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5ft 10.9in (180.1cm)
Elio said on 3/May/06

I wouldn't say that Glenn was balding. The vast majority of people who don't end up 'bald' will have their hairline slightly receed through their 20s and beyond. In Glenn's case he has his hair slicked back in recent photos, which always reveals more of someone's forehead. Most people who are balding either shave it or comb it across/forewards to cover the hairline.

You probably didn't mean it in a bad way, but commenting about someone's physical features in such a way could be interpreted as a negative swipe.
Glenn said on 3/May/06
F**k You Bleemo.Rob,why do you constantly lets comments like that slip? makes me wonder about you sometimes and your respect towards me.yeah,Im pissed at you this time Rob.just like you claim you delete many negative comments,but let millions in on that guy saying I was selling sport fakes.shouldnt common sense tell you to email me private about that.sometimes I think you get a kick out of it.

[Editor Rob: I thought bleemo was joking, I don't think he's insulting you, I used to wear a slicked back hairstyle myself back in 1994. I went from a kind of crazy curly thing to gelled ponytail and when you take photos, especially at night the hair kind of blends into the darkness...yeah, I mentioned about the 'michael jordan not montell' comment, but should have just not mentioned that...I do delete junk towards you and towards me but there's not that much now, sometimes when I'm skimming comments, I'm sorry a few things might slip through that are seem negative.]
Bleemo said on 2/May/06
Heh I always thought the extra hair would add a shade onto your height? I'm sure a spikey top would add an inch, get a mohican and you could jump 5 inches. But if you say bald heads make you look taller who are we to argue? don't worry Glenn your kinda balding, you'll be 5'10 in no time!
raj said on 2/May/06
A bald head makes u look taller? thats a weird theory.
Anonymous said on 2/May/06
This Vin Diesel has got a bald head, so automaticly he loox taller. But I saw the Ja Rule cribs video, and when he stood next to ja rule, vin diesel looked a little taller, but not even much. And Ja rule is about 165 cm
Viper652 said on 1/May/06
No more then 5-10 barefoot height seems right for him. I cant see him over that
Azarea said on 30/Apr/06
Nope, U have him at the same height as james gandolfini, while here he looks legitimately shorter in most pics,Maybe a tad over 181 for this guy.

[Editor Rob: link
Anonymous said on 27/Apr/06
The guy is not 6'2 for sure, but he isn't 5'7 or 5'10 either....5'11 1/2 or 6'0 sounds correct...
Viper652 said on 26/Apr/06
There is actually a guy on Vin's IMDB board who SWEARS Vin is short,around 5-7, and wears elevators to look 5-10. And then he brings up movie stills with 5-1 Judi Dench without seeing their feet, which is bad evidence. Most people say he looks 5-10, 5-11 in sneakers. I think he is 5-10 barefoot.
HPNY123 said on 15/Apr/06
I USED TO BOX MARK (VIN)in Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn. I also knew as a Bouncer at the tunnel. We met many times. HE IS ABOUT 6'-6'1" 180-190 lbs. He wanted to box at 178. That was back in 1989.
Glenn said on 28/Mar/06
I met him too Tony Tang and while he is the 6-3 he can be reported at,he is 5-11.5, 6ft.
MHouillon said on 27/Mar/06
I like to see, how long it would take, till Rob gives him his real height : 182cm (5'11.5")...
tonytang said on 27/Mar/06
guy is "way under 6 feet"
my film prof met this dude. "he is about 5 6'or 5 '7"
weak up you ameircan audicen who easily fooled by the MEDIA!
Boxing Fighter said on 23/Mar/06
I don't agree that vin is 5ft10. But I really belive that he is 5ft11 or 6ft (180-182cm) max!
A very stronge person aways looks bigger and taller. But he is not a short guy. He aways wears a 2 - 2,5 in. boots that makes him looks like a 6ft1 guy. Normal people usually use a 1 inch shoe. Rob, I think you should consider his abnormal shoe size in the pictures.
Glenn said on 23/Mar/06
Vin is 6ft.and Conan really is 6-4.
Jason said on 22/Mar/06
Vin isn't 6'0'', it's because Conan isn't really 6'4''.
MD said on 19/Mar/06
David Lettermen is not 6'2", at least not anymore. He's lucky if he's even 6'1" these days.
anonymous said on 19/Mar/06
ive seen all his movies and he still looks tall/to me and he wears pure gangsta shoes.
Ed said on 18/Mar/06
I saw Vin on Conan O'brien on March 15th, I believe, and on Letterman on the 16th. Now I've been wondering what his true height is, since so many claim he is 5ft10. You couldn't really make out his shoes to well, but he looked only 2 maybe 2 1/2 inches shorter than the reported 6ft4 Conan, and almost the same height as the 6ft2 Letterman. This would make Vin 6ft1.5 to 6ft2 with shoes on, obviously depending on his footwear. I know he favors big boots, but this guy can't be any shorter than 5ft11.5 to 6ft barefoot. I highly doubt he travels everywhere with 4 inch lift shoes, that's a little absurd.
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/06
Still 6.05??? why? still have doubt about that???
Boxing Fighter said on 12/Mar/06
I totally agree with you guys! Arnold is taller than vin.
Our hero Glenn has to take a picture with him! But we have to remember Glenn to take a look at the shoe size.
Viper652 said on 12/Mar/06
Those pics of Vin that Boxing Fighter linked are crazy. If I didnt know any better Id say Vin looked downright short in those pics. I still think hes an average height guy around 5-10 though.
TNTinCA said on 11/Mar/06
I agree with Cobra. I really don't see Vin being taller than Arnold.
Cobra said on 11/Mar/06
Rob, I think you should change the height of Arnold and Vin and give Arnold the 6ft05 and Vin the 6ft. ;)
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/06
So why you still have him at 6ft 0.5 (184 cms)???
Boxing Fighter said on 10/Mar/06
Look, Vin and Spike Lee. The picture is small, but it is ok.

Click Here
element said on 10/Mar/06
Click Here

Sorry, previous link was bad.

[Editor Rob: yeah, see my comment on 20th June 2005 on this page. It wasn't conclusive, but it is rare occasion when you catch vin in sneakers!]
element said on 9/Mar/06
I was browsing through some Vin Diesel Gallery... and I found a interesting picture... I think it is anyway.

Click Here

Here you can see Vin with his girlfriend Pavla Hrbkov
TNTinCA said on 4/Mar/06
Anyone catch Vin on Jay Leno recently?

Folks I decided to tape it when I heard he was going to be on. When he was next to Jay to shake hands, he was exactly the same height. I freeze framed it to take a better look. Honestly folks, I think we need to close the book on Vin being a 6 footer. I honestly thought he was based on previous movies. But more recently, seeing more and more pictures, I honestly don't see. Perhaps 6 foot with shoes. But standing barefoot, I would say he is closer to 5'11"
MD said on 4/Mar/06
A Tonight Show with Jay Leno sighting: I was watching the show as usual, and Vin comes out to meet Jay. He looks to be in slightly heeled dress shoes, but nothing ridiculous like he usually wears. So he walks up to Jay and is either the exact same height as him, or 1/4 (.25)" taller at the most taking into account Jay's hair-do. Really, he just looks 6'0" at the very most in shoes, which is why I'm thinking he's probably 5'11" barefoot. Jay asked him something very telling about whether or not that was his own hair in his upcoming moving, and Vin replied with something to the extent of "that's a movie secret." It is quite obvious they use tricks to make him look taller in movies, as well.
Brett said on 27/Feb/06
Rob in that pic with Crichton and Walker, how tall did you think Walker looked?

[Editor Rob: there was another shot, in both crichton a little further away, but he still looks near 6ft 2]
Gotxo said on 24/Feb/06
Trying to translate Cristina's words:
I can't belive it, Vin (Diesel) is 6'3" not 184, impossible, furthermore being Samuel (L.) Jackson near 2 meters, accordingly i belive that Vin is 1,90 mts or over rather than 1,84 mts.

Cristina, check your personal mitholgy. Samuel L. Jackson is larger than life but not than 188cm.
cristina said on 22/Feb/06
non credo proprio, Vin è sui 6ft e 3 e non è proprio 1.84, impossibile, anche perchè è Samuel jackson quasi sui due metri, quindi credo che Vin Sfiori il 1.90 o lo superi, altro che 1.84!!!!

[Editor Rob: general consensus is SLJ ain't 190, but is heading to 188cm!

never trust Vin's footwear though...]
Brett said on 16/Feb/06
Paul looks tall there if that guy is 6'9" Rob, Michael Crichtons eyes would probably be in line with the top of Walkers head, making Crichton 5-5.5 inches taller ( according to that diagram you have on the page, eye to the top of head is 4.5 inch but Crichtons a big dude so maybe his is more) then walker, so haha that puts walker atleast 6'3.5 in that pic, so I think its safe to say, this guy is well over 6ft tall. I dont think its fair to use Walker as a means to find out Diesels height, because walker always wears low heeled surfie shoes ( Isnt he a surfie?) and Diesel wears these overly sus looking boots all the time. From what I know, Diesel is somehwere between just under 5'11 - 5'11.5, and uses his boots to give him the edge. Walker I do believe is atleast the 6'2.5" hes listed at here.
leonari said on 15/Feb/06
BOXING FIGHTER: Cruise ain't a Giant many say he is a midget and as far as I know: an action hero...So please stop that B.S. The image must be gigantic , the person rarely is...
Viper652 said on 15/Feb/06
Mario, Paul is no more then 6-0 tall. That puts Vin at about 5-0.5 at best. Your funny. Shoot, most people who meet Diesel in person estimate him around there.

[Editor Rob: walker certainly isn't afraid to wear sneakers that could have 1/2 inch less than a dress shoe.

although, this pic is amusing:

beside a genuine 6ft 9 Michael Crichton ;-)]

Boxing Fighter said on 15/Feb/06
Mario, take a look at the Rob's "Does Vin Diesel Fudge his height" article.
Look at the "6ft1 rounded up" Vin Diesel near the 5ft10 Chuck Norris.
It doesnt fit!
The guy is strong, but not that tall. Action movies actors needs to be gigantic! A 6ft or less guy couldn't crush an entire army with a pair of garden tools. a 6ft3 hero can do it.
Mario said on 14/Feb/06
Ehm Walker is a strong 6 ft 2.5, so 6 ft 0.5 seems to be the perfect height for Diesel. The man himself says he is 6 ft 1, he just like 90 percent of the people has rounded his height, in this case above.
Viper652 said on 13/Feb/06
Vin looks 5-10-5-11 in Fast and Furious.
Boxing Fighter said on 12/Feb/06
dmeyer said on 11/Feb/06
after watching fast and ,,, he looks just over 6'1" but since he says 6'1" i think he is 6'1"
Anonymous said on 10/Feb/06
after watching fast and furius he looks a full 6'1" i think 6'0.75" is accurate = 185 cm
TheMan said on 4/Feb/06
Im not sure on diesals wieght i think it's been higher it's been lower. If he is 6,0 then i think he may of been like 220 max at one stage. But in other photos ive seen he only looks like 190. I myself stand 5,10 3/4 and are a good shape for 215 pounds. But im alot more bulky like not very cut more just bulk really. So i think id say if he's less cut he would obviously weigh less. so anywhere around 200 pound mark seems right no way of telling though. But i do think he may have been like 210-220 in some films so hard to tell though. But i think he would go up and down so i don't think he has a specific wieght all the time. Like he probably goes to 190 during not filming then goes 210-220 for a film.
D. Ray Morton said on 2/Feb/06
"I think discrimination based on height isn't really something that occurs much in modern society since less emphasis is placed on someone's size."

Please think again.
Viper652 said on 1/Feb/06
Yep,he is another Brad Pitt with stick legs. Id say he is between 190 and 200.
TNTinCA said on 1/Feb/06
I can't really speak on the height discrimination thing. I stand 5'10" which is not tall but its not short either. Pretty much average. I do have friends that are shorter and one of them (who is 5'7") does have a bit of a Napolean complex.
I think discrimination based on height isn't really something that occurs much in modern society since less emphasis is placed on someone's size. Brain power is more highly regarded.
TNTinCA said on 1/Feb/06
I have to say, after looking at that photo provided by Boxing Fighter that shows Gandolfini next to Vin, he does appear to be shorter than James. If you look at where Gandolfini's shoulders are and draw a line across to Vin's, they look like about two inches of difference. And James always walks around hunched over a bit. My guess is Vin is scraping 6 feet tall. Maybe even a tad under.
I can believe a weight of 210 for him as well. I am an avid bodybuilder myself and I weigh in at about 190 lbs currently. (At 5'10") My physique isn't quite as big as Vin's so I can easily see him having 20 lbs on my based on height difference and musculature.
Boxing Fighter said on 1/Feb/06
Dear God, Chuck Norris looks TALLER than him!!!!!!!!!!!

Same height as Luke Wilson, but, don´t forget the boots!

A little bit taller than Lenny Kravitz

He is a smaller person that The Rock

that's it, I rest my case...
Boxing Fighter said on 1/Feb/06
Yeah Jason, he was very heavy in The fast and the furious movie. But nowadays he does
Jason said on 1/Feb/06
I don't think Vin is 210. He's got slim legs, so he's gonna be lighter than he appears by looking at his upper body.
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 31/Jan/06
just wondering as a teenager, but when you're an adult. and in society, when have you guys received height discrimination the most (whether you're short, tall, or whatever)?
Anonymous said on 31/Jan/06
Here is a very interesting picture showing footing that Vin Diesel seems to love. Here is what I would think may have been a poster shot for a movie called "Knockaround Guys." Here, Vin is slightly in front of reportedly 5'10" (according to IMDb) Barry Pepper. Know, let's just say he really is 5'10" (even though most IMDb heights are exaggerated). Look at the footwear on most of all of them:


To me, itn's been clear for quite some time that Vin is more likely than not under 6'. More likely than not, he lies anywere from 5'10.5" to 5'11.5" barefoot. He is definitely one of those guys, that if he does not wear lifts, definitely wears thick-soled shoes to major events.
D. Ray Morton said on 31/Jan/06
I'd guess 5'11" - 6'. And please - the dude's arms are just a mite bigger than 17".
Boxing Fighter said on 31/Jan/06
I really think he is about 5ft11 0.5
Probably, by the photos, a 210lbs man, but no taller than 6ft.
eddie said on 30/Jan/06
I think he is about 5 10' maybe a tiny bit more. Camera adds 10pounds also. HEs probably about 210. maybe a little less. about 17inch biceps. Not that big considering how old he is. Those boots he wears also are f***ing huge!!
Boxing Fighter said on 29/Jan/06
Look at the size of his shoes!!!! How do you not consider the shoe size? It is obviously a kind of elevator shoe, or at least, a huge boot!!!! And even withthe boot, he looks like to be 6ft near Pepper.,%20Vin

Boxing Fighter said on 29/Jan/06
He doesn't looks a lot taller than tate

Boxing Fighter said on 29/Jan/06
He looks smaller than Gandolfini
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 24/Jan/06
why has his height changed since the last time I saw it, couple months ago? He is no more than 5 foot 11! I have definite proof. I'll submit it later. It's a video called mtv cribs ( a tv show I recorded) where he stands next to ja rule and there's only about a 4 to 5 at the most inch difference. you can see their shoes.
stAs said on 18/Jan/06
I think this guy look only 180cm, he doesn't look like a tall guy, maybe because he has too huge muscles :)
aaa said on 10/Jan/06
I read a article in the magazine today, they list hist height at 187cm. And in another magazine they listed Paul walker at 191 cm. I think their agents always add about two inches...
175cm16andgrowing said on 6/Jan/06
There are a few pics from the "the Fast and the Furious"-premiere somewhere and he has nice shoes, this Vin... at least 2 inches... so he's smaller than Walker... Walker can be anywhere from 6'1'' (2 Fast 2 Furious' Brian O'Conner) and 6'3'' (he says). I'm there, I say Walker is in between that, his weight fits with it (180-190: norma weight, 205 in "Varsity Blues"). So... Vin Diesel is 3 inches smaller than Paul. I mean at least 2 inch elevator shoes and then still 1 inch smaller, that makes Vin between 5'10'' and 6'.
Cobra said on 3/Jan/06
Rob, you should downgrade to at least 6ft.
Maybe he is that tall in the morning, who knows.
O'Connell said on 31/Dec/05
My brother works in marketing/advertising. He is less than 5'11'', taller than 5'10'', about 5'10.5''. He met Vin Diesel earlier this year at a video game / electronics showcase just outside LA. He says he is 'smaller than me' heightwise.
MHouillon said on 22/Dec/05
I just don't understand it, Rob. Is he your brother in-law ? Why do you cling on his untrue 184cm height ?
Why don't you face the fact that Vin is a 182cm guy ?

Merry Christmas to everyone

May we get a little closer to the truth next year...
CelebHeights Editor said on 15/Dec/05
Rosscoe says (from another part of this site)
"I just happened to be passing through Trafalgar Sq. during the premiere of xXx a few years ago. Diesel had just left the balcony area, so I managed to get down the to the front barrier for him coming out to sign autographs; he ended up standing right in front of me. At the time I would have been about 5'8, and I was quite shocked to find that he looked much shorter. I looked up articles about his height and saw it ranging from 5'11 to 6'2, but standing just a few yards away from him he, didn't look any taller than 5'10. Anyone had a similar experience?"
Glenn said on 3/Dec/05
deniro is 5-9.chuck norris is is 6 even.met all these guys.
Jason said on 3/Dec/05
Vin is no more than 5'11'' IMO.
Zack Gasoline said on 3/Dec/05
Good point Brett!
I belive that Vin Diesel uses his huge boots only when he is with tall people!
Vin Diesel could have the height of Chuck Norris and The Rock.
Brett said on 2/Dec/05
Here is a nice little comparo, which definite strengthens the chances of Vinny being under 6ft. First we have a picture with Vin Diesel and Rob De niro from below, which is here...

this does seem to show a 3 inch odd height gap between the two, but what if De niro is no where near 5'9"? well I think this maybe the case, especially after seeing this pic, with De niro next to 6'0" exactly David Duchovny ( who goes out of his way to cement the fact that he is 183cm, even by making funny statements of being slightly larger then a whales penis which is 180cm apparently).

In that pic, Duchovny does look alot taller then De Niro, then Vin Diesel did, so I really do think ( and have thought for a while) that vin may only be 5'11". What you think of those pics rob?
wrestling said on 2/Dec/05
hey boxing fighter , he does look 5'11-6' on that pic 181-182cm , looks more realistic to me , hes still a solid 225 pound man
Boxing Fighter said on 2/Dec/05
6ft0.5(?) Vin Diesel and 5ft9 Robert De niro
Conner said on 21/Nov/05
Viper652: Jon, go to school to correct you're english please.

Ujane,Moscow said on 18/Nov/05
Very good fellow! But still he doesn`t look those 184! It seems 2 me he is 180 or 182max! But look, men, we all know `bout kina body of a person! Vin `s got broad shoulders and long legs so proportion is right. Those factors usualy make a peson look taller then he actually does. So if he got a good posture but still doesn`t look those 184 perhaps he`s even less than 180!
Mr. R said on 10/Nov/05
Viper and J-Dog, having met a number of celebs in Hollywood, I do have to say that it does seem normal for most stars, especially men, to increase their height by at least 2 inches. There are exceptions, but this seems the norm. Viper does have valid points.
Viper652 said on 10/Nov/05
hahaha, I just look at this as a fun little hobby. Most stars heights are inflated. Jon, go to school to correct you're english please.
CoolJ said on 10/Nov/05
A buddy saw him at a racetrack/casino establishment in the Philly area. Said he's a little under 6 foot.
jon smith said on 9/Nov/05
yeah j-dog i agree with you viper clearly has some issues he insists that all these celebs are shorter than what they actually are "therapist joe say" viper has an inferiority complex both physically and mentally and by downgrading famous people he feels better
Viper652 said on 9/Nov/05
Well, 95 percent of stars heights are inflated. Open you're eyes sometime.
~Nate~ said on 9/Nov/05
I think everyone likes to try to downgrade every celeb here, its annoying, convincing yourself that a celeb is shorter then they actually are wont take away their fame or money they are still going to be on top and we're all still going to be nobody's.
J-Dog said on 9/Nov/05
Viper your attempts to downgrade every celebrity kind of runs close to the edge of obsessive, eh?
Jose said on 7/Nov/05
I saw an mtv report on a party that ja rule had in his house and one of the guests was vin diesel. Vin diesel was not much taller than rule, so if rule is like 5,6 diesel is like 5,9 or 5,10

[Editor Rob: near nick lachley]
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/05
What bo says is bull Vin wasen't wearing cowboy boots on Ellen DeGeneres but a pair of Nike Shox.
Viper452 said on 17/Oct/05
Vin is deffinitly not 6-0. Id say he is 5-10.5 in reality.
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/05
once again there are all these people who have height complexes and want to bring someone down to make themselves feel better. So you call him 182cm which is actually 5'11.75", now as 6ft is 182.8 cm, why the hell would you care about like half a cm, the guy is 6ft, no one says " ah no im not 6ft im 5'11.75". Plus say he was scientifically measured to 182.5862cm hahaha are you guys going to care that hes 5'11.9" and not 6ft, seriously why bother comming on here to add that you think hes like 0.6 of a cm under 6ft, and you know this because you think hes a "182cm guy" in your mind. If you can tell the diff between a 182cm and a 183cm or 184cm person 100 percent of the time from a pic then you really have too much time on your hands.
bo said on 10/Oct/05
I saw Vin Diesel on the Ellen Degeneras show a few weeks ago and as he walked up to shake her hand before sitting down......they were eye to eye and the same height. Ellen is listed on here as 5'7" and was in sneakers on her show and he was in cowboy boots. Even physique wise he really didn't seem all that much bigger than her. Muscular yes, but not "larger than life" like he does in his movies.
Lmeister said on 9/Oct/05
Vin seems to be a bit shorter than James Gandolfini. I'd give 5'11'' to Vin
Big Dave said on 2/Oct/05
I still maintain that Vin is not over 6ft. I think the editor should watch the Pacifier. This film gives a more accurate picture of Vin's Height. I would say that he is around 182-183cm tall but certainly not 184cm.
Height Detective said on 21/Sep/05
Look at this photo

Stallone has lifts or Vin forgett to use lifts that thay !

[Editor ROb: it's not a real picture...amalgamation of two...]
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/05
I met him, i'm 1,82(almost 6'0) and he was like 1,80(5'11). He isn't short, average height.
MHouillon said on 1/Sep/05
Vin Diesel is not 184cm. He is 182cm MAXIMUM. Accept it, Rob !

[Editor Rob: steady on Matt or I'll bump up Robbie Williams ;)]
Big Dave said on 31/Aug/05
I agree with J. I would say that he is 182cm tall, which is just over 5'11.5. I don't think he is any taller or shorter than this. Sometimes he can appear a little shorter because he does stoop in some of his films, particularly in the Fast and The Furious. He is actually only a few inches shorter than Paul Walker; not six inches like most people think. People that say he is under 5'11 are being rather silly. I know he's got big boots but he would have to be on stilts to appear as big as he is in some of his films. I think 182cm is bang on.
J. said on 30/Aug/05
I've seen Vin in person before he was famous (read an much earlier post below) and I can confirm again that he's not tall. This is a perfect example of a brawny, muscular person who seems taller when they're only average. Plus, like the Rock, he has a larger than life image. Big brawny cinema heroes are perceived to be 6'0"+ not 5'11"-ish, as in Diesel's case. So for the sake of his image, he'll have to say 6'1". (Even though, that's not all THAT tall, to be honest)
TheMan said on 27/Aug/05
Van dielsal is blatenly not a gaint to which he claims in all the films most of the male co stars are taller than him which is surprising that would make all of them like over 6,2 which i highley doubt. I was watching a film of he's and could blatently tell he was actually not 6,2+. Id say he's about 5,11 maybe 6,0 at a push. I wasnt evne looking out for how tall he was you could just tell he wasnt that tall.
~Nate~ said on 23/Aug/05
I just got done watching him on Ellen today and standing beside 5'8 Ellen I would maybe give him about 4 inches on her. Her head came up about his cheekbone. My sister is 5'8 and I'm Barely 6ft and when we stand side by side her head also hits my cheekbone. I'd say he could indeed be 6ft tall and perhaps change.
Anonymous said on 20/Aug/05
In XXX he looked much shorter than 6.2 Samuel L Jackson...The scene where they are can see theig profiles and Samuel looks more than 5 inches taller...And I think that booth of them wear normal shoes...Any coments?
Zack Gasoline said on 19/Aug/05
Sweet Jesus, look at the size of the man's shoes! How can he lift that! And take a look to the "normal" shoe of the fat man.

[Editor Rob: Nice picture. The old 2-inch clobber-buster boots.]
MHouillon said on 29/Jul/05
Vin Diesel is not more than 182 cm. Period.
Viper452 said on 24/Jul/05
You cant tell very well by a movie anyway. He could be wearing lifts while he looks 5-11, I dont know. Hes under 6 foot that I know of.
MHouillon said on 24/Jul/05
Hey, Rob. 184cm for Vin Diesel is a bid too generously. Accept the very realistic 182cm !
Big DAVE said on 22/Jul/05
I agree with MHouillon, 182cm looks pretty accurate. His Height needs looking at again. 184cm looks a bit too generous.
MHouillon said on 22/Jul/05
Damn´ I saw Triple X yesterday and realised, that he is a 182cm (5'11.75") maximum. Never ever a shade over 6 ft! To say he´s between 5'7 - 5'10 (as Viper452) is simply ridiculous!!!

Height Detective said on 7/Jul/05
I think based on the photos I posted before , that Vin is 6 ft 0.5 in (184 cm)but im his chunky boots.
Height Detective said on 7/Jul/05
A Better photo of Vin Diesel and Pepper ( Compare the shoes )

Vin Diesel and DeNiro

Viper652 said on 29/Jun/05
I bet hes anywhere between 5-7 and 5-10, but no taller.
miked2789 said on 29/Jun/05
i was just watching "a man apart" tonight and i paid close attention to the scene where vin was in the face of timothy olyphant. now in the scene vin and timothy look the same height, but keep in mind vin is most likely wearing his "big boots" which you do notice on his feet throughout the movie. after watching this i'd peg vin at about 5 11.
Anonymous said on 28/Jun/05
Vin Diesel is around 180/183 cms (5'11/6) normal guy, not the giant that some sites want to show us.
Boxing Fighter said on 27/Jun/05
How tall is that kid?
And take a look at the size of vinny's shoes. The boy didn't had a chance with those tinny all stars. Those shoes are obviously unnatural.
Lmeister said on 20/Jun/05
While standing next to Pavla Hrbková who gets listed 5'10'' by her model agency Vin doesn't really seem 2 inches taller. She is doing a lot of hip slouching and Vin has thicker shoes...

[Editor Rob: the link you gave didn't work, but I found some other pics which give an idea. Yes Pavla is 178cm (her agency seems pretty accurate with their 1/4 inch type measurements so I'm assuming when they say 178cm it is accurate). Vin and Pavla in the following links both are wearing basic sneakers, a very rare thing you will see with be out of his big clunky boots!!!! Vin and 178cm Pavla. Another angle. Not the best...but still!]
Big Dave said on 16/Jun/05
I still think that Vin Diesel is 182-183cm tall. He looks about 1.5 taller than Barry Pepper-who is 5'10 tall. The photo of Diesel and pepper {below) isn't that accurate because Diesel is leaning forward slightly and Pepper has big hair. He is definitely between 180-183cm tall. I think that he is over 5'11 but not quite 6'0. I would say that 5'11.5 (182cm)is accurate.
MickeyD said on 15/Jun/05
Check out this photo
Jamie Kennedy is listed as 6'.5. Jamie's head is at least a few inches taller than Vin's. Giovanni Ribisi is listed at 5'7" (he's slouched in the photo), Scott Caan 5'5" looks about 5 inches shorter than Vin. I would say Vin is about 5'10", but he could be wearing lifts in that photo, who knows. I'd say 5'10" is right on the money. Judging by this photo and Jamie Kennedy standing next to him, there is no way Vin is 6' tall. Sorry ladies.

[Editor Rob: it's hard to see how they are standing, or what they are standing on...posters are never always to be trusted for revealing truth. Obviously Diesel wasn't big enough star in 2000 to demand he made look tallest!]
Nemmy111 said on 1/Jun/05
I met Vin Diesel in Daytona when he was promoting XXX at the Daytona 500. I'm 6'2 and I was looking down on him as if he was 5'6. He was wearing regular shoes at the time. Ever notice how most of the women he works in movies with are just about as tall as he is? Are they all Amazons???
Ricardo said on 17/May/05
If Vin is about 5'11 1/2" there is no way Paul Walker can be 6'3" or 6'4".
Anonymous said on 21/Apr/05
A fairly intresting thread:;f=30;t=002366
Kallan said on 12/Apr/05
Although Vin Diesel could put his shoes under my bed anytime (don't tell my husband) and I'd love to believe he's over six foot (I em tall) I just can't buy it. In Fast and Furious he starred with Paul Walker? who's 6'3'' and he simply towered over Vin. Vin didn't seem that much taller in The Pacifier - barely seeming much taller than his female co-star Faith Ford? Could she be that tall....?
Lmeister said on 6/Apr/05
I don't trust these promo pics too much, cause so much of digital editing can be done...but If we trust this pic we see that the only guy who is wearing higher heels than Vin is tiny Seth Green. Barry Pepper is standing in the middle of the road, but since Vin is wearing "high heels" we can forgetabout that...To me Vin looks only 1 inch taller than Barry Pepper, if we take account positive error we end up to 5'11.5'' as I mentioned in my previous email ; )
Lmeister said on 6/Apr/05
First of all some guy mentioned his weight issue. Guy who is 184 cm and as big as Vin is more around 215 pounds. A friend of mine is bit short from 6 feet and is more 220 pounds and has really similar structure than Vin Diesel. His given weight in the internet could be less that his real weight...Here comes some pics that show his real height. In the first pic he seems to be around 2 inches taller than 5'10'' Barry Pepper Pepper and Diesel The next pic shows his shoes which don't look like normal dressing shoes to me. So Vins "real height"= Barry Pepper 5'10''(assumed)+ 2.5''- 1''(for his heels)=even with positive error he is tops 6'...i'd say he is 5'11.5''

[Editor Rob: Yes Vin's shoes do look bigger than Pepper's. The 182, 183 really is looking his range...I think my 184 could be a lil stretch. He rarely doesn't wear big chunky type boots and there's at least a few people who say he's barely 183.]
Big Dave said on 6/Apr/05
I think that Vin Diesel is either 182-183cm tall. As I have mentioned before he is about an inch smaller than Cole Hauser who appears in Pitch Black. He is also about two inches taller than Barry Pepper and one inch shorter than John Malkovich in Knock Around Guys. Vin is always wearing massive boots, which I believe add about two inches to his height. This is why he looks 6'2 on screen.
Zac Gasoline said on 5/Apr/05
I saw vin on Late show and he looked to be about 6'1 to me (Assuming that David is 6'2). But he was wearing enormous boots. Very cool but, it should help him a little bit. I belive he is no taller than 6ft. You should search for photos.
His Height? said on 29/Mar/05
Look at him with a Japanese wrestler,
That Japanese guy is about 6'3"(The Japanese say he`s 6'4"but that`s not true)
6'05"seems perfect to me.
Boxing Fighter said on 16/Mar/05
Is Vin really 6ft0.5?
Look at him near De Niro: ( I know that De Niro was 5ft9 in his prime, but today? And Vin always uses those aggressive high boots!
some guy said on 12/Mar/05
It's not just Vin's height that I can't get, it's his weight as well... if he is 6'1-2", there's no way he only only weighs 190! That's my height and weight, and I'm a relative tooth-pick compared to him! So assuming 190lbs is accurate, then 6' is the max height he could be!
CelebHeights Editor said on 9/Mar/05
From, this quote from Summer Altice shows how Vin has the ladies fooled: "It's getting a little harder in Hollywood to be tall as a female actor because you have to have tall male actors. But now there's The Rock and Michael and Tyler Mane is 6'6" and you've got Vin at 6'4". So they're getting up there. The guys are growing finally"
cantstop25 said on 8/Mar/05
he was on letterman a few days ago looked the be about 5'10" next to the 6'2" letterman
Big Dave said on 7/Mar/05
I would say that Vin Diesel is about 6ft.There is a scene in Pitch Black where he is standing close to Cole Hauser, who is 6ft1. Vin looks about an inch smaller.
Palladium said on 6/Mar/05
I dare to say: it's possibly you mix him with anyone other, i can't believe he is that small. It seems to me he's on top of 6'1" (185cm). He'll be easier to take down!
Bird357 said on 6/Mar/05
I know for a fact that Vin Diesel is not 6ft. tall. I used to work for a furniture company in Beverly Hills. He once stopped in, and I crossed paths with him. He is shorter than me and I'm 5'9" granted he was wearing flip flops and I was wearing work shoes, but that would still make him only about my height of 5'9".
J. said on 5/Mar/05
ok, i recently saw a videotape of vin diesel which was filmed in the 1980s back during his breakdancing days and he did look 6'0"- 6'1". BUT he was extremely thin back then so i'm not sure. but i'm sorry, he's defintely under 6 feet as I have met him face to face. i'd say 5'11" and some change from Diesel.
jiu jitsu said on 14/Feb/05
I saw vin diesel and he is 511, 6, or even 510 cause he was using cowboy bots. I don´t know.

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