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6ft 2.95in (190.4cm)
Chameleon said on 15/Feb/11
As in legit 190 I ment 190/191, doesnt matter he's still so tall.
James said on 14/Feb/11
on second thoughts i think 190cm could be closer
James said on 14/Feb/11
i think 191cm is accurate for Zachery. Adam looks a solid 196cm with footware advantage.
Chameleon said on 8/Feb/11
Yeah, I think your right.

Zac is legit 190.
Chameleon said on 7/Feb/11
slouching, or Adam has footwear adventage I guess
James said on 6/Feb/11
Why can he only look 6'2 (188cm) near 6'4 Adam Baldwin?
Chameleon said on 31/Jan/11
Well yeah Ryan is at least 6'4 flat.
Chameleon said on 29/Jan/11
Maybe his claim is in shoes, I dont know, the guy is at least a solid 190... Its hard to tell without measuring them lol, but he looks at least 190.
Chameleon said on 28/Jan/11
Those black converse might give 1cm dude, they arent like nike shox or airmax, those are thick sneakers not black flats -_-
Mathew said on 26/Jan/11
I could see him at 6'3" even. He's clearly not as tall as 6'4".
123 said on 26/Jan/11
how could anyone be that genuinely happy ( and equally too i might add) in every shot- either he's just gotten a shot of something or he's expecting a happy ending later on.
Aaron said on 18/Jan/11
He's definitely about 6'4". Pains me to say it :P. When you think about it, Levi's face is probably 8-9 inches tall. More than half his face extends higher than the top of Rob's head in the picture to the right, where he's not even standing straight. Legit 6'3.5"+.
Candyman said on 16/Jan/11
Dwayne Wade is actually around 6'3.25-.5. It is listed on a draft height measurement when he entered the league.
meagan367 said on 4/Jan/11
wow, zachary levi is so tall and i'm only 161 cm
JellO said on 21/Dec/10
No, it's clear he's solidly above 6'2. Chuck's male cast is uniformly gigantic with the exception of Gomez, so it makes him look more average than he really is. I'd give him 6'3.5, maybe.
anonymous said on 20/Dec/10
Always thought this guy was about 6'2''. 6'4''? No way.
Anonymous said on 9/Dec/10
He was on Conan last night, he looked about 2 inches shorter than him. Conan says he's 6,4 so 6,2 for Zach sounds about right
Pamco said on 27/Nov/10
Looks 189-190 cm to be honest, if Baldwin is 193.
Martin said on 8/Nov/10
Do not strike me as taller than 6'3. Baldwin does. Watching the show right now. But Baldwin could have heel advantage...
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/10
andrey42 says on 6/Sep/10
he is 6.1-6.2. look the tarantino photos.

Whatever those photos are, i think i put more trust in these. These clearly show he's over 6'1/6'2 looks at least 6'3 to me
Nick said on 1/Nov/10
He said he was 6"4 on twitter.
Matt Thomas said on 4/Jul/09
Does not look over 6'3 in the pic but he is probably about 6'3 not anymore though.
Ali said on 1/Jul/09
He is a tall guy. Definitely around 190cm.
Hugh 190cm said on 30/Jun/09
Looks almost 6ft3 in that pic. 191-192cm is good though.
aram x said on 26/Jun/09
If two are 5,8 and 5,8 1/2 then he does look about 6,3 1/2" and 6,4". His high shoulder level btw makes him look taller.
BD said on 23/Jun/09
Walked by him and stood near at a 2009 Super Bowl event. 6'3.5'' or 6'4'' seems right, as he dwarfed me at the exact same height as an old roommate of mine. I'm 5'8''.
Haze said on 11/Jun/09
looks 6'2 in photo. looks like he stretch a bit more though. his posture seems loose
Mathew said on 10/Jun/09
Looks shorter than 6'3.5" to me.
Clay said on 10/Jun/09
Zach is always wearing shoes with very little thickness. I think he is a solid 6'3 based on how tall he looks next to other people when standing straight... he's not standing straight in this pic.... he's leaning in to the camera.
J.J. said on 10/Jun/09
I change my mind it's only one picture so based on the picture he looks 6'2.5" & 6'2.75" maximum. Why does he claim 6'4" if he can't even look a solid 6'3" in this picture. He is a strong 6'2.5" if you guys are all in the same trainers.
Anonymous3 said on 9/Jun/09
Hes towering both of you guys Rob. 6'3 and change in this photo for sure.
Jake said on 8/Jun/09
Yeah, this guy is really around 6-2.5
James said on 8/Jun/09
He dosen't really look over 6'3 in this pic
sprint84 said on 8/Jun/09
Actually, Yaspaa, it would make his head 12+ inches, which is impossible given that it is the same height as Rob's head (approx. 9.75") in the photo.

Levi has 2/3 of his head height over Rob meaning he is 6.5" taller in the photo (2/3 x 9.75 = 6.5). If Rob is 5'8-8.25", Levi is 6'2.5-2.75".

I know it's just one photo, but my best guesses...
6'4" in shoes, 6'3" in the morning, 6'2.5" mid-day.
Yaspaa said on 8/Jun/09
8" to the bottom of his nose would make his head 10+ inches which is doubtful,Jason Mamoa is listed at 6'4 and he doesn't look quite as tall.
aarod said on 8/Jun/09
i met zach before... hes is definately 6'3.5". he was the exact same height as my old man
OutBenchThis said on 7/Jun/09
Looks 6'3" here, perhaps a slight forward head lean so 6'3.5" is probably on the money. Tall guy either way.
Roger said on 7/Jun/09
Don't know this guy / actor, but he has exactly my height.
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/09
6'3"-6'4". Whats the big difference? We are splitting hairs here. Looks 6'3" to me.
RobertJ said on 7/Jun/09
I'm with you Darren, he appears 6'4'' to me but I'd buy that he might be a little less.
Darren R. said on 7/Jun/09
Am I the only one who thinks he actually does look 6'4" in this pic? If you see Rob as coming up to the bottom of his nose, I clearly count 8 inches from there.
Matt Thomas said on 6/Jun/09
Solid 6'3 no more.
Big King said on 6/Jun/09
Zachary absolutely dwarfs Rob and Jenn but he's really not above 6'3".
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/09
I'd give him a solid 6'3". No more than that. Very tall no doubt but not as tall as 6'4" Baldwin supposedly the same height.

What kind of footwear was he wearing Rob?

[Editor Rob: an adidas trainer that looked close to what we were wearing - incidentally adidas aswell.]
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/09
I'd give him a solid 6'3". No more than that. Very tall no doubt but not as tall as 6'4" Baldwin supposedly the same height.

What kind of footwear was he wearing Rob?
Big King said on 5/Jun/09
looks 6'2.5"-6'3". 6'4" is too exaggerated.
Yaspaa said on 5/Jun/09
5" forehead?! 6'3 though.
J.J. said on 5/Jun/09
Looks it. Well done Rob. I can clearly tell he's got a long forehead 5"
rob89 said on 5/Jun/09
Looks about 6'2 to me in this photo, definitely nowhere near 6'4.
xyzblast said on 5/Jun/09
When he says that he is 6'4 he is giving it in shoes. Almost, everyone gives their height in shoes in the states. His real height looks to be 6'2.5, Baldwin looks 6'3.5, and the other guy on Chuck looks 6'4 while the girl looks 5'9ish.
Josh.J said on 4/Jun/09
does look 6'3 with rob. could be some change there.
James said on 4/Jun/09
rob did he look tallr than Adam Baldwin?

[Editor Rob: he looked a bit shorter than baldwin.]
Derek said on 4/Jun/09
I'm thinking more 6'3".
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/09
He looks a inch shorter than his claimed height.
flash_of_eden said on 4/Jun/09
6'4" not impossible, although I'd say 6'3.25" to 6'3.5" is more on the money. Rob has got it right.
sprint84 said on 4/Jun/09
Da Man, that's a bad picture for height comparison -- it's from a mile away, it's nowhere near level, and there's an obvious fisheye distortion in the middle. But I do agree there's at least a .5"-1" difference between the two.

After seeing their pics with Rob, I think Baldwin is closer to 6'3.5" and Levi 6'2.5". Of all the tall guys Rob has taken photos with, the only one to really look his claimed height is Kevin Sorbo.
Big King said on 4/Jun/09
Well he looks tall but I'm surprized about his claiming. He looks a solid 6'2.5" on this pic.
xyzblast said on 4/Jun/09
I just saw his show "less than perfect." What this guy is 6'4? He looks hardly 6'3 on screen.
Yaspaa said on 4/Jun/09
Click Here
Clay said on 4/Jun/09
Average height for a man in America is 5'9.5 not a full 5'10.
Josh.J said on 30/May/09
Click Here

even with heel advantage and posture there's more than 0.5" between levi and baldwin.
jon said on 29/May/09
Maybe 6'4" in his big shoes measured first thing in the morning, at least an inch shorter than adam baldwin
Da Man said on 28/May/09
mhmt says, "He is as tall as Baldwin."
No he isn't.
Click Here

Zach is minimum 1/2" shorter, I think it's more.
Anonomous said on 25/May/09
Shoes, camera angles, and the ground level that the shot was being taken at account for most of these comments that I have read. Also, I have a bad back and my height fluctuates up to an inch; bottom line is that Baldwin and Levi are very tall men! Average is still at 5'10" for a man.
mhmt said on 16/May/09
He is as tall as Baldwin. 192 or 193 cm
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pgv said on 6/May/09
Hey Rob, that was the best con I've been too. The guests and the attendees were great.

[Editor Rob: yep, starfury can put on some right good cons.

I'll be at T2 next summer...]
Anonymous said on 5/May/09
6ft3.5 is bang on if Adam Baldwin is 6ft4.
pgv said on 2/May/09
LOL at this entire debate. I met Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin and Rob (*waves*) last week. He's definitely the height Rob has listed. Ryan McPartlin is the same height as Adam Baldwin. They are a solid 6'4" and ZL is only slightly shorter than they are. Hell, there were times last weekend when ZL looked the same height as Adam Baldwin.

[Editor Rob: hey there. T1 was a good con, I hope you enjoyed it, I saw you standing near Zach in the queue at Subway aswell.]
diana said on 19/Apr/09
he's a solid 6'3 no taller...
i dunno why he would lie 6'3 is extremely tall to begin with...
Da Man said on 9/Apr/09
Is it still speculation when you a rather massive amount photographic evidence to back it up?
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/09
You're all just speculating by saying he's shorter than he says he is. Casey is supposed to be the dominant character, so he's probably wearing pumps.
yoyo said on 27/Mar/09
he looks 190(6ft3.0) tall to me.
Josh.J said on 27/Mar/09
on viewing more episodes i can clearly see 2 inches between levi and baldwin. considering the fact that chuck only wears flat sneakers, im going to assume baldwin has heel advantage but i think levi is no more then 190cm.
Josh.J said on 26/Mar/09
there is no way that he is fully the 6'4"(and a half?) that he claims to be. simply by watching the chuck you see an inch (at least) difference between levi and baldwin. i fully believe that baldwin is a solid 6'4" guy so levi must be max 6'3" and in reality probably is slightly less.
Da Man said on 14/Mar/09
And it seems that Baldwin himself is a weak 6'4"
Matt thomas said on 13/Mar/09
I agree this guy is 6'3 max not a quarter inch more its so obvious hes atleast an inch shorter than baldwin.
MD said on 11/Mar/09

Anything over 6'3" is just crazy, and you're still trying to push the ridiculous 6'4"/6'5" angle?
Patrick said on 10/Mar/09
What about the small difference between him and C.M. Duncan i still see as 6'5 or at least 6'4/5?
Matt thomas said on 8/Mar/09
I mean its obvious hes just a little over 6'3 why does he so badly want people to think hes 6'4
Da Man said on 5/Mar/09
Mehmed, Levi is without a doubt shorter than Baldwin, just watch the show:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

The heel alone doesn't count for all that difference.
mehmed said on 5/Mar/09
He is surely 6'4" He is not shorter than Baldwin.He is at the same height with him although baldwin's shoes are heel.Look at this Click Here
anonymous said on 27/Feb/09
Click Here
Joe said on 27/Feb/09
Not sure about 6-4 but he's definitely 6-3
Da Man said on 26/Feb/09
Conan also considers Will Smith "very tall", that's not really saying much.
Until I see better evidence, I don't think Levi is even a full 6'3". He looks to be roughly the same height as 6'2" Trump accounting for posture and in comparable footwear. I say the guy is 6'3" max, even though my gut says a bit less.

I also don't think Adam Baldwin is a spec over a flat 6'4".
Patrick said on 23/Feb/09
In the first second season episode of Chuck, he looks almost as tall as M. C. Duncan. One face to face shot doesn't show more than one inch difference, even without taking into account that shoe stuff.
He actually looked as he always does regarding Adam Baldwin. I more and more wonder whether the latter coudn't be taller than listed, namely just "6'4". If so, Zach could be about 6'4, considering the "shoes" he wears and Adam between 6'4/5 to 6'5. Who knows? I read him saying several times how his height turned out to be a flaw for the producers eyes.
Tyson said on 22/Feb/09
Zachary is about 6'3"-6'4". He always seems to be wearing Converse Chuck Taylor's, in whatever I see him in (Chuck, Talk shows, etc..), so he never has much shoe advantage. I remember when he was on Late Night with Conan, and even Conan asked him how tall he was, Zachary replied "about 6'4". Conan was real curious, and they proceeded to talk about the growth spurts they had in High School and stuff.
Da Man said on 5/Feb/09
I still don't think Zachary Levi is a full 6'3": Click Here
Editor Rob said on 3/Feb/09
Baldwin said about Levi: "It was nice to see Zack Levi at the testing session. He's tall, about 6'3", I'm 6'4", so when you're cast opposite people of the same height, it's helpful. Especially for the cinematographer. I don't want them to carry around an apple box, and I don't want to have to carry around a shovel."
Da Man said on 29/Jan/09
Rob, based on he stacks up against Zach Levi and Adam Baldwin or something else?

[Editor Rob: ryan looks taller than levi. Baldwin is taller than levi.]
Da Man said on 28/Jan/09
Zachary Levi is not only a solid 1" shorter than 6'4" Adam Baldwin (at least), he's also clearly shorter than 6'3" listed Ryan McPartlin (Captain Awesome). Actually, Ryan McPartlin stacks up to Adam Baldwin very well.

[Editor Rob: he's not listed here 6ft 3...ryan that is.]
Patrick said on 28/Jan/09
If this (tall) guy is 6'4, I'll eat my hat! He's tall, that's visible but way shorter than Adam and i don't think that one is wearing cow boy boots while the orther just sleepers! I say 6'2/5 to 6'3. Not bad enough!
RobertJ said on 22/Jan/09
All the comments below about him being 6'1'' is both hilarious and absurd.
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/08
what's the ian mckellen technique?
MD said on 27/Oct/08
I've never seen him look taller than Adam Baldwin.
Yaspaa said on 2/Oct/08
New episode of Chuck with Michael Clarke Duncan. Adam Baldwin has a noticeably thick heeled shoe at the end and MCD looks to be a very similar height to Zachary even with Zach in his Converse. Zach could actually be 6'4 or MCD is a little shorter than expected.
pgv said on 29/Sep/08
Just confirming this height. I saw him on Conan O'Brien and he was the same height as Conan in a pair of Chucks.
Alex V. said on 26/Aug/08
Give a look Click Here
Alex V. said on 14/Aug/08
When i saw "Chuck" for the first time i notest that the guy who does Chuck, had to be tall because in the series is not much shorter than Baldwin (i even doubted that was Baldwin because of that). One inch max between them...
Eddie said on 2/Jul/08
Zach and Adam are the same height. On the show CHUCK, their heights are distorted because of the types of shoes they wear and the camera angles.
MD said on 18/Jun/08
I agree. He's BARELY shorter than Adamn Baldwin.
pgv said on 14/Jun/08
But he is not 6'1" though. He's slightly shorter than Adam Baldwin and he was taller than Patrick Warburton and Will Sasso on Less Than Perfect. I do remember in Chuck vs. The Tango, Morgan said he was 6'1" but that's a lie.
Shawn said on 3/Jun/08
I guess "Sean T" is absolutely right.Joshua (Morgan) said that Levi is 6'1".Rob,you should downgrade Levi's height.
ed2 said on 19/May/08
Some photos of him with Adam Baldwin looks 6ft2 to 6ft3
Click Here
Click Here

[Editor Rob: he's at 1/2 inch footwear disadvantage inChuck.]
Eddie said on 22/Apr/08
I want to believe he is 6 ft 3.5 in. There are many photos with him and Adam Baldwin standing next to each other. They are close to the same height. Zachary wears converse chucks and Adam wears thick dress shoes. With these comparisons, it would make the two actors seem 2 in. apart in height.
Yaspaa said on 14/Apr/08
Yeah,pieces of joy like 'Firefly' get cancelled while sappy crap like 'One Tree Hill' just keep on chugging,probably due to the love struck teenagers, whose answer to the question "Why do you like 'One Tree Hill'?" is "Cause Chad Michael Murray is a hotty." ??
Yaspaa said on 12/Apr/08
Hmm,I've noticed he usually has lower heeled footwear than Adam Balwin,6'3-6'3.5" is starting to ring true.

[Editor Rob: aptly wearing chuck taylor's for that show...Glad I met Baldwin on the weekend, been wanting to meet him for firefly, but now chuck aswell cos it's a good show.]
RobertJ said on 8/Apr/08
No shorter than 6'3'', maybe a tad more. Click Here
Yaspaa said on 23/Jan/08
Seems 1" - 1.5" shorter than Adam Baldwin (6'4") in Chuck. 6'2.5" - 6'3"
Anthony said on 24/Dec/07
He's taller than Zachary Quinto, who's for sure a legit 6'2, so he's definitely 6'3-6'4.
stefan (6'0) said on 17/Dec/07
definitely A LOT taller thatn 6'0 Michael Boltman! 6'3 or 6'4; he's a TALL guy!
Morgan R said on 22/Nov/07
Well in a People Magazine interview, his stats were 27, single, and 6'4. Yvonne Strahovski is 5'10. And he's substantially taller than her. So maybe he is 6'3 or 6'4.
pgv said on 21/Nov/07
It's weird. He looks 6'2 on Chuck but he looked 6'4" on Less Than Perfect. :/
samsl said on 11/Oct/07
This week's Chuck episode. He looked about 3 inches shorter than Adam Baldwin's character in a side profile shot. Also, as stated earlier, his character is described as standing 6'1 (with a great sense of humor).
Sean T said on 9/Oct/07
on "Chuck" Joshua Gomez's character describes him as being "6'1".....
Matt Thomas said on 16/Aug/07
Rob you should really consider downgrading this guy he doesnt have the right to claim 6'4
Viper said on 22/Jul/07
He looks 6-1 tops.
sam said on 20/Jul/07
I don't really know much about this guy, but in Ed's photo, he looks 6'2" tops with Adam Baldwin. Then there's this picture with (according to celebheights) 5'10.25" Andy Dick, in which Levi is definitely not looking 6'4":
Click Here
Matt thomas said on 13/Jul/07
This guy does not look like a legit 6'4
ed said on 1/Jun/07
Is it possible that he is shorter than 6'4'' because he looks more than 2 inches shorter next to 6'4'' Adam Baldwin.
Click Here
Big Show said on 2/Sep/06
Click Here

Here's another pic with Sorbo. If you analyze the pic you discover that the top of Kevin Sorbo's head is higher than that of Levi. And Sorbo is leaning a lot more than Levi. Sorbo is in my book a legit 6'3, but I'd say is smaller, maybe 6'2.5.

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