How tall is Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Height

5ft 5 ¾ (167 cm)

Ukrainian Politician and former actor, who has been President of Ukraine since 2019.

How tall is Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Photo © Ale_Mi / DepositPhotos

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Average Guess (79 Votes)
5ft 5.75in (167cm)
Moneymaker! said on 23/Sep/23
166-167 cm. Very strong 5'5".
jd hearn said on 23/Sep/23
@rob, could 5ft 5 7/8ths be possible for this guy?
he looks somewhere in 167 range
Editor Rob
Generally, I've thought he could appear 5ft 6 to a low of 5ft 5.5, so eventually settled on 5.75.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Sep/23
Rob, are you ever going to add Giorgia Meloni? I've looked a fair bit at her given my work on Italian. I think 5'0.5" is the highest I'd try to argue. Here making Zelenskky look big! Click Here
She looked as low as 4'11" with Sunak. I think there's a good chance of 5 ft flat. Something in 5 ft-5'0.5" range I'd say. Zelenskky rarely looks under 5'5.5.
Editor Rob
Yeah, I can imagine somewhere in 5ft range from having another look at her. 5ft and change might be highest I'd go.
Moneymaker! said on 16/Sep/23
He is not the full 5'6"
BroTech5000 said on 9/Jun/23
I’d give him 5’6”.
Marble said on 8/Jun/23
Zelensky is a fraction taller than Putin, no doubt about it
You will never see Zelensky using shoe lifts or elevator shoes as russian dictator does
Arch Stanton said on 22/May/23
There does look about 0.75 inches between Zelenskyy and Sunak from what I've seen. Yes, I was too high with 5 ft 1 range for Meloni, I think 5'-5'0.5 is more arguable seieng more of her in flatter shoes.
Andrea said on 21/May/23
ItalianChad, I have no idea who that guy is, but from having a quick look, I agree with Rob that he definitely doesn't strike as a guy anywhere near 6'7! MAYBE 6'3...

As for Berlusconi, Tunman, it's harder to say because while he could pull off looking over 5'6 even in his 80s, I think it's pretty safe to say he's a lift wearer like you said. I know that he has claimed 170 and even 171, which I doubt he's ever been, but 5'6 range peak down to 5'5ish today I don't think is that hard to believe... Even if of course I've read any kind of crazy estimate for him, like that in reality he's barely over 150 without his his lifts, LOL!
Tunman said on 19/May/23
Sorry if I'm double posting as I'm not sure the first one actually made it,so I was saying that she could very well be 156-7 in shoes and 154 barefeet
I also asked about Berlusconi's height who I think looked like 5'5 next to Sarkozy (both fond of lifts) but might have been 5'5.5 or 5'6 peak as he probably lost a little bit by early 70's
ItalianChad said on 19/May/23
Rob, how tall do you think this guy is? I've been wondering for months, because he's so baby-faced that I guess I just didn't realize he was that tall until I started seeing a bunch of full-body pics of him. Could he be 6'7''? That is ginormous for the average Italian male (and in general), but especially clashes with his prepubescent face
Click Here
Editor Rob
From a brief look, I would not have guessed him as tall as 6ft 7, a few inches under that.
Andrea said on 18/May/23
Tunman, I think ItalianChad (like many others) is just assuming that since she gets listed at 163 on Google, that's what she claims... Of course, we both know it's not really the case. In fact she claimed 157 back in 2006: Click Here
To be fair to her, it is true that she rarely wears heels and in fact she was wearing quite thin shoes with Zelensky last week Click Here , but yeah, even taking that into account, even that did look too much for sure. Somewhere between 5' and 5'1 could well be possible, and maybe she measured 157 in shoes?
Tunman said on 17/May/23
Yeah,she could be anywhere in that 5'0-1 range but the very fact that she doesn't wear heels (something quite rare for a short woman) might have played a role in perceiving her as 4'10
From what I've seen those monsters Savannah Trapp wears are giving what 7-8" additional height?Kinda weird for a 6'8 girl to wear them but I guess it's more like a game for her to look even more gigantic.
ItalianChad said on 16/May/23
@Tunman Ikr? Maybe 4'10'' was a bit harsh (although in some pictures she does look it, but maybe those are edited by her political opponents or generic haters to mock her?), but there's no way she's a hair over 5'1''. And yeah, I don't know why she doesn't wear heels (which in her case should be platforms AT ALL TIMES, ideally those worn by Savannah Trapp) either. After all, you'd think she'd wanna get as close to her claimed height as possible, and she does desperately need them for being short...
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/23
Yes Meloni I would have thought 5 ft 1 range, no more than 5'1.5 anyway. I've followed her for a few years now, one of my main sources for learning Italian! Needs a page 5 ft 1-5'1.5 is arguable I think.
Zelenskyy looks 5'5.5 with Sunak I think.
Tunman said on 15/May/23
She looked a good 5" smaller than Zelensky the other day,possibly 5.5" max so strong 5'0 or weak 5'1.I saw listings from 5'2 to 5'6.Did she really claim 5'4?I mean she could be that tall in high heels but surprisingly she rarely wears any heel
ItalianChad said on 13/May/23
Rob, will you do Italian PM Giorgia Meloni? She claims to be 5'4'', but is consistenly at least a foot shorter than most heads of State she meets (especially those from Northern Europe, not surprisingly), not to mention even way shorter than this guy. Must be 4'10'' on a good day. What do you think? That one should be fun lol
Editor Rob
At a brief glance I would have thought no more than 5ft 1.
Piabetic said on 12/May/23
Rishi Sunak is reported at 1.7, or 5 ft 6 and Zelenski definitely appears a little shorter.
Marble said on 5/May/23
Zelensky must be atleast 168 cm

He never lied about his height, find me a video where he is saying like "I'm 5ft8"
@Tunman He is a confident charismatic guy, doesn't need to bring shorter people around him on purpose,
That tactic has been used guess by who ? nazi-putin
Click Here

"A Kremlin insider said strict rules dictate no one can be taller than the president – who is believed to be between 5ft 2” and 5ft 5” – in official photos"
Zaraam said on 1/May/23
@shoelifts Has the balls to not wear shoe lifts, but still lies about his height... hmm...
167cm as he's listed here
Tunman said on 1/May/23
He was listed at 5'7 since 2019 at least.Yeah,fame could definitely bring him to 5'8 or so.Someone like Mandela got a 6'4 listing although he was 6'1 at best peak.
Surprisigly,Zelensky rarely looks small with any of the soldiers/officers of Ukrainian army and in some footage there are even guys few inches smaller than him,still he doesn't seem to be the sort of guy who would bring shorter people around him on purpose
QM6'1.75"QM said on 28/Apr/23
166-167cms max and always seems like this, but fame and gov make him 5'7" ... i won't surprise seeing 172cms after few years later:))

He is the sixth president (6), his height is much six!
Tuco Paco Gonzales Ramirez said on 16/Mar/23
Isnt Arch Stanton the name on the grave next to the unmarked grave on The Good, Bad and Ugly movie!?😂😂5
TurtleZach4 said on 4/Mar/23

How tall is Janet Yellen with Zeleknsy. She looks tiny next to him during their meeting. She's no way she's 5'3 like she's listed. Probably 4'10/11 range.
Editor Rob
Would have guessed under 5ft, maybe lost near 2 inches and cleared 5ft 30 years ago.
shoelifts said on 4/Mar/23
168 cm guy
Big respect for him for not wearing huge elevator shoes as Putin does.
shoelifts said on 3/Mar/23
Zelensky is around 167-168 cm
And notice that he has the balls to NOT wear any shoe lifts
Big respect for this guy
Arch Stanton said on 25/Feb/23
After all we've seen of him I think he's definitely taller than 5 ft 5, but the question is how much under 5'6 is he. Overall I think this is the best shout.
Heightist9999 said on 23/Feb/23
I am sure he is 166 cm range.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Feb/23
Looking under 5'6 with Macron recently...
Warren said on 5/Jan/23
166-167cm range for him
Finn said on 24/Dec/22
Yeah Zelensky seems to be around 167 cm, not any taller. Biden getting shorter and slouching all the time.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Dec/22
Who wears khakis to the White House to meet the president LOL? Zelenskyy can pull off looking an inch taller in some of the recent photos but had footwear advantage and better posture than Biden.
heightPoirot said on 21/Dec/22
(Click Here)
Quality journalism as always.
Tunman said on 14/Dec/22
Yeah,somewhere between 5.5 and 6" difference maybe 5'11.5 is perfect for him
AverageSlovene said on 1/Dec/22
I read our comments got lost. On picture with Zelensky (that Tunman uploaded) was also Charles Michel, the bald guy on Zel's right. I would say he is strong 5'11 range but not quite 6ft. Do you agree?
Editor Rob
He looks close to 6ft with Zelensky, at least comfortably over 5ft 11.
Tunman said on 28/Nov/22
Rob,how tall is Maia Sandu the president of Moldova?
Click Here
No more than 5'2 imo perhaps even slightly less,also very thin probably no more than 100 lbs
Click Here
Editor Rob
5ft 1.5 maybe?
Arch Stanton said on 25/Nov/22
I was going to say Tunman that Penn looked more than 2 inches taller.
Tunman said on 21/Nov/22
Also maybe 2.25" shorter than Sean Penn recently.Whether the latter is still the full 5'8 or a fraction any case 5'5.75 seems fair and no less than 5'5.5 for sure
Arch Stanton said on 20/Nov/22
A flat 167 cm I think would be closer.
Editor Rob
With Cruise, it is hard to see less than 2 inches.
Parker said on 20/Nov/22
Arch Stanton said on 19/Nov/22
Looks more than half an inch between Zelenskyy and Sunak Rob Click Here

I agree, but I think Zelensky's height is correct.

Maybe these video clips will stop the silly 5'5/5'6 guesses that some posters submit for Cruise.
Click Here
Paul21 said on 19/Nov/22
There's no way he's anything more than 5'5.5 Rob
Tunman said on 19/Nov/22
Rob,maybe a slight downgrade could be perfect,a little under 5'6 with Sunak imo
Click Here
Not sure about his shoes but could give 1-1.25
So overall 166,5-67 could be bang on,what about 5'5.75?
Arch Stanton said on 19/Nov/22
Looks more than half an inch between Zelenskyy and Sunak Rob Click Here
adrianjacobs said on 4/Oct/22
@Arch Stanton She has the 5'7-look to her
Arch Stanton said on 29/Sep/22
Russian trolls would be claiming 5 ft 2! Sanna Marin is very attractive for a politician BTW!.. 5'5.5-5'6 is arguable.
SannaMarinlove said on 29/Sep/22
moscow guys posting here....
5ft6 for Zelensky
Anything below is just ridiculous
Sinclair said on 27/Sep/22
Agreed, can Zelensky get 5’5.75”, Rob?
Arch Stanton said on 27/Sep/22
5'5.75 I think would be the best shout...
Almost 180cm guy said on 23/Sep/22
There are many grounds for believing Zelenskyy to be under 5ft 6. He looked a solid four inch shorter than Benjamin Netanyahu in 2019. Here are their photos together: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
And one photo from 2020: Click Here
Zelenskyy can sometimes look around 5ft 5.5 but on other occasions over that. It can be assumed that Netanyahu 3 years ago was still 5ft 9.75 and this makes Zelenskyy 5ft 5.75. Rob, don't you think 167cm looks more realistic to the President of Ukraine than a full 5ft 6?
Editor Rob
5ft 5.75 might be a figure to consider for him. 5ft 6 is the most I think I would argue now.
SannaMarinlove said on 21/Sep/22
When you are comparing him with Tom Cruise, you should consider that the american actor is always wearing considerable lifts.
Instead Zelensky has always flat shoes.
If you subtrac from Cruise t the lifts, I think they could be in the same height range.
Personally I think also that Zelensky barefoot is taller than putin because the russian dictator is always wearing HUGE lifts.
SannaMarinlove said on 31/Aug/22
I love the fact that he is always wearing flat shoes. Great guy and good height
Abdul-DK said on 14/Aug/22
Arch Stanton said on 12/Aug/22
This guy must be badass if even Seagal thinks he's bad LOL. I think he's consistently looked near enough 5 ft 6, sometimes I think you could argue 5'5.5-75 range though.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Jul/22
Click Here He stands well with Piers Morgan, difficult to see him under 5 ft 6 here.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jul/22
So who was taller do we think, Stiller or Zelenskyy? I didn't see Stiller's footwear, he might have had the advantage with shoes...
Editor Rob
Close, from watching footage I’m not sure if there really is much between them
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jun/22
Click Here Photo side by side there. In the video Zelenskyy could look a bit taller as he was nearer the camera and it wasn't level.
Parker said on 21/Jun/22
As per listings looks very close to Ben
Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jun/22
I think Ben Stiller is a bit taller in the recent pics but not sure if Stiller had footwear advantage.
Abdul-DK said on 12/Jun/22
166.5 cm
Tunman said on 25/Apr/22
Click Here
Kuleba must be 5'11 or 5'11.5 depending whether Stoltenberg is 6'1 or still 6'1.5 these days
Shmyhal looks around 6'1 with Blinken
Yehor said on 25/Apr/22
Hello from Ukraine, guys) putin.

Yeah, I believe Ze to be about 166.5-167 cm, also. Not sure if less is possible, judging from all the pictures I've seen of him.

Also, Rob, could U, maybe, add some of the US governmental leaders, in connection with Ukraine these days, too, like Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Ostin ?)

Blinken is listed as 5'10'', though may be a bit less / may have lost some of the height, slightly. And Ostin, a large dude he is, seems to be about 6'4.5 to a weaker 6'5''.

Would be interesting to see results more precise and accurate) Same for their top politician colleagues. Plus, U might be interested in checking out Dmitro Kuleba and Olexiy Arestovich, on our side. As well as Denys Shmygal' and Olexis Reznikov.

Largely in contact with the West, as of late and today) Thanks)
Moneymaker! said on 20/Apr/22
He does seem a bit compact to be the full 5'6". 5'5.5"-5'5.75". I feel like someone like Action Bronson would be slightly taller. Like a centimeter.
IceCold said on 19/Apr/22
Mark Wang said on 18/Apr/22
Very Strong 5’5

It seems more resonable
Mark Wang said on 18/Apr/22
Very Strong 5’5
IceCold said on 13/Apr/22
Maybe he is 5'5 range?
Arch Stanton said on 10/Apr/22
I think he looks pretty much the range we think with Boris, close to 5 ft 6, maybe slightly under, too tall to be 5'4-5'5'25.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Apr/22
Click Here Zelenskyy walking through Kiev with Boris Johnson, he was wearing sneakers. Boris is wearing shoes. What do you think he looks walking with Boris? At 0:32 and 0:38 walking down the hill the difference looks more than from other angles.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Apr/22
I wouldn't put it past the Russians to try to claim Zelensky is only 5 ft 2 or 3! Zelensky is always wearing khaki now isn't he, just like Steve Irwin! The new Chilean president Gabriel Boric looks a similar sort of height to Zelensky, 5'5.5-5'6. A few years younger than me too, very young for a president. Sebastian Pinera his predecessor is almost my dad's age!
microft said on 7/Apr/22
After seeing more of him, I think he's 5'5 1/2 maybe a full 5'6 after getting out if bed. Tom Cruise looked about 2- 2.5 inches taller when they met.
Arch Stanton said on 31/Mar/22
Is Jack99's IP from the Kremlin LOL? 166.9 cm is the current guestimate, could be spot on.
Editor Rob
I would definitely rule out Jack being from Russia.
Tall Sam said on 30/Mar/22
Would imagine he is maybe 5’5.75”. Would be interesting to see how he’d look near guys like Charlie Day or Danny Trejo.
IceCold said on 30/Mar/22
Looks under 5'6 in the pic with Biden
IceCold said on 30/Mar/22
I remember Zelenskyy was listed 166 cm online before. 170 cm always seemed high to him
Editor Rob
With Joe Biden he certainly didn't seem over 5ft 6.
Anne M said on 18/Mar/22
I love the comment from DeeLipp below :) This man may be 166 cm vertically, but his courage reaches beyond any border. I truly hope he will be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize :)
Duhon said on 14/Mar/22
Photo should be under the definition of hero. Strong 5'6"
Sal98 said on 13/Mar/22
Needs 1.5” downgrade Angela Merkel 165cm and looks half inch taller with her flat shoes
OriginalAnon said on 13/Mar/22
5'6'' seems about right. Also, he should be nowhere near president of Ukraine.
jack99 said on 13/Mar/22
I've seen him in pictures standing with others and he definitely looks conspicuously short ( 5'4), not just below average short (5'6). If you've seen him standing with Merkel who is maximum 5'4.5 (she wears flat shoes usually), he often looks shorter than her, and when he looks slightly taller you can see he has a big footwear advantage, his head is clearly much smaller than hers which indicates a smaller frame on bigger shoes. (he owns a media company so knows how to manage his image).
Heres some examples of him with Merkel:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

God knows where he'd be without those shoes. I think 5'4 is generous really. Look at him near small 5'6 Putin who he makes look like a giant. Looks like a 3-4 inch difference!
Click Here

Please be honest with yourself people. There's no way on earth he's an inch above 5'4. He's a very short guy, any photos of him with members of the general public make him look like a hobbit (Click Here), theres many others like this too.
Heightyui said on 12/Mar/22
He seems to be less than 5'6.
Probably around 166-167 cm.
oguz said on 12/Mar/22
I do not think he is the full 5'6". I think he is 167 during most of the day.
Hilllll said on 12/Mar/22
@Leesheff1985 I didn't say he's 5'5¾. I said that he is NO MORE than 5'5¾. Read more carefully next time!
Leesheff1985 said on 11/Mar/22
Hillll nobody could tell the difference between 5ft 5 3/4 and 5ft 6. He looks the full 5ft 6 to me
Okidoki said on 10/Mar/22
Saw his video with Cruise calling him good-looking and Tom answering it pays the rent, heheh. Seems a good man, a fighter, wish him and his people all the best. He looks around 167 cm generally.

It's sad what humans still do to each other, this is a tragedy.
Hilllll said on 10/Mar/22
No more than 5'5¾ for Zelenskyy. Doesn't seem like he reaches a full 5'6.

167 cm.
Sal98 said on 7/Mar/22
Exactly at 165cm
Freddy said on 5/Mar/22
It has a strong 2.5in less than 5ft8 Macron.
In fact Zelensky is 5ft6 if Macron wears 1.5in shoes lift. Or 5ft5½ if Macron wears 1in classic shoes.
Arch Stanton said on 5/Mar/22
Jackie Lee said on 3/Mar/22
Anywhere from 5'4-5'6

Well he's definitely not as low as 5 ft 4. I think 166-67 are arguable. A talented pianist LOL! Click Here How big are those guys on the left at 3:20? The big one looks at least 6 ft 8 and 400 pounds.
Editor Rob
Could be near 6ft 8
DanXi said on 5/Mar/22
He looks tiny in some circumstances, so there's a possibility that he is a 166(strong 5'5)guy
Mickie said on 3/Mar/22
Didn't realize he was below average height until I saw him standing next to others. Yeah, about 5'6" seems believable.
MD said on 3/Mar/22
He is shorter than this.
malsson2 said on 3/Mar/22

wrong. Modi's clearly taller by at least an inch; you could even see it from the shoulder height
Heightist9999 said on 3/Mar/22
BoobleGooble said on 3/Mar/22
I just gave the video with Tom Cruise another look.And he looks like a 5'6 guy
BoobleGooble said on 3/Mar/22
Looked 5'5.5/166cm with Tom Cruise.The guy is a hero
Almost 180cm guy said on 3/Mar/22
I'm glad Zelensky has finally been added! Now it's time for Recep Tayyip Erdogan, here are the photos of Zelensky and Erdogan from 2022: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Today Erdogan is 68 so he sure has lost some height by now but still looks a good 6 inches taller than Zelensky. Rob, how tall do you think Erdogan looks today?
Editor Rob
Erdogan has lost height, just question of whether a 1/2 inch or more.
Jackie Lee said on 3/Mar/22
Anywhere from 5'4-5'6
Tall Sam said on 2/Mar/22
I think 5’5.75” is defendable, more of a weak 5’6” for a man strong in character and courage.
dreus23 said on 2/Mar/22
@rifle trooper

Do you have eyes lol? They look to be the exact same height in that picture
The Height Guy said on 2/Mar/22
A very good man, hope he & his army can win this crazy war against russia. 5'6
AverageSlovene said on 2/Mar/22
He isn't tall but is still a giant. Every country deserves a president like him. What a man, what a legend.
He gets 5'6" from me.
Rifle/Trooper said on 2/Mar/22
He looks no more than 166 cm.
In this pic he is an inch shorter than 5'6.5" tall Indian PM Modi

Click Here
DeeLipp said on 1/Mar/22
OK, we know his height, but how big are his balls?
Droopy 173cm said on 1/Mar/22
@Rob Paul considering that he looked 3 inches shorter with tom cruise puts him more around 5"5. If tom was wearing lifts(Likely) then it's possible that he is really 167cm tall. I would say he is more like 5"5½ or 166 cm.
Editor Rob
There is a case for 5ft 5.5 with Tom
Johnny 181-182 cm said on 1/Mar/22
Looks atleast 2 inches shorter than Macron. At most 5ft 6. 5ft 5.5 is also possible.
Johnny 181-182 cm said on 1/Mar/22
@Rob do you think Putin will edge this guy out?
Editor Rob
I think he could have a slight edge
Harold Green 741 6'1 1/8(185.7cm) said on 28/Feb/22
Didn't know he was 5'6 but he definitely has a big heart and leadership for Ukraine. Instead of fleeing, he decided to fight for his country which was very admirable of him. I hope that Ukraine remains strong and repel the attack from Russia. Say No to War.
Tajaun said on 28/Feb/22
Seemed around this with Jens Stoltenberg.
toddd0461 said on 28/Feb/22
Convenient timing to have the Ukrainian president on here. 5'6" seems about right though, looked pretty close with Putin.
Tunman said on 28/Feb/22
Hi,everyone,I've been following the war non stop since the 24th.Definitely deserves a page!Yeah 5'6 sounds the most likely figure from all that I've seen.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Feb/22
With Trudeau though Click Here you couldn't call him 5 ft 5 range there.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Feb/22
Ah you've added him, well done. I've had a good look at Zelenskyy today. I would say by himself he can frequently appear a 5 ft 5 range gentleman but pictured next to people maybe a bit taller than he might seem at times, nearer 5 ft 6. My guess is 167cm. 5'5.75, but perhaps deserves a full 5 ft 6 for tenacity!
Hugh M said on 28/Feb/22
He is shorter standing next to 5’8” Macron. I’d say he’s somewhere between 5’5” and 5’6”.
miko said on 28/Feb/22
5'6 but holds himself like a true giant.
DanDanDanDanDanDan said on 28/Feb/22
Did look noticeably shorter than Olaf Scholz, who isn't a tall guy. Probably at least an inch between these two.

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