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6ft 0.27in (183.6cm)
_-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-_/ said on 12/Mar/09
Miller looks all of 6ft1 with Glenn. Rob he should be given the 6ft1 at least.
Linus said on 11/Mar/09
he is 6,1 and 175 pounds.
heightmenow said on 22/Feb/09
mmm seems to me there is a 5 to 6 inch difference between glenn and miller im 5'8 my sister 5'2 and thats how we look on picture
DejaVu said on 20/Feb/09
Why isn't he listed as a full 6'1? He looks 186cm next to glenn.
-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 16/Feb/09
I've only started watching Prison Break properly recently. Dominic is definately taller than Miller. But only by about 1cm if you look closely. I'd say Miller is 186cm and Purcell is 187cm.
Samuel said on 15/Feb/09
He does look like a fairly big bloke in prison break especially next to 5 foot 7 Lane Garrison. His wide torso does give him a shorter look though.
yoyo said on 12/Feb/09
he looks 186 beside glenn..
Hugh said on 10/Feb/09
This guy's been looking close to 6ft2 recently. I'd say he's 6ft1 at least. Purcell does however look taller. I'd peg him at 6ft1.5.
jonas said on 5/Feb/09
i always thought miller looked taller than purcell in the series, but i guess thats just because he is thinner
Anonymous3 said on 23/Jan/09
tall, I see 6-1 minimum. Looked like the difference between me and my dad 2 years ago.
klem said on 22/Jan/09
He looks under 180 pounds to me. He looked lean not very muscular even though he has good predisposotions.
klem said on 22/Jan/09
He looks tall with gleen minimum 6-1 on the pic but in preason break he looked 6-0 minimum and 6-1 on occasions.
Hugh said on 20/Jan/09
Miller and Purcell diddn't look that much shorter than 6ft3ish Michael Rappaport.
Andy van Karlsen said on 16/Jan/09
I think he's 184cm/6'0.5 and Purcell is 186cm/ 6'1.25
Hugh said on 16/Jan/09
Regardless, he looks in tremendous shape.
Hugh said on 16/Jan/09
I think he might be 6ft1. Dom is little over 6ft1 in my opinion. 186cm.
Lmeister said on 15/Jan/09
He seems to be around 6ft1 and my guess is that he is closer to 185 lbs than to 175 lbs. Guys with his built can look a lot lighter than they really are. I mean he has a lean athletic built with rather wide shoulders.
Hugh said on 9/Jan/09
6ft1.25 I'd say. I think Dom is 6ft1.5.
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/09
Well id say he's an inch smaller than Dominic Purcell.

See here:
Click Here
Kiril said on 1/Jan/09
I think and i'm almost 100 per cent sure that he's exactly 6 foot 1 inches(185sm)
Ben said on 31/Dec/08
about 6'0.5" in the first photo assuming glenn is around 5'7.5-.75 at the time, and looks 6'1-6'1.25 in the second photo.
Ben said on 31/Dec/08
6'1" it is. could possibly be a solid/strong 6'1. 6'1.25 Rob?
Clay said on 26/Dec/08
Its a pretty keen eye on Rob's part to notice he's .25 of an inch away from 6'1''...
dmeyer said on 25/Dec/08
i understand rob listing he is a very smart guy , he likes hard evidance , and i agree that even thaugh sometimes miller can give impression of a 6 ft 1.5 in guy or near enaugh 6 ft 2 , but it is true that when he is standing by purcell were the feet can be scene and when they have simmilar shoes like in season 3 they both have 1.3 in heels miller dosnt look taller than purcell and he can even look a smidge under they are about equal heigh barefeet , it is hard to judge since in season 1 the floor is sometimes uneven but they look equal height , then in season 2 purcell has cowboy heels like 1.7 1.8 in and miller has only 1.2 to 1.3 , then in season 4 miller can look a bit taller than purcell has 0.8 to 1 in sneakers when miller has 1.2 to 1.3 , but i agree he looks too big to be only 6 ft 0.5 in , so 6 ft 0.75 is a better estimate ,and 6 ft 1 is very possible
adam said on 19/Dec/08
He is at least 6-1 and has broad-shoulders.
dmeyer said on 18/Dec/08
even thaugh he can look 6 ft 1 ro 6 ft 1.5 sometimes he can look 6 ft 0.5 in near 6 ft 1 purcell so 6 ft 0.75 is perfect but i think he is 6 ft 1
glenn said on 14/Dec/08
i dont understand it either.6-1 it is.
adam said on 14/Dec/08
Looks a great deal taller than Glenn. Come on with those quarter of an inch things -the man is clearly 6-1 at least.
dmeyer said on 10/Dec/08
rob wath stops you from listing him at 6 ft 1

Editor Rob
I could just do that.
dmeyer said on 10/Dec/08
i wish i was 6 ft 1 its one on the greatest height
DMEYER said on 27/Nov/08
6 ft 1 is tall but it isnt gonna look tall in a crowed
anonymous said on 23/Nov/08
I'm five foot 10. He just doesnt look that tall on screen and he's 6 foot 1. 6 foot 1 is tall.
1990boy said on 11/Nov/08
He looks more like 6'2"
adam said on 9/Nov/08
I`d say at least 6-1. And can look taller in many occasions. Most of the time he looks clearly taller than Fichtner and also in Season 3 looked taller than the Lechero guy who has a huge ass!
dmeyer said on 1/Nov/08
i dont think he is taller than 6 ft 1 in he can look 6 ft 2 somtimes but its just posture and a bit of footwear
Clay said on 30/Oct/08
Dmeyer have you ever heard of punctuation? Even if Glenn's at 5'7.75 Miller still registers 6'1-6'1.5.
dmeyer said on 30/Oct/08
glenn is about 5 ft 7.5 171.5 cm just about 172 miller is 184.785 cm thats 12 to 13 cm height differance it is normal that miller towers him also miller wears 1.4 to 1.5 in heels alot on prison break and purcell wears 0.6 to 0.75 in sneakers so just about 6 ft 1 is right for wenty
glenn said on 29/Oct/08
this should be 6-1
Clay said on 27/Oct/08
See Viper you're dead set on scraping off inches bud. Wentworth is only 6'0 huh?? Thank god Glenn is back to post pics to prove guys like you around here wrong.
anonymous said on 21/Oct/08
He's 6 foot 1. No taller. He doesn't look that tall.
Bad Radio said on 20/Oct/08
looks 6'1 dead on !
mofo said on 18/Oct/08
6ft1 seems right on the ball to me.
Ian said on 17/Oct/08
I'd say 6ft1 Glenn is 5ft8 so a def 6ft1.
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
hmm he looks average in prison break.i guess because he has tall co-stars:P
brent said on 17/Oct/08
On the show prison break he seems to be a solid 183, since dress shoes give atleast 1-2cm could 6ft be outta the question? plus isnt 185 a solid 6-1?
glenn said on 17/Oct/08
james-6-1 at least del mar-hard to say.perhaps the taller pic.anything below 6-1 sound too short.if you said 6-2 as some say here id believe it.
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/08
Always thought he was too tall to be six feet.
Del Mar said on 16/Oct/08
Looks close to 6-2 in the left pic and about 6 in the right. Which of the two would u put more correct glenn?
klem said on 16/Oct/08
Looks between 6 and 6-1 on the pic, maybe more if Glenn is really 5-8 at that moment, but i doubt its straight out of bed.
glenn said on 16/Oct/08
its for the people like yourself that can appreciate here for you people.not those that leave the site cause my height gaugings are supposedly inflated.people have issues.
anonymous said on 16/Oct/08
i watch prison break and he seems shorter than dominic pucell by an inch. I would say 6 foot 1 seems right for him even though i thought he was shorter because the female actors in the series seem to be close to his height. All his co stars are close to his height.
Lego said on 15/Oct/08
epic image, thanks glenn.

looks an easy 6'2 in the image so 6'0.75 or even 6'1 flat is right.
Original said on 15/Oct/08
Looks 6'1.5" for me, maybe 6'2"
Anonymous said on 15/Oct/08
NO WAY 6'2 BUT 6'1
Anonymous3 said on 14/Oct/08
I think solid 6'0-6'2 and anywhere in between is a great height. like this man in the photo....
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/08
yeah, looks a bare minimum 6'1..... probably more to be fair.
glenn said on 14/Oct/08
doing good for the most part markus.appreciate your words.looking foward to hearing your music.
Boxing Fighter said on 14/Oct/08
He looks taller! 6ft2 at least.
Markus said on 14/Oct/08
Nice seeing you back Glenn! I missed your input on here.
The music's doing great, we got to play on 2 small festivals, and we got a show coming up next week. After that show we'll start recordings for 3 songs. I'll keep you updated on myspace. How are you doing ?
glenn said on 14/Oct/08
thanks rob.take your time.
glenn said on 14/Oct/08
thanks markus! hows the music?
glenn said on 14/Oct/08
cant escape me
glenn said on 14/Oct/08
thank you caesar.sorry for mistaking what you said miko.though that was hard not to.i appreciate the correction.he was very friendly.dont know anything about him or the show.or any tv after 1987.
miko said on 14/Oct/08
I mean 5"7.75 Glenn, these prove your 5"8 or close to it, out of bed.

Was he friendly Glenn?
Derbi said on 13/Oct/08
Wow Glenn he didn'r manage to escape? good job, lol:-)
185 seems right...
Caesar said on 13/Oct/08
glenn says on 13/Oct/08
i look 5-7 on the right?.ha.what this clearly shows is that pictures arnt great to judge height he towers me,the other he doesnt as much is what i see.but yet people still downgrade me when they dont understand something or offence,but thats bad judgement.

You're right, Glenn, it could just be the pictures, but I think my analysis is consistent with your 5'8 out of bed claim.
Ange said on 13/Oct/08
That's a nice looking man!!! He does legitimate 6 foot proud!
glenn said on 13/Oct/08
which reminds me rob, my myspace might have a few pics you dont have.or at least the robert downey jr.someone on the site borrowed it can do the same if you can.thanks.i dont think,well maybe the will smith is there too.i dont think we posted the downey officially?

Editor Rob
no, I will, I'm away this weekend so won't do much comment updates, on thursday I will put downey up then properly.
glenn said on 13/Oct/08
janice is 100 percent are decieving.can show reality or illusion.
Lenad said on 13/Oct/08
He looks around 6'1.
Markus said on 13/Oct/08
Don't know the guy but 6'1" seems quite right.
Anyway, Glenn you're back, welcome!
Clay said on 13/Oct/08
Easy 6'1''.
janice said on 13/Oct/08
Well, this pictures show very well how height in pictures can change, lol ;D
glenn said on 13/Oct/08
i look 5-7 on the right?.ha.what this clearly shows is that pictures arnt great to judge height he towers me,the other he doesnt as much is what i see.but yet people still downgrade me when they dont understand something or offence,but thats bad judgement.
Caesar said on 13/Oct/08
Wentworth Miller is 6'0.5 as listed before. He is a little shorter than Purcell, a couple inches shorter than Peter Stormare, and FOX has listed him at both 6'0 and 6'1. He is 5-6 inches taller than Glenn, deductions can be made from there.
the shredder said on 13/Oct/08
Looks weak 6'1 , just hitting 6'1 , so 6'0.75 is about right ! ... Rob , when is Will Smith pic coming ?

Editor Rob
in the future, when Glenn has time.
derek d said on 13/Oct/08
He looks closer to 6'1.5 or 6'2
Derek said on 13/Oct/08
6'1" looks about right.
miko said on 13/Oct/08
Wentworth is looking 6"1 there. Maybe more.
OutBenchThis said on 13/Oct/08
looks between 6'-6'1" with Glenn so 184-185cm is right.
tony montana said on 13/Oct/08
miller an purcell are both 6ft 1
DMEYER said on 7/Oct/08
does look a solid 2 IN UNDER RAPAPORT SO 184 SEEMS RIGHT
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/08
he looks kinda fat this year on Prison break. 6'-6'1
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/08
solid 184 cm before bed 186 cm morning probably
Yaspaa said on 20/Apr/08
Click Here
Silver said on 1/Apr/08
nah jim he is min. 184cm and max 186-187cm.
Jim said on 8/Mar/08
I think he is 6 feet on the dot, he has really long legs which makes him look alot taller. on screen he looks 6 foot 2
dmeyer said on 6/Mar/08
his hair looks good short up to 0.5 in more than that no
Johnny Boy said on 29/Feb/08
This guy will never be able to grow his hair - women will say he looks ugly if he doen't have his trademark buzz cut! I'd say 6' - 6'1.
Anonymous said on 15/Feb/08
His driver's license said 6'0 175 on Prison Break. I think he's a bit taller than a flat 6'0 but 175 sounds about right to me.
dmeyer said on 6/Feb/08
he can look 6 ft in pics but with bad posture this guy is true 6'0.5 maybe even 6'1 on the show he dont force posture he even bend is head over alot and still looks 6'1
dmeyer said on 5/Feb/08
i think 6'0.5 in like legit 184 cm fits him perfect
dmeyer said on 29/Jan/08
he looks more buffed in season 3 so 185 to 190 maybe
klem said on 15/Jan/08
i doubt he is even 180 pounds... he looks very slender on prison break series.
dmeyer said on 14/Jan/08
miller is 180 pounds
the shredder said on 8/Jan/08
I think he is 6'0 to 6'0 1/2 and 200 lbs at the very most ! ... T.Bag said in a interview that he himself was 170 lbs !
schwarzy said on 7/Jan/08
waht about miller's weight?how much do you think he weighs?
ted T said on 2/Jan/08
Slim frame is always tricky.I thought he was taller than Purcell.Rob,it's not only the camera or the footwear.Slim guys as well manage to look tall even at 5-7.
Realheight 88 said on 1/Jan/08
He is 1,84.1cm shorter than dominic purcell.Click Here
dmeyer said on 27/Nov/07
in saga pic,miller realy dosnt force posure ,he tands to to that in pics outwith the show ,and because of that can look 5'11.75 to 6'0 ,but when he stand tall he looks legit 184 guy ,even in season 1 miller looks sometimes 0.25 in taller than purcell but i do believe purcell is 0.5 in taller ,nut no more ,i think purcell and miller are both close enaugh 6'1 purcell might be 6'1 before bed ,and miller might might be a weak 6'1er ,if they both stand tall the diferance wont be mush
Dawn said on 13/Nov/07
I thought that he looked at least 6' 2" cause my old man is 6' 1" and Went looks taller. We watch Prison Break every week. There is no way in H#*%% that he is only 5' 11" He towers over most of the other guys in the show.
dmeyer said on 11/Nov/07
on the show can look a 185 cm guy
dmeyer said on 9/Nov/07
in the season 1 he can look as tall as purcell and even 1 cm taller or 0.25 in taller he can look as tall as 6'2.5 stormare but they were standing on grass so maybe floor advantage but he did look easy 6'1er in season 1
miko said on 23/Oct/07
Miller 6"0.75, Purcell 6"1.
dmeyer said on 20/Oct/07
purcell is a true 6'1er and miller a weak 6'1er
saga said on 20/Oct/07
Miller = 6'0.5 (184cm)
Purcell = 6'1-6'1.25 (185.5-186cm)
Click Here

What's next?
Viper said on 19/Oct/07
6-2 is crazy for Miller. Hes 6-0.
dmeyer said on 18/Oct/07
i agree with rob that miller aint that mush shorter than purcell
dmeyer said on 18/Oct/07
6'2 i doubt he is just shy of of 6'1 purcell
Anonymous said on 18/Oct/07
Personally I think 6ft 0.5 in is a ludicrous height for Miller. At least on paper. I don't know what it is about him, but he looks easily 6.2. It could be his long legs, pulling up his pants high making the belt buckle high when he is wearing a suit. 6.05 just seems too little for him.
dmeyer said on 11/Oct/07
there isnt 2 in between then but purcell has 1 to 2.5 cm on him
sam said on 11/Oct/07
They can't make up their mind for Miller's height on that show. At least his weight is steady at 175 lbs. Also, I don't believe Purcell's only 5 pounds heavier than Miller.
Stojakovic said on 10/Oct/07
Here is the Wanted posters. Click Here
Miller is 6' and Purcell 6'2
dmeyer said on 10/Oct/07
on tyhe show he can look 185 cm but in pics can look 183 flat = 6ft so is 6 ft 0.25 in possible for him 183.5 cm pushing 184 he might 6'0.25 before bed
dmeyer said on 8/Oct/07
thats wath happens when jolie wears 0.5 to 1 cm balarina and pitt wear 1.3 in heels and 1.25 in lifts inside he has near 2 in advantage
dmeyer said on 7/Oct/07
footwear is very importent when i wear 0.5 to 0.6 in puma and when i wear 1.25 dress shoes or sneakers it feels different even thaugh the differance is only 1.5 cm wish explain whi some guys apear smaller or taller by 2 cm i a guy wears converse wish is not the worst or like racing shoes with 0.4 in heels 1 cm and the other guy has nike shoes with 1.42 in heels the differance is a full inthats whi it is importent pics were shoes can be seen but i think most feetwear are 0.75 in to 1.25 in 2 to 3 cm under that it is very low heeled and over that it looks big

Editor Rob
I've got 2 pics where each girl is wearing 1/4 inch ballerina's, so they have 3/4 inch disadvantage in footwear. Such situations must always be mentioned or noted. Even 1/2 inch is important on here!
sasa23 said on 6/Oct/07
i think he's less then 6' hz's at least 0.5" smaller then dominic look at these pics ?
Click Here
and by the way..look at the one about went and luke"tr.knight x-boyfriend!!"
dmeyer said on 3/Oct/07
after looking at season 2 even thaugh purcell weared cowboy boots that give about 1.75 in and purcell had 1.25 they look very similar height like only 2 cm differance considering footwear sometimes they look the same when there is only 0.5 to 1 in between people if the pavement is on someone favor they can look identical so even thaugh in pics miller can look a full in smaller the differance could be only 1 cm and i agree about an old cooment that he can look 6'0.75 in the shoes but looks a bit smaller outwith looks about 3.5 on knepper so 184 strong seems right wenty is defenetly 6' to 6'1 zone 183 to 185 not 186 not 182
dmeyer said on 25/Sep/07
i doubt wenty is anything less than 6'0.25 sometimes his body makes him look 6'2 to 6'3
JK said on 25/Sep/07
maybe he is more 6'0''
sam said on 25/Sep/07
As previously mentioned, a "Wanted" internet posting on Prison Break had him at 6'1"/175 lbs.
Brent said on 24/Sep/07
in an episode of prison break called "panama" his prison sheet gives him 5-11
dmeyer said on 20/Sep/07
i agree easy 0.5 in and i think more like 0.75 in
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/07
ok rob so do you think the differance betwwen them is only 0.6 cm

Editor Rob
could be 1/2 inch.
dmeyer said on 18/Sep/07
i agree rob miller might be taller but they are very close indeed

Editor Rob
they do have 'close' scenes in prison break 3 is what I'm meaning.
dmeyer said on 17/Sep/07
at some point miller look 1.5 in taller than fichtner but that was only the angle also most of the episode they look 0.5 to 0.75 in differance they are close indeed none of the shots were great to judge but there isnt only 0.25 in between them i think 5'11.75 for fishtner and 6'0.5 for miler exept if miller has more shoes miller can look 6'1 to 6'1.25 with 6'2.5 stormare but with purcell looks max 6'0.25 to 6'0.5 so you either uprate miller or donwgrate fichtner
dmeyer said on 16/Sep/07
miller and fishtner never faced each other in a way that we can judge they shoulfd be pretty close since fishtner 6 ft 0.25 and miller 6'0.5 like 0.5 cm

Editor Rob
in season 3 they'll be close...
funkysmell said on 12/Sep/07
Taller than William Fichtner who plays Mahone in Prison Break. 1 or 2 inches.
This guy is probably a genuine 6 footer.

Lucky ****!
dmeyer said on 30/Aug/07
in that pic with williams he looks about 6'1.5 to 6'2 but miller looks 6'1.5 alot in the first season also compare to stormare but looks 6 ft to 6'0.25 by purcell so 6 ft 0.5 in is good
dmeyer said on 28/Aug/07
it is a shame nobody met him
dmeyer said on 26/Aug/07
dont forget miller has better posture in that pics in the beginig of season 2 the differance can look only 3 to 4 cm between them
Ace__ said on 25/Aug/07
W. Miller is definitely and is 6"+ and below 6"1. So in centimeters that'd be around 183. Since I looked at this photo and Wade Williams is reported to be 5"11.

Click Here
dmeyer said on 22/Aug/07
he is listed at 6'0.5 6'1 and 6'1.5 i think miller is a bit over 6 ft does look a genuine tall guy
dmeyer said on 21/Aug/07
i agree miller can look6'1 to 6'1.5 by wade and keach but then he look a bit under 6'1 purcell so 6'0.5 seems right
dingto said on 17/Aug/07
6ft is good for brainer and above 6ft is better for brute force, know what i mean.if the brainer too tall it aint gonna be very interesting Prison Break aite like for example the avocado(6ft6) become the brainer.Scofield probaly around 6ft 1/2 or 6'1.Wade willaim is 5'11 and Wenworth tower over him Click Here
dmeyer said on 17/Aug/07
can look as tall as 6'1 but can also look only 6 ft so 6'0.5 fits him
dmeyer said on 16/Aug/07
also just by wering 1.5 in he reaches 6'2 that should make him look 6'1 like when i wear Nike Shox that give me 0.4 0.5 in over 1 in normal footwear i look 5'11.5
dmeyer said on 16/Aug/07
is lifts possible for that guy since he can look 6'0 to 60.5 in alot near purcell but sometimes looks only 1 in smaller than 6'2.5 stormare he towered too mush over degeneres if she is 5'7 but he never looks less than 6 ft to 6 ft 0.5 wish is tall me and 6'3 jk agree
6'3'' JK said on 15/Aug/07
This guy looks like 6'0'' - 6'0.5''
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/07
compre to degeneres looks full 6'1
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/07
i dont think miller could be over 184 cm since he looks about 1 in shorter than purcell outwith the show but he does look 2 in on wade williams and 2 in on stacy keach
bobguys said on 14/Aug/07
it seems that when watching a prison break they all look short but in reality many of them is 6ft.i Cant wait for Prison break season 3
dmeyer said on 9/Aug/07
in a walikns scene purcell had the edge but he had flor adavntage so it is indeed possible than purcell is only 0.5 to 0.75 in on miller
Chris said on 8/Aug/07
Yeah i think Purcell wears cowboy boots so it would give him the edge
dmeyer said on 5/Aug/07
if i ever meet him i expect him to e 6 ft to 6 ft 1 in over that or under that will surprise me
dmeyer said on 5/Aug/07
even thaugh otwith the show he can look 6 ft he dosnt mean he aint 184 i agree rob maybe loose posture
dmeyer said on 5/Aug/07
after looking at prison break making of 6'0.25 to 6'0.5 in seems right for him since near ratner who i met a few times who is 5'7.5 to 5'7.75 by that mark sucre is 177 cm no less
dmeyer said on 2/Aug/07
miller can look 183 by purcell but by nolasco he looks easy 184
dmeyer said on 1/Aug/07
there is an episode were purcell wears 1.8 cowboy boots and miller has 1.25 boots and stell look only 1 to 1.25 in shorter so 184 is possible but i agree on the shoew he looks taller also 1 in is hard to see on screen
dmeyer said on 30/Jul/07
i agree on the show can look 185 but dost look over 183 outwith
dmeyer said on 30/Jul/07
i was expecting rob to answer if 183 was possible for this guy

Editor Rob
on the show most of the time he looks tall, sometimes outwith in photos he can look just 183, but I still think 184 suits him.
MD said on 29/Jul/07
Dmeyer, again, why four consecutive posts in one day? Really, what is the use?
dmeyer said on 29/Jul/07
183 cm a possibility for him anybody met him by any chance
dmeyer said on 29/Jul/07
by stormare he can look 186 but by purcell he looks 183 cm this is 6 ft flat possible for this guy like 185 cm morning and 183 before bed
dmeyer said on 29/Jul/07
after looking at pics with purcell i think 184 is too high 183 seems closer miller can even look strong 182 but no great posture there seemed to be a solid in between them so either purcell is 6'1.25 and miller is 6 ft or 6ft 0.25 but if purcell is 6'1 thaen miller is 6 ft i agree on the show he can look 6'1 easy near keach but in real life look close to 6 ft if he was 6'0.5 with good posture it should be hard to tell whos taller but there is a clear in to 1.25 in between them i dont say 184 is impossible but 183 cm before bed might be closer
dmeyer said on 29/Jul/07
on the show he can look 6 ft flat in walking scene with purcell but i doubt miller is less than 6'0.25 in i think 6 ft 0.25 in is a possibility for this guy but he can look 185 cm near stormare so 184 fits him
dmeyer said on 26/Jul/07
in season 2 when they are walking miller is several times 1 in smaller but can look only 1 in smaller than 189 stormare this guy could be 6 ft to 6ft 0.25 in i agree in seasno 1 he looks 184 185 alot but looking nearer 183 in season 2 when purcell is walking with a shaved head and miller has a hat who gotta give him 0.25 in advantage and steel look 1 in smaller but i agree a friend of mine who is a solid 2 in smaller than me can look closer to my height when we walk becuse of the pavement the pavement can give you or take you 1 in
John said on 23/Jul/07
Anonymous, you are in serious denial man. No way is miller 5'10 or 11...
dmeyer said on 16/Jul/07
maybe keifer had 2.5 over barefeet wish make him apear 5'9.75 thats whi miller looked only 2.5 in taller
dmeyer said on 16/Jul/07
purcell does have the edge by 1 to 2 cm but miller can look only 0.75 in shorter than 189 stormare and on rare occasion 5 cm
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/07
I saw a promotional poster that had there pictures on it, gave him a 6'
dmeyer said on 17/Jun/07
i agree nothing under 6 ft even before bed likely 6'1 to 6'1.25 morning and 6'0.5 before bed

Editor Rob
Purcell when he stands well is true 6ft 1er in evening I think, Miller could be one of those guys out of bed can be little over 6ft 1 but by dinner time down nearer 184. Sometimes he looks shorter in photos like with kiefer than on the show.
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/07
i thin 6'0.5 is right for this guy.. Dominic purcell is 6'1 and the diferrence between this to guys are really short.Sometimes miller seem even taller than purcell. So i think 6'0.5 or 6'1 ir right for this guy...
After all..He is tall.
leonari said on 16/Jun/07
5'10" is a joke you fools!!! Anything under 6'0" is f****** joke!!
Anonymous said on 15/Jun/07
If that is true of him being 177cm, he is a tad under 5'10 barefoot. I had him peg at 5'10 to 5'11 barefoot.
tom said on 13/Jun/07
Hi, i just saw this Click Here .I dont know if this is his official myspace site but he says that he is 5'10 . I think he is taller....

Editor Rob
it depresses me when I see pages like that and all the people commenting on it...
Anonymous said on 12/Jun/07
It did say 6'1 on the FBI most wanted file on the Net. That is the character's height on the show, but to me Miller's own height is probably 5'11. He does not come across as a towering 6'1 guy.
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/07
I saw it listed as 6'1 175 lbs on prison break. Can't say I ever saw it as 5'11...
dmeyer said on 7/Jun/07
i agree rob even in the first season dominic has the edge but near stormare he almost alwais look 186 cm but near purcell dosnt look over 184 cm 6' out of bed
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/07
In Prision Break, they showed his file and his height was listed as 5'11
dmeyer said on 3/Jun/07
i agreeis it hard to tell differance btween hhim and purcell so could be 6'1 but somtimes he lok only 1 to 2 cm under 189 stormare so 6'1.75 and sometimes he look 2 in under in walking scene this guy might be a true 6'1 men

Editor Rob
near end of second season on the flat indoor surfaces, some scenes I think do show purcell has the edge...when he stands well. There's a pic of purcell and napper where you can see when he has looser posture doesn't look as big. His thick head can make him appear smaller probably
dmeyer said on 1/Jun/07
6'0.5 seems bang on he seems almost as tall as purcell and 2 in under stormare this guy is between 6'0.25 to 6'0.75 6'0.5 seems right
sally said on 22/May/07
hey.i love the show PB.i believe wenty is 185.i heard this in a french show. but i have a he muslim?or it's only remors?and does he have a GF?
Robert said on 17/Apr/07
He is definitely tall.6' to 6-1 seems accurate.
I could not believe that he is almost 35, because he does not look it at all. He looks as he would be still in his 20th.
Anonymous said on 9/Apr/07
He is tall. Nothing less than 6'.

6'1 in the morning probably.
anonymous said on 3/Apr/07
his profile or driver's license on "Prison Break" last night listed him as 6'1 & 175 lbs, which sounds about right for him.
Anonymous said on 26/Mar/07
Yeah, I would buy anywhere from 6'0.25" to 6'1" for this guy.
mike said on 10/Mar/07
5'11 max? In your dreams buddy lol
John said on 3/Mar/07
The Avocado guy is 6'7.

Miller i would say is between 6'0 and 6'1.

Editor Rob
actually, Miller looks bigger on the show than outwith it in pics for some reason...maybe 6ft 3/4 inch is closer for this guy
dmeyer said on 28/Jan/07
keifer looks 5'10 in those pics so no less than 174 cm barefeet

Editor Rob
he don't look short. Keifer's growing again, maybe carlos tipped him off. "'Stand taller', like Rob told me!"
dmeyer said on 23/Jan/07
if purcell is 6'1 185.42 cm then miller is 184 no more there is 0.5 in betweeen then maybe 0.75 in
dmeyer said on 22/Jan/07
this height seems about right for this guy possible 185
007 said on 17/Jan/07
After watching PB, Wentworth looks like a clear 6'1" to me, and thats what he claims, so i have no doubts. He also looks a bit taller than Purcell and two inches from Stormare. Stormare:6'3" Miller:6'1" Purcell:6'0.5"
Big Dave said on 15/Jan/07
Wentworth Miller looks like a solid 6'1 to me. He sometimes appears smaller as he has bad posture in Prison Break.
Matt said on 11/Jan/07
6'1" seems about right compared to 6'1.5" - 6'2" Dominic Purcell.
Franco said on 3/Jan/07
half the cast of PRISON BREAK is born under the sign of the GEMINI which is amazing, Wentworth miller, Robin Tunney, Sarah Wayne, Stacy Keach, and much more. LOL

Wentworth is 1.84 to 1.85cm, more like 1.85cm.
Bel said on 21/Dec/06
well, he's definitely over 6'1 and under 6'3. his legs look really long in his magazine photos.
Big Dave said on 19/Dec/06
I think he looks more like 6'1. I always thought he looked a bit taller than Domonic Purcell in Prison Break.
Anonymous said on 27/Oct/06
On the Prison Break DVD Purcell says that Wentworth is 6'2. In a French interview recently Wentworth said that he is 1.85m
sithius said on 6/Oct/06
Hmm ok. Well, the guys around him must have been wearing lifts then because trust me, he is atleast 6"+. Just look at Prison Break.
sithius said on 6/Aug/06
Anon, those pictures are photoshopped.
MillerFAN said on 3/Aug/06
No, seriously, he looks taller than 6.5 feet in a lot of photos!!!
SH said on 7/Jun/06
Do any other prison break viewers have any idea how tall that Avocado guy was?
I estimate 6'5'' - 6'6''
D. Ray Morton said on 4/Jun/06
"also mentioned that the guy walks really, really fast."

That's hilarious. I'm picturing the evil terminator cop in T2.
deadman said on 9/Apr/06
hey guys, my brother lives in downtown chicago. wentworth apparently stays downtown when filming "prison break" (which is kind of weird since "prison break" is filmed in joliet. it's about 1 hour away. maybe he just stays there when he has time off.) he sees wentworth walking around a lot, and mostly sees him at borders. my brother is 5'11, and he said wentworth was about an inch taller. also mentioned that the guy walks really, really fast. and yes, he always has that smoldering look on his face.
Blues said on 7/Apr/06
half-inch? how do you know he's HALF-inch taller? it's hard to see one or two inches unless both are straight side by side, how can you see half-inch?
But with all the photos and movies I've seen with him, he's between 6' and 6'1.
Tall Guy said on 11/Feb/06
He's between Purcell and Stormare. I've read somewhere that D. Purcell is 6'1" and P. Stormare is 6'3". If that is true, then Miller must be 6'1.5" at least! Maybe 6'2".

Editor Rob
they are near enough same height, and 6ft 1 might be more accurate
Stiffelio said on 25/Dec/05
At long last I see this guy posted! I'd say the height is anywhere between 6ft to 6ft 1". In Prison Break he looks maybe just a half-inch taller than Dominic Purcell (my guess 6ft), 1 inch taller than Stacy Keach (mg 5ft 11.5") and a couple of inches shorter than Peter Stormare (mg 6ft 2.5")

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