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6ft 5.63in (197.2cm)
CreepX said on 7/Feb/16
Scott: I doubt that Hughie is any taller than Wladimir. Here is a recent pick of Hughie with his cousin and Lennox Lewis:
Click Here

Compare that whit this image of Wladimir with Lewis: Click Here
yos said on 26/Jan/16
I'd put my money on Wlad actually being the 6'6" that he is billed as. Looked bigger than a genuine 6'5" in Tony Thompson and towered over Haye. I reckon he did wear lifts in the build up to the Fury fight which made him 6'7"-6'8" tall.
Guy said on 9/Jan/16
Do we know that he typically wears lifts? Maybe he was just wearing them to try and unsettle Fury--a guy significantly taller than most his opponents and taller than him. You could be 7 feet tall but if you're fighting someone 7'3" and don't want them to get the confidence of being taller then wearing lifts doesn't seem odd even though you're very tall yourself.
Jam said on 1/Jan/16
Rob, did you watch the Klitschko-Fury fight? If so, what did you think the height difference was in the ring?
Editor Rob: just the highlights. I think a couple of inches between them was visible.
Emil 183 cm said on 31/Dec/15
Muresan80 said on 18/Dec/15
i think Wlad is a strong 198 cm maybe 199...serious no way he is 196

Wlad is definitely not 199 cm.
Might be that a few minutes out of bed but otherwise he's 196-197 during the day. 199 cm is freaking damn huge
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 20/Dec/15
Think a flat 6'5 is closer to the truth because he has a quite good posture and loves lifts.. Dunno one of them who would downgrade himself even by the fraction of an inch :)
Editor Rob: those who you least expect to wear lifts, are sometimes the first you should raise your eyebrow at...
The Exorcist said on 19/Dec/15
Wladimir also claimed 6'5" in a Sky News interview.

On asked if he'd like to play a Bond baddie: "Can you imagine? If we stand up, I'm six-five".

Then they both stood up.

Start the video at 2:24
Click Here
Muresan80 said on 18/Dec/15
i think Wlad is a strong 198 cm maybe 199...serious no way he is 196
Brah said on 16/Dec/15
In an interview Conan O'Brien (who has met him a few times) said he always forgets how tall Wladimir is and says "What are you? 6-6, 6-7?". Why would 6-4 Conan overestimate him so much?

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berta said on 15/Dec/15
cant really se him shorteer than anhonty Joshua. I Think he is a 6 foot 6 guy that say he is 6 foot 5
S.J.H said on 12/Dec/15
Tyson Fury a big liar and hes not over 2inch taller than Wladmir
Canson said on 10/Dec/15
By his own admission he is about 6'6 in the morning out of bed. someone his size esp with his longer torso and average size legs for his height will easily lose close to if not a full inch throughout the day. So it's not unfathomable that he is only 6'5 at his lowest. However, I think the real Problem is, While most people desire to be "taller", I think height reporting has gotten way out of control these days and some of these insecure people in the world (not necessarily this site) have made it a belief and a mandate to round at a half inch (sometimes even a bit less) for everyone and not just them. That being said, Wlad is 6'5 as long as he is 6'5-6'5.99 for the majority of the day, which he is. meaning, even if he's 6'5 1/2 he is not "required" to say he is 6'6".

Just an opinion of mine and some of the taller guys here on this site like Bobby, James, Ali Baba, etc will agree with me as our heights are constantly being inflated by others for selfish gain when we are already content and don't have a desire to be any taller!!!!
Scott said on 9/Dec/15
Hughie looks about half to an inch taller than Wlad in real life.

I think we can forgive a 20 year old over emphasising the point in a World Title fight that Wlad is clearly shorter than him.

I guess key point here is how much taller is Tyson than Hughie?

2+ inches but not 3.

which would tally with Fury being the same height as 6'8+ David Price.

It seems mad we are debating if these guys are 205 or 207cm ... they must be in the top 1% of human height, yet the key cm or two is critical to us!!!
Ian said on 9/Dec/15
Wladimir claims 6'5" though looks closer to 6'6"
I doubt if he could have 3 inch lifts in his shoes. He was actually slightly taller than fury. Fury did look 1 -2 inches taller in the ring. Possibly just over 6'7"
Every time Tyson fury is interviewed he talks about being 6'9". He clearly isn't and klitschko was emphasising this by appearing taller than fury at weigh in. Furys cousin Hugh claims 6'7, maybe him and Tyson measured each other
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 8/Dec/15
Hahahaha very funny
Even a guy that is almost 6ft 6 needs to use lifts
Scott said on 4/Dec/15
Klitschko has been wearing lifts for years.

Fury is the first opponent to call him out on it though.

Against Pulev they looked the same height at the first press conference and in the ring ... but at the weigh in Wlad looked taller.

In the ring Fury looked 2-3 inches taller but at the weigh in Wlad was taller.

What an idiot. Quite sad when you are almost 6'6.

I wonder now he has been exposed if he'll wear his special shoes for his final weigh in?
twotwothree said on 4/Dec/15
Wlad definitely wearing platforms/lifts. Here they are in boxing gear Fury is easily taller. Fury is around 6'7-6'7.5

Click Here
bobby3342 said on 2/Dec/15
Thereel or wlad and his brother actually give their barefoot heights when everyone else is claiming shoe heights. sorry wlad is 6 5 and change vitali 6 7 flat Rob Paul is on point with the listing
Editor Rob said on 2/Dec/15
Here is Hughie Fury (who thinks he's 6ft 7 himself) mentioning Wladimir's 'stuff in his shoes':
Click Here
Thereel said on 2/Dec/15
wladimir and vitali are fudging there heights in the other direction, there was as picture 6 years back when haye was getting ready to take on that giant boxer and he was standing next to a measured cardboard cutout of Nikolai Valuev he came up to the 6'3 mark with his boxing gear on subtract the half inch footwear and he was coming in at 6'2 1/2. yet in pictures wladimir is a solid four inches taller than haye, 6'5 claim lol. And vitali is not under 6'8 he makes legit 6'4 guys look short, check him out with 6'4 Shannon Briggs and you will still see quite a big gap (10cm~4inches. ) These guys no what there doing it's advantages to them for other fighters to think there smaller than they actually are, haye is on the upper end of 6'2, wladimir is on the upper end of 6'6 and vitali is exactly 6'8, lol at 6'5 and 6'7 and besides vitali is only a solid inch taller than wladimir definately isn't 2" between them
qartt said on 1/Dec/15
He looked 4 inches taller than Haye. Haye looks over 6'2 with you, should you not consider changing .25 to .75?
Arch Stanton said on 30/Nov/15
Wladimir is a clever guy, all about intimidating the opponent. I can well believe that he might wear lifts at times to pull off looking even more imposing. It might also explain why at times he could look easily 4 inches taller than David Haye.
Big T said on 30/Nov/15
Has Wlad been confirmed as a lift-wearer? It seems odd for him to only claim 6'5" then. Perhaps he is 6'5" and change and wears lifts to make himself look 6'6.5" pre-fight, and then claims to only be 6'5", thereby making all other boxers (who are generally overlisted in the first place) look like insecure liars who are 2-3 inches shorter than claimed?
Markus said on 30/Nov/15
Klitschko is obviously taller than 1,96 m. His official height of 1,98 m seems to be right.
hulk said on 30/Nov/15
uncle fury said wladimir was using 'platforms' in the build up to the fight. in the ring Tyon clearly was 2/3 inches taller, just look at when the fighter come face to face in the ring
Jimbob said on 29/Nov/15
Padding his shoes according to Hughie Fury, I don't think so, looked just like well supported everyday running shoes, couldn't see 2 inch difference in height during the fight.
Brah said on 29/Nov/15
Anyone who saw the fight (flat boxing shoes) could see Fury was at least 2 inches taller than Klitshko. Looks like he was padding his shoes.
The Exorcist said on 29/Nov/15
Wladimir lost because he was wearing 4" lifts in his boots. ;P
Jimbob said on 28/Nov/15
I don't thing Hughie Fury looks 6feet6.
Cowell88 said on 28/Nov/15
I love how the delusional people like :D below are saying Wlad is padding his shoes to look taller than '6'9' Tyson. Let's get this straight, even with lifts Wlad would be appearing 6'6 in standard trainers, like in the picture. This means Tyson is 6'6 MAX. He is lying by a clear 3". If anyone in the 5'5-6'2 range did this you guys would eat them for breakfast, but because this guy is already very tall you let your delusions flourish that he is some massive giant.

The guy is very tall, but 6'9? In his dreams.
:D said on 28/Nov/15
Click Here here Hughie Fury says Wlad is padding his shoes to look taller :D
Jimbob said on 27/Nov/15
Absolutely no way is Fury 6feet9! Why he keeps referring to himself as being this tall is mind boggling!
Guy said on 27/Nov/15
Full body shot from Fury weigh-n

Click Here
... said on 27/Nov/15
Click Here
Klitschko looking bigger than Fury.
Big T said on 26/Nov/15
I think that relying on Wlad's claim when there seems to be some metric/imperial confusion isn't really great evidence. If anything he invariably looks taller than the listed 6'6" compared to other boxers (with their dodgy listings, of course). I see little reason to not list him the full 6'6".
twotwothree said on 24/Nov/15
dietmar said on 19/Nov/15
Nah, Wlad is 196cm, like he says. Here with 191cm Bryant Jennings. That's not 7cm difference, moore like 5cm.

Click Here

Jennings height every fight prior to Klitschko was 6'2
Guy said on 21/Nov/15
Why do so many people just assume that the boxers Wlad/Fury stand next to are actually their billed heights? A bit odd considering the nature of this page.
The Exorcist said on 20/Nov/15
@Scott: Your picture isn't there. We know from his pictures with Wladimir that Tyson is 6'7" max. David Haye is listed at 6'2" on here, and he is about 4 - 4.5 inches shorter than Deontay.

Click Here
Click Here

My estimates:
Tyson Fury - 6'6.75" / 6'7"
Deontay Wilder - 6'6.25" / 6'6.5"
Wladimir Klitschko - 6'5.25" / 6'5.5"
David Haye - 6'1.75" / 6'2"
Guy said on 20/Nov/15
See my post from 10/Jul/15 for more of Wlad- Jennings

Fury doesn't look 2.75 inches taller than Wlad when they're together....if Wlad is really 6'5.25" Fury is probably under 6'8" in my opinion
Guy said on 20/Nov/15
There are many photos below of Wlad towering over Jennings...why discount those?
movieguy said on 19/Nov/15
If Fury pulls off the upset he deserves his own page I think. Some photos Fury and Klitschko look similar in height with Fury slightly taller but looking nowhere near 6'9'' but in another photo Fury I have seen he does look a fair bit taller. I think Fury is at least 6'8''. Wlad 6'6'' max.
dietmar said on 19/Nov/15
Nah, Wlad is 196cm, like he says. Here with 191cm Bryant Jennings. That's not 7cm difference, moore like 5cm.

Click Here
Daniel said on 18/Nov/15
Wladimir is 198cm. A long time a go journalist from Poland has done interview with Vitali Klitschko and he said that he had been 2,00cm and 2cm heigher than Wladimir. So i think that we have trust him as Wladimir elder brother :)
Here another look with Deontay Wilder (200cm or 201 cm). I think it confirms that Wlad is about 198cm height.

Click Here
dietmar said on 12/Nov/15
This is the real difference between 6'9 and 6'6 guys, Larry Bird vs Chris Mullin.

Click Here

Its plain obvious Tyson Fury is nowhere near 6'9 mark. Like said, most heavyweight boxers tend to exaggerate their heights. Wlad is a rare case there, he is really a legit 6'5, like he says. Vitali, Deontay Wilder, and Tyson Fury are probably all 6' 6,5".
twotwothree said on 11/Nov/15
dietmar said on 8/Nov/15
Vladimir with Robert Helenius (199,5cm).

Click Here

196cm seems about right for Vladimir.

^^ what this guy said
EzioAuditore711 said on 10/Nov/15
Why do people disagree with me when I tell them Fury is 6'7"?
dietmar said on 10/Nov/15
Wlad vs Helenius picture cleary shows that Fury can't be over 200cm. To me Helenius looks even taller than Fury. Helenius has often stated his exact height as 199,5cm, so there's no reason to doubt that. So we have to ask, if Fury is no moore than 198-199cm?
Scott said on 8/Nov/15
Fury's height is a bit of a mystery.

He never looks as big as he should next to smaller opponents, but is always taller than the tall ones.

He looked at least an inch taller than 6'7 Deontay Wilder when they were pictured together and a little bit taller than 6'7 1/2 Ustinov (who himself is taller than Vitali when they were pictured together).

Perhaps Fury has poor posture and gives away height against all but the tallest opponents like Wilder & Ustinov?

Personally I think Fury is close to 6'8 and rounded up.

Wlad IMO is the height he always gives at his shows on the entrance accompanying videos: 198cm. It has been the same for years. I dont know what that is in feet and inches though and it seems neither does Wlad!!
Tony said on 8/Nov/15
Here with 199,5 cm tall boxer Robert Helenius. Klitschko is 195-196 cm. Click Here
dietmar said on 8/Nov/15
Vladimir with Robert Helenius (199,5cm).

Click Here

196cm seems about right for Vladimir.
The Exorcist said on 6/Nov/15
@Jackson Martinez:

Tyson could be a weak 6'7", yeah. He was clearly shorter than Ustinov (who was billed at 6'8") during their weigh-in. I think Fury would probably wake up at 6'8.25", or 6'8.5" at the very highest. And the evening low of 6'6.75", or 6'7" flat. He may have been measured above the 6'8" mark in shoes and just rounded up to 6'9". And most people will believe it because he is a legit huge guy.
Jackson Martinez said on 5/Nov/15

Click Here

very very hard to believe Fury could be anything over 200cm (6'6.75).
A weak 6'7 maybe, not more.

If you're a weak 6'7 you could be 6'8 in the morning easily and then with shoes, rounding up or lying a bit it could be a 6'9.
He was also listed as 6'8 and 6'7. To me he is 6'7 at best.
The Exorcist said on 4/Nov/15
Will Tyson Fury get a page if he beats Klitschko, Rob? :-)
[Editor Rob: he might.]
Mid190s said on 28/Oct/15
This is what an actual 6'5 guy looks like...Huge, borderline gargantuan. I am very close to 6'5.25 myself, and get mistaken for 6'6 6'7, 6'8 all the time.
Ice said on 23/Oct/15
Tyson Fury is around 6'7
Vitali Klitchko is 6'7
Deontay Wilder is 6'7
As for Wladimir .. He always looked like a 6'6 guy to me ..
Jam said on 15/Oct/15
There's a picture of Anthony Joshua and Nigel Benn on Joshua's Twitter. Both are standing with perfect posture and I'd say Joshua is a legit 6'5, same as Wlad, based on it
The Exorcist said on 30/Sep/15
Most boxers are way over-listed. Valuev at 7'1" (he's 6'11" max), Haye at 6'3" (he's a weak 6'2), Mike Tyson 5'11.75" (he's 5'10"), and Fury claims 6'9". But it's clear he's a lot closer to a flat 6'7" stood next to Wlad (the most honest of the bunch). I was expecting the difference to much more, but I should've known better.
6'6josh said on 30/Sep/15
Met him and felt like he was slightly taller than me

6'6.5 i would say
will said on 30/Sep/15
I don't think fury is 6'9 but vlad is taller than he says he is. Id put him at least 6'6.5. He's one of the few boxers who genuinely seems the height they're listed at and probably bigger.
Jimbob said on 29/Sep/15
Hardly any difference in those photos, sure I have read old boxing stats that state Fury being 6feet7.
Guy said on 27/Sep/15
Obviously we can't see shoes in these pics, but not much between Wlad and Fury at a recent press conference for the now postponed fight:

Click Here
Click Here
Jimbob said on 24/Sep/15
Looks a solid 6feet6 to me, I don't buy Fury being anywhere near 6fee9. Looks 6feet7 based on his latest stare down with Wlad. Was expecting a good inch on him but there's hardly any difference. I would think Vitali who's the taller brother may edge out Fury.
Moke said on 23/Sep/15
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

The man in the middle, Jack Humphrey, stands 192 according to this website. The thing is just, I don't see 192 at all with Wladimir being 6'5. And I guess most of you would agree. So put one down or put one up? Rob?
Emil 182-183 cm said on 14/Sep/15
His website lists him "6'6.5/198 cm"
Moke said on 3/Sep/15
Wlad is 6'5.5- 6'6. He's clearly downgrading or doesn't know better because he's used to the metrical system. As you give everybody a fair height, Rob, I think here you're being awful wrong. Pls consider an upgrade.
qartt said on 19/Aug/15
Andrea if you are right about Wladimir quote I think am upgrade of half an inch is required. The only time I have heard of people immediately measuring themselevs out of bed is on this site. I am 5'11 on a morning and either 5'10 1/2 or 5 10'3/4 on an evening, measured straight out of bed as 5'11 3/8.Assuming Wladimir did not head for the height chart in the first 15 minutes, he is 6'6 on a morning. Rob if that is the case, he is unlikely to dip below 6'5 1/2 on an evening.
Raheem said on 15/Aug/15
He is 6ft6 or 6ft7 can't 6.5 but wilder looks taller then woad in the picture
EzioAuditore711 said on 14/Aug/15
I told you Fury isn't 6'9". He looks 6'7.5".
Scott said on 5/Aug/15
David Price has been on Ringside with Anthony Joshua, and literally standing ringside with AJ at Prizefighter and he looked 3-4 inches taller than him despite being listed as 6'8.

Joshua himself in an interview with Kugan Cassius (when it was bought up that Joshua looked quite small next to Price) said David Price was 6'10!!

I think Price might undercook his height and Joshua (like almost all boxers) over eggs his!
movieguy said on 2/Aug/15
Fury looks about 2 inches taller than Wlad. Either Fury is not 6'9'' or Wlad is 6'7'' which I doubt as he is shorter than Deontay Wilder. Wlad has a heck of a physique though much more built than Fury.
Amaze said on 26/Jul/15
@Jam I honestly reckon Tyson fury is 202cm... 203 absolute Max. He is not 6'9. He is probably a strong 6'7.5
:D said on 23/Jul/15
For me he never looked shorter than 6'6.
Jam said on 22/Jul/15
Rob, how tall would you say Tyson Fury is based on the pictures of him and Wlad at the recent press conference?
[Editor Rob: Fury can look anywhere in 6ft 7-8 range, he claimed 6ft 9 I think...seems an awful lot.]
Guy said on 22/Jul/15
I'm certainly not seeing Joshua having nearly an inch on Wlad in their pictures together.
Battleking said on 21/Jul/15
Click Here
miko said on 21/Jul/15
Fury was looking barely 6'7 with WK.
Guy said on 21/Jul/15
New pictures of Fury and Wlad, without Fury on his toes like in one of their earlier pictures:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Fury definitely not a legit 6'9"
Guy said on 21/Jul/15
Ya, looking at those photos I can't buy Wlad only being 6'5.25" if Joshua is 6'6" or even something like 6'5.75".
Emil 182-183 cm said on 21/Jul/15
Not impossible that Joshua is 0.75 inches taller than Wlad
Andrea said on 17/Jul/15
Yeah, that's what i'm talking about... I'm not sure Wlad looks any shorter than him in these photos! From Rob's words, i guess he'll add Anthony at 6'6, but he looks very similar to Wlad, who has claimed to be 6'5 more than once... Not only that, but he also has been quite specific by saying he's 6'6 in the morning and 6'5 in the evening, so it's hard to believe he's 6'6!
Guy said on 15/Jul/15
Wlad and Joshua together:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Andrea said on 14/Jul/15
Rob, just out of curiosity, how tall did Anthony Joshua looked to you in person? He's listed at 6'6 but he looks very similar to Wlad in photos. Strong 6'5?
[Editor Rob: closer to his claim than some who claim 6ft 6.]
Guy said on 13/Jul/15
Again on Fury, since he doesn't have his own page and his height could help us judge Wlad's, here he is with Tyson Chandler, whose NBA draft measurement without shoes was 6'11.5"

Click Here

Considering the top of Fury's forehead is roughly in line with Chandler's eyes even though the latter is leaning over quite a bit, I'd say Fury looks about 6'7.5".
Ty said on 12/Jul/15
He's a minimum of 6'6. I'm certified 6'4 and met Anthony Joshua who is certified 6'6 on a number of occasions and if you look at any photo of AJ and Wlad it is clear.
Guy said on 12/Jul/15
Agree to disagree, and I already posted many pictures which suggest that you're wrong about your take on how Wlad compares to Jennings and Wach (and of course angles and footwear mattered for my pictures but not yours!).

Anyway, Rob, how tall do you think Wlad's next opponent Tyson Fury is? He's listed at 6'9" now but when he turned pro he was listed at 6'7", before that increased to 6'8" and now 6'9". Personally I'm not sure if he makes it to 6'8", though definitely on the taller end of 6'7", and there was little between him and listed 6'7" (sometimes 6'6".5) Wilder and listed 6'7.5" Ustinov.

Fury with Ustinov:

Click Here
Click Here

For comparison Ustinov with CH listed 6'7" Vitali Klitschko:

Click Here
Click Here

Fury with Wilder:

Click Here
Click Here

For comparison Wilder with Wlad CH listed 6'5.25" Wlad:

Click Here
Click Here

With Wlad, though Fury is standing on his toes and Wlad is leaning over:

Click Here
Oh_Yea said on 11/Jul/15
I dont mean that in cheek either you might be right but everything points to 6ft5
Oh_Yea said on 10/Jul/15
Those photos are shot from angles,wearing shoes and bunch of different factors.

Wladimir is 6'5! It's silly arguing over half an inch I'll go with the facts you stick with your gut
Oh_Yea 6'5
Guy 6'5.5
Guy said on 10/Jul/15
Amateur listing are regularly inaccurate and often aren't reached through the boxer actually being measured. Wlad may say 6"5 but a lot of people only speak in full inches, meaning even if he's 6'5.5" he may just round it down.

Still funny that you'd try to pass off the Wach pic as possibly three inches yet claim that Wlad only has two on Jennings. You also cherry-picked your photos, as the ones I posted below are far more representative of what is found when searching 'Klitschko Jennings' and 'Klitschko Wach':

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Now compare these to Wach-Klitschko and it's easy to see that you're having a laugh suggesting that Wach may be three inches taller than Wlad but Wlad is only two inches taller than Jennings:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Oh_Yea said on 5/Jul/15
2-3 inches for Wach because its taken from afar and on a slight angle.One guy says 1.5 I say 2 its hard to get Wach height as hes list 6'7.5 but that maybe a lie.
If he was 6'5.5 that would have been his amateur listing
Oh_Yea said on 4/Jul/15
Because in the amateurs they actually measure you. His opponent was listed as 6'3.5 he would have been listed the same 6'5.5 if true
Guy said on 4/Jul/15
Correction: I meant to say that I think he's about 6'5.5"
Guy said on 4/Jul/15
There are loads of different listings for people. I've seen Wlad everywhere from 6'5" to 6'7".

A lot of people aren't obsessed with height and would make no distinction between being 6'5" and 6'5.25" or 6'5.5". Based on the loads of pictures I've seen of Wlad next to others over the years I think he's about 6"5", so I disagree with your opinion.

Also, how do is that you tried to pass of the difference between him and Wach as 3 inches but then state that the difference between him Jennings is only 2? Look at the picture I posted and most of them from the weigh-in.....the top of Jennings' head only reaches the middle of Wlad's forhead, while the top of Wlad's forehead at least reaches Wach's hairline.
Matthew said on 3/Jul/15
Yes, he's somewhere in the 196/197 cm range. He's a very tall guy, and rounds down his height by a fraction.
Oh_Yea said on 1/Jul/15
Amateur listed height 1.95m/6'5
twice admit 6'5
i would say hes 6'5
Guy said on 30/Jun/15
I disagree. I think he's taller than that--probably 6'5.5"--and I believe there are many other pictures that show more than 2 inches between him and Jennings, such as the one I posted.
Oh_YEA said on 29/Jun/15
Wlad lowering his hide is hiding quarter to half an inch dude..hes 6'5
Guy said on 28/Jun/15
Click Here
Guy said on 28/Jun/15
Keep in mind that in my pic Wlad isn't lowering his head like he is in the other pic with Jennings.
Guy said on 28/Jun/15
Click Here

Is this only two inches as well?
Oh_YEA said on 26/Jun/15
Click Here
Wladimir with the 6'3 Jennings. Wlad 6'5 on the mark

Arch the Jennings/Wach Pictures with Wlad the height difference looks the same 2" inches
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jun/15
Oh_YEA says on 19/Jun/15
Wlad with the 6'7.5 Marius Wach
Click Here
good 2-3 inches difference

3 inches?? I'd half that, looks about 1.5 inch diff to me.
Oh_YEA said on 19/Jun/15
Wlad with the 6'7.5 Marius Wach
Click Here
good 2-3 inches difference
qartt said on 5/Jun/15
There are plenty of films of wladimir with Vitali, there is not 5cms difference.
There are 195 cm for Wladimir when he was 20, I think he grew a little bit after 20. rob do you reel see 5cm difference between Wladimir and his brother.
pablo77bar said on 5/Jun/15
This guy lie about his height
I think he like to be smaller than he is
Maybe because his girl is a shrimp even in high heels
Anyway,he seems to be at 6ft 5.5 (1,97)
Guyster said on 20/Apr/15
I always thought Wladimir was 6'6 range, he looks it in the majority of pics I've seen of him.
Mid190s said on 4/Apr/15
zzzyou did it, Rob! Yes!!! This is the listing Ive waited 2 torturous years to see and its on the nose accurate, just as I imagined it.

This is one of the few celebrities who is aware his morning and evening heights. A true treasure!
Jam said on 28/Mar/15
Wilder is also listed as 6'6.5 which seems a better fit
WalkingTall6ft3.35 inches said on 26/Mar/15
With 6'7 listed Deontay Wilder Click Here ...looks a strong 6'5,although i think he could be 197cm most of the day.....
Ace said on 21/Mar/15
Fury is probably 6'8 or a touch above. Klitschko is somewhere in the 6'5-6'5.5 range.
Jam said on 18/Mar/15
When Fury first turned pro the guardian described him as being 6'8.
Guy said on 17/Mar/15
I agree....I think 6'5.25" is too low.
EzioAuditore711 said on 17/Mar/15
Fury is not really 6'9" though. Maybe a strong 6'8" but that's about it.
Emil 183 cm said on 16/Mar/15
6'5.25 is what he measures after a marathon run with a 20 lbs backpack..
He's more likely just a hair under 6'6
just because said on 15/Mar/15
Click Here Heres klitschko with supposed 6ft 9 tyson fury...? if tysons 6ft 9 why is he on his tiptoes in this pic
Thomas said on 14/Mar/15
@just because
He had a fight in Germany and they took height, weight and biceps size.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 10/Mar/15
I've heard him say 6'5 in at least two different interviews, but I think he may be a rare case of a guy that under bills himself. Hard to believe he's only 3.25" above Haye. And I doubt Haye is less than 6'2.
just because said on 10/Mar/15
Thomas says on 9/Mar/15
Wladimir got measured by a german television channel and was 6ft6 in the afternoon.

Thats a very strange thing for a tv show to measure a guest.....
Thomas said on 9/Mar/15
Wladimir got measured by a german television channel and was 6ft6 in the afternoon.
EzioAuditore711 said on 8/Mar/15
Who isn't? Me for example. I'm the same height as Wlad.
Emil 183 cm said on 6/Mar/15
TJE says on 3/Mar/15
He makes Amir look like a 16 year old in that pic.

Anyway, he's definitely in the 6'5-6'5.5 range.

Lol what do you mean he makes Khan look like a 16 year old? He's just short compared to Wladimir, but then agai, who isn't lol.
Anyways, I actually believe Khan was very young when this picture was taken ;)
Jam said on 3/Mar/15
What would you say his height out of bed is,Rob?
[Editor Rob: he is likely a good 6ft 6 or even a touch more when he gets up to make Hayden's breakfast.]
TJE said on 3/Mar/15
He makes Amir look like a 16 year old in that pic.

Anyway, he's definitely in the 6'5-6'5.5 range.
Dingus said on 1/Mar/15
He's closer to 6'06.00" than 6'05.00".
LOL said on 28/Feb/15
I don't see how that height can be ruled out right now and I'd put him there rather than at 6'5.25"
Tunman said on 27/Feb/15
Is 6'5.5 completely ruled out?I still think this guy could be that tall and knocks 0.5"
maybe 1.5" shorter than his brother.
Oh_YEA said on 26/Feb/15
Next to Byrd Purritty looks 6'2..I guess its safe to take 1-2" off most boxers.
Oh_YEA said on 26/Feb/15
sorry 6'3 Sanders. Sanders looked the same height as 6'3 Purrity
Oh_YEA said on 26/Feb/15
just because says on 23/Feb/15
With 6ft 7.5 marius wachClick Here Click Here
With 6ft 5 tonythompson Click Here
With 6ft 6 anthony joshua Click Here With his brother and lennox lewis Click Here With 6ft 4 corrie sanders Click Here
He might be a shade under 6ft6 but not by much

good pics but the only confirmed height is Lennox Lewis 6'4.5. Id say Wlad is spot on 6'5. Alexy Lezin in the amateurs was 6'4..Wladimir was a little taller 1" 1.5" tops
Oh_YEA said on 25/Feb/15
with 6'4 Sanders Click Here

I might add Wlad looks bigger then he is because his frame is so big.
Emil 183 cm said on 25/Feb/15
He's 197 cm at his lowest.
He might dip to 196 cm after running a marathon
LOL said on 25/Feb/15
6.5'5" in my opinion, with his brother being 6'7".
EzioAuditore711 said on 23/Feb/15
Kubrat Pulev isn't taller than 6'3.5". Look at him next to his brother. And Wladimir is 6'6".
Tunman said on 23/Feb/15
Is Haye a real 6'2?With Klitschko he won't be more than 6'1-1.5
Maybe a downgrade to 6'1.5 would be a good start I think.In my opinion he's at least 4" shorter than Klitschko.
Too much evidence speak against 6'2 in my opinion.
just because said on 23/Feb/15
With 6ft 7.5 marius wachClick Here Click Here
With 6ft 5 tonythompson Click Here
With 6ft 6 anthony joshua Click Here With his brother and lennox lewis Click Here With 6ft 4 corrie sanders Click Here
He might be a shade under 6ft6 but not by much
Emil 183 cm said on 22/Feb/15
5 inches between Haye and Klitschko is pushing it.
Haye slouches quite a lot when around taller people. There might be a chance that Haye is 3.5-4 inches shorter than Klit but thats about it.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 22/Feb/15
miko says on 21/Feb/15
In most of the staredowns between Haye and Klitschko, David was struggling to even reach his eyeline, so something has to be off... way more than 3 inches between them, it mostly looked a 5 inch difference.

Click Here

Haye always looked 6´1" to me, never 6´2"
Arch Stanton said on 22/Feb/15
Still though, you'd expect his father to have been at least 6'2" or something wouldn't you, usually if two brothers are 6'5-6'7" range one parent is very tall or at least solid tall range.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Feb/15
Click Here Arnie is totally shrimped here. It looks laughable doesn't it claiming Arnie is 6'2" and him 6'6 with just a 4 inch diff!
Arch Stanton said on 22/Feb/15
In that photo though Rob their father is stood quite a bit back which makes him look a lot shorter. Click Here Looks taller there on the right. Both of them, particularly Vlad, looks more like the mother I think.
miko said on 21/Feb/15
In most of the staredowns between Haye and Klitschko, David was struggling to even reach his eyeline, so something has to be off... way more than 3 inches between them, it mostly looked a 5 inch difference.

Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 21/Feb/15
Perhaps in their case they got a dose of tall genes on both sides of the family and ended up very tall, despite neither parent looking standout tall. Brosnan's son is like 6'5" range and neither he nor Keely are very tall.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Feb/15
Rob, do you think they get their height from their mother? Click Here She looks tall range. Their father didn't look that tall at all Click Here Possibly 6 ft.
[Editor Rob: wouldn't have said that tall, but still tall enough and maybe with taller genes and well fed the reached maximum potentials.]
Moke said on 21/Feb/15
Wladimir Klitschko is 6'6''. I don't think this listing is right. He had at least 4 inches on 6'2'' David Haye.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 21/Feb/15
Rob, maybe I remember wrong but wasn´t there a quote from him being solid in the 6´5"-6´6"range or something? Like beeing 6´5.5" and just saying 6´5" or so...

6´5.25" is pretty good, he for sure isn´t smaller
[Editor Rob: I don't know where the quote/video is for the statement.]
EzioAuditore711 said on 20/Feb/15
Amir doesn't look taller than 5'7" in the above picture.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 20/Feb/15
He has claimed 6'5 many times.
Andrea said on 20/Feb/15
Arch, he certainly can look closer to 6'6, but he's been quite specific when he said to be 6'6 in the morning and 6'5 in the evening so i don't see why he should lie! I think anything between 6'5 and 6'5.5 is possible! This is a legit 6'5 range guy, not Prince Felipe or Lisa Leslie :) I have no problem to believe he'd measure similar to the big 196 challenger!
miko said on 20/Feb/15
Its not impossible Haye is under 6'2. As for Wladimir he must be close to 6'6.
Amaze said on 19/Feb/15
i thought was a legit 198cm but hes 196 or 6'5! well thats better height im happy he turned out shorter. and amir khans 18 here rob :O he looks so skinny, is he 5'8.5 here his final height? or shorter
EzioAuditore711 said on 19/Feb/15
Closer to 6'6''.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Feb/15
Now here he is with a guy who is supposedly 6'4.5 Click Here , Kubrat Pulev. Now Pulev is probably 6'3.5 and was measured at that in shoes, I'm not too familiar with him and how he generally looks but look at the height difference. 6'5" flat and everybody needs a major downgrade! Always get a more 6'6" impression or minimum 197cm than 6'5" next to a lot of the boxers.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Feb/15
Yes Andrea. there's no glimmer of 194 for this guy :-)
Bishop said on 19/Feb/15
I always thought he was at least 197 cm.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Feb/15
Rob, you see what I mean though with David Haye!! Click Here I really can't see just a 3.25 diff. If he's 6'5.25 then David Haye really can't be 6'2" (and that's disputable as I think he can convincingly look it in some other comparisons).
Arch Stanton said on 19/Feb/15
.25 is something I suppose, not going to quibble over .25 of an inch but this guy generally looks nearer 6'6 than 6'5". In fact I bet if he and Ralf Moeller stood together Wlad might even edge him out slightly, they look about the same height to me. It's possible that Wlad could come in around the same height as Challenger #15, one of those guys who can look bigger than he might actually measure.
Andrea said on 19/Feb/15
Yeah, Arch! I definitely could buy 6'5.5 for this guy! I mean, his brother doesn't look more than 1.5 inches taller, sometimes even less! He's near 4 inches taller than David Haye! So if the other listings are correct, this guy can definitely pull off looking 6'5.5-6'6 but he himself said to be 6'6 in the morning and 6'5 in the evening so he could be just a bit over 6'5 at his low and just goes with 6'5! Rob, what about 6'5.25, meaning he very well might be a fraction above 6'5?
[Editor Rob: yes it is probably a case of a strong 6ft 5 deserving an extra 1/4 inch.]
grizz said on 19/Feb/15
6'5? It was a no-brainer to me that he's 6'6. Oh, well...
Arch Stanton said on 19/Feb/15
At times the difference between them can look even less Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 19/Feb/15
Click Here With his 6'7" brother I generally see about a 1.5 difference. I'd go with 6'5.5.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Feb/15
Cmon Rob, he doesn't look as low as 6'5" flat. If he's 6'5 flat Haye is 6'1" tops!
I'd give him 6'5.5 just because he claimed 6'5" range but I could buy the full 6'6. Nothing under 197, he's massive, looks taller than somebody like Manganiello to me anyway.
Andrea said on 19/Feb/15
Now, this is an honest 6'5 guy and i could even buy 6'5.5! Didn't this guy claim he's 6'6 in the morning and 6'5 in the evening, Rob? Could he be cutting a fraction out? I mean, look at him with David Haye! You met him and confirmed he's 6'2, Wlad can look close to 4 inches tallee rhan him!
[Editor Rob: he's probably what you could call a strong 6ft 5.]

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