How tall is Shakira ?

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Shakira's Height is 5ft 2in (157 cm)

Colombian Singer best known for songs such as "Whenever, Wherever", "Hips Don't Lie" and "Waka Waka". In Maxim Magazine she said in regards to Britney, they are the 'same height', but also from that magazine "When I was little, they used to make up all kinds of things, always playing on my name, like Cachita instead of Shakira. And now I get Shak, Shak Attack, Shaki, Shakazulu, Shakarita...but my classmates also used to call me Enana, which means dwarf, because I was always the tiniest one in my class." On being asked if she wanted to be taller she said "Actually, I like being petite. When you're small, people tend to protect you and treat you in a soft, gentle way. And I like that. I like getting demonstrations of love and affection. Who doesn't!
In a video Shakira also described herself as a "5 foot 3 girl from Colombia"

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Comment on the Height of Shakira

plus said on 24/Sep/15
Shakira is 1,53. Look this pic with Piqué(no shoes)
Click Here

Click Here
fray said on 6/Aug/15
Rob, this needs a downgrade. Shakira is 5' on a good day. During the Maxim she was tiny.
In Spanish-language magazines and TV, her height has always been (in interviews as well) at 151-152cm.
Marideth said on 29/Jul/15
She's so not 5'3 or even 5'2. I'm 5'3 and I'm not that short and I live in the US and I can't imagine that height being "short" in South America. She's probably more like 4'11 or 5'. Rob, can you please downgrade her to 4'11 1/2?
Leena said on 21/Jul/15
Rob, are u sure she is 5'2 in some website says she is 4'11
[Editor Rob: I don't think she looks as short as 4ft 11, I would say you could argue at times she can look anywhere in 5ft to 5ft 2 range]
averageheight said on 26/May/15
Rob, I think it's time for a downgrade to at least 5'
Leena said on 9/Mar/15
I think she is 5'2 and 5'3-5'6 in heels.Taylor swift is even taller than her and much younger.But I like shakira bcos she is short and sexy
shubham said on 18/Feb/15
I like this but i wanna be some more tall bcz taylor swift is taller than me but i don't knw hw i would become , is there anyone who can solve my prblm my phone 9956224761
ps said on 12/Feb/15
Acc. to me she is of 5.2.....
Tania said on 9/Feb/15
I think she's between 5'0.5" to 5'1.5".
I remember hearing the 4'11" claim quoted all the time till about 2007, when she began saying she was 5'3". She's taller than 4'11 IMO but not 5'3.
Erica said on 20/Dec/14
It says she is 4'11" here:Click Here here: Click Here here: Click Here and Click Here
Erica said on 5/Dec/14
To editor Rob: She claims to be 5'3". Yet I saw a bio special about her made for Chilean TV where she is described as being 150 cm and Mexican TV show interviewed a co-star of hers from she she used to act in Colombia who said that she short and that didn't fit into the prototype of other Colombian actresses because of that. Every magazine article I've read describes her as even shorter than says she is and I have yet to find a single magazine interview or show dedicated to her where she is described as being any taller than that. If she really was 5'3" you wouldn't just see journalists describe her as being 4 inches shorter than she claims to be (which is too off to be on anyone's height to begin with) you would see people describe her as four inches taller than she claims to be (5'7") yet no professional journalist seems willing to go on the record as saying she's taller than she claims, only shorter.
zeinab said on 22/Aug/14
Glams said on 16/Aug/14
i thinks she is 5'1 like me...
Erica said on 7/Aug/14
@zeinab I have read countless magazine articles where even the journalist interviewing her will mention that Shakira is short. Angie Romero described Shakira as "4 feet 11" on the September 2009 issue of Latina. Click Here (And good job deppfan.)
zeinab said on 4/Aug/14
actually i want you all to watch all her video clips and look at her tall harms and legs in hips don't lie she is the same height as me ...
i'm an architecture i know about measurement ..
and i also know a lot about psychology she started to sing very young and when she got older she felt unsecure about being tall woman after she was known for her cuteness and young age so she took advantage of being 162cm not really tall to play this trek to look younger ..
sorry for my bad english
K said on 25/Jul/14
If someone measured her while she was shoeless, she probably would reach 5' on the dot. She's shorter than Pink, who isn't exactly tall, herself. I wouldn't even be surprised if she was 4'11. Female celebrities fudge their heights as much as male celebrities do.
Erica said on 5/Jul/14
Given the formal dress she has on she has to be wearing heels on this photo: Click Here so the difference between her and Gerard Pique is even greater than it seems. Click Here
zeinab said on 6/Jun/14
She is a tall female but she always curve her legs to look short and young 162cm not short
zeinab said on 6/Jun/14
She is a tall female but she always curve her legs to look short and young 162cm not short
Damen said on 11/May/14
Looks taller than 5ft2 in the photo
K said on 30/Mar/14
She might be no taller than 5'0. I wouldn't be surprised if she just reaches that height.
Heightgirl said on 16/Feb/14
I think Shakira is 5f1 because next to 5f7 Sophia Vergara she looked to me to be around 6 inches smaller. Click Here
Erica said on 9/Dec/13
Hmm, another source is affirming the frequently mentioned 4 feet 11 inches. Click Here
Tania said on 16/Nov/13
I met her when she came to India to perform way back in 2006 or 2007 at a party thrown for her by my friend's father. I was 10 or 11 then and had just crossed the 5'0" mark. When I was talking to her (she's a super nice woman, BTW) she seemed to be about my height, and both of our shoes had approximately the same heel height. So I guess she's in the 5'0-5'1" range.
someone said on 1/Nov/13
on the radio they said she was 4'11
Sarah said on 12/Oct/13
Saw her statue at Madame Toussauds. She was about 5'1" or maybe 5'1.5
Erica said on 20/Aug/13
It says here she's 5 feet no inches. Click Here
kg said on 18/Aug/13
she doesn't seems 5'2 next to gerard piqué (6'4) he seems 1'4-5 taller than her when we take care of her heels.
ice said on 31/Jul/13
Can somebody explain this? Avril Lavigne gives her height as 5'1", so I highly doubt she's taller. Here is Shakira and Avril in similar size heels.

Click Here

Click Here

She can't be 5'2, and is most certainly not 5'3. I think she's applying the Hollywood two inches.
Cache said on 26/Jul/13
Yup Just Because is right most Colombian top models are tall. Lina Mossquero, Norma Nivia, Aileen Maria are all in the 1.83 range.
Star said on 24/Jul/13
Shakira has been quoted as saying she is 4'11.
And Ali, 5'1" is not the average height in Colombia. There's a big mix down there just like in Brazil where they found Gisele Bundchen and many other models. There are many Colombians mixed with German or African which are both known for being tall.
ice said on 5/Jul/13
Really? All you see is a 2-inch advantage? That platform looks just as tall as the one she's wearing with Gerard, and Selena has no platform at all. Also, with Gerard, let's say he is 6'3.5", making him 6'4.5" in shoes. At a head taller, that puts Shakira at 5'7" in those shoes. Giving her another benefit of the doubt, and saying she's only getting 5.5 inches from those heels, puts her at 5'1.5". The likelihood that EVERYTHING is in favor of her being taller is slim, plus she still winds up shorter than what's listed here. I really can't see her being taller than 5'1, which is average in Columbia (Nevermind people in her own country calls her short...)
ice said on 2/Jul/13
Okay, done! Selena Gomez is listed at 5'4.5" on this site. I found a picture of her in regular 3-inch heels or so, while Shakira has on heels with what looks to be another insane platform. Shakira has to have at least a 3-inch shoor advantage, yet is the same height as Selena, if not shorter. Rob, please explain this!

Click Here
[Editor Rob: she looks to have about 2-inch shoe advantage to me.]
ice said on 2/Jul/13
Editor Rob, look at Shakira's INSANE shoes in this photo. The platform looks to be at minimum of 3 inches, and there's an additional 4 inch heel attached. I think she's getting 6 inches of height. Gerard Pique is listed at 6'3", so you know that he won't be any taller. With tennis shoes, let's give him 6'4" With him slouching and looking down at her, she's only a bit above his shoulder. It looks like he has a whole head, so with those shoes on, she's about 5'6.5" Subtract those shoes, and I can't see more than 5'1. I think we can rule out the 4'11", but her 5'3" claims are ridiculous.

Gerard and Shakira: Click Here
Gerard height at ESPN: Click Here

What do you think, Rob?
[Editor Rob: pique could be 6ft 3.5 range, but she might get near 6 inches with a big platform like that]
ice said on 11/Jun/13
Penelope Cruz is listed as 5'4" on this site. You mean to tell me that this is only two inches?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
ice said on 11/Jun/13
Editor Rob, take a look at this. Carson Daly is listed as 6'1 on this site, making him about 6'2 in shoes. In In very tall heels with what looks to have a bit of platform, Shakira is 10 inches shorter, or 5'4. Without those things, she can't be taller than 5'0.

Click Here
Just because said on 10/Apr/13
Not all ColOmbian women are shorties. I'm 5'6" tall, and I have cousins who are taller than me.
Pink Roses said on 25/Mar/13
NO WAY SHE IS 5'3!! I met her in 2007, her and I were wearing flat shoes and I was way taller then her, and I'm short, only 5'2! hahahah I love you Shak but face it girl ,you are short! haha
krazykarl said on 16/Mar/13
I rode a flight from Santiago Chile to Buenos Aires, and a stood next to her with 3 in heels and she is no more than 5' 3" tall with them on.
Clarissa said on 3/Feb/13
Hey guys , she's not 157 cm , she is 150 cm i really saw her at concert she's small and she looks like a barbie , a baby doll that you take a lot of time to see her better because she's like a barbie with a little face , little arms stunning stare , she is more beautiful than television , nice presence; also jlo is tiny i saw her last year and she looked a 5'3 160 cm no more.
damian said on 29/Jan/13
No way she's 5ft 2in (157 cm).

Back in the mid 90's, when she was starting her career and singing in Spanish only, she said in a Mexican tv show "I'm just 152 cm"

To be more accurate, she said that in "Siempre en Domingo" (Always in Sunday).
ashley said on 27/Jan/13
She 's not 5'3 at all , i saw her she is little i think she 's 4'11 , that's it.
Ali said on 19/Jan/13
This is a joke, shakira is seriously like 5 foot nothing or 4 foot eleven. 5'1 is average in columbia so surely if she is 5'2 or 5'3 she could not have been considered small at all. Rob she needs a downgrade seriously.
Katy said on 11/Jan/13
In a recent interview for the Voice she said she was 5'3. This is the video in min 0.56 where she mentions that: Click Here
[Editor Rob: good find]
Brad said on 4/Dec/12
"Same height" as Britney. Somebody stop the laughing.
marla singer said on 15/Oct/12
Dwarf? 5'1.5 is above average in Colombia (her country) or at least average. I think women's average there is 5'0-5'1. I went there a couple of years ago, I am a 5'5-5'5.5 girl and even in flats I literally towered over most women, while most of the men were more or less my height, with a very few exceptions.
Silent d said on 12/Oct/12
On an episode of celebrity juice she was listed as 5 foot. Keith lemon said those were their actual heights. I don't believe it but beckham was listed as 6 foot on that show. I think shakira is at least 5 foot 2. She looks short but i think she could be 5 foot 3. If she claims britney's height, she must be close. 5 foot 3.
Brad said on 21/Sep/12
Wears giant heels much like Aguilera. As listed. J-Lo wouldn't be caught in the under 5' 2" footwear, she doesn't need it.
Johnnyfive said on 1/Sep/12
I usually don't upgrade celebs but I think shes closer to 5'3 based on pics I see of her and Jlo who you inexplicably have at 5'5 but is closer to 5'3 or 5'3.5. In those pics Shaki and Jlo look almook the same height and in some Jlo is about a half inch taller. Even at 5'3 Jlo should look considerably taller and she isn't not to mention at 5'5! Jlo should tower her! An upgrade to 5'2.5 or 5'3 is in order for Shakira.
marla singer said on 26/Jul/12
On her documents (it's hers for sure, just check birth date etc.) she claimed to be 5'4" (162 cm) Click Here

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