How tall is Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus Height

5ft 2 ½ (158.8 cm)

Canadian professional Wrestler and Actress. In a 2002 edition of The Boston Globe, she mentioned her height and weight, saying "I'm basically a 5-foot-4-inch, 125-pound chicken". In this convention photo I had 1in sneakers, whilst Trish had heeled boots that appeared to give almost 3.5 inches of height.

How tall is Trish Stratus
5ft 8 Rob and Trish (age 42) @ Wales Comic Con, 2018

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Average Guess (30 Votes)
5ft 2.24in (158.1cm)
David curry said on 23/May/23
Still one and will always be my fav Diva
Leesheff1985 said on 26/Apr/23
How is 158cm way lower than 160cm????? It's 2cm lol
Leesheff1985 said on 21/Apr/23
Rob do you reckon Christy hemme could be five three range? She does edge Trish but not by much.
Editor Rob
She does look taller, but exactly how much I'm not entirely sure because some of their heels vary in thickness.
Aris20 said on 29/Mar/23
1,60cm way too low
Wehrmacht180 said on 4/Dec/21
157 cm
Saber87 said on 14/Sep/21
I think 160 cm Or 161 cm
5ft 3
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 12/Mar/21
Closer to 5’3 than 5’2
Estim8r said on 2/Jul/20
Nah, she ain’t 5’2. Seems WAY too low. 5’3.5 at least
Amin14 said on 14/Jun/20
Rob, how tall do u reckon Natalya neidhart is?
Editor Rob
I don't think she seems as tall as her billed height.
Kalind said on 1/May/20
Trish might be a flat 5’2 now since she was slightly taller than Mickie James (probably due to footwear) and now looks the same height. My guess with the sleight height loss is due to the back injury she got early on in her career.
Jancys said on 3/Mar/19
She is pretty short. On this picture, she is with Kelly Kelly (Rob you listed her like 5ft 4), and Kelly obviously is taller than Trish for 3 inches for sure. 5ft 2 for Trish.
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Nik said on 4/Dec/18
I like it that she once said "I'm basically a 5-foot-4-inch, 125-pound chicken"!

Trish looks the picture of health!
JJStyles said on 14/Jan/18
she look's 5'3 to me
even said on 17/Jul/17
shes 5'2.25" . she cant be 125 pounds . shes 110 to 115 pounds .
heightchecker34 said on 20/Jul/16
She is at most 5'2.5'... these 5'5 claims are complete rubbish. That is a big difference, essentially going from petite to average size. She always looked small, and at least 2.5 to 3 inches shorter than Lita and a bit taller than Mickie James. Amazing wrestler, miss her being in the ring! I believe she is a 5'2 "chicken".
Adolfus said on 29/Jun/16
Watch end of video! TS is taller than Rey Rey, who Rob lists at 5'2", and it ain't by just half-an-inch, more like 2". Since Rey is actually 5'3", then Trish is 5'5".
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Adolfus said on 27/Jun/16
I am 5'3&1/4", and Trish Status is definitely taller than I am. Stone Cold even said on Sixth Sense radio program that TS is at least 5'4" and possibly 5'5". Who would know better - Steve Austin or Rob?
Sarah said on 22/Sep/15
Possibly 5'2", Rob? She looks to be about 2-3 in shorter than Lita.
Editor Rob
yes it is arguable, 5ft 2.5 is probably ok, but I can see how she looks just 5ft 2.
BorkLaser said on 13/Sep/14
I just saw her and Lita at ComicCon. Trish was wearing heels that were like 3 inches or so and was still about an inch shorter than Lita. And seeing that you have already taken a picture with her, I have to say Trish is no more than 5'1" (give or take a few centimeters) today.
The Barbie Blank said on 26/Jun/13
Sorry, I am a crazy fan of WWE! And when she show herself to her fans they says that she is in 5'5 :)
Vegas said on 11/Aug/11
trish and snooki, snooki had huge wedged boots on that night Click Here
Alex said on 18/Apr/11
Trish looks 5'4 in a lot of pics. How tall do you think Torrie Wilson is? Shes been listed at 5'7, 5'8 and 5'9. She was a few inches shorter than 5'10-5'11 Stacy Kiebler.
kurt said on 21/Mar/11
Curious says on 15/Mar/11
I saw Trish and Snooki standing next to each other, and she towered over Snooki. I've read Snooki is 4'9, so that would be a 7 inch difference, but it looked like a LOT more.
pic of them standing next to each other (I'm assuming both wore heeled boots):
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that michelle mccool and she about 5'10
Curious said on 15/Mar/11
I saw Trish and Snooki standing next to each other, and she towered over Snooki. I've read Snooki is 4'9, so that would be a 7 inch difference, but it looked like a LOT more.
pic of them standing next to each other (I'm assuming both wore heeled boots):
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WWE Diva Fan said on 30/Mar/09
I actually talked to Torrie Wilson and asked her how tall she is. She is 5'9. She even admitted she doesn't know where that listing came from. If I can find the email I will post it as well.
brake said on 9/Jan/09
dc your right they bull stacy is 5'10 5'11 not 6'0 like chyna they do bull like hhh they have said 6'5 but he's not i don't think he is even 6'4 he was on conan he was smaller then conan and is about 6'4
DC said on 2/Jan/09
The wwe bull about the wrestlers and divas Eg. Bigshow they used to say he was 7'4 then 7'2 Kali they said 7'4 now they claim 7'2 torrie is 5'7 Trish is about 5'3/5'4 small frame makes her look shorter i'm 5'8 i seen her when she was down under with torrie and the rest of the wwe they make the wrestlers sound bigger then they are it's an old wrestling trick they add two inches so if i was a wrestler for the wwe i'm 5'8 id be listed as 5'10 Batista they claimed on smackdown a couple of years ago he is 6'7 he is 6'5 know you know Stacy keibler is 5'10 5'11 roughly but they have said she is 6'0 ame as chyna she's not 5'11 5'12
Vegas said on 23/Dec/08
Alex says on 17/Dec/08
Big King, some of the WWE divas are underlisted.

who do you reckon Alex?? i have met quite a few of them and i don't think any were underlisted. met victoria only last month, she ain't the 5'8 she is listed at.

question mark over trish's legit height after last night, cena totally dwarfed her, more than a full head taller, a legit 5'4 person should have been taller next to cena even if he is a legit 6'1 barefoot imo, there are together at the end, there is certainly more than 8 inches there so 5'4 for trish and 6'0 flat for cena is pretty much not happening Click Here
Star said on 22/Dec/08
torrie is 5'8 same height as stephanie. both are 3 inches taller than trish who is 5'4
Alex said on 17/Dec/08
Big King, some of the WWE divas are underlisted.
Anonymous said on 23/Oct/08
I always felt that Torrie was taller than Kidman (even without heels), can anybody confirm that?
Big King said on 23/Oct/08
Yes, we all know that Torrie isn't anything under 5'9". I don't know why her wwe profile has her at 5'7"! That's nonsense!
Alex said on 16/Sep/08
Trish always looked 5'4 to me. Her at 5'4 does put Torrie Wilson at 5'9.
Big King said on 5/Sep/08
I always thought that Trish was something around 5'7". Now her 5'4" listings are surprising me. And Candice is 5'7". I already estimated her as 5'8".
M.P. said on 7/May/08
Oh, and Torrie Wilson is no taller than *5'7"*! She WISHES she was 5'9" or IS 5'9" in the right shoes. Barefoot, she's 5'7" MAX.

Melina is 5'4" (says she's 5'7"). Candice is about 5'7" or so. Maybe off by half an inch.
M.P. said on 7/May/08
I sorta wish Trish was much taller, like 5'9". Like Mickie James, she's so stubby!
Alex said on 23/Apr/08
Candice could be 5'7. Not sure on her.
Latto said on 12/Mar/08
LOL! Tajiri is listed as 5'7" on every website and Torrie Wilson looked far taller than Tajiri, namely 4 or 5 inches at least. Torrie Wilson could be 5'8" because she really looks that tall beside Stacy Keibler barefoot. 5'7" is downgraded and 5'9" overestimated. 5'8" is Torrie's real height. Trish could be 6'4" or a snitch above.
Crissy said on 14/Aug/07
Torrie is a legit 5'9, because when she stands next to Stacy Keibler who was in like 3 inch heels (which would make Stacy about 6'2-6'3) and Torrie was in heels, and she was almost as tall as her.
Alex said on 20/Jul/07
Yea, Torrie is 5'9 but yet they list her at 5'7-5'8 at but also listed her at 5'9 in the past. I think they downgrade girls sometimes. Because they had Torrie listed at 5'7-5'8 and Mysterio at 5'6 and Torrie was much taller than him.
Torrie also had 5-6 inches on Trish who is 5'4 but could be 5'3 at the shortest.
Jayzen said on 18/Jul/07
Torrie is 5'9." She clearly is taller than the current womens champ and Go Girl Candice Michelle, who is 5'7". There are numerous pics of the two wearing the same outfits including the same high heel boots when they were in "Vince's Devils" together and Torrie is definitely taller.
Alex said on 7/Jul/07
Torrie is taller than 5'7. My friend said she looked 5'9 in person. Plus she was always around 2 inches shorter than 5'11 Stacy Keibler anyway. She is listed at 5'7 on but I tell you they downgrade girls sometimes while they upgrade the guys.
Torrie is 5-6 inches taller than Trish. Trish is listed everywhere at 5'4 which I do believe but the shortest possible she would be is 5'3. She looks average height for a female.
Anonymous said on 29/Jun/07
Torrie Wilson is actually just 5'7'' tall which makes Trish even smaller than 5'4''.
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/07
Check out this photo of Trish and Torrie Wilson:
Click Here

I'm not surprised that Torrie (5'9") towers over Trish....but what does surprise me is how much bigger Torrie's arms are. Despite Trish being pushed as the more serious competitor, Torrie must be A LOT stronger than her in real life...
Craiger said on 1/Jun/07
I think trish had a good inch on mickie, if you ever meet wrestlers in person, the guys are a lot bigger hen what youi would think and the girls are a lot smaller. Melina is very short and nice
Alex said on 12/May/07
Mickie and Trish are both 5'3-5'4 I think. Look the same height or 1/4 inch apart.
Future WWE Diva said on 30/Mar/07
I got to see Mickie live and I was close enough to her to tell that she is like 5'2 or possibly 5'1 and she wears boots a lot that make her taller. Sweet girl though, but I am 5'7 1/2 or 5'8 and I was signifigantly taller than her
Alex said on 14/Mar/07
I thought Trish and Mickie were very close in height. Trish had her by around an inch I thought.
Kevin said on 11/Mar/07
mmm, Mickie James is about 5'2, but i love Mickie i think i fall in love with her
Future WWE Diva said on 10/Mar/07
I MISS TRISH! Yeah poor thing tho she was kinda short. but I think Mickie was a little shorter
Derek said on 8/Mar/07
Trish had Mickie by at least 2 inches.
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/07
Any idea who's taller, her or Mickie James?
Alex said on 7/Mar/07
I love this girl. Its too bad she actually retired from WWE but who knows, maybe she'll be back someday for sometime. She is listed everywhere at 5'4 though which is probably right but could be as short as 5'3 but no less than that though.
Titi said on 6/Mar/07
Yeah!! I'm the 1st one!!
5,4 sounds ok for me. She has always been one of the smallest divas in the WWE.
She was very cute, we miss her :-(

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