DUDE said on 4/Feb/11
usher is 5'9.5
Benjamin said on 30/Jan/11
In the movie Killers Usher makes a cameo and he is obviously shorter than Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl as well so I'd say he is around 5'6" or 5'7"
Rikashiku said on 22/Jan/11
Usher is more 5'6". He's atleast 6-7 inches shorter than 6'1" R Kelly and the same for Obama.
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/11
No way is usher 5'9". I used to believe that but he doesn't look more than 5'7.5" at his absolute best, I say he's 5'7".
MD said on 19/Jan/11
He's 5'9" in your own fantasy world, person unwilling to post under a screenname.
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/11
why do trolls make up stories to make themselves feel good. usher is 5'9 leave it alone.
MD said on 16/Jan/11
Rob, can you take a look at the picture Robert posted?

[Editor Rob: I think that shot favours the President. Like This shot of them, Usher is closer. Which one is more accurate, well both aren't telling the truth.]
Phil said on 15/Jan/11
Usher is 5 foot 8.5 inches. I love his music.
Robert said on 15/Jan/11
This site lists the President at 6'1. Look at this picture. That's more than 5 inches. I'd say Usher's about 5'6.5..

Click Here
daisy said on 14/Jan/11
Usher recently came into the bar that I work at and he is tiny. I almost didnt think it was him because he was so small. I always thought he was like 6ft tall. He is still very handsome!!!!
josvy said on 13/Jan/11
in that pic with the president Usher looks 5'6 and bieber 4'11
yoney said on 11/Jan/11
Yes, both Obamas tower him without any hesitation, but photos can be contradictory, too. But, of course, the guy is quite short. 5'8" looks kinda unrealistic.
Cosmo said on 8/Jan/11
Can't believe this listing! Always thought he was like 5'11" or 6"!
leonari said on 7/Jan/11
He does look Bellow 5'8 with Obama. No doubt.
the dude said on 6/Jan/11
more like 5'6 for Usher really I mean wow Obama TOWERS over him not to mention bieber barely looks 5'1
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/11
In that picture with Obama, Usher is BARELY looking 5'7".

Click Here
Time for a downgrade to 5'7"
James2 said on 3/Jan/11
He is a weak 5'8".
Paul said on 27/Dec/10
180 cm
THEHONEST said on 20/Dec/10
Usher is 5ft 7.5- 5ft 8 if u see him close to(5ft 3)JBieber its about 3 to 4 inches difference
Anon said on 9/Dec/10
Ellen DeGeneres is listed as 5.7 (1,71). She was wearing sneakers, he was wearing boots. He was just an inch higher. I wouldn´t doubt if he´s 5.7 (without boots).
Viper said on 7/Dec/10
Usher looks closer to 5-6 with Obama no less.
me said on 3/Dec/10

Obama is a bit closer to the camera in that pic, so he might be taller than it looks.
asdasd said on 25/Nov/10
usher is definetly below 5 "8",cos im 5 "8" next to my friend (whos obamas height 6"1") i am upto his nose/eye area. Which is way more than what usher reaches next to obama. trust me he looks about 5"5"to 5"7".
Splitting Hairs said on 23/Nov/10
Usher is about 5'8"-5'8.5" maximum, just look at him standing next to 6'1" Obama (who is also leaning). People saying he is 5'11" are on crack. Its because of guys like you, who inflate their uhm "package" size, that so many woman are bad at math LOL.
me said on 23/Nov/10
Usher only looks tall because he hangs out with a very short kid. Kind of like the fantasy island effect, though ricardo montalban is a tall guy. But tatoo makes him look 6 five.
me said on 22/Nov/10
Usher is not 6ft. Picture of Usher with Obama at 6.1.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 22/Nov/10
I've never really seen Usher in a video, or awards show where he seemed to be short in height. I'm actually shocked to read that he's only 5ft 8in. Always assumed he was around 6ft. Anyway, he's still a great performer.
PPV said on 22/Nov/10
wtf !!?? i taught he was 6foot ?? n now all of a sudden hes 5'8 ??
n wtf !!?? MJ from 5'10 has been downgraded to 5'8 too ??
paul said on 22/Nov/10
Usher's Height:5'9.5"
I agree With DVD.
DVD said on 22/Nov/10
Usher Height:5'9.5"
This is the truth.
Jan said on 21/Nov/10
Click Here
Michael Jackson is actually probably closer to 5'8, in most pictures he appears slightly shorter than usher. I would even think of 5'7 for MJ as Usher looks a little taller. I doubt MJ was ever 5'11 in his lifetime. 5'10, maybe but doubtful to me. People exaggerate height because of fame. I saw Usher on the AMA's tonight and he looked really short compared to the other people around him. He accepted two awards.
me said on 8/Nov/10
Michael Jackson is not 5.11. 5.9 the most and it is generous.
MD said on 8/Nov/10
lol. Whatever, Kuzz.

Here he is with a slouching, even, Adrian Grenier:

Click Here

No, he's LUCKY if he's a full 5'8"
Kuzz said on 7/Nov/10
Usher Height:5'9.5"
Usher is defenitly taller then 5'8"
Look at this photo with the 5'3" Justin Bieber he is towering him.
Click Here
Usher was almost as tall as the 5'11" The King Mr.Michael Jackson
Kuzz said on 27/Oct/10
Hey Slipknot looks at this photo of mj And brooke shields
Mj Height = 5'11"
Brooke Shields Height = 6'0"

Click Here
coolkid said on 28/Aug/07
in that same girl video..hes with 6'1 r kelly...and hew not THAT much shorter...maybe 4 inches..but definitely not 6 inches...which is what he would be if he was indeed 5'7" some of u say...
Dino said on 14/Aug/07
I love it! Glenns face is the SAME on every pic with every celeb! This shows you that he is up to something when he is in these pictures. LOL!
david said on 6/Aug/07
i never new, i see him in music videos or pictures and i notice he is shorter then those with him, but i asumed they were people 6ft+, but hes 5.7" i never knew
Anonymous said on 31/Jul/07
umm. usher 5'11 ha! thats funny. I saw him in concert and i could barely see him, hes like 5'7 w/o shoes.
Anonymous9 said on 6/Jul/07
Usher is nowhere near 5' 11. 5' 8 seems to be even giving a little. Here is a pic of Usher with 5'11 Eishia Brightwell(wearing open toed slides) and she is dwarfing Usher.

Click Here
Sexxy Beast said on 7/Jun/07
Saw him backstage once and he is short. I am about 5'10 and i was much taller than him. He is around 5'7''.
Guy said on 28/May/07
leonari says on 8/Apr/07
Aaron: I don't wanna insult you or your dad but: He didn't meet Usher Raymond if he thinks he is 6'1". I never read such bull****. Sorry. Usher is max!!! :5'8" we are talking about a five inch difference. No shoes, nor lifts nor other bull**** can increase a mans height by 5 inches...
Usher 6 feet...WHAT A JOKE!!! Your dad should get his eyes or his height or his brain checked one of these days..."

It's possible leonari. Let's say Usher is about 5 8 without shoes. He puts on regular shoes and becomes about 5 9.5 with fairly decent posture. Let's say Aaron's dad is a strong 6 1 in the morning but shrinks to around 6 feet in mid afternoon. Usher walks in with fairly good posture, while Aaron's dad is kind of hunched over from working a long day, and his dad is floating more in the 5 11 range because of this poor posture. When he stands beside a 5 9.5 looking Usher, He's going to think Usher is around his height. So it's believable.

Another example. I have an Uncle who is about 6 feet, but has horrible posture. I'm about 5 8 myself, with regular shoes I generally look about 5 9ish. When my Uncle stands next to me, he looks only about an inch or two taller at best. The man is a strong 6 footer though.

So posture has alot to do with it. Most people, unless they really scrutinize and examine people a lot, are barely going to notice the difference in height between two people unless it's well over 2 inches. And when when you factor in additional things like posture, shoes, body type, spinal compression and what not, it can be really hard to tell if a person is taller or shorter than another - unless you measure them both barefoot first thing in the morning.
antron said on 4/May/07
Leonari told me to f-off on Rob Schneider's page; I had told him not to call Schneider a midget, it's insulting. I guess Leo just has a short fuse. Oh well.
Aaron said on 11/Apr/07
I just said it was weird. I didn't say that I think Usher is as tall as my dad, who is over 6'. I just said I thought it was weird. But it's pretty likely that it was Usher, b/c my dad is a doctor and Usher brought his pregnant wife-to-be to see my dad who is an ob/gyn. I asked my dad about his height cuz I'm pretty obsessed with people's height (don't ask me why). My dad even got him to give me his autograph, so I think it's pretty unlikely that an impersonator would lie in a hospital setting with a doctor, especially when there are records kept and everything. So it definitely was Usher. I'll have to ask my dad again. Maybe he or I was mistaken. Thanks for having my back MD. 'Preciate ya.
glenn said on 9/Apr/07
i agree leanari can get a little too passionate at times,but that was ridiculous.beyond belief.
MD said on 9/Apr/07
He just threw it out there. He wasn't advocating taller than 5'8". He seemed very cautious, and then you go and over-react with your rude and insulting comments. Give it a rest, dude.
leonari said on 9/Apr/07
MD:Oh please! I think it's accepted that Usher is no more than 5'8". Now to post a height so ridiculous and absurd I had to speak my mind. It's ridiculous!!
MD said on 8/Apr/07
Leonari, that was rude and insulting. You could have easily just said his dad was a poor judge of height with all of the "bullshit" and ending with an insult.
leonari said on 8/Apr/07
Aaron: I don't wanna insult you or your dad but: He didn't meet Usher Raymond if he thinks he is 6'1". I never read such bullshit. Sorry. Usher is max!!! :5'8" we are talking about a five inch difference. No shoes, nor lifts nor other bullshit can increase a mans height by 5 inches...
Usher 6 feet...WHAT A JOKE!!! Your dad should get his eyes or his height or his brain checked one of these days...
Aaron said on 7/Apr/07
Okay, this is weird my dad met usher the other day, and I asked my dad if Usher was as small as everyone says he is, cause I remember seeing this page and seeing Usher listed at 5'8. However my dad said that he was about as tall as him and my dad is 6'.5", easily 6'1" with his shoes on, so I find that very strange thatt he said that Usher was almost as tall as him. Maybe my dad is a bad judge of height or something. Who knows? Just thought that was weird how someone who is 6'1 could think a person who is 5'8 to be as tall as him, but in that picture with glenn, Usher def looks 5'8 considering that he is slouching somewhat and glenn is standing pretty straight. Just thought I'd share that crazy little story.
leonari said on 20/Feb/07
almost 5"8"...not quite.thats his morning height guys...
ku said on 1/Jan/07
yeah thats about right cuz i went to his wax image at madame tousodes or w/e and i'm 5'9" and he was def. a good inch shorter than me.
CR said on 25/Oct/06
Usher is about 5'7-5'8 because im 5'10 and when i went to see his play Chicago I was looking right at him and I had at least 2 inches on him, but still a cool guy. His bodyguard is tall, around like 6'2.
Jon Corban ( aka Jon Corban couture Hats NYC said on 14/Sep/06
I saw usher for the first time in nyc, last night at plumm! yupp! im 5'8, he seemed like he was atleast an inche shorter then me...and that is an honest truth :-)

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sf said on 7/Sep/06
Yea, I think Usher's got everyone fooled. Probably not even 5'7".
MD said on 6/Sep/06
Thanks, Shredder. Is the 6'2" in shoes, though? Even so, Usher is looking tiny, here.
the shredder said on 5/Sep/06
ive met Ray Nagin SO many times that i can't even count !!! ... he IS 6'2 , looks it , and told me himself that he is 6'2 !!! i also have a few pics with him !!! i also saw lil wayne recently ! he is looking 5'5ish !
Kreate said on 2/Sep/06
Usher is definetely 5'7.5, im 5'9 and shook his hand looking closer to his forhead at his play on broadway in CHI-town.
AK said on 15/Aug/06
in the elevator with him yesterday, definitely shorter than 5'8'.
MD said on 28/Jul/06
And, Fabolous is 5'11"
Neezzzie said on 13/May/06
Yea that's about right 5'8.. 5'8 1/2" I saw him up at the mall I work at in Cleveland... And he didn't stand too much taller than me.. and I'm 5'7"
Viper652 said on 13/Apr/06
Usher looks to be 5-7 at best in nearly every pic. There is also an interesting pic on wireimage with 5-9 baseball player Orlando Cabrerra, and Orlando has a good 3-4 inches on him. Could he be shorter then 5-7?
leon Gelernter said on 30/Mar/06
Rob:How much evidence do you need ?? This guy is barely 5'8"...Closer to 5'7". Good body proportions though.
TallJohn said on 7/Mar/06
That Usher /Whitney Houston thing doesnt really prove anything since its a bit blurry and they never stand next to each other straight. They were both jumping a lot. Mya looked hot btw.
Usher's Wifey said on 1/Mar/06
Usher is about 5'9'' because I am 5'8'' and when I met him, he was an inch taller than me! Get it together guys!
Man said on 1/Mar/06
If you saw MJ's anniversayr special, Usher performed alongside 5'8 Whitney Houston. Whitney ALWAYS wears hears, and that night was no exception. If Whitney is 5'11 with heals, Usher looked an inche shorter than her. So 5'10 with shoes and 5'9 bare may indeed be true. But it depends of how you see it, neither remain stil, and the camera angle keeps changing.
Check it out:

PS. After seeing Whitney in that performance, DONT DO DRUGS!
Just Blaze said on 6/Feb/06
i met him, he is 5'9" bcoz we have the same height.
Living Shoe Lift said on 27/Jan/06
Beyonce is taller in heels. What more proof do we need?
sf said on 25/Jan/06
or maybe usher's wearing lifts??? No way he's 5'8"...
Kalvin said on 25/Jan/06
Usher looks 5'7.5" dead on possible 5'8" no more than that tho
pup said on 14/Jan/06
usher just came into our restaraunt garrison's tonight in atlanta... i am 6' and i dwarfed him - he is about 5-8 at most!
MD said on 10/Jan/06
Is the photos enough proof to bring him down at least half-an-inch, Editor Rob?
James said on 9/Jan/06
he is definitely not even 5'9. i agree against Beyonce(with heels) he is the same height. Why does he pretend to be like 3 inches taller, it's clear he isn't.
CoolJ said on 2/Jan/06
I think if they straighten up they are about the same... The pics with Keion Carpenter IMO prove Usher is not 5'9.. and 5'8.5 looks shaky...

He's probably around 5'8.. perhaps he's 173.
MD said on 1/Jan/06
Well, that and you can't make out the top of his head through the hate seeing as how it's the same color as the background. Even if a little slumped, I think this shows he's not a full 5'8.5"
elio said on 1/Jan/06
From that pic, Glenn looks taller. Perhaps it's the angle.
Glenn said on 1/Jan/06
wheres your picture?
MD (the original) said on 30/Dec/05
Not the best picture, but he still looks 5'8" at best.
MD said on 16/Nov/05
Chris- You said Bow Wow is 5'7, how tall you think his girlfriend ciara is, 6'0? And to CoolJ, there is a picture of Ciara standing next to Usher and we all know that Ciara is really tall but not 6'0. The picture show that ciara is about the same height as Usher with hills on.
Cris said on 15/Nov/05
I'm 5'8
Usher is 5'10
Bow Wow is 5'7
Bobby Valentino is the shortest grown non-midget man I have ever met
Tony said on 28/Oct/05
Usher is probably 5'7'' max. I've seen him standing next to Oprah when she was wearing heels (she's around 5'6'' without heels, I belive) and he was a little shorter than her.
MD said on 22/Oct/05
Thanks for the picture Leonari. This current height is has been bothering me, because it is obviously wrong. :)
MD said on 21/Oct/05
If you really want my opinion, yes. Not only is Agassi bent, but Usher has on a sizeable hate which can actually give an impression of taller height. Take off Ushers' hate and unbend Agassi, and the difference would be more noticable. Please look down at the last picture I posted, as well, with Kanye West.

I think even with Kanye's leaning posture in that picture, one thing is clear: either Kanye isn't 5'8.5" (because he's as tall as Usher stooped), or Usher isn't 5'8.5". They are not both the same height, that much is clear, so one has to be upgraded and the other downgraded.
CoolJ said on 21/Oct/05
Rob, Looks to be a solid 3-3.5" difference in that picture to me!
CoolJ said on 19/Oct/05
I'm not sure Usher is as low as 5'7" But I am convinced he's around 5'8" at best. I think he can safely go down 1-2cm.
smokeblower said on 15/Oct/05
MD, that picture of Usher with Kanye West Stooping in conjunction with the pictures of Usher with football player Allen Rossum definitely points to the possibility that Usher may be barely 5'7", at best.
some guy said on 10/Oct/05
Yes Mr. Editor i do believe MD is right this guy should be brought down to at least 5'7 1/2. I also wanna bring up another topic "Kanye West". He is also another one of those guys given alot of credit. I really think he's short. What do u guys think?
MD said on 9/Oct/05
Rob, are you convinced yet?
MD said on 25/Sep/05
Yes, please bring him down at least and inch. It's pretty obvious now.
someone said on 24/Sep/05
usher has got to be under 5'7, because he took a pic with ciara (who is 5'7.5) and he was about an inch shorter than her.
CoolJ said on 26/Jul/05
Doesn't 5074 = 5'7 4/8 = 5'7 1/2?
smokeblower said on 25/Jul/05
Deangelo Hall is a combine 5'10". He was listed at 5'11" when he attended va tech. Allen Rossum is officially listed at 5074. A little short of 5' 7 1/2".
Viper652 said on 25/Jul/05
It seems like he would be 4 inches taller then Cruise. I never doubted the 5-11 listing before because it seems like he has a long body and longer legs.
J. said on 24/Jul/05
Wow, the picture with Holmes/Rossum reveals a lot. That picture reveals that Usher at his tallest would be JUST reaching the 5'8" mark. So he's now offically proven to be in the 5'7"- 5'8". Wow, I'm suprised to see how shrimpy the kid is.
CoolJ said on 24/Jul/05
Wow.. I think 174cm is still being generous to Usher judging by the pic next to Carpenter.

[Editor Rob: I'm looking at both angles and considering the Rossum picture - who is closer to camera and was measured at a few mm shy of 5ft 7.5 inches - I still think 173-174 is his range...]
Ricardo said on 24/Jul/05
I think i'm starting to beleive that Usher is a more hilarious Tom Cruise. From the pictures i am seeing I think both are around 5'7" but at least the tallest Tom ever claimed was 5'9". Usher 5'11" in whose dream!!!??? maybe standing on a stage! Their must be a word for people who say they are 4 inches taller than they really are... liars!
CoolJ said on 21/Jul/05
Rossum is at 5'7 1/2" officially while DeAngelo is 5'10 even. I would love to see that picture as well.
smokeblower said on 14/Jul/05
In a black-tie affair Usher took a picture with Allen Rossum, pro bowl return man from the Atlanta Falcons. In the picture Allen Rossum is about 1/2 an inch to an inch taller than Usher. Allen Rossum is a combine 5'7". This is Allens height without shoes. Also in the picture is DeAngelo Hall, 2004 first round draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons. He is a combine 5'10" and his eye level is above Usher's head. Usher is no where close to 5'8". Rob please change this.

[Editor Rob: by all means, if somebody can track down that picture it would be always comparing against measured sports guys is good ;)]
MD said on 30/Jun/05
It's quite well known that in regular shoes Usher is around 5'8" (but no taller), and that he's probably 5'7" in barefeet, and possibly 5'9" in 'special' shoes.
CelebHeights Editor said on 30/Jun/05
Saw an interesting tidbit from British Singer Zena. "When I met him (Usher), it was a bit disappointing; I had my heels on and I was taller than him! I’m 5ft 8in, and the shoes would’ve made me 5ft 10in! I felt like a giant because he is pretty small! I was like “aww!”"
... said on 11/Jun/05
he would be in the 5'7 to 5'9 range. when he was dating naomi she would tower over him and she is like 5'9.5 - 5'10 (but then again she does wear heels.)
smokeblower said on 10/Jun/05
In a photo with baseball player Orlando Cabrera, which can be viewed at, Usher looks a good 5 inches shorter than Orlando Cabrera. The pecuiliar thing is Orland is listed anywhere from 5-9 to 5-10, making Usher 5-5.

Come on Rob give us some good info. 5-8 for Usher is way too tall.
Smoke said on 1/May/05
Ah my my good buddy smokeblower is back! Great to see! If you have ever noticed, I tend to try to either my estimate on people who I have met, or give an estimate based on comparison to a celebrity that I have indeed met. Stiller has always been listed at 5'8", I agree with the editor that he is around 5'7".5", maybe 5'7" exactly, it is possible he is shorter but again, from what I have seen, and apparently the editor as well, it is hard to see him being under this. My friend also, yes there are many short people in Hollywood, but to lable it "the world of short people" isn't quite being fair to the many tell men and women there. Yes a lot of male and female celebrities lie about and exagerrate their heights, but there are many tall, and honest celebs out there as well. Also, 5'7" would not be borderline average height, I don't know exactly what average height is in the USA, but statistics have it as 177 cm (5'9".75") for men, and just about 5'4" for women. Ben Stiller is indeed short, not borderline average, but he still 5'7"-5'8". Usher Raymond is also indeed a guy on the shorter side of things, I'm not sure if this will prove your point smokeblower, but here's Usher with 6'1" (met him and he is just about this) Hayden Christiansen. He looks short next to Hayden, but I don't know if he looks 5'7".
J. said on 1/May/05
Yeah 'cause Ben Stiller is totally shorter than 5'7". That's just so obvious.
smokeblower said on 1/May/05
Smoke, has it ever occurred to you that Stiller is not 5'7". 5'7" is boarderline average height. He looks short in Hollywood, a world of short people. Like I have been trying to tell you and everyone else on this board, you cannot accurately predict someone's height if the you do not know the height of the person you are comparing them to. There is no way ben stiller is 5'7". he is short around short people.
Thascia said on 27/Apr/05
Got another picture of me and Usher at a club in Boston. I'm 5'5" and he is only slightly taller.
smokeblower said on 21/Apr/05

How do you figure he's 5'7" from that pic? If Stiller is 5'7.5", and in dress shoes, and Usher is 5'9" and in flats, there would be roughly 1.5 inches between them. That pic still suggests Usher is in
the neighbourhood of 5'9".

That is silly. You should work for the Bush Administration with all your "what ifs" and "smoke"screens.

Usher is unequivically short.
JSmith said on 19/Apr/05
The most recent people magazine has a picture of Usher and his new, taller girlfriend who is listed at 6'1". The article says that he is 5'9" - which I think is generous considering his new woman towers over him in the picture. Check it out.
J. said on 7/Apr/05
I finally find an article about Usher where a height is mentioned!
"``I cheat a lot'' _ on the stringent diet of fish, chicken, broccoli and other greens that keeps the 5-foot-9-inch, 169-pound R&B singer's famous abs looking so good."
Yeah, Usher does look to be struggling with the 5'9" although he does look around that mark.
Mr. R said on 14/Mar/05
Usher is definitely not 5'11". As he started to get big, he was on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Compared to some of the other characters, I figured him to be 5'8".
marc williams said on 18/Feb/05
assuming Mick Jagger is 5ft 10

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