How tall is Vincent Gallo

Vincent Gallo's Height

5ft 9 ½ (176.5 cm)

American Actor/Director, best known for Buffalo 66 and Brown Bunny. On his merchandise site, under the $1 million price tag section, it used to read: "Mr. Gallo is 5'11" and has blue eyes".

How tall is Vincent Gallo
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5ft 8.71in (174.5cm)
Sweet Home Panther said on 15/Jun/20
I went to school with Vinnie, as I knew him. I almost hate to bring it up, because he's a decent enough guy, but he's not as tall as I am, and I'm a shade over 5'8'.

So for what it's worth, I'm not guessing he's shorter than me, I know he is.

wonkaman said on 5/Jun/15
I gotta agree with Junior31. If you look at his pics with Johnny Depp, Depp looks marginally taller than him. In some pics they both look the exact same height though.
At this point I honestly think he's no more than 5'9" and the reason why he can sometimes look shorter than Depp is his posture, he's a sloucher kind of guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Dec/13
Rob, you should create an archival page for old comments and old heights.
Id say it would be a great laugh to see what you're views were back in like 2004!
John Cheever said on 13/Dec/13
Vincent is a true 5' 11''
henri plonk said on 8/Sep/13
Rob what did happen to the older comments about Vincent Gallo? Im sure there use to be alot more. He never looks to be to tall in movies but he is always in huge heels! I can by 5ft 9-5 but i honestly wouldnt be shocked if he turned out to be smaller
Editor Rob
comments before a certain date were deleted at one point as I was trying to speed the site up.
Junior31 said on 24/Mar/13
Rob I'm computer illiterate but check for pics with him and Johnny depp. Depp looks two inches taller in every pic I was shocked
eye witness said on 27/Jan/13
Stood next to him at a cafe a few months back. I'm solid 5'11" he was in boot with huge heels and looked 5'9". I say 5'7". Just a real life opinion.
daryl said on 15/Dec/12
What happend to all the other coments about good old vinnie? Hes a cool guy, great actor, writer and musician. 5ft 9-5 sounds spot on
thebad7 said on 6/Mar/11
People love to hate him because he's so outspoken and opinionated--he calls things the way they are. I personally like him as an actor, but I like him best as a musician--he plays vintage-style lounge jazz.

I saw him play a gig at The North Star Bar in Philadelphia on 13 November 2010 with his band RRIICCEE. He & the band came through the front door of the bar about an hour before showtime--he hunched his shoulders, and zipped briskly through the bar without making eye contact with anybody. His posture was reminiscent of his character's neurotic style in BUFFALO '66. He wore an old fashioned 19th Century frock coat--crimson in color. What I remember most was his footwear: he was sporting a pair of white, vintage platform shoes with about a 3" heel. With the boots on, he was about 5'11". He passed by me in the bar where I was standing. I'm 6'3" barefoot, but I was wearing cowboy boots with a 1 1/4" heel, and in light of this, he still looked considerably shorter even with his platforms. 5'9" sounds right for him--even in those giant platforms he still didn't hit 6'.

One other detail: when he played the gig, he played with his back to the audience. I wasn't wild about that, but he more than made up for with his wild attire, his smooth guitar playing, and the fact that he is Vincent Gallo.

mamapants said on 6/Jun/09
I have met him, talked to him face to face. I am 5'9" barefoot, and was wearing tennis shoes. He was at LEAST an inch shorter than I am. I was shocked. My guess is 5'7".
SHSH said on 3/Jun/09
I went to school with Vinny; 5'8" if he grew after high school, because he was maybe 5'7" back then............
SHSH said on 2/Jun/09
I went to school with Vinny. Good guy, but he is no taller than I am, and I'm 5'8" He is about 5'7" to 5'"8 max.
Lmeister said on 10/Mar/09
He was in an episode of Dirt. Next to Courtney Cox he seemed 5tft7-5ft9 range. Gotta find that episode. There was a lot good scenes to estimate height and Vincent was wearing sneakers not boots.
Anonymous said on 8/Sep/08
I ran into Gallo at a concert in LA, and there is no way he's 5'11. I'm not even sure about 5'9.5, cause I'm about 5'6-5'7 and he didn't seem more than an inch taller. And, as I remember, he was wearing flat shoes at the time.
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/08
You're right Rob. I heard that movie was the worst the Cannes Film festival had ever seen until Southland Tales in 2006.
Anonymous said on 23/Jun/08
He looks crazy in this pic.

Editor Rob
he gave the world Brown Bunny, I think he's entitled to look a bit crazy!
BK_Daniel said on 23/Jun/08
He's pretty lengthy, I doubt he's 5'7". Glenn in shoes is probably 5'9" and Gallo looks 2 inches taller. So without Gallo's close to 2inch(my guess) shoes he is 5'9" unless in this pic his shoes are only 1 inch and when he wears his big shoes he reaches 6 feet. In conclusion he is between 5'9" and 5'10". He's very interesting because he gave people impressions of being in a range of 5 inches. Let's call him the man who almost reaches 5'10".
Yaspaa said on 16/Apr/08
That pic is amazing,it's a peach!
glenn said on 23/Mar/08
gallo is one of the nicest ever.along with matt damon,travolta,cruise,clooney, had my perplexed cause he had dress shoes on and was 5-10 last seemed normal.but ive seen him look 5-11 in the highest of heels.confusing.i will take a photo of his heels for you.i promise.
rexi said on 22/Mar/08
Heels give amazing illusions I stand at around the 5ftish mark yet with heels people mistake me for being around 5'5 mark and are shocked at how short I am! Mostly I run around in flats as I am useless in heels,I often end up chucking them off at the end of a night out. Glenn I am giving you a task ;o) somehow you have got to get Vinnie to raise his trousers so you can see those heels! Tell him you love the shoes and are thinking about getting a pair hee hee. Then you will nail his height. Another question is he a nice person and who is the nicest celeb you have met? :o)
glenn said on 17/Mar/08
why dont you read dmeyer?.thatll explain things.
glenn said on 14/Mar/08
if you read dmeyer,you would know.
dmeyer said on 13/Mar/08
wath happened rob you had him as 5'8.75 like weak 175 cm
glenn said on 13/Mar/08
ill snap a pic of his shoes for you next time.but seriously,read my post below confused by his height.
rexi said on 12/Mar/08
Got to hear more about these stilletto boots, I nearly wet myself crying with laughter. Glenn next time you see him get a look at those feet! He is probably 5'7. Maybe he has a shoe fetish, from what I have read in his interviews he seems well how can I put this... eccentric is probably the nicest word.
glenn said on 17/Feb/08
i too saw him in dress shoes last week and he indeed looked 5-10.he is the only man i know of that can mysteriously look 5-11 in huge heels,and is close to that barefoot.i guess i was wrong.rob 5-10 please.but i crazy or does he look below 5-11 in movies?
nope said on 16/Feb/08
nope i stood next to him at a concert. me being 5'8, and he was well above me height wise. at least 5'11 in normal dress shoes. period.
bruce_willis said on 23/Jan/08
funny thing he had 1 inch+ on johnny depp in arizona dream. They both had same kind of shoes...
glenn said on 14/Nov/07
i agree with anonymous.he is between 5-7 and 5-9.
Anonymous said on 7/Oct/07
sorry, i;m 6 feet tall and i met him this afternoon. gallo can't be more than 5;7'' and maybe 1/2 an inch. i am exactly 6 feet tall and have a good eye
Franco said on 11/Jul/07
looks 177cm in the pic

174cm tops
glenn said on 30/May/07
read these posts jj.
JJ said on 29/May/07
Glenn, You sre sure your 5'8????

Gallo is 5'10 max.
Anonymous said on 28/May/07
have met him. he wears spike shoes, very odd shoes with the type of heel that is almost pencil thin and 2-3 inches. in these shoes he was maybe 5 ft 8.5. i will assure you he is no more than 5 ft 7 barefoot.
The Horse of FUNK said on 5/Mar/07
Wouldn't be suprised if Glenn is right. Seen some of his movies and he always strikes me as a small guy. Not just vertically, but build wise, too. He looks to have the build of a 5'7" - 5'8" guy.

By the way, am I the only who thinks Gallo looks totally creepy and freaky in this pic? Looks like he's trying to suck the life out of the cameraman with his eyes and expression. Glenn almost looks a bit uneasy as well.
jason said on 1/Mar/07
from that pic he does lock a solid 5ยด10 or maby a bit under like 176,5-177 cm.
dmeyer said on 21/Jan/07
he looks taller ham glenn but if he has hels could be 5'9
Lmeister said on 20/Jan/07
Bad angle, but still he looks a lot shorter than Johnny Ramone(5'9'')
Click Here
Again bad angle Mr. Gallo next to John Frusciante (5'7'')
Click Here
Lmeister said on 20/Jan/07
U are welcome Glenn. I wish I could find a pic of him with John Frusciante. I remember seeing a one. He is exactly the same height with John. Never seen him in sneakers in any movie or an event...
MD said on 19/Jan/07
Perhaps, Editor Rob needs to take another look at this one.
Glenn said on 19/Jan/07
Thank you Lmeister.I was trying to tell people he wears insane heels.5-7 was an estimate of mine too.
Glenn said on 22/Nov/06
If you could try to have both pics up in cases like this,that would be great.thanks.
Padraig said on 22/Nov/06
A more upright Gallo image of Glenn's added.
Glenn said on 4/Sep/06
Weird guy to figure out.appeared 5-10,5-11 in mega heels.
trueheight said on 4/Sep/06
He was marginally(even negligibly) taller than Depp in Arizona Dreams. This guy has claimed 6ft but he's also an admitted megalomaniac
Harry Bawlz said on 30/Aug/06
Click Here

Beside 5-7 Chlo
Mr. T said on 17/Aug/06
He still needs at least two inches knocked off. Like I said, it's ego + magic shoes.
John Doe said on 9/Aug/06
He is in no way 5-11. Id say 5-8 stretching it. He is thin and wears big boots alot of the time. That can give the illusion of being taller. But sorry Vince.
MaxB said on 29/Apr/06
Gallo appears very small in every movie - I would say 5'7, 5'8 max. See him with Depp: Click Here

Editor Rob
that's the short version Glenn was talking about...the 'dwarf' Gallo! Or maybe that's the TALL depp, glenn has seen, the lift-enhanced version!
Glenn said on 18/Mar/06
Thank you.
Glenn said on 24/Jan/06
yep,5-7 it is!
mr. t said on 13/Jan/06
I know of one guy who met him who's 5'10 1/2", and he said: "5'11? No way! 5'7" standing on his wallet, maybe."

Gallo seems like a guy who has a large ego, so I'm kind of willing to believe that he's inflating his height considerably.

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