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Charlie Sheen height: 5ft 9in (175 cm)

American actor best known for starring in films such as Wall Street, Platoon, Hot Shots, Men at Work, The Rookie, The Young Guns and Red Dawn. On tv he has starred in the hugely popular Two and a Half Men. He mentioned in an edition of The Enquirer "I'm 5' 10" and 155 pounds."

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

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hijoputa says on 17/Apr/15
He never had a problem with his height as he walks barefoot regulary on set.He never looked short so I guess 5'10" could be possible.
awam10 says on 30/Mar/15
ob Ive suffered from insomnia for some time now I take sleeping aids so I can get the. Gh each night that I 5'8.5-5'8.75 I have massive 9 inch wrists what can I do to grow taller....I've always dreamt of being 6'0-6'1 is there any chance I may get a second growth spurt I have peach fuzz fac ial hair. My moms 4'11 dad is 5'9.5-5.10 I had a 6'1.75 grandfather and a 5'5 1/2 grandmother on my dads side. And I have short Mayan relatives due to my mother being part mayan and hispanic how tall is maximum growth potwntial im about to be 18
Art says on 5/Mar/15
Rob is there a chance he was 5'10" some years ago? He appears more than average on Two and a half Men and he's constantly in low heeled footwear(vans, flip flops)
CDS says on 23/Feb/15
This listing seems right- maybe his 5'10" claim is in shoes. In "Wall Street", I thought he was 5'10"-5'11" since back then I used to think Michael Douglas was 6'. I'm guessing Douglas was a legit 5'10" back then, and Sheen was about an inch shorter. However, more recently in it's sequel "Money Never Sleeps", the two seemed about exactly the same height, suggesting Douglas is more 5'9" these days-?? On TV's "Two and a Half Men", I'd say Cryer is not the 5'9" he claims- more like 5'7 1/2"-5'8", and Sheen looks just a little taller than him.
TJE says on 14/Feb/15
He's more 5'9.25, no less than 5'9.
orangeman says on 7/Feb/15
How tall is he compared to his brother Emilio?
Taru says on 8/Jan/15
He must be something around 175-178. Pretty sure about it.
Will says on 31/Dec/14
Sheen is in fact 5'9". He is slightly taller than his 5'8 1/2" costar Cryer. I put Sheen at 5'9" for now. This listing for him should be correct.
lelman says on 11/Dec/14
176cm, maybe a bit below nowadays
ray says on 6/Nov/14
I highly dout he is that bothered about his height, on Two and a half men, He has flat footwear on, I think he is strong 5'9, maybe 5'9.25 like 176cm, he 5'10 might be in shoes unless he measured around 5'9.5 and his rounded up.

He is at least 5'9, Taller than Jon Cryer who im guessing is 5'8 range but has poor posture
Arch Stanton says on 25/Oct/14
Rob can you update this one?
Kartal5 says on 23/Oct/14
5'9 and winning
Arch Stanton says on 21/Oct/14
Rob can you add a photo and films like Young Guns, Scary Movie 3, The Arrival, Money Talks and Terminal Velocity? Looked shorter than Michael Douglas in Wall Street walked about like a 5'8 guy at times but I think 5'9 is OK.
mike says on 17/Oct/14
all u guys talk like there is a huge visible difference with 1/2" difference...are u kidding me?? especially on TV it is almost literally un -detectable with all the movement going on. half an inch is like the width of a pinky finger!
Clay says on 26/Sep/14
Comfortably 5'9-10'' 175 lbs in Two and a half men. In sandals with relaxed posture, he has no insecurities about his height because he's not short at 5'9.5'' IMO.
Amaze says on 4/Sep/14
@Arch Stanton I agree. I actually do think that he looks a lot like his father. what do you think of Emilio ? the other son? look more like martin or what

so i'm charlies height in the morning. XD
Arch Stanton says on 3/Sep/14
I once said that he bore no resemblance to his father Martin Sheen but actually if you watch films with Martin in as a young man like Badlands and Apocalypse Now at quick glance the similarity is actually uncanny, largely the hair. Out of the corner of my eye I'll often think its Charlie Sheen!! Obviously gets his dark colouring from his mother though but he definitely without the shadow of a doubt gets the hair and ears from his father!!
michel says on 31/Aug/14
he's a real funny guy he knows to enjoy his life. 5'9 guy.
kevin says on 1/Aug/14
He most likely gave his height in shoes unless he measured around 5'9.5 and rounded up to 5'9, I would give him 5'9.25 or 176cm he looks a legit 5'9 On Two and a Half men he is clearly taller than Jon Cryer by at least 0.5 inches, he wears those flat slipper type shoes on the show majority of the time.
mickthefreak85 says on 31/Jul/14
Most definitely a strong 5'9" since he can look quite often over the 5'9" mark. Needs an upgrade
Realist says on 23/Jul/14
Rob see his pictures with his father from the 1980's he only has about 1.5-2 max inches on him.
me says on 17/Jun/14
Sheen may be a nut, but he doesn't seem too sensitive about his height. In Two and a Half Men he was often wearing just socks next to the rest of the cast in shoes/heels, which would make anyone appear MUCH shorter. If he cared about his height at all, he would've put on slippers with some kind of heel, at least.

Based on that, I would think he's slightly over 5'9, and just rounds up to 5'10.
Realist says on 26/Apr/14
Angus T Jones :171 cm
John Cryer: 172 cm
Charlie Sheen: 174 cm
Ashton Kutcher: 189 cm
chrisssss says on 19/Mar/14
How can ANYONE call him over 5'9???
berta says on 2/Jan/14
2 cm taller than cryer = 176
DaKing says on 17/Dec/13
Ran in to him and his brother, at a Dodger game, a few years back and he appeared to be every bit of 5'8"; his bother Emilio was a solid 5'4".
John95 says on 7/Dec/13
Charlie Sheen is shorter than all legit 5'9 actors.
5'8 - 5'8.25. 5'8.5 at absolute tallest.
Silent d says on 23/Oct/13
Always taller than 5 foot 8 and a half jon cryer. He could be 176cm but solid 5 foot 9 is more plausible.
Arch Stanton says on 2/Oct/13
Looks 5'9" range in Platoon. Most of the guys in that film were as skinny as hell, Charlie was one of them. I'd have thought Charlie would be lighter than our own Rob.
John95 says on 16/Sep/13
Charlie Sheen is the exact same as Kevin Dillon who is 5'8 (he is listed at 5'9, but he is the exact same height as Andrew McMcarthy who has said he is 5'8). So there you go. Charlie Sheen is 5'8, he and Rob Paul looks to be the same height and weight.
me says on 15/Sep/13
He loses a bit of height by the way he holds his head. Over the years, his head has been coming more out of the side of his neck than the top of it. I know that sounds weird but I'm talking about posture.
John95 says on 10/Sep/13
I have always thought Charlie Sheen was around 5'8.5, maybe 5'9. But I have seen some of his films now, and he looks 5'8, maybe 5'8.25. Jon Cryer is just around a half inch shorter than Sheen, Cryer always have poor posture on Two and a Half Men, but sometimes he is standing straight and he is just slightly shorter.
Mike says on 27/Aug/13
Two and a half Men:

Charlie Sheen: 5'9.5" or 176 cm
Jon Cryer: 5'8.5" or 174 cm
Ashton Kutcher: 6'1.5"-6'2" or 186-188 cm
bodwaya says on 19/Jul/13
rob but do u prefer sheen to kutcher on 2 and a halfmen
[Editor Rob: not seen any of kutcher yet!]
seth290 says on 8/Jul/13
175 cm.
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ajcf1995 says on 6/Jul/13
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Heightcritique says on 2/Jul/13
Sheen is between 5'9.5" and 5'10". He used to walk barefoot in Two and Half Men, and towered his co-star by 2" constantly who is listed as 5'9". Sheen is not short by any means, but above average height if the average of a man is still 5'9".
John95 says on 29/Jun/13
Sheen: 5'9.25 in the morning, 5'8.5 at night.

Cryer: 5'8.75 in the morning, 5'8 at night.
wiltonstilts says on 29/Jun/13
5'10... taller than jon cryer who was like 5'9.25 or so oh and maybe he lost height
anonymous says on 20/Jun/13
I watching some of the earlier episodes on some shots you can see Cryer is very close with sheen in height but he has awful posture, sheen is a good 5'9 guy maybe 176cm say, I don't think cryer is just 5'8, He probably is 5'8.5 considering the guy is listed as 5'9, the lowest cryer could be is 5'8=8.5 range I am not too sure he is just 5'8 though.

Rob, Do you think Jon Cryer could be as low as a flat 5'8 or do you think 5'8.5 is his range, his posture is a bit poor considering he is not a big guy.
anonymous says on 19/Jun/13
sheen below 5'9, I doubt it, If sheen is 5'8.5, cryer is 5'8 at best.
Silent D says on 18/Jun/13
Solid 5 foot 9.
Phreestylex says on 18/Jun/13
174 cm
anonymous says on 15/Jun/13
I don't see him being 178cm, I think 175/176 he always looked a bit taller than Jon Cryer who has poor posture too, cryer is 5'8.5 maybe and sheen a solid 5'9, Im not convinced he is 5'10, he has flat footwear on two and a half men too tho he never looks small to me, I don't think charlie is under 5'9.
anonymous says on 14/Jun/13
178cm is too high for sheen, he could be 176cm possibly but 5'10 or 178cm is pushing it, He was a bit taller than Jon cryer who I think is 5'8.5 he has poor posture, Sheen is a solid 5'9 guy 175/176 for me
bodwaya says on 14/Jun/13
rob who do u think was better actor on spin city fox or sheen
[Editor Rob: I mostly watched fox and liked him ]
Yaspaa says on 9/Jun/13
Chris O'Donnell seems to edge him out slightly on Two and a Half Men.
MaskDeMasque says on 2/Jun/13
But how tall is Carlos Estevez? lol.
LG69 says on 29/May/13
@Starchild, Charlie is Spanish and Irish. Anyway, he looks 5'9"...maybe 5'9.5" at most.
www says on 22/May/13
but he doesnt look somehow only 1'75 doesnt he? he looks more like 1.76.7-8 to 77 max
Bobby says on 18/May/13
Looks like 5 9' to me
Gaza2121 says on 16/May/13
Charlie Sheen: 176 cm. Jon Cryer: 174 cm. Angus T. Jones 172 cm.
Sabre says on 11/May/13
His limo driver says not more than 5'8. Martin Sheen is like 5'4, Estivez is about the same, so it makes sense that Charlie would be on the short side.
true says on 30/Mar/13
i'd say 176cm
Anonymous says on 15/Mar/13
doesn't he look around 5'10 or maybe 5'9.5 next to eddie van halen?
Anonymous says on 9/Mar/13
Rob 176cm wouldnt shock me
kevin says on 9/Mar/13
hes always looks a solid 175 minimum. 176cm would fit him better in my opinion. just a little upgrade
Rob Bryant says on 7/Mar/13
I met Charlie at the premiere of Undercover Brother several years ago. I shock hands with him. I estimated him to be a strong 5'-10". He's above average. And he was'nt wearing high heels. He was well proportioned and confident. He seemed to be a very nice guy.
Silent d says on 22/Jan/13
Cherry says on 17/Jan/13
I seen Charlie in person today & he's definitely 5'9. One of the most genuinely friendly celebs I've ever meet
Bakura says on 8/Jan/13
Is 177cm in the realm of possibility, Rob?
[Editor Rob: 176 could be, I'm not sure he'd be 177 though]
Balrog says on 7/Jan/13
A solid 5'9'' guy. Could buy 176 cm aswell. Cryer is 5'8'' flat.
juju says on 18/Dec/12
shorter than 5-10 mike tyson. 5{9 is spot on
Steve says on 10/Dec/12
Charlie Sheen: 5'8.5
Jon Cryer: 5'8
Gumbel says on 6/Dec/12
Sheen 176 cm 5' 9 1/4"
Cryer 174 cm 5' 8 1/2"
robbe says on 28/Nov/12
I think hes at 177cm/5'9.5 now and in his youth he was 178cm/5'10 tall.
Wanyama says on 18/Nov/12
Undoubtedly a solid 5'9".
alex says on 13/Nov/12
he is the most underrated person.
just look his legs. they are so tall
Thorvald says on 22/Oct/12
177 cm at peak, around 175/176 cm now.
Derek says on 13/Oct/12
Now that I think about it, you may have this guy spot on. But then how tall is Jon Cryer? Is it just Cryer's poor posture and different camera angles that makes him look shorter than Sheen on Two and a Half Men?
bodwaya says on 12/Oct/12
in wallstreet he was 1 inch under darryl hannah who is 5 foot 10. 5 foot 9 for sure.
Shaun says on 10/Oct/12
Click Here

Looks 5 ft 9 tops here with 5'6" Denise Richards. Maybe you're right.
Shaun says on 10/Oct/12
Click Here

Looks 5 ft 10 on the button here with 5'6" Denise Richards.
Shaun says on 10/Oct/12
Starchild says on 14/Jun/12
5' 9.5".No more, no less. Probably 5'10" in his youth. Not bad since Emilio is only 5'6" and Martin is 5'7". Spanish people aren't tall

Ever heard of Pau Gasgol? Sheen in my opinion looked 5 ft 10 next to Asthon Kutcher. He gives off a 5 ft 10 a lot i think. I'd guess 5'9.5".
Richard Nasty says on 6/Oct/12
Danimal says on 23/Aug/12
bodwaya says on 21/Aug/12
in three musketeers he was eye level with 5 foot 9 kither sutherland no more then 5 foot 9

It's Keifer not Kither.

It's Kiefer, not Keifer.
Silent d says on 26/Sep/12
Original says on 16/Sep/12
bodwaya says on 11/Sep/12
in eight men out he was only 1 inch taller then 5 foot 8 john mahoney. 5 foot 9
TonyV says on 26/Aug/12
In Wall Street he looks a tiny bit taller than James Spader (who's listed at 5'9.5-5'10).
bodwaya says on 23/Aug/12
5 foot 9 nothing more
bodwaya says on 21/Aug/12
in three musketeers he was eye level with 5 foot 9 kither sutherland no more then 5 foot 9
Observer says on 14/Aug/12
Saw him on an episode of 2 1/2 Men in sock feet next to Rose (Melanie Lynskey) who's bio claims she is 5"7". Sheen was very slightly taller.Since women tend to downplay their height and men exxagerate, Sheen is probably 5'8"- 5'9" max.
Closer says on 12/Aug/12
Looks 175cm next to Lopez.
Nick says on 23/Jul/12
wow, I would have guessed at least 6'
bodwaya says on 15/Jun/12
in spin city he was 2 inches shorter then 5 foot 11 alan ruch and and 3 inches then 6 foot michael boatman. so 5 foot 9 is a safe bet. but he is a still good actor and even though he is shorter then kutcher. he can act circles around him
Starchild says on 14/Jun/12
5' 9.5".No more, no less. Probably 5'10" in his youth. Not bad since Emilio is only 5'6" and Martin is 5'7". Spanish people aren't tall
Derek says on 12/Feb/12
Rob, how do you know he is not 5'10". He has about an inch on 5'8" and 3/4 Jon Cryer. You said he doesn't LOOK it. In other words, he could be telling the truth, but just looks shorter on TV.
Will says on 7/Feb/12
Hey y'all. I agree with most of you people that Sheen is for certain 5'9" on the dot.
Silent d says on 6/Feb/12
Mike tyson wore big shoes on the roast but he is a boxer. 175cm.

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