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- Why Celebheights?
- Why can I not comment?
- How do I search for a particular star on the site?
- How can I help CelebHeights?
- Advertise on CelebHeights?
- How does celebheights come up with a height?
- Where are good sites to compare pictures of celebs?
- Are the heights listed with shoes on?
- How accurate are the heights?
- How reliable are the sightings?
- Who operates CelebHeights?
- How tall is Rob?
- Who was/what happened to Glenn?

Q: Why Celebheights?
A: CelebHeights tries to document what celebrities claim to be but also offers our own guess on their stature and a forum for visitors to weigh in with their own opinions. It's an entertainment site, and one that has allowed me to travel to many conventions, meet actors and get photos which I post and share with you, the visitors of this site.

This is the only height-related site that meets actors, posts their photos and spends considerable time researching what they say about their own height. As the Editor, I believe I have a good sense of how tall people in general look. For instance, I ran a Height challenge in 2011 with numerous people of different heights (including many not to have appeared in the challenge) and so know how tall a real 6ft 5 man looks or a 5ft lady. This hopefully helps improve guessing heights of celebrities in person, and in fact even other big sites like imdb use Celebheights as a reference

Q: Why can I not comment?
A: Comments are currently active. If the comment is jibberish, insulting or nothing to do with height it might not be approved - I moderate comments to reduce spam and help your experience. Please use one name for commenting and respect other commentators and their opinions. Thanks!

Q: How can I search for a star?
A: There is a search option at the top right hand corner of every page - it uses Google, is fast and as the 'A-Z' pages have gotten larger over the years, you're best bet is to use the search function to find any celebrity you are interested in. You can also use it to plug in movies/tv shows to find actors/actresses from certain shows of interest.

Q: How can I help CelebHeights?
A: If you enjoy the site and want to help, keep an eye out for any celebrity who mentions their height and tell us on their respective page about it. Help spread the word about CelebHeights by mentioning the site to others in person, on your facebook/twitter/blog or site. And keep visiting :) Without visitors, the site wouldn't exist, so thanks to you and I hope you manage to get a little enjoyment from visiting the site.
You can find CelebHeights on Youtube, and Celebheights on Twitter.

Q: Can I advertise on CelebHeights?
A: CelebHeights has been running for a decade. If you are interested in advertising please do so through Google's Adsense program. The only direct advertiser I use is Dons Footwear. Celebheights has used Servint Hosting for over 5 years and I've found them to be a quite reliable service.

Q: How do you find heights?
A: I try to find quotes from stars about their height. At the moment there are over 3000 listings with an actual quote said by the celebrity (or from their agency resume) attributed to them, a large majority of which I have researched myself, with helpful contributions from visitors. That doesn't mean I agree with all of them of course ;-)

Q: Where are good places to look at pictures?
A: Fan sites are great for checking a particular star as usually they will have gallery full of them. GettyImages, WireImage.com, Corbis.com, Flickr.com are some good sites aswell.

Q: Are the heights listed with shoes?
A: No. Assume every height as though the celebrity was measured barefoot. This isn't the NBA! I make no claim as to whether any listed height is an evening or early morning one, but technically I think you are better off saying your height based on the time when people get measured on average, which obviously wouldn't be out of bed, but might be about 5 hours after waking. After you've been standing for 5-6 hours you won't shrink much more during the rest of the day compared to how much you shrink in the time period from waking up till lunchtime.

Q: How accurate are the heights?
A: Celebheights tries to build an accurate database, but you cannot rely on using official resumes or actors own declarations of their height, because invariably a good percentage might embellish the truth, give their height in shoes, round up or not even know or care. Height in many cases is a best estimate. Even if you meet a star, your own estimate might be off, especially if you don't get within a couple of feet and the difference in your heights is large or you're judging on the street where pavement differences can cause confusion.
Anybody judging height on streets could be wasting their time as most sidewalks/pavements are built with varying degrees of fall (sloping) away from the building. You could stand shoulder to shoulder on what looks 'level ground' but one person's feet are 2 inches lower than the other person's. That's one reason why I don't bother getting photos on the street - they are largely a waste of time for height and I'd rather not pester celebrities in situations were they don't really want to be pestered. I only meet them on occasions were they have chosen to meet fans like Signing/Convention events.

Contrary to those who believe otherwise, the site has no bias - the purpose of CelebHeights is to try to guess what I think each celebrity would measure. It's as simple as that. Liking or disliking any celebrity has absolutely no bearing on what they get listed at. I may, for instance, not be a fan of say Tom Cruise, but I'll list him the height I think he is.

Q: What about the sightings on the site. Are they reliable?
A: A lot of the sightings submitted by visitors to the site were, to say the least, to be taken with a large pinch of salt. Unfortunately anybody could say they've met a star...the internet is filled with untruths which is one reason I moderate comments and won't stand for nonsense. One thing I certainly don't do is BS people. All the quotes I've found made by stars about their heights are real, the 100+ heights I've managed to get directly from celebrities via email or in person are real (for instance when Lenny Henry said, "I'm 6'3". Hugh Laurie is teeny tiny -sleeps in matchbox" he really did say this!), and the encounters and resulting 750 photos I've shown over the years should speak for themselves.

I only show photos of myself or Jenny. If you have photos with celebs you are more than welcome to link to them in the comment section, but no longer host or promote anybody elses photos in the description section of listings.
Q: Who operates this site?
A: It is solely owned and operated by one person since 2004 - Rob Paul, the Editor, who currently lives in Scotland. I only post and talk about height on Celebheights and Youtube. I don't promote or mention this website on any other sites apart from those I own.

Anybody claiming or posting under my name on other sites will be an imposter. Celebheights has been mentioned in numerous forms of media, including radio, tv, newspapers and magazines.

Q: How tall is Rob?
A: The lowest I ever measure is a hair over 5ft 8. Out of bed I typically measure in the 5ft 8.75 range. In any photo I have with a celebrity I am about 173cm on the nose (5ft 8 1/8th). I have worn a variety of footwear in photos, but I will always mention as best I can, the difference (if any) in footwear between myself and a celebrity when I post photos. As of November 2015 I currently weigh around 155 pounds.

Q: Who was/what happened to Glenn?
A: Glenn Cunningham (Bronx, New York) was a former photo contributor from 2005-2009 who was banned for numerous reasons. On a trip to New York I decided to document his true height, which you can read about in the true story: The Big Grapple. He still claims to be 5ft 8, although he was measured at 5ft 6 and 5/8ths by myself and witnessed by Jenny.
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jeremy says on 25/Feb/15
what do you think about sonny bill williams
Bunheads Buff says on 24/Feb/15
Two of the six main actresses of tv series Bunheads are on the site (Sutton Foster, Bailey Buntain). Here are three more:

Emma Dumont 5' 10" via modeling agency profile Click Here

Julia Goldani Telles 5' 7" via movie site resume Click Here

Kaitlyn Jenkins 5' 5" via movie site resume Click Here

Would be good to add Kelly Bishop as well but don't have a good source handy.
b-mint1994 says on 11/Feb/15
Just some questions on the terminology some posters use on the site. What do you mean by flat? Like when someone in the comments refers to a celebrity as a 'flat 5'11"'. Also when some refers to someone as a "weak 6 foot". Does that basically mean that they are exactly on the mark.
[Editor Rob: just not over the 5ft 11 mark, weak 5ft 11 might be a guy who could drop at least 1/4, maybe up to 1/2 inch under a 5ft 11.]
Pink says on 8/Feb/15
I think he's 5'11 top.
newguy says on 7/Feb/15
rob I'm getting a little more facial hair so the more my facial hair grows the more I grow you think after this growth spurt I'll be done growing.I'm already in tanner stage 4
newguy says on 4/Feb/15
Rob do u think me measuring myself every month is a bad habit 2 months ago I was 5'11 3/8 last month 5'117/8 and now 6ft 1/16 at 16 shouldn't have I stopped growing already?I feel tall lately
[Editor Rob: if you have an interest to see how you are growing then why not, but I think people can end up getting too worked up when they measure regularly and aren't growing. Every 6 months is useful to see how much you grew during that time.]
Crocker says on 31/Jan/15
I've been visiting this site for years. An absolutely amazing compilation; don't know how you do it. Whenever I'm curious about someone's height I just check it out here. I'd like to know the height of Dion DiMucci ("Dion," the singer). Couldn't find it here tonight. I was a short kid in high school (long time ago)/only 5'3" tall as a sophomore. Graduated from high school at 6'1"/145 lbs. All the food I ate went into bone growth, I think.
[Editor Rob: Dion could look a quite average guy, maybe 5ft 9 range]
b-mint says on 25/Jan/15
Hey Rob. I was 5'9' through high school. I'm 20 now and I just measured myself at 5'10.25 at night. Is it normal for people to grow at my age?
[Editor Rob: it's rare, but not impossible. The plates might not be fused totally so potential growth could occur.]
ibao says on 21/Jan/15
Rob How do you go about submitted a celeb entry for the site?; to my surprise I didn't find 'Carey Hart' / P!nks husband on this site, he's stated by Google without very little source to be 5'11 which I believe is absurd. Click Here Click Here P!nk is around 5'3, what would your analysis be?
[Editor Rob: well I spent a minute and found that he described himself as 5ft 10, so that's the max he'd be. He might be calling his height in shoes and be more 5ft 9.]
Kourosh says on 21/Jan/15
@Rob is bang on middle or even slightly above. Is it still an inch difference?
[Editor Rob: it could be 0.75-1 inch, anywhere around that range.]
Kourosh says on 20/Jan/15
Rob if my eyes is at somebody's middle nose , how much height difference is between us?
[Editor Rob: if it was end of nose possibly close to 2 inches, but middle should be an inch or so.]
newguy says on 18/Jan/15
Everything looks believable. Good job, Rob ! Do you know how tall Ryan Eggold might be ?
[Editor Rob: not so sure yet on Ryan!]
newguy says on 10/Jan/15
Rob I measured my low today after coming from the store and its 5'11.75 i started coming here since july and I was 5'10 1/8 than. is that a lot of growth for a 16 yr old i will be 17 in 4 months you think I will ever be my desired 6'1-6'2
[Editor Rob: you could still be in a spurt range, so eat well, keep up regular exercise and see what nature ends up giving you!]
Ted says on 6/Jan/15
Do you know the Height of John Vivvyan .Cannot find it ANYWHERE for "Mr Lucky"
JOHN says on 5/Jan/15
No,it's not possible that he is taller than 6ft.I would guess that he is at max 5 11 1/2,unquestionably not over than 6ft at these days.(at his height shrinking stage.Even in his youth ,I would still have doubts if he was really 6ft 1/2.
RJillOK says on 27/Dec/14
Can you add an entry for the height of Placido Domingo, please?
Thank you!
Maryanne says on 27/Dec/14
Can you do a height listing for supermodels Christy Turlington and Tatjana Patitz
In my opinion Christy can look around 5'9 or 5'10 and Tatjana 5'11
dan says on 24/Dec/14
thanks for add alexandra stan in your site , merry christmas!
AlexMahone says on 24/Dec/14
Merry Christmas Rob, Jenny and the whole posting crew in the forum! :)
[Editor Rob: merry christmas to everybody.]
Perspective says on 23/Dec/14
I tried grow taller 4 idiots and I grew about 2 inches, from 5'9.7" to 5"11.5" morning height from the exercises, but then I discovered that it's the same thing as astronauts growing taller from time in space free from gravity. The exercises are spine straightening and gravity defying, so of course it will make you grow taller. However, after a month of not doing the exercises I regressed to my former height. You should keep some of the height if you keep it up though..but more realistically like 0.2 inches instead of 2-4.
nc63 says on 11/Dec/14
Meek Mill and Wayne Brady
swan30 says on 5/Dec/14
Rob your site it's so amazing!i'm an italian basteball player (eerily i don't play football), but i'm only 5'11''(180cm) in barefoot..my height still has the same when i was 15 and now i'm 30. For many years i had the complex, because my opposing player are often taller than me (i'm shooting guard)..then many times i was obsessed by the height, even i compare to the actors,to the players..and your site was perfect to see the real height of the stars.Thank you so much!

To rispond to damang, i'm a big fan of incubus band and i appreciate Brandon Boyd. I met him in Rome for an art exhibition and i made a photo with this great guy. He's really tall and skinny guy, he's solid 6'1'' (185cm) without shoes or trampoline, but not 188 how it's written from the web sites.
Jerry says on 20/Nov/14
Thanks for this site, I find it absolutely fascinating. It's on my favorites list! And I realize it is in many cases an approx. height. I always thought Kirk Douglas would be taller than me. Thanks again!
[Editor Rob: I'm glad you visit and find enjoyment.]
new guy says on 15/Nov/14
@kucho my parents are the same height as mine and im 16 and almost 6 foot at 15.7 I was 5'9.5 so you could end up at 5'9
Kucho says on 11/Nov/14
Rob, I''m a 15.7 years old guy and 173.2cm. Do you think I can be around 178cm?
damang says on 11/Nov/14
Hey rob how tall do you believe Brandon Boyd of incubus to be?
Magic says on 8/Nov/14
Hey Rob , second you, does growtaller4idiots works?I don't want buy it because second me it is scam, futhermore I can't find a trust review or ebook online(maybe it doesn't exist), but I would want to try, maybe it can give me 1 inch at max 2, also if it promise 2 - 4 inches!What does Rob think about it?
King Crow says on 2/Nov/14
Hey Rob i just wanted to say thanks for creating such a brilliantly useful site. I've always had an obsessive need with knowing certain statistics- especially heights. Celebheights is my go to source of intel. thank you for existing and being so expansive!
[Editor Rob: thanks, I have been working at it for 10 years now and hope it is still an entertaining and maybe occasionally informative site :)]
Roadrunner says on 21/Sep/14
I guess the links to the individual photos of Mario J. Lucero and Isabel Ruiz didn't post. The photo of Mario with that shotgun is on his Country Music Television profile. Click Here

And, my estimations about Mario's height was right, I found their heights over at Freebase:
Mario: 1.737m Click Here
Isabel: 1.524m Click Here

Forgot to explain who the three celebs I submitted are, just in case people don't know:

Al Hurricane, born Alberto Sanchez, is often referred to as The Godfather of New Mexico music. He has created over thirty albums, and was the subject of a tribute concert.

Mario J. Lucero is the cofounder and designer of Heaven Sent Gaming. He is an author, country musician, and entrepeneur.

Isabel Ruiz is the cofounder and artist of Heaven Sent Gaming. Her artwork displays a wide variety of influences, from Japanese manga -to- Pueblo geometric designs.
Roadrunner says on 19/Sep/14
Howdy, I'm from Taos, New Mexico, but my family and I are now living in New York City for work. I often miss home, but to "travel" home I enjoy some New Mexican music and various other NM celebs. You have the Breaking Bad main cast, and Neil Patrick Harris. But, here's a few that I personally know that would be good additions to the site, since they aren't well publicized.

Al Hurricane is 5'6", Mario J. Lucero is 5'7", and Isabel Ruiz is 5'.
Here's some phtographic proof, here a pic with all three of the celebs, twice! Click Here Click Here

Here's another photo of Al Hurricane, that sign is 4'9", and he's looking a bit under a foot taller than it, so 5'6"-5'7" makes sense. Click Here

Here's one of Mario J. Lucero holding a shotgun, one that I happen to own too, my son and I did some measurements of the weapon, it was 2'3", and Mario would be about 2 and 5/11 shotguns tall making him 5'7"-5'8".

Isabel Ruiz's height of 5' was from a height listing that I can't find anymore.

I'm 6'10", but most of my brothers were 5'6" like most New Mexicans. We've got tall spirits though.
Magic says on 14/Sep/14
Thank you for your response,the thing strange is that I when was 18-19 years old,I measured me with balance eletronic with detected height,and I with shoes(3 cm of heels in a point a bit first of the talon,but i believe that it gived me 2 cm at the max)I was 169 cm,I believe without shoes had to be 166-167 cm.Maybe the hairs give me 1-2 cm also if they was flat(if i remember well),these tools of the pharmacy,do it measure well/good?Before I did swimming,now I study and I'm to the computer all the day,without sport,maybe I have a poor posture o maybe no,infacts I would want re-do swimming!What do you think?
[Editor Rob: it's always better to measure yourself because the tool in the pharmacy might not be as accurate. It could be wrong. I've spent 15 years in front of computers for work, and it can effect your posture a bit - I would recommend doing some basic stretches each day to help your back muscles. Just like stretching up, touching toes, twisting your body round. Simple stuff.]
Magic says on 11/Sep/14
I'm a man and i'm 22 years old.I'm 5'4 1/2 and live in Italy. Rob,am I too much short?With great difficulty I see men with my same age,with same height or more low.Also many girls are taller than me! Above all,I have this trouble and I feel down and ill, I would say almost depressed.Why for me and for others is the height thus important?
[Editor Rob: no, if I met you I would see you are under the average but, after that I wouldn't bother about it. Always remember, without short people, tall people can't be tall! I'm going to call you BIG Magic.]
new guy says on 24/Aug/14
Rob my mom says I look alot like her brother when he was younger in stature and aesthetics and she said when he was 16 he was 5'10.5-5"11 like me and his peak height was 6'1 since were so similar will I be his height or atleast 6ft
med says on 24/Aug/14
Do you think weight lifting,squats,deadlift at the age of 16 can stunt growth?
[Editor Rob: I don't know about stunting, but it certainly puts a lot of strain on your discs. Improper form and too heavy weights could always lead to some disc damage over time.]
Lemmy says on 19/Aug/14
I was surprised to find out Sid Vicious was 6ft 2...but then when you see him with the other Sex Pistols he's a lot taller. Not sure where to submit new people so will try here as Sid would be a good addition to the site
niceguy says on 15/Aug/14
Rob how many celebrities are listed on this site?
[Editor Rob: it is closing in on 7000 entries.]
Bin Wa says on 12/Aug/14
Wondering...can't we get this in metric as well? Only the US and Nigeria are using imperial units. 99% of the world is metric.
new guy says on 8/Aug/14
Rob I measured myself using the aerosol on perfect wall method and I got 5'10.25 im actually shorter than the 5'10.5 I thought I was sucks I can only imagine what glenn felt when he founf out he was 2 inches shorter than he thought.although it is midnight and I just finished a long day can I still claim 5'10.5
[Editor Rob: a lot of guys around your mark might just go with 5ft 10.5. Glenn didn't quite come in 2 inches shorter, only 1 and 1/3rd inch...still, it was certainly a shock to him that he's never fully recovered from. In fact, going by the amount of times on his facebook/instagram he claimed 5ft 8 you would think he should seek a Doctor's opinion on his amnesia problem.]
aldo says on 30/Jul/14
iam 6 ft2 and a half and iam 20 years old is it possible to grow to 6ft4
[Editor Rob: I think it is unlikely, the chances are low]
new guy says on 28/Jul/14
At night at my lowest ill put the measuring tape in ffront while looking at the mirror and I get a little over 5'10 but when I put it behind Im 5'10.75 and my hair flatten with beanie both times so what height is my real all time low
[Editor Rob: 5ft 10.5 might be possible]
new guy says on 24/Jul/14
Ok well i'll keep you updated if I don't although it will suck ill have to accept it.if I grow to 6 ft I def tell you about it
new guy says on 23/Jul/14
Hey rob I used to be the shortest in ny class in elementary.in middle school I was well under average.in sophmore year I was now taller than average at 5'11-5'10 also what do you think of my growth record. 12-4'10,13-5',14-5'5,15-5'7.4,16 now and 5''11 so I had a huge growth.You think that lifting this year was promoting growth.
[Editor Rob: it's steady and large progression for each year, probably more at 16-17 than average gains at that age.]
new guy says on 22/Jul/14
Hey rob do you think lifting 20 lbs and I just turned 16 will it stunt my growth? I also stretch before I lift
[Editor Rob: 20lbs isn't that much, if it was very heavy weights it might potentially damage you longer term...but there was one girl who took part in a height challenge on this site age nearly 18 when she was measured (she reached this height at age 16) of 5ft 5.4 and then at age nearly 21 I remeasured her at just about 5ft 6! She took up some basic weight lifting for about a year...]
new guy says on 22/Jul/14
If im 5'11.5 out bed and 5'10.5 at night and I just turned 16 and still growing significantly is that good for my age and will I grow more even though both my parents were 5'5 and 5'6 at peak heights.maybe il be like 6'3 Jeremy lin right rob?
[Editor Rob: you already have gained more than some might...there is still potential couple of years left, so as long as you keep eating, keep up exercise and maybe a bit of stretching, then that's all you can do...if you gain another few inches you would be in the tall range.]
new guy says on 20/Jul/14
Rob,if im 5,11what will my shoulder,chin, and nose height be if If I have an average 9 inch exact head
[Editor Rob: could be about 5ft 4.5 for your end of nose, shoulder might be just under 5ft]
Eliminator says on 16/Jul/14
I love this site but I constantly see people trying to downgrade heights. I realize a lot of celebrity heights are in inflated but I see so many ridiculous posts. Not sure if it's due to ego or denial in owns height. For example I see people posting claims of the Rock being 6" to 6 1". This is absolutely ridiculous! I have seen this man many time in person and he is easily 6 3". Rob you always seem to nail the height bang on yet so many outrageous downgrades from posters. It seems like the taller the guy the more people try to downgrade. Just my 2 cents....
[Editor Rob: people are always entitled to their guesses, but sometimes you can only stretch believability so far. There used to be a photo of rock on the site with a 5ft 8 guy Mamun and it was clear he wasn't anywhere as low as 6ft 1]
Fraidycatt says on 9/Jul/14
How tall is Eric Shawn on FOX News??
Adamz says on 29/Jun/14
Rob you say: "The lowest I ever measure is a hair over 5ft 8." when commenting about your height. 173cm is more just than a hair over 5ft8in as its a full 1/8th inch. So you DO dip below 173.0cm at times? do you go as low as 172.8cm u think? what i am asking here to be clear is: what is your absolute lowest height in centimeters exactly?
[Editor Rob: last several years against a wall whenever I tried, that would be my absolute lowest, in the 173-173.1cm range, not hit 172.8cm yet.]
Desparate4help says on 28/Jun/14
Thanks for kindly replying Rob, just one more question, should be an interesting one. Who appears taller compared to John Cena out of Seth Green or Rey Mysterio? Click Here Click Here Thanks for your opinion, really appreciate it! Great website
[Editor Rob: Seth looks taller I think]
MrTBlack says on 27/Jun/14
@Rob and Greg How about sitting through 4-6 months of limb lengthening vs trading a finger for extra height which would you choose? I'd do the ll lol.
[Editor Rob: if the risks of LL were lower then maybe...but even if I had 30 grand spare I don't think I would do that as it's really a year you need out.]
Truth Hurts says on 27/Jun/14
To Rob or commenters, I would appreciate if you could explain here how to properly insert a link (in a comment).
[Editor Rob: just make sure the link has a space before and after so http://www.thelink.com/ in your comment would get changed to 'Click here'. BUT if the link is to an image like http://www.linkto.com/image.jpg then I request that you use tinyurl to get a shortened link.]
Desparate4help says on 23/Jun/14
Rob, can I get your opinion on what height Muggsy Bogues is please? Everyone lists him at 5'3 but would like a more considered estimate given that NBA heights may be with or without shoes? In the picture here Click Here He looks closer to 5'4 but the ruler is cut off. Need your expert opinion please.
[Editor Rob: in sneakers he looks near 5ft 5 there in sneakers, but then it is not on that level a ground, so the ruler could always be sitting a little bit lower than his sneakers.]
deppfan says on 22/Jun/14
Click Here
Click Here
greg says on 20/Jun/14
Rob,would you trade a finger for an extra inch of height? If not for one inch, how many would be a fair deal?
[Editor Rob: I like all my fingers, so no trade for me :)]
Daddy says on 18/Jun/14
Rob, if I may ask, if you could chose to be any height, would you stay the same, or be taller or shorter?
[Editor Rob: for getting photos for this site and guessing height I think 6ft would be ideal.]
deppfan says on 15/Jun/14
Click Here Hello Rob! It is Lola Ponce next to J.Lo. As you see she has a massive platform advantage over Jennifer. Do you think they are the same height when they are barefeet or wearing same footwear. I think Lola could be 5'4".
[Editor Rob: I don't know what jlo is wearing there, hard to really see]
Mark says on 12/Jun/14
Hi Rob, any guesses on how tall Neil Innes might be?
[Editor Rob: possibly in 5ft 10-11 range ]
Halb says on 9/Jun/14
Excellent! Thanks Rob, that is it. I think they look like Hogans. What do you think? Click Here Hogans don't advertise themselves as excessively tall, but they do look very chunky.
[Editor Rob: the interactive model is one that looks like it has some internal higher insole, in a way it looks like an elevator type shoe even though it probably isn't being described as such. You could get 2 inches out of them]
Halb says on 7/Jun/14
The link won't load, it says it has errors?
[Editor Rob: hold down ctrl+f5 to refresh the page when it says error, then it should be viewable.]
jtur88 says on 7/Jun/14
I searched for the height of Simone Bittencourt, the Brazilian singing superstar who played for the Brazilian national basketball team. One site claims she is 178 cm (5'10").
Cool dude says on 6/Jun/14
I think the rules are strict i mean come on look at other websites they don't delete comments that are offensive you say you respect opinions respect my opinion why do you think people get on here please reply to this and im not trying to be rude but please reply.
[Editor Rob: isn't it better to discuss in a good manner rather than start name calling, it can deteriorate very quickly when you let some insults through. ]
alsos says on 5/Jun/14
Rob... Any idea how tall Pat Metheny is?
very not tall says on 2/Jun/14
Interesting site, Rob. I find it pretty fascinating how we lose so much height through the course of the day. Took it upon myself to measure my height at different times and sure enough, I'm 5'9.5" straight out of bed, 5'9.25 midday and about 5'8.75" by evening. It is interesting because 3/4 of an inch is not an imperceptible difference in stature but nobody seems to ever be aware of losing height.
Halb says on 23/May/14
Hello Rob. I am trying to find that picture on your site of Stallone and Katzenberg at a basketball game where Sly looks to be wearing monster shoes. I cannot recall the page it is on, or the make of the shoe!! Could you help please?
[Editor Rob: This one?]
deppfan says on 22/May/14
Rob please answer to my question. How tall does Natalia Oreiro (the brunette one) looks next to 5'9" Valeria Mazza?
Click Here
Click Here This is the link of Valeria's interview with David Letterman where she says she is 5'9". She has pics with Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer as well..
Chris says on 20/May/14
Hey, Rob, sometimes I measure myself at 6'4 and sometimes 6'5.5 ft (immediately after I wake up and at night) what do U think i should measure my height at?
[Editor Rob: you shrink 1.5 inches from out of bed till evening? I would say you could probably say 6ft 4.5 if you shrink that much...which is a fair amount, most shrink 0.75 inches on average.]
deppfan says on 18/May/14
Rob if he (Pablo Echarri) is 1.73 cm, then how tall is she (Natalia Oreiro)? Click Here Click Here Click Here
[Editor Rob: possibly 5ft 4.5 ]
Christoffer S says on 21/Apr/14
Here is a photo of actress Dorothy Ford, who should be added. I can't say how tall she really was but maybe you can estimate it from this photo. She was said to be 6'2: Click Here
Orlando says on 19/Mar/14
What's really important is not one's height but the torso/legs ratio. The ideal ratio is 0.92 for whites and 0.85 for blacks. Read this article "Habitus and Body Proportions" at Click Here
Orlando says on 19/Mar/14
No more e-mail Rob? How can one send data, photos. etc. to you without e-mail?
[Editor Rob: I try to keep questions to the site to cut down on spam]
Jeremy says on 8/Mar/14
Rob i got a question, maybe you don't know the answer but still. on days when i walk a lot i am taller than on days when i have been sitting at home all day sitting on the couch? do you know why this is.
[Editor Rob: maybe the way you sit puts more pressure on your spine than your normal walking about does?]
Alexander Wilson says on 6/Mar/14
Hi Rob, how come for Rafael Nadal it says 184? It should say 185cm, he is a solid 6 ft 1.
James Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 21/Feb/14
Rob how come celebheights wasn't working two days ago.
[Editor Rob: hmm, it should have been, well maybe for a short period I was updating software which takes a bit of time...]
Thorwald78 says on 20/Feb/14
Rob, looking at your morning height (almost 175 cm, right?), can I consider you tall between 173 and 174 cm? I think 174 cm for you is correct about like 173 cm that you usually indicate....
[Editor Rob: since I'm up at 6-7am by mid-day I'm pretty much at 173.2cm so I wouldn't really call myself 174, and when seeing celebrities I'm not really seeing them 2 hours out of bed]
Dero says on 17/Feb/14
George Clarke architect stated on Amazing Spaces that he was 6ft 3ins
[Editor Rob: I think on his show he said between 6ft 2 and 3 one time in first series...]
Danny says on 14/Feb/14
Man, I never knew that Demi Lovato and I have the same height. Must've been about the food I've been eating so many.
Nigel says on 13/Feb/14
Can you please add Antonio Sabato Jnr to this site? He lies about his height more than anyone I've ever heard! :-) We've gotta "out" this shorty. :-) In my opinion, he'd be lucky to be 5'9 or 5'10", yet I've heard him claim to be 6'2, and many websites list him as 6'1, or 185cm. No way :-) Ha
greg says on 31/Jan/14
Gene Barry was not 6 feet tall, he was about 5'9''. This is according to his co-star on The Adventurer tv series Catherine Schell. On Burke's Law, camera angles and length of shots were used to disguise his height.
cornontheschwab says on 15/Jan/14
I know that this is for "worldwide" stars, but I'll give this one a try anyway. Swedish singer, Anna Ternheim, is 5'10"...I've met her...
Alex says on 14/Jan/14
Rob, do you feel you are supposed to measure your height by standing as straight as possible? Or should you use your natural posture?
[Editor Rob: I would always say if you can stand tall then measure tall - but if you are forcing your spine so that it hurts, then maybe that is too unnatural? For me I can stand very close to what I measure, but some people have poor postures and stand an inch less than they measure...]
JC says on 14/Jan/14
Jw Rob have you ever been measured at over 5'9 and over 5'7.. Bc at one appt I was 5'8 1/2 then my most recent one i got measured at 5'10 1/2 almost 5'11. Usually I get measured between 5'9 and 5'9 1/2..
Anonymous110 says on 9/Jan/14
Rob, honestly, if you could choose your own height, what would it be?
[Editor Rob: 6ft 2 would be a height that would be great for this site...and out and about a 6ft 2 man should never feel he isn't tall, and certainly wouldn't feel too tall.

I think a lot of people would choose that range, but hey, not everybody can be tall, some have to be average and short.]
Lintunez says on 3/Jan/14
May I suggest adding the lead singer from The Rasmus, Lauri Ylφnen to your list of heights? There is much speculation on his height and I came here purposely looking to see if you had him added. I have met him, I stand at 5ft 1 and I would place him at 5ft 6, though many place him at 5ft 7. I have photos of the both of us together and would be glad to have your feedback :)
Piers says on 2/Jan/14
I'd like you to add Corries Alison King to the site please Rob.. She's quoted at various sources from 5'3"" up to 5'7". There's some film of her playing netball in a charity game for Corrie v Emmerdale and she looks tiny compared to the players she's up against. It may be that they are very tall. I'd estimate her at 5'4". Thanks Rob
Jylenhaal says on 1/Jan/14
Hi rob,
I feel like there are some exeggrations in celebrity heights.I'm 177 barefoot and I think I'm taller than people of 180 height class at least ! Maybe I can't measure myself accurately.I don't know !
[Editor Rob: some people, celebrities and normal guys will exaggerate - always best to be honest about things.]
fa says on 15/Dec/13
In the morning - im 183.6cm(6'0.28)
At late night - im 181.6cm (5'11.5)

So what height can I claim?
Eric says on 25/Nov/13
How legitimate are the heights of NHL players? There is a disproportionate amount at 5'11 or 6 feet. For example, Sidney Crosby and Pavel Datsyuk are both listed at 5'11, and to me they look 5'10 and 5'9 respectively. Do you know anything?
[Editor Rob: I'm not really familiar with NHL at all, or the heights]
fa says on 16/Nov/13
In the morning - im 183cm(6'0.05)
At late night - im 181.1cm (5'11.3)

So what height can I claim?
[Editor Rob: you could claim in the middle at 182, or if you are conservative, go with the lower value of 181.]
EmilyGratham says on 9/Nov/13
hi Rob im looking for the height of Lee Westwick would you be able to help
Iceman says on 8/Nov/13
I've made many on topic very cordial comments recently that have not been added. What does it take to get a comment accepted Rob.
[Editor Rob: they could have been filtered, I will have to look into it or try posting the message to this page and I will see why they never appeared]
john says on 4/Nov/13
Rob, why some comments disappeared. I mean I check some of the celebrities and just realized some older comments are not shown? Also the old pics of celebrities & you are missing...You know you got other haircut in older photos.
[Editor Rob: up to a certain date all comments got deleted at one point, the database had too many, but I've got a better control over not letting that happen.]
PittyPatGirl says on 23/Oct/13
Never mind - the red 'R' was hiding in the top margin of a page. How about putting it on the FAQ for those of us who are too dumb to see
Get Shorty says on 14/Oct/13
I was in Australia at Christmas/New Year 2010/2011 for the Ashes cricket tour. After Australia had been well and truly thumped by England at cricket I noted an appeal on the radio commentary of the fifth test at Sydney. The appeal was for promising young fast bowlers, aged 16 plus, height six-foot-six to six-foot-ten, to come forward for admission to a bowling academy. I guess the forthcoming test series this Winter in Australia might show if this appeal was worthwhile. Seems that a six-foot man is now considered 'short' Down Under!
dan3 says on 10/Oct/13
hello rob i love your website, i have a question how tall you think is yulia volkova of the group tatu?
[Editor Rob: sorry don't really know!]
Troy says on 23/Sep/13
Rob i would really like to be your height. Like 5'8"-5'8.5" but i'm afraid that now that i'm 27 y/o. Can i still grow an inch at 27 y/o? If yes could you please give me advice on how will i acheive it? Do you advice growth medicines? Thanks!
Troy says on 23/Sep/13
Rob when you had a good sleep like 8 hours then how much cm will it add to your height in the morning when you woke up? I mean the maximum and minimum cm it will add to your height. Thanks!
[Editor Rob: after good sleep on the stadiometer I can hit 5ft 9 (which is like 2mm less), other times I can be a fraction under 5ft 9]
Brandon says on 23/Sep/13
I reckon the following scale is a pretty accurate measurement of height in general:

7’+: Giant
6’8 – 6’11: Extremely tall
6’4 - 6’7: Very tall
6’ – 6’3: Tall
5’8 - 5’11: Average
5’4 – 5’7: Short
5’0 – 5’3: Very short
Troy says on 18/Sep/13
Rob if i woke up in the morning with my height measures at 5'7.75" then i would like to know what is my exact height? Can you tell me what's my height?
[Editor Rob: you might, in the afternoon, measure a fraction above 5ft 7, you could always say 5ft 7.5 or 'just over 5ft 7']
Donna says on 16/Sep/13
How about you add Reggie Sears? His birth info is not published out there but he did answer a question about his height on his official ask fm. Click Here

Google him if you don't know who he is.
Betsy says on 23/Aug/13
Hi Rob, please could you add the height of the actress Lindsay Duncan, I can't find her height anywhere, and she seems pretty tall (around 180 cm/ 5'11" maybe?).
Troy says on 17/Jul/13
Rob i would like to know if i'm going to measure my height through the wall with marks of the ruler is that accurate? measuring tool is ruler is that accurate? thanks!
lalala says on 11/Jul/13
will says on 5/Feb/13
If I'm 5'9.5 out of bed and 5'8.8 at night, but never go under 5'8.75... what is my height?

Exactly 5'9 IMO.
mande2013 says on 1/Jul/13
How do you create links to photos in posts?
[Editor Rob: use something like tinyurl.com or imgur.com ]
Pat says on 23/Jun/13
Hi Rob, Let me start off by saying you are the man, I am a height addict myself, I always comparing myself to other peoples height just too see how I, as in its the first thing I do when I walk in a room. I am 5 foot 10 ( on a good day) honestly im probably 5 foot 9 but that doesnt bother me as much as it used to, I really enjoy you site and wanted just to say thanks, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
WAT says on 19/Jun/13
5'7 - short
5'8 - short
5'9 - decent
5'10 - decent
5'11 - good
6'0 - good
6'1 - tall
6'2 - tall
6'3 - very tall
6'4 - very tall
6'5+ - way too tall
7'0 - Extremely tall
James says on 16/Jun/13
Hi Rob and Everybody here
If my true measured height is 'x' (the way it's supposed to be measured, standing straight, etc.), but I have a bad posture usually, what should I say my height is when asked about it? Is it 'x' or height with bad posture?
Thanks in advance.
[Editor Rob: give your height when you stand tall]
Victoria says on 12/Jun/13
Hi Rob! Could you please list Tatiana Maslany's height? Thanks!
Cool dude says on 11/Jun/13
i thought taylor swift was 5'10 but she is really tall like scary tall
BitOfFluff3 says on 8/Jun/13
Hi Rob - Nice job on your site. Please consider changing Jack White's reported height. He's 6'2". Okay? Thanx
fa says on 3/Jun/13
I consider...
Very tall: 6'1"and over
Tall: 5'11"-6'0"
Average: 5'10"
Medium: 5'7.5"-5'9.5"
Short: 5'7" and under
john vale says on 1/May/13
hi rob i was wondering if you would change Jeremy Clarkson's height as he isnt 6'4.5 as you have listed.i haven't met him but ive seen many episodes of top gear and he is barely 2 1/2 inchs taller than 5'11.75 James May so i think you should really re-consider his height. Thanks
Tigon Man says on 24/Apr/13
Hi Rob,
I'm not sure if this is the place to submit new celeb height details, but I can't find anywhere else so here goes.
I recently read 'Kenneth Williams Unseen' by Wes Butters on the life of the late Carry On actor.
There are several photo's of his passports through the years and he is clearly listed as 5'7 inches.
Hope you are able to enter this on the W page
(Tigon Man)
Hugz says on 18/Apr/13
Rob I'm 19 and this is very odd.
In the morning straight out of bed I am 177cm.
Throughout the day I go all the way down to 175 until early midday, then 174 by evening. But I noticed after long walk with my heavy school bag I dip just below 174.
What should I say I am?
[Editor Rob: 3cm is a fair amount to lose, more than average which is just under 2cm...so saying 175 might be ok, unless you go with your lowest then just say 174.

if you go with your low height, then nobody will really think you aren't the height you say.]
TallTales says on 16/Apr/13
We believe you that Glenn was only 5ft 6 and 5/8ths. How tall is Jenny?
[Editor Rob: Here is a video showing you she can dip below 5ft 8 flat at times.]
nuky says on 15/Apr/13
How come Anderson Cooper's height is not on here? He's like the most famous journalist in the world
Jeff says on 14/Apr/13
Looking for info on Leo Howard. In 2013 pictures he now looks taller than Boo Boo Stewart who is listed as 5' 9 1/2" and taller than his co star Drew Snyder who is listed as 5' 10". Leo must be close to 5' 11".
HappySapphire says on 8/Apr/13
THANK YOU! For looking at him and for keeping this site up, it must be a lot of work! Thanks also for directing me to the request page where I will now proceed to pester you to validate this gifted artist and list him properly:] I am height obsessed* and your long hours at the computer screen are greatly appreciated!

*Especially when it comes to tall guys and/ or short girls. I wish I were short -sadly I measure 5'3.5 at noon (an "unhappily strong" 5'3). The first thing I'm interested in a celebrity is their age and height. My browser history is pretty boring-- youtube, online encyclopedias and celebheights. Thank you!
[Editor Rob: I'm glad visitors get some enjoyment from the site, thanks.]
Jeff says on 7/Apr/13
Have you been able to find any info on the heights of Cole and Dylan Sprouse yet? Also Ross Lynch is listed in many places as 6 ft which is hard to believe.
HappySapphire says on 3/Apr/13
Rob, where does one request a height estimate? Please look at my favorite musician--. I've been obsessing over this very talented guy on YouTube (and there's plenty of him- he's constantly on tour,but usually solo- no height reference) I checked here first, of corse, but he wasn't listed. Then I saw him on Letterman and he TOWERED.I assumed Letterman was short but if he's listed at 6'+,How tall is Joseph Arthur?? He has also been on with kraig kilborn (youtube search "joseph arthur cbs")and Conan o' Brian
[Editor Rob: there's a Height Request page.

from a brief look he looks a big 6ft 5 guy.]
Conti says on 1/Apr/13
Brandon is wrong
7'0 Giant
6'9-6'11 Extremely tall
6'4-6'8 very tall
5'11-6'3 tall
5'7-5'10 average
5'3-5'6 short
5'0-5'2 very short
Panman says on 22/Mar/13
If I measure 5'11.75 out of bed can I claim 6'0? At night I am around 5'11.4.
[Editor Rob: personally I'd just say 5ft 11.5, or nearly 6ft ]
george says on 21/Mar/13
A page for Conan Stevens(claims 7') and Michael Strahan (listed 6'5" by NFL).
fa says on 11/Mar/13
Hey rob can u make a page for these pakistani cricketers
Shahid Afridi (5'11)
Younis Khan (5'10.25)
Imran khan (6') (former cricketer now a politician)
Jake: 1.83 m- 1.85 m says on 1/Mar/13
Good chart Brandon, a fairly close reflection of reality.
country girl says on 28/Feb/13
When I went to birmingham high school in 1965 I always thought Sally was so cute and smart. Because of her height I believe it helped her to turn on her personality and do the great jobs she has done in the past. I still love her as a actress.
Jeff says on 21/Feb/13
Please see if you can get a read on Cole Sprouse. I keep reading that he is 6 ft tall now which I find hard to believe
Marty says on 18/Feb/13
Lennon said that he was 5"11 in interviews. Whether that was true,is purely conjecture,as most males like to be tall.
will says on 5/Feb/13
If I'm 5'9.5 out of bed and 5'8.8 at night, but never go under 5'8.75... what is my height?
[Editor Rob: you could probably say 'almost/about' 5ft 9]
Brandon says on 30/Jan/13
Seems that what was once considered "tall" is not as tall by todays standards, so that 6 ft, might easily be considered "average" nowadays, and 6ft4 could be viewed as simply "tall", rather than "very tall", depending on how you look at it, I would say "very tall" starts at about 6'4/6'5 range.
Brandon says on 30/Jan/13
7’+: Giant
6’8 – 6’11: Extremely tall
6’4 - 6’7: Very tall
6’ – 6’3: Tall
5’8 - 5’11: Average
5’4 – 5’7: Short
5’0 – 5’3: Very short
Lee-Lee says on 22/Jan/13
Whenever you measure yourself five hours after waking up, from what you are saying Rob, instead of saying, "I am "5'.70" so istead of feeling strange by saying my height down to the decimal, should I round up to '5'8", 5.75 or nothing at all. Never understood this.

Please answer!
[Editor Rob: a lot of people don't give 1/4's or halfs, they just round up or down. On celebheights people are more interested in height, so you get arguments/discussion over the 1/4 or 1/2's.

I think it's ok to say 'almost 5ft 9' or 'nearly 5ft 9' instead of saying 5ft 8.7 or something.

Bakura says on 8/Jan/13
"A lot of the sightings submitted by visitors to the site were, to say the least, to be taken with a large pinch of salt. Unfortunately anybody could say they've met a star...the internet is filled with untruths"

*cough* Mr. R *cough*
Yo says on 6/Jan/13
Hey Rob. I love your site because of your sincerity about heights.
Do you focus on B.o.B height? I think that he is the most versatile rapper out there so i wish you will list him :D
B.o.B is listed at 5ft10 on some sites but i thing its wrong. To my mind, we cannot speak under 5ft11. Look at him with Drake, Trey Songz: he looks close to them so matbe 5ft11.5 or 6ft...
[Editor Rob: I'd need to look at him more]
Adam says on 6/Jan/12
Just a question about the "celebs my height" page, on the page there is a measuring device that tells you how tall a height in centitmetres is in feet and inches. Now recently I bought a tape measure that (and far be it from me to criticise your measurements) seems to show a rather significant deviation from yours. It lists both centimetres as well as feet and inches, and as an example list 170 as being closer to 5ft 7.5 instead of 5ft 7, it may be my tape measure that's wrong but I was wondering if you'd double checked the measuring system?

[Editor Rob: there is a constant of 1 inch = 2.54cm.

From that, if a tape had 170 being nearer 5ft 7.5 than 7, it would be wrong.

I would love to see a photo of this mysterious measure, or which company made it.]
Zolo says on 10/Dec/11
Can you put a sort by height. I'm 5' 8". I'd like to see who else is 5'8".

[Editor Rob: there is a link on the right hand side of each page somewhere called 'compare my height' which basically lets you put in your height and see all the people within half inch of it.]
Michael says on 19/Nov/11
I'm 5 ft 7 now and I went 13 in September, is it possible I could be 6 ft 4 when older? My parents are 5'7 and 6'1, but my great granddad was 6 ft 9.
stefan says on 12/Nov/11
Rob, I΄m 184,5 cm tall five hours after getting up from bed. What do you think I would measure right out of bed?
Neil C Reinhardt says on 28/Oct/11
Will says on 25/Oct/11
Just wanted to provide the title of the unnamed book that gives Marlon Brando's official height. It's Peter Manso's 1994 book "Brando: The Biography."
darwin gonzalez says on 23/Oct/11
canadian actor from tv series eureka he said i'm a tall man i'm 6'1 he looked about 5'11 in a recent episode of eureka
darwin gonzalez says on 1/Oct/11
how tall is colin ferguson 5'11 1/4
Akiharu Murase says on 2/Sep/11
My comment posts are not appeared on the site.
nrubsol says on 27/Aug/11
how tall is Steve Jobs of Apple?

[Editor Rob: myu guess would be 6ft 1 range]
Leo says on 15/Aug/11
Rob, alright about the Chris Hemsworth pix, id like it included but if you dont want to then its fine. I do have a suggestion about the site, I think you should include a login/username system, otherwise anyone can post as anyone. Regards, Leo
Peter says on 8/Aug/11
a quick question, out of all the male heights given, how many reach 6'2 and over?
if you could reply to chikochileno@hotmail.com

[Editor Rob: hundreds!]
Daphne says on 8/Aug/11
Rob. At Marisa Miller's height me and others had a long discussion but I couldn't change their mind and say that I have seen Marisa Miller at an event in CA and she was just at my height and I am exactly 5'4", and I NEVER lie to anyone. She is just 5'4" (1.62cm). Thanks, Daphne.
Ellie says on 5/Aug/11
Rob, I wonder if people realise that when somebody wears heels of 10cm, that doesn't mean their height increases with 10cm. Actually more like 7 cm. This is because of the turn in the ankle joint and the aligning of the back. This difference becomes greater the higher the heels. (off course this is not the case with platform shoes) Just check it.
anonymus says on 4/Aug/11
I am interested what would be a correct height of Lindsey Vonn. There is always 2 different info on official or other pages, one height stated in cm-175, and the other in inches-5.10, which is not equivalent. I would rather say, comparing her with other persons in pictures, ski-colleagues or other celebs, that she is rather 5.9, or 174-175 cm at max... What would be your oppinion or maybee you have more insight in this one...?
nancy says on 16/Jul/11
Can you tell me how tall Michel Muller from The Borgias is.
John says on 30/Jun/11
Hello Rob. How about an entry for David Haye, the British heavyweight boxer. He is claimed to be 6'3" but there is speculation that he is a few inches shorter.
Luke says on 19/Jun/11
Somebody was inquiring as to the height of Betsy Brandt. Well, there are pictures of her in which she's taller than Anna Gunn (who is 5'10"), and there are pictures in which she's the same height or a little bit shorter. That probably has to do with the high heel length of each actress and the angle in which the pictures are shot. So, I would venture to say that Brandt is at least the same height as Gunn, 5'10". However, I think Brandt is actually 5'11" or 6'0", as the vast majority of pics show her as taller than Gunn when those photos are not shot at a sloping angle to make Gunn appear taller.
emma s says on 28/May/11
Hey Rob, I wonder if you can get anything about Ellie Kemper's height. Apparently she's 5'5 but she looks taller than that and my source doesn't seem to reiable.
Ruth says on 14/May/11
I am Ruth from Tampa Fl USA,i am here to seek advice from people around the world,i have a man i love we dated for 3 years and last 2 years we got married,we have a baby girl,some months after the birth of our daughter,my husband change his attitude towards me and my daughter,he wont come home on time,wont help at home,some weeks later he told me he wants me no more and he leaves for another country to stay with another woman,who i was told to have used spiritual power to captured him,i tried all i can to get my man back but he blocked all the means i can use to contact him,6 months later i was browsing through the internet and i read about a priest who helps people solve their problems,i got his email add and i contacted him for help,initially i didnt believe he can help,because i dont use to believe in spiritual powers,later when i saw i had no choice i decided to give a try,he asked for our details and he helped in casting a spell and prayers,4 days after my husband called me and apologize,he returned home and things have started working well for us,i have never seen this type of powerful woman before,pls i need your advice on what i can pay him back for his great help,pls contact me on my email lescaruth@yahoo.com. you can also check his website.. Click Here in advance Ruth
PatB says on 12/May/11
I tried to look up Rampage Jackson. Where is he?
todd r. brassner says on 5/May/11
i tried on the 64 beatle suits at sotheby's,i'm 5.8 even and they fit well. so ringo 2in shorter,these were good heieghts for that time!
dameonna says on 29/Apr/11
i never new that i thought he was 5'8
alfiz says on 6/Apr/11
I think he's just 5'9 - 5'10.
Andy says on 3/Apr/11
Hello Rob Can you prove that Taylor Lautner's height is 5 ft 8.5 ?
mcfan says on 28/Mar/11
Rob, I actually never saw your comment above:

Q: How tall is Rob?
A: The lowest I've been measured is 5ft 8 and 1/8th. Out of bed I measure 5ft 8.75-5ft 8.9 range. In any photo I have with a celebrity I am pretty much right around 5ft 8 1/8th or 5ft 8.25. I have worn a variety of footwear in photos, but I always mention if there was any difference in footwear when I post a photo of a celebrity beside me..."

Are you saying you are 3/4 inch taller out of bed than when walking around...thru the course of the day? I'm not saying I dispute it, but this seems like a big variation.

[Editor Rob: yes I can shrink 0.75 inch.

Jenny can shrink a full inch from 5ft 9 to 5ft 8 flat.]
Anon says on 21/Mar/11
Hi Rob, Can you add some of the Kennedys? JFK, RFK, Jackie O. JFK JR, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, the Lawfords. Great site!
LUCA (ITALIA) says on 13/Mar/11
hi Rob. I've a question for you: you know how tall is the italian show girl Cristina Chiabotto? Photos: Click Here the first 2 pichtures she's with Alessandro del Piero, italian footballer who's about 1.73 m, and in the third picture there're del Piero and Francesco Totti, who's 1.80m. She claims to be about 6 foot, but i think she's 181-2 morning and 179-80 in the evening... What do you think about?
LUCA (ITALIA) says on 11/Mar/11
Hi rob. Listen, you know how tall is the italian show girl Cristina Chiabotto? She claims to be about 6 ft, but i think she could be 182 out of bed and 180 in the evening. What do you think? Click Here this photo she's with Alessandro Del Piero, famous italian footballer, who's 1.73 m.
lee says on 10/Mar/11
Can a man be too tall? Women are always looking for someone tall, dark and handsome, right? No one specifies "short, mousy and ugly" in a personal ad. But how much does a man's height matter? Taller men have more children than their averagely tall counterparts, and receive more replies to personal ads. At 6ft 3in, Sacha Baron Cohen is a full foot taller than his fiancee Isla Fisher. But don't worry, Mr Five Foot Nine (the average height of the UK male): many studies show that men of average height are more attractive and likeable than very tall men. Above-average height may even indicate poor health. Interesting piece- About height for all teh guys on this site who seem to think you have to be very tall to have a women which is total bogus, I am 5'9 and perfectly fine.
says on 8/Mar/11
Hi, i write from italy. i'm a doctor and i teach physiotherapy at university of rome. I must say to you that you're in wrong: the real and correct height of someone is the morning height. I don't understand if the celebs heights are peaks or not? If not, you should valuate celebs peaks because these are real heights.
Anonymous says on 18/Feb/11
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Angie says on 16/Feb/11
Luke Pritchard is absolutely 5'8. The heels give him an extra inch advantage and he is very small boned. :)
kingpindom says on 15/Feb/11
well, so we all say that NBA couldn't measure their player heights, if so, why would we watch nba game for along time ago? barkley is a solid 6'6 , we all knew he's big mouth,when he said his height 6'4,5, he just want to tell his rebound ability truly amazing. i'm 6'5, i met him at exhibizion show and stood beside him, he's a little bit taller than me. he is a solid 6'6, no doubt
The best88 says on 7/Feb/11
Bale is absolutely not 6!!!
Editor Rob says on 24/Jan/11
Saribird, sometimes when a site grows, you can tweak it a little and stick with the same, or go for a big makeover. The makeover might not be the wisest move though, it could backfire and cost me.
Anonymous says on 19/Jan/11
can you post the heights of the pretty little liars stars? Click Here
Saribird says on 15/Jan/11
Hey Rob, I've been a big fan of your site for years.... just one question ... do you ever plan to change the layout of the site? Don't get me wrong, it absolutely serves it purpose and you can find what you're searching for. However, it's a bit outdated and some new features once in a while would be nice. I know you're doing it all on your own, so I won't complain any further :) . Best wishes
BREET says on 2/Jan/11
Piper is not 6'1'' anymore.
Scott says on 31/Dec/10
I stumbled upon your site looking for Bill Ricardson's height(Governor of New Mexico). I got tired of looking. Do you know the answer? I seemed to remember that he is really short. Am I mistaken or is that correct? If so, what is his height? Thanks.
fuzzblaster says on 30/Dec/10
Can you add Georges St. Pierre??? He was always listed at 5'10" but for his last fight he was listed as 5'll" --I guess he's a tweener, anyone know?
Mitch says on 8/Dec/10
I'm 5'6" and have met Salman Khan, both of us were looking eye to eye. I have stood a foot away from Bruce Springsteen, and he is my size without any doubt.
Zian says on 6/Dec/10
Please add actor Ed Bishop (Ed Straker of UFO), he was 6' up to roughly 1990, after that height deteriorated to 5'11" and even less after 2000 (similar to what happened to Clint Eastwood). Height can be compared against actors Collins and Shaw in the Professionals, where all three are seen in identical trainers and running suits and their and Gordon Jackson's height slot in pretty exactly with Bishop consistently 1 inch taller than Collins. His later lesser height is also confirmed, both by fans and by comparison to Adrian Paul.
Adriana says on 21/Nov/10
can you add Anna Margret's height she sings "Something about the sunshine"
ASH says on 2/Nov/10
First and foremost R.I.P king of po.In my opinion michael should be around 5'10 and 120pound.It is written in his passport.Usher Raymond no disrespect to him.But no way he is 5'9.I am 5'9 when comapre his height with Michael in one of the pictures here.He looks at good 2inches shorther than him.I presume Usher should be somwhere in between 172-174cm.Can't possibly see him any taller than 174cm.
Adamz says on 6/Sep/10
Add Soulja Boy Tell 'em
mike m says on 4/Sep/10
aren`t you suppose to add one inch on your height for shoes?I mean when do you see a group of people walking around barefoot?the metlife height/weight chart adds one inch.
caz says on 31/Aug/10
to the lady who was saying about her daughters height , there is no exact sicence to say when you stop growing. I was 13 when I stopped growing,I was 4"10. I am now 53 and still 4"10. I think its up to the genes we are dealt. S, M, or L . IT WOULD BE A SAD WORLD IF WE WERE ALL THE SAME ." WE NEED VARIETY".
Peter says on 24/Aug/10
She is 18 years old and she is 1,65m height and i am 13 years... and i am 1,63m.But stil she is hot
Anonymous says on 20/Aug/10
Hi Rob, Could you add Iyaz and jason derulo's height to this site ?
Billyboy says on 4/Aug/10
How tall is a James D. Rolfe?
Editor Rob says on 23/Jul/10
Puzzled, I had to delete comments from a certain age as the database was getting very large and I have yet to upgrade to a bigger hosting service yet.
herimanda says on 21/Jul/10
how can I see a ranking of celeb heights, I mean who is the tallest and so on?
Puzzled Visitor says on 19/Jul/10
Why has there been a ton of comments deleted in Pete Doherty's thread? Didn't the thread use to start around 2006? Now the oldest comment looks to be from 2009.
Anonymous says on 16/Jul/10
How tall is Lynn Collins ?
xxx says on 16/Jul/10
Anonymous86 and Moke thank very much.i am a 5'10' girl and i feell veryyy good with your polite and sweet comments.i really wonder why such negative bad and rude comments are published here.what are you trying to prove.that being over 1.73 is sickness.''Taller women look like transexuals and walking sticks'''makes you wonder how such rude comments were publiched.TENDAI your comment was great i really enjoyed it,my boyfriend also doesnt think what some rude people in this side does...you know unattractive transexuals and walking sticks have heart also
Faz says on 20/Jun/10
A clip from the Recently concluded I am she Contest.. Look how Reha Sukheja is Towering over Sharukh Click Here
cathy says on 15/Jun/10
my daughter is 13 she is 5'8" and weighs 109lbs.she has not completely hit puberty yet just wondering what is a reasonable expectation of her adult height will be please comment thanks!
WWEHeightman says on 20/May/10
hey rob, can u please find the height of sandalwood star DR Rajkumar{kannada actor and singer} please.
Lindsay Villatoro says on 17/May/10
Can you find anthony santos from dominican bachata group aventuras height his supposive ehights 6'1 but im not sure he is
Lindsay Villatoro says on 17/May/10
Hey Rob can you find the height of puerto rican singers wisin y yandel or dominican singer anthony santos from aventuras heights.
Anonymous says on 3/Apr/10
The reporter says she is 6'1 and she mentions about her interview with sachin who is 5'4
Jerry Finch says on 29/Mar/10
Hey Rob, Could you find the height of 'Breaking Bad's' Betsy Brandt? Thanks!
Anonymous says on 23/Mar/10
if she's 5'8" wow, i saw her new show today and supposedly she weighs 250 -- and she looks HUGE. I know people that are 5'6" and around 215 that don't look near as big as she does. And you wouldn't think 15 lbs would make that drastic of a difference... please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm speaking of My BIG life show
Joan says on 23/Mar/10
if she's 5'8" wow, i saw her new show today and supposedly she weighs 250 -- and she looks HUGE. I know people that are 5'6" and around 215 that don't look near as big as she does. And you wouldn't think 15 lbs would make that drastic of a difference... please correct me if I'm wrong.
Grayzif says on 6/Mar/10
I can't get my opinion posted maybe it will appear on here(?!?). David Bowie is 5'5". I met him and walked alongside him for long enough to tell. I'm 5'9" and towered over him.
Pauline says on 4/Mar/10
Even if Thomas is less than 5"7",he is the most good looking and hard working man I ever met.
Anonymous says on 3/Mar/10
2FJ0Ce Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?
Daniel says on 25/Feb/10
Thats not fair just to wear don shoes and make your height taller . At the mean time you will be trapped or caughted by Daniel.
karan says on 20/Feb/10
lara is 174 cms
Norleb says on 18/Feb/10
You should add Richard Jenkins from 'There's Something about Mary' and 'Burn After Reading'. Funny guy and he's about 6'0" compared to Will Ferell and John C. Reilly in this photo from 'Step Brothers'. Click Here
Francesco says on 18/Feb/10
Hi Rob. I'm Francesco, an italian user. Personal curiosity: how tall is UK singer Holly Johnson from Frankie goes to Hollywood?
anonymous says on 13/Jan/10
Is Huang Chang-Qiu the tallest living person without acromegaly?
confused says on 5/Jan/10
how come some of the pictures don't show up? I see random pictures on the home page, but if I click on a name from like A B C I don't see any pictures :(
SlowCode says on 24/Oct/09
Also - I believe that the author who augured that shorter people tend to seek attention, or are more drawn to publicity may be true, but that's not all of it. Directors have to fit their talent to the scene, and a certain aspect ratio for the shots, and it's just easier to match leading men with women in the same shot when they are closer together in height. It's practical really. Back in the 50s, Jack Lallanne, whom I have also had the pleasure to have met, had a famous exercise TV show. He would do calisthaenics in a "living room" set with a Belgian Shepherd dog named Happy. In later years it became well know that the producers actually constructed a scaled-down room and furniture to help Jack seem taller. So despite the tiny furniture, here was this impossibly large dog sitting there. He looked the size of a wolf hound! Another thing. Celebrity men may be shorter, but they tend to have body proportions closer to average-sized men. Except for their heads, which tend to be much larger in proportion to their shoulders. So you have short yet proportionate men with large heads. When Arnold was Mr. Universe back in the 70s he was typically listed at 6'2". And there is just no way he's that tall. My Navy mate is 6'3" and he told me he could look down and see the dandruff. But then Arnold is also 5' wide! Lol Taller men get more respect, and more respect means more $$. If people knew Bruce Willis is 5'6", Diehard would have flopped. Height equals money.
SlowCode says on 24/Oct/09
McConnaghay was in Reef flipflops, BTW, and I was right next to him at the service desk, so I got him spot-on. Ted Turner as well. Ballys with no lifts.
Edson says on 7/Oct/09
Hey guys, I have a question. I ran into an e-book called Grow Taller 4 Idiots. Is this something one of you height obsessed fellas (no offence!) have heard about or had any experience with? The book seems to be extremely popular and is hyped on so many websites, that I start to wonder if there may be some truth in it.
Rempit kentoot berak cirit says on 14/Sep/09
mr rob,please add the height of avenged sevenfold vocalist,M.shadows...he is not in your list...
Neke says on 9/Sep/09
I totally agree with rude comments/comments that deviate from height being removed, yet I seen so much evidence of both, and was wondering why they were allowed up? If someone should deviate away from height on a comment that remains, could someone trying to reply to that comment get their comment removed? Thanks in advance.
Tim says on 31/Aug/09
Most famous people are not as tall as they claim! Sometimes it is so painfully obvious, other times it may be just an inch or two. More often than not publisists encourage it. How many times have we seen celebreties who claim to be the same height but measure up different. They lie--period.
Sunny says on 23/Aug/09
I was just wondering what I did wrong because I was trying to post a comment many times, but the comment thing is just not working for me AT ALL! I don't think I broke any rules here...I haven't changed my name or anything like that. So could I please post a comment again!
Steve says on 21/Aug/09
Hi Rob, Some People I would be intersting in you adding are British Tennis Player Andy Murray, Giants Ivo Karlovic and John Isner and Actor Robert Culp. Another Interesting one is Chris Brown, he says is 6'2 and yet her barely touches 5'11 in my opinion.
Grant Staley says on 1/Aug/09
You have no height for the beautiful star who was the love of spock in the next to the last original star trek called "All Our Yesterdays" named Mariette Loretta Hartley. She played the character Zarabeth. She had a long carrier and won an Emmy award for a part in "The Incredible Hulk" series. Can't you find out her Height?
vicky says on 24/Jul/09
Hey Admin, I m regularly visiting your site because i like the way you are giving info about a particular celebrity but i think you r giving little attention to Indian Celeb's. I want to know that can we start a new column for a celebrity or its you who can do it only for us?? arpitsinha@hotmail.com
k mart says on 7/Jul/09
YOUR WRONG on answer 7... your true height is first thing in the morning... not after you've been standing for hours exposing yourself to gravity.... when u sleep your body has a chance rehydrate and expand back to the correct size... when the morning arrives you are standing tall again with your true height..!!!
Doug says on 1/Jul/09
Rob, how do we know Frank2 isn't making up all of his claims. Do you have any proof?
Steve says on 28/Jun/09
Surprised that there is no listing for George Reeves, TV's original Superman. He died in 1959 under very mysterious circumstances. I would estimate his height at around an even 6'. Any additional estimates/insights would be appreciated!
Lea says on 20/Jun/09
Please add Henry Cavill to the site - he is on the show The Tudors. Love your site - since I am a tall girl (5'10") I like to know if my celebrity crushes are tall enough in real life! :)
wikrant says on 13/Jun/09
i am sure she will be the tallest among actresses one day.
Mighty says on 7/Jun/09
Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Most body builders who do steroids and dont treat it sufficiently after they cease.

They can lose alot of height through osteoporosis. My friend did steroids for only 6 months and didn't take the right drugs to kick start his own body back to normal when he stopped the steroids. Over a year later he lost about 2 inches in height. Fine if your already 6'2 but not so good if you are 5'8. The discs also loose their thickness and spread making this difference even worse, sometimes 3-4 inches total.

His hips even looked wider due to the slight collasping of the hip bone socket joint, which is quite common. His mid section like arnolds, was also not as long.

You will see in that speedo photo Arnolds mid sections looks awfully compressed. Thats the steroids that have collasped his vertebre over time before he could rectify it.

So yes I can believe that he is about 5'10 now and has lost about 3 inches.

It doesn't happen to everyone but this guy was doing 2 injections a day. Thats way too much!! He must of had sum problems along the way.

Ginger says on 20/May/09
Love this site... I'm always curious about stars' heights, for no particular reason. What happened to Don Henley's listing? He threaten a lawsuit?
Zach says on 7/May/09
Dwight Howard, 6'7" something? I'm not buying that one, don't you guy's compare him to the other players around him on the court, or teammates at a timeout? There isn't 5 or 6 inches between he and Shaq. . . Lebron 6'7" that might be right, my baby brother is 6'7" 3/8 and he was face to face with Lebron after a game in the building there in Cleveland and he seems to think that Lebron has got him by an 1" OR 2." Why can't they just go ahead and provide the public with honest height and weight stats, afterall they ALL know each other having played one another so they KNOW if a guy is taller than them or not, the only way that would be an advantage is if they had never competed against one another, it's silly. Look at boxing, NO national governing body, and yet they have it down to a science on height, weight, reach, whats in their blood. .. Go figure. peace
Katrina says on 26/Apr/09
Rob, I love celebheights.com! I am obsessed with people's heights and have always wanted to know the exact heights of celebs, this is the best place to look to! I love the comparisons done for each person since they help provide an accurate estimate of the person's height. Its made me pretty good at guessing heights too...which Im proud of, lol.

Keep the awesome stuff coming!
Chris Finley says on 25/Apr/09
Don't you think that River Phoenix when he was 13 that his hight was about 5'8" or 5'10" because, i looked online and everyu body sayed diferent things on his hight. What do you think?
Anonymous says on 25/Apr/09
Hey, Rob! add Vincent Ventresca page from 'The Invisible Man' tv show, plz. He is listed as 6'2 everywhere and it would be nice to discuss his real height.
James says on 15/Apr/09
I cant believe so many of you have commented on my height. 5ft 7 is correct. I would love to be taller and keira too is near the same.
Anonymous says on 4/Apr/09
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With best wishes :-D, Nicanor.
Rodrigo says on 3/Apr/09
He is 1,85 m
Michelina says on 1/Apr/09
Of course one of the reasons for gushing like so with my sisters was his 6' 6" frame, his 48" chest and his 32" waist. The clift chin, beautiful eyes (can't see color in black and white Chyenne); the way the man rides a horse; the way he gets down off a horse (to me it's with such ease it's like he's stepping off a curb) and of course his voice and the cadence he uses with his voice. He's a man head and shoulders above other men; more than in just physical height.
bill says on 10/Mar/09
I have went to several wrestling matches in my hometown and have found, that some heights listed by the franchise are usually inaccurate! For instance, the retired wrestler Kevin Sullivan. I have a picture somewhere with me standing next to him and I am 5'8" tall / 5'9" tall in hicking boots, which I was wearing in the picture and he was quite shorter then me!
Bateiu... says on 7/Mar/09
I'm a regular visitor..........I'm usually very curious about a celeb's height when I watch one..........this makes this site a part of my everyday surf routine.......keep up the good work........
duncan says on 6/Mar/09
great site, i didnt know how much celebs really lied about their height. Justin Timberlake says that he is 6'2. how would anyone belive that?
Elena says on 26/Feb/09
I'd like to know the height of the British actor John Hopkins who played in MIDSOMER MURDERS as Sergeant Dan Scott.
Dylan Sprouse says on 24/Feb/09
i am a star from the disney channel sitcome suite life of zac and cody, and my height is 5'6".5
HOARDAK says on 24/Feb/09
VERNON WELLS. I figured this guy was 6'1" also. Let's not forget he reprised his Road Warrior character "WEZ" in 1985's "WEIRD SCIENCE" one of my top ten A.T.F.s. Vernon was also in the 1989 romantic comedy "SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE" Richard "CHEECH" Marin & a Road Warrior co-star BRUCE SPENCE "The GYRO Captain" who is somewhere between 6'3" & 6'5". I'll have to look that up on here next. Vernon is a great character actor with great character looks strong chisled facial features & athletic build. I wish hollywood would round-up a bunch of UNKNOWN actors like him that are around 6'1" and make a really good GI JOE movie including "ZARTAN" & the "DREADNOX" with Meila Jovovich(?) as the "BARONESS". WITH NO C.G.I.!!! But, we know that will never happen, don't we???
M Mekalian says on 18/Feb/09
Gotta go - only 5 minutes remaining on this computer..Looking below...Your physical person is perfect in everyway!!! You have sooo much soul..It's incredible that one person has soooo much going for them...Makes me sick!!!! 3 minutes remain better add...
thekiddd says on 17/Feb/09
Hi Rob, I was wondering if you knew that Barry White's Page Is Somehow Merged With George Muresan's Page. Can you fix that?
Mosoud says on 15/Feb/09
hi, ive been trying to post on this website, but when i click "add comment" all i get is a blank page, and if this website is moderated, how come none of my comments have been approved? its been weeks
Anonymous says on 8/Feb/09
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Dude says on 31/Jan/09
I did not know that you couldn't post with different names. Seriously is my brother and he uses my computer sometimes. So let my comments added please. I'll just tell my brother to post on one name, this one(Dude).
Wolf Malbek says on 23/Jan/09
Have you considered organizing your celebrity listing by height? Would be an interesting way to search Celebheights for famous people who are the same height as you, for example.
Anonymous says on 19/Jan/09
Sorry. He who laughs, lasts!
I am from Ukraine and , too, and now am writing in English, please tell me whether I wrote the following sentence: "Once you are happy with your design, you will now be ready to make an electric guitar."

Best regards :-(, Deborah.
lily says on 11/Jan/09
without a doubt, this site is addictive. n it's gotten me obsessed with celeb-heights for real. hahaha. but not complaining.
MB says on 9/Jan/09
What a great website! Perfect for us "celebrity junkies" Thanks for all the great information!
Olivia says on 5/Jan/09
I like a lot this site, that's kinda funny cause celebreties are people just like everybody and to know that they're not giant like they appear the more often on TV or cinema is kinda interesting and that allow to give to us a sort of mesure and point of comparison with people we admire or just like or even don't like... :-) So thanks for this site !
John says on 15/Dec/08
I love CelebHeights. Keep up the good work!
HeightDetector says on 11/Dec/08
Nice site!

I have been on this obsessive height "kick" lately. I am becoming obsessive to the point where about everybody I see lately I want to know their height, so this website really clears up a lot of stuff for me, personally.

Thanks, Rob!

Keep up the good work!
chris says on 10/Nov/08
"In Hollywood-speak of course, 'just under 6ft', in wrestling speak I'm 5ft 11 and 255lbs and in mathematical-speak I'm 6ft -4in."

haha i found that pretty funny, and yes rob, your bang on 5'8
Roberto says on 29/Oct/08
Yo Rob,
You are kidding about you being 255 lbs right ;)? Thats impossible (with all respect) with your posture. I mean you are not fat or something ;)
Destiny says on 29/Oct/08
DuDe that is amazing 6'1 I'm only 4'8.I send my love to you J.T.I wish when I get older that I'll be 6'1 or close to it.Peace,love,and respect!!!!!!!!!
Eric says on 24/Oct/08
Great site. Interesting to see what height celebs are. Most are shorter in real life but there's always one or two that surprise you.
thekiddd says on 17/Oct/08
Rob, a good question to add to the faq is this " How can you ban me if this site doesn't require a login" or something like that.
Will says on 3/Oct/08
great site! just wanted to say keep up the good work! why on earth should the internet be allowed to continue existing if not to provide us with every tiny piece of info we desire at a moment's notice? right now I wanted a celebrity's height to satisfy my own curiosity, and I got it on the first google hit. kudos to you for finding a niche, and banging it hard and well for years. tongue OUT of cheek, in all honesty, I tip my hat to you sir.
Lozz says on 21/Sep/08
Hi Rob, What are conventions and how do i get to them etc...! They sound very celeb-bby! Also, Do you have another job?
jj man says on 16/Sep/08
yo rey rey im like 6'4" vato grow up! damn i can win more championships than u can ever dream of gettin man leave and when your like 5'8" come back lil migget!
RobFan says on 14/Sep/08
Matt di Angelo, 21-year-old British actor who was in EastEnders for two years (2006-2008) and who came second in Strictly Come Dancing in 2007 is 5'10". He said so in the first episode of Strictly. I love your site!
Samantha says on 8/Sep/08
Can you please add the height for Chelsea Handler? Thanks!
Imiliano says on 4/Sep/08
Is it possible to get a height for Jamie Oliver?
roni7 says on 2/Sep/08
Hey Rob ,how are u? I want u to start a page on AAMIR KHAN ,AN OSCAR NOMINATED ACTOR-DIRECTOR-FILMMAKER who claims to be 5'8.He is very famous in bollywood. Can u start a page on him
Peteyorks says on 13/Aug/08
All, I was interested in your morning evening heights. I am a 40 year old bloke and somewhere between 179-180cm, out of bed I am 181. This drops within minutes to exactly 180. I have been measured after walking 20 miles at 180 at 6pm and measured at 179.3 after repeatedly having to jump across a stream again on an evening. Got lost hiking in woods. If I measured myself being up ten minutes, walk somewhere I would be around 180. May be this is why some of your readers report such small differences in height between morning and evening. I am also not convince youngsters are 2cm taller than their parents. First I think youngster keep their height out of bed much longer. Second if there is 60 pounds more weight on your spine it curves more, so as people get heavier they loose height, especially if they are not active. I was wondering if your readers by age could measure how much height loss they have from out of bed, 30 mins later(have to be on your feet), 2 hours, ten hours. Also after 12 hours, and then again after walking for 15 minutes, as I think this may correct your posture and increase height again. Okay only a few millmetres. Awful lot of people I know have lost height by the time they are forty. I think it is mostly due to increase weigh and lack of exercise and blokes going bald. Well youngster do often have big hair styles.
Lenad says on 13/Aug/08
Rob can you please give me a list of people who got banned from this sight?
Annoyed says on 30/Jul/08
Rob you should do a Celtic Football Club first team page!!! Scott McDonald is NEVER 5'8" !!!! ive stood next to him on the corner of George Square and Queen Street and i live right across from parkhad, i am 5'8" and shrink down to bout 5'7.5" and he was shorter than me!!! Also Paul Hartley claims he is 5'8" and so does McDonald and Hartley is cleary taller ( bout 2 inches ) so which one do you think is lying? also Scott brown ive met and he wasnt too tall, id say 5'9 or 5'9.5". but McDonald is NEVER 5'8" !!!
denis says on 25/Jul/08
hi i hope you are having a good day, anyway are you sure that emile hirsch is 5 ft 5.5 in in some pictures there he is right in the eyeline of sean penn and from that point to the top of your are at least 4 inches (around 10cm) and if sean is 5ft 8.25 its more reasonable say hirsch is 5 ft4 he makes every look taller
alessandra says on 25/Jul/08
Rob, can you approve my comment?? PLEASE!! hihi .. mmhhH..or maybe can you answer my question?? thank you so much! i love thi site! keep ROCKS! :)
Sonam says on 16/Jul/08
Hi Rob, Could you please start a page with Indian actor Shahid Kapur's height. He claims to be 5'10 but a lot of people have doubts about his real height. Thanks, Sonam
qaz says on 9/Jul/08
can you add leo fitzpatick he is listed as 5'9 but in many movies he seems 5'11 to 6 and is much taller then the listed 5'9 ppl in the movies
Lenad says on 7/Jul/08
Can you please change Josh Holloways height to 187cm from 185cm he is listed here? Its pretty unanimous on his page.
Norma says on 27/Jun/08
I know Robert Ryan was 6'4. I've seen him standing next to John Wayne, and Robert is obviously taller. Another statistic I find very hard to believe is that Spencer Tracy was 5'10". He looked about 5'8". In a Bad Day at Black Rock he appeared shorter than Earnest Borgnaine. I hope I spelled that correcty. I understand Earnest was 5'10".
Scoots says on 25/Jun/08
Are you sure about Hulk Hogan being 6'7"? He was standing next to Laila Ali(5'10") and looks to be a few inches shorter than reported.
Anonymous says on 18/Jun/08
if she was 5'6 she'd atleast be touching the same height as her bf billy zane who is aledgely 6ft [in the heels she wears] but in all photo's he towers over her x
Charles says on 5/May/08
I'm amazed that there is no page about anyone from The Beach Boys! Could you start with Brian Wilson? I believe he's 6'2''. And does anyone know how tall is Cindy Wilson from the B52's? THanks a lot!
Hooch says on 28/Apr/08
I believe 5'4 is too little for Perry. Ok, all of Jane's members are quite tiny:
Click Here

In the picture Perry looks like the tallest of them but his posture is just taking many inches of his height. So, I'd say he's about 5'10-6'2, this one's really difficult.
Namen says on 12/Apr/08
question: are heights of celebs measured with or without shoes?? like for instant chris brown is 6.1 in height,,is that with or without shoes ?
Ralph says on 29/Mar/08
Perry Farrells' height is rumored to be be 6'2". This i believe comes from a misinterpreted lyric from a porno for Pyro's song called "Black girlfriend" in which Farrell sings " driving through the hood in my chevy nova sixty two" referring to the year of the car. Many people believe him to say "six feet two". I have met him and don't believe him to be any taller than 5'4".
Royal Nonesuch says on 21/Mar/08

Woul you mind adding Richard Armitage from BBC's "Robin Hood"? He is very popular in the UK and becoming more so in the U.S. He even has a fan "Army"! So I imagine a number of people search out his height and can't do so here. Most sources report 6'2, but I think he could be taller.

Thanks for the fab site,
Anonymous says on 15/Mar/08
Height of Chris Lawford, actor and Kennedy family member? Looks a solid 6'4"...
John27 says on 6/Mar/08
hi guys i wana know if u could still grow taller after 27 wish iam 5'9 my dad is 6'0 and my mom 5'4 thanks
gton says on 5/Mar/08
Hey rob can you make a page for Sam Cooke the old soul singer , i dnt know how tall he is maybe around 6-2 ? thnks
Lauren says on 3/Mar/08
I was wondering if you could add Stephen Colbert's height? Please? :)
ShahNawaz-True Height Explorer says on 27/Feb/08
Can u add salman khan and amir khan too...plzzzzzzzzz
Editor Rob says on 24/Feb/08
"eventually it'll help buy me a new house"

By that I'm meaning it'll help with a deposit towards a mortgage!
The site generates money for me via advertising, and more visitors helps me! It costs folk nothing to visit or post.
anonamous says on 23/Feb/08
height of dylan and cole sprouse?
anonamous says on 23/Feb/08
i noticed how u said that this website's helping u buy a new house or something
i was wondering if it costs us to be on this website/post comments
sorry if that sounds like the dumbest question ever
i dont no much about computers/the internet
but i would like to no if this costs anything
MotownCrystal says on 23/Feb/08
I know the heights of the most famous black r&b singing group, The Temptations. David Ruffin was 6'3, Otis Williams is 6'2.5, Eddie Kendricks was 6'1.5, Paul Williams was 6'1, and Melvin Franklin was 6'0.5. This is very accurate. When I went to the Motown Historical Museum, they were able to give me their heights. It had to be accurate because the info is given by a woman who knew them all personally. Please post their heights. Thank you
Anonymous says on 18/Feb/08
I enjoy visiting this website, cool info on celebs heights
rob, who is mamun???
biff says on 5/Feb/08
Claudia Schiffer height?
Sophia says on 4/Feb/08
What are the R and G letters by the celebrities' names now?
Sorry, I just am inrigued!
Also, anyone know how tall Bill Bailey is?

ove been wondering this fr a long time who is mamun? is he an autograph dealer too? and how do u guys all know him rob im jc
MrXtra says on 15/Jan/08
Long time reader, seldom poster here. Neat site you've got. Finally a database for a pet obsession of mine. Keep up the good work!
I. Rojas says on 11/Jan/08
Rob, I enjoy this site, your postings are pretty much accurate and anyway I would like to know the heights of Yvonne Strahovski and Torrie Wilson, they're both listed 5'9" but I am liable to believe Torrie is that tall in heels, and Yvonne's listing is true.
anynomous 2 says on 11/Jan/08
oi, and btw rob, great fricking page u got here.... gives so many answers, and nice of u to try to bring some closure on some figures(sly etc.)...
read 'em all, bye bye
anynomous 2 says on 11/Jan/08
i was actually fascinated that claudia is not in the list, cause for me she aint no real celeb.... keep her out! hahaha(1.81)
Editor Rob says on 1/Jan/08
Unknown, they are assuming barefoot.

James, I had never heard of this Bonds guy before his name was mentioned on the site a few times and in pics, baseball isn't really that much known in the UK.
James says on 31/Dec/07
Rob, why do you ignore me.

Barry Bond's as 6'1".
the unknown says on 26/Dec/07
hey rob, i love this site, keep it up,

quick question, are all the celebrities heights barefoot or with shoes ?
anonymous1 says on 26/Dec/07
CLaudia Schiffer height???
True Height Explorer says on 16/Dec/07
Hi Rob.

Thanx for evrythng.

Please include SHAHRUKH KHAN , SALMAN KHAN, in ur awesome
height database.

The two stars are like shoulders of Bollywood.

It wud really be a privilage to find their heights here.

Thanx again & plz add their heights.

Men Kanaka says on 15/Nov/07
Each and every of this Celebs height matches them,Tom Cruises height doesnt mean anything,he's totally fit and good looking at 5ft'6,7 or whatsoever. No matter how tall,short,underaverage, or whatever sort of stature you are,be proud of who and how you were made. Im 5ft'10 and at this height Im very happy,but occasionally Im a midget to my classmates back in high school,with only 8 boys. The tallest guy-Jamie-stands 6ft'9 and the second shortest(taller than me)is James who is 6ft'0. I dont care what they say or what names they call me,I dont care less.
Jovan says on 14/Oct/07
Rob, how often do you make calculation mistakes?
Katie says on 2/Oct/07
How can I grow taller?. I am 17 years old around 168 cm (5'6) and I want to be 173 cm ( 5'8). Does anyone know how I can grow taller?. Please, someone tell me.
halakoo says on 1/Oct/07
Guys ready for the new tall sensation sonam kapoor. according to radio sargam she is 5'9.5" and she look like that. if you watch saawariya music launch and voice of india she appears in total flat shoes and she clearly look taller than salman khan and shaan on both occasions. imagine her in heels and she can clearly beat her saawariya hero and her father in height department. guys my question is to you can she be successful in bollywood because she is taller than many male leads. there are quite a few who are taller than her.
ali says on 25/Sep/07
Again...shahrukh khan...try to list him...in terms of crowd numbers he probably has more fans than a person like brad pitt or Tom cruise. The guy is a superstar. get him listed please.
vicky says on 21/Sep/07
upen is i think 5.10
bertel says on 11/Aug/07
I saw robert vaughn today August 11, 2007 at a movie theater in Danbury CT, I am only 5'8" and I towered over him. He came up to my eyes, so I put him, at age 74, at only 5'6" at the most. So if he were ever taller he could only have lost 1 or 2 inches. I used to be 5'9" and I am also 74 and have only shrunk one inch!
shikoku says on 30/Jul/07
the point somebodyis at his max height (before he gets older and losesheight)
Irish bulldozer says on 27/Jul/07
What means "peak height"?
Mindy says on 27/Jul/07
Bryce looks about 5'7" to me or taller...may be the heels. either way shes adorable. i think its common to adjust actor/actresses hights to accomodate rolls
alex72 says on 26/Jul/07
About two years ago, I saw Jennifer on the beach (South Beach. I stood next to her briefly and walked behind her for a short distance and she wasn't taller than me...I am 5'4 (barely) and I weigh 116 pounds. Jenn has to weigh at about 130-135 pounds. She was thicker than me all over and of course a lot in the butt. If you think about it, if she was only thicker in the butt, hips, and thighs, she'd still have to have at least 7-8 pounds more than me. She wasn't as fit as she looks in "some" pictures either. I think all celebs work out like maniacs before photo shoots and movies and such...hence the flab when caught on off days.
Anonymous says on 7/Jul/07
"It's not because of fate, it's because of Tequila" That may be the best thing I have ever read in my whole life!
Anonymous says on 12/Jun/07
Chow Yun Fat is only about 6 feet tops with his shoes on. I saw him on the Sinbad late night talk show a few years back and Sinbad who is 6'5'' had Chow by at least 5 inches if not an inch or so more. Chow is now probably just under 6' without his shoes like 5'11''. Chow only looks tall in his Hong Kong movies because most of the Asian cast members are short like under 5'8''. I'm 6' on the mark and I usually tower over most Asian people, but around a lot of non Asian guys I don't feel that tall especially when I seem to come across a lot of guys who are 6'2'' and up.
MAK says on 21/May/07
Yup i agree , it would be interesting to see Shahrukh khans height listed. He is the most popular Indian actor around
ali says on 20/May/07
Guys, you have Hritick roshan listed in this site. But not Shahrukh khan. I think he is a celebrity that moves a crown of 1 billion people. So he deserves a mention in this site. Please let us know his height
Qman says on 2/May/07
In regards to Charles Bronsons height, Read a biography and his height was said to be 5'8. Plus in hard times check out the boots he's wearing, lifts without a doubt. Another movie Chato's land in the beginning standing at the bar, shows he is not more than 5'7 0r 5'8. I don't know why they don't give the real heights of the stars?
Rob C says on 15/Mar/07
I think is hard to know who the tallest person in the world is since there are some people who are discovered in remote places, and there are others who have not been confirmed as tall as they claim to be.
Latoya Hudson says on 13/Mar/07
What is the aprox. average height of a full grown man in the US?
Munty says on 6/Feb/07
I'd say that Ben Orr was around 5'9. When he's not wearing high-heeled boots he's only about two or three inches taller then Greg Hawkes, who is the shortest band member. Ric is about 6'4 and Ben is quite a bit shorter. So I'd say he was 5'9.
jhon says on 3/Feb/07
hi can any1 tell me the real height of shah rukh khan i read in some website that hes realy 5'6 but another website tells me he iz 5'10, can u plz tell me da real height?
Anonymous says on 1/Feb/07
Rick Ocasek is listed at 6'4", so Ben Orr must be at least 6-7 " shorter??
TTTucker says on 30/Jan/07
How tall is Car's bassist Ben Orr? Does anybody know?
Dave says on 27/Jan/07
does anyone know how tall Perry Farrell is?
21 and 5'10" says on 27/Jan/07
Is 70 inches 5 foot 10? I found a site that says 69.5 inches is considered 5'10." Type in 69.5 into the BMI calculator along with any weight and it automatically puts in 5'10," whereas 69.4 inches shows 5'9"
I asked once before heres the link again
Anonymous says on 24/Jan/07
Love the web site. Any plans to add new people? I was looking for Alex Trebek. Always thought he was tall, but IMDB says 5' 8". Just a suggestion if you add more people.
???? says on 16/Jan/07
I have a request I would like Max Schreck from the black and white film Nosferatu put up. I think is height was about 6'4''
Julian says on 12/Dec/06
Do you measure heights in the morning or at night? cuz your taller in morning
Greg says on 12/Dec/06
In one of his books, Bourdain pegs himself as 6'4"
Todd Carty says on 1/Dec/06
I met him going through a door at a hotel, and he is exactly the same height as me - 5'9"
Jes says on 16/Nov/06
I wasn't exactly sure where to put this, but I was curious if anyone knew Anthony Bourdain's height? Ya know, author of Kitchen Confidential and some fiction, host of No Reservations and (previously) A Cooks Tour.
He looks pretty tall, but he is thin and has a proclivity for cowboy boots.
anna says on 16/Nov/06
rob vauhn you happy day ---- wesday ehhh hay --- 16 november 2006 .
solidsnake says on 15/Nov/06
Hey rob. Could you add the height for Jay Chou? He's a famous Asian singer-composer. He stated 173cm himself.
marciano says on 13/Nov/06
so im 15 and 5'7" .. im a girl and i don't think ive gone through a growth spurt yet. maybe i have. but ive only been growing gradually since ive been little. nothing out nowhere. when i was 12 i was 5'4" and now after 3 years im 5'7" .. i dont think thats a growth spurt. do you think i still have a chance to grow two more inches with a litre of milk everyday? oh im also a skinny person.. and i dont believe in the genetic stuff because im over my genetically expected height which was supposed to be 5'5".
Adrienne says on 9/Nov/06
He looks like he could be about 5'3" or so. In the video "U Got The Look", he looked about 3 or 4 inches taller that Sheena Easton, who is supposedly around 5'.
Anonymous says on 25/Oct/06
OK...Stop and read this-PLEASE! Most of you are VERY stupid, or just choose to believe that your "heros" arent miggets. NO celeb is how tall they say, not even close! I read on here Dustin Dimand is 6- 6'2... HA I met him in MILWAUKEE, "have a nice day cafe" he is a goofy looking guy by the way... NOW I am just under 6'3 and I say I 6'2, He was no taller than 5'10 WITH BIG dress shoes on. SHOE lifts... they all wear them! IF any celeb is TRULY 6 foot-they are GIANTS in hollywood! Garths Brooks may be 5'9/5'10, but with his COWBOY boots he is a 6 footer... I mean come'on people CELEBRIYS ARE SHORT! I dont know why, but they are. I mean with my dress shoes on I'm almost 6'6- but I dont tell people I'm 6'6. I say I'm 6'2. 6'3 if I stand straight... HELL celebs have everything they evre wanted, THIS is the only thing I have that they dont have.. I can look down on them all. ALWAYS minus ATLEAST 2 inches when a celeb say their heigt. SOMETIMES WAY MORE.... But stop beign so stupid PEOPLE, THEY ARE SHORT!
Sean says on 14/Oct/06
Can I measure my own height with a tape measure?
Boromir says on 11/Oct/06
How about some celeb shoe sizes as well?
Anonymous says on 3/Oct/06
Hi! Keep up the bleep bleep. Very nicely done. Many thanks. I will bookmark!
Tammi says on 27/Sep/06
Rob, Can you add the height of Kathy Greenwood, the great Canadian Comedienne and actress. She is 5 foot 7 inches tall. The info comes Courage at http://www.freewebs.com/newgreenwoodsite/ the Kathy Greenwood zone. He knows everything about Kathy!
Richard says on 22/Sep/06
LL Cool J is not 5-11. He's 6-2. I've met him before in NY where I'm from. I'm 5-10. Also, you seen him with Sam Jackson In SWAT and is only an inch shorter who is 6-3. Colin Farrell is 5-11 and LL is at least 3 inches taller then him.
Anonymous says on 22/Aug/06
The Natalie Portman page is not working...

She might be under 5'3". Here she is with Dustin Hoffman, both in tennis shoes. Dustin is one step in front of her, so she probably comes up to his eyebrow. If Hoffman is 5'5"/5'5.5", Portman would be 5'2"/5'2.5".

BP says on 19/Jul/06
How tall is Sinead O'Connor? She isn't listed at all here. Anyone know? Is she around 5 9?
Ed says on 7/Jul/06
Rob, just wanted to make sure you got the email w/the pics of Kane's boots. If so can you post them?
SJP says on 7/Jul/06
Do you know the height of Ramσn Franco? I've seen him listed as 5'10" and 5'8". 5'8" seems more accurate to me.
SM says on 22/Jun/06
RoB! i wanna know height of Shahrukh khan, can you please add an page for him? Please reply to me
Editor Rob says on 9/Jun/06
Ed, for ladies at least I doubt they'd say anything except barefoot, although that doesn't mean they might embelish an inch. I'm not sure the % of men who will say a height as if 'in shoes'...obviously some will, hard to say, sorry!
Ed says on 8/Jun/06
Rob I'm sure this has been answered before, but are the heights that celebs give in quotes, taken as barefoot estimations, or with shoes. We all know how much the majority of these people love themselves, so it would make sense for them to give their tallest height with shoes in an interview. Example being John Travolota, if he says a little over 6ft, does that mean with or without shoes?
uladude says on 27/May/06
Say, is there a page of this site listing the celebs in a tall-to-short order and/or vice versa?
Desprado! says on 23/May/06
Hi Rob i am new to this website, i wanna know that if i want to add an page of celeb height, should i hav to ask u or wt? like there is no page for an bolly wood actor Shahrukh khan, n i really want to know about him! tell me the way please!
age says on 11/May/06
jason ain't 5ft 11 ins, come on he looks shorter.
Pursyla Wyatt says on 4/May/06
That's Cool,But Does the Celebrity's really doe that?
Anne says on 1/May/06
I sent you a celeb-height over a month ago but you haven't added it here. I thinks he is famous enough, especially when you say "even d-grade stars or singers and let me know!"...
5'10.5and14(Mike) says on 20/Apr/06
MHouillon wikiepedia now lists the height of a human being (averages) at 5'7 not 5'9.. the average height for an american is sometimes listed as 5'9 and the average for GB according to the Guardian is 5'9 as well as on wikiepedia
clad-in-black says on 11/Apr/06
hey, never knew about this faq page until now.nice.
but do 'affected' celebrities really contact you? but certainly you dont REALLY take their words for it and change their status to what they exactly say am i right

[Editor Rob: not that many really, but yes some have done so. Unsurprisingly some celebs might have a little interest in height and I will normally change it to what they want unless it's obviously wrong. A couple celebs I have conversed with do find the site amusing, but I wish more celebs would drop me an email. Come on, Tom, Sly, get on that email to me!!! ;-)

Actually, bizarely I had met briefly one actor at a convention in 2004 and guessed a height for him, and about 6 months later received a cryptic email with a height 2 inches taller than he was...
Editor Rob says on 10/Apr/06
Yes azarea, I am Scottish and am around Glasgow currently. Aside from celebheights, I run many many other barebones sites that aren't worth mentioning...
Azarea says on 6/Apr/06
I dont know how i know this but ur centred in scotland, so my question is, Are u scottish, and also, do u run any other sites??
ThetruthaboutMariah says on 3/Apr/06
Hey Rob wanna let you know your site is Cool.. found it by accident ;-) and now I'm hooked. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't come to this site!!! Bravo
Editor Rob says on 29/Mar/06
Azarea, I have not had any agents directly contact me correcting height although I have spoken the other way. I have been contacted by some celebrities themselves (not that many) who had asked to change or add them.

I rarely nowadays try to contact any celebrity for an 'official height', and will only bother asking if attending a convention and felt it was worthwhile. In the past I have tried to contact an awful lot (700) through email etc, with only about 50 replies from that, but most can't be bothered to reply, I don't blame them. Usually the only way you get a height is to be a fan (and not as 'The Editor Rob') so to speak and not mention who you are. One occasion I did say who I was and the 'agent' or publicity guy, whatever she was called told me to "piss off and go fall under a rock"...
Azarea says on 28/Mar/06
Hey rob, Have you ever been contacted by any celebrity managers or agents for any reason like askin to correct someones height or to say that ur hurtin someones image and giving bad publicity or anything like that????
MHouillon says on 22/Mar/06
Wikipedia says that the average american man is a 176,7cm, that's approx. 5'9.5".

German men are 180.2 (5'11) (Hey, being 5'10 I thought I'm average, but in fact, I'm under average...)

Great Britain : 178cm (5'10)

Netherlands: 182,5 cm (roughly 6 feet !)

Vietnam: 162,5 cm (5'4) haha, Tom Cruise would be a huge man there !
Anonymous says on 21/Mar/06
The average height of a man in the US has actually DECREASED to 5'10" from a reading of 5'11" 40 years ago, maybe partly due to Obesity, Junk Nutrition, Poor Orthopaedics and the influx of other nationalities with lesser height averages. The European average has INCREASED to 5'11" from 5'8" forty years ago. Nutrition and exposure to certain elements (like nuclear fallout) may have a factor. The average height of 5'10" seems to be the SATISFACTORY MEDIAN, that is: People who stand around 5'10" are HAPPY with their height. People below this height are not so happy, and people above this height are pleased and satisfied.
15and5'7 says on 16/Mar/06
exactly what is the average height of a full grown man in the u.s.?
ron says on 3/Mar/06
what exactly is an autograph dealer?

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.