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5ft 10.87in (180cm)
klem said on 13/Jun/13
I don't believe he is over flat 180 cm, probably nearer 177-178 cm after seeing the video. He wears 2 inch boots + lifts sometimes, and never holds relax posture, always pointing chin up.
Johnnyfive said on 13/Jun/13
Vin is an awesome guy but since this site is about height and not awesomeness, Vin is a definite lift wearer and is most definitely 5'10. How do I know? I met Tyrese Gibson years ago when he was just an R&B singer/MTV presenter before he broke into Hollywood roles and Tyrese is roughly 5'9. I am 6'0.5 and I was easily over three inches taller, and Tyrese and Vin look almost the same height, Vin being about an inch taller, so I deduct Vin is no taller than 178cms or 5'10.
James said on 12/Jun/13
@Dmeyer. If Vin was the height your saying, wearing the footwear your describing, he would look over 184 easily. Your basically describing how a decent 5ft 10 guy would look in those shoes.

What you have to note is Vins footwear always changes seemingly dependind on who he's around. Next to the rock he has 4-5 inch lifts on. Other scenes he doesn't and in the video mentioned below he looks 5 inches smaller than the rock.
Dirty Pitts said on 11/Jun/13
Paul Walker who is 6'1" and wears extremely thin shoes is often around 2 inches taller then Vin in all of their premiere photos. This would make Vin's height with shoes around 6'0". Subtract his huge boots and his real height is now 5'10". If Vin was close to 6'0" he would be taller then Paul Walker with his huge boots on, which he is not. The criticism for Vin is well deserved. The guy claims he's 6'1" and wears ginormous boots because he thinks it makes him more macho. Then you have chronic height upgraders like dmeyer saying he really is six feet, lol.
James said on 11/Jun/13
@Lorne - Vin's special boots add anywhere from 3-5 inches, might sound hard to believe but just have a look at some images. Also look at the video being talked about below. 178 absolute max imo.
Dmeyer said on 11/Jun/13
Lorne , great post , exactly Wath i think , myself 181.3-181.5cm wearing 1.75-2 in Will look 184cm , he dosnt look more
John95 said on 11/Jun/13
And Dwayne Johnson isn't 6'3, he is 6'1.75 - 6'2, but have been around 6'2.5, peak.
Lorne ??? said on 10/Jun/13
I agree with dmeyer. He's 181cm range at night, and can look 6ft with boots. But he NEVER looks the 6'1 he claims, even with his boots. If he was legit 182cm, his 1.75-2in boots would make him look an easy 185cm. Let to me, doesn't look significantly taller than a legit 5'11.5 guy like Willis would. So a good 181cm, who can look 6 feet with thick boots.(remember 5'11.3 with 1.8 in, is 6ft1.1, he'd look 6ft, which he does, if he really was 5'11.75, he'd measure at least 187cm, so he would look near 6'1.
jtm said on 10/Jun/13
5'10 without his lifts.
James said on 10/Jun/13
@MD Thats vin backstage at an awards show the other night, I saw a video of it he had some pretty sizable funky shoes on and looked to be gaining 2-3 inches.
RisingForce said on 10/Jun/13
Yeah, he looks shockingly short there. I'd still guess 5'11" minimum, but he definitely looks under it there and that's the shortest I've seen Vin look.
Van said on 9/Jun/13
He is now billed at 5' 9¾" (1.77 m), and was 5'11 two days ago .. that's strange
Editor Rob
it's called height wars, something this site doesn't suffer from with just one person changing the height ;)
Arch Stanton said on 9/Jun/13
He really does look 5 ft 10 in John's clip..
James said on 8/Jun/13
@John Good find! Can't see footwear but we don't need to, he's clearly much shorter, he's just got seriously broad shoulders, bet he'd look huge next to a normal 5ft 9 guy frame wise considering he is almost as broad as the rock.
John95 said on 8/Jun/13
Search on YouTube "Vin Diesel y The Rock"
27 second video. Looks like Vin forgot his lifts. He is like 6 inches shorter than Dwayne.
Anon said on 7/Jun/13
I would say Vin Diesel definitely has a height complex, and people shouldn't really criticise him for it. He gets way too much criticism on this site. However, I think people just get a bit annoyed with him given that someone who is close to 6ft is already quite tall anyway, and so he should just deal with his complex and accept his height. After all it is still a decent height. I don't agree with people that say he's 5'9 or 5'10, because he is obviously taller despite sometimes looking the aforementioned heights. In reality he looks 5'11. I wouldn't totally discount the height he is listed at, but to be honest he really doesn't look 5'11.75 ..especially considering he always wears boots which may or may not contain lifts
Ttate said on 7/Jun/13
I'm 6'.1" and had the chance to stand next to Vin Diesel in a photo.. He is 5'10" standing in flat deck shoes since my buddy is 5'11" and stood on the opposite side of him that was also in deck shoes. Hope that clears everything up.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jun/13
Did anybody see him on Jonathan Ross? He got real shirty when Ross said about The Rock being bigger. Diesel said he's 60 pounds heavier and 2-3 inches taller and Ross said "more than that", and Diesel said "don't push it" or something. He obviously has a height complex. I thought he only looked about an inch shorter than Ross but I think he had on the usual boots..
James said on 7/Jun/13
Click Here

Interesting video about his height? Seems pretty accurate if you ask me.

@dmeyer There is no way he is that tall, at the end of Fast 5 for example when Diesel and Walker are on some decking together, Diesel is considerably shorter, more than he would be if he was 181/182 range.
dmeyer said on 6/Jun/13
i think this guy could be my height rob 5 ft 11.75 12 noon and 5 ft 11 3/8 night like a big 181cm or weak 182cm 5 ft 11.25 plus 2 in bbots he looks 6 ft 0.25 he pulls off 184cm with boots and posture
James said on 4/Jun/13
@fa Clooney and Pitt just wear decent 1 inch heels with inserts in most likely, if you look at alot of Diesel's photo's he has absolutely huge boots and alot of the time when you can see his legs in the photo's he usually looks ridiculous.

His height vary's so much during films I think we should be looking at his shortest height and there are times during the Fast and Furiois films where vin looks 5ft 10 absolute max.
Brandon said on 3/Jun/13
He's only 5'10. He has boots to make him taller.
James said on 3/Jun/13
@Rashid When vin went face to face with the new villain they were eye to eye. When the camera was zoomed out slightly before you could clearly see Vin was smaller and the villain is listed at 183cm.

I personally think vin is 5ft 10 maximum.
burby said on 30/May/13
Huge boot heels with big fat wedges. Bieber should be taking notes.
James said on 29/May/13
Some photos i've seen of Vin in his special boots I think an argument can easily be put forward suggesting 4inch lifts.
Brad said on 28/May/13
5 feet 10. He uses a 5' 11.75" he wouldn't. Still in Diesel height enhancing boots in '13.
Brah said on 28/May/13
In his boots next to Ellen DeGeneres in her Converse, he looked about 6 inches taller. This listing is fairly accurate.
RisingForce said on 26/May/13
I strongly suspect he wears lifts, but his absolute minimum is 5'11", imo. He was looking very similar to Jonathan Ross in his boots. I think 5'11.5" is fair.
Dirty Pitts said on 24/May/13
@ Look Closer

In that picture Vin "high Heels" Diesel looks shorter then Chuck Lidell. I would put him at 6'1" max, and if you were to subtract his 3 inch heels that would make him 5'10". There are some other pictures with Vin and his girlfriend, who his 5'9". They are both wearing similar footwear and Vin looks about 1 inch taller. If Vin was actually close to 6'0" he would be at most 1 inch shorter then 6'2.5" Dwayne Johnson. Vin would be 6'3" in shoes and Dwayne would be 6'3.5". This is not the case, there is clearly a few inches between these guys. Vin is 5'10.5" Max.
penguinboy25 said on 24/May/13
In the latest F & F 6 premiere 6'1.25 Paul Walker is wearing normal dress shoes and Vin Diesel is right next to him wearing big boots and is still 2 inches shorter. For the sake of argument it's possible those boots could be giving 1.5 to 2 inches. So He could be anywhere between 2.5 to 3 inches shorter if we account for the footwear. If I were a betting man I'd say he is 178-179cm.
Dirty Pitts said on 23/May/13
This is the most inaccurate listing on this site. If Vin "High Heels" Diesel were actually close to 6'0" then he would be like half an inch shorter then 6'2.5" Dewanye Johnson since he usually seem to be wearing his 3 inch lifts. Diesel looks 2-3 inches shorter then Johnson while wearing his monster shoes. This guy is 5'10", maybe 5'10.5" tops.

@ Look Closer
Chuck Liddel looks taller then Vin "High Heels" Diesel in that picture. Making Vin 5'10" plus his 3 inch platform shoes. Also Vin Diesel's current girlfriend is 5'9", not 5'10", which makes the 5'10" listing accurate considering he looks about 1 inch taller, since they have similar footwear.
Byron T. said on 23/May/13
@ yatiyati: Judging by your photo, Vin Diesel is probably 5'10'' max barefoot. He's not fooling anyone with his lifts/thick heeled boots... :)
teej said on 22/May/13
He's 5'9 that was his original listing in 1999, obviously he wears big boots with heels which make him in the strong 6 foot range, he has to keep up with these high standards which are expected of him. Hes a great actor though anyways, and plays the 'big' guy in films
Kristoffer 1.81 m said on 22/May/13
Vin Diesel is proably around 178-179 cm, but he wears massive lifts so that he can look near his 6-1 claim.
yatiyati said on 21/May/13
Here ya go. Beautiful picture showing the shoes. Paul Walker is 6' 1.5", Dewayne is 6' 3. Tyrese and Vin are both 5" 10.5".
Click Here
Look closer said on 21/May/13
Alright, here's some more counter evidence to the platform argument. Check out this picture of Vin Diesel with UFC fighters Randy Couture (argued to be 5'11") and Chuck Liddell (6'1.5" according to celebheights).

Click Here

Vin is clearly wearing lifts, but is narrowly taller than Chuck Liddell and a lot taller than Couture, making him 6'2 in lifts. I doubt Vin brought a platform to a party and doubt he used one with the Rock in Fast 5. There's still a height difference when they face off in the movie and the picture of the face-off is photoshopped.
MSG said on 20/May/13
Saw him in person here in Manila and was just in front as he was waving and passing by us. I'm 5'8 and just wore half an inch of footwear during that time so he definitely is about 5'8 to 5'9 without those thick boots.
Anthony said on 19/May/13
Okay, amendment to my previous post, The Rock is not 6' 4", Hulk Hogan rumoured to be around 6' 3", given that Stallone is around 5'8" and he roughly looks around 6-7" taller than Stallone when they pose together at the end of the fight in Rocky 3, I'd say that was a fair estimate of his height. When The Rock fights Hulk Hogan in Wrestle Mania, he is clearly an inch shorter than the Hulk, suggesting Dwayne Johnsons true height is closer to 6'2", that would suggest that Vin Diesel, is no way taller than 5'10.
Anthony said on 19/May/13
Ha Ha, so funny, there are plenty of on-set shots that show Dwayne Johnson who is around 6'4" is clearly 5-6 inches taller than Vin diesel. In the shots where they are both posing together you can clearly see that Vin Diesels waist is 3-4 inches higher than the Rock's, yet still not as tall, which suggest that he is on a platform. Unless of course he has extremely long legs and as far as I can tell, Vin Diesel, if anything, is broader than he is tall. His Vital stats suggest he has 17" arms and 45" chest, which is plausible, but not for a guy who is 6ft plus, because he is too bulky and too wide looking for those particular stats, he would look more like myself, as I am 184cm tall (flat), 48" chest and 18" arms, and similar proportions to him. If he was 6ft plus with those stats he would be more like Hugh Jackman who has similar stats but 6' 2", and is clearly more slender. I agree with the general consensus 5' 10" which is not short, but as like me, my broadness makes me look shorter, and I guess that's why he feels the need to say he is taller. But I find it a strange mentality, for instance a friend at work said I must be 6'3" because he is 6' 2" and I laugh because I know I am just sitting above 6ft at 184cm, and only 6' 2" in sports trainers lol. But I guess men do have height complexes, when I am with my brothers, especially the taller ones of the family, I make sure I wear shoes or something otherwise I feel short against them. But after all that is said and done, he isn't doing anybody any harm, and he is a top bloke.
James said on 18/May/13
Just seen Fast and Furious 6. Diesel isn't a 'hair' over 5ft 10. His height is very inconsistent in the film. At times he's the same height as the rock, at others he's towered. Then a scene with the 183cm villain, forgot the guys name. Camera pans back and you see them both, vin is clearly much shorter. Then they go eye to eye and there's no more than a cm in it. Biggest lift wearer there is, reckon he has atleast 4 inch lifts most of the time.
johno said on 11/May/13
Came on ross, was the same height as jonathon ross but had some seriously massive boots on, like huge visibly - Top guy though. Anyway, ross asked him how much the rock was taller then him and he said 2-3 inches and ross replies "more then that" and vin told him not to push it Lol.
Dogs CAN Look Up said on 24/Apr/13

The Rock is not 6'5-4, Paul Walker is not 6'3, 5'10 isn't "small", and height has nothing to do with being a "badass".

Bruce Lee was 5'7, Chuck Norris is no more than 5'9, Stallone is around 5'8-9, Mr. T is also around 5'9-10, all badasses, great action stars.

Vin is wearing lifts, but I doubt it has anything to do with being a "badass". He's simply proof that even good looking, successful guys, with good physiques can be insecure about something.
Rick said on 14/Apr/13
I was looking closer at the video were a box was seen. It kind of looks like the supposed edge of the "box" we were looking at behind Vin could be a shadow. It also doesn't really look like Rock is standing much deeper than Vin if at all. I think the tape in front of his feet could be giving that illusion. I'm not positive, I'm just throwing it out there. Rock looks like he could of had a slight footwear advantage. That is considering the possibility Vin was not wearing lifts like others have said.

Click Here

Couldn't find a great pic of Vin's boots- Click Here

Rob, what do you think of this? Do you think it's a box or ramp as well? Also, if you look at the video 'look closer' posted do you suspect Vin is wearing lifts there?
Brad said on 13/Apr/13
I bought a million dollars of G at 5' 6.5" in photos and this liar clown at 5' 10". He used a box with The Rock....he had to, he's 5 feet 10.
Bryan said on 7/Apr/13
If I remember in fast and furious 4 it had torettos height on the police sheet at 5'9 and O'Connor at 6'2 so maybe vin is 5'10 morning?
Maximus said on 6/Apr/13
I don't know what all the fuss is about but I am 5'10 1/4" tall and have never been called short.....never..infact I have been assumed at a height of 6'....anyone 5'10" and above is not a short person....use common sense.. If Vin Diesel is only 5'10" he is least 5'11"....almost 6' just wearing regular takes a cruise or pacino to notice height difference....Vin does not fall in that group.
Look closer said on 2/Apr/13
Check out this Behind The Scenes video for Fast 5.

Click Here

From 4:40 to 5:00 is where they film The Rock and Vin Diesel's infamous face off, where everyone is saying Vin is standing on a box. Well there's no box to be seen and even where the camera cuts off, Vin isn't lifting his leg up to stand on something. They're pretty much face to face, give or take about an inch. His lifts aren't even as drastic as his usual huge footwear. Lay the box thing to rest already.
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/13
It doesn't matter if he's short by an inch or a mile, he's the tallest 5'10 guy in the planet.
Brad said on 25/Mar/13
Fast Five: Fast Box.
jack said on 17/Mar/13
hey u guys need to diesel wears lift in fast five cause think how many tall people hes around the rock hes like 6,4 or 6,5 paul walker hes like 6,3 if hes suppose to be this badass guy u cant be all small... so its like in roles like this he needs to wear lifts dont u agree rob?
Ben said on 16/Mar/13
HAHA @ being just under 6 ft, yeah right.
Brad said on 8/Mar/13
Look at those things at the Grammys, this guy is sick big time about his height. Those things are typical Vin custom elevators. Massive wedge. He's 5' 10" pretending to be 6 feet by living in big ones. Box work with The Rock.
ralph said on 6/Mar/13
I've seen Vin Diesel and I say he is about my height 5'9". I didn't get to check his "magical" shoes.
Bard said on 2/Mar/13
LOL how can anyone try to describe a guy well under 6 feet tall as 6'4? It's like Tom Cruise claiming 6 feet.
tom said on 23/Feb/13
a friend in london who does make up in films said hes not super tall,5-10ish,but he wears strange boots,she said it was a talking point with some people on the set..3 inch plus lifts on a 5-10 guy makes you a tall guy now at 6-1 +".
fffff said on 21/Feb/13
i would say 5'11 could be lower considering the boots he wears easy 3"
Silent d said on 20/Feb/13
Gal gadot is listed as 5 foot 10 on this site and vin was always slightly taller than her. 5 foot 10 because of questionable footwear.
BigUkrainianMike said on 19/Feb/13
Vin in Fast 5 did look 4 inches shorter than 6ft4 Rock in his movies Vin always looked on the border of being average height 5ft11 and being tall 6ft he is not as tall as the Rock at 6ft4 and not an inch over 6ft
Larc 74in said on 16/Feb/13
Talking about The Rock, why the hell a guy over 6'2 would wear lifts? Seems useless and absurd to me.
Larc 74in said on 15/Feb/13
Rob, do you really think he's close to 6'0? He looks below average in almost every of his movies, to not count the fact that he has always footwear advantage.
joe joe said on 15/Feb/13
wow the footware at the grammys are pretty chunky. defo specialist hollywood shoes
constentine said on 13/Feb/13
wow im 5'10 , am an indian and still think i could use a few inches and thought that vin was at least 6'2 , all your comments has suddenly boosted my confidence
cobra said on 12/Feb/13
Then again questionable footwear at the grammys:

Click Here
cobra said on 12/Feb/13
Click Here

If she's 5-10 how can he be anything under 5-11?
PLB said on 11/Feb/13
I was really blown away by Diesel in "Pitch Black". I think he has real screen presence. I've enjoyed him in most of his films. But I always assumed that he was about 5'9". I was a little surprised to see here that the consensus is that he's 5'10" or 5'11". He's like Stalone - big thick upper body. So he can wear lifts and still look normal. He - and his agent - have millions riding on his image so they may be forgiven for trying to make him taller.
Look closer said on 10/Feb/13
Hey, Vin's not the only one wearing suspicious footwear. Check out this picture of The Rock on set, almost looks like he's wearing some lifts. What do you think Rob? His torso looks higher up and his legs look longer than normal too.

Click Here
Editor Rob
they do look a bit thick, there's a lot of room in those boots aswell if the front is anything to go by.

Maybe Rock is fighting back, he sees Vin turning up in thicker boots and goes and gets himself a beastly pair to match!
Brad said on 10/Feb/13
Vin is an expert on box work....maybe Davy Jones or Alan Ladd used them more on close-ups.
Anon said on 9/Feb/13
Rob are sure he's not 6 feet, he really seems so standing next to Dwayne Johnson in Fast and Furious five Click Here
cobra said on 7/Feb/13
I don't know why the pic with the 6-4 FF6 villain isn't showing up, here it is again it should work:

Click Here
Gene said on 6/Feb/13
joey- ya agreed bro- i've worked on BP films- i'll tell ya no more than 5'9 thats it- marginally taller than the christian slaters, matt damons and rob lowes.
Brad said on 6/Feb/13
Pitt & Diesel are the same height. Pitt wears big dress boots, Vin his munster boots. Don't expect a Brad Pitt on a box with The Rock, that's Vin stuff, Mr. I want to be 6 feet. A box, sick stuff.
Joey said on 5/Feb/13

pitt CLAIMS he is 5'11 but that doesnt make it true....unless you buy stallones 5'10.5 claim or curises strong 5'10 claim too -haha

diesel: 179-180cm
pitt: 177cm
cobra said on 5/Feb/13
Here's another pic with the 6-4 guy and the rock for additional perspective:

Click Here
cobra said on 5/Feb/13
Here's a pic with him and one of the new villains in FF6 who claims to be 6-4:
Click Here

A couple of pics of the same guy with the rock:
Click Here
Click Here
Brad said on 5/Feb/13
5 feet 10. Wears custom built up boots. The shot with him on the box is killer. He can't deal with being 5 feet 10.
Gene said on 4/Feb/13
so at 5'11 you all think that brad pitt and vin diesel are the same height- ha ha ha
cobra said on 4/Feb/13
In WalkingTalls video, he is standing on something but you have to consider the rock is also wearing those thick combat boots in comparison to his average looking footwear.
Balrog said on 2/Feb/13
Don't think he's anything over 5'11'' flat. This guy is always wearing massive boots and probably lifts. He could be 6'1'' range with those boots+lifts.
Rick said on 21/Jan/13
5'11, maybe a bit more in my opinion. I do remember reading somewhere that he claimed "6-foot-even."

Next to Paul walker in regular "work boots" he's just slightly shorter, and Paul is between 6'1-6'2. Vin wore the same boots in fast and furious 4 and 5 in the scene with the rock.

If he's 5'11 barefoot those boots might give him 1.5 inches which would put him around 6'0 & 1/2 So he'd still be 2.5-3 inches shorter the Rock who also wore boots in the movie which is why he had to stand on the box.
Vayne said on 20/Jan/13
After seeing the video of WalkingTall 6ft 3.25in, no way Vin Diesel is near 6ft. He is standing on a box, probably with lift shoes and is still one inch shorter than The Rock!

He is 5'10 max for me.
Dmeyer said on 13/Jan/13
Vin wears 1.8-2 in boots and looks easy 6'0.25 like 6'1.25 With them on this Guy is 5'11-6 ft
Joey said on 13/Jan/13
178cm on a good day...definitely not 180cm+...dude wears insane boots or lift pads in his dress shoes
Czech said on 12/Jan/13
about 178 - 183 ... 183 is real, but i dont know
WalkingTall 6ft 3.25in said on 11/Jan/13
It's quite obvious he's not 182cm tall,what do you think Rob? Downgrade any time soon?
Mathew said on 10/Jan/13
He seems like to be a big time lift wearer.
Mathew said on 10/Jan/13
Vin could be 5'11".
Hew said on 10/Jan/13
He could easily be 5'10 taking the insane boots and the standing-on-a-box thing into consideration. At least not 5'11.5, he'd be as tall or taller than Dwayne who's 6'2 at best.
WalkingTall 6ft 3.25in said on 8/Jan/13
This is interesting,please take a look at this behind the scenes video from Fast five where Vin and Dwayne are having a staredown Click Here Pause at exactly 0:23,is Vin standing on a box lol,btw this picture Click Here is from that particular scene
Balrog said on 7/Jan/13
I agree with most of the comments that he's in the 5'10'' range. Sure he can look over 6 feet, but this guy wears ALWAYS big boots and I suspect lifts at times too.
Look closer said on 21/Dec/12
Back again. Here's another picture with his 5'10" wife. He's just wearing regular Nike Shox, and although she's wearing flats, there'd still be a significant difference between them. Still saying 5'11.

Click Here
Dark Amazing said on 20/Dec/12
It's weird that the bio for Dominic Toretto says 5'9" in Fast Five.
Chameleon said on 19/Dec/12
dude ur crazy Vin is 178cm at the absolute maximum.
Italian guy said on 18/Dec/12
for do a comparison time I met Joe Calzaghe ,who's listed at 6 foot on this site , and even the guy is taller than I ever thought ( at least 180-181 cm barefoot for sure ) my friend , with similar proportion from boxing pratice , would toward him ...he's bigger , no doubt ...Instead Vin Diesel in these pictures with my friend looks at the same height,same size but with different proportion , much from bodybuilding , this big head probably make him seems shorter than he really is ...
Italian guy said on 18/Dec/12
I'sorry for my english speak...for sure my friend is certificaated 184 cm barefoot ( at some accurate measurations) , but in real life you would say 186-187 cm , and in these pictures they both wore sport shoes and looks at the same height . I said 182 cm minimum for Vin Diesel cause he wear some Nike's and my friend wore some adidas ...moreover Vin had the biggest head , much bigger than my friend's head ...under the picture somebody said "I don't think Vin Diesel was so tall "
maximus said on 14/Dec/12
The rock is a strong 6'3" not 6'2" or 6'2 1/2"
Look closer said on 13/Dec/12
It's obvious that Vin wears lifts, but stop making him out to be shorter than he is. I believe he is 5'11" or maybe even more.

Take a look at this award show picture with his 5'10" girlfriend, who is wearing what looks to be 3 inch heels. He looks slightly shorter than her.
Click Here

He may be wearing a small insert, but pay attention to the length of his arms compared to the rest of his body. If he was to be wearinglarge lifts, his legs would look quite long and his arms drastically shorter and higher up. Like this.

Click Here

At the same award show he takes a picture with Justin Timberlake, George Lopez and Samuel L Jackson. He's a fair bit shorter than Jackson, both at the same time taller than Lopez and Timberlake, who are both at least 5'10." Vin's height next to Jackson is consistent, even with his head raised, with the next picture from xXx.

Click Here

Click Here

Now here's Vin obviously wearing some lifts, looking almost just as tall as Jackson.

Click Here

For those talking about The Rock and Vin in Fast 5. The Rock is 6 feet 2.5 inches and in the movie, he's wearing boots that very well give him almost 1.5 inches. This makes him 6 feet 4. If Vin was only 5'9" or 5'10," he'd have to be wearing boots giving him 5 inches throughout the entire movie, to closely match him to the Rock, which are insanely obvious even to the lay person.

My verdict: A few fractions of inch taller than 5 ft 11. Sorry for the essay haha.
Maximus said on 9/Dec/12
The Rock is definetly a minimum 6'3"....he does not come across as being average or short in height.
joe joe said on 6/Dec/12
Hey Rob I love this sight. I think it's a great resource of information albeit not essential information, but entertaining and to a degree enlightening. However for the credibility of this sight to remain intact, I think it's only right, correct and proper that given the weight of evidence I.E ridiculous postures in photos, Massive shoes, and foot angles that Rue Paul would deem a little too high. Vin Diesel needs a downgrade. lol. no but seriously
Maximus said on 6/Dec/12
Well, I would say that with all the evidence Vin Diesel is 5'10" tall....which is still not short with shoes he is 5'11 to 6'....but the problem is that everyone is expecting 6'1 to 6'2.....Thomas Jane, The Punisher, is 5'10 to 5'11 but you dont hear all the height exagerations because he is comfortable with his height and doesnt wear huge lifts......yes, bob, Vin most likely is not 5'11.75"......5'10" is correct.
romanspqr said on 4/Dec/12
Rob, how exactly did you come up with almost 6ft? So in shoes he's about 6'1? Basically youre saying he doesn't wear lifts. Nice.
Steve said on 3/Dec/12
Vin Diesel is just 175-176 cm nowadays. He is probably a guy that has shrunk like 3 cm because of all training. His peak height was 178 cm.
solomonic 9304 said on 26/Nov/12
probably a good 5"10. 5"11 is too big for him.. if you watch the pacifier he looks shorter like 5"9 or 5"8 the least.
RV said on 22/Nov/12
In Diesel's The Fast and the Furious there is a scene where he tries to run away on foot from the cops who busted up the street races. As he tries to run, he seems very awkward and clearly has a hard time running. It is pretty obvious that he was wearing lifts in his boots and that is why he couldn't run well.
joe joe said on 19/Nov/12
seriously Rob this is a bit of a joke now. This guy needs a down grade. What do you think?
Hew said on 17/Nov/12
I´d put him down at 5´10" flat (177,8 cm).
viapto said on 17/Nov/12
same height tyresse gibson without boots.

Click Here
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 17/Nov/12
lol at 6'1 or 6'2, that's a joke, he's not even a full 5'11.

The truth is 5'10-5'10.5 max.
RV said on 16/Nov/12
Somehow, Vin Diesel looks to be about the same height as whomever he is standing next to whether it is a 5'9 woman or a 6'4 man. Funny. If I had to venture a guess, I would say that he is somewhere between 5'9 and 5'10. Anything more than 5'10 is a joke.
Lars said on 16/Nov/12
He has claimed that he's 6 ft 1!!?! He's 5'10 MAX. He could even be shorter than that.
Derek D said on 8/Nov/12
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 15/Oct/12
I can't stop laughing when I see this:

Click Here

Click Here

How is this possible Rob? Did he stand on something or what?

And he magically looks 6'4 now lol
Johnnyfive said on 7/Nov/12
The pics from Sabot show Vin about the same height as Tyrese whom i saw in person and looked 5.9.5 MAX. So Vin's real height is between 177-178. Rob this guy is the same height as Justin Timberlake and like him he has fooled you with his lifts into thinking he's almost six feet! Downgrade needed ASAP.
Anonymous1 said on 4/Nov/12
Rob where was he described as 6'4?
Editor Rob
by an actress, he was called 6ft 2 a lot in the press back in 2002 aswell.
Frankie said on 1/Nov/12
Worked with him on set of the new Fast film. Most of the crew were surprised by how short he is - which wouldn't happen if he were almost 6ft. He's not even 5'11 - more like a weak 5'10 maximum!! People were noticing how I, at a strong 5'11 was taller than him!!
joe joe said on 30/Oct/12
@ steven your right the rock is defo 6'3 but your insane if you think vin dosnt wear lifts. in pictures his height fluctuates more than the weather. he is clearly not a 6ft man
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
6 foot 4 is a huge joke. He claimed 6 foot 1? I remember when he wore shorts in a movie. He has small thin legs. He just has big arms. 5 foot 10. Maybe he should work on getting more leg muscles. The rock is a freak of nature. Vin can't compete with him. The rock has to be 135kg with probably 60kg muscle. He is huge!
WalkingTall 6ft 3.25in said on 28/Oct/12
Vin at his best is about 179-180cm tall,that's my opinion.He's definitely obsessing over his height,those boots look ridicolous,his height complex rivals the one of Robert Downey.
sabot said on 23/Oct/12
Vin Diesel is similar height as Tyrese Gibson who seems to be between 5'10 - 5'11
Click Here
Click Here
Chameleon said on 19/Oct/12
Danimal says on 17/Oct/12
5'10" out of bed. Less during the day (my exact height probably).

Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 19/Oct/12
This guy is awesome but I have to agree about his height.
He is 5'10 range, probably 5'10.5 at most, nowhere near 6'0.

His boots are just...huge! At least 1.6 or even over, this means he has always shoe advantage in pics but still doesn't give me a tall impression.
He wears boots all the time, and I also smell lifts in them...just look at how short his legs are.

To not count the fact that he assumes that ridiculous posture in every pic to look taller, a guy who is almost 6'0 would have no reason to do these things.

I bet all my money, that Vin Diesel is shorter than you.
Steve said on 19/Oct/12
He looked very short in his first movies when he didn't have lifts. His height in 2012 is 176 cm.
joe joe said on 18/Oct/12
@Dmeyer are you serious? you don't think he wears lifts?!!!!!!!! they guy is an absolutely clear lift wearer
Dmeyer said on 15/Oct/12
5'11.25-11.75 covers him
Dmeyer said on 15/Oct/12
To me vin wear 1.6-1.9 in boots and get 0.5-1 in over normal shoes hé CAN look 183-184cm legit hé is 181-182cm without , i dont think hé has lifts
Breaking_Benjamin said on 15/Oct/12
He dnt look 5'11. I'd say bout 5'9 or 5'10 at Tha most
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 15/Oct/12
I can't stop laughing when I see this:

Click Here

Click Here

How is this possible Rob? Did he stand on something or what?
JJ said on 14/Oct/12
if it helps at all a friend of mine who is huge lol did some security for Vin and says he is about my size . i am 5'11 215-220 lbs depending on what i have been doing.
joe joe said on 11/Oct/12
Rob the evidence is overwhelming. When are you going to downgrade Vin?
romanspqr said on 10/Oct/12
Vin diesel has to be 5'9.5. His lifted boots are 4-5 inches, which translates to about 3-3.75in of actual height gain. He seems to usually stand around the 6'1 mark. So 5'9.5 makes sense.
J-Dog said on 7/Oct/12
I have been posting on and off on celebheights since 2006 and I never downgrade "just for fun" and try to use as much un-bias logic as possible to gauge one's true height.

Look at the pictures below that member "joe joe" has posted. Tyrese Gibson is listed at 5'10.75" here and Vin is using super posture and is barely a hair taller than Tyrese, while Tyrese is in normal footwear and Vin Diesel is clearing packing something in those already huge heeled boots. Also look at the shorter length of his legs with the boots.

I think 5'11.75' is far too high and he needs a downgrade. I don't see anything over a very flat 5'11" for Vin Diesel and he can easily be as low as a flat 5'10". I would even say more 5'10" than a flat 5'11" if I was to guess I would figure 178-179cm a flat to strong 5'10".

The main reason, he appears "lifted" in the picture that Joe joe posted Rock has on timberland like boots but you see his foot is flat in them, whereas with Vin you can see the extended arch from the outside, it's almost a sure sign there are lifts in those shoes look at the posture and leg positioning.

178cm is my estimate 5'10.25" and no higher! Barefoot I would say Tyrese would edge him out slightly by .5" of an inch.

Guys check out this video and the comments associated. I would say a 1.5" reduction wouldn't necessarily be unfair, but I am open to opinons, what do you think guys?

Click Here
Silent d said on 4/Oct/12
180cm. Paul walker is about 6 foot 2. I'm 5 foot 10 but a girl who is 5 foot 5 with heels is about the same height as me.
maximus said on 30/Sep/12
Well, 6'3" is about right for the Rock. 6'3" is considered tall and a very good height for sports or hollywood.
bigjohnstud said on 24/Sep/12
I will tell you, the Rock is 6.3 max, I stood next to him at an event and he was wearing loafers....I was wearing similar shoes and was easily taller than him by 4-5 inches. I am almost 6"8" and he looked short compared to me. Yes he was a lot bigger than me physically, but not by much...
MHouillon said on 23/Sep/12
179-180cm. Weak 5'11
Chameleon said on 22/Sep/12
Lol indeed this guy needs a big downgrade
joe joe said on 21/Sep/12
@Rv agreed even with lifts he's shorter than a 5'9 woman in heels!!!! so there is no way he's 6ft and take into account his lifts are extreme
See said on 20/Sep/12
Just done fast 6, rock is big but has massive lifts on as vin does , rock is 6"5 with mssssive lifts and vin is about 6-6"1 with massive 3-4" lifts
RV said on 16/Sep/12
F32f: The Rock is at least 6'4. He is taller than Brock Lesnar who is a legit 6'3. The Rock towers over Diesel both in bulk and height. They tried to bulk up Diesel for Fast Five so he didn't look so small next to The Rock but it didn't work. Diesel looks like he just got fat rather than bigger. A quick "cycle" was in order but instead it looks like he just ate more pasta.

Diesel is clearly shorter than Gal Gadot, his co-star in Fast 4. She is listed at 5'9. If you figure a 3" heel that makes her 6' on film, which means that Diesel is shorter than 6' even with lifts.
joe joe said on 16/Sep/12
@F32 agreed on all of that apart from the rock being 6'1-6'2. he's a strong 6'2 for me
F32 said on 13/Sep/12
@Joe that picture clearly shows the added height of 3+ in. for Vin. For one, Walker is a legit 6'0 and the Rock is a legit 6'1-6'2 guy. All other claims are ridiculous. Just watched Fast Five again, look at end of movie on the porch at the beach. Just freeze shot pic of walker and vin shaking hands/hugging. Walker is barefoot and Vin is in boots while Walker is still 1-2 inches taller. It's all there for everyone to see the clear height difference.
Chameleon said on 13/Sep/12
I agree he is 5'10 maximum.
F32 said on 12/Sep/12
He's 5'10 max. Walked right past him at airport, major down grade needed. He even wears boots to the beach. If you are 6'0 or even close, no need for such boots. I say listed height above is in boots. Actual height 5'9-5'10, ridiculous.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 6/Sep/12
lol...these boots are outrageous, and his posture in photos is just ridiculous, the guy is clearly insecure about his height.

I doubt he's as low as 5'10, seems to be a bulky 5'11 to me, maybe 5'11.25 but nothing more.
tony t. said on 6/Sep/12
He's a hard one to peg just like shia labeouf. Nevertheless, i just don't see a 5'11.75 man. I wonder how he'd look next to leo d'caprio who is listed .25 less on here. I think vin is 5'11 - 5'11.25 tops.
cobra said on 5/Sep/12
The picture posted by BigT is pretty funny although I'm inclined to agree with this listing. Anything less and a lot of the people in his films such as female costars or smaller guys would have to be less than believable heights.
joe joe said on 27/Aug/12
agreed @matt678. if he was 182 wearing those beasts he would be taller than walker yet walker who claims 6'1 in a bad posture still is clearly taller than diesel. for me he is 180/5'11 flat or 5'10
matt678 said on 26/Aug/12
i would say next to the rock he looks 6 ft 2 but with 3 inch boots that would make him 5 ft 11 so he's probanly 5 ft 11 flat
tom said on 26/Aug/12
He's 5-10" MAX,,seen him in london with trainers on,stood 10 feet away,stocky guy,but not really tall at all i was shocked and didnt believe it. But yeah hes about 2" under 6' 100% sure of it. I'm a shade under 6-3' and he looked much shorter than me.
joe joe said on 25/Aug/12
Rob let's be honest If vin diesel was truly a 182 man then we wouldn't catch him in the stupidly monsterous lifts we see him in. most 182 men rightly claim 6ft and are usually reasonably secure in their height but this guy has some issues. check this pic

Click Here

first of all he has the monsters on his feet with the massive sole and heel, probably with lifts inside, then he is stretching to within an inch of his life ending up in this stupid posture. that is not a 182 man in lifts still getting dominated by paul walker and towered by the rock. even the chick matches him in her heels. He must have gone home and shed tears when he saw that pic.You pay money for the best frankenstien monster shoes and you still get dominated by a chick lol.

and check these babies here

Click Here

I put it to you that these are not the actions of a 182 man but a guy well under six foot who has height insecurities. I think vin is 180 181max
ASH said on 23/Aug/12
I wonder If Vin has ever taken off his astronaut boots. I bet he sleeps with them on. Thats hollywood its all fake. the only thing real about him are his muscles.
Boeing17 said on 20/Aug/12
i think hes actually 5'9 because his legs nor his torso don't look tall at all! but his big 4 inch boots makes him 6'1...
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 13/Aug/12
This guy is tricky, I just don't see him as high as 6'0, he just doesn't look tall on screen (even with his huge boots on), maybe because of his stocky build.
David Duchovny is supposed to edge him by only 0.5, but looks a lot taller on screen.

To me he's 5'11-5'11.25.
ed said on 26/Jul/12
Normal boots add 1.5-2 inches easy. If he is 5'11 he would be 6'1 in boots, or lifted shoes.
jack said on 25/Jul/12
Click Here
BigT said on 24/Jul/12
This guy has the biggest height complex in all of Hollywood.
Click Here
Those HEELS adds more than 10 cm, and I´ve seen him wear them on multiple occations, and STILL he looks as tall, or shorter than 187 cm The Rock. At most Vin Diesel is 178 cm.
Chris said on 13/Feb/12
5'10.5 (179 cms).
Danyal said on 11/Feb/12
I think he is 6 fit tall
Sean73 said on 10/Feb/12
Thanks for straitening that out keith.
Dani said on 6/Feb/12
With boots: Click Here
Without boots: Click Here
Conclusion? 5 ft 10.75 in (180 cm) ?
Chameleon said on 6/Feb/12
More like 5'10
Keith said on 5/Feb/12
In the ballpark of 6' seems right.

Sean, 6'2.5 is a strong 6'2. A weak 6'3 would be if you're exactly 6'3 or just over it.
vin said on 28/Jan/12
He look like 183 185
Sean73 said on 26/Jan/12
Vin 181cm.Paul 185cm.The Rock 189cm.Here`s an off topic question-What is everyone`s feeling about this,do you consider a person who is 6-2.50 a weak 6-3 or a strong 6-2?Which is it?
Original said on 8/Jul/09
He's in my opinion 5'11.25/5'11.5"
mastadon said on 5/Jul/09
i wud say hes 5'11 dead on,6'1 wid his crazy boots on!
Josh.J said on 23/Jun/09
i used to think he was a solid 6ft. now it seems more and more likely he's 5'11. he never appears in public without the thick boots and im suspicious that they might have wedges. next to 6'2 paul walker, he looks 6'1 at best. remove the heels and you're looking at 5'11. this guy reminds me of how brad pitt appears in public and they're probably the same height.
Brad said on 23/Jun/09
Glenn said 6' which is a joke. Alex2401 is correct. 2" visible, 1" wedged.
Lmeister said on 23/Jun/09
Alex2401 you seem to forget that other people wear shoes too. I mean normally mens shoes are around one inch thick. Actually to appear 6ft1 a 5ft10 man should have 2" heels and 2" insoles. I think that Vin is around 5ft11 not as low as 5ft10.
Alex2401 said on 22/Jun/09
Many people don't understand,Vin 5'10=178cm + 2" boots heel + 1" inside of the boots
= Vin 6'1=185cm.
It is that simple...
Brad said on 20/Jun/09
Big wedge inside heeled boots. He just can't appear short to Walker, it bothers him.
Doug said on 20/Jun/09
5'10" is too low for Vin. He is mimimum 5'11". 5'11.5" is about right, often appears around 6'2" in lifts. This guy must be the shortest man ever to to be listed at 6'4" or 6'5" though!!
RisingForce said on 20/Jun/09
dmeyer, look at how unusually tall he looks in the back to back pictures with Paul Walker. I'm pretty sure he wears lifts.
Clay said on 19/Jun/09
175 CM for Vin Diesel you cant be serious...
dmeyer said on 19/Jun/09
if is boots are big it is because he wears no lifts in them , if that was the case he would wear normal boots with lifts
Boxing Fighter said on 16/Jun/09
I agree with Miko and Rising Force. He is probably a weak 5ft11, but never a 5f10 guy. Because, unless you are using some ridiculous female high heels, a 5ft10 man will never look like a 6ft2 person. It would look too unnatural and this was never the case here.
The shoes always looked massive, but the guy looks normal.
If Vin is trully 5ft10 he would often look as 5ft9 because sometimes he would relax and this would make him look smaller. But again this is not the case. In fact sometimes is easy to say he is 6ft, with boots. You have to take in account the hole history of pictures. I use this criteria to judge everyone. This is not an exact science, this is guessing based on chaotic photos.
jeajeajea said on 12/Jun/09
Hm i found this page and all dates seemed correct to me.. but Vin Diesel is NEVER 182cm... maybe 175 but never 182, never
dude777 said on 11/Jun/09
i have met vin 3 times as i was an extra in xxx, he is a really nice guy and despite his heals very down to earth, i have however seen him between takes in barefoot and i was just 2 ft away, he stands at 5ft 9 to 5ft 9 n half, i am 5ft 9 and also of muscular build him slightly more so, but at 5ft 9 he,s probably 14 and a half stone of muscle, any heals that he wears is all down to his agent drumming away how importantant being a hero you must look 6ft, thats hollywood for you.
gilipollas said on 9/Jun/09
word, those "biggesr boots ever" would make him a 6-2 guy in shoes...and hes clearly not. hes 6 feet with those big boots shoes whatever ON.
word said on 8/Jun/09
i think the dudes 6'0 but just wears the biggest boots ever
miko said on 8/Jun/09
A weak 5"11 at best.

In his 3" monsters he can look well over 6"0.
Brad said on 8/Jun/09
He's never been over 5' 10" in his life. Glenn said he was 6'. That would make him 6' 3" in his custom whopper boots. That's real sick.
Hugh 190cm said on 5/Jun/09
5ft11.75 is spot on.
RisingForce said on 30/May/09
Entertainment Weekly described Vin as "a short man with lifts in his boots". Click Here

Then again The Los Angeles Times described him as "Vin Diesel, a tall, New York-based actor". Click Here

I think both are half right. Vin is a tallish man who wears lifts in his boots.
RisingForce said on 29/May/09
I think 5'11.5" is perfect for Vin. He can look shorter, but in massive boots he can look within a half inch of 6'2" Paul Walker's height.
Cmomo said on 25/May/09
I shook hands with him a few years ago in London (pure chance meeting in the Ben Sherman suit shop) and hes definatley not 6 foot! Im 6'2.5 barefoot (im the guy in the pic with Dara O'Briain) and I was wayyyy bigger then Mr Diesel. Id say 5'10 would be fair 5'11 being generous! His eyeline was level my mouth/nose.
James said on 20/May/09
Really rob? Sorry don't mean to ask too many question but if you think he's 5'10 then why do you list him as 5'11.75?

Editor Rob
yes=no :)

I gave you the wrong reply, I don't think he's as short as 5ft 10.

James said on 19/May/09
Rob what do you think about 5'10 Vin Disel? Is he really that low?

Editor Rob
Alex2401 said on 18/May/09
Yes,i think Brad Garrett had 10"(25cm)on Vin.
anonymous said on 18/May/09
5 foot 11.
James said on 16/May/09
I don't know about 5'10? I mean did Brad Garett really have 10.5 inches on him in the Pacifier?
Lucid said on 16/May/09
Vin Diesel is about 5'10. I was part of his secuirty detail one night so this is legit.
Yousuf 6'1" said on 15/May/09
I'll give this a perfect 5'11". Paul Walker next to him walking in fast and the furious there's an inch or lil more, but thats with his huge 2 - 2.5inch boots.
RisingForce said on 13/May/09
you're forgetting that vin probably has something inside those boots ian.
James said on 10/May/09
Those boots make Vin 6'1.
Brad said on 10/May/09
I love his comment that he's 6' 1". Put on the clown boots and he's 6' 4.5". Vin is a classic liar. He's 5' 10" and wears massive boots everywhere. Everybody laughs at those things much like Downey Jr.'s elevator sneakers and stripper heels.
Ian said on 9/May/09
Paul walker is 6ft3 and if he is wearing 1.25 inch shoes than 6ft4.25 in those. Vin diesel would have to wear shoes of at least 3 inches to look as tall as he does but sorry those boots do not add 3 inches.

I bet he is taller than 5ft11.75 182cm.

Those boots add about 1.5 inches to your height max. They are just normal boots.
Doug said on 9/May/09
I agree Rising this is a 5'11.5" guy wearing lifts/huge boots to get to his desired 6'2". Walker in my view is a strong 6'2" more like 6'2.5 barefoot.
TNTinCA said on 9/May/09
Good set of pics there, RisingForce.

Check out the heel on those boots. It's MASSIVE.
RisingForce said on 8/May/09
sure bobo, he never looks 6 feet, even in clown shoes? tell that to 6-2ish paul walker Click Here Click Here

look at those pictures. that's as ideal as you'll get. full body shot, good angle back to back ect. walker would measure around 6-3 in dress shoes, meaning vin in his big boots could almost measure 6-3. vin at 5-11.5 + 3 inch boots/lifts = 6-2.5. makes sense there.
Anonymous said on 7/May/09
Maybe 183-184cm in the morning.
gilipollas said on 4/May/09
5-10 for Vin. He's known for wearing all kind of big sole shoes and even tho he looks like a 6 feet guy to me with those shoes on. Roids, tricky shoes etc make superstars look different form regular people. I mean, u can have talent for acting but its very strange to have the whole pack even physically.
bobo said on 3/May/09
The guy never looks over 6 feet even with his clown shoes.

5. 10 is more realistic. The Clown shoes take him to 6 foot but thats as far as he gets. The personal sightings, the psychological evidence, the shoe evidence all point to 5 10.

5.11.75 is a bit sad. Why not say just say 6 foot? If he was this high he would not wear his silly shoes AND he would LOOK that high on camera. He doesn't. He aint. Deal with it.
Doug said on 3/May/09
Yup Rob has him about right now, you can see in the Paul Walker pictures he is not quite the full 6'. He is 182 cm and wears huge boots to regularly look 6'1" or 6'2". He is a decent height but you can just tell the guy wishes he was a solid 6'2" legit. BTW below what world are people living in if they consider 5'11" short. If you are 6'5" maybe. A lot of people comment on this site as if they are all 6'5". Get a grip on reality people.
Anonymous said on 1/May/09

read carefully, my opinion on Vin's barefoot height is a solid 5'11, now lets just take that and break it down for a second, a sold 5'11 is someone who is no less than that by any circumstances, meaning he's most likely taller than that when he wakes and probably 5'11.5 through the day. He's a solid 5'11 imo but if I were to pin point his exact barefoot height I'd say yeah, he's most likely this height listed here or 5'11.5 to be exact, where is the confusion here? do you fallow me so far?

Now if you take him in regular shoes (watch Johnathan Ross interview on you tube) he looks to be just over the 6ft mark, IN REG SHOES. In his big boots, he looks to be 6'1 or a tad over. I am the exact same height as Vin listed here, with poor posture I can look 5'11, with good posture I can 'look' 6ft but in reality barefoot I would measure at 5'11.75. When I wake I'm 6'0 and by night about 5'11.25. If I were to say my height, I would say a solid 5'11 if being general but if someone said 'you look taller' or something along the lines of me feeling the need to answer more specifically I would say I'm 5'11.75 or just shy of 6'0. In regular shoes I'm just over the 6ft mark but in thicker heeled boots I'm 6'1

JTRoN says on 29/Apr/09

He looks a solid 5'11 but if I were to try and pin point his barefoot height I would go with 5'11.75, he seems just shy of 6ft. in regular shoes he looks this height, possibly giving the impression of being a tad shorter if his posture isn't full

What don't you understand? I say he looks a solid 5'11 (read above for what solid means) thats my guess on photos and video, I never met the guy, I don't think he's anything under 5'11 or over 6ft so unless you met the guy your guess is as good as mine, and if I had to pick a more specific BAREFOOT height in that range, I would say 5'11.75 - 5'11.5


1. read my post again, a few times if needed before you reply to me

2. do some research on the net or scroll down if you want pictures and videos, I've already posted a few.
bobo said on 1/May/09
JTron. I am now even more confused. Barefoot height you are saying 5.11.75 but he "looks a solid 5.11" which is why you state the shoe height as "just shy of 6 foot" which means his shoes are .25 inches thick. WTF ???????

He is 5 10. End of. All the physical and Psychological evidence points to this.


1. read your posts before posting.

2. Show me a pic with Diesel in NORMAL shoes.
Alex2401 said on 1/May/09
In XXX in the scene when Vin is walking next to Samuel on some field Vin looks
2' shorter.Whole movie he looks 2' shorter.On the pic Derek D posted he looks
exactly 5'10 and he is 5'10,some of you can say bad posture but it is not.
He is standing military straight and Paul is not closer to the camera.
I have studied his height for couple of years now and the answer i have is 5'10.
Strong 5'10,not 5'9 or something like that,but 177-178cm.
We all know that Stallone in his footwear looks same height like Willis,but
Willis is definitely 2' taller and everyone agree Stallone is 175cm and Willis
around 180-182cm,why is so hard to accept same thing for Vin??
Vin and Stallone are always in some strange footwear...
JTRoN said on 29/Apr/09

He looks a solid 5'11 but if I were to try and pin point his barefoot height I would go with 5'11.75, he seems just shy of 6ft, in regular shoes he looks this height, possibly giving the impression of being a tad shorter if his posture isn't full
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/09
Vin Diesel is between 5'10.5 and 5'11. Imo, a weak 5'11. I am mostly basing my estimate on his pictures with Karl Urban. Even then he was wearing massive boots compared to the others.
bobo said on 28/Apr/09
Jaynie: So you met him and thought "that guy is 5.7" which is why you think he could be 5.11.

WTF? indeed
Namely said on 28/Apr/09
He looked all of the 6ft in Babylon AD. Especially against Jerome Le Banner and Melanie Thierry.
a bit taller than vin said on 28/Apr/09
@jaynie: wtf?? 5'11 isn't short if you ask me.
yoyo said on 25/Apr/09
5ft10 barefoot for him. would be no wrong for it. he looks 5ft11 with more advantage shoe lift beside 6ft2 Paul Walker.
Jaynie said on 24/Apr/09
I saw Vin Diesel in person. I was escorting at the Latin Billboards and I realized exactly how short he really is. I predicted 5'7, but 5'11 will do. I knew a guy that big can't possibly be tall.
bobo said on 24/Apr/09
anonymous and JTRoN. So he regularly looks 5. 11 and in some scenes where he is wearing big boots you will go with 5. 11 which is why you state his flat foot height as 5. 11.

I am soooo confused right now

This is NOT
anonymous said on 24/Apr/09
In fast and furious, he is slightly shorter than 1.8m gal gadot with heels on. I would say he is a solid 180cm. In some scenes he looks 5 foot 9 and others, he looks 5 foot 11. 5 foot 11 really solid.
JTRoN said on 23/Apr/09
Just saw Fast & Furious, he can look pretty tall in his boots but he just didn't com across as a genuine tall guy when you notice his boots in every scene, there actually quite ridiculously big at points where they look custom big apposed to a normal construction style boot. There was the odd scene where he looked close in height with Walker (whom which am starting to believe he's legit 6'2) but most of the time or in full body shots, Vin didn't hold up to him too well and came across as 5'10 - 5'11ish. I believe 5'11 is probably his lowest height he could be and is most likely his like listed here and possibly 5'11.5. Camera angles and smaller cast members were really catered to Vin Diesel making him look larger on film. His boots were so big that they made him look somewhat lanky and with long legs that weren't proportionate to his upper torso. This height seems pretty accurate when you compare him to Leno, Ross, Samuel and Walker.
Brad said on 21/Apr/09
This 5' 11.75" listing is ridiculous. Walker just owns him by 4"+ by the chicanos. Don't waste your time in movies, he's in big customs with clever camera work.
bobo said on 21/Apr/09
Derek D

I see the same difference in that picture. He looks like a 5 11 guy in that picture IN BOOTS. All those who think he is a 5 11 flat foot should have a look at that pic and ask themselves if they can see

1. HIs bare feet

2. Normal shoes

3. Munsters?

I can see Munsters. Lets be kind and say he is only getting 1. 5 lift. Thats put him squarely in the 5 10 and below range.

GIven that we have a flat foot height of 6 2 for Paul Walker (according to this months Mens Health) we can now ask ourselves....does that look like a 5 11 guy in that pic? Well, yes it does.

But can those people now estimate his height WITHOUT the clown shoes. Otherwise we may have to change to name of the site to celebheights but wearing whatever footwear they
bobo said on 21/Apr/09
JOhn and Rising Force: which full length body scene does VD look taller than PW in fast and furious?

There is only one full legth scene and Vin is wearing his Munsters and PW wearing flats and Vin still looks 3 inches shorter. Given that PW has stated recently that he is 6 foot 2, and Diesel is a good 3 inches shorter when you see full length body shots (while wearing Munsters) the 5 10 max is looking far more likely. 5 11 is crazy. He never looks 6 foot even with his clown shoes. Never. Show me a pic where he looks a good 6 foot?
bam said on 21/Apr/09
that seems to be closer to a 4+ inch difference in that pic. Very weird.
john said on 21/Apr/09
throught fast and furious only lokks 1 inch shorter than walker
RisingForce said on 19/Apr/09
That was an idiotic post bobo. Vin does look over 6 feet in movies. Look at him next to Samuel L. Jackson in XXX. Vin can also easily look over 6 feet at premieres.

As far as the Ross comparison. Ross is 6'1.5", Vin at 2" shorter puts him 5'11.5". I said he POSSIBLY had a footwear advantage, he was not in his huge boots then. There's now ay he had a 2" footwear advantage over Ross.

As far as Brad Pitt, there's plenty of evidence that supports him being 5'11". You just like downgrading people so you ignore it. Vin Diesel in the 5'9"-5'10" range is laughable.
Vampiric said on 19/Apr/09
5'11.75 seems accurate enough.
derek d said on 19/Apr/09
Click Here

Looks to be at least 3 inches shorter than Walker, even in those huge boots he's wearing. 5'11.75 max, and looks to be even lower in this picture. Yet he looks taller than walker in other pictures lol.
Alex2401 said on 19/Apr/09
If Vin has 182cm then i am speedy Gonzales.179cm max.
179cm + 5cm boots = 184cm
Why so many people think that is impossible?
bobo said on 19/Apr/09
Rising Force: IF you are sticking to 5 11 for Diesel, then he would actually look over 6 feet in his films. Especially with his predilcition for huge clown shoes that no normal person could wear. I agree he looks around 5 11 on camera (in his munsters) which puts him below 5 10. The personal sightings have him down there as well, the photographic evidence as well as the film and psychological evidence. Yet you insist on 5 11. Your sentences also contradict themselves

e.g. "He was at least 2" shorter than 6.1 Jonthon Ross despite a possible footwear advantage"

Lets dissect that statement. If he has a footwear advantage (lets be kind and say 2") AND he is 2" shorter than 6 1 Ross then that puts him 4" shorter.

Now lets be kind to him and say 3" shorter, despite the evidence suggesting 4". That puts him in the 5.9 5 10 range (supporting the film evidence and personal sightings which you refuse to debate). ANd then you end your post with "I stick with 5 11 for Vin".

Are you using the Wookie defence in all your posts?

YOu do the same with Brad Pitt. YOu take all the photographic and film evidence. And then contradict it without providing any evidence whatsoever.
bam said on 18/Apr/09
its weird how he looks a legit 3 inches shorter than paul walker. You'd think he would have covered that up, and maybe worn lifts for the fast and furious movie? Walker claims 6'3 just for the record. Tall people fudging their height is weird, but it happens. Maybe Walker is 6'2.25. That suddenly becomes a 2.75 inch difference if diesel is 5'11.5?

But it turns out we are all mistaken. Diesel is 5'8 as steve says! Finally we have pinpointed the man's height thanks to steve's intelligent and persuasive post.
bobo said on 18/Apr/09
weird world: there are 3 types of people who post here.

1. People who want a little distraction from the meaningless monotony of modern living.

2. People who are nuts about height and it dominates their lives.

3. People who wonder in, have no idea why they are here and then make odd comments about something they have no interest in.
1. and 2. have legitimate reasons to post. You do not. So don't.
You are quite right weird world, a height does not determine who a person is, (it simply determines their height) no one here says it does (other than you - when you did it implicitly) which is why it is called and not

I am sure there are plenty of websites dedicated to the correct way to grow geraniums. I am not interested. I don't go there. If I wondered in by mistake, I wouldn't bother posting. I would leave them to it.

Diesel has to be below 5 11. Otherwise he would regularly LOOK 6 foot on film in normal shoes. He doesn't.

I suspect some heights are inflated on this site for fear of legal reprisal. Is that a possibility Rob?

Editor Rob
no, because everything is an estimate :)
RisingForce said on 17/Apr/09
Now the evidence placing Vin shorter is starting to add up. He was atleast an inch shorter than his supposed 5-10 girlfriend(in 3" max heels). He was only an inch taller than 5-11 Leno, even in big boots. He was atleast 2" shorter than 6-1.5 Jonathan Ross despite a possible footwear advantage. A half inch max taller than 5-9 Chuck Norris(footwear unknown). Atleast 3" shorter than 6-2ish Paul Walker despite Vin's big boots and Paul's normal shoes.

I stick to 5-11.5 for Vin, but I can see where the 5-11 flat estimates come from.
sprint84 said on 17/Apr/09
Weird World, I think most people come on to this site because it's a fun, little distraction from their otherwise busy days. Some posters take it too seriously or, as you say, nitpick celebs to feel good about themselves, but the majority are just looking to participate in a friendly, trivial debate. That's the internet for you.
weird world said on 16/Apr/09
Why do you people care...does it make you feel good about yourselves?...get a life. Height doesnt determine who a person is.
RisingForce said on 15/Apr/09
5'10" is ridiculous for Vin. I'd guess he's 5'11.5".
tim said on 15/Apr/09
he always looked about 6'. but then again how can he stand at the same height as paul walker (6'2-3) in the fast and the furious movies
Steve said on 15/Apr/09
I saw vin in person, I'm 6'2" and I was looking at the top of his head! I would put him at 5'8" max!
JTRoN said on 14/Apr/09
how tall did you guess Leno at Brad when you met him?
bam said on 14/Apr/09
5'10 is ridiculous. 5'11.25-5'11.75 is the truth. I would probably bet money he isn't 5'10.
Alex said on 14/Apr/09
The girl Gal Gadot in Fast and the Furious was a bit taller than Vin and she's 5'11. Was in heels though but still wouldn't make him more than 5'11.
RisingForce said on 14/Apr/09
I don't know she's 5'10" for sure, but that's what she's listed at everywhere. He can look 5'11" max at times, but I'd give him 5'11.5". He seems bigger than 5'11" flat.
Brad said on 14/Apr/09
Bobo is correct. Look at him with Leno in his 24/7 365's. 5' 10" barefeet. This near 6' would make him around 6' 3" with Leno. I've met Leno. Trust me, at 6' 3" in the customs he'd eat Leno alive in height. He's very very well aware of Walker's height and pulls out all the usual movie tricks to compensate.
bam said on 14/Apr/09
rising, how do you know vin diesel's girlfriend is 5'10 for sure? He looks 5'11 tops in those pics (assuming she is 5'10(, I guess it could've been loose posture?
RisingForce said on 13/Apr/09
Wow, he isn't much taller than Leno, even in boots! Leno, I believe is 5'11" and I think he was wearing normal shoes.
bam said on 13/Apr/09
lol rob diesel is gonna kick your ass for downgrading him...
JTRoN said on 13/Apr/09
check this out, in his BIG BOOTS he's an inch taller then Leno....

Click Here
bobo said on 13/Apr/09
he looks less than 5 10 in fast and Furious. They never stand him next to Paul Walker and he is always wearing those ridiculous boots. a 5 11 guy would not look that way on film, he looks like a short guy trying to be big and tall. He needs to be downgraded.

People who are saying 6 foot need to ask themselves this:

Why would a 6 foot guy have such a n obsession with height enhancing foot wear?

Wouldn't a 6 foot guy look much bigger in height enhancing foot wear, he barely looks 6 foot when he has his clown shoes on.

I say 6 foot WITH the shoes, and less than 5 10 without.
JTRoN said on 13/Apr/09
This guy's height is all over the place

Click Here

Click Here
Midnite said on 12/Apr/09
Smooth...this site is made to try and be as accurate as possible. What about 5'11.5? should that be 6ft? Who are you to decide whats the correct way.
Midnite said on 12/Apr/09
Thanks Rob, its about time. This guy is probably even less.
JTRoN said on 12/Apr/09
Smooth, one of the stupidest posts I've seen. This site isn't for rounding up or down, yeah sure you can do that when speaking to someone but this site is to pin point what the celebs actual height is.

I'm 5'11.75 and I do say 6ft (depending on who im talking to) but there is a difference, by myself I can pull it off, but most of the time beside a legit 6ft guy you can see the difference, especially if your the same height or taller.

and if you actually think your the same height as 6'2 guys your either taller then you think or the 6'2 guy isn't really 6'2
Smooth said on 11/Apr/09
who lists someone at 5ft11.75 thats garbage man you would just say 6ft which u basically are anyway u not likely 2 say well im 5ft11.75 when sumin asks ur height the man is 6ft, im 6ft2 but measured im around 6ft1.75 and theres no diference between anyone else 6ft2 when im with them so im gonna say 6ft2
JTRoN said on 11/Apr/09
F.O is correct, that is not Timothy in that picture posted by BerryRed
F.O. said on 11/Apr/09
To BerryRed, if you see the movie you can see that that guy is not Timothy Olyphant character, the guy in the picture is the drug dealer they kidnap first..

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