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Peak: 6ft 1.29in (186.2cm)
Current: 5ft 11.67in (182cm)
KingNick said on 30/May/06
HelloKitty, I think it may be we're they're standing in due to the camera angle. Plus look at Stallones shoes in that pic. They have to give him AT LEAST 2 inches in height.
Frank said on 10/May/06
Stallone wears major Lifts that i do know....he looks about 6ft 1 there and with all that money you could have a guy make you great elevator shoes
HelloKitty said on 9/May/06
Here's a link with Vince, Hogan, and Stallone during Hogan's induction into WWE Hall of Fame. Picture is very peculiar, can anyone explain or have an idea as all three men look like they are in close in height. Supposedly Stallone is 5'7, Hogan 6'5 (listed at WWF at 6'8) and McMahon is 6'2. Click Here
Alex said on 1/May/06
Jason, about big foreheads. Thats the same with me and Angle as it is with Vince and Frank. I am only 2-2.5 inches taller than Angle but our eye level is more like 3 inches apart still. Thats even when he stood up straight. The top of my head to my eye level is only 4 inches.
Paul said on 28/Apr/06
Could they have been Elevator Shoes ??
Of course they were ! He tried the escalator approach but then moved into the elevators.
kenny said on 27/Apr/06
he really looks 6'1.5....
Frank said on 26/Apr/06
Josh im alittle under 6ft barefoot and Vince is clearly taller than me by 2 or more inches how can you say he's 6ft ?? He was wearing penny loafers with a half inch heel..Could they have been Elevator Shoes ??
Frank said on 26/Apr/06
No offense taken Jason :o) Your 100 % right about 2 things #1 when i met Vince he looked about 6ft 3 because of where are eye levels are....Vince has a small forehead....#2. I do have a BIG HEAD :O(
Jason said on 26/Apr/06
If Vince has a normal 4.5'' between the middle of his eyes and the top of his head, then he only appears 6'1'' in the pic above with Frank. But look at the difference in their eye levels. Frank has a long forehead (now I don't mean any offence here Frank lol, I have a big head myself) and his eyes are situated a little lower than an average guy his height, he'd have been looking up at Vince despite there only looking to be ~ 1.5'' between them.
CoolJ said on 25/Apr/06
Vince didn't look 6'1" when I saw him on TV the other night.
Paul said on 24/Apr/06
I think he is probably 6'1.5 but I think he is never without his magic shoes or cowboy boots. Even on the beach I would say there could be lifts in his flip flops.
Josh said on 21/Apr/06
He looks 6'0 to me .
Anshelm said on 18/Apr/06
You know, when he was face to face with John Cena (6'/183 cm according to himself) I'd say he was the SHORTER of the two. I won't be putting my money on it though, as the difference between them looked minimal. Shane looked taller then either one, but not by much (about 6'1"/185 cm, if Cena's 6').
Josie said on 15/Apr/06
I think Vince is 6ft 1 for real or more ??
OOFatman said on 24/Mar/06
Frank, I don't think Vince is that much taller than you going by that pic. Look at the tops of your heads. You appear much shorter because your jaw is much lower than his. However, the top of your head is almost up to his! I just cannot see him being taller than 6'1". In the pic with you he only looks 6'.5" to me. *This is just my opinion* LOL :)
Frank said on 22/Mar/06
Vince could be 6ft 2 easily
OOFatman said on 21/Mar/06
Vince definitely doesn't look any taller than 6'1" to me.
Brett said on 19/Mar/06
How can you guys think hes only 2 inches taller then Frank in that pic?, unless the angles really not in his favour, he looks more then 3 inches taller then him.
Frank said on 13/Feb/06
Alex, I would say 6ft 1 1/2
Alex said on 12/Feb/06
Frank what was your estimate on Vince's height??
Alex said on 12/Feb/06
I don't see Vince over 6'1. He looks to be about 6'1 and nothing more. Shane is about 6'2 though. As you see in the pic here with 6'2 Lesnar.
Anshelm said on 31/Jan/06
Kane looked at least 6–7"/15–18 cm taller, though his boots looked quite thick – but I doubt that gave him more than an inch advantage.

When I last saw him with Stone Cold, I couldn't tell for sure which one was taller, so I'd guess they're pretty much the same.

If his official mark really was 6'1" in the past, I'd say he's no more than that... keep getting closer to my original guess ;)
CoolJ said on 30/Jan/06
Had 1.5-2" on Shawn Michaels - Jan 30 2006 RAW
Jason said on 23/Jan/06
He must have been to be that much taller than you.
Jason said on 22/Jan/06
Well, that's his official height nowadays. It used to be 6'2'', and before that 6'1''.
Jason said on 21/Jan/06
6'3'' is Vince's ''WWE'' height.
Danimal said on 20/Jan/06
Vince has made himself look taller in recent years (the last decade). He was always shorter than his wrestlers in the eighties and even into the 90's. People like Jesse Ventura, Gorilla Moonsoon, Hogan and others ALL were significantly taller than him and today, WELL, even Undertaker looks barely 3-4" taller than him...Either everyone around him is shrinking, not wearing their lifts any longer, or Vince has begun wearing ones of his own.
Anshelm said on 20/Jan/06
Well, now I saw him face to face with Shawn Michaels, both wearing similar looking shoes (here in Finland the shows air c. 3 weeks later than in America). If Shawn Michaels is 180 cm/5'11", there's no way McMahon is 7 cm taller – I think I'm still sticking with that 184 cm. Maybe he was taller in his youth, being 60 and all.

He did look much heavier built than Michaels. If Michaels is 88 kg/195 lbs, McMahon's at least 100 kg/220 lbs, and likely more.

BTW, is 6'2"/188 cm his WWE height? If so, it's almot certain that he's much shorter than that (stating the obvious...)
Richard said on 20/Jan/06
Frank.. you say you were around 185 cm when those pics were taken.. but that's as close as you get to 6'1"!! 6'1 is 185.42 cm 5'11 is only 180.34 cm. If you were 6'1 back there Vince looks 6'2.5 which he's certainly not. Also that Arnold video... in it Arnold whom is listed here as 6' looks a good inch and a half taller than Austin! And I always thought Austin was 6'??
Frank, if you stand with your back flat against a door and put something flat and rectangular on top of your head and let the other side be flat against the door I think you can get a very exact asessment of your height. It's not that I doubt your word but a cm measurement is more exact because I don't think everyone has the same idea of feet and iches. An ich is 2.54 cm and a foot 30.48. Those last decimals are very important when you calculate height, they make a whole lotta difference if you should round down when you calculate. Suppose you round 2.54 down to 2.5 it would make a foot only 30 cm. Missing almost 0.5 cm.
Danimal said on 20/Jan/06
According to the WWF mentor, Bret was only 5'9" and Shawn was 5'10". I would have pegged them both at 5'11". Concerning Vince having been shorter than Shawn in 1995 and today Vince towering over him, well, Shawn has undergone some extensive back surgery in the last few years and has probably lost some legitimate height. How much? I'm not sure about that.
316 said on 19/Jan/06
Vince luks like one of those WAX dummies at Madame Tussads in tht
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/06
This ought to clear up a lot... a video of Scharnazegger's appearance on Smackdown (with Austin, The Rock, Vince, and HHH).

Editor Rob
lol, ...I couldn't stop laughing at the last 10 seconds of that 99 still can look tall
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/06
It's hard to get a bead on Vince because he's definitely been wearing lifts/elevator shoes at times (i.e., Vince and Brock Lesnar throughout the past 8 years or so, or he may appear to be shorter than Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels (

For example, there was a Raw back in 1995 which Shawn Michaels appeared a couple inches taller than Vince McMahon (back when Michaels was champion for the first time when he was obviously wearing lifts). Now Vince towers over him.

I'd say 6'1" or so is about right. Keep in mind for Vince the character/occasional wrestler/executive it's generally good for him to look taller and for Vince the public announcer/promoter it's good for him to look shorter next to the wrestlers so they appear bigger.
Jason said on 19/Jan/06
I've had one say I was 1 1/2 inches shorter than my (numerous - before and since) measured against a wall height. I question the accuracy of those things ... I guess it depends how well they're calibrated, though.

BTW, that's a nice suit, Frank. How much did it cost ya?
Cycklops said on 18/Jan/06
Jason, are you saying the stadiometer said you were 1.5 inches shorter than you thought?
Danimal said on 18/Jan/06
Vince's suit looks like it's about 10 grand! In all seriousness, Vince is NO taller than 6'2", even though the WWF claims he is 6'2"-6'3". I would give him 6'1" and change. Hogan is only 6'3" and change today and there is only about 2" difference between the two of them. Hillbilly was dwarfing Vince in 1987. Consider Hillbilly is Minimum 6'5". That would have put Vince at 6'1" MAX. HE very well could be 6'0 1/2", but I doubt any shorter than that.
Gama said on 18/Jan/06
Well for all of you who beleive he is 6'1 1/2 (like me) than explain why some people think Andre the giant isn't a 7footer when he looked like a giant standing next to Vince who looked like a baby next to Andre during an interview He did in his prime! Andre looks to be well over a foot taller than the Vince!
Jason said on 18/Jan/06
A doctor's scale? You mean a stadiometre? Stadiometres have had me as much as 1 1/2'' off my actual measured height. Have someone measure you against a wall and see what you get.
Jason said on 18/Jan/06
I remember in early 1999 did a story on Vince's ''training'' for entering the Royal Rumble that year and the article mentioned he was 6'1''.
starwars23 said on 18/Jan/06
good pics frank. Do you have any others?
cantstop25 said on 18/Jan/06
o and that funny powerwalk thing has nothing to do with his footwear. It just suits his character, He does it intentionally.
cantstop25 said on 18/Jan/06
"don't you have Steve Austin at the same height? And indeed, last time a saw these two together, I couldn't tell which one was taller."

last time these two were in the ring austin was taller vince appeared taller sometimes because Austin has terrible posture however when he was standing up straight he looked nearly a full inch taller. HTOugh he was wearing those boots he always wears.
Bleemo said on 18/Jan/06
Aye as any longtime wrestling fan can tall you this guy does tend to have a funny walk when he comes to the ring in his dress shoes. Not sure if it's just a funny walk though, he's definately always looked tall, even when he was a commentator, I actually think this could be his real height.
Anshelm said on 18/Jan/06
I've usually ended guessing him an inch shorter than this, c. 184 cm.

Of course, comparing to wrestlers is difficult, since there are only a few guys you can be relatively sure of. But my comparisons include Kurt Angle (178 cm/5'10") and Shawn Michaels (180 cm/5'11"), whose heights are on the safer side (though I wonder if they're that much apart, looked more like just 1 cm between them last time I saw them together).

The height of 187 cm could be right if the wrestlers' boots give one inch advantage over him, but I doubt this: the soles of their boots aren't THAT thick comapred to Vince's shoes, which usually have noticeable heels.

One thing though: don't you have Steve Austin at the same height? And indeed, last time a saw these two together, I couldn't tell which one was taller.

But, as always with wrestlers and other WWE personalities, you're moving on shaky ground, when guesstimating heights. So yeah, I don't find myself being an inch wrong too unlikely.
funkmonk said on 18/Jan/06
Those afro hair styles sure add a few inches!
TheMan said on 18/Jan/06
Hmm not sure id say that heights about right. I think he appears taller when he wants to. The lifts also appear on those times. He's got tips from he's fellow wrestlers.
Jason said on 18/Jan/06
Are you certain you're 5'11 1/2'', Frank?

Vince looks like an evil leprechaun!

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