How tall is David Soul ?

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David Soul's height is 5ft 11in (180 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 0.5in (184 cm)
American actor best known for his role in the Starsky and Hutch TV series and in films such as Magnum Force and Salem's Lot. In his Silver Lady heyday, 6ft 1 (170lbs) was a height mentioned in a 1979 TV SuperStars book. We met him at a Collectormania event in London, 2009.

5ft 8 Rob/Jenny and David.
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Bobbi says on 3/Feb/15
Soul was indeed tall enough to be at least 6'1" during "Here Come the Brides" he was as tall as Robert Brown who was about 6'2/6'3 ... Keep in mind while filming S& H he hurt his back while landing on the car roof during the pilot and had a couple of back surgeries. Which would account for the slouch. Most everyone loses height, in their 50's and 60's .. now DS is over 70years old. Most definately height loss is expected.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/Dec/14
@thebad7: You makes some pretty well-articulated points.
James B says on 11/Oct/14
Rob closer to 6ft flat at peak maybe?
jeff says on 3/Sep/14
not taller than 6'0 on a good to Eastwood (6'3) he looked taller because he probably wore lifts...
Greg says on 6/Jul/14
Just saw a 1978 Top of the Pops TV show, with Soul standing next to Peter Powell (the DJ) and he dwarfs him. I don't think Peter Powell was much taller than about 5'9, Soul looked about 6'1"ish.
thebad7 says on 15/May/14
I used to think he was shorter than what he claimed, but after watching the first two seasons of STARSKY & HUTCH, I'm confident he was telling the truth. If you watch Soul in MAGNUM FORCE, note that his character always stands and walks with ramrod straight posture--no doubt his approach to playing a homicidal totalitarian part. Compare that to Soul's Det. Ken Hutchinson: Hutch is a tough but kindhearted character, and Soul tends towards loose--almost sloppy--posture when he plays Hutch, but if you watch carefully when he does stand with good posture, there's no doubt he was above average in height.

As a young man in his early 30s (1973 - 1975), Soul was definitely 6'1". One of the best places to judge is in MAGNUM FORCE: pay attention to the scene in which Eastwood and Soul escort the fallen Charlie McCoy's family to the airport tarmac. Both men stand side-by-side in suits with good posture, presumable similar footwear (dress shoes), and Ray Ban shades. Eastwood has 2.5" - 3" on Soul, and I believe Eastwood to have been 6'4" in his peak--he was this height in 1973 as he compares that way to other 6'4" actors. Also, the scene at the indoor pistol range is another good place: Soul stands side-by-side with a bevy of tall actors including Tim Matheson, Robert Urich, and Kip Niven. Eastwood is noticeably taller than both Matheson and Urich--both of whom I believe to have been about 6'2" at peak. In one still, Kip Niven stands side-by-side with Robert Urich, and he is only a hair (hair = less than 1") shorter than Urich, placing him at about 6'1". Keep in mind during this scene: all four actors portraying the vigilante force are wearing knee-high motorcycle boots with about a 1" heel while Eastwood is pounding the pavement with a pair of nondescript, flat-soled sneakers. Despite the footwear advantage, Eastwood is still taller than the rest of the group. Having said that, I think that Soul's peak height is trickier than most to figure because he's notorious for loose posture/slouching in STARSKY & HUTCH, his most well-known work. At peak, I believe Soul was exactly as he claimed: 6'1". Now in his seventies, he's definitely lost height. I'd say strong 5'10"/weak 5'11" today.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Jan/14
Could've been 6ft0.75 in his Starksy & Hutch days.
Greg says on 29/Oct/13
Plenty of pics all over the net that show a young David Soul walking next to a young Paul Michael Glaser in the Starsky and Hutch days, and he was about 2 inches taller than Glaser. Glaser then looked about maybe 5'11" (he was a bit taller than 5'10" Topol in Fiddler on the Roof). A young David soul was indeed about 6'1". Glaser has since lost much more height than David Soul. In the picture with Rob and Jenny, his posture a bit hunched. I personally have trouble seeing three inches difference there, but I'll defer to Rob's judgement.
LG69 says on 21/Oct/13
Slightly tilted head, but I'd say he's 5'10.5" at most...probably 6'0" in peak years.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 29/Jul/13
Looks about 5ft10 there, maybe 0.5in more tops. That's a big lean. What were his shoes like, Rob?

I will admit though, he did look 6ft1 in the 70s
cd says on 27/May/13
Looks about 179 cm here.
richkid123 says on 18/May/13
Uhm... not disputing the listing, but isnt't Rob looking a weak 5'11" right here.
GraceW says on 3/May/13
None of you know what you're talking about. David is 6'1". He's still taller than "Starsky."
Jamesy says on 2/Feb/13
183-184cm peak
Tony G says on 11/Nov/12
I met and talked to him at an autograph show in Burbank in early October. I asked him what his "peak height" was. He said 6'1".
angeleyes says on 1/Nov/12
6'1'' in younger days I think is probably accurate. Now older and slouching obviously looks shorter at least in that photo. I remember watching a nostalgia show in which someone said that stars don't always look so impressive in real life as on TV but he said David was an exception to this. When he came to Britain to sing in the 70s he did look the part in real life. Tall and handsome.
James says on 19/Oct/12
Not 184cm if Clint Eastwood was a weak 6'4
Mr. R says on 12/Jun/12
I met him many years ago in New York and he was 6-1 then.
tom says on 10/Jun/12
Doubt he was ever over 6-0"
shrapnel says on 21/Jan/12
I remember watching S & H as a kid and I used to think that "Hutch" towered over "starsky," but there is not much of a difference in height and he was much shorter than I thought.

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