How tall is Ana Ivanovic ?

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Ana Ivanovic's height is 5ft 11.75in (182 cm)

Serbian Professional Tennis Player. Officially she's listed as 6 foot.

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1.87 80 kg says on 8/Mar/14
Yes . 1.82 : )
Maio says on 31/Jan/14
[Editor Rob: she can look a weak 6ft yeah, 182 might be a better shout from another look at her.]
thanks rob. I think that's the perfect estimate for her.
Maio says on 30/Jan/14
rob, really she need a little downgrade...she looks clearly shorter than legit 6ft0.5/184 cm like Rafa Nadal and Venus Williams:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

You think he might be anything between 5ft11/180 cm and 6ft/183 cm? Something like 5ft11.5-75/182 cm?
She's a big girl, no doubt about it, but i think she never looked a 6 feet tall girl...
[Editor Rob: she can look a weak 6ft yeah, 182 might be a better shout from another look at her.]
Dom says on 19/Jan/14
Shes been in a few photos with Nadal who is apparently 184-185 and has a few inches on her. I think shes 182 max and more likely 180-181.
Maio says on 23/Dec/13
rob, look there:

Click Here

Ana looks is very very close to Elena Dementieva, who is in the 180-181 cm range.
Considering they wear similar shoes, personally i think that 181-182 cm for Ana is better than 6 feet...
Maio says on 17/Dec/13
Anon, it's not difficult, also you can do it, maybe.
If someone is for example 6 feet from the late alternino to Night, so for the most part of the day, his Morning height is from 1,5 cm to 2,5 cm taller.
In my case, since i wake up (i'm about 187,5 cm) i loose 1 cm in the first 2-3 hrs, and after 8-9 hrs i reach my low height (185,3 cm).

Ana is less than 6 feet, but she's taller than 5ft11.
Personally i doubt that she has ever been measured, however if she has been measured with tennis shoes on, in the most of cases tennis shoes give more than an inche, and she's listed 6ft1, not 6ft1.25-5.
I think 182 cm for Ana is the best choice, while Maria is anything between 185 and 187 cm.
Bryan says on 14/Dec/13
Francesco that's around my height range but i claim 5'11 not 6'...Ana looks slightly taller than me so she gotta be 182.5 at her lowest/late afternoon
francesco says on 13/Dec/13
There are many photos on the internet where it seems Ivanovich 2-3 cm cm lower than sharapova.
There are also lots of photos of sharapova in tennis shoes, where you can clearly see that is lower than federer which some say is only 183 cm.
For me (heights in the morning):
Federer 187 cm
Sharapova 184 cm
Ivanovic 181 cm
francesco says on 11/Dec/13
For me is 181.5 out of bad and 179.5 cm in the night
Maio says on 10/Dec/13
I would say:

Morning/Out of Bed: 6 ft 0.5 in/184,1 cm
Late Morning/Midday: 6 ft 0.1 in/183,1 cm
Afternoon: 5 ft 11.8 in/182,4 cm
Evening/Night: 5 ft 11,6 in/182,0 cm
Sam says on 24/Oct/13
Wow, almost the perfect physical specimen for me...even the picture above doesn't do her justice. Definitely 182-183 cm...
Ancalagon says on 14/Oct/13
She waited in line on the Airport right next to me and my wife. She wore similar flat sport sneakers like my wife. My wife was just 2cm taller than Ana and she is 186cm. I guess Ana is 184cm.
Maio says on 10/Oct/13
182 cm is spot on for her...she need a downgrade to 5 ft 11.75 in...
Jewel says on 16/Sep/13
Her Height on official site is listed as:

6' (1.84 m)

Either deliberate or site is a spoof.
Pedro says on 12/Sep/13
@Rob Yes, but Ana comes from a country that uses the metrical system. So I think that when it comes to converting the height to feet and inches they would normally prefer to round it up or down. Specially when you have heights that are close to 6ft.
Also, 184 cm is actually more like 6' 0 1/4". So I think that it would be pretty natural that in case of Ana really being 184 cm, they would prefere to just round it down to 6ft.
[Editor Rob: let's not highlight the error on their site ;) Regardless, I don't think she actually looks as tall as 184cm against other players]
Pedro says on 11/Sep/13
According to her official website she is "1.84 m": Click Here
[Editor Rob: "Height 6' (1.84 m)"

they never bothered with 6'0.5"...which is right, because she isn't 184cm.]
eklektika says on 3/Sep/13
today at the US OPen she looked to be about an inch shorter (and 40 lbs lighter) than Victoria Azarenka who's officially 5'-10".
pierric says on 22/Jul/13
She's about 5' 11 1/4"
Jed says on 27/Jun/13
SAK says on 2/Apr/13
Emily says: Isnt her head kinda short for her height? What do you guess her head length as?
Ivanovics head seems to be in proportion with her 6ft frame.

Sharapova on the other hand, seems to have a small head for her 6f2 frame.
Emily says on 1/Apr/13
Isnt her head kinda short for her height? What do you guess her head length as?
Silent d says on 4/Jan/13
6 foot.
Silent d says on 19/Dec/12
I remember when they said she was a little over 6 foot but 6 foot is good. Hottest female tennis player!
Mr. R says on 5/Dec/12
She is normally listed as 5-11. But that may be rounding down. I have heard that Maria Sharapova is really 6-3, but rounds down to 6-2. Andy Roddick, at 6-2, refused to stand next to Maria at The Espy Awards cuz she was wearing heels and towering over him.
Joey says on 2/Dec/12
strong 5'11

and to say it in Quagmire's words: she's hot *giggty* xD
if you dont know who Quagmire is, youtube him, he's awesome xD
5\'10guynotgrowing says on 29/Nov/12
doesnt look big like a 6'0 girl imo I think 5'11ish.But wow she's pretty along with Sharipova
Click Here
Maio says on 21/Nov/12
I remember she was listed as 6ft1/185 cm but she's cleary under that mark, maybe in shoes...
I know that usually in sports like tennis, swimming...players arent measured because height isn't so
Important, or sometimes they're measured with shoes on.
I always thought Ana isn't a full 6 ft 0 in, but she might he in the 5ft11.5-5ft11.75in range, however we're talking about 0,25-5 inche!
Arch Stanton says on 20/Nov/12
She's so hot!!
maio says on 20/Nov/12
rob it's possible she's 5 ft 11.75 in/182 cm?
She always looked to me an hair under the six feet mark!
[Editor Rob: it isn't impossible.

we talk in inches a lot but there's as many folk sitting on 5ft 11.5 as 11.75 or 6ft etc...most of them would just claim 6 foot though.
nona says on 20/Nov/12
Finally a page for the beautiful Serbian. Was getting tired of reading about her on Maria Sharapova's page. Ana is 6'0" and very well built at about 165 lbs
Big T says on 20/Nov/12
Definitely not the full 6'
thinker says on 19/Nov/12
trully gorgeous girl.. listing is on the dot
Jake: 182.9 cm -- 183.5 cm says on 19/Nov/12
6ft and oh so hot.
J.J. says on 18/Nov/12
I believe 182cm for her so 6ft claims isn't an issue
Chiara says on 18/Nov/12
Im positive shes a legit 6 foot. She looks how i look in heels this size, but a tiny bit bigger. (Im 181-182cm.)
SAK says on 18/Nov/12
I am not sure if I believe she is a full 6ft. More likely to be 181-182cm.

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