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5ft 10.87in (180cm)
cobra said on 29/May/14
What does everyone think of this pic:

Click Here

There's no way he's wearing 4 or 5 inch lifts IMO.
Eric 1 said on 19/May/14
I believe him to be no more than 5ft9- 5ft10 max.
Edy91 said on 11/May/14
Looks 175 to me he always wears those huge boots !
James B said on 26/Apr/14
Looks 5'11
Supermann said on 23/Apr/14
Riddle me this. Mark Wahlberg is listed at 173cm(most believe he is under)
If you look at the height difference between mark and the rock in pain & gain.. Go an look up the 27 sec video with vin and the rock(type vin diesel y the rock) you will be shocked 2 see.
Wahlberg and Diesel are almost the same height
Concerned said on 22/Apr/14
I think 5'11.25/181 cm or maybe even 5'11 flat is better for Vin. I basically have the same opinion as most other commenters here; he looks too short with his lifts next to genuinely tall guys for him to actually be about six feet tall.
wingwalker said on 9/Apr/14
I'll join the choir doubting his listing here. He looks to be 6'1'' at best, and that's when he stands perfectly straight in thick boots which are most likely lifts, like here:

Click Here
Brad said on 3/Apr/14
Big tread and lifts within....he fools everybody.
french guy said on 21/Mar/14
179 cm sounds more accurate to me, i know it's hardly believable, but this guy has fooled a lot here with his heels.180 cm is really the max i would give.
Emmett said on 21/Mar/14
Rob, what lead to you list him as 5'11.75? That's very specific number.
Editor Rob
it isn't a measurement, but it is still my range for him, somewhere near to 6ft, but not quite
Balrog said on 20/Mar/14
Seahawkfan you nailed IMO. Those would be my estimates as well, although I'd put Diesel at a flat 5'11"
RisingForce said on 17/Mar/14
Vin is one of the celebrities I'm most sure wears lifts. Aside from wear thick boots 99% of the time, something often just looks off. Image # 166763319 on Getty Images from 4/16/13 in Las Vegas is a good example of what I'm talking about. Vin looks like he's standing on something in his boots, his foot doesn't appear flat, just compare it to Paul Walker standing next to him. The side angle shows this particularly well, and his lower leg simply appears too long. He appears quite awkward here as well, like he's standing on something once again. Click Here That picture isn't doing him any favors since Tyrese is listed here at just 5'10.75", and Mr. R's story that he was told he was too tall at 5'11.5" to be Tyrese's stand in suggests he could even be closer to 5'10", and Vin's elevators and forced posture should give him a pretty nice advantage yet even if Tyrese is 5'10.75", Vin isn't looking any taller than 6 foot. Plus, I think Paul Walker was more 6'1.5" than 6'2" yet Paul is standing further from the camera with loose posture and flat sneakers that could give Vin close to a 2 inch footwear advantage, yet Vin still doesn't appear any taller. Not ideal to compare Vin with Walker since they aren't side by side, and they're outside, but if Paul was only 6'1" as he claimed, then Vin's height is even more questionable. I've thought 5'11.5" was a pretty good guess for a while and he can look like a legit 6 footer, but considering his boots, lifts and posture, I'm thinking he might be closer to 5'11" than 6 feet, but clearly taller than 5'9"-5'10" range.

He's pulling off close to 6'1" here, though. Click Here Back to back, Paul is only slightly taller than Vin in boots, probably not even an inch. Maybe Paul is dropping a bit of posture, but if Vin doesn't have lifts and just the boot advantage, that'd put him at no shorter than 6 feet. With lifts, he'd still likely be at least 5'11", but it's kind of funny he was listed at 6'2" about 10 years ago.
Soupman said on 13/Mar/14
French guy... Only... paul was shorter
french guy said on 12/Mar/14
Click Here

paul walker (187 cm) had 2 cm on him while vin diesel
-is closer to the the camera (+ 1 cm)
-has a very good posture (+1 cm)
-wear thick boots (+6 cm)

187 cm paul wark's height-8 cm=179 cm
seems believable, a strong 5'10"
Every photos show he can't be more than 180 cm.
Soupeman said on 11/Mar/14
Come on rob he is no more than your height max. Try a pair of Timbs(few sizes bigger than you normally would) and smack a decent lift inside it. Suddenly you are near the 6ft mark.
Andrea said on 10/Mar/14
Yeah, Rob. He has impeccable posture, i'd say ridicolous at times! Plus very thick shoes and i wouldnt be surprised if he decided to pick up a good pair of lifts for some events. Would you be surprised if he turned out to be even under 5'11 under a stadiometer? Or that sounds impossible to you? I admit i've seen nothing of him except some pictures, though...
Editor Rob
it would be very surprising if he did measure sub 5ft 11
Brad said on 10/Mar/14
Herman Munster would be looking for his boots in Japan, those things make Stallone's boots look normal. Vin is sick sad over his 5' 10" height.
Freddy said on 7/Mar/14
strong 5'10 (178-179cm)....he wears utterly ridiculous and massive elevator shoes, he even wears boots to a suit, I mean what the hell o.O

Click Here

Im surprised he can even walk with his feet at that angle inside the shoe
Click Here
S CORSAIR said on 1/Mar/14
I'm 6'3.5'' I wear thick heeled boots. That proves nothing. 6'5''in boots.
sputnik said on 27/Feb/14
Jason statham with Vin diesel Click Here
viapto said on 24/Feb/14
good photo for a comparison Tyrese Gibson is legit 5' 11'' and vin diesel in big boots is 1 inch taller that tyrese, vin is about 5' 11''. Click Here
maximus said on 21/Feb/14
Realistically he is probably around 5'10" to 5'11".....this is probably very true because of his desire to wear very thick healed shoes...if he were 6' to 6'1 he probably wouldn't be trying so hard to be tall.....why?...because at 6' with shoes he would be around 6'1" to 6'2" need for super thick shoes.
kyuss said on 21/Feb/14
Sorry rob but this height is 1.75" out of range here. Hes a 5-10" guy max. Paloma hi wife is listed at 5-10". Here shes in total *flat* shoes,hes in a good size sole shoe and still looks same as her or even shorter.. No way 5-11.75" rob. Click Here
BBG said on 19/Feb/14
What process or pictures did you use to determine 5'11.75?
Editor Rob
with Vin, we are never sure just how thick his boots are...he can pull off looking 6 foot, but we know his boots and posture at times are very good.
Miller said on 18/Feb/14
ok the pic of sputnik is very good. What the hell is going on in his mind? He wears everywhere boots and also with a suit. WTF
I give him max 5'10
Marshall said on 18/Feb/14
To me he looks 5' 10" - 5'11" range. His big heeled footwear can make him look quite taller though
Brad said on 18/Feb/14
Beach shots are killer for height liars like the Vinster. I'd pay to see him on a beach in his standard big tread Diesel boots.
Brad said on 14/Feb/14
5' 10" with Michelle. That's not 5' 11.75" with her.
randomperson said on 12/Feb/14
Look at this picture of Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez at the beach, barefoot. Michelle is listed 164cm here. Click Here
Merch said on 10/Feb/14
I'd say 5"9 at best, he uses elevator shoes or boots all the time. Here's another pic: Click Here
Brad said on 9/Feb/14
Vin was on a box with The Rock plus wore his custom wedged up boots. How The Rock kept a straight face in scenes with Vin on a height enhancing platform is the real question. On The Fast & Furious 6 DVD cover he's taller than Walker.
aba said on 3/Feb/14
this site has vin diesel at 5'11 yet it has the rock at 6'3. but a picture of them face to face shows rock is barely taller then diesel
myself said on 2/Feb/14
watched "a man apart" and diesel looked taller than timothy olyphant like 6,1
french guy( 184-182 cm) said on 2/Feb/14
say he is a legit 182 cm, the thing i don't get is that he wears thick boots which would make him 188 cm, but claim 185.4 cm???
Brad said on 1/Feb/14
He's never been over 5' 10" in his life. Custom lifts 24/7. On a box with The Rock.
Balrog said on 26/Jan/14
Walker 186cm and Disel 180cm and even could buy a 179cm listing for him, and is because he is always in big boots, look a those pic, Walker and Tyrese in normal dress shoes and he in some boots with probably lifts on. And still Walker has 2in over him.
Mr. R said on 23/Jan/14
The second pic proves my point that at 5-11.5 I was too tall to be Tyrese's double in Waist Deep. He is way shorter than Vin Diesel.
The Exorcist says on 23/Dec/13
Looks 5'11.5"- 6'0" range with Paul Walker. This 5'11.75" listing is a reasonable one.
Click Here
Click Here
sputnik said on 19/Jan/14
It's interesting how Vin Diesel sometimes can look almost as tall as Paul Walker, and sometimes it looks like this.Even though his footwear remains the same. Click Here
Bundy said on 16/Jan/14
Walker is 6'1", which would put Vin at 5'10" or 5'10.5" at most. Vin being 5'11" or taller is pure nonsense. He's clearly wearing 2-3 inch lifts.

@RobV, You are correct, Vin is clearly wearing 2-3 inch lifts in his boots, lots of evidence points towards this. But there will never be 100% proof of anyone wearing lifts.
dmeyer said on 7/Jan/14
If. Diesel Is 5'11.5-11.75 walker Is defo 6'1.5-2in
RobV said on 6/Jan/14
@ gsbr. Interesting point about Diesel's boots being so thick-soled it almost makes you think he might not use elevators/lifts (too obvious) - as a lift/elevator user myself, I have always in the past fought shy of getting boots that look too clumpy. Frankly, stuff that is too thick soled can make it look like you are wearing height additions when you aren't! With his access and money, he could buy made-to-measure undetectable elevators which could easily add 2" and fairly easily 3". But there is also the counter-intuitive argument as well. Wear thick soles, people think your just wearing clumpy boots that add an inch, and in fact you have elevators/lifts in them giving you some serious lift. Remember, nothing is impossible in showbiz, it's all an illusion and things get taken to what average people think are crazy degrees.

You say no-one has ever produced evidence of Diesel wearing lifts - indeed not, but then no-one has ever produced evidence of anyone famous using lifts (other than comment and opinion and conjecture). You'd need to get photos of him waving them in the air or manage to get into his wardrobe. Even the comments about John Wayne mentioned elsewhere are rumour put about by actors/associates who probably had an agenda or an axe to grind.
MD said on 5/Jan/14
Where did you come up with this new Three Inch Rule? lol Most people exaggerate their height, but we've kind of anecdotally come to the conclusion that most people exaggerate by two inches at the most.
Dago Red said on 4/Jan/14
I go up 2 inches in off the shelf boots with a spenco insole, so it's possible he may get 3 inches or more from custom shoes, since his budget is unlimited.
gsbr said on 4/Jan/14

Even if custom elevator boots can be placed in lifts A.) it's counterproductive to put lifts in big heeled footwear and B.) nobody has provided evidence of Diesel wearing lifts.
Bo said on 4/Jan/14
Claiming your 6'1 means 5'10... claiming 6'2 means 5'11.... he has a 5'9" build though.
James said on 2/Jan/14

Custom Elevator Boots, which can still be padded with inserts and lifts.
Legend said on 31/Dec/13
He's 5'10
gsbr said on 30/Dec/13

If you think he's wearing shoe lifts, prove it.
MD said on 30/Dec/13
You can not be serious.
rj said on 30/Dec/13
hes 5-10. truth.
gsbr said on 28/Dec/13
Like I said, if Diesel really is wearing lifts, why is he also wearing enormous boots? Lifts are supposed to be discreet and thick heeled boots are anything but that. There is no concrete evidence of him wearing shoe lifts.
johnmcc said on 26/Dec/13
The listing would be right on if he didnt wear those massive boots. I think they give about 5cm they are thick. His posture is Always forced nowadays but i concede that hes possibly 180cm 5'10.75. With that footwear though i just dont see him being more than that.
MD said on 26/Dec/13
You're not seriously arguing that he doesn't wear lifts at times, are you? Because this guy is one of the most obvious offenders. We're not just talking difference in footwear choice, but what he has in his footwear on any given day. This much is obvious from years of pictures.
gsbr said on 23/Dec/13

A pre-2011 image of Diesel wearing these boots has yet to be posted. Here's a photo from 2001 where Paul Walker has at least two inches on him.

Click Here

Diesel's decision to wear boots instead of dress shoes comes down to preference. The fact that he prefers boots implies he does not have hidden lifts- what would be the point in hiding them when his footwear advantage is already obvious?
James said on 23/Dec/13

If vin put on some normal footwear he'd be the same height as Tyrese in that pic.
The Exorcist said on 23/Dec/13
Looks 5'11.5"- 6'0" range with Paul Walker. This 5'11.75" listing is a reasonable one.
Click Here
Click Here
dmeyer said on 22/Dec/13
Vin Is definitely 6'1-1.5 boots on they seem to give 1.8in so that exacly 5'11.25-11.75 without, now he he has a 1in lift inside the shoes will give 2.3-2.4in that will make him still 5'10.75 range so stop with 5'10 flat nonesens , even if he has 2in heels plus 2 in lifts those will give altogether 3in , since the foot is pivoting very mush in a 4in heel and he walks normaly so very lidl to no lifts , vin is 5'11.2-11.8 181-182cm
johnmcc said on 21/Dec/13
f he really was this height he would be like 186-187 range in those boots of his..thats without lifts. I measured myself 186 range in timberlands and im this height. He doesnt look 6'1 1/2 does he? He looks like a 6 footer boots on which puts him again in the 5'10 - 5'10 1/2 range.
James said on 20/Dec/13

He doesn't necessarily wear them all the time, as you've shown, but he has been wearing customer elevators for years so it would be second nature to diesel by now.

With regards to dress shoe's I would say proper dress shoes are a solid inch heel, however you see many actors with dress shoes with chunkier heels which are clearly designed to boost height, just follow one of the many links off this site to Dons, have a look at the range of dress shoes for height gain. What I'm saying is that Diesel could easily get a pair of custom dress shoes with a hidden heel which would give him a 2 to 2.5 inch boost, maybe even 3 at a push, closing the gap to his fellow actors so why doesn't he? He makes himself look slightly daft by putting his boots on while everyone around is dressed normal, he wouldn't do that for 2.5 inches when he can get custom dress shoes with that. Those boots give anywhere from 3 inches+. Don't forget Diesel always has ridiculous posture a lot of the time to gain every little mm he can.
gsbr said on 19/Dec/13

Like I said, Diesel was shorter than Ross in their first interview together in 2009, which certainly wasn't a red carpet premiere event. If he had his boots back then, it seems odd he wouldn't wear them while in the presence of an 187 cm host. Likewise, in that same year, Diesel looked about two to three inches shorter than Paul Walker at events where he wasn't dressed up.

Click Here

Also, Diesel's fellow actors aren't attending the premieres barefoot. They're also getting boosts from their own dress shoes. A standard dress shoe has about a half an inch heel, maybe a one inch heel at most. Diesel would be 6'0.25"-6'0.75" in them, but Walker would be 6'2.5"-6'3" and Dwayne Johnson would be 6'3.5"-6'4". The difference in height between them would remain unchanged, negating the extra boost Diesel got. He wouldn't appear 6'1" because he'd still be a few inches shorter than them. A two to three inch boot, on the other hand, would make Diesel look at least 6'1" when alongside 6'2" and 6'3" actors. In the second interview, I'd say Ross was about 6'1.75" in his dress shoes. Two and a half inch boots would make Diesel 6'2", enough to edge out Ross.
James said on 19/Dec/13

He really has, for example the first fast and furious film was 2001 and he was wearing them back then. I'm not saying he dons 4 inches of footwear all the time but you don't wear custom elevators to a black tie premier event, Diesel does this an awful lot whereas if he was actually 182cm he certainly wouldn't need to as a pair of decent dress shoes would make him a comfortable 6ft 1. There is no other viable reason why he would be wearing those boots to premiers, that in itself says they give more than 2 inches because he could get a pair of custom dress shoes to easily gain 2 inches in height. At the bare minimum they give 3 inches. There are photo's about of Diesel looking ridiculous because he has so much footwear on.
gsbr said on 18/Dec/13

Diesel clearly hasn't been wearing footwear that big for awhile. He was shorter than Ross in their first interview. His legs only look disproportional in the first image because he's walking. In the second image, where he's standing up straight, his upper leg looks the same length as his lower leg. There's still no concrete evidence of Diesel wearing lifts and like I said in another comment, it would be better to put them in ordinary sized boots, so his height boosters would be less obvious. And Carr is 5'11", he had at least two inches on Alan Carr in the Gocompare commercial they did.
James said on 17/Dec/13

Jimmy carr is 5ft 10. Anyway back to Vin. He won't have any problem walking in them because he's done it for years. Now those boots on there own wouldn't make Vin's lower legs look so far out of proportion, from the knee down to the floor is absolutely ridiculous but you are being fooled by custom elevator boots there my friend. Elevator shoes while having a decent heel will nearly always have further base inside, not just under the heel, but the entire boot. Search 'Vin Diesel Height' on youtube and there is a good short video with an example of what I mean, first video.

Anway as I said before his lower legs look ridiculous, that isn't 2 inches of footwear, if it was he would still look proportionate.
miko said on 17/Dec/13
His height has amazing variation, like Stallone.

He can look anywhere from a flat 5'10 to a legit 6'2.
Bosnia said on 16/Dec/13
Someone here said that Vin claimes 5 ft 11 3/4 now. Does anyone know something about that?
AJ said on 16/Dec/13
The 5'10" claims are ridiculous, he's clearly atleast 5'11". I don't think he's quite 182cm, I think 181cm (5'11.25") would be a little more accurate.
Jem said on 15/Dec/13
Vin is 5'10", maybe 5'10.5" at most. There is all kinds of evidence pointing towards the fact that he's wearing 2-3 inch lifts. He's for sure nowhere near 6'0".
Emily said on 15/Dec/13
Lol, the pics gsbr linked, are pretty ridiculous. He's packing at least 2 inches with that footwear. This should really be a warning to guys who want to pull the same trick, trust me, it's very visible when you wear a height boost like this.
gsbr said on 14/Dec/13

Prove he has hidden lifts in his boots. It seems a little odd he would wear lifts in big heeled boots when lifts are supposed to hide your footwear advantage. Wouldn't it be a better idea for Diesel to put them in ordinary looking shoes so less people realize his shoes are making him significantly taller than he really is?

@john 182

Yeah, Ross is taller in the earlier interview. In the 2013 interview, Diesel is taller. When they hug, Ross' head fails to cover up Diesel's head. And Dwayne Johnson is 6'3", of course Diesel would feel shorter than him.
john 182 said on 14/Dec/13
He was shorter than Ross. He even commented on his stature saying he was far shorter than Dwayne Johnson. 2-3 inch diff my ass Vin. 5'10 guy.
Soupeman said on 13/Dec/13
gsbr dear. The 4 inches is not in the heels but inside the boot.
gsbr said on 13/Dec/13

Ross is 187 cm, he has nearly three inches on the 180 cm Jimmy Carr. The only part he appears taller than Diesel in the 2013 interview is at 3:55 and that's because he's raising his head. Furthermore, while Ross' eyes are above Diesel's, the tops of their heads appear to be at the same level. Lastly, I've seen nothing about a correlation between lifts and the base of a boot. No matter what, bigger lifts means your feet are going higher off the ground.
gsbr said on 12/Dec/13

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

These pictures give a better view of the boots Diesel wore in the Ross interview. The heel is undeniably prominent, but it's not four inches.
Bosnia said on 12/Dec/13
Len says on 19/Nov/13 It's odd... Vin's now claiming 5'11 3/4" elsewhere.

Can you give us a link where he claimed that, please?
Soupeman said on 12/Dec/13
Gsbr. Good observation on the earlier interview with ross. only ross is max 185 and isnt. Forcing posture like vin. And if you look hard enough when they Greet in the newest clip vin is noticeably shorter when they are evenly close to the camera. You can walk
With ease with big lifts as long as the base of the boot is wide. Simple science 8)
gsbr said on 12/Dec/13
Click Here

While there aren't any good angles between the two, Diesel does look taller than Ross in his boots. I'd say they make him at least 6'1.75". And he doesn't have any problems walking in them, so the heel can't be that big, probably two or two and a half inches, enough to edge out Ross if he's 5'11.75".

On another note, it looks like Diesel has taken up wearing bigger footwear in recent years because he was shorter than Ross in an earlier interview.

Click Here
James said on 11/Dec/13

Not with 4 inch's worth of footwear.
JohnSmith said on 9/Dec/13
nowhere near 6 foot
cole said on 8/Dec/13
I just can't see 182 cm for Vin. Maybe he's arund 180 cm, but nothing over.
gsbr said on 8/Dec/13
If Vin Diesel was under this height, then he wouldn't have appeared taller than the 187 cm Jonathan Ross. Obviously, he's not taller than Ross barefoot, his huge footwear helped give him an edge. But he also would have needed to be already close to Ross' height in order to become taller than him.
KJK said on 8/Dec/13
Vin Diesel is either 5'10 or 5'10.5. There is just no way he is almost 6 ft tall without shoes.
MD said on 6/Dec/13
No, he is not short. He's shorter than currently listed, but he's not a short man.
Soupeman said on 4/Dec/13
Hahahaha no such thing as false short. He is short short
Matt_Thor78 said on 3/Dec/13
Vin is a "false short" because of his often tall partners in action movies, his very large shoulders and imponent body. But the height you listed could be the right one, 182 cm, max 183!
Arch Stanton said on 2/Dec/13
Rob can you put up the photo on Paul walker's page here. It captures in him what look like lifts and standing on the lifts in the shoes! He assumes Sly posture! I doubt he's really 6 ft barefoot.
Brad said on 27/Nov/13
Correct Kyuss. Zito is barely over Stallone in similar height enhancing footwear. Years in the Fed pens made him more angry. He got real street cred. Vin has never seen 5' 10" and 1/4.
Kyuss said on 24/Nov/13
For a tough guy he sure is scared of the words "real height"..5-10 and he knows it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Nov/13
Started out at 6ft0.5in/184cm on here

Soupeman said on 19/Nov/13
Len - where does he claim that? because nobody! could find where he claimed the 185cm the fluffers refer too.
Yeah you are right he looks 178cm range in movies but thats with the generous help of movie magic and big boots(most likely with lifts)

some buff guys appear taller doe to bodyproportions with longish arms and a buffed upper body to match the skinny legs. the same case with stallone..where for example you have jay cutler one big ass mr olympia massive allover- claims 175cm
but looks 169cm next to others and could very well be that height too because of his massive build he won't appear taller on screen rather shorter - whereas VD is buff but not that buff.
James said on 19/Nov/13

He probaby saw the listing on this site and figured, hell if I can fool these guys then why not!
Len said on 19/Nov/13
It's odd... Vin's now claiming 5'11 3/4" elsewhere.

My guess? On film he looks 5'10". Buff as heck, but 5'10".
Soupeman said on 18/Nov/13
Yeah brad but remember He almost didnt and Norris is max! 173cm barefeet most likely closer to 170cm.. Hehe yeah Chuck. Zito is a legend among NYC bouncers one scary mofo. Not a tall guy either. Claims around 180cm but looked glenns height. Wears high heeled boots(maybe its a NYC bouncer thing)
Brad said on 17/Nov/13
At 5' 10" he'd own Norris. Norris wouldn't wear custom wedgers like Vin.All ex NYC bouncers are all scarey...Chuck Zito the scariest.
Soupeman said on 14/Nov/13
@brad- Thats because brad pitt IS taller than VD thats the reason why He wont need those crazy VD boots. brad only need a little push its easy looking 183 cm with the right shoes and a small lift inside them if you are a true 178cm. If not you gotta go the big oversized boots.(with plenty room for lifts) way like VD. But who cares. I personally Think He is between 169cm -176cm like Norris and stallone.( hard to tell because of the silly boots that tops even the hard lifters. Wich makes me wonder if He is shorter than norris! Like the famed video out there( Norris at 73 prob with cowboy boots) but VD almost positively got his loved boots on that sure must give more height .
Than the much older texas ranger who is just a hair under VD in height.
still the alpha badass of Hollywood right know. Regardless of his height one intimdating badass.
Silent d said on 13/Nov/13
5 foot 10.
Brad said on 13/Nov/13
He's like Brad Pitt, a 5 foot 10 incher wanting to be 6 feet.... at least Pitt isn't in Vin boots or on boxes.
Soupeman said on 12/Nov/13
I like your way of thinking a little morever the usual crazed ones here on the site. But even 178cm is way 2 much for VD barefeet. I Think in his most ridiculous boots, camera angle and super forced posture He can look max! 183cm i Think the rock could reach 190cm in boots on a good Day and PW maybe scrapes between 185-188cm in his vans. PW was taller than VD in fast 5 closing scene even when he was barefeet and VD had those giga boots on. Think about it. It all adds up. The 185-188cm in boots for VD is a joke!
Balrog said on 12/Nov/13
It's possible that those huge boots are near 2in, plus half inch lifts he could get a boost of 6cm so if he can pull off 6'1'' then he could be really just 5'11'' or a bit under it. I still think 5'11'' flat is a good shout for him, those boots he wears are one of the biggest in hollywood and he's always wearing them.
Brad said on 12/Nov/13
This 5' 11.75" figure is the most ridiculous height figure since when I saw G listed at 5' 8" (a young G, straight up 5' 6"). He's on a height enhancing box with customs with The Rock. He'd blow by The Rock if 1/4" less than 6 feet. He's 5' 10". Mr. Elevator Boots.
Soupeman said on 11/Nov/13
Lorne you should be Banned for that BS you just wrote. you clearly know jack! About that pile you just wrote. Utter BS. It is very possible and very likely to add 5.5 inches of actual height. Adding huge amount of height is VERY normal for actors and has been the case/almost a tradition for male a-listers from the early ages of filmmaking. The clearest case being Kirk Douglas looking max 5'6" compaired to other people in reality. But he claimis 5'11" in his book. Search on Kirk Douglas and John Wayne in harms way look
At the picture with his obvious enourmes LIFTS . Then go back and Search on Kirk Douglas and stallone. Then tell me again what you just wrote! It is possible and very common for the Hollywood hero type to add several inches to their real height. Don't be ignorant! His lifts and attempts of looking that mark looks very similar to vin diesels and sylvester stallone those are the most extreme ones right now . Vin is practically falling over with the lifts. Do you research click on the add. Heck by a pair before your ignorant claim that is not possible. What you just wrote dear Lorne is the biggest joke ever.
Bosnia said on 10/Nov/13
Common people, do yuo really think that he would be wearing 10 cm lifts? No way...
Soupeman said on 9/Nov/13
.... Still waiting for a ref on that 6'1" claim
Editor Rob
I can't find the radio show name for you.
James said on 7/Nov/13
Flat 5ft 10 imo, 5.5" Elevator Boots, while possible is a little exteme, in my opinion he consistently wears 3 to 4 inch of lifts. I'm basing that on his height versus paul walker, sometimes he looks a tad smaller, sometimes a tad taller. Then at other times without the boots quite a large bit shorter.

Vin is a victim of his broad physique, which is a fair bit larger than aberage 5ft 10 guys. He has the upper body width of a well built 6ft 2 guy, the boots bring him closer to this mark and support his image better however over the years Vin has definetly got more paranoid about his height as he gets called out on it due to his huge boots.

For the guys arguing about Vin weighing 220lbs at certain heights, it's easily doable at 5ft 10, just because he was ripped up it doesn't mean be HAS to be 5ft 11/6ft. He's probably more like 230/35lbs now anyway as he has a little more bodyfat than he used to. Weight can be deceiving, I'm 6ft and have a very broad frame, my friend of a similar height but not as broad weighs 12kg less, he doesn't understand how, and if people guess my weight they are always way under, my theory is bone mass accounting for alot of it, this could easily be the case with Vin too.
John95 said on 7/Nov/13
I still think weak 5'10, 177 cm. And between 185-188 cm in his big elevator boots.
Soupeman said on 6/Nov/13
RisingForce how can anybody weigh in your statements when you say 5.5 lifts isnt possible when this site is covered with ads of 5.5 " boots. I strongly believe He wears boots with the maximum amount of lifts. I know the majority of people think the same. It is pretty obvious. He wears them with

That 6'1" claim? The few of you keep holding on to- Haven't seen it anywhere. Evidence?
Soupeman said on 6/Nov/13
MD see the ads all over this site. Try to click one of them and see the 5.5 boots they are selling. Research my friend. It helps alot. Yeah! Vin always have lifts in his gigantic boots its very clear 2 see. He tops everybody in hollywood
RisingForce said on 5/Nov/13
So Soupeman, you're suggesting Vin wears 5.5" elevators, which is in itself not remotely plausible, but also that he's 5'7.5"? You just said 5.5" from listed height, and Vin claims 6'1".

The man isn't under 5'11". Might not be over it either, but the under 5'10" stuff is ridiculous. He's a relatively tall guy who wears elevator boots to look like a legitimately big guy. He was regularly listed at 6'2" in the early 2000's, that just doesn't happen with guys under 5'10", much less around 5'8".
MD said on 5/Nov/13
5.5" elevator boots? You're joking, right?
Soupeman said on 3/Nov/13
Vin wears 5.5 inch elevator boots all the time substract 5.5 inches from the listed height and you have vins height! It aint that hard to tell. All you loonies guessing around the listed height better get them eyes checked!
Richard said on 2/Nov/13
I'm 5 foot 11 flat and was wearing converse sneakers; so 5 11 1/2. Saw him last year at a cash register (supermarket, he was right beside me)He was wearing regular nike shoes (maybe 1 inch 1/2 ) He was 2-3 inches shorter than me. So I think that guy is 5.8
John said on 1/Nov/13
I think 5 ft. 11.5 is spot on for Vin Diesel. Under 6 feet barefoot, but a little over 5 ft. 11 when completely standing as upright and rigid as possible.

I would love to have Vin Diesel, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Justin Timberlake in an official "height-off" contest. All these guys have the same complex: fraction under 6 feet, with various claims of 6 ft. 1 or similar.

That 5 ft. 11.X mark is a dangerous psychological threshold. Lots of weird behavior and bizarre claims happen in that territory. It's the Bermuda Triangle of heights.
Soupeman said on 30/Oct/13
Brother Brandon~ AMEN! Vin diesel cant be Anthing over 5'10" with those boots.crazy how some people can misjudge the obvious! he even beats sly when it comes to footwear. It would not surprise me they are the same height. When we look at sly and arnie and vin and dwayne we see the same paterns in height.
Silent d said on 28/Oct/13
178m seems good for his build.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Oct/13
He can seem a 5'10 guy because of his stocky build but it's difficult to see him under 180cm next to most people, thick boots or not.
Brandon said on 26/Oct/13
The consensus on this page seems to be that Vin is listed at least an inch too tall. There are a few people bringing the nonsense to this page. People claiming Vin really is close to 6'0". Dmeyer, Lorne, Rising Force, Rampage, I don't know what you guys are smoking but at least I know whose opinions to disregard on the other listings now.
James said on 23/Oct/13
He is no more than 5ft 10.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Oct/13
Rob, what was Vin originally listed at here?
Editor Rob
I think in 2004 he started at 6ft 0.5 and then 6ft in 2005
Soupman said on 14/Oct/13
His wife is max! 173cm model agencies fluff height 2. She is rake thin and in my opinion between 170cm and 173cm
Soupman said on 10/Oct/13
Recent still on his Fb page he was shorter than 1.76 cm(listed here) Kurt Russel. I know i know vin is the man. Women want him men want 2 be like him. But these 1.78++cm claims are really a joke
viennese said on 8/Oct/13
vin with paloma jimenez:

Click Here

her model agency lists her at 5'10. he barely looks taller than her in his Nike Shox...
Sean Johnson said on 4/Oct/13
Does anyone know the brand name boots that Diesel wore in Fast 5? I want to get me a pair of those. cx
Iceman said on 30/Sep/13
Vin being 6'0" or close to it, is complete nonsense. The guys 5'10.5" tops.
Iceman said on 26/Sep/13
Vin is much closer to 5'10" then 6'0". He gets at least 2-2.5 inches from those massive boots he wears. If this listing was accurate Vin would be the close to the same height as Paul Walker. Vin looks about 2 inches shorter. There is a lot of evidence to back up the 5'10" claims.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Sep/13
He clears 6ft1 in boots. Not a chance he's shorter than 5ft11.25-11.5 range.
Weak 6ft is good.
Ted said on 17/Sep/13
He's a 5'11" guy, maybe even 5'10". Big boots are his friend.
Logan Hedlund said on 14/Sep/13
Mr. Diesel looks legitime ~6ft. Agree with Rob's estimate.
Kyuss said on 11/Sep/13
@Soupman Perhaps soupman,I might be.
Lillo thomas said on 11/Sep/13
Vin diesel is really a tall wannabe guy but atleast he wear lifts to look taller . Other tall wannabe guys like Will smith never wear lifts yet he expect us to believe his insane 6-2.5 claims . Lol
Soupman said on 10/Sep/13
Kyuss only his wife is a slender rake thin 5-7"-5-8" max and she wears the flattest ballerinas ever and vin wears Nike Shox in those pictures you are mentioning - and looks same height. Your guess is too much IMO!
Kyuss said on 9/Sep/13
Pro makers of shoes used by hollywood stars state that its easy to increase a mans height by 2 1/2 to 4 inches without looking silly,,vin looks the same as his wife {5-10"} in his nikes,see him in boots or dress shoes he becomes to stand higher next to her,dress and boots are the shoe makers dream to increase your height. Hes 5-10" flat. Huge complex on his height for sure.
The Nexter said on 8/Sep/13
Based on Vin Diesel's comparison with Paul Walker, he appears about 2 inches short. Paul walker has claimed 6'3" which is a ridiculous. He's convincingly shorter than the Rock. The Rock is most likely around 6'3". My guess is Paul Walker is probabally 6'1" at the most. 5'11" for Vin Diesel seems beleivable. But I wouldn't downgrade him to 5'10". Because of Vin Diesel's built, you would easily assume that he;s over 6 feet. 5'11" seems bang on. Nothing more, nothing less.
Len said on 7/Sep/13
He looks 5'11" at most.
Brad said on 7/Sep/13
Frankenstein boots with lifts. No Cubans with Vin, he knew he'd be zoot-suited early in his career.
RobV said on 4/Sep/13
@ James Yep that photo really does sum it up, he looks like he is being tipped up and forwards. I am happy to volunteer to give him lessons in how to wear lifts and elevators without being detected. Above all it is the type of boot he wears and type of pants he wears with it - aargh. They just do not go. Lorne mentioned Brad Pitt and his Cubans and that is kinda the way for Diesel to go, really. He would actually suit the look. Even if he were NOT wearing lifts right now, it looks like he is in this clunky munsters.
Silent d said on 4/Sep/13
I heard him in an radio interview saying the rock is huge and about 6 foot 5 and weighing 280lbs. He said he was 65lbs lighter. He looks big sometimes but surely not over 100kg. I think he said that so people believe his claims. 178cm and 90kg.
RisingForce said on 4/Sep/13
Yeah, 5'11.5" seems perfect, imo. Amazing that he was regularly listed at 6'2" early in his career. Seems like a pretty constant lift guy. Lifts are often overstated on this site(and for celebrities in general) but I think they apply in Vin's case. Though I seriously doubt his shoes give anywhere near 4 inches. Watch at about 3:55 Click Here With his Frankenstein boots, he ends up looking similar in height to 6'1.5" Jonathan Ross. And a few years earlier his shoes look normal with Jonathan Ross and he's 2" max shorter at about 1:28. Click Here
Dmeyer said on 4/Sep/13
His shoes could give 1.9 in , 5'11.5 is closer to vin height
James said on 2/Sep/13

Oh well there you go! 1931 it is ;)

Im not so sure about 5ft 11, I honestly think if you visualise vin without the boots his body just seems smaller than Tyrese, I think he'd be atleast an inch smaller without the boots in comparison to Tyrese. 178 max.
Brad said on 2/Sep/13
Massive faker. Wears 3" monsters 24/7. 5 feet 10 hurtin' to be 6 feet.
James said on 1/Sep/13

I remember you off the general page, 6ft 2 wearing lifts to 6ft 5! Crazy! Anyhow like you say, Vin makes it far too obvious, the picture I posted below shows how ridiculous he can look at times. I think he's just grown so paranoid about his height now that he can't stop wearing them, even though he would still look just as bad ass sticking to his natural height, which I believe to be 5ft 10. Hell he could scrape just a 1 inch lift into some decent footwear to look 6ft and that would be more normal.
Lorne said on 1/Sep/13
My problem with Vin Diesel isn't that he's magically getting 5 inches from his boots. My problem is that 180cm Brad Pitt has no problem looking 182cm in his Cubans. Now the the Cubans give 1.3-1.4in, and BP has no problem looking close to 6ft. So if he wore the massive boots Diesel wears, with his impeccable posture, couldn't he pull off an easy 183-183.5? At his best, Diesel can look 184cm range. But 180cm BP pulls off an easy 182 with smaller footwear. So does it not stand to reason that they are similar height? And no way Pitts more than 5'11. If Pitt was the 182cm that Diesel somehow gets listed at, then he would look close to 6'1 in his cubans, which again are smaller than Diesels. Whether or not Diesel wears lifts I don't know; but I do know(from personal experience) a 1.8 inch boot will make you look a full inch taller. So no way he is as listed; at best he'd be a cm taller than Brad, so a good 181cm is the most I could ever give this guy, and I wouldn't be shocked if he was a weak 5'l1.
RisingForce said on 1/Sep/13
James says on 30/Aug/13
I'm sorry but when has this ever been normal?

Maybe 1931 Click Here

Anyway, that's a good picture, Vin surprisingly doesn't look that much taller than Tyrese even with his forced posture and big boots. Still can't see Vin below 5'11", and I'll stick with 5'11.5", but I can't say 5'11" flat would surprise me one bit. If Tyrese's 5'10.75" listed here is accurate then Vin doesn't look much over 6 ft even with those advantages.
Kyuss said on 1/Sep/13
5-10" barefoot. Boots with 3-4" heels all the time. Massive height faker.
RobV said on 31/Aug/13
btw Vin Diesel is the classic example of a type of guy who would be better (posture and general height) to actually wear a boot with a heel like a cowboy boot, and then add good lifts in them to get the max 3 inches he wants. His clunky chunky boots worn at all times, even with formal gear, tend to draw attention - he clearly feels the need to be big (it's part of his persona I guess) but if you go in for this level of 24/7 fakery (as I do!) then you have to spend a little time making sure it really is undetectable and doesn't draw too much comment. There's loads of boots and shoes he could wear and indeed have made.
RobV said on 31/Aug/13
@ Soupman and Lorne re the extra height you can get from Timberlands. I agree with Soupman that you can get a lot of extra height from Timberlands. I have mentioned here before that I am a 6'2" guy who likes to be much taller and I have found that by buying Timberlands a size larger than my feet and adding gel lifts I get some of my best heights. I could get even more than I do, and have indeed played around with different pairs/sizes to see what I could get if I ever wanted to be extreme, specially if I wore long trousers/jeans with them, but even with shorts I can get a non detectable good lift. Because they have a thick sole, as well, no-one ever suspects that you are wearing lifts. But yes you CAN get that type of height if you want with Timberlands.
Balrog said on 31/Aug/13
He could be 5'10.5" with those monster boots probably 6'0"-6'0.5" and lifts then 6'1" range which is the max he can pull off. Paul Walker who is a legit 6'1" man is taller than him even in .6 converse.
Soupman said on 30/Aug/13
Lorne i beg 2 disagree with that silly rubbish you just wrote. IT IS possible to to walk and even run a bit in those. you clearly know nothing about timbs. The kind of timbs vin wears gives exactly 4cm. And you CAN fit 9 cm lifts in them. The name of the boot is 6 inch because it keeps you dry 6 inches from the sole and up. You are waay off.
James said on 30/Aug/13

I'm sorry but when has this ever been normal? He gains atleast 3 inches in height if not 4. Anything under 2 inches he wouldn't have such an awkward stance/posture.

Click Here
Soupman said on 30/Aug/13
Dmeyers you and look closer are the only ones claiming over 5'10" ... You are bringing the nonesense 2 the table bro. Vin even has his big boots with lifts on at the earlier MTV summer parties and so on. Everybody is without shoes. But mr diesel got Winther boots 2 a summer pool party.. Why? He is short!
Dmeyer said on 28/Aug/13
Thé Guy CAN look a 184cm Guy minus 0.75-1in more shoes the guy is 5!11.25-11.75 the under 5'11 nonesens has to stop
Balrog said on 27/Aug/13
I agree with you MD. He ain't shorter than 5'10" but I can't see him at 182cm either.
Kyuss said on 27/Aug/13
Watch him on j ross show,,HIS BOOTS ARE LIKE HERMAN MUNSTERS!!! really,4 inch min!! and hes still shorter than ross!! come on people hes so fake on his height its scary!
Soupman said on 27/Aug/13
MD, when you go and say something like that we feel the same way about you.
Soupman said on 26/Aug/13
Faviox. The reason why is most Hollywood celebs boost their height. In vins case, its really really visible. You can get 11-13 cm in timberlands with lifts! So it IS in fact very possible and highly likely in vins case that he is under 178 cm (5'10") my guess is between 5'8"-5'9" in my eyes and the general opinion here in Denmark where they average height is much more than the States, vin diesel talked about being on the short side. 5'9" and under. Most guys who say vin diesel is 5'10" and up are either delusional or they forget the big boots with obvious grande lifts.. If he was 182cm with his
Footwear he would be around 195cm and that is the funniest thing ever!
Kyuss said on 26/Aug/13
Hes 5-10" max. Period. One of hollywoods finest in terms of faker heights.
John95 said on 24/Aug/13
And many people think Statham is 5'9 as listed, but many pictures proves that he is only 5'8, maybe even shorter. Some people think he is a flat 5'7, but I wouldn't go that far. Statham is around 5'7.75 - 5'8, and Vin doesn't look much taller.
John95 said on 24/Aug/13
I think Vin Diesel is 5'9.25 evening height. He can be 6'1 - 6'2 in his big elevator boots. I'm pretty sure he is shorter than 5'10 before bed. And many people also think Dwayne Johnson is 6'3 as listed, but many pictures proves that he is only around 6'1.25 - 6'1.75. I think he is 6'1.5.
justbringit said on 23/Aug/13
i already told my opinion vin is 5ft 11 and you cant see it beccause he always wears height increasing shoes
Brad said on 22/Aug/13
Balrog with some great shots of his sick height enhancing footwear. He has major issues being under 6 feet. Those things must be like Frankenstein walking.
Balrog said on 20/Aug/13
Rob, skip to 6:30. Click Here

You can see this guy has height issue's.

Normal dress boots?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Yeah right.
justbringit said on 15/Aug/13
in my opinion guys vin is like 5 10 barefoot and around 5 ft 11 with normal shoes what do you think?
justbringit said on 15/Aug/13
Click Here this i think if vin diesel was wearing his height increasing shoes there is no doubt that vin is not taller than 5ft 10
justbringit said on 15/Aug/13
hi i think that vin diesel with his height increasing boots may be more than 6ft but i believe that normal vin isnt taller than 5ft 10 or 5 ft 11 max
Soupman said on 14/Aug/13
Yeah, i looked twice at Dmeyers post too. I assume some people just want vin diesel to be their own height and are influenced by just that.
Brad said on 14/Aug/13
"His dress boots are normal". Incredible. He wears expensive built up footwear, at 5' 10" he wants to be Walker height.
Dmeyer said on 13/Aug/13
His dress boots are normal thik shoes 3-3.5cm the Guy is 5' 11 and change
Soupman said on 13/Aug/13
Look closer- vin isnt at all near pauls height. Ever watched one of the last scenes of fast 5?, paul barefoot, Vin with his usual monsters. Paul stil taller? Ringeling?
Soupman said on 12/Aug/13
@look closer. Thank you very much..Now i know YOU are the one trolling. You really have to step to your name and LOOK CLOSER. I said Yankee was LISTED 5'7" that useally means 2 inches shorter IRL and he sure looks shorter than the listed height ;-) Scroll down and LOOK again :-)

And yeah- we are actually a big portion of people who think he packs lifts inside his already gigantic boots -if you bother looking at the angle of his stance it's very clear

He ain't got the same clothes on that means he prob.
Got his bigger lifts on at the event, einstein ;-)

As for the yankee picture - the same applies for all your pictures.
Look closer said on 11/Aug/13
And Vin has looked very close to Paul Walker's height (with special shoes of course). Look at these pictures from the Fast and Furious Premeire
Click Here
Click Here

And Vin isn't even wearing boots, but dress shoes that aren't actually too crazy. With a wedge in them, the most advantage he could get is 3 inches and that's pushing it.
Click Here
Click Here

If you don't believe me, check out Rob's articles on Elevator dress shoes. Many stores claim to give 5 inches, but in reality the most you get is a little more than a 3 inch height increase. Rob runs this site, so I trust his opinion.
Click Here

So let's do the math. Paul Walker is listed as 6'2" on this site, but I'll put him as 6'1" to be as fair as possible. His dress shoes would give about 1.2 inches, making him a bit over 6'2" in his shoes.
Click Here

Since they look close in height in these pics, Vin is 5'11 + 3 inch (max) shoes = 6'2". If we say Vin is 5'9 like you guys are saying, that means you're saying his dress shoes give almost a 5 inch boost! Do Vin's dress shoes look like they'd give a 5 inch boost?
Muflah said on 9/Aug/13
Click Here
Soupman said on 9/Aug/13
And if you care to look at other pictures from Rio with the shox
on you can very well tell he is under og at most average height next to ordinary brazilian people.
Look closer said on 7/Aug/13
So now, here's Vin in normal shoes with 5'9" Don Omar. 2 inches in difference. Making Vin 5'11.
Click Here

You may say, we can't see his shoes, he's probably wearing his boots again. This is what 5'9" Don Omar looks like next to Vin in his boots. HUGE Difference.
Click Here
Click Here
Look closer said on 7/Aug/13
Don Omar isn't standing on higher ground in my picture, but I'll let it slide. Don Omar looks 5'9" by comparing him to 5'7" Daddy Yankee, who you guys were talking about last week. There's 2 inches between them.
Click Here
Click Here

And @James, Vin's Nike Shox look suspicious? Nike Shox never give a 2 inch boost and it's very hard to slip even a 1 inch lift into them. Do these look suspicious?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Dalton said on 7/Aug/13
Vin Diesel Just pretends he's over 5'10 thats why he always wears his trademark custom elevator boots and he always trying to maintain perfect posture. To give the illusion he's over 5'10. no one over 6'1 would were boots 24'7 no matter what the occasion like the red carpet or wearing a suit.
Brad said on 7/Aug/13
He was photographed standing on a box/platform with The Rock. It sure was funny. A guy listed at just under 6 doesn't need a box. 5 feet 10 he does with Rock. "Normal" footwear fer Vin are customs, wedged.
Soupman said on 6/Aug/13
@lookcloser it's not just now. Since forever people has been talking about him beeing 5'8"-5'9" even as low as 5'7" and if you use simple logics iludacris is not that tall and neither don Omar. Don't forget his boots. If he was your estimated height then why is he
Only looking average besides Paul walker and other
Tallish men,even in those monster lifters?
James said on 6/Aug/13
@Look closer

The second picture you posted, Omar is clearly stood on higher ground than Ludacris, and I saw Vin's footwear at the Latin Billboard Awards on TV, there was no way they were just normal Nike Shox, he looked to be gaining a good 2 inches height, it was obvious with the way he was stood.

178 max.
Look closer said on 5/Aug/13
Now people are saying Vin is between 5'8" and 5'9", so basically he's a bit taller than Ludacris? Vin is 5'11 and here's why:

This is Vin at the Latin Billboard Awards. Look between 0:06-0:09, you'll see he's wearing a normal pair of Nike Shox. Click Here

Now here's Vin at the same show with Don Omar. Vin looks at least 2 inches taller Click Here

I believe Don Omar is roughly 5'9" by looking at this Fast 5 group shot. Don Omar is noticeably taller than Ludacris (listed here at 5'8") Click Here

I have more pictures to go off of, but it's far more likely that Vin = 5'11.
Brad said on 2/Aug/13
The box with The Rock did him in.
Soupman said on 1/Aug/13
Thanks Dave! Thats what i have been saying 5'8"-5'9"
Now we have:

The movie prop

The babylon a.d. Shower Scene

The daddy yankee picture

The Chuck Norris youtube video

People forget that in the Tony kanaan pictures he has the nike air experience slides on, in reality giving him footwear and posture advantage one again.

Its clear as Hell he has the biggest boots on always and always in lifts

The listed height IMO is in his boots and lifts . 5'9" max in reality.
Dalton said on 31/Jul/13
Vin Diesel Is no were near 6ft. He just pretends he's tall. he definitely needs a downgrade.
Brad said on 31/Jul/13
Huge wedged up boots even in dress clothes for red carpets...he hates being 5 feet 10.
Dave said on 31/Jul/13
This is the correct url:
Click Here
Dave said on 31/Jul/13
He's 5'8", 165 pounds.

Is stated in his "Fast & Furious" movie prop licence.

Click Here

Click Here
Kyuss said on 31/Jul/13
@Danimal Answer no.
James said on 31/Jul/13
I would say maximum 5ft 10.
Bakel said on 30/Jul/13
I checked pictures of Melanie Thierry with other celebs and actually there is no way she is 5ft3, she's clearly very petite.
Check this picture with Gaspard Ulliel (Rob has him at 177cm, not sure why he looks his 180cm claim, the guy at his left, Raphael Personnaz is said to be 179cm): Click Here
Gaspard looks as tall as Vin next to her but the fact is that she is in heels with him...
Roger said on 29/Jul/13
IF Vin Diesel really were 6ft. Why would he were boots in all his movies and appearances. barefoot he's 5'10 with out his boots.
Mclain. said on 28/Jul/13
IF Vin Diesel really were 6'1 why would he were Boots with a suit if he wasn't hiding something. like a lack of natural height barefoot. 5'10 tops
Dalton said on 28/Jul/13
The Detroit Lions have a better chance of going to a Super-Bowl then Vin Diesel being 6ft barefoot..
Dalton said on 28/Jul/13
The Best Laugh I ever had watching A movie was ViN Diesel standing face to face with The Rock Pretending he was the same height as the rock. 5'9.5 max on a good day.
MrWannabe5´11 said on 27/Jul/13
Diesel is hard to tell.

I´ve seen him wearing suits and thick worker boots which he often wears and he looks stupid in them. He probably wears the thickest boots of all of the lift/elevator shoes wearers. Even Brad Pitt and Stallone do wear shoes with less lifts in it. So if Diesel is mostly known for 6ft and sometimes he looks like 6´1 then I go with 1.78-1.80m max.
Bakel said on 27/Jul/13
It seems that Melanie Thierry is 5ft3 so Vin being 6ft range is normal. I don't believe all the 5ft10 crap.
Dalton said on 27/Jul/13
VIN Diesel Has to Pretend he's Tall by wearing gigantic custom Boots that that give the illusion he's is over 6 feet Tall.
al bundy said on 27/Jul/13
VIN Diesel hides his like of height by wearing his Gigantic custom made boots. barefoot he's 5'9 morning height.
Kyuss said on 26/Jul/13
hes got to be one of the most famous height lies around this guy,5-10" max!!! he sleeps in 3-1/2" boots!! totally bogus height claim from him.
Lazenby said on 25/Jul/13
5'9 with gigantic 4 inch boots and perfect posture = 6'1 maybe 6'1.5. But Vin Diesel height is all smoke and mirrors.
Rick said on 25/Jul/13
I took a screen shot of the Babylon A.D. Scene. I think if he had better posture there his bottom lip would come above her head.

Rob, how much taller do you think Vin looks than Melanie?

Click Here
Editor Rob
I've got the movie sitting on a shelf but never watched it, but in that still he actually looks like he might have near 10 inches!
Silent d said on 24/Jul/13
No where near as tall as 6 foot 4. That is totally ridiculous. I wonder who described him as 6 foot 4? I can't see him taller than 178cm considering he is a constant lift wearer.
Fitnessforlife365 said on 23/Jul/13
5'10 barefoot, 6'1 with his gigantic boots. It will be easy to tell when he is face to face with Jason Statham in fast and furious 7.
Soupman said on 22/Jul/13
Trust me i studied it. Thats why i mentioned the clip ;) your evaluation is way of Loeparn.
Soupman said on 22/Jul/13
Loeparn - vin isnt a full head over melanie in that clip.. Her heads highest point is the back of her scalp. That isnt hair but head. Average human head is about 22 cm. her head hits the tip of his lower lip.
Loeparn said on 21/Jul/13
If you study the height differential between Vin Diesel and Melanie Thierry (at 58:36 in the Babylon clip posted earlier in this thread) you can tell Vin really has at least 10 inches (a human head) on her. So even if Melanie Thierry is no more than 5 feet tall that would put Vin at an absolute minimum of 5'10 which I, considering this information and how tall he looks compared to other actors (footwear advantage included) believe he is.
Soupman said on 19/Jul/13
@ Red183
I agree with you with melanie thierrys height she is really petit ..
And the height gap
But..The picture with her boyfriend is prob. With heels on and that means vin is actually shorter than the boyfriend.
I just dont see vin over 5'9" .
Vin and mark wahlberg in my eyes look almost the same height next 2 the rock johnson. And we all know that nobody has footwear, posture advantage over vin. Look up pictures with wahlberg and johnson and imagine that wahlberg had the boot/lift Help vin has. It is so obvious
Brad said on 18/Jul/13
If he were 5' 11.75" plus custom boots he'd be over 6' 2", he isnt, he's 5 feet 10.
Soupman said on 16/Jul/13
If you guys have seen the movie Babylon A.D. The barefoot, full shot showerscene shows vin is in fact max! 5'9. Beside petite melanie thierry. Toe 2 toe its there. Vin diesel barefoot!
ASH said on 16/Jul/13
Vin Diesel is only in the 6'2 range when He puts on his massive custom elevator boots that add 4.5 inches in height. barefoot he's around 5'10 flat just out of bed with out any hollywood magic.
ASH said on 16/Jul/13
VIN Diesel is only in the 6'2 range When he Transforms into elevator man. custom boots that add 4.5 inches in height.
ASH said on 16/Jul/13
Why would Vin Diesel Were his custom elevator boots in all his movies for the last 10 years if he wasn't hiding some thing. Think about it 10 years of nothing but combat boots.
Soupman said on 15/Jul/13
I agree with ash the listed height is with boots, lifts, super posture and camera advantage he is basically the same height as ludacris barefoot.
ASH said on 14/Jul/13
If Vin Diesel Really Was 5'11 why would he where his custom elevator boots 24/7. then
ASH said on 14/Jul/13
VIN Diesel is only 5'11 with His custom Astronaut Boots on.
miko said on 13/Jul/13
A weak 5'11 is the highest I can go for this guy. 5'9 is ridiculous.

This guy wears 3+ inch monsters in photos, that's why under the right circumstances he can look close to 6'2.
John95 said on 12/Jul/13
Around 5'9.25 - 5'9.5 evening height. Weight between 190-200 pounds.
maverick said on 11/Jul/13
Vin diesel is somewhere around the 5'11 mark, you can tell by looking at the body proportions, but i strongly believe that he wears anywhere from 3.5-4.5 inch lifts
which almost make him close to dwayne johnsons height
RisingForce said on 11/Jul/13
LiP, Vin looks closer to 5'11" there. I think he's around that height barefoot, 5'11"-5'11.5" or 180-181 cm, imo. Definitely not a 5'9"-5'10" guy.
ASH said on 11/Jul/13
I have a question for all movie Fans. Has Vin diesel ever worn a normal pair of shoes in movies besides his massive custom elevators. I can't think of any movie he has. He's about the same size as 49ers running back Frank Gore In real life. With out any movie magic.
ASH said on 11/Jul/13
I bet VIN diesel wears His massive custom elevators for the rest of His life. He's 5'10 tops.
ASH said on 11/Jul/13
Has VIN ever worn a normal pair of shoes in his life. I Bet he makes Paul walker wear Flat shoes has part of his contract. Vin Is 5'10 tops.
cd said on 10/Jul/13
Lol, he's back to 6' on the I M B D now. Ridiculous. Anyway I reckon 181-181.5 cm (5'11.25-11.5") for him.
DML 5´11 said on 8/Jul/13
Vin Diesel always uses shoe lifs... his peak heigh is 5´11
look at this video
Click Here
romanspqr said on 8/Jul/13
Vin cannot be pushing almost 6ft. He's closer to 5'10, tho 5'9.5 is prob more accurate. No one who is a natural 6 footer has to go thru the trouble of wearing elevator shoes! They are not comfortable or stylish!
teej said on 7/Jul/13
For god sake guys, he's a big guy(not in height) he's obviously going to lie about his height.. A lot of people do, im 6ft1 i sometimes say im 6ft2,, why? Because it sounds better. Id say vin was 5ft10 peak but after all that weight training id say he's probably 176cm. He wears huge boots which ive seen on 'elevator shoes' websites and the similar ones says adds 5-5.5 inches to height. So he definetley beats his 6ft1 claim with those monster boots, everyone knows he wears elevators because his legs are out of proportion, but me im a genuine 6ft1 guy (187cm) and i wouldnt say he's even a weak 6ft1 barefoot (185ishcm) he's one of those shortish/average guys who can look big due to his body structure. Claiming he's above 5ft10 is proposterous. Im not one of those guys who's going to make a bullcrap story claiming on how ive 'apparently' met vin diesel. But sometimes you can just tell. And im saying he's definitley not above 5'10.
Tipjar said on 4/Jul/13
I really think Rob has lost his marbles on this one - Vin is clearly around the 5'9" mark.
Brad said on 3/Jul/13
He's practically falling forward in those things....Paul bro, catch him.
John95 said on 2/Jul/13
I think Vin Diesel is 178.5 cm in the morning and 176.5 cm at night.

I'm 100 percent sure that Vin is under 5'10 before bed.
Jax said on 30/Jun/13
Click Here

there is no way he is even close to 6ft or 5'11 even.....he is 5'10 (178cm) tops probably even a hair under it..... his shoes are ridiculous.. the pic I posted and the pics below clearly show how massive his outside heel already is and how there is at least another inch hidden inside the shoe, I mean the guy can barely stand in these....the angle of his feet looks way off
RoelC said on 30/Jun/13
In Fast Five, Vin Diesel's character Dominic Toretto was listed at 5'9" and 185 lbs, which seems a bit low (especially the weight). Paul Walker's character Brian O'Connor was listed at 6'2", 195 lbs and no way did he appear heavier in the movie than Diesel.

Tyrese's character was listed 6'1", 170 lbs and Gal Gadot's character 5'9", 127 lbs.
Brad said on 26/Jun/13
He's 5 feet 10. Those boots he wears are expensive custom made wedged up monsters. Standing next to Paul Walker in "normal" mall sold sneakers he'd be exposed for his height lies.
Buck 57 said on 24/Jun/13
I agree he's not 6' maybe 5' 10 but alot of them do it. sly stallone is 5' 7'1/2 and 170 lbs. camera's r tricky.
KJK said on 24/Jun/13
I honestly don't understand why Vin Diesel is still listed at around 6 ft on this site. I agree completely with Red183: He is more likely 5'10 or maybe a half an inch above that. That clip with The Rock and Diesel clearly shows that + other pictures and videos out there. And if you can become 2.5 inches taller in elevator shoes, then I'm absolutely sure that Diesel can become at least 3 inch taller with massive boots (which he wears sometimes). Even if Diesel only has moderate footwear advantage on occassions, he still tries to have a perfect posture which can make him look taller than he is.
James said on 22/Jun/13
Rob, the guy's height varies so much it's only fair to judge his height based on the lowest he looks, in the clip people have posted below with the rock he looks more 5ft 10. Also what are your views on the following video?
Click Here
RisingForce said on 22/Jun/13
Rob, how tall do you think Vin looks in this video? Click Here
Editor Rob
he can appear about 5ft 11 in the clip
Dogs CAN Look Up said on 20/Jun/13

Vin and Dwayne walking side by side, no movie magic or anything, you can definitely tell the rock is noticeably taller.
refresh said on 20/Jun/13
with only 168 asia in triple x
Click Here
in that movi she wear boots like he but he probablu got lifts in his and still not tall:)
Petrolhead said on 19/Jun/13
Cheers Rob, btw i saw Vin at the F6 premiere, he is a funny guy but those shoes are huge easy 2 inches on the outside possibly 2.5 inches. Rob do you know where one could get a pair of those or are they custom made?
refresh said on 18/Jun/13
Rob i think you right he aint a 5'11 he's less!!!
big guy but not tall guy.
Petrolhead said on 18/Jun/13
Hi Rob, you know a lot about elevator shoes and shoe lifts, i'm surprised you haven't realised Vin Diesel wears both, clearly evident in many of his photos. The general consensus on this page seems to be that you may have Vin's height listing a bit too high. Will you be changing it anytime soon?
Editor Rob
if I believe he's a flat 5ft 11 I'll change it.
James said on 17/Jun/13
@Rashid. 6 is pretty much as far as you can go without seriously injuring yourself! Im not sure what your question is really but il give it a stab. Men can wear inserts which will put maybe an extra inch in the back of a shoe and won't look too much out of the ordinary, when it comes to Vin's special footwear they are more similar to platforms being placed inside his huge boots to boost his whole foot 2-4 inches rather than just the heel which would be the case in the majority of womens heels.

Look at this video below about vin diesel's height and there is a part about his boots which demonstrate the sheer height advantage he can gain from them and the type of inserts available rather than a simple heel boost.

Click Here
Brandon said on 17/Jun/13
He's more like 5'10 flat. 5'11.75 even 5'11 is being too generous.
Rick said on 17/Jun/13
Here is Vin with Tony Kanaan who is listed 5'5, wearing sneakers while Vin is wearing sandals.

Click Here

Click Here
jack said on 17/Jun/13
Rob how could he still be listen at 5'11.75. He is 5'10 maximum.

Click Here
joseph said on 15/Jun/13
hey look at picture with Diesel and friend, Tony Kanaan
Click Here

James said on 15/Jun/13
@joe joe Excellent pics, if I can draw your attention to the 3rd one, look at the outline of vins leg going into the shoe, follow it down and imagine where the foot would be, looking at 2 inch boots with 1 inch inserts atleast.
chrissss said on 14/Jun/13
I am 10000% positve he is 5'11(180cm)
Brad said on 14/Jun/13
The listing of 5' 11.75 is laughable....he's never been over 5' 10" in his life. He has a huge height complex. He wears built up customs and is bold enough to put on boots at premieres. 2-3 inches shorter than the Rock is as sick as Bieber or Stallone height claims.
lelman said on 14/Jun/13
5'9.5" Minimum, 5'11" Maxiumum, never been near 6' in his life.
Meltdown said on 13/Jun/13
I think 5ft 11.75in (182 cm) is pretty much spot on. See him with 6'2" Paul Walker? Good job.
Joe joe said on 13/Jun/13
Look at the monsters he wears on his feet even when hes in a suit and everyone is in dress shoes he still has them on

Click Here

here he is next to 5'10 tyress and 6'1 paul walker both in dress shoes, but he can't let go of his beats
Click Here

here you can clearly see he wearing thick heeled boots with a suit and still comes up looking 5'11 next to 6'1 paul walker. Vin probably has lifts in them aswell.
Click Here

for me the guy bare foot would be 5'10

this last picture is conclusive evidence standing next to 6'1 paul walker a man who is really 5'11 wearing those monster wouldn't give away the amount of inches Vin is giving away to Paul who I may add is in dress shoes

Click Here
Joe joe said on 13/Jun/13
Rob what would it take for vin to get downgraded? The guys is clearly a lift wearer and not in the 6ft range as you have listed him here.

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