How tall is Madonna ?

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Madonna height: 5ft 3.5in (161 cm)

American singer and actress. In an interview with Carrie Fisher she says she is "Five four and a half", but said in 1984 star hits magazine: "I always wanted to be taller. I feel like a shrimp, but that's the way it goes. I'm 5'4" - that's actually average. Everything about me is average."

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mande2013 said on 19/Aug/15
@A6'1Guy One thing I find baffling but also amusing is that females more often have a tendency to underguess than to overguess a man's height. My mother has a tendency to think most men are 2-3 cms shorter than they are.
A6'1Guy said on 11/Jun/15
@T.N.T I believe it was proven or said to be so that the general female has a hard time estimating and comparing size, now there could be many factors that could play into it though.
T.N.T. said on 3/Jun/15
Another bogus height estimation, unless of-course super-platform heels are taken into account. No way was Madonna ever above the 5 foot range. 4 foot 11 women claiming that they're 5 foot 4; 5 foot 4 women claiming that they're 5 foot 8; and 5 foot 8 women claiming that they're over 6 feet.. It appears that the only men and women who are honest about their heights are the true barefoot 6-footers. Just put all these myth-lovers next to the true amazons-Gwendoline Christie, Elizabeth Debicki, and Karlie Kloss-and their myth will surely be busted. Oh yes, the other one that Gaga is 5 foot 1 is also for laughs.. (5 foot 1 with her hands up in the air, yes, that is feasible).
Rhonda said on 16/Mar/15
158cm on Johanthan Ross. Looks about 5ft2 with four inches heels on to make her still look small next Ross.
James Edward Crowley said on 14/Mar/15
She is 5ft 3.5in which is pretty much average height for a woman she is never looked taller than that even when she was younger she hasn't lost anything she is very fit for her age she was prettier than she was when she was younger.
VegasBitch said on 9/Feb/15
I stood next to her: I am 5'3" and she was shorter than me, which doesn't happen very often.
Ian C said on 16/Nov/14
And she has an I.Q. of 140, which is higher than the mean for the Nobel winners in Economics. If she uses the same special, personalized scale for measuring her height that she uses for measuring her intelligence she can easily claim to be six foot three.
MJB said on 28/Oct/14
Madonna is actually 5'4 and 1/2 tall but on her bio it says she's 5'5". on tour she's 110 lbs and when not on tour she's around roughly 120 lbs. But she does workout a lot too to get herself fit before going on tour. so this should answer all of you guys question.
ThePlankton5165 said on 22/Jul/14
Madonna has to be 5'5".
Phoebe said on 13/Jul/14
Madonna is 5ft6 1.71m weight: 65kg (133lbs) she is taller than avril lavigne who is 5ft45 1.63m tall
Brad said on 14/Feb/14
That makes Madonna 5'. Excuse me while I laugh.
Ellie said on 13/Feb/14
My sis who is about 5'5" said several years ago in Malibu she stood NEXT to Ms. Madonna, who came up to the middle of her nose. Actually my sister is closer to 5'4".
Jo said on 22/Dec/13
Besides Katy Perry, actor Benjamin Bratt remarked on one of the things which surprised him when he met her was how Madonna was "quite petite" (at 5:36) Click Here
Cliff said on 30/Nov/13
Katy Perry (5'7") mentioned she was surprised how small Madonna was when she met her the first time and how she towered over her:

Click Here
westhollygym said on 29/Nov/13
If she is even 5'4" it's a stretch. In the gym in flat shoes in 1984 she was about 5'2" tall when she was still a little puffy and not in shape. Getting thinner didn't make her taller it just gave her the illusion of height. She isn't average She is tiny.
Fynlandia said on 15/Nov/13
Is 5'4 like 165 cm or 163 or what? :0
[Editor Rob: 163]
marla singer said on 16/Sep/13
Rob, how tall is her daughter according to you? Will you ever add her?
[Editor Rob: I doubt I'd ever add her, she looks similar range to her mum]
marla singer said on 16/Sep/13
Rob, how tall is her daughter according to you? Will you ever add her?
CatLover said on 11/Sep/13
One of my nieces sat next to her at a concert once. She reported that Madona seemed very small. Only about 5ft.
wi$dom said on 9/Jul/13
she is 165cm tall.
not 161cm.
Cliff said on 28/Dec/12
anonangel: I can most certainly assure you that Madonna is nowhere near 5'8 - accept maybe in platform wedges. She herself only claims five four and a half.
anonangel said on 22/Dec/12
This is definiately not what I have heard about Madonna. I heard she is tall: 5'8. Is everyone sure about this? I mean, she looks pretty tall to me!
Copnovelist195 said on 9/Nov/12
I held a door open to a lady in tweeds and her friend whilst entering a bar at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge around 2003/4 and was puzzled how she made her way past the rest of us to the front of the queue and was seated and served immediately by the bar staff. After, she handed over her tweed hat and jacket I could see why - it was none other than Madonna. She was in her mid 40s and looked about 28 with good skin. It's about the only time in my life when I have been truly star-struck. Taking into account her footwear, I would put her at 5ft4.
CLC said on 13/Feb/12
Madonna's father & My great grandmother were cousins. I've seen Madonna in concert a few years ago & she looked about 5'3" not counting the huge heels she had on. She was probably 5'4 no more, back in the 80s.
SIlent d said on 1/Feb/12
I heard she is short but not kylie minogue short. I remember on the graham norton show she was about his height in 5 inch heels. He's about 174cm. 161cm is about right. I think she is taller than lady gaga because gaga always wears platform heels.

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