How tall is Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller's Height

6ft 0.5in (184.2 cm)

English-born American Actor, best known for playing Michael Scofield on TV series Prison Break, Leonard Snart / Captain Cold in Legends of Tomorrow and for roles in films Resident Evil: Afterlife, The Human Stain and The Loft. This photo was taken at a Rogue Fanzone in May 2017.

How tall is Wentworth Miller
5ft 8 Rob and Wentworth

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Average Guess (64 Votes)
6ft 0.34in (183.8cm)
Jordan87 said on 13/Dec/17
Doesn't even get 6'0 in the Picture.
Slim 185 said on 18/Nov/17
@rob, is he closer to 6โ€™0โ€ or 6โ€™1โ€ or smack bang in the middle?
Dmeyer said on 15/Nov/17
From wath rob seem tout say Miller is aleast 6'0,25 at night and max 6'0,5
CR7 said on 28/Oct/17
183.5 cm
Bob said on 23/Oct/17
I'm confused, assuming hes wearing shoes here and according to the chart he is under 6 feet how would he be 6.05 feet? I guess poor posture can be one explanation but still something doesnt add up. I feel the listing of 184 cm is spot on though as he looks that height next to most actors
Slim said on 1/Oct/17
Dom= 6'0.5"(184) glory days, 6'0.25"(183.5) today.
Slim said on 29/Sep/17
Canson, I disagree, went had 5 cms(2in) on wade Williams and 2 cms(0.75 on William fitchner.
Canson said on 27/Sep/17
@Slim: key words. I said standing next to Rob. That's a big part of the conversation. As far as 6'0.25 and 6'0.5 that isn't much of a difference.
Slim said on 27/Sep/17
Canson said on 26/Sep/17
Next to Rob he Looks 183-184 6'0-6'0.25 not 6'0.5.
The flat 6' is underselling him. The guy stands with horrible posture.
Canson said on 26/Sep/17
Next to Rob he Looks 183-184 6'0-6'0.25 not 6'0.5.
Slim said on 24/Sep/17
Went has more height, Dom has more weight. Anyone agree?

How about you rob?
Editor Rob: Dom certainly would weigh more, but honestly they are very close and I think you'd need to measure them both to really find any difference.
MisterManletMick said on 23/Sep/17
he probably is 6 ft 1 because he looked roughly the same height as Karl Urban and they wanted somebody around the same height as game character Chris Redfield for the Resident Evil Afterlife Movie.

I doubt he is under 181.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 22/Sep/17
@Slim that's a good thought! It's possible that Went would have been as tall as Dominic. At the same time, Rob mentioned that Wentworth Miller gave a slightly taller impression when he met Went and Dom. However, like you said, it is likely that Dom lost a quarter of an inch.
Slim said on 19/Sep/17
Mark(5'9.5") said on 15/Sep/17
Let' s also keep in mind that this guy doesn't stand with military posture and is over 6'0". This listing is perfect.

Dominic could be the taller of the two.
Tbh he looks a bit sad in the photo.... but if he stood back to back with rob we'd really see how tall he is. Dom does have correct posture while went doesn't, a back to back photo with the two could be useful, I've seen the original prison break recently and I can't tell who's taller out of the two.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 15/Sep/17
Let' s also keep in mind that this guy doesn't stand with military posture and is over 6'0". This listing is perfect.

Dominic could be the taller of the two.
Ben said on 27/Aug/17
Slim 182 cm, "Injustice", was that a pun?
Mimi said on 21/Aug/17
He looks so much younger in Mariah Carey's music video for We Belong Together.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 14/Aug/17
Slim 182 cm said on 10/Aug/17
So, rob, are you, 5'8 flat, 5'8 and one eighth, or 5'8.25?, it's really confusing.

What I do know is under a strong 6' is injustice for this guy.
Editor Rob: I won't go to a flat 5ft 8, but about 1/8th over at my low range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/17
He's not standing great in this photo.
Dmeyer said on 17/Jul/17
If you Say wenty would edge Big Alex then he is defenetly 6'0,5
Dmeyer said on 17/Jul/17
Rob if wenty claimed 6 FT like pine did would you still have listed him 184cm/6'0,5in , to me he looks not less than 184cm on screen and in most pics looks not far from 6'1
Editor Rob: I think there is enough evidence to say Pine is over 6ft, similar with Wentworth.

I do think he'd edge out someone like big Alex.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 17/Jul/17
The fact that he's comfortable with his height suggests he's comfortably over 6 feet.
c-mo said on 14/Jul/17
he is easy 184cm . I dont know what is wrong with you guys always trying to downgrade people it is really sick and annoying too . do you have problems with your eyes or something ? he doesnt even stand straight and is still easily 9-10cm taller than Rob who is a 173cm evening guy who wakes at 175cm !!!!

anything below 6'0 is not even possible no matter how much you cut yourself in pieces inside your hating minds
Dmeyer said on 12/Jul/17
Near 1cm loss for dom IS possible
Dmeyer said on 12/Jul/17
In the pic he is solid 182-182,5cm could defenetly stretch another cm
Sam said on 10/Jul/17
Always looked a legit 6'0 in Prison Break and does so with Rob here. MAYBE 5'11.75 at worst underneath the height chart.
Slim 181 cm said on 10/Jul/17
Anything less than a strong 6 foot is unbelievable.
Slim 181 cm said on 10/Jul/17
My apologies go to Wentworth, I will refer to the man as white ormixed race from now on, or maybe I shouldn't label him at all! I forgot that his homosexuality and biracial heritage caused him to be depressed and attempt to take his own life at the ripe age of 15, ps went if you ever read this I really loved your portrayal as Michael scofield! - Slim.
Slim 181 cm said on 9/Jul/17
Haven't seen pb season 5 yet nor have I seen flash or legends so I think a height loss wouldn't be impossible would it? Unless he did a workout before he attended the rogue fanzone and shrunk half an inch.
Slim 181 cm said on 9/Jul/17
@TheReel, Click Here
Editor Rob: photo of His Father.

I know Wentworth did call his Father black.

Anyway, as to height, he generally looks over 6ft in most shows he's been in.
TheReel said on 9/Jul/17
Slim 181 cm said on 24/Jun/17
Quoter86, he's half black.

No he's not. And yes I've seen pictures of his parents by chance. And also since when is it acceptable to describe someone's race in fractions?,were not talking abou his height dang it!!!, but if you want to go there I would say he's mostly of non-black origin with a small dash of exoticness he doesnt have the carmamel and or high yellow complexion of heavily mixed people, he's just olive complexioned like a Mediterranean or something
Slim 182 cm said on 7/Jul/17
Next to 5ft3.5 listed robin Tunney:
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/17
Dom has a considerably large head which might have given a taller impression. Might still give him the edge over Went...

Still shocked by these downgrades...both struck me as solid, respectable 6ft1 least Dom did and Went damn close to it
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/17
So Rob between Wentworth and Dominic who left you with a taller impression?
Editor Rob: the following day Dominic was faffing about in a cap and changed into a converse, so Wentworth seemed taller, but I really think I'd toss a coin. I looked at some of the double shots they did and their heights were up and down like a bride's nightie.

Maybe if Dom has lost a tiny fraction, he was the slightly taller of the tow, when Prison Break first aired.
berta said on 3/Jul/17
yeah rob i think 184 peak and 182 now seems like a very good emstimate
berta said on 2/Jul/17
i think muse watson was 183 when they was filming prison break. wenthworth was easy 1 cm taller. But he looked like he could have lost half inch by then. But at the same time he was only 55-56 years old. Cress williams was 1 inch taller than michael rapaport at best that makes him little under 6 foot 4. i give him maybe 192 cm
Editor Rob: that seemed more difference than I remember, I would need to watch a few scenes at some point, 6ft 0.5 and 11.5 today is possible.
Andrea said on 2/Jul/17
Yeah, on FNL Cress plays Michael B Jordan's father and he really can look even BARELY 6'3 in some scenes with him but he looks like a guy who stands hunched over when talking to other (shorter) people, if you know what I mean... On PB I think he has a better posture, which is maybe "part" of his hitman role.
As for Muse, there is an episode in season 4 (so 3-4 years after his first appearance in season 1) where he stands next to Went and he looks even more shorter than what I remembered. Look at this: Click Here
Andrea said on 2/Jul/17
Rob, do you have any idea about these guys from PB?
- Muse Watson: he gets listed at 6'1 but he looked shorter than Went. How much I'm not sure... Bear in mind that he was already in his late 50's at the time of the show, so it is possible he already had shrunk a bit by then. Maybe 6' at peak and 5'11-6' on the show? Hmm...
- Cress Williams: I requested him a few months ago, after seeing him on FNL too... I don't think he's as tall as 6'5 (which is what he generally gets listed at). On PB he got described as a 6'4 guy and that is probably closer to the truth, considering that he didn't look that much taller than Michael Rapaport in one scene.
- Leon Russom: he gets listed at 5'9 but he certainly did look shorter than that on the show. Even in his case, considering his age, it is possible he had shrunk by then but he looked 5'8 at the very very very most at the time of PB. I don't know if he's worth adding but he did play an important role on the show...
Editor Rob: having a quick look at Cress, at times he has crap posture, but maybe he really wasn't over 6ft 4, especially if an inch taller than Rapaport!

Muse, I'd have to look at as he probably had lost a bit of height before appearing on prison break, he was quite close to Wentworth, but a bit shy of his height.
Slim 181 cm said on 26/Jun/17
It isn't rare for young actors to shrink, like Hugh Jackman and the rock, perhaps Wentworth has lost a 1/4 inch.
Slim 181 cm said on 24/Jun/17
Quoter86, he's half black. I think that's why he looks young, the anti aging genes and Dominic looks a fried tomato ๐Ÿ…
Quoter86 said on 24/Jun/17
Aging genetics of a God. He looks much younger than 45 in the new prison break and not much older than season 1 back in 2005!

Listing is spot on.
Dmeyer said on 19/Jun/17
Purcell Gosling Miller Cooper cavill Lutz so many 184cm leading men
Dmeyer said on 17/Jun/17
His weight seems 190 with you but on Season 5 he slimed and seemed 170
Andrea said on 14/Jun/17
Peter, he does look a decent 182-5'11.75 to me, here... Remember that Rob is more 5'8.25 than just 5'8!
So I wouldn't say he looks "not over 182" but "at least 182" ๐Ÿ˜
I agree that the measured 183.8 guy does look AT LEAST a good half an inch taller than him with Rob but again it is just a picture! I can't believe he'd measure under 6', to be fair. Maybe on a very very very bad day but he generally does look at least 6' and over (as listed).
Peter 179cm said on 13/Jun/17
Still not over 182cm with the height chart.
Mimi said on 13/Jun/17
He's the guy in Mariah Carey 's music video for We belong together.
Johno said on 11/Jun/17
Well based on those lines, he is shy of 6'0 but i reckon 6'0 is what he can be at whilst having a relaxing day as opposed to standinh up all day.
Dejavu said on 10/Jun/17
Rob, is he loosing posture with you? He look 5'11 range there
Editor Rob: I think he is close to 6ft there, whether he is losing half inch more? It'd debatable...
Andrea said on 9/Jun/17
Rob, could you add a height chart in this photo too?
For people who say that he only looks 3 inches taller than you and nearer 5'11... ๐Ÿ˜Š
He for sure doesn't look a 6'0-6'1 guy with you but at the same time he does look comfortably taller than 5'11 range...
I think that his eyelevel is quite deceiving in this picture and, as you said, is over 5 and possibly nearer 5.5 inches here. BUT he still does look over 3 inches and nearer 4 inches taller than you! Somewhere between 182 and 183.
Editor Rob: yeah I'll give him one of the mugshots.
Dejavu said on 6/Jun/17
I think he is losing posture in the photo. He only look 3 inches taller than Rob
Johno said on 5/Jun/17
I'd say more 6'0.
Average height and slim said on 5/Jun/17
Got a bad feeling he'll get downgraded to 183.5 soon.
Private Caparzo said on 5/Jun/17
183.5 - 184.
samuelcharwick said on 4/Jun/17
wentworth a strong 6footer 183cm. dom purcell always did edge him but only by a half an inch
Peter 179cm said on 4/Jun/17
How can people see 6'0-6'1 range on this guy?All im seeing is 181cm maybe 182 max or 5'11.5.Rob is clearly 5cm above his eyelevel and the 184(183.8) challenger looks a good inch taller imo.
Mickey said on 3/Jun/17
legit listing
S.J.H said on 2/Jun/17
Click Here pretty inspiring speech
Slothee said on 2/Jun/17
Looks roughly 4 inches taller than you. He looks like he's probably around 6'0.25" here. Perhaps he's got slightly loose posture though.
Matt said on 1/Jun/17
Rob you look like a 5'9 guy there! I'm confused! I thought 5'9 range people's eyes are on 6ft people's mouths?
Editor Rob: Matt remember if you tilt your eyelevel down, it increases, so Wentworth's eyelevel is a bit over 5 that moment.
Johan said on 31/May/17
Its interesting that they are so close in height, although Wentworth has always struck me as someone who doesn't hold as good posture as Dom, I would bet on Miller edging him out by the tiniest of fractions if you asked them both to stand tall when getting measured.
HonestSlovene said on 31/May/17
Both Purcell and him are about the same, 184 cm flat or 6'0.5".
Dmeyer said on 29/May/17
In most pics looks nearer 185cm than 183cm so 184cm IS right that Guy IS defenetly over 6ft 183cm
Average height and slim said on 28/May/17
Hello Rob which of these do you think suits best for Miller? first in his peak/prime and second today a)186cm-184cm b) 185.5cm-183.5cm c) 185cm-183cm d) 184.5cm-182.5cm e) 184cm-182cm.
Editor Rob: I'd stick with a-b range I feel. I don't think he is a guy who has lost any height though!
Andrea said on 28/May/17
Even over the 183.8 challenger? If you had to bet on who is taller between the young guy and Dominic, would you bet on Dom without thinking twice?
Editor Rob: I would bet on them within a small fraction, but both 184 challenger and Dom aren't quite as tall as Big Al in person.
Andrea said on 28/May/17
At the same time, though, if they looked very similar in person, so similar to the point that you actually couldn't say who is taller, that means that Wentworth may well be slightly taller? Do you think it's a 50-50 shot?
Imagine you met Went, Dom and the 183.8 challenger (ignoring the fact, even if impossible, that you have measured him)... Would you have given a 6'0.5 listing to all of them and would you have said that they all were pretty much indistinguishable in person???
Editor Rob: I think you really would need to measure them...I might give an edge to Dom though if a betting man!
Dmeyer said on 27/May/17
To me this Guy IS about 1cm under Purcell and like you Saรฏd aleast 183cm and near 184cm so you could list him 6'0,25in weak 184cm that defenetly destroys 184cm for fichtner and makes him max 181-2cm
Editor Rob: I did think Purcell was taller, but in person I saw them together and was looking to see if Purcell seemed taller, but I couldn't see it...BUT dom may still be a 1/4 inch taller of course, don't rule it out.
Sarah said on 27/May/17
Josh said on 26/May/17
I think if he stood his tallest, he would be 6'0.75-6'1. This seems like a good listing though
Andrea said on 26/May/17
As I said some time ago, when I first started watching PB around 10 years ago, I didn't have much interest in height but I did think Wentworth was the taller one, for some reason... But I'm sure there's more than one scene or picture where you could say that Dom looks taller! One thing, Dominic does wear big boots a lot on the show (even in the new season)... But, despite that, he never struck me as looking a big 6'1 guy!!! The fact that they looked very similar in person makes sense to me!
It's funny that both Dominic and Michael Rapaport claim 6'2, even if the latter looks AT LEAST 2 inches taller! The truth is that Michael is over 6'2 and Dominic nearer 6'!
Editor Rob: Michael's claim makes sense in that they make both Went/Dom closer to 184 than 185, let alone Dom's 188cm claim.
berta said on 26/May/17
BY the way looking at the photo am i right that a guy like bruce campbell can when he was younger been up to 1 cm taller than wenthworth? It seems like that
berta said on 26/May/17
hm so there is even a chanse of him being a 183 cm flat. I really was a fair bit wrong on this one. I have always thought 185,3 ore something but in reality is seems to be 183,7?
QiuTV said on 26/May/17
Rob, Wentworth or Dominic need an upgrade, because Dominic is definitly taller than wentworth at least 0,25 inches
Andrea said on 26/May/17
"Editor Rob: some actors can edn up looking a bit shorter..."
Only some, Rob? ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'd say basically every celebrity, apart from a few cases (like Mike Tyson's)!
In fact, in most of the cases the picture is there just to proof you have met them... What is more important, at least TO ME, is your opinion and how tall you thought they looked in person!
Wentworth does look 6'ish here, somewhere in that 182-3 zone and certainly not as low as 5'11 range like some people are trying to say on here (unless I'm underestimating his hair, which I doubt would give him more than a few mms)... Compared to say Cory Michael Smith, he looks quite similar to him with you, with the difference that Cory's hair give no less than 2 cms (your words) and Went's maybe 2-3 mms? So, based ONLY on the pictures of them with you, I would have said that Wentworth looks 182-3 range and Cory 180-1 range. BUT, having seen Wentworth on PB, I would have NEVER guessed him under 6', so your 183-4 estimate seems very sensible and believable to me. As for Cory, I don't really know him so I can't say that much about him and his height...
Editor Rob: I would have said on Legends that a guy like Dom did seem nearer 6ft 1 than Wentworth, though.

sometimes photos enhance or reduce differences.
Peter 179cm said on 26/May/17
Doesn't look over 180cm range in the pic.I'd give him a weak 6'0:182cm or 5'11 3/4.
Dmeyer said on 26/May/17
You could list him 6'0,25 since you think 183cm IS possible it means the full 184cm IS unlikely , thanks Rob for all your answers
Dmeyer said on 25/May/17
So he is in that 183-4cm zone
Editor Rob: I think yes, somewhere in that range, far more chance of that than being 185cm range, and I don't think he'd measure less than 183.
Grey said on 25/May/17
Rob, why doesn't he seem 184 in the photo with you?
Editor Rob: some actors can edn up looking a bit shorter or taller in some photos, but I do think my guess is at least 183, and close to 184...
Dmeyer said on 25/May/17
Is legรฎt 183 cm possible like 6 ft 0-0 1/8 in ร t night
Editor Rob: he certainly didn't seem less than 183, nor above 184
Johno said on 25/May/17
Pierre said on 25/May/17
More a weak 6"0' imo
Dmeyer said on 25/May/17
After ร  long Day wath is likelier 6'0.25 or 6'0.5in
Dmeyer said on 25/May/17
Do you think this Guy is 11cm taller than you rob
Shredder said on 25/May/17
Rob , what would you guess his weight in person?
Editor Rob: 170-80 range maybe.
Nate said on 24/May/17
I would say strong six feet, Rob.
Paleman said on 24/May/17
Interesting, I always thought of him as a 185-186 cm kind of guy... but now that I see the picture I guess he has to be less than 6'1". Always looked very lean and tall in Prison Break.

But I do have to agree that for a guy who doesn't workout (according to the man himself) and has suffered from depression throughout his adult life, he doesn't look half bad for his age.
Dmeyer said on 24/May/17
Looks 5 ft 11 flat in the pic ร t max 5'11.25 could stretch to 6'0 but in the pics dosnt look 184
Bobby said on 24/May/17
Grant looked the same height as Miller on The Flash, and even appeared taller in some cases. Maybe Grant is a solid 6ft himself?
Nik said on 24/May/17
@ Rob

Where abouts was the photo taken?

Editor Rob: in the tropical confines of the Telford International Centre ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Nik said on 24/May/17
@ Rob

What date was that photo taken?
Editor Rob: 20th May 2017
mrtguy said on 23/May/17
Rob it must have been a very tiring day for the both of you?
Editor Rob: it was only 10.30am that photo was taken, but any event knackers you especially since I am now entrusted with lugging around a massive suitcase and backpack filled to the brim with cards and other bits and bobs.

But it's how I can afford to continue doing a few events a year, going as a trader...not only does it allow Jenny to go and enjoy it (we also do a fair few smaller local events through the year), it helps towards overall costs of attending ๐Ÿ‘
Shredder said on 23/May/17
This guy has one thing that Trump doesn't ... He can plan a Prison Break lol.
Tunman said on 23/May/17
Rob,if he's 6'0.5 does this mean that if both of you stood perfectly, you would be exactly at his eyelevel assuming you have a slight shoe disadvantage like 1/8"?his eyelevel won't be more than 4.5"imo.btw you definitely don't look short with tall guys on pics.
Editor Rob: my eyes would be under his mouth at least 1 inch for sure if he looked directly ahead rather than tilting eyes down (thus making head-eye nearer 5.5 inches).
Hypado said on 23/May/17
Wentworth Miller's Height
6ft 0.5in (184 cm)

I love this actor. Looks about this height next to Grant Gustin in The Flash.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/May/17
6'0.25-6'0.5" like Donald Trump today.
Sammy Derrick said on 23/May/17
If I had guess based on this picture,I'd say 6'0(183)solid.
Shredder said on 23/May/17
6'0.25 for him and 6'0.5 for Dom makes the most scene.
heelshealheight said on 23/May/17
This is a beautiful photo of you both. However, WM looks melancholic. If some comments here are true about his depression, I sincerely hope he has got utmost support from family, friends, and relevant authorities (mainly medical team). We all need to be most compassionate and vigilant with regards to mental illness. Further education and awareness on this severe issue is essential.
Editor Rob: Jenny and myself had a dealer stall directly opposite the autograph table so I seen all the actors that weekend and he is a quiet guy, but did acknowledge the fans going up to meet him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/17
I think he's losing more posture than Rob
World Citizen said on 23/May/17
He looks 5 ft 11.25 max here.
Editor Rob: he is tilting his eyelevel down a bit, so he'd have an over 5 inch eyelevel in that photo, maybe even almost 5.5.
Andrea said on 23/May/17
I know, that's what I was trying to say on his page...
You haven't answered, though. Do you think 6' flat is a possibility for both of them or you would completely rule it out?
I guess that anywhere between 183 and 184 is possible, right?
Just curious, why do you think he looks more 182-3 range here? Did he drop some height at the last moment? He looks like he would be at least half an inch shorter than the 183.8 challenger, next to you...
Editor Rob: I certainly wouldn't rule out a chance of 183-184 range...I thought he stood a bit better than dom, as I mentioned both looked very similar standing together, that I couldn't tell them apart in person...though generally I've always thought Dom would have an edge...maybe he still does.
c-mo said on 23/May/17
awesome that you got a pic with him ! thanks rob
MJKoP said on 23/May/17
Shredder said on 22/May/17
For a nearly 45 year old that has depression , he doesn't look bad at all.

Perhaps, but he seems to have aged very rapidly in a relatively short amount of time. In other words, it wasn't nearly as gradual as a lot of us would have expected.
Editor Rob: I actually thought Wentworth did look around age 40 in person, didn't realise he was nearly 45.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 22/May/17
I always knew that Wentworth wasn't 185.
Drax said on 22/May/17
Do you think he's got quite high shoulders for his height?
Editor Rob: possibly a little bit.
Snart said on 22/May/17
So, Wentworth is 2 cm taller than Grant Gustin? Click Here
Andrea said on 22/May/17
Thanks for what? ๐Ÿ˜Š
In fact I was very surprised, in a very good way of course, to see him HERE, ALREADY! I thought you would have uploaded the photo a long time in the future, like you often do!
What would you say are his and Dom's ranges, then? 6' at worst, 6'0.5 at most? The fact you say he doesn't look that much different than Alex means you certainly wouldn't rule out 6' flat, right? Big Al would certainly measure "comfortably" taller than both of them ๐Ÿ˜‰
Editor Rob: for supporting the Wentworth and Dom Photo fund ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ‘
Big Al in person is certainly taller than both of those guys...and there's a noticeable difference in person between Big Al and guys near 6ft 2.

It's not a huge surprise, on Legends, with a guy over 6ft 2 like Routh he could make Dom look nearer 6ft than anywhere near 6ft 1-2.
Csimpson 6ft said on 22/May/17
Rob is he tilting his head down with you? He looks 5'11 there but i can buy 5'11.75-6'0 if he was actually tilting his head down slightly, but i have to disagree with this listing hes more like just under 6'0 than over.
Editor Rob: yes tilting eyes down so his eyelevel would be a bit more than 5 in that photo.
Jordan87 said on 22/May/17
Assuming the postures are the same, he is not taller then 6'o here.
Shredder said on 22/May/17
For a nearly 45 year old that has depression , he doesn't look bad at all.
ly said on 22/May/17
i thought he was around 185 cm in person.
could he have lost a fraction,he is 44 now.
Andrea said on 22/May/17
Wow, Rob! I can't believe you did meet him!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Once again, right around the range I did expect ๐Ÿ‘
From what I've seen, 184 range seems very believable for him BUT he does look more 182-3 with you... Did he look taller than Big Alex and in fact similar to the 183.8 challenger in person?
What about Dom? I saw you put him down to 6'0.5... I am shocked ๐Ÿ˜ณ Just kidding, of course! ๐Ÿ˜Š I knew he wasn't a big 6'1 guy, never looked that tall with guys like Michael Rapaport or Brandon Routh ! Somewhere in 6'-6'1 range is believable for the two brothers, over 6' but not the full 6'1!
Editor Rob: this can be a thanks, I even managed to get a photo up within 2 days of taking it...a new record probably ๐Ÿ‘

Compared to big alex, I didn't think either looked much taller.

I got a bigger impression from Stephen Amell than Wentworth, but I don't think either are far off the 184 challenger if measured!
joe### said on 22/May/17
Rob, looks 182 maybe 6ยด0.25 6'0 in good posture
Ray said on 22/May/17
I think he always tilts his eyes down he does it here as well as on tv. It makes him appear a lil shorter. He's no less than this listing
berta said on 22/May/17
i guess this is good to but ia ctually thought dominic 184,5 and wenthworh was a 185 guy. IS this right? He wasnt really his old listing? I guess this proves that william fichtner ( ore what his name is) is not taller than 182 and could be little under it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/May/17
Rob, why the downgrade?
Nik said on 22/May/17
@ Rob

Was your footwear similar?
Editor Rob: me in inch sneaker, wentworth in a boot, maybe just a little more, but not really worth mentioning.
opus said on 22/May/17
Seems more 6'0'' range going by that picture.
phil said on 22/May/17
look about 6'1 to me
Josh1 said on 22/May/17
He looks 6'0 flat.
Shredder said on 22/May/17
WOW , good one Rob. I'd actually go with 6'0!
Johnny said on 22/May/17
Amazing actor. Finally you met him. How was he like in person, Rob? Did you meet Purcell as well?
James B said on 22/May/17
Yes always thought the full 6'1 was too much.

He looks quite old now
Colberto said on 7/May/17
Hey Rob how much of height difference is there between the two men? Half an inch? I feel like Wentworth looks 184-184.5cm here
Editor Rob: I think those guys are really close...I've always given an edge to Dominic, but then at times I think it's hard to tell them apart.
Dejavu said on 28/Apr/17
He looks 184cm if Brandon Routh.
Johnny said on 19/Apr/17
There are many fake 6ft 1ers who wouldn't dare stand next to Wentworth.
Christian-196.8cm (6ft5.5)Noon said on 16/Apr/17
Brandon Routh is easily over 2 inches taller than Miller. If Routh's 6ft2.5, Miller should be no more than a tad over 6ft.
Dejavu said on 15/Apr/17
This guy only looks 6'0 if Brandon route is as listed
Johnny said on 15/Apr/17
Rampage, the angle of the photo isn't good. I have seen other photos of them from that same event where the camera angle was straight. They looked very close.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Apr/17
Purcell looks a strong 6ft2 w/h Miller!
Johnny said on 5/Apr/17
@Rob do you think Wentworth can edge out David Duchovny?
Editor Rob: yes I feel he pulls of looking close to 6ft 1 at times.
S.J.H said on 19/Mar/17
Click Here sometime he only look 6'1 with shoes
Ely said on 15/Mar/17
berta said on 17/Feb/17
i think my last comment should have been on domininc purcells page :P
berta said on 10/Jan/17
beside josh holloway he looke 3 cm shorter. and 1 cm less shoe so i guess he is 2 cm shorter than holloway i think holloway can be 186 and this guy 184
Dmeyer said on 8/Dec/16
Click Here , you have them both 6 ft 0,75 good job rob
187cm Human Male said on 17/Nov/16
In Prison Break he appears to look taller than Dominic or the same height most of the time, I am assuming they are the same height roughly. Maybe it's the shape of Dominic's head which throws me off, he has a smaller but wider head it appears.
Dejavu said on 14/Oct/16
He looked 6'0 next to Brandon Routh maybe 6'0.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Sep/16
You could say Purcell looks 186-187cm in the above photo.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Sep/16
Rob, how likely is the full 6ft1 for this guy?

I really do think he can pull off that mark most of the time.
Editor Rob: I generally thought that dominic might be the more solid of the two, but then being very close in height, at times they did look similar enough that you might just call them both 6ft 1.
berta said on 29/Aug/16
can look 185-86 like Dominic purcell but peter stomare said in sweduish television that he is 188 so i guess 184-5 for both those guys is good
tony said on 2/Aug/16
I have so much faith in robs predictions hes just amazing at it he has to much experenece in doing this. He knows his heights to damn well!
Charizard said on 19/Jul/16
I know someone that is 183.5 cm and Wentworth is still an inch taller than him and went was wearing flat shoes.
mike 1.81 out of bed said on 28/Mar/16
1.83 cm with boots, he's listed 6FT Prision Break picture
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Mar/16
Out of bed: 186-187cm
Before bed: 184-185cm

Purcell is a strong 6ft1, Wentworth a weak 6ft1
Dejavu said on 20/Feb/16
He was around 2 inches shorter than Brandon Routh
heelshealheight said on 13/Feb/16
MD, indeed it does, but my question was rhetorical (and sarcastic) as immense imagination is required in order to buy many of these actors'/actresses' height claims..
Dame said on 3/Feb/16
he is 6''1 half.
Paleman said on 7/Dec/15
The guy is an easy 6'1. In Prison Break he looked pretty much as tall as Dominic Purcell, and held his own against the 6'2 Peter Stormare. I think he's either 185 or 186 centimeters tall.
MD said on 11/Sep/15
@heelshealheight, at the very bottom of the page it reads "All heights are barefeet Estimates."
heelshealheight said on 7/Sep/15
There's a question below (I've been wondering myself about this too) if these heights are based on being barefoot or with heels. I think that the best bet is watching these celebs next to Rob as he can see himself what footwear they've got. Other than that, almost 100% of the height claims made by the celebs themselves are inaccurate. Modelling agencies also appear to inflate listed heights.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/14
187cm out of bed, Rob?
[Editor Rob: likely near that mark]
Andrea said on 8/Oct/14
Sarah probably is wearing flats there...
You can see the same woman who interviews them with:
J. Padalecki and J. Ackles: Click Here
Tom Welling: Click Here
Don't know what shoes she's wearing, but i'd say she looks pretty tall... Maybe between 5'9 and 10?
184.9 on a bad day said on 3/Oct/14
Rob, Is just me or he looks 186-187 in this video ?
[Editor Rob: he can look near 186 there, can't see footwear though.]
Dovahkiin said on 7/Sep/14
@Michael Always barefoot ofcourse.
Michael said on 19/Feb/14
Please, a question, Heights here are listed guys with shoes or boots, or barefoot?
176,2Tunman said on 15/Feb/14
Looked about 1.25" taller than 6' Meloni in the SVU episode where he guest starred but about 0.5" shoe advantage.6'0.75 is bang on.
cole said on 28/Jul/13
I think he could be 184 cm, allways comes across as the shorter one with Dominic Purcell in PB. Rob didn't you originally have him at 6'0.5?
Silent d said on 12/Oct/12
6 foot 1. Rewatching prison break and he is taller than dominic purcell. The guy that plays abruzzi is quite tall. Could be 6 foot 2. What do you think rob?
ANDREA[ITA] said on 15/Aug/12
With Stacy Keach, he looks no less than 185!
dmeyer said on 6/Feb/12
the guy can look 184-185cm he somtimes looks 186cm but when in big 1.2-1.4 in boots
dmeyer said on 6/Feb/12
in season 2 purcell has cowboy boots plus he is closer to camera
rus said on 17/Jan/12
Click Here
ad said on 15/Jan/12
Robert Knepper wearing shoes enhance or so wentworth miller is only 181-182 maximum.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
FACE said on 13/Jan/12
6'1 wakes up
6ft at night
BG said on 9/Jan/12
Wentworth miller looks tall becouse he is very slim. I think that he is 185cm in the evening.
Rob, what about 189cm for Wentworth Miller ?
[Editor Rob: I think it's impossible]
hram said on 5/Jan/12
Wentworth Miller is definetely not short. He is at least 183cm.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 4/Jan/12
Rob, have you ever met him in person? Did he look 185?
[Editor Rob: I've yet to see him]
Silent d said on 20/Nov/11
He is tall. I always thought he was 5 foot 10 but after watching resident evil and house, he looks 6 foot 1. 185cm. He is one of those tall guys that don't look tall like dominic purcell.
LAN Jiao said on 23/Oct/11
He looks a 5'11 physics.. i gave him 5'11.25
truthman said on 19/Aug/11
He was almost 4 inches shorter than Boris Kodjoe in latest Resident Evil movie. 6ft out of bed
James said on 12/Jun/11
looks 5'11 in photos
nasa said on 20/May/11
wtf? :))) just 5'10 !
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/11
Miller is 185cm and Purcell is 186cm
moon said on 16/Apr/11
6 feet
Viv said on 1/Apr/11
He's about 6'2" or more, taller than Purcell for sure... just saw a clip of him on the street beside Meloni (from a fan) and he is slightly taller than Meloni. He is a huge hit in Korea because he models a Korean brand jeans, he's hot!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Mar/11
185cm or 6"1....about 1-2cm shorter than Dominic Purcell
Bon said on 10/Jan/11
he's 6'1 on the nose. Upgrade !
dennis said on 6/Jan/11
i don't understand why the data file in the resident evil movie says he is 5'10" it's like the crew never asked him how tall he was they just guessed 5'10" and put that in the movie , or they figured no one would ever pause and look the height so we just write some random numbers there. he is clearly taller than 5'10"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Dec/10
Purcell looks closer to the camera
Andrej Ukr said on 25/Dec/10
Click Here
Bon said on 1/Dec/10
I don't get how he's not given a full 6'1 while Keanu Reeves is.
dmeyer said on 11/Oct/07
there isnt 2 in between then but purcell has 1 to 2.5 cm on him
sam said on 11/Oct/07
They can't make up their mind for Miller's height on that show. At least his weight is steady at 175 lbs. Also, I don't believe Purcell's only 5 pounds heavier than Miller.
Stojakovic said on 10/Oct/07
Here is the Wanted posters. Click Here
Miller is 6' and Purcell 6'2
dmeyer said on 10/Oct/07
on tyhe show he can look 185 cm but in pics can look 183 flat = 6ft so is 6 ft 0.25 in possible for him 183.5 cm pushing 184 he might 6'0.25 before bed
dmeyer said on 8/Oct/07
thats wath happens when jolie wears 0.5 to 1 cm balarina and pitt wear 1.3 in heels and 1.25 in lifts inside he has near 2 in advantage
dmeyer said on 7/Oct/07
footwear is very importent when i wear 0.5 to 0.6 in puma and when i wear 1.25 dress shoes or sneakers it feels different even thaugh the differance is only 1.5 cm wish explain whi some guys apear smaller or taller by 2 cm i a guy wears converse wish is not the worst or like racing shoes with 0.4 in heels 1 cm and the other guy has nike shoes with 1.42 in heels the differance is a full inthats whi it is importent pics were shoes can be seen but i think most feetwear are 0.75 in to 1.25 in 2 to 3 cm under that it is very low heeled and over that it looks big

[Editor Rob: I've got 2 pics where each girl is wearing 1/4 inch ballerina's, so they have 3/4 inch disadvantage in footwear. Such situations must always be mentioned or noted. Even 1/2 inch is important on here!]
sasa23 said on 6/Oct/07
i think he's less then 6' hz's at least 0.5" smaller then dominic look at these pics ?
Click Here
and by the way..look at the one about went and luke"tr.knight x-boyfriend!!"
dmeyer said on 3/Oct/07
after looking at season 2 even thaugh purcell weared cowboy boots that give about 1.75 in and purcell had 1.25 they look very similar height like only 2 cm differance considering footwear sometimes they look the same when there is only 0.5 to 1 in between people if the pavement is on someone favor they can look identical so even thaugh in pics miller can look a full in smaller the differance could be only 1 cm and i agree about an old cooment that he can look 6'0.75 in the shoes but looks a bit smaller outwith looks about 3.5 on knepper so 184 strong seems right wenty is defenetly 6' to 6'1 zone 183 to 185 not 186 not 182
dmeyer said on 25/Sep/07
i doubt wenty is anything less than 6'0.25 sometimes his body makes him look 6'2 to 6'3
JK said on 25/Sep/07
maybe he is more 6'0''
sam said on 25/Sep/07
As previously mentioned, a "Wanted" internet posting on Prison Break had him at 6'1"/175 lbs.
Brent said on 24/Sep/07
in an episode of prison break called "panama" his prison sheet gives him 5-11
dmeyer said on 20/Sep/07
i agree easy 0.5 in and i think more like 0.75 in
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/07
ok rob so do you think the differance betwwen them is only 0.6 cm

[Editor Rob: could be 1/2 inch.]
dmeyer said on 18/Sep/07
i agree rob miller might be taller but they are very close indeed

[Editor Rob: they do have 'close' scenes in prison break 3 is what I'm meaning.]
dmeyer said on 17/Sep/07
at some point miller look 1.5 in taller than fichtner but that was only the angle also most of the episode they look 0.5 to 0.75 in differance they are close indeed none of the shots were great to judge but there isnt only 0.25 in between them i think 5'11.75 for fishtner and 6'0.5 for miler exept if miller has more shoes miller can look 6'1 to 6'1.25 with 6'2.5 stormare but with purcell looks max 6'0.25 to 6'0.5 so you either uprate miller or donwgrate fichtner
dmeyer said on 16/Sep/07
miller and fishtner never faced each other in a way that we can judge they shoulfd be pretty close since fishtner 6 ft 0.25 and miller 6'0.5 like 0.5 cm

[Editor Rob: in season 3 they'll be close...]
funkysmell said on 12/Sep/07
Taller than William Fichtner who plays Mahone in Prison Break. 1 or 2 inches.
This guy is probably a genuine 6 footer.

Lucky ****!
dmeyer said on 30/Aug/07
in that pic with williams he looks about 6'1.5 to 6'2 but miller looks 6'1.5 alot in the first season also compare to stormare but looks 6 ft to 6'0.25 by purcell so 6 ft 0.5 in is good
dmeyer said on 28/Aug/07
it is a shame nobody met him
dmeyer said on 26/Aug/07
dont forget miller has better posture in that pics in the beginig of season 2 the differance can look only 3 to 4 cm between them
Ace__ said on 25/Aug/07
W. Miller is definitely and is 6"+ and below 6"1. So in centimeters that'd be around 183. Since I looked at this photo and Wade Williams is reported to be 5"11.

Click Here
dmeyer said on 22/Aug/07
he is listed at 6'0.5 6'1 and 6'1.5 i think miller is a bit over 6 ft does look a genuine tall guy
dmeyer said on 21/Aug/07
i agree miller can look6'1 to 6'1.5 by wade and keach but then he look a bit under 6'1 purcell so 6'0.5 seems right
dingto said on 17/Aug/07
6ft is good for brainer and above 6ft is better for brute force, know what i mean.if the brainer too tall it aint gonna be very interesting Prison Break aite like for example the avocado(6ft6) become the brainer.Scofield probaly around 6ft 1/2 or 6'1.Wade willaim is 5'11 and Wenworth tower over him Click Here
dmeyer said on 17/Aug/07
can look as tall as 6'1 but can also look only 6 ft so 6'0.5 fits him
dmeyer said on 16/Aug/07
also just by wering 1.5 in he reaches 6'2 that should make him look 6'1 like when i wear nike shox that give me 0.4 0.5 in over 1 in normal footwear i look 5'11.5
dmeyer said on 16/Aug/07
is lifts possible for that guy since he can look 6'0 to 60.5 in alot near purcell but sometimes looks only 1 in smaller than 6'2.5 stormare he towered too mush over degeneres if she is 5'7 but he never looks less than 6 ft to 6 ft 0.5 wish is tall me and 6'3 jk agree
6'3'' JK said on 15/Aug/07
This guy looks like 6'0'' - 6'0.5''
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/07
compre to degeneres looks full 6'1
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/07
i dont think miller could be over 184 cm since he looks about 1 in shorter than purcell outwith the show but he does look 2 in on wade williams and 2 in on stacy keach
bobguys said on 14/Aug/07
it seems that when watching a prison break they all look short but in reality many of them is 6ft.i Cant wait for Prison break season 3
dmeyer said on 9/Aug/07
in a walikns scene purcell had the edge but he had flor adavntage so it is indeed possible than purcell is only 0.5 to 0.75 in on miller
Chris said on 8/Aug/07
Yeah i think Purcell wears cowboy boots so it would give him the edge
dmeyer said on 5/Aug/07
if i ever meet him i expect him to e 6 ft to 6 ft 1 in over that or under that will surprise me
dmeyer said on 5/Aug/07
even thaugh otwith the show he can look 6 ft he dosnt mean he aint 184 i agree rob maybe loose posture
dmeyer said on 5/Aug/07
after looking at prison break making of 6'0.25 to 6'0.5 in seems right for him since near ratner who i met a few times who is 5'7.5 to 5'7.75 by that mark sucre is 177 cm no less
dmeyer said on 2/Aug/07
miller can look 183 by purcell but by nolasco he looks easy 184
dmeyer said on 1/Aug/07
there is an episode were purcell wears 1.8 cowboy boots and miller has 1.25 boots and stell look only 1 to 1.25 in shorter so 184 is possible but i agree on the shoew he looks taller also 1 in is hard to see on screen
dmeyer said on 30/Jul/07
i agree on the show can look 185 but dost look over 183 outwith
dmeyer said on 30/Jul/07
i was expecting rob to answer if 183 was possible for this guy

[Editor Rob: on the show most of the time he looks tall, sometimes outwith in photos he can look just 183, but I still think 184 suits him.]
MD said on 29/Jul/07
Dmeyer, again, why four consecutive posts in one day? Really, what is the use?
dmeyer said on 29/Jul/07
183 cm a possibility for him anybody met him by any chance
dmeyer said on 29/Jul/07
by stormare he can look 186 but by purcell he looks 183 cm this is 6 ft flat possible for this guy like 185 cm morning and 183 before bed
dmeyer said on 29/Jul/07
after looking at pics with purcell i think 184 is too high 183 seems closer miller can even look strong 182 but no great posture there seemed to be a solid in between them so either purcell is 6'1.25 and miller is 6 ft or 6ft 0.25 but if purcell is 6'1 thaen miller is 6 ft i agree on the show he can look 6'1 easy near keach but in real life look close to 6 ft if he was 6'0.5 with good posture it should be hard to tell whos taller but there is a clear in to 1.25 in between them i dont say 184 is impossible but 183 cm before bed might be closer
dmeyer said on 29/Jul/07
on the show he can look 6 ft flat in walking scene with purcell but i doubt miller is less than 6'0.25 in i think 6 ft 0.25 in is a possibility for this guy but he can look 185 cm near stormare so 184 fits him
dmeyer said on 26/Jul/07
in season 2 when they are walking miller is several times 1 in smaller but can look only 1 in smaller than 189 stormare this guy could be 6 ft to 6ft 0.25 in i agree in seasno 1 he looks 184 185 alot but looking nearer 183 in season 2 when purcell is walking with a shaved head and miller has a hat who gotta give him 0.25 in advantage and steel look 1 in smaller but i agree a friend of mine who is a solid 2 in smaller than me can look closer to my height when we walk becuse of the pavement the pavement can give you or take you 1 in
John said on 23/Jul/07
Anonymous, you are in serious denial man. No way is miller 5'10 or 11...
dmeyer said on 16/Jul/07
maybe keifer had 2.5 over barefeet wish make him apear 5'9.75 thats whi miller looked only 2.5 in taller
dmeyer said on 16/Jul/07
purcell does have the edge by 1 to 2 cm but miller can look only 0.75 in shorter than 189 stormare and on rare occasion 5 cm
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/07
I saw a promotional poster that had there pictures on it, gave him a 6'
dmeyer said on 17/Jun/07
i agree nothing under 6 ft even before bed likely 6'1 to 6'1.25 morning and 6'0.5 before bed

[Editor Rob: Purcell when he stands well is true 6ft 1er in evening I think, Miller could be one of those guys out of bed can be little over 6ft 1 but by dinner time down nearer 184. Sometimes he looks shorter in photos like with kiefer than on the show.]
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/07
i thin 6'0.5 is right for this guy.. Dominic purcell is 6'1 and the diferrence between this to guys are really short.Sometimes miller seem even taller than purcell. So i think 6'0.5 or 6'1 ir right for this guy...
After all..He is tall.
leonari said on 16/Jun/07
5'10" is a joke you fools!!! Anything under 6'0" is f****** joke!!
Anonymous said on 15/Jun/07
If that is true of him being 177cm, he is a tad under 5'10 barefoot. I had him peg at 5'10 to 5'11 barefoot.
tom said on 13/Jun/07
Hi, i just saw this Click Here .I dont know if this is his official myspace site but he says that he is 5'10 . I think he is taller....

[Editor Rob: it depresses me when I see pages like that and all the people commenting on it...]
Anonymous said on 12/Jun/07
It did say 6'1 on the FBI most wanted file on the Net. That is the character's height on the show, but to me Miller's own height is probably 5'11. He does not come across as a towering 6'1 guy.
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/07
I saw it listed as 6'1 175 lbs on prison break. Can't say I ever saw it as 5'11...
dmeyer said on 7/Jun/07
i agree rob even in the first season dominic has the edge but near stormare he almost alwais look 186 cm but near purcell dosnt look over 184 cm 6' out of bed
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/07
In Prision Break, they showed his file and his height was listed as 5'11
dmeyer said on 3/Jun/07
i agreeis it hard to tell differance btween hhim and purcell so could be 6'1 but somtimes he lok only 1 to 2 cm under 189 stormare so 6'1.75 and sometimes he look 2 in under in walking scene this guy might be a true 6'1 men

[Editor Rob: near end of second season on the flat indoor surfaces, some scenes I think do show purcell has the edge...when he stands well. There's a pic of purcell and napper where you can see when he has looser posture doesn't look as big. His thick head can make him appear smaller probably]
dmeyer said on 1/Jun/07
6'0.5 seems bang on he seems almost as tall as purcell and 2 in under stormare this guy is between 6'0.25 to 6'0.75 6'0.5 seems right
sally said on 22/May/07
hey.i love the show PB.i believe wenty is 185.i heard this in a french show. but i have a he muslim?or it's only remors?and does he have a GF?
Robert said on 17/Apr/07
He is definitely tall.6' to 6-1 seems accurate.
I could not believe that he is almost 35, because he does not look it at all. He looks as he would be still in his 20th.
Anonymous said on 9/Apr/07
He is tall. Nothing less than 6'.

6'1 in the morning probably.
anonymous said on 3/Apr/07
his profile or driver's license on "Prison Break" last night listed him as 6'1 & 175 lbs, which sounds about right for him.
Anonymous said on 26/Mar/07
Yeah, I would buy anywhere from 6'0.25" to 6'1" for this guy.
mike said on 10/Mar/07
5'11 max? In your dreams buddy lol

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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