How tall is Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen's Height

6ft 1 ¼ (186.1 cm)

Swedish guitarist. He has claimed to be as tall as 6ft 4.

How tall is Yngwie Malmsteen
Photo by PR Photos
I was offered a gig in KISS. The wanted to talk to me. They called me up, and the guy said, 'Are you hot?' And then he asked me, 'Are you six feet tall?' And I'm metric, right? I'm six-foot-three; I'm actually quite tall — I'm 192 centimeters. So I said, 'No, I'm 192.'

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Average Guess (19 Votes)
6ft 1.46in (186.6cm)
Arch Stanton said on 28/Aug/23
192 in the boots maybe...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Aug/23
I think 6ft1½ is possible. Throw on some boots and he's at least 6ft4 I reckon
Andrey Lykov said on 22/Mar/23
Can be 6.1 or a little bit taller. But his own claims are still ridiculous.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Feb/23
Lower I believe berta, below 6ft1 in fact!

Like Luke Bryan, Malmsteen is a hidden legit 187cm guy who also wears big boots.
berta said on 4/Jan/23
wasnt he listed at mutch higher before? All i know is that he is a tall guy. But his claim is extreme.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Aug/22
Definitely can see a case for 187cm and in his boots, easily 192-193cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/21
A 6ft1-2 guy claiming 6ft4 is rare but given the type of shoes he usually wears it does make person he probably would pull off that tall
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Aug/21
Rob, is 188cm peak still debatable?

I think 187cm is possible at least the more I look.
Editor Rob
might be the highest I feel I'd go for him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Aug/21
Yeah, I think anywhere 6ft1-2 range is possible
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Aug/21
Definitely think this is possible. In those massive boots he probably can pull off his claim
Editor Rob
I think it's always difficult with boots, sometimes I think 188cm in his peak years looked possible, but I settle on 186cm
Rising174cm said on 25/Dec/20
Zakk has also claimed 6'2". I met Zakk 16 years ago while I was wearing sneakers and he seemed 6'1", but Zakk always wears thick logger boots that have to add at least 1.75" so I'd say anywhere from 6'0" to 6'0.5" is possible, but more 6'0"-6'0.25". Yngwie(ALWAYS in cowboy boots) seemed a couple of inches taller than Zakk every time I've met him in person. Watch this video at 2:55: Click Here Yngwie is speaking face to face with Zakk and he's at least 2" taller. Also, Zakk's style of logger boots: Click Here add as much as Yngwie's cowboy boots and Zakk wears them just as often. I'd have to say about 6'2" without the boots for Yngwie, perhaps 190 cm out of bed. His 6'4" claim was probably in cowboy boots. He's taller than Vai, who is or was about 185-186 cm barefoot 13 years ago.
Jallu said on 24/Oct/20
Just find out how tall this interviewer is and you got Yngwies height:Click Here
scott179 said on 3/Feb/20
6’4” claim is hilarious although i can buy 6’2” for him
Jontha said on 10/Mar/19
Hi! I'm John Terry. So, I should know I'm the one who hanging out with him. I've read more strange comments here... some people say that Yngwie is a giant and some say that he is too short. There's too much gossip with Yngwie's height and I want to shed some light on the matter. In early 80s he was 1 m 86 cm, we didn't translate it to foot-inch. But He kept growing and in 87 he reached up to 1 m 89 cm, and in 90s he was the same height as me 1 m 91 cm. Yngwie always like to wear heels but I don't. Now with heels he's a little bit taller than me. I hope I've said enough. You all - please cease fire!
Walt said on 28/Feb/19
Met Jens Johansson and Ritchie Blackmore last saturday in Los Angeles and Jens was 5'9 with middle heels. Although Jens was taller than Ritchie on 3". As I remember Yngwie wasn't so much taller than Jens, maybe on 2" or smthng. I guess than Yngwie is 5'11" with heels and 5'9.5" or 5'10". I don't think he taller.
sz1 said on 5/Feb/19
Im 6'6 (200cm) and I saw Yngwie in 2005, he walked next to me, and I was surprised how tall he was, definitely above 190 cm
AquaShoes said on 29/Oct/18
Yngwie is 6'2 barefoot for sure, at least he was back in the day.
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Sep/18
These are the type of cowboy boots he often wears nowadays: Click Here That's just a standard 1.75" cowboy heel so those will add about 1.6" of actual height meaning Zakk's Wesco Jobmaster logger boots would actually give him a slight advantage. He did wear bigger heels at times in the 80's, though. But I realized that when I thought he was 190-191 cm years ago, I was still thinking in terms of morning heights for at least a couple of the times I met him so that would put Yngwie more like 6'2" flat or even weak 6'2" range like Eddie Trunk. To give you an example, I often think if someone is taller than my brother, whom I thought of as 6'1" back then, but he's really a solid 6'0" guy. He does have a large head, though and his former singer Doogie White said his first impression of Yngwie was "Wow you are a big tall Swede, me old son!!!" Click Here Although I will say that when I spoke to Doogie literally inches away, he struck me as clearly shorter than myself and not much taller than maybe 5'6 or so. As for John Norum, he's definitely a tall guy and clears like the 6' mar with ease, but I don't know exactly, though I'm sure I know multiple people who have met him.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Jul/18
@Dragon Fly: I've seen Yngwie up close three times and there's no possible way he's under 6 feet, much less 5'10". Maybe wearing all black, plus cowboy boots and big hair makes him look taller than he really is, but I can't think of one man under 6'0" who ever claimed to be 6'4", much less a 5'10" man. Look at how much taller Yngwie is than Zakk Wylde in 2005: Click Here Zakk is at least 6'0", maybe 6'0.5" and Zakk always wears thick boots like these: Click Here Now here's a series of photos of Zakk in 2015 with Steve Vai: Click Here Zakk's boots give him an advantage over Vai, but he looks pretty close and Vai is about 6'1" himself, maybe 186 cm. So you can see Zakk is roughly 6 feet himself and looks taller with boots.
Dragon Fly said on 22/Mar/18
Hi! Who've ever met Malmsteen should say - this guy is big but not long. So, I'm the one who realy saw Yngwie with my own two eyes. My height is 5-11 and with his high heeled boots seemed to me on one inch taller than me. He seemed to not 6-1 or 6-3 as someone said, but he was 6-0 only, not taller. If he was barefoot, he should be 5-10 height.
Buddy Stelth said on 24/Oct/17
So, I agree with Rising - 174 cm, but I saw photos with John Norum and Yngwie is shorter than John on 7-8 cm. I guess that John Norum is very tall guy, maybe, but I don't know it fore sure. Is there somebody who met John or know something about his height?
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Oct/17
With weak 6'2" Eddie Trunk: Click Here Trunk is leaning to his side while Yngwie is leaning forward, but Yngwie really does have a big head so I don't know he's much closer to the camera.

I've seen Joe Lynn Turner and 165 cm is about right. I don't know if he was a bit taller when he was younger, though I think he was in his 50's when I met him. But 184 cm is definitely too low for Yngwie, just look at him with Trunk who is easily 187 to 187.5 cm range. Zakk Wylde could be as tall as 184 cm and you can see in the video below from my August 14th post, he's at least 2" shorter than Yngwie. Though I'd probably bet on Zakk at more 183 to 183.5 cm before 184. Yngwie's boots add 4 cm over barefoot height, though maybe more back in the 80's and early 90's.
Buddy Stelth said on 19/Sep/17
Two weeks ago I met Goran Edman, who worked with Yngwie in 90-92. So, Goran seemed to me as a person 195-196 cm with boots. Barefoot he may be 193-194 cm. As I remember Yngwie and Goran on videos and photos - Goran was taller than Yngwie on 7-8 cm with his high heels. It means that Yngwie is 188-189 cm with heels and 184-185 cm barefoot. Joe Lynn Turner is 165 cm barefoot, I met him last spring in Germany. When they worked together Joe weared very high heels 7-8 cm and he seemed 172-173 cm, that equals he was shorter than Yngwie on 16 cm.
Rising - 174 cm said on 14/Aug/17
Yngwie and Zakk Wylde 2005: Click Here Here's the video that's from: Click Here

As I said before, Yngwie has at least a couple of inches on Zakk. I thought Zakk was a bit taller than he is because I assumed he wore typical motorcycle boots. I have a pair and they don't add an unusual amount for a boot, but he actually wears thicker boots like this: Click Here Click Here Meaning Zakk isn't much over 6' if at all, maybe 6'0.25"-6'0.5" max back in 2005, but I don't know if he's lost height in the dozen years since. But it also means Yngwie's own boots won't give him much, if any advantage.
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Aug/17
@Christian: He looked significantly taller to me all 3 times I met him. Either he wears lifts, or he had some other advantage if he's only 6'1" because I've never seen a 6'1" man look that tall in person. If he doesn't wear lifts then he must have had pavement advantage the two times I met him outside near his tour bus and then when I met him inside before he went on stage a dozen years ago, he must have either been on one of the steps leading up to the stage and/or have took a nap before going on stage because I'm certain my head wasn't above his nose. Look at Danimal's post and you'll see Yngwie is taller than Steve Vai, who I saw up close after a show and say was 185-186 cm(I don't know how much the boots he wore 10 years ago added) and he's always a good 2" or so taller than 183-184 cm Zakk Wylde, who I met over a dozen years ago and looked close to 6'1" in thick boots. Mike Portnoy is supposedly 5'10" and if you look up the photo of Yngwie and Portnoy, Yngwie looks a good 6" taller, but with a 1" footwear advantage. I've heard Portnoy is really more like 5'9", though. I've met a lot of Yngwie's bandmates as well. There have been a few noticeably tall ones and a few noticeably short ones. Joe Lynn Turner seemed the shortest to me at no more than 5'5". Ripper Owens is the opposite of Yngwie in that he seems taller on stage or in photos than in person. He's 5'10" at best in person, possibly 177 cm.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 29/Jun/17

He wasn't being honest with claiming 190cm either. He's nothing over 185cm.
RisingForce said on 24/Apr/17
He also said he was 190-191 cm here then follows up translating it to 6'3": Click Here The full 6'3" is a bit high, imo, but I think he's being honest with the 190 cm, before a year later he decided to up his claim to 6'4" after years of claiming 6'3"! Nothing like that "late" growth spurt at age 44!
Thomas Veil said on 29/Mar/17
6-6'1 is probably accurate
RisingForce said on 12/Mar/17
Agree on both counts, Danimal. I can buy a flat 6' for Zakk. He really didn't seem any taller in person than my brother who is 6' and change, but Zakk always wears big boots. Yngwie all 3 times in person came across as very tall to me. Definitely 6'2" minimum.
RisingForce said on 11/Mar/17
Rare pic without their guitars and Yngwie is leaning a bit but easily taller than 185-186 cm Steve Vai even with Vai's hat and both were wearing boots: Click Here Nuno Bettencourt is to the far right and supposed to be about 5'7" and is closer to the camera yet his head only appears around the bottom of Vai's nose.
Danimal said on 11/Mar/17
He was on That Metal Show's 2nd episode back in 2008 where he claimed to be either 6'3" or 6'4". He's taller than both Steve Vai and Zakk Wylde who both claimed to be 6'2". He's bare minimum 6'2" barefoot imo.
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Danimal said on 11/Mar/17
RisingForce said on 7/Mar/17
Yngwie is at least a couple of inches taller than Zakk Wylde, but Zakk isn't 6'2".

Zakk looks closer to a flat 6'0", or even slightly under that. No way is he 6'2". Even the 6'1" is a stretch.
RisingForce said on 7/Mar/17
Yngwie is at least a couple of inches taller than Zakk Wylde, but Zakk isn't 6'2". He looks 6'1" in person, but always wears big boots just like Yngwie. He's more likely a solid 6 feet, possibly 184 cm max. I did see him claim 6'2" and I think 230 pounds around the early 2000s, but he could only measure that in boots.
RisingForce said on 7/Mar/17
5'10" is complete nonsense. He's a big guy in person. He's never looked less than 6'3" to me in person, though I can see he can look a bit shorter in photos, so maybe it was the boots, but I still bet he's only a little shy of 6'3". A good 190 cm.
Andrew Scott said on 4/Feb/17
Cannot agree with these words, Kenny! This is fantastic that Yngwie is shorter than 185 cm ))) You think or it seems cannot be true for his height! If you'd meet Yngwie alive eye to eye, you'd took your words back! Believe me!
kenny larvitz said on 31/Jan/17
Malmsteen is around 1,78m. You can't say he is taller than That without heels . Malmsteen wears very high heels 6 or7 cm most of the time ( 1,85cm)but his strats look not small or not big on him, very well balanced.
He s was of the most better looking guitarist. Take a look at John Mayer for exemple, who is 1,91m and the strat looks very small in proportions.Mayer wears sneakers ! It proves That malmsteen is not the tall Guy it seems to be. Who doesnt cheat about is own height ?? Maybe fender build bigger guitars in size for him ?? I don't think so. Idem for Steve vai That I think taller barefoot than yngwie barefoot too.
Eyes are judges .
Ps : Sorry for my English.
Andrew Scott said on 26/Sep/16
I cannot agree with SK, cause it is clear that he didn't meet him alive and eye to eye. Yngwie is a giant and he cannot be shorter than 6'4.5" (194 cm) with heels, and it means maybe 6'3" (190 cm) barefoot. Met him in Milan 1992 and I was standing beside Yngwie as a sound engineer when he was touring in Milan. On video live collaboration with Zak Wylde who is 6'2" tall, though Yngwie towers over Zak. So, I'd say with precision that Yngwie J.Malmsteen is 189-190 cm barefoot and 192-195 cm with heels/of course it depends on heels :)
SK said on 1/Aug/16
I have to agree with what Ola Hermansson wrote below, especially since he worked with John Norum's band in the '80s. Yngwie looks about 6' or 6'1", but not any taller that that. The man is known for having big hair and wearing big boots. Some people seem to think he's 6'3", but it wouldn't be that hard for a man who is 6' or 6'1" to appear as tall as 6'3" with such big hair and big boots. If you look at pictures of him where he's just standing straight and subtract his hair and boots, he doesn't have the body length of someone who is taller. Compare him to John Norum, who always wore sneakers in the '80s and still wears flat shoes today. He's always looked like he would be 6'2"-6'3" and Ola Hermansson corroborated that by saying he was about 192 cm. I've seen pictures of Yngwie and John together, and I have never seen any pictures where Yngwie looked taller than John. In those pictures, they looked about the same height only because John was standing behind Yngwie or tilting his head, which means John is taller than Yngwie. Also, you can't see what kind of shoes they were wearing, but Yngwie was most likely wearing big boots while John was wearing sneakers or some other type of flat shoes in those photos.
Schuff said on 29/Mar/16
I never heard such lies about Yngwie's 179 cm!!! He is a giant man and very powerful. I met him three or four times and he is the same height as me (192 cm).
Solomon Robinovich said on 9/Oct/15
No way, Ynwie is not shorter than 190 cm. I met jim in 1990 in Miami and he was taller than me on 15 cm (me is 177 cm).
Jonas West said on 7/Jun/15
Met Yngwie in 2008 in Miami and with 4 cm heels he was taller than my son John (185 cm) on 6-7 cm. So I'd gave him 187-188 cm without any lifts.
dwarf said on 13/May/15
No, jeff scott soto is 194 cm, though yngwie is shorter him on 3 or 4 cm with heels, maybe barefoot yngwie is 187-188 cm.
191-193 said on 30/Apr/15
If Jeff Scott Soto is/was 6'3", which believe is pretty close, Yngwie is ~6'1" barefoot. He also wears very high heel boots.
Jason Grapow said on 21/Apr/15
Yngwie Malmsteen is teller than Graham Bonnet on 5 inches with boots. Graham is 5'10, so Yngwie is 6'3 and barefoot 6'1 or 6'1.5 (185-187 cm)
Paul Reacon said on 2/Mar/15
Ola, it seems like you've never met Malmsteen... If you ever seen him face to face you'd take your words back, cause Yngwie Malmsteen is tall, very tall guy. I never saw images where I'd say for sure that Norum is taller. I also met him in december 1990 in Milan while the band is touring, I met Goran Edman, met Svante Henryson, Matts Olausson... I wanna correct your data. So, Svante is the tallest guy in the band - 202-203 cm with high heeled boots cause he didn't pass through any 200 cm door. Goran Edman is 194-195 cm with low lifted boots. Yngwie Malmsteen is 191-192 cm with high heeled boots. Mats Olausson is 180-181 cm with low heels. Mike Terrana is 177-178 cm with low heels. For Malmsteen correct is 187-189 cm barefoot, but not 179-180 ))))
Ola Hermansson said on 24/Feb/15
I worked with John Norum's band at 1986-1987 while he recorded his album "Total Control". I met most famous persons who worked with Yngwie Malmsteen sooner or later those days: Marcel Jacob, John Leven, Mats Olausson, Goran Edman, Hempo Hilden... So, Marcel Jacob is 176 cm, John Leven is 188 cm, Mats Olausson is 176 cm, Goran Edman is 190 cm, Hempo Hilden is 191 cm, John Norum is 192 cm. I saw many images where Yngwie and John Norum is standing together with their guitars or without them, on all of the images Yngwie is shorter on 7-9 cm than John Norum. On videos where Yngwie is touring with Goran Edman, Goran towers over Yngwie on 6-7 cm. On pictures with Mats Olausson or Marcel Jacob, Yngwie is taller them on 8-9 cm. I'd gave Yngwie 184-185 cm with boots, and 179-180 cm barefoot. On videos with Jens Johansson (179 cm) Yngwie looked the same height or maybe a liitle bit taller than Jens, and Anders Johansson 193 cm looked so much taller than Yngwie Malmsteen. I'm not sure that he is that tall as some said below. 190 cm for Yngwie is TOO MUCH!
Tender Rose said on 10/Feb/15
I met Yngwie last autumn in California and for me he looks like a very tall guy. My husband is 183 cms and Yngwie towers over him on 9-11 cm. So I'd say he is 188 cms without any lifts. My height is 167 cms and with low heeled shoes (plus 3-4 cm) I almost reach Yngwie's lips. So he is taller than me almost on a head!
SteffeR said on 1/Jan/15
Svante Henrysson is 196 cm and Anders Johansson is 193 cm, Jens Johansson is 179 cm and yes, Yngwie tends to wear "thick" shoes !
Shredo said on 16/Dec/14
6'2 barefoot would be the best estimate. You must remember he wears boots so that adds an inch or so to his height.

Yngwie is a large man with an even bigger personality!
Toto Glioni said on 10/Dec/14
Last summer met Yngve and he was taller than me on half head, although me is 5'9. IMHO he is 6'2 barefoot and 6'3-6'4 on different lifts :)
Stan Mark Morelli said on 10/Nov/14
Hi guys! I met Yngwie in San Paolo two times. The first time in september 1994 in Castle Rock festival he played with Barry Dunaway till midnight, and he looked 6'3" with his boots? and Barry Dunaway looked 5'8" with boots. The second time I met Malmsteen was julne or july 2010 in Miami. And he walked around the streets without his famous 2" heels, and as I stood near he was a little taller than me (5'11") - 6'0" or 6'1", not taller. Can't believe that he is 6'3" or 6'4" barefoot!
Danimal said on 2/Nov/14
Said on That Metal Show in 2011 that he's 192cm, so yeah, he's between 6'3" and 6'4".
Jay Paige said on 31/Oct/14
Malmsteen is the tall guy about 6'3-6'4. I met him in Miami and without lifts he looked the same height as me (6'3.5)
Dreadlock said on 1/Oct/14
6'3 is correct without any boots. I met Mike Vescera who is 180 cm tall, and Yngwie is taller tahn Mike on 10-12 cm.
Mr. Reighan said on 18/Sep/14
Originally I red some info from Malmsteen like "I'm 6'0" or "I'm 1 meter 83 cm" or something. There was the happiest day of my life when I saw maestro alive in San Antonio in 1992. The band played perfectly. After the show I spent my time backstage, waiting and counting the seconds, desperately to met Yngwie. And so it happened. Maestro looked like a tall guy with high heeled boots, he seemed to taller than me on half head. My height is 178 cm. I'd say that Yngwie seemed to me 192-193 cm, not 183 cm for sure!!! If we count 4-5 cm heels, Yngwie is 188-189 cm. This is correctly and perfectly right about his height. My position is 188 or 189 cm without any lifts and heels.
Jimmy Shaw said on 18/Sep/14
Arch Stanton. 6-3 or 6-4 is in the boots, seems to me. So, barefoot he is shorter and may be 6-1 or 6-2.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Sep/14
@Jimmy. No way is Malmsteen a legit 6'3"-6'4" guy!! In the boots he wears he'd look 6'6" if that was the case!!
Jimmy Shaw said on 8/Sep/14
Brazen, yeah, I agree, that's correctly right. In early 90's Yngwie was tournig in Sweden and I took his authograph after live show and I was impressed his height and his group too. They all were tall guys, Svante Henrysson for example seemed to me 6-5 or 6-6, Goran was shorter 6-3 or 6-4 and Yngwie was 6-3 or 6-4, the same height as Goran Edman. Also I met John Norum in 1988(from Force/Europe band) and he was 6-1, not that tall as Yngwie or Svante, but he is tall guy too. I think Sweden guys are tall guys, it's a fact.
Brazen King said on 7/Sep/14
This is fault and shame to say that Yngwie is shorter than 6'3. I worked as stage mechanic on tour Guitar Hero and met alive and clear many great musicians, and the one and highest of them was Yngwie Malmsteen. So I was standing beside him and he towers over me on 5 inches. My height is 5'11 (180 cm). Yngwie with his boots on is very very tall guy, he seems 6'4 - 6'5 at all. So i think it s stupidity to trust the other facts that Yngwie is 5'3 jr 6'1. He is 6'3 MINIMUM BAREFOOT!!!!!
Guitar and more guitar said on 6/Aug/14
He say 184cm too
Tanya said on 19/Jun/14
Met him in 1990 in Rome, and Goran Edman looked taller than Yngwie on 3-4 cm, and Yngwie was the same height as my husband Mic 188 cm. But Yngwie was on high lifts 4-5 cm. So I'd rather guess that he is 183-184 cm, not taller.
RisingForce said on 6/May/14
If he's not 6'2" minimum then he must wear lifts in his boots at times because cowboy boots don't add THAT much over normal shoes. Roughly half an inch more than a thicker sneaker, and about an inch more than a thinner sneaker, yet many here are agreeing that he can look about 6'4" in boots or at least 6'3"+.
Dman said on 10/Apr/14
He's just a bit over 6 feet. I'm 6 feet tall and met him face to face.
Robert said on 22/Mar/14
Blaze said on 21/Mar/14
Steve Vai is 186cm, 187cm peak.
Yngwie is 190cm, 191cm peak.
Blaze said on 21/Mar/14
1. Steve Vai is closer to 6'2, my stepdad is 186cm and steve was maybe 187cm. Yngwie is actually 6'3.
Miguel Menges said on 4/Mar/14
met him in Argentina in 1999 he was the same height as me - 193 cm but with his heels.
Norbert said on 27/Feb/14
I'm sure his ego is 6'4''
ThinRichie said on 15/Feb/14
Always thought Yngwie was around 6'2" or 6'3"
thomas m said on 1/Jan/14
Steve vai is 6'2" he is taller than him. I know he's got heels on but the guy is big and solid. Big beans and taters kind of guy
Jonas said on 19/Sep/13
art, I watched youtube smoke on the water with malmsteen and gillan. yngwie is a few taller than gillan and little bit shorter or the same than guitar player on left, maybe they are the same height. but I met 6'0 gillan with low heeled boots and maybe Yngwie is 6'2 with heels.
RisingForce said on 18/Jul/13
He also claimed 6'3" again in his recent book. That seems to be his most consistent claim over the years, so it's strange he all of a sudden claimed 6'4" in that Guitar World interview.
RisingForce said on 11/Jul/13
I've met him several times. 6'2" minimum, and more likely a weak 6'3", imo.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jul/13
Click Here

This Miami Times article describes hmas a "six foot three monster". No way is he even close in height to legit strong 6'4" Paul Gilbert.
Beholder said on 15/May/13
He was ever tall guy, in late 80 I met him and he was 6'4 with boots.
Shaun said on 2/Oct/12
He does look near 6 ft 4 in those heeled boots, certainly looks at least 6 ft 3 in them. Could be a strong 6'1". I think he weighs somewhere near 18 stone.
IJ said on 29/Aug/12
So, I saw him ten days ago, and he was more likely 6'4 with boots.
BRUTAL said on 25/Aug/12
I'd say 6ft 1 is accurate. With those boots he always has on he's 6ft 3 plus. Not super tall but the way he holds himself and with those boots and his general build, he looks pretty huge.
Gracien said on 28/Jan/12
actually is more likely 5'3", I'm certain about it, a friend of mine told me.
Ronald Brush said on 28/Dec/11
I met Yngwie in 1994 and he was the same height as my friend Paul 6'4, but Yngwie weared his heeled boots that made him on 2-3 inches taller than he really is. So I'd say Malmsteen is absolutely 6'1 or 6'2 barefoot.
Shaun said on 6/Dec/11
If his height equated his ego he'd be 69 ft 7 inches!!
jeremy said on 4/Oct/11
his height seems to increase with his ego. he was 21 when he claimed 6ft so is is most likely 6ft-5ft11.5
George said on 15/Sep/11
Tempest, do you ever met Yngwie???? If you don't never say that he's only 6'. I'm great Yngwie's fan and I know four people who met him, and they all told me that he is 6'3.5 with boots. Minus heels (2-2.5 inches), so Yngwie is may be not shorter than 6'1 - 6'1.5.
Tempest said on 4/Sep/11
I would bet that Yngwie felt short over in Sweden too. When he came to America he felt slightly better about himself, but he still has that insecurity that never leaves. He's max 6'. I wouldn't bet any amount of money for anything higher.
Tempest said on 4/Sep/11
Yngwie is absolutely not 6'. His ego may seem that way, but his ego comes out of insecurity. He's at most 6'. I'm not sure, because I haven't studied photos enough yet, but he's definitely NOT over 6'. Favorite living guitarist by the way.
Jeronimo Stocci said on 16/Aug/11
In Austria last year I met Yngwie and his band on his tour. So he is tall and big starry guy, maybe without lifts he is 6'2 (188 cms), cause with heels he looks like 6'3.5-6'4 (192-193 cms) range. Derek Sherinian is shorter than Yngwie on half head and he is my height 5'10 (178 cm). So Yngwie is over the 6'1 range for sure.
Shaun said on 10/Jul/11
Difficult to tell with Yngwie as he wears just big ass boots. But he definitely looks over 6', close to 6'2" in my view. Probably 6'1" barefoot and 18 stone odd.
Shaun said on 17/Jun/11
Well, he does look 6'3" range in his big heels to 6'1" range barefoot is likely. He's a big guy and clearly not under 6' legit
Darry said on 16/Jun/11
He is taller than small people, for example Ronnie James Dio, J.Lynn-Turner, Mark Boals, Klause Meine etc, but he is shorter than tall people, for exaple Ian Gillan, Bryan May. I think he as an average man, but very powerful.
Jack 'Rhino' Amstel said on 14/Jun/11
I always thought that Yngwie is no taller than 5'8 or smth, but when I met him in 2004 in Denver I was surprised of his giant height, he looked 6'3.5 with his big heels. So, if you have doubt about about it - meet Yngwie and he'll prove that he's a tall guy.
TJ said on 9/Jun/11
Arnie, giant heels aren't just 2-3 cm - Yngwie wears 5-6 cm heels. In march 1991 in Helsinki Yngwie gave some live Eclipse tour and I was there. After ones live I met him and Goran and Matts Olausson and took some authographs. Me is 184 cm and Goran was the same height as me with his heels (4-5 cm), Yngwie looked shorter than me and Goran on 5-6 cm with his high heels!! Matts was really shorter both of them, maybe he looked 167-169 cm not higher. I think Yngwie is 171-172 cm barefoot and maybe 176-177 cm with giant heels! Can you trust me, Arnie?
Arnie said on 6/Jun/11
He says he is "I am one meter and eighty three centimeters" So it was in '84, maybe he grown up and reached 1 m 85 cm or 1 m 95 cm, and may be he stayed the same. I trust people who met him and they all says "Yngwie is 191-193 cm with giant heels, and 188-189 cm barefoot". I trust this.
Jack from Alabama said on 26/May/11
Hi. Exciting theme ))) For me who's workin' in Alabama on plains and listenin' to rock music, who's dreamin' away to met Yngwie Malmsteen alive eye to eye, it is wondering fact that he is so tall. I thought he is 5'7.5" or 5'8" not higher. But if this said people who met Yngwie, I trust these facts. Maybe TV screen makes persons shorter and smaller than they really are ;)
Maggie said on 23/May/11
Guys, what do you mean Malmsteen is 183 cm ?????? He is no shorter than 188 cm, but he's not taller 190 cm. So, I'm woman 165 cm, and when I stood beside Lars Johann I reached his chin, though I weared small lifts 2-3 cm, and Malmsteen weared his giant lifts 5-6 cm. With heels he reached 192-193 cm. I wanna say that despite all the facts I've red below that Yngwie is shorter than 188 cm or so; if you'd met him and stood beside this giant figure, you'd change your mind, he is a really giant man.
Doug said on 23/May/11
6'4 it's too much for Malmsteen, he is shorter I think 6'1 or smth.
Look at him with Gí¶ran Edman 6'3, Gí¶ran is taller on 1.5-2 inches.
When Gí¶ran Edman stood beside Marcel Jacob 5'8.5, Gí¶ran looks taller on 6.5-7 inches, though Malmsteen on videos with Marcel Jacob looks taller only on 4.5-5 inches. Maybe it seems to me, but I think he's 6'1 (185 cm).
Ronald said on 20/May/11
Gracien, You have convinced me, I checked the Eric Johnson's height (guitarist, not actor) and he is really 178 cm :(. So, sorry, I conceded my defeat in the battle for Malmsteen's height, he is not that tall as I tried to prove! Making a fool by myself is my golden Gift! )))))
Gracien said on 19/May/11
Once again, I was referring to Eric Johnson the GUITARIST(5'10"), not the ACTOR (6'2"), if you had took the time to double check his height entry before coming here and claim victory, you wouldn't have made a fool of yourself like you just did.

Nope, Multiple Sockpuppets Ronald, YOU DIDN'T GOT ME.
Ronald said on 19/May/11
Thank you... you prove your right! Yngwie is a short guy!
Gracien said on 19/May/11
Hey J.Warren aka Ronnie aka Ronald aka Klaus aka 7th Sign aka David Stockwell aka Robert Laundry aka Mark Boals aka Jeff Rome (for those interested, just check those people below you'll see what I mean), guess what ?
Eric Johnson (the guitarist not the actor) is listed as 5'10" on this very same site you're writing on, and his height is based on someone who actually met him, just check his heigth entry. Click Here

So you see when I see someone like you, calling me a joker, I just laugh, because at least I try to prove my point with more or less reliable sources (this site for heights, pictures, etc).

You, on the other side you're making your point by stating facts like "I know this guy, he's whatever height, I saw him beside Yngwie on live-stages" or "I know people who met him personaly" or even more reliable "I met him IRL", and with those sources you always come to the conclusion is 6'2 or above...

So who do you think people are gonna trust ? A pathological denier, who are using multiple sockpuppets, and who base his arguments on unreliable sources or someone who at least try to provide stuff that people can check on ? (and btw who are using the same nickname all the time)
Ronald said on 19/May/11
Gracien, Thank you for your compliments about my English. But all of us make mistakes as you about height of Eric Johnson. Here on this site you may look that Eric Johnson is not 5'10 as you said. So, your photos again proves I was right about Yngwie's 6'2. On picture we can see that Eric has lifts ~ 2-3 cm, Yngwie looks the same or taller on 2-3 cm with Johnson. It equals that 188 cm + 3 cm = 191 cm, Malmsteen 191 cm + 2 cm = 193 cm with heels, minus heels ~ 188-189 cm. You prove me right about it! Thanks for this photos!
YngwieFan said on 18/May/11
How bout this:
Click Here
and this:
Click Here

Need more to prove, Yng is tall, but not too tall
J. Warren said on 18/May/11
Gracien, you say that Eric Johnson is 5'10 )))))) You'd meet him and find out that he is 6'2 and not an inch shorter))))). It's funny 5'10 for Eric. You're a perfect joker ))))
So, I agree with people who say that Yngwie Malmsteen is 6'2 barefoot and 6'3.5 - 6'4 with his high heeled shoes. Yngwie is really tall guy with mighty weight. Don't fool people that Yngwie is under 6'2 ))) It's impossible.
Sturmann Dale said on 17/May/11
Hi. Yngwie is 183 cm without any lifts he wears. I met him last week in Miami and he was 186-187 cm with boots, cause me is 187 cm and we both are the same height.
Gracien said on 14/May/11
Anyway, I will try to prove my point once again...

Click Here
Here's 5'10ish Eric Johnson playing on a stage.
See the floor? It's flat. See Eric Johnson's footwear? Boots, looks to give 3 cm at least.

Click Here
Now, here's Johnson besides almighty Yngwie Malmsteen. They're standing straight on the very same floor. No trick here, as I previously said the floor is flat, and you know what footwear Johnson wears. Malmsteen appears to be, after you remove his hair, 1 to 2 cm taller than Johnson.

Now, someone tells me how on earth this guy is anything above 6'0 (I'm being generous here, considering the fact Malmsteen may wear heels).
As would say our hilarious friend Ronald with is perfectible english "How can this conclusion may appear?".
Gracien said on 14/May/11
"But I trust people who really met Yngwie eye to eye!"

Oh really ? Then you should trust dizzy (scroll down) who met him and said is 6'0 with his giants heels. ;)

oh wait, you almost called him a liar "Don't trust stupid appinions that he is short guy or somethin'."

You sir, are contradicting yourself.
Ronald said on 12/May/11
Dinsdale - I saw that picture. But we can't see their legs poses. I agree that they both are the same height. Do you know about the shoes he wears? Maybe he wears high heels 5-6 cm, who knows? So, this picture doesn't prove Malmsteen's 184-185 cm. I think he is teller.
Tod Baia - Goran Edman cannot be shorter than 192 cm, cause he is taller than Yngwie on all photos. About John Norum I think he is taller on 7-8 cm than Joey Tempest 183 cm, maybe he is 190-191 cm. And I doubt that Goran is shorter than John Norum, I saw vide "Love Is Meant To Las Forever" and Goran looks taller than John Norum for sure on 4-5 cm. Look that video clip on youtube or official Edman's web site. So, we need pictures where we can see legs of Yngwie and other people who stands beside him. Without seeing legs we cannot find the truth about his height. But I trust people who really met Yngwie eye to eye!
Dinsdale said on 10/May/11
Here's a pic of Yngwie with 6'1.5(187cm)Jerry Cantrell.
They look the same height in the pic.
Yngwie most likely wore heeled boots boosting his height by approx an inch,
so I'd give him 6'0.5(184cm) or maybe 6.1(185cm).
Click Here
Tod Baia said on 5/May/11
I don't know about Malmsteen's height for sure, but I know Goran Edman is 6'0. I met him and John Norum in Stockholm in late 87, they worked together, and John Norum 6'1.5 was totally taller than Goran on 4-5 cm. When I saw videos and live with Goran Edman and Yngwie Malmsteen, it seems that Goran towers over Yngwie on 5-6 cm. They both weared high heeled boots on stage but Yngwie was really shorter. So, I've doubt about Malmsteen 6'2, I think he is 5'8 - 5'9. Maybe I'm wrong cause I never met him eye to eye.
Gracien said on 4/May/11
18-20 cm, yeah riiiiiiiiiiight... maybe if his head was like 40 cm... or I guess you consider the huge amount of hair of Yngwie the top of his head, then it would make more sense...

Anyway, there's like 15 cm MAX between Glenn and Yngwie. Glenn wears generally regular shoes. Yngwie has probably two or three cm advantage with his big-ass heels over Glenn. 170 + 15 - (2 or 3) = 182~183.

And about that:
"About "pic doesn't prove anything, guy next to him must be standing on a chair" - I wanted to say "Standing on a stair" ))))) Excuse me )))) There's a fault ))))"

Your english is so fricking bad, you didn't even see I was laughing at you.
Ronald said on 3/May/11
Gracien, on right pic I can see that Yngwie is taller than 5'7 Glenn on 18-20 cm, but we don't know in what heels they were in. It means that there must be difference ~4-5 cm. So, on left pic I see that Yngwie is shaped, he seems smaller than on right pic on 8-9 cm. Left pic cannot be in use. About "pic doesn't prove anything, guy next to him must be standing on a chair" - I wanted to say "Standing on a stair" ))))) Excuse me )))) There's a fault ))))
So, I've known that Mike Vescera is 178 cm tall. I saw "Live At Budokan 95" and Yngwie was taller than Mike Vescera on 10-11 cm with his boots, but may be shapes and poses of Yngwie made their difference too small or too much. Anders Johansson 197 cm tall looks taller than Yngwie on 6-7 cms on the stage, but Anders as many tall guys is shaped, that made him shorter on 3-4 cm. Give me new photos with Yngwie and other guys, but I stand on his 188-190 cm barefoot.
Gracien said on 27/Apr/11
You guys, yngwie fans are so freaking funny.

Here's a pic with former contributer 5'7 Glenn.
Click Here

I can totally see ronald coming: "pic doesn't prove anything, guy next to him must be standing on a chair" LOL
Klaus said on 26/Apr/11
I'm sure that who met Yngwie Malmsteen alive face to face, they'd all tell you that he is 193 cm with boots, and maybe 188-189 cm without any lifts. It is strange and absolutely unreal that Yngwie is shorter than 180 cm )))))) This is passe. I met Yngwie and trust people only who met him too. 188-189 cm for Yngwie - this is true.
Ronald said on 22/Apr/11
Gracien, picture with Hetfield doesn't proove than Yngwie is shorter, as he seems. I met Hetfield and he is shorter than Malmsteen on 5-6 cm. I'm sure, James is standing on the stair on that picture.
Matt, on your picture Yngwie stands closer than blondie guy, and they both have different poses. I can't see their boots and footscapes for sure. This picture doesn't provve anythin'.
Gracien said on 21/Apr/11
Click Here

Malmsteen and James Hetfield.
Matt said on 20/Apr/11
Click Here

The blonde guy is 5' 11'' and isn't standing straight. 6' 2'' max, probably in the 6' 1'' range
Ronald said on 12/Apr/11
Please don't believe what some people tell that Yngwie is shorter than 6-2... I met Malmsteen many times, the last time it was in february 2011, and STILL Yngwie is 192-193 cm with his high heels, nothing's changed! So, take away lifts and you can see that Yngwie is 188-189 cm bare foot. Don't trust stupid appinions that he is short guy or somethin'.
About John Norum I cannot tell ya anything, cause I don't met him, but I met Joey Tempest in London in 1994 - and I remember he was not taller than 180 cm.
dinsdale said on 7/Apr/11
He's tall, but not quite a gulliver like some think. He looks about an inch shorter than Norum, and about 2 or 3 inches taller than Jens, so I'd give him a 6'1.
tuni said on 24/Mar/11
i agree with dizzy. there's also a picture of him and hetfield.
hetfield is 6'1'' and looks few inches taller. 5'9'' max, imo
he's a very nice guy, btw - gave me a pick
Dizzy said on 14/Mar/11
I met that short guy 3 weeks ago. He is 6'0" with his giant heels in best case. I'd rather say that his heels is around 2 - 2.5 inches. Malmsteen barefoot pick height is 5'9,7" it equals 177 cm. If you look at the picture with Jens Johansson (5'10.5") - Yngwie is almost the same height with Jens, but difference is in their boots (Jens was with low heels). 6'1" is too big for Yngwie Malmsteen.
Barnie said on 10/Mar/11
I looked at the pic with Bernie Williams and I'd say that Yngwie is shorter on 7-8 cm. If took away hair from Malmsteen it is true. But Yngwie weers very high heels (around 4-6 cm). So, 188 Bernie's height minus ~7 cm (181 cms) minus ~5 cm (176 cm). Yngwie is no taller than 176 cm. Doubts haven't any place to be I think.
Gracien said on 8/Mar/11
Click Here

Ok, here's 6'2" baseball player Bernie Williams with Malmsteen, you can see clearly there's around 2 inches difference between the two. Malmsteen is at best, without heels around 6 ft, at worst with heels, he's 5'10".
Barnie said on 3/Mar/11
I met Joe Lynn Turner last saturday and he was 161 cm with his boots. As I remember Malmsteen worked with Turner and he is taller than Joe Lynn on half-head (11-12 cm) -> Malmsteen is 171-172 cm with boots tall, barefoot he is 168-169 cm. 185 cm is nonsense.
Grant said on 14/Feb/11
No, he cannot be 6'1 ft. When I was on Fender Show Live 92 Malmsteen jammin' and with his lifts I's say he's 6'0 ft in best case, not higher. It's absurd that he's 6'3" :). It's must be joke. It prooves video with Glenn Hughes 175 cm tall, Malmsteen is a little bit taller than Glenn. If he's 6'3" (191 cm) then he was taller than Glenn on 2/3 head, but Glenn was taller than Yngwie's eye-line (this must be Yngwie is taller than Glenn on 7-8 cm).
Matt said on 6/Feb/11
@5'7.56 Brian May is 6' 1.5'', not 6' 3''. Id venture to guess Malmsteen is somewhere in the 6' 2'' range. Hes definitely tall and probably reaches 6'3-6'4 with lifts, but probably not naturally, hence people seeing him around claiming those heights.
Ronnie said on 25/Jan/11
Good evening! It's very exiting theme about how tall are famous people. For Malmsteen I agree he's 190 cm tall not shorter and not taller. I met him ~10-12 times on backstage when I worked on LIVE shows as a mechanic. I'd say Yngwie Malmsteen is a very big and tall guy, and he wears high heeled cowboy shoes that make him too bigger on 4-5 cm. So he towers over me on half-head, me is 177 cm. And Tim Owens is shorter than Malmsteen on 7-8 cm with his low heels. I met Steve Vai, on video with Malmsteen they seemed to me the same height, but eye-to-eye Steve looks shorter ~187-189 cm with boots. I saw photo with Malmsteen and Bryan May (Queen), I don't understand that some people say that May towers over Malmsteen -? Because Malmsteen is sitting and May is standing shaped above. How can this conclusion may appear?
Jeremy Winton said on 24/Jan/11
Funny theme... I met Malmsteen too. I'd gave him 193-194 with boots. So he wears high heels (may be 4-5 cm), so barefoot he is no taller than 189-191 cm. But that's my point of view, maybe I'm wrong.
7th Sign said on 24/Jan/11
Hi! I agree that Rob should revise Yngwie's height up to 6'3". Correctly I'd say he is 6'2.75" barefoot, with his cowboy boots he is 6'4". I think many people agree with it. In late 80's I met John Norum, Goran Edman, Malmsteen, Joe Lynn Turner, Bo Werner, Jens & Anders Johansson, Marcel Jacob, Jeff Scott Soto, Bon Jovi, Dio, John 'OZZY' Osbourne, Uli Joh Roth, Klaus Meine and so and so... You can ask me height of many rockers and famous people in the world 'cause I'm an active fan of it all. For John Norum I'd give 6'0.75" (185 cm), Goran Edman is 6'2.25" (189 cm), Joe Lynn is 5'6.5", Marcel Jacob is 5'9.75", Jens Johansson is 6'0, Anders Johansson is 6'5"... if it's interesting for ya. Good luck!
5'7.56 said on 22/Jan/11
Rob, you shouldrevise Yngwie's height, a lot of people say he's as tall as 6'4, maybe he should be listed as a 6'2.5 at least. 6'3 Brian May appears near his height
Tom Sykes said on 20/Jan/11
Maggie, what do you mean "I work with John Norum"? ^-^. So, I can say that Yngwie is taller than me on 10-12 cms with his boots, though me is 178 cms. John Norum I think 183 not taller.
Maggie said on 19/Jan/11
I work with John Norum. So he is 186 cms. Yngwie Malmsteen is taller than John on 3-4 cms.
Nick Johnson said on 14/Jan/11
I work camera-man on rock live-stages, and I met Yngwie. So my height is 177 cms, I never wear high heels. Yngwie Malmsteen is taller than me on 2/3 head it equals 16-18 cms with his high heeled boots. He cannot be lower than 189 cms without any lifts. He is very tower guy.
Heater said on 13/Jan/11
Hello! I met Yngwie and John too, I'd say that Yngwie looks taller than John Norum with his hight heeled cowboy boots on 2 inches. But John Norum doesn't wear boots with high heels as Malmsteen, so I'd rather say that they are the same hight, maybe Yngwie a little bit taller barefoot. So, my oppinion is Yngwie Malmsteen is around 189-190 cms, John Norum is 186-188 cms in best case.
What about Joe Lynn Turner? I never met him, but on videos he looks like 170-172 cms with boots. But I don't know his height for sure.
David Stockwell said on 13/Jan/11
If you really met Yngwie you'll be sure that he's 6'2 barefoot and with high heels he's 6'4. My height is 6'3 and with Yngwie is taller than me on 2.5-3 cms, but difference is that Yngwie with high heels, me with low heels (1-1.3 cms). Yngwie is tall guy, don't fool yourself of his 5'8 - 5'9 as I red below :))) It's stupid illusion. So, I red that John Norum is taller than Yngwie, so I met him too, and I'd say that he's shorter than me on 2 inches, he's 6'1 not taller. On photo with Yngwie, John Norum seems the same height as Malmsteen because of their poses. Different poses bring difference in height. Good luck fans!
LadyWolfMoon said on 7/Jan/11
I met Yngwie on his tour bus...I'm 5'9 1/2 in stocking feet, had heels on so I was probably 6'. He was quite a bit taller than me (I would believe 6'3, with boots 6'5 absolutely). What an impressive human being, size-wise!
Booby Wayne said on 7/Jan/11
I agree with LEO Pinzon, that he's a TOWER 6'3 or 6'4, not shorter!!!! I met him on backstage 6 times and I proove its 6'3 - 6'4 barefoot. Boots made him taller on 2". Yngwie is a giant guy!
LEO PINZON said on 6/Jan/11
I met Yngwie at a Sam ash in Hallandale, he is a very tall guy, I am 5`11" so he is at least 6`3" or even 6`5"
krazy krippled! said on 2/Jan/11
Yngwie must be a solid 6'3 guy, everybody keeps saying he's a tower
Robert Jazzman said on 27/Dec/10
My close friend Svante Henryson is 6'6" tall guy and he worked with Yngwie Malmsteen in 1990-1992. So he told me that Yngwie is 6'3" barefoot, and his cowboy boots add him 2 inches for sure. So I agree that Yngwie is tall guy. For example, Goran Edman is 6'3.5" tall looks taller on videos and photos with Malmsteen.
tuni said on 17/Dec/10
he's between 6'3'' and 6'5''; 6'7'' @ a max with boots & hair.
just so you all know, risingforce IS yngwie - got this from a reliable source.
RisingForce said on 4/Dec/10
LOL, 5'8"? 5'10"? Go meet him, he's a tall guy, cowboy boots add 2 inches over barefoot, so he'll have roughly a 1 inch advantage over someone in normal shoes.
Robert Laundry said on 25/Nov/10
Hi! It is absurd that Agent RED said. I met Yngwie and John Norum many times and I say with precision that John Norum is 190-191 cms with low heels, Yngwie Malmsteen with high heels is taller on 3-4 cm, barefoot I think he is 189-190 cm. Don't trust to stupid facts below.
Agent RED said on 18/Nov/10
I met Yngwie many times and I say that he's 178-180 cm. He wears high heels that made him taller on 4-5 cm and he looks taller. I met Anders Johansson and he is tall guy 191-192 cm. So, Goran Edman also tall guy 185-186 cm. They all are taller than Yngwie, you can see it on videos. John Norum (ex-Europe) worked with Goran, but Goran looks shorter than John on 2-3 cm, though John Norum is probably 186-187 cm. I can say that Yngwie is not taller than other guitarsists in the world and not taller than he says.
Dan Galati said on 11/Nov/10
I disagree that Yngwie is 185 cm and 170 cm, I met him this year and with boots he was 183 cm. So barefoot I think he is about 177-179 cm not taller. He is shorter than me, and me is 187 cm.
RisingForce said on 3/Jul/09
5'7", that's funny. Please explain why he towered over me the two times I've seen him up close. I'm 5'8". I just met him again last October so my memory isn't fading. I was nowhere near his height, my head was probably below his nose.
Harry Appice said on 30/Jun/09
I don't believe that Malmsteen is 6-1. It cannon be because I saw him in Hollywood last week and he was not taller 5-9 standing beside me. Me is 6-4 fts and he reached my chin in best case with his high heeled boots. Really he is 5-7 fts barefeet, he cannot be taller.
Doug said on 25/Jun/09
This is about right barefoot in boots he is 6'3"-6'4". Malmsteen must weigh 240-250 lbs?
Gwen DJ said on 15/Jun/09
I don't think that Yngwie Malmsteen that tall. Wghen I met him in autumn 2007 he was really 6-0 maximum with his boots on. I think barefoot he's 5-11 not taller. My height is 6-2 and he was shortet than me on 2-3 inches.
Danny said on 10/Jun/09
Having been a huge YJM fan for a long time, my best guest from all the footage and images I have seen would be 6ft 1 or 6ft 2. I'm 6ft 1 myself (and 210lbs) and he doesn't look a great deal taller than me. With those big boots he always has on I would imagine 6ft 3.75 or so. Which is why he looks rather tall in person.
Mr. Journy said on 8/Jun/09
I met Yngwie Malmsteen two days ago - he is really giant 6-4 fts with heeled boots. So I think bareffet he's 6-2 minimum. His wife April is about 5-4 with heels, and she seemed very small woman beside giant Yngwie. I don't know how Yngwie may be shorter than 6-2 fts as some people says here. It is nonsense, really impossible.
Crazy Monkey said on 2/Jun/09
Hi hi! I met all those guys many times cause I'm workin' the technical stage supporter. What can I say bout Yngwie Malmsteen - on lifts his height may be 185-186 cms maximum, barefeet he's just 180-182 cms not bigger. He's strong and fat guy, his weight is about 110-120 killogramms now. Peak was in 2002-2004 years (130 kg). About other guys I can say that Dio is really 161-162 cms barefeet, Jens Johansson is about 178-180 cms barefoot, Goran Edman is 183-184 cms, Joe Lynn Turner is about 162-164 cms barefoot, Cozy Powell was 176-178 cms (forever glory and memory for Cozy!!!), Rithcie Blackmore is about 173-174 cms, Glenn Hughes is about 177-178 cns. John Norum (member of Europe) is about 186-187 cms, Joe Satriani is about 170-171 cms. I don't know why Glenn gave to Yngwie 185 cms height!! He's shorter really.
Wendom Guy said on 1/Jun/09
I don't think that Yngwie is that short 6-1 (185 cm). When I met him on the street He was really 194-195 cm minimum with boots. As I know Joe Lynn Turner is 171 cm barefoot, and he cannot be shorter. Rithchie Blackmore (179 cm) taller than Joe Lynn Turner on the same stage on 1/4 head. Ronnie Dio is really 164 cm barefoot and that is true. When I saw Yngwie with his wife April and Ronnie Dio posing to photographiers Dio reached Yngwie's chin. It cannot be that Yngwie is only 185 cm, he is taller barefoot, I think really he is 188-190 cm barefoot. 185 cm is not enough for giant Yngwie :)
Ted Brown said on 1/Jun/09
Hello! When I first saw Yngwie on video I thought that Malmsteen is a really giant with long long feet. But when I met him eye to eye after live show "Leo Fender Festival" I couldn't believe my eyes - Yngwie seemed to not taller than 6'0 ft. He was with high heeled boots on (2-3 inches) and although he wouldn't be that giant from my first TV screen. My height is 6'4 fts, and I'm black guy, and Yngwie Malmsteen as a Jimi Hendrix is my favourite musucian in this world. He's rally loud player, yeah! But he's not that tall as he seems from TV screen. I saw many times musicians that worked with Yngwie and I can say that Goran edman is taller than Malmsteen on 2 inches with boots, Joe Lynn Turner is a short guy as Dio and Klaus Meine (5'4 fts) not taller, Mike Vescera is the same height as Yngwie, Jeff Scott Soto I know is 6'2 fts, Jens Johansson is 5'10,5 fts, Anders Johansson is 6'3 fts, Barry Dunaway is 5'5 fts, Mark Boals is 5'5 fts, Johnny Norum is 6'1 fts.
GuitarSon said on 24/May/09
There is no way that John Norum is just 183cm!?! I saw some pics many years ago where John and Yngwie were posing inside Yngwie's mansion, like northern kings (or something like that :)). Anyway, John looked noticeable taller than Yngwie in every picture.I've read that John Norum is more like 186cm while the rest of Europe band members are +-183cm. I'd put Yngwie to 183cm-185cm. I've seen both live during the recent years. Both looked quite tall, but only Yngwie had high heel boots.

I've stood next to Paul Gilbert and he was really tall guy. He was wearing normal shoes like I think any actually tall person does, I'd say Paul is 194cm-195cm. Yngwie can get close to that only if he wears his 7-9cm high heel boots for the photo shooting sessions and Paul has his flat shoes or is barefoot.

In former Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki's (over 190cm) interview he said that after meeting Yngwie at backstage he was
suprised how quiet and humble guy yngwie was and that Yngwie was much shorter than he expected. I've saw Jens Johansson at club gig next to me and he was no taller or even shorter than me (near 180cm with shoes on), but maybe he kept low profile and he did't stand straight...
RisingForce said on 17/May/09
i never saw him look as low as 5-10 with alcatrazz. he looked clearly taller than 5-10 graham bonnet in all of the pictures i remember. either way he's tricky. his posture does look bad at times.
Nina said on 14/May/09
Hello everybody! My height is 162 cm. I met Joe Lynn Turner last week and he was the same height as me - 162. Ronnie James Dio is 159-160 cm I think, cause when we were satnding close to him, he was shorter than me on 2-3 cm. I met Yngwie Malmsteen in july 2008 and he seemed to me 180-183 cm minimum with high heeled boots. Maybe barefoot he is 176-177 cm. His wife April is shorter than me on 5-7 cm and he was on heels. She's small woman, very small. I also met John Norum and Joey Tempest in august 2008 and John Norum is taller than Joey on 5-6 cm. John seems around 187-188 cm, Joey seems 180-183 sm. I think Yngwie is 176-177 barefoot. Not taller.
glenn said on 13/May/09
thats ridiculousbut in dennys defense he can look average in some a 5-10 guy.more alcatrazz period.and that pic of mine on the far left is mysterious too.weak 6-1 at worse for this guy.
Denny said on 13/May/09
I still stand on his 170-172 max. In boots he's 174-175 at worst. Dio cannot be 160 cm - no! He's very very very small. I saw him and he was shorter than me on 1 head (23-25 cm). My height is 173 cm. I know for sure that John Norum is 183 cm. And Goran Edman is shorter than John Norum on 6-7 cm. But with Malmsteen Goran Edman seems a giant. Malmsteen is shorter than Edman on 7-8 cm. There's a warning - on videos with John Norum Goran Edman was in low heeled boots, but with Malmsteen he was in high heeled buts, that made him 182-183 cm atleast. Malmsteen in his boots was shorter him on 7-8 cm - 174-176 cm. On photos with Dio, Malmsteen is taller than Dio on 2/3 head. If Ronnie Dio is 150 cm (152-153 in boots), then Yngwie is 170-172 in best case. I can't believe that Yngwie ever can be taller than 176 cm. No.
RisingForce said on 12/May/09
dio is 5-3ish, 5-2.5 at worst and he's 5-5 or close to it in heels. yngwie malmsteen at 5-7ish is ridiculous. all of the logical posters here agree that he's atleast 6 feet.
Denny said on 12/May/09
But I still stand on 170-172 not bigger. I'm sure that my height is 173 cm and I tell you for sure that Ronnie Dio is 150 cm barefeet. He's very very very small guy. I saw Craig Goldy and Dio together and I can say that Goldy is 178 cm and Dio is 150 cm. Not bigger. I also know that Goran Edman is 177 cm, cause I saw him on live video with John Norum and I know for sure that John Norum is strong 183 cm. Goran Edman is taller than Malmsteen on 6-7 cm. On every live videos with Malmsteen and Goran Edman, Malmsteen is shorter than Goran on 6-7 cm. And truly know that John Norum is 183 cm not bigger.
Jeffrey said on 12/May/09
We need more pics with Yngwie, cause it may more prooved. I can say he's 6-2 barefoot.
tuni said on 11/May/09
lol, that's more like it. he's between 5'11'' and 6'1'', barefoot, imo.
i can't believe his ex-bandmates are getting into this debate.
this is absurd!
is there any pic. of him with holdsworth? he's about my height (6' shoeless) nowdays. i stood next to him (both of us had normal shoes on).
ShredGuitarist said on 9/May/09
I don't think Yngwie is taller than 6ft 1, and I think he is a strong 6ft. He said he was 6ft once, and he looks much taller with those monster boots yea. My father is a strong 6ft, I know how that looks like. ( I'm more a strong 5 ft 11, with 5 ft 11 being my night height)

Some strong 6ft men look VERY tall with big heels on. Especially if you're small yourself, it's easy to give heights like 6 ft 3 for those men but I honestly don't think so.
S.Ball said on 7/May/09
Hi everybody! I wanna give some explainations about three pics. I think that middle picture is the excellent proove that Malmsteen is 6-2. On other pictures I'm not sure that he's standing right, it's possible that Yngwie shapes and standin' on one foot loose. He's posing all the time on every sesscion. On middle pic we can see him not supposed to any poses at all. There he's real man with normal standpose. On the right pic where Yngwie with the dark sunglasses we can see that he's standin' with one foot loose. Exactly he may be without his high heels. I think that right height is 6-2 without any heels and lifts on. I saw Yngwie two times after live show and he seemed to me always 6-3 or 6-3.5 with his high heeled boots. But I still don't understand why that tall guy wearin' high heels... it's a mystery for me. My height is 6-4 and I cannot imagine myself puttin' on that boots. It's ego manic maners may be. I can understand why Dio or Turner weras heels 'cause of their small height, but Malmsteen -? It's his habbit it seems.
RisingForce said on 7/May/09
yngwie isn't nasty in person these days. he turned me and everyone else down for photos twice(2005 and 2008) but in fairness it was late(1 am in 2008). he was polite enough. dio is a very nice man and seems genuinley happy to be talking to fans.
speedy said on 7/May/09
Did you change the height on this site? before there stood that he was 6 ft3 (191cm). but thats wrong I think. I think 6ft 1 (185cm)is right. he can
Jeffrey said on 7/May/09
Denny, are you sure that you are 173 cm? Maybe you are taller than you mean? It seems that you minimized Dio and Malmsteen on 13-15 cms isn't it? I'm sure that's right. Dio never can be 149-150 cms. He is a small guy but not such small. It's Denny DeVito's height may be 149-150 cms but not Ronnie Dio. It's impossible.
Denny said on 5/May/09
Hi! I don't think that Malmsteen that tall. He seems to me around 170-172 cms. On every videos and on every live he looks a giant because he's on the stage. TV screen shapes him into giant, but he isnt a giant. Though he alwasy wears very high heeled boots that makes him taller on 5-6 cms. I thinj that with boots on he is 175-177, barefoot he's 170-172 cms. I saw Ronnie James Dio after live concert last summer and he looked very very small guy. My height is 173 cms and he reached my shoulder with his high heeled boots. He seemed to me 155 cmx with heels and barefoot he was 149-150 cm in best case. I saw pictures with Dio and Malmsteen together, and on them Dio reached Yngwie's nose. I don't know about their shoes were on that time. Malmsteen is taller Dio on 15-20 cm in best case. I tell you truth that most of the rockers are small guys. I swear that Malmsteen isn't that giant that you mean.
glenn said on 3/May/09
doug-yngwie might be difficult to work with,and has other issues too,but similar to dio and axl rose,they are usually nice to fans.which is what counts the most.
glenn said on 3/May/09
pics are indeed funny.
Jeffrey said on 3/May/09
Pics are funny. This big guy seems to me 6-1 or 6-2. In summer 2005 I saw him jammin' with Gillan's band and Yngwie slightly towers over Ian Gillan (6-1). So and so Malmsteen is 6-2 really. As I know Joe Lynn Turner is nearly 5-7. I saw Malmsteen standing with Ozzy Osborne (5-9.5), and Malmsteen towers over Osbourne on half head. It means that Yngwie is really 6-2. I think it's enough to proove.
Doug said on 3/May/09
Wow three pics! Wow he really looks nothing over 6 flat here, maybe 6'1" in the middle. Malmsteen to me generally looks 6'3" in boots anyway. This guy is an ego manic though and I get the impression he wears huge boots so probably is this height wearing them. This guy is a perfect example of a douche bag eh guys?
bakermann said on 29/Apr/09
hello. I have some facts about exciting men. First of all Yngwie is really 6-2 barefeet and with boots on hes 6-4. That's true. Im stage-worker and I see rockers all the time. The same height has Klaus Meine and Joe Lynn Turner (167 cm), may be Joe a little bit taller (1-2 cm)(169-170). I saw Ronnie Dio and Malmsteen in the same studios when they recorded theme "Dream On" in spring of 1999. Ronnie Dio reaches Yngwie's chin. Though Ronnie was in high heeled boots on (10 cm), same time Yngwie was in 4-5 cm boots on. Nowadays Dio is 159-160 cm. The peak height was in 84-87 years and reached up to 163 cm. John Norum is the same giant as Malmsteen - 190-192 cm. In sessions with Dokken he towers over all of the group members. In Europe band John was taller than all of members too. Joey Tempest is 182 cm man. Ritchie Blackmore now is 178 cm, peak of his height was 180 cm in 60's. Klaus Meine is 167 cm. Goran Edman is 188 cm. So, correct height for Yngwie Malmsteen is 6-2 for sure. Without any boots on.
Eddy said on 29/Apr/09
Glenn, i still don't understand... how can be the same Yngwie 6-1 and 6-3? height must be barefoot only, not in any boots and lifts. please recorrect datas to true.
glenn said on 28/Apr/09
well,i agree yngwie looked 6-1 in the pic on the far right,with the help of big he did give me the impression he was 5-11,6ft like he did in the early 90s.he is a mystery.6-1 would explain it ll cool j.who can look 5-11 to 6-3 depending on the posture and or footwear.when cool j is 6-1 in reality.yngwie must wear lifts inside his big boots sometimes.
Eddy said on 28/Apr/09
Glenn, on videos with Joe and Malmsteen, Turner reaches eye-line of Malmsteen's head. If Joe with heeled boots on he may seem 5-7, 5-8 max. Yngwie in boots towers over Joe Lynn on 4 inches. It mens Malmsteen is 5-11, 6-0. I don't believe that Yngwie is that tall... it needs more approvements for me.
glenn said on 28/Apr/09
while i agree with you that turner is 5-6ish,yngwie is indeed 6-1 minimum.maybe more.i thought 5-11 myself years ago.i shockingly saw 6-5 in the middle pic,where i had to ask him.he said "im 6-3".he had boots on.i had thick boots on too.
Eddy said on 28/Apr/09
Since I met Joe Lynn Turner last week he seemed 160-162 cm in best case. I don't believe that Joe can be 5-7. Malmsteen seemed to me 177-180 cm (5-11 max)
glenn said on 27/Apr/09
all is correct fred,except turner always seemed 5-6 to me.tops.sometimes shorter.i met all these people for 20 years too.impressive list by the way.
glenn said on 24/Apr/09
anders-i dont understand cm close to 5-8 when i wake,if not 5-8 appears i shrink to 5-7 or slightly below after being up for 8 or more hours.others on the site backed me on similar height loss.i never knew i could lose that much.especially on little sleep.and walking around for miles with a heavy im 190 pounds.mainly muscle.but i have a slight gut.silver mountain has a somewhat recent live cd,correct? and there is only one studio album? i have the vinyl hard is it to find on cd? ritchie blackmore can look 5-9 to 5-11 depending on the year and his posture.i have 3 photos with him.have you met him?
Fred 'Zak' Forelli said on 24/Apr/09
Hi-he really 6-4 in boots and 6-2 barefoot. I met him many times and I can say that. For another guys I can open secret. For Ronnie Dio he's 5-4 guy barefoot, Rithcjie Blackmore is 5-10.5, Joe Lynn Turner is 5-7 guy, Jens Johansson is 5-11, Anders Johansson is 6-4.7, Barry Dunaway is 5-8 guy, Mark Boals is 5-8 guy, Doogie White is 5-9.5 guy, Goran Edman is 6-3 guy, John Norum is 6-4 guy, John Osbourne is 5-9.5 guy, Joey Tempest is 6.0 guy, Mic Michaeli is 6-0.5 guy.... Though, what person you woluld like to know in feets? I can find it in my own biographies of my work with them as a photographer. Good night!
Yngwie Fan said on 24/Apr/09
Anders, in Click Here biography page Jens is 179,5 cm.
adam said on 23/Apr/09
Where is Hugh? He would say something like: "6`3" sounds about right, a big guy. 6`4" is a bit too much even though he could be near 6`5"."
Anders Johansson said on 23/Apr/09
Glenn, I never say never. It's possible that Silver Mountain will be continued. I correct heights in ft - Jens is 5-11.7, Joe Lynn Turner is 5-7.4, Ronnie James Dio is 5-3.8. Gleen how tall are you in ft and cms? You may seem 171-172 cm barefeet, isn't it?
glenn said on 22/Apr/09
anders-any chance of a another silver mountain studio album? thanks for the tips on the others heights.though they always appeared shorter to me than you say.i also dont understand cm as much.
Anders Johansson said on 22/Apr/09
Thanks Glenn! No, my height isn't 193 cm, my height is 195 cm. Yngwie may seem 6-1 on the right picture cause his position, he may shape or stand on first feet only, with relaxing second feet. It's possible. But Yngwie was always weared hight heeled boots that made him up on 4-5 cms. I can say that Ronnie James Dio is 162 cm barefeet, and Ronnie reaches Yngwie's chin. For mr Eonnie reaches my shoulder in best case. Joe Lynn Turner is 171 cm tall and on tour Odyssey he weared very very high heels and he reched my nose-line and Yngwie's eye-line (may seem 176-178 cms). My brother Jens is 182 cm. With heels he seems 186-188 cms.
glenn said on 22/Apr/09
he looked 6-4,6-5 to me in boots in the middle when he stated he was 6-3 to me.i had to ask since i didnt remember him so tall.then i was shocked that he looked barely 6-1 with the help of big heels in the recent pic on the right.
Dan Moore said on 21/Apr/09
Pictures prooves that Yngwie cannot be that tall. On the right pic we see that Glenn 171 cm is below Malmsteen on 6-7 cm maximum. Though Malmsteen with 4-5 cm boots on and barefeet he is 172-174 cm. This picture prooves that I'm right!!!
Terry Weiss said on 21/Apr/09
Hi everybody! It's interesting that each guy here telling about Yngwie's height different things. How can you calculate height with boots? We need true facts about height barefoot. If I on heeled boots and say that I'm six man feet - that's not true - really? You must say only true facts about man's height. You said that Yngwie Malmsteen is 6'1". And below you said "Swedish Musician. I don't know, he has said 6ft and to Glenn said 6ft 3 and recently even 6ft 4!". What it means?
Yngwie Fan said on 20/Apr/09
Hi Anders, when I spoke to Jens about ten years ago he said that you are 193cm, what is 6´4", so did you calculate 6 foot to 180 cm thus making 6´5" as a 193 ?
glenn said on 20/Apr/09
anders,long live silver moutain!!!
Anders Johansson said on 20/Apr/09
Hello fans. So, Yngwie Malmsteen as Mark said is 6'2.5". With boots on he seems taller up to 6'4". My height barefeet is 6'5". Yngwie was always below on 2.5 inches. So, 6'1" is not really correct for Yngwie. He's bigger. In 80's I don't remember that he was below 6'2.5". He was always the same height 6'2.5". Good luck! Anders.
RisingForce said on 17/Apr/09
Hopefully we'll get all 3 pictures up. I am suspicious though because Yngwie did look noticeably taller than Zakk Wylde at that ceremony for Randy Rhoads 4 years ago. Zakk wears 2" boots too and he dwarfs me in my picture with him so I'd give him atleast 6'1".
glenn said on 16/Apr/09
i agree.he can look much taller than 6-1.but now im no so sure.even with the boots.rob has my new photo now.sooner than later hopefully.
mattrock said on 15/Apr/09
good point
RisingForce said on 10/Apr/09
6'1" is possible, but he seemed much taller to me.
Malmsteen Fan said on 9/Apr/09
Editor Rob: I think 6,1" is a good meassurement for Yngwie! 6,1" barefoot PLUS 2-3" heeled boots (like Mark Boals said) would be 6,3" - 6,4" on stage...NOW EVERYBODY SHOULD HOPEFULLY BE HAPPY!
RisingForce said on 7/Apr/09
6'2.5" sounds pretty accurate actually. The second time I met Yngwie in October he seemed 6'2.75" or a weak 6'3" with boots that made him taller.
Mark Boals said on 7/Apr/09
Hi! That's not correct for today Yngwie's 6'1". Now he's 6'2.5" (189 cm).
To 'Malmsteen Fan': In the end of 80's Yngwie has lost his mother and that's almost brought him down. But he's alive and still tall! Bye!
RisingForce said on 7/Apr/09
Rob, what made you downgrade him 2 inches?

Editor Rob
glenn said he thought he was shorter recently, I think 6ft 3 in boots might be nearer.
RisingForce said on 7/Apr/09
Yngwie at 5'9"? You're joking right?
Oscar said on 6/Apr/09
1.83 meters corresponds to about 6'0".
Dan Moore said on 5/Apr/09
with his neo-egoistic appinion he would say all the things in great measures. 183 cm is 6'0" in feet. But that's Yngwie in high heeled boots on!!!! He cannot be 6'0" anyway. In best case he's 5'9". All the photos, all the videos told us about it. Look at Yngwie with Joe Lynn Turner (164 cm). He's on half-head taller than Joe. That means Yngwie is 176 cm in the best case! On the pictures with Dio, Yngwie is taller his on 2/3 head. Dio is 156 cm tall barefeet and Yngwie is taller him on 20 cm. If you look on videos with Goran Edman... Goran Edman is TALLER Yngwie on 1-1,5 inches. That means Goran is 178-180 cm. That's right because on videos with John Norum, John Norum towers over Goran on 1,5-2 inches!!!! I know for sure that John Norum is 183.5 cm (6'1/2"). That prooves that John Norum is 183.5 cm (6'1/2"), Goran Edman is 179 cm (5'10.5"), Yngwie is 175 cm (5'9"), Joe Lynn Turner is 5'4.5"), Ronnie James Dio is 156 cm (5'1.5"). If you have upprovements of hypotises - please, write it!
Malmsteen Fan said on 5/Apr/09
Mark Boals: Hi Mark, first, i love your work with Yngwie! Now on the topic; i didn
Ladywolfmoon said on 4/Apr/09
In an invterview he says he's 1.83 cm...HOW TALL IS THAT IN FEET AND INCHES? W don't measure by metric in the USA....
Mark Boals said on 31/Mar/09
Hi hi hi everybody!!! It's funny and interestin' things that you said 'bout my friend Yng. I hope that my person doesn't need in any performance there )))) For those who doesn't know my person I say - I calloborates with Yng since 86 till nowadays. We are great friends in Miami. Reduce for your answers 'bout Yngwie's height I can do it. There's one thing you must know: Yngwie likes to wear heeled boots 'cause of his favourite Viking's tales. Everybody knows that Vikings were great and ability tall person ya know. Strong and invincible thay ruled all of the odds. As them Yng must be that tall and strong person. I'll open you secret - my height is 5'8". On the stage I like to wear heeled boots that lift me on 2 inches. It means that on the stage my height is 5'10". Yng was always taller than me on half-head (5 inches it equals). Yngwie always wears high heeled boots on the stage over 2-3 inches all of our years of work together. If you wanna his height barefeet I can say with precision that in 1984-1987 he reaches 6'1" feets height. After years of sorrow and harminic disfunctions he starts to grow up. So since 1987 to 1993 he grows up on 1,5 inch. So it means he became 6'2,5". Man grows up until 27 ages old. And Yng grows up as a normal man in this world. So, two weeks ago I met Ymg in pub at Miami station part, he was the same height and condition with his heeled boots on and he looks like a 6'4 - 6'4,5" man. Yng is a great man and great virtuoso musician!!! Listen him and enjoy!!! Goodbye people!!!
RisingForce said on 26/Mar/09
I think that it's possible with Yngwie's ego and 6'4" claim that he wears lifts in his boots. John Wayne was 6'4" and supposedly did that and Steven Seagal is around that height and is said to wear lifts. So it's not out of the question considering how much his height fluctuates. I find it odd when people over 6 ft wear lifts, but it does happen.
Gnobius Person said on 26/Mar/09
Malmsteen is 6'2 possible. But he is very weithly person so it seems shorter than ever. John Norum can not be 6'0... no way. I meet him many times and I can say that he's 6'3 person. He towers over other members of Europe band on 2-3 inches. Goran Edman I know is 6'2"5. I've met him eye to eye many times.
RisingForce said on 24/Mar/09
He's certainly not 5'7" as one poster below was claiming! Based on what I saw each time in person it's hard to buy him under 6'2", but I'll acknowledge 6'1" is possible since you've seen it. I stick to 6'2.75", 6'3", until I see him shorter in person.
glenn said on 23/Mar/09
yngwie is between 6-1 and 6-3.more on the just over 6ft to me now.
RisingForce said on 22/Mar/09
How do you know tuni? He claims 6'3" and 6'4". At worst he looks like he's a weak 6'3" in person to me with boots that make him look taller. The first time I met him I thought he was 6'4" even considering the boots, but that was when he was thinner.

6'3" is certainly possible. Maybe I'm wrong and he's shorter, but 6'3' is defintley possible.
tuni said on 21/Mar/09
he's NOT 6'3'' for god's sake.
RisingForce said on 21/Mar/09
There's no way Yngwie is 5'7"-5'8". I am 5'7"-5'8" and I've met Yngwie twice. He dwarfed me each time. I'd guess 6'3". He's certainly over 6 feet. 5'7"-5'8"? Where do people come up with this stuff?
Dan Moore said on 19/Mar/09
How can Yngwie be 6'3"???? If you look videos with Goran Edman and John Norum you'll find that 6'0" John Norum is taller than Goran Edman on 2-3 inches (6-7 cm). On videos with Goran Edman and Yngwie Malmsteen, Goran Edman towers over Yngwie on 2-3 inches (6-7 cm)!!!!!! So we may calculate if John Norum is 6'0 ft (183.5 cm), Goran is 5'10 - 5'11 (178-180 cm), and so let's check Yngwie's 5'7-5'8 (170-172 cm) at least!!!!!! I can't believe that Malmsteen as tall as you said there. It can't be truth!!!! He's is midtaller guy that wears very high heels that makes him taller than he really is!!! At all I met Ronnie Dio alive many many times and I can say that he's 5'1-5'2 tall at least!!!! On photos and jammin' with Malmsteen he reaches Yngwie's nose-line!!!
Doug said on 22/Feb/09
Big Viking guy. 6'3" at least in my view.
glenn said on 6/Feb/09
never printed them.i might try tonight to send them through my memory card.i dont have internet at home.and the place where i send photos at,has been having problems for 3 months now with their internet.
mattrock said on 6/Feb/09
where are those pics ? i'm waitin' for them since ever
Headmaster said on 4/Feb/09
Hello! I think that more than meets the eye bu myself shows that Malmsteen is 183 cm height at all. There are times when his turns were tough enough to the limit and so. Seems like a lifetime while I was jammin' with Joe Lynn and his band Mother Arms. Still his response takes a lot of pursue to my latest opinion of his 165 cm. On top of latest video with John Trueman was definition about his short legs. Just an illusion that suggest up with his lifted heels. It all must pursue that he is 170 cm. Maybe that's just his little invincible tricks. Oh, that just the way it is and so I suggest of his 164 for sure.
RisingForce said on 22/Jan/09
Well Yngwie fan then that means in the late afternoon you're about 6'2.75". I count someone's true height as the height they are when they wake up and you'd most likely be about 6'3.25" when you wake up.
glenn said on 21/Jan/09
i have a bunch of photos with turner.most likey 5-5.possibly 5-6.
Warus said on 20/Jan/09
Hi. How can Malmsteen be 191 cm????? On video "Trial By Fire" Joe Lynn Turner were on high heels and he was shorter than Malmsteen on 10-12 cm(2/5 Malmsteen's head).. Joe reached the eye-line of Malmsteen. I know that Joe Lynn Turner is not very tall guy, maybe 155-160 cm it seemes. Can you tell me how tall is Joe Lynn Turner for certain and I would calculate Malmsteen's height?
Yngwie Fan said on 18/Jan/09
Timo Tolkki is 192cm, Jim Root of Slipknot is said to be 198cm. I was in healt exam and doctor took my height with accurate device (mounted on the wall) and got 189,6cm 3:30 o´clock pm so maybe I am starting to say "I´m 6´3"
RisingForce said on 12/Jan/09
I'd say 5'11" for Lynch and 5'10" for Pilson because Don seems like a legit 6 footer. Pilson gives the impression of a 5'9" or under guy standing by himself but standing next to other guys he always looks atleast average.
glenn said on 12/Jan/09
lynch could be 5-10.he does look it.but i think that was his posture and build tricking me.he claims 5-11.jeff i thought was my height for years.even when i met him.then after repeated encounters i realised he was over 5-9,possibly 5-10.
RisingForce said on 11/Jan/09
Lynch at 5-11 always surprised me, he always appeared shorter. Possibly because for years, until I came to this site actually I thought Jeff Pilson was short too. I always pictured Don Dokken at 6 foot though so Lynch at 5-11 makes sense. I knew a guy in about '96 who met Lynch and swore 5-9 which could have been because Lynch was really big and ripped then, making him appear shorter.

I always pictured MacAlpine short too, there are pictures of him though with Tommy Aldridge and Rudy Sarzo on the album he did with him so I'll have to look for that album. All of them were wearing boots and had enourmous hair so it could be a little tricky but their eye level could help.
RisingForce said on 10/Jan/09
There are a lot of tall guitar players. Buckethead is in the 6-3, 6-4 range, Gilbert is 6-4, Zakk Wylde and Steve Vai both seemed 6-2 to me in person. Timo Tolkki of Stratovarius is in the 6-3, 6-4 range ect. Alex Skolnick of Testament seemed atleast 6-1 to me in person.

Not many of them are taller than 6-2, 6-4 range but there are a lot in that range. Having met Yngwie a couple of times I'd guess he was in that range too.
glenn said on 10/Jan/09
it was a tie for yngwie and paul for me,for awhile,but isnt paul 6-4? or is it 6-3? i couldve sworn he told me 6-4.i have an old that yngwie doesnt look a legit 6-3 to me anymore,hands down,unless im forgetting someone,its gilbert.i mean there are others in the guitar hero genre that are lesser known.i could swear,oh,buckethead(well known).6-4,6-5 depending who you ask.more on 6-4,though i thought shorter, but must be wrong.jack starr is 5-5 or so.macalpine is 5-11,i think.met greg howe too.cant remember the height.1990.5-10? george lynch is 5-11,looking less with bulky build and posture.randy coven is 5-8.after 18 years finally bumped into eric johnson again recently.not the 5-8 i remembered.5-10.i was wrong.unless his boots fooled king looked an illusion of 6ft in my photo when i was 5-7.actually,he mustve been 5-10 in big boots.i was shocked to see him recently stand from his wheelchair on several occasions,i think in socks once,to see he gave me a 5-5,5-6 illusion! i thought for years the guy was 6ft! finally pegged him down as well,not pegged,at 5-7 to 5-9 in his prime.he was shorter than 5-10 eric clapton on some concert i was watching on dvd.
ER. said on 9/Jan/09
Glenn, who would say is the tallest of all the "guitar heroes"? Paul Gilbert, maybe?
glenn said on 9/Jan/09
i have a photo with my arms around soto(6-3) and neil schon(5-5,5-6).
mattrock said on 8/Jan/09
do you have this photo ?
Daniel said on 8/Jan/09
Jeff Scott Soto is certainly above 1,90m. I took a picture with him in his show here in Brazil. I'm 1,83m, wearing my snickers I'm like 1,86.. and he towered me at least 10cm, wearing himself some basketball kinda shoes. I'd say that he's like 6ft2 or 3.
glenn said on 4/Jan/09
thats normal though risingforce.very common to make mistakes like that from the hit or miss from the distance.almost equal in being right or wrong in guessing.
RisingForce said on 3/Jan/09
Yeah, another thing that's interesting is judging height from a distance. I'm terrible at it. I thought Ripper looked 5-8 or 5-9 from a distance and in general I always downgrade everyones height from a distance.

I can't judge well until I stand close to someone. I'm not sure why though.
glenn said on 1/Jan/09
yeah,i got mike muir again from suicidal tendencies again recently.he looked 5-9 to me up close.5-10 in the distance.5-11 in my pic,cause he slouched,making him look like he could stretch out taller.i got him in 1992.thought he was 5-9 reality he is 5-10.he has sandals on in the new pic i forgot to mention.i agree,no way is ripper a hair over 5-10.but i understand that illusion of taller in pics.
RisingForce said on 31/Dec/08
Yeah, there's no way Ripper can be the 5-11.5 he looks in my pictures. He looked 5-10 in person to both of us and he's always listed at that height.
glenn said on 31/Dec/08
i have alot of pics like that risingforce.where the celeb looks taller than they really were in the pics if you wish.
glenn said on 31/Dec/08
jon lord 172m? you must be joking.he is 6ft or so.and blackmore is 5-10,5-11 in his youth.
RisingForce said on 30/Dec/08
Some of my pictures are bizarre from the last night I meant Yngwie.

Ripper Owens looks nearly 6 foot in both of my pictures although he looked 5-10 in person. And he's leaning more than me in one of the pictures!

Patrick Johansson(Yngwie's drummer) looked 6-2 in person but not much over 6 feet in my picture although I think he was bending his knees and slouching.

If there is any interest in the pictures then I may post them.
RisingForce said on 27/Dec/08
I can agree with 186 cm at worst, I don't believe he wears lifts though. He could but it's doubtful. Yngwie wears cowboy boots with 2 inch heels.
Deep Purple Fan! said on 25/Dec/08
Maybe maybe, I've seen one video with Yngwie and Ian Gillan on the same stage, Yngwie towered over Ian Gillan on 6-8 cm, but Yngwie weared heeled boots and Ian Gillan weared boots without any lifts. So I guess may be Yngwie is 186 cm barefeet at worst... I don't have a true clue about anketa's 183 cm.
RisingForce said on 24/Dec/08
I'm sorry but I've met Yngwie twice and there is no possible way that he's 6 foot even.

In person I'd guess 6-3 even considering the boots, I'd say 6-2 at worst and 6-1 if I'm off. But there's no way he's under 6-1. No way.
Deep Purple Fan! said on 23/Dec/08
Hello everybody. I read all messages about Yngwie and I can say. I have datas from anketa of Deep Purple and some other guys. Height is barefeet!!!
1. Roger Glover - 1.71 m
2. Ian Gillan - 1.82 m
3. Ritchie Blackmore - 1.75 m
4. Ian Paice - 1.68 m
5. John Lord - 1.72 m
6. David Coverdale - 1.77 m
7. Bob Rondinelli - 1.71 m
8. Glenn Hughes - 1.79 m
9. Joe Lynn Turner - 1.67 m
10. Ronnie Dio - 1.62 m
11. Ozzy Osbourne - 1.75 m
12. Jens Johansson - 1.79 m
13. Anders Johansson - 1.93 m
14. Barry Dunaway - 1.70 m
15. Yngwie Malmsteen - 1.83 m
16. Mark Boals - 1.68 m
17. Goran Edman - 1.90 m
18. John Norum - 1.82 m
19. Brian May - 1.87 m
20. Mike Vescera - 1.80 m
21. Jeff Scott Soto - 1.85 m
Height of those guys is barefeet (without any lifts and boots)
glenn said on 8/Dec/08
no time for any sending of pics.sorry.maybe this week.
RisingForce said on 7/Dec/08
Yeah but those links no longer show the pictures and they're way down the page.
Yngwie Fan said on 7/Dec/08
RisingForce, I put link to that pic in my post 5/Jun/08 below
RisingForce said on 7/Dec/08
Hopefully Glenn's pictures with Yngwie will be up soon. Interesting since all 3 show him at much different heights.

For reference here's a good shot of Yngwie's regular boots
Click Here

2" cowboy heels, I don't know if he has lifts inside them or not. Even 2" heels can make a pretty big difference though considering normal shoes are about 1". You'd be surprised at what a difference an extra inch makes in height. Cowboy boots aren't particulary unusual, what's unusual is how Yngwie is never seen without them. Then again I think I think he just likes the look, he's never seen without the leather or gold.

I saw him still wearing all of that stuff 2 or 3 hours after a concert in the streets of NYC at after 1 in the morning. As weird as it sounds, those are his casual clothes.
mattrock said on 6/Dec/08
how's it goin with the pics ?
RisingForce said on 28/Nov/08
I still thought he was 6-3 after meeting him last, 6-2.75(190 cm) if I'm wrong. 6-2 minimum in my opinion. I don't think 6-4 is really likely anymore like I use to. At my height(5-7 3/4 morning) a 6-3 guy in boots can be tricky. Plus Yngwie was thin when I thought he was 6-4 so that's why I was fooled. To me he looks like a giant either way because I'm kind of short.
glenn said on 28/Nov/08
and could very well still be over 6-1.
RisingForce said on 27/Nov/08
I agree Glenn. After meeting him twice I'd say 6'2" minimum because he's looked 6'5" in boots to both of us as well as a 6'5" guy I know. Maybe I need to meet him once or twice more to be sure but he's 45 now and with his weight he could start to lose height soon anyway. He looked like a tower when he was slim and I met him. I thought he was 6'4" back then.

If he has lifts in his boots then 6'2" is very possible. I just don't see how he could get more than 3" from his boots. Even Sly gets about 3" in his biggest boots. That has been confirmed by Rob, Leung and Annoyed.

I think it's his posture and weight that make him appear shorter.

At this point based on what he looked in person, I'd say 6'3" barefoot and 6'5" in boots. He was standing straight each time. I'm more sure of him reaching 6'5" in boots than him being 6'3" barefoot though.
glenn said on 27/Nov/08
there isnt anyway this man is shorter than 6-1.

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