How tall is Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page's Height

6ft 4in (193 cm)

American retired professional wrestler, actor and fitness instructor.
I'm six four, legit.
I was just talking about being the TALLEST 6'4'' guy alive yesterday.

How tall is Diamond Dallas Page
5ft 8 Rob and DDP @ LFCC 2012

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Average Guess (39 Votes)
6ft 3.78in (192.5cm)
nelo said on 6/Mar/17
189 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Feb/17
Peak: 194cm
Today: 193cm
berta said on 12/Feb/17
i dont think he have lost any height at all. he is doing yoga everyday.this guy will probably not loose height intill the age of 65
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jan/17
He was billed 6ft4 and 6ft5. May have been between them in his youth?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jan/17
Roberts and Hall were both 6ft5 in the 80's-90's
Noshenanigans said on 20/Jan/17
Strange cause he was always billed at 6'3
184guy said on 6/Jan/17
There's no way DDP is 6'4 today,not even with his YOGA
With also listed 6'4 Victor Webster
Click Here
More than 1 inch
Rob,is time for a peak and current height to DDP
He certain looked 6'4 and a little more during WCW days.
straightahead said on 6/Jan/17
RP said on 7/Dec/16
Curt Henning is on his tip toes slightly in that pic...

And ddp has the footwear advantage so i guess its a tie then, even if i struggle to see that Curt is actually on his tip toes.
But it doesnt matter because 6'3 listed Steve Jordan had clearly more height on Curt Henning than what ddp ever had.

6'4 peak is laughable. Barely 6'2 is more likely.
Peter 179cm said on 1/Jan/17
He's at most 6'3.5 with Rob,maybe more 191cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Dec/16
Yeah Jordan, he's a tall guy. Even with all drug abuse and various injuries from wrestling...he looks roughly the same height as 30 years ago. Maybe the DDP Yoga helped him gain some height...
Jordan87 said on 14/Dec/16

Agree with the Snake Being around 6'4-6'5 today. He always struck me as tall, even among other wrestlers.
RP said on 7/Dec/16
Curt Henning is on his tip toes slightly in that pic...
James B said on 3/Dec/16
Did look 6'3.5-6'4 compared to the rock
straightahead said on 4/Nov/16
Even with a footwear advantage he was only one inch taller than 6'2 tops Curt in the 80's Click Here

He was never a full 6'3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Nov/16
Today: weak 6ft4
Peak: strong 6ft4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Oct/16
DDP would have bare minimum 1in on Routh
Ren said on 5/Oct/16
Rob, if he is 6'4 then why he looks same as Routh when you met him he is in the same range as DDP. What's going on in this Photo. Is he struggling with 6'3 like Routh, Welling and Dax Shepard. I thought he is same height as Randy Orton and Drew Mcintyre and even taller. I'd this the case then is they are same height at 6'3 Explain me our Rob please
Editor Rob: he could be 6ft 3.5 today.

Routh is shorter in person than legit 6ft 3 guys.
Michael said on 4/Oct/16
6-3,25 now and 6-4,5 peak for DDP
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Oct/16
Yeah he held his own opposite guys like Nash, Sid and Undertaker.

193/194cm range peak. I think he's also claimed 6ft5 on another occasison.
James B said on 18/Sep/16
A strong 6ft4 peak is very belivable when you see him up against giant wrestlers like Kevin Nash in wcw he doesn't look that short.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Sep/16
He really looks identical to how Hasselhoff was w/h Rob. Both still look 6ft4 today and could well have been slightly over it in their younger days.
Johno said on 11/Sep/16
Rob probably could probably stand 0.3-inches taller if he wanted to here.

DDP's heights looks comfortably under 6'3 here and you check with the chart to and it is quite suprisinging but than again, checking how tall Edge, Booker T and some other wrestlers looked with Rob, maybe it is not such a surprise.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Sep/16
Rob, could you please add Jake Roberts?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

6ft5 peak, 6ft4½ today I think
James B said on 1/Sep/16
6'4.25 peak rob?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Aug/16
Rob, is a fraction over 6ft4 peak a possibility?

Really did look 194cm in the WCW days§
Editor Rob: he seems to claim himself as a solid 6ft 4, I think he could have lost a fraction, going from strong 6ft 4 to weaker 6ft 4 by 50's.
Johan said on 24/Aug/16
His mouth is around the 5'8" mark in this pic. Thats my eye level so he would be around 3 inches taller than me and Im a 6'0.75" guy. I think he is 6'3.5" -6'3.75" he claim was a legit one most likely in the 90's.

If he would straighten his head , his eyebrows would be very close to 6'0" but not quite. Its on average 4 inches from there to the top of your head so again...he can't be under 6'3" here and it seems to be a good pic.

Also his eye level is in the 5'11" range even if he has a smaller one of maybe 4.5 in then he is 6'3.5".
Quan said on 23/Aug/16
Canson said on 21/Aug/16
Looks about as tall as Michael phelps with Rob honestly. Looks 6'2.5
He can't be only 6'2.5". If you click on the photo, you'll see the height chart. He looks every bit of 6'3" and he's even dropping height a little by tilting his head down. In my opinion DDP looks weak 6'4" range here.
Canson said on 21/Aug/16
Looks about as tall as Michael phelps with Rob honestly. Looks 6'2.5
Johan said on 21/Aug/16
Still looks a 6'3.5" guy here, impressed that he has lost so little height.
bobbyh3342 said on 21/Aug/16
not even 6'4 with shoes
Nobody said on 19/Aug/16
The only thing that makes me think he's not 6'4 is the fact that he never looked taller than Scott Hall who never looked taller than 6'4, DDP always has had great posture though.
The Man said on 5/Aug/16
Same thing with Billy, Diamond looks 6'3.75" these days. In his peak he was definitely 6'4" though, and might even have been a tad over.
heightchecker34 said on 20/Jul/16
DDP was a legit 6'4 man, and a prime example how tall a 6'4 guy can be next to average people (i mean that height wise Rob.. im only 5'9 myself). He never looked to short in his WCW days next to big men like The Giant and Kevin Nash. Today he might have dropped to around 6.3'5 (192 cm)... feel the bang!
dicksock said on 14/Jul/16
Well, he's clearly around 8" taller than Rob. He's an obvious 6'4" guy if I ever saw one.
James B said on 9/Jul/16
Nah 6'4 peak
straightahead said on 2/Jul/16
6'3 at most in his peak
Strong 5ft9 said on 29/Jun/16
You think adding Christian is worth mentioning. He might be 183 or 184 cm tall. Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/16
Christian is 183/184cm range. A solid 6ft
Strong 5ft9 said on 24/Jun/16
Hey Rob, how tall do you think Christian is? 6ft? Click Here
Editor Rob: he doesn't look under 6ft with ddp there.
James B said on 25/May/16
His hairstyle in wcw probably helped him look taller. Impressive actually that he doesn't look that short next to Kevin Nash back in 98 Click Here. Nash back then was in a different height catergory though being a legit giant whereas DDP was just a very tall guy.

Rob could DDP be under 6'3.5 now?
Editor Rob: now he could be 6ft 3.5, under it? I think you'd have to measure him to say.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/16
Hall still edges DDP. He could be a strong 6ft4 today and 6ft5 peak. Looked massive in the 80's-90's, probably about 6ft6-7 range in wrestling boots...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/16
He can still look a good 2in taller than Austin today. I think a strong 6ft4 peak and weak 6ft4 today.
bobbyh3342 said on 14/May/16
Johno said on 2/May/16
Why is he looking sub-6'3 in here?

Rob's posture is not even great in this shot and yet DDP is still looking sub-6'3?
Editor Rob: he's likely a bit shy of 6ft 4 at his age now
James B said on 2/May/16
DDP- 6'4
Scott Hall 6'4.75
Jake Roberts 6'4.5
Sean said on 28/Apr/16
DDP - 6'4"
Scott Hall - 6'5"
Jake Roberts - 6'5"
DDP - 6'3.25"
Scott Hall - 6'4"
Jake Roberts - 6'4.5"
Captain Baskets said on 18/Apr/16
Jake was about 1" taller than DDP in "The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake"
James B said on 10/Mar/16
Comes in 191cm tops on the height chart
Johno said on 7/Mar/16
Looks way off 6'4 under this height chart, he even looks under 6'3, like 6'2.5 or something.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/16
DDP looks all of 6ft4 and I reckon his height loss is minimal at worst because of the yoga. Scott Hall and Jake Roberts with their health problems may have lost a little bit but I think they both clear 6ft4 because they consistently edge out DDP. Three tall guys
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Feb/16
Jake Roberts in the 80's-90's looked 6ft5 for sure. Today closer to 6ft4 but no less. Him and Scott Hall look to be edging DDP
James B said on 19/Jan/16
Just curious rob did DDP have footware advantage over you?
Editor Rob: that weekend I was in .75in, I think he had a nike free, but not the thicker version, so probably similar range to me.
James B said on 19/Jan/16
Rampage I'd say peak jake wasnt a legit 6'5 more like somewhere in the 6'4 range.

But yeah I do agree that in photos jake does look near 6'5 if DDP is 6'3.5. But then jake did not look a full 6'5 compared to 5'10 Paul barer in the early 90s and next to randy orton with footware advantage he looked no taller than 6'4.

Rob did
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jan/16
Jake Roberts still clears 6ft4 today. Not sure if he's 6ft5 anymore though.
James B said on 18/Jan/16
Paul said on 14/Jan/16
@James B
That's because Jake isn't anywhere near 6'3.5". He's 6'5", while DDP is 6'3.5", hence the 1 1/2 inch difference.

Jake didn't look over 6'4 compared to randy orton 11 year ago (with bigger footware)
Paul said on 14/Jan/16
@James B
That's because Jake isn't anywhere near 6'3.5". He's 6'5", while DDP is 6'3.5", hence the 1 1/2 inch difference.
James B said on 28/Dec/15
Weird he looks 6'2 in a lot of photos with jake the snake who can't be over 192cm today
James B said on 28/Dec/15
Weird he looks 6'2 in a lot of photos with jake the snake who can't be over 192cm today
James B said on 14/Nov/15
Orton and ddp are very close in height.
joe @@ said on 6/Oct/15
Height183 said on 28/Jun/15
That picture is very irrelevant since we can't see the footwear. DDP is probably wearing some big old boots with those jeans. I think Orton would slightly edge out DDP if they were standing barefoot back to back.

but I could have had the impulse of footwear
jordan said on 12/Sep/15
hall was definitely 6-5+ peak. Probably lost some height with his age and health issues. DDP taken much better care of himself and seems every bit of a strong 6-4 these days. (in wcw hall edged out ddp height wise if i recall)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Sep/15
Watch the episode of Raw. I'm telling you DDP edged Orton by 1cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Sep/15
Hall is around 6ft4 today and was 6ft5.
Michael said on 27/Aug/15
No, DDP isn´t taller than Orton, he is shorter. Page is approximately straight, while Orton is tilted to one side. Recognizable by Orton's neck. Moreover, Orton is clearly taller than Page, compared with Robby and Jake the Snake.
nickkname said on 8/Aug/15
Also rob i'm almost certain that jake the snake roberts as old as he is and out of shape he is now , is still taller than hall ddp and orton , here's almost a good enough proof

here's now ddp still taller than orton
Click Here
also here are some pictures of the now ddp and jake the snake
Click Here
Click Here
and here's one with scott hall imnvolved as well
Click Here
nickkname said on 8/Aug/15
razor ramon aka scot hall might have been 6'4 at some point but the man's 6'2 at best nowadays and to top that all he slouches a lot
here's ddp and scot hall now Click Here

and here's razor ramon back in the day with vinnie mac
Click Here
also here's scott with his '' 6'8 '' son cody Click Here
Mighty_- said on 31/Jul/15
Jake the Snake always looked tall but I remember a Royal Rumble when in full attire I was suprised to see he looked noticeably taller than Razor Ramon, and more surprisingly Mabel..
And Jake once again looks noticeably taller than DDP in the video where they are talking about DDP yoga in a show.. and his posture isn't the best tbh

I think there's no way DDP was under 6'4 prime and he was probably 6'4.5..
I can't see Jake under 6'5.5 prime , most probably around his billed 6'6 at his tallest standing tall. And he seems to still be a almost if not the same height
James B said on 27/Jul/15
Exactly same height when both in prime
Height183 said on 28/Jun/15
That picture is very irrelevant since we can't see the footwear. DDP is probably wearing some big old boots with those jeans. I think Orton would slightly edge out DDP if they were standing barefoot back to back.
Andrea said on 26/Jun/15
"Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 2/Jun/15
Edges Randy Orton
Click Here "
Nope, he doesn't...
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jun/15
It's one picture though. I'm sure DDP in his prime would have edged Orton.
James B said on 19/Jun/15
Looks 6'4.5 with orton
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jun/15
Edges Randy Orton
Click Here
James B said on 10/May/15
You ain't a legit 6'4 today ddp
joe 193cm night said on 3/May/15
Diamond Dallas Page peak 6'4.25 (194) now still looks likely 6'3.75 6'4 but he still legitimate 6'4 today, look here with jake snake can look 6'45 (194) these daysClick Here
James B said on 2/May/15
DDP 6'3.75
Billy Gunn 6'4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Apr/15
This guy clearly looks taller than Billy Gunn
[Editor Rob: I think Billy would measure a little taller really.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Apr/15
James B said on 30/Mar/15
Rob could he have been 194cm in WCW? He didn't look all that tiny compared to kevin nash.
James B said on 30/Mar/15
Peak he would have been 6'5 out of bed for sure
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Mar/15
He claimed 6ft4 and 6ft5 I think.
Thomas said on 24/Mar/15
Obviously no longer 6-4, more like 6-3,25 now. That fits with Sid Eudy at RAW 1000 (2012) who had 2,5 - 3" on DDP.
pablo77bar said on 22/Mar/15
Look DDP with 6 ft 5 Joe Manganiello
Click Here
nayhole said on 19/Mar/15
Thought DDP was 6'6 he even said so before... lol guess not.
James said on 17/Feb/15
6'3.5 today 6'4 peak rob?

In WCW i actually thought he could look 6'4-6'5 range at times.
[Editor Rob: he could be a cm shorter today.]
Chris said on 12/Feb/15
If DDP is 6'4, how tall is Hall, towering him back to back..
marcuscofficial said on 12/Feb/15
DDP are 6'4 (194 cm)! On your top of head down to your eyes are 4 inc (10 cm) and down to your shoulder are 1 foot (30 cm).
John B said on 9/Jan/15
A very realistic height update on the tall guys of wrestling....Kevin Nash was a legit 6'10 to day looks 6'9 or just under. Big Show was 7 feet now 6'11 ...undertaker was 6'7 now around 6'5-ish .....kane was a good 6'8 but still coming in around 6'7 these days....guys that dropped a good bit Hulk Hogan from the 80's at 6'5 and a half to 6'3 ....Roddy Piper went from 6'1 to 5'9 :( ....Ric flair down from 6 foot to 5'10 or just under....HHH was billed at 6'4 but came in at 6'2 for real but is lucky if his 6'1 to day ...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Oct/14
I wouldn't go under 6ft4 for Hall, even today.

Hogan described Hall as being 6ft8!
Steve said on 24/May/14
Scott Hall looks at least 6'4.5-6'5 next to his son
Click Here
Kenn said on 19/May/14
Matt Morgan is not even 6'7 the guy, is more like a 6'9.5-6'11 mark he is huge I met him once and I was under his shoulder level and I'm 5'10'' tall myself not to mention that I measure my height.
Nick said on 30/Apr/14
To Freddy. Where have you got the figures you stated from exactly?
person said on 25/Apr/14
around 6'3.5
James B said on 12/Mar/14
Big show 6'11.5 currently
Kevin Nash 6'9.5
Undertaker 6'7.25
Kane 6'7.75 peak 6'7 flat today
Matt Morgan 6'9
Vegas said on 3/Mar/14
Freddy says on 21/Feb/14
This site is ridiculous, always downgrading people's height

Big show = 7'0
Kevin Nash = 6'9.5
Undertaker = 6'8.5
Kane = 6'8
Matt Morgan = 6'7

i have stood next to all those guys in hotels except nash and no way is kane taller than morgan, he looked shorter. undertaker looked shorter in person than morgan too.
Freddy said on 21/Feb/14
DDP is 6'4". This site is ridiculous, always downgrading people's height.

Khali = 7'1
Big show = 7'0
Kevin Nash = 6'9.5
Undertaker = 6'8.5
Kane = 6'8
Sid = 6'7
Matt Morgan = 6'7
Albert = 6'6'
Test = 6'5.5
JBL = 6'5.5
Tommy Ace said on 2/Feb/14
Diamond Dallas Page - 6'3
Scott Hall - 6'4
Jake Roberts - 6'4
James said on 7/Jan/14
Looked a little under 6'4with booker t last night on raw.
Click Here

6'3.5 today and 6'4 peak seems right
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jan/14
I reckon 6ft5 out of bed for this guy. I'd love to try his program. I'll want to stay at my peak height for as long as physically possible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/13
"Diamomd Dallas Page's height is 6ft 4.25in (194cm)"

He might've claimed 6ft5. Similiar to Jake Roberts who was easily 6ft4.5-6ft5. His yoga has done wonders for him. Hes losing a good couple of centimetres with Rob with the lean but back is so straight.

Seems like a friendly bloke. Any feedback Rob?
[Editor Rob: he's not shy and seemed like he enjoyed meeting people that day]
Lu said on 19/Dec/13
Doesnt even look to be a full 6'3 with Rob so i agree with Peyman, no way near 6'4
calvinator said on 17/Dec/13
Met him at my gym in the 90's, Im 6' foot and he was about 6'4".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Nov/13
Jake Roberts still looks a little over 6ft4. So, does Scott Hall (did look 6ft5 in the 90s).
Same for DDP.
peter hung said on 26/Nov/13
jake the snake is 6'4 and looks much taller than ddp
Peyman said on 13/Nov/13
I always thought he is 188-89
193 is a joke.
I still believe my own estimation, no more than 1 inch taller than #8.
he is just a weak 190cm guy.
[Editor Rob: DDP is a lot nearer the 6ft 3.5 challenger than the 1.5 guy!]
Mathew said on 26/Oct/13
Viper says on 17/Sep/13
Its at least 7 inches, not 6.


I agree it's gotta be a strong 7" advantage, maybe not as high as the full 8" but certainly 7".
vegas said on 25/Oct/13
scott hall post hip surgery Click Here
Viper said on 17/Sep/13
Its at least 7 inches, not 6.
Ali Baba said on 29/Aug/13
He looks no more than 6" taller than Rob in their picture together and that's not taking into account that Rob is losing more height. Rob is leaning into DDP pretty heavily here.
juju said on 24/Aug/13
i dont think Roberts has lost any height. hes still a good 6 foot 5. ddp is a strong 6 foot 3 these days. i remember watching a vid of him and Roberts from triple a a few years ago from 1994, and ddp looked an inch shorter.
ER. said on 20/Aug/13
This video is pretty interessting: Click Here

Maybe it's the camera angels, I don't know, but Jake Roberts looks way taller than DDP here, and I really see no more than 6-5 for him (JR.) Still think DDP physically looks 6-3 - 6-3 1/2 though. Hmmm.
Mathew said on 13/Aug/13
I thought he looked 191 - 192 cm here with Rob, but if we give Jake Roberts a current height of 195 cm DDP looks more around 6'3" flat.
avi said on 13/Aug/13
@Alex 6'0 1/8
Strong 6'3 like 6'3.2 or 6'3.3. Could be 6'3.5 at erect posture.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 12/Aug/13
6'3 in this picture with Rob
Lorne said on 10/Aug/13
Well Viper, that puts Hogan 192cm by 1996, and no more than 6'5 for Dennis Rodnan!!!
Blaze said on 10/Aug/13
6'3, 6'3.5 at best
tony t. said on 9/Aug/13
I always thought he was shorter than his billed height so 6'4 works. He looks dead on 6'4.
juju said on 8/Aug/13
starting at 1:53 ddp next to a barefoot jake Roberts. you guys let me know whos taller Click Here
avi said on 8/Aug/13
@Viper says on 7/Aug/13

nah he looks 6'3 at least in the picture what are you talking...theres solid 7 inches here. maybe he was 6'3.7 or something peak but he isnt under 6'3 hes probably 6'3.5 nowadays
Viper said on 7/Aug/13
DDP wasnt 6'4 peak, LOL

6'3 peak and 6'2.5 today he looks
avi said on 6/Aug/13
Hogan was never ever over 6'6
Lorne said on 5/Aug/13
Danimal, Hogan wasn't really much taller than Ddp in the 90's, if DDP wasn't 6'4 peak(which he was)then Hogan wasn't over that markin in the 90's.
Viper said on 5/Aug/13
On DDP's page, there is a video of him talking with 6'1 Rikishi face to face and he honestly looks between 6'2 and 6'3.
avi said on 2/Aug/13
@aaronious says on 1/Aug/13
Hey guys, i appreciate all the kind

There's was less than inch there. Inch isn't as small as youd think. Look at tape he's jumping up and down like a madman! If they'd stood tall next to each other youd find .5 inch maybe .6
aaronious said on 1/Aug/13
Hey guys, i appreciate all the kind words. Ddp is a cool cat. I promkse upon my honor, that my wife is a legitimate 6'1" barefoot( actually 6'1 1/8th"), and the heels gave her a legitimate 2.5" boost measured from the feont area of the hell, not the back edge. She is 6'3.5" in those heels all day long. DDPs footwear gave him 0.5", no more than that. The soles on those foot gloves he wears everywhere are miniscule. He has a solid inch on Christina, putting him around 6'4.5" in his shoes, putting him at 6'4" barefoot. Hes a legit 6'4" today. I stood Next to the guy many times throughout the retreat.
avi said on 1/Aug/13
@Robby says on 26/Jul/13

you look decently tall next to DDP and he has the advantage in the picture. hes looking barely 6'3 in it but i think he is 6'3.5 maybe dipping into early 6'3 range at times. hes not 8 inches taller than Rob (who is leaning a bit) in the picture thats for sure! maybe 7.25
miko said on 1/Aug/13
Given the rough lifestyle Roberts has had it would be surprising if he hasn't lost a little from his prime. He did always look 6'5 in his prime, maybe he's a little below that today at around 6'4.25/6'4.5 in good posture.

DDP is a hard guy to judge, I don't think he's 6'4 today, he might be 6'3 but holds himself well and can look taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Aug/13
At first glance, there doesn't appear to be any conceivable difference between this picture and the Clive Russell picture.

I think DDP is 194cm range. His yoga has more or less maintained his stature.
vegas said on 1/Aug/13
miko, ddp looks slightly shorter than my ~6'4 friend next to big show there

Mathew, i doubt jake is over 6'5, he looked around same height as randy orton nearly 10 years ago, roberts with a slight footwear advantage there too Click Here drew mcintyre whom i have met in person and looked ~6'4 measured up better than roberts next to orton
Viper said on 1/Aug/13
He looks no taller than 6'2 range with Rikishi on his youtube page.
Mathew said on 31/Jul/13
Looks a good 6'4" with the Big Show. The photo with Rob looks more 6'3.5" to me, the more I look at it the more I think not what a big 6'4" would look like. With Jake Roberts he barely looked over 6'3".
avi said on 31/Jul/13
Big show could be 6'11 doubt he's 7'0. Anyway there's 7 inches there he comes up above mouth. I'd say 6'3.5 for Dallas and almost 6'11 like 6'10.5 for Big Show.
miko said on 30/Jul/13
Here is a prime DDP with 7'0 Big Show:

Comes up to his mouth 2:25 in...

Click Here
Mathew said on 28/Jul/13
I guess I'll go with 196 cm for Jake Roberts and 192 cm for DDP.
Robby said on 26/Jul/13
I am 5'9.5" barefoot and 5'10.5" with shoes on. myself and DDP April 2013. Click Here I also met Jake Roberts who is taller than DDP. Though in this picture you can clearly see he is slouching in the picture with me. Click Here

You can see the two of them together Click Here
I am guessing around 1992. because Jake Roberts was in WCW for a short time in only 1992. this picture probably 20 years later Click Here in my estimation I would put DDP right now at around 6'3-6'3.5". prime 6'4". Jake Roberts I would put at 6'5"

The first picture with DDP and Jake circa 92. Jake was probably in his wrestling boots which had lifts, which is why he looks quite a bit taller. the second picture circa 2012-2013? looks closer to what I saw in person. Jake is 1.5"-2" taller then DDP though right now.
Mathew said on 25/Jul/13
Ras says on 24/Jul/13
I still dunno, with rob he does looks more 6'3ish, with aaronius wife he looks barely 1/4 to half an inch taller and with Tony Robbins he does look 6'4...


I can maybe see 6'3.5" with Rob but he seems a bit taller than 6'3" flat, given the low camera angle. 6'5"-ish Jake Roberts did look to have DDP by more like 2" than just 1" though.
avi said on 25/Jul/13
Yeah he looked maybe 1/2 tops. She'd be 6'4 in heels maybe he would 6'4.3 or .4 in the shore BUT she had 2.5 inch heels so she's 6'3.5 plus she may not be a full 6'1 barefoot. All evidence points to 6'3.5 area.I understand most people don't walk full height but even so Rob tries to pose like they pose. So if they slouch he does. If they stand tall hr does.
Cameron murray said on 25/Jul/13
192cm is my guess
Cameron murray said on 25/Jul/13
192cm is my guess
Lillo Thomas said on 25/Jul/13
This guy is looking 6-3 max with rob . 7 inches max between Rob and him .
Ras said on 24/Jul/13
I still dunno, with rob he does looks more 6'3ish, with aaronius wife he looks barely 1/4 to half an inch taller and with Tony Robbins he does look 6'4...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Jul/13
Rob, is 194cm possible for DDP?
avi said on 24/Jul/13
Clive needs a downgrade Rob. Even if stood up I think like you say he's like 6'5.25 of something.
aaronious said on 23/Jul/13
I am reposting this to CLARIFY one of the statements:

here is a picture of me with DDP:

Click Here

and here is a Video of my wife, who is a solid 6'1" BAREFOOT, wearing 2.5" heels, standing next to DDP while he cuts a promo for her Blog at the DDP Yoga Retreat in Mexico. DDP is wearing those thin soled rubber workout shoes that are form fitting around your toes, they sort of look like a glove for your feet. The heel on those is about 1/2 inch. He wore them everywhere during the retreat, even to dinner sometimes:) This puts my wife Christina at 6'3.5" in her shoes, and DDP at around 6'4.5"+ in his shoes. Page is incredibly cool, genuine, and really cares about people:

Click Here

Anyways. it was an incredible week. DDP is the man. If you are looking for a genuine way to lose weight, get back in shape, with little to no joint impact, then DDP Yoga is the right thing for you. The community is extremely supportive and positive.
aaronious said on 23/Jul/13
Ras, just to CLARIFY:

my wife is 6'1" WITHOUT heels. with the heels she was wearing in that video, she is 6'3.5".. sorry, i realized after i saw it posted that i didn't put commas in the right places.... anyways, Dallas is wearing shoes that give him 0.5", which puts him at about 6'4.5"-6'5" range with his shoes on.. and there is between an inch to an inch and half in hieght difference between them.

DDP is 6'4" SOLID, TODAY. he was likley 6'5" back in the WCW days before his injuries.

Ron nailed it spot on

anyways.. here is DDP, with 6'7" tony robins, from last weeks' Tony Robbins rretreat in Chicago. 6'4" today is spot on for DDP:

Click Here
Robby said on 22/Jul/13
I met DDP and Jake Roberts back in April will post pics tomorrow. I am 5'9.5" barefoot with shoes 5'10.5" to me DDP looked 6'3". Jake if he stood up straight 6'5"
Ras said on 22/Jul/13
I dunno, with aronious wife he looks identical in height 6'2.5 barefeet so if my suspicions are right he really could have shrunk to 6'2.5 and could have been 6'4 peak. Sounds plausible if what aronious is saying is true
aaronious said on 21/Jul/13
My wife and I attended the DDP Yoga Retreat 2013 in Mexico. I am 6'2.25" in the morning when i wake up, and about 6'1.75" late at night before i go to bed. DDP was every bit of 6'4", maybe 6'4.25"... although he was actually 6'5" when he was younger. He has virtually NO DISCS left between L4 and L5 vertabrae, nor any between C2 and C3 in his neck, part of the reason he developed his DDP Yoga system, to help him avoid needing surgery. He is avoiding the surgery any way he can, because when you get fusion surgery, it greatly reduces mobility. If you search through his many Youtube videos on his channel, there is a video in their that shows an xray of his actual spine. its the typical heavy spine damage you would expect on a professional wrestler.

I will say this too. When i met him at the beginning of the retreat before the first two hour workout, he was a solid 6'4" standing straight. After the 2+ hour DDP Yoga workout was over( it Ain't yo mamma's Yoga! ), he was a full 1/2 inch taller, closer to 6'4.5"... He has quite a variable stature when he does a Long DDP Yoga session, and i would suspect that the variable density of his deteriorated discs changed when they are inflamed and swollen from his workouts. At the end of the workouts, he ices himself down thoroughly, his spine and knees, to reduce the swelling again. My wife had a lower back nerve pinch mid week, and DDP went out of his way to get her a rubber refillable Ice pack baloon so she could mend and come back strong the next day.

here is a picture of me with DDP:

Click Here

and here is a Video of my wife, who is a solid 6'1", wearing 2.5" heels at the gluten free cooking demonstration, standing next to DDP while he cuts a promo for her Blog. DDP is wearing those thin soled rubber workout shoes that are form fitting around your toes, they sort of look like a glove for your feet. The heel on those is about 1/2 inch. He wore them everywhere during the retreat, even to dinner sometimes:) The guys is incredibly cool, genuine, and really cares about people:

Click Here

Anyways. it was an incredible week. DDP is the man. If you are looking for a genuine way to lose weight, get back in shape, with little to no joint impact, then DDP Yoga is the right thing for you. The community is extremely supportive and positive.
avi said on 21/Jul/13
@Mathew says on 21/Jul/13
avi says on 20/Jul/13
Rob is leaning so maybe he is just a strong 6'3. But he is far from 6'4 that's for sure.


I don't think he's far from 6'4". He could be 3.5 - 3.75 range (about 192 cm) but I don't think he looks lower than that because this photo looks to have been taken at a low angle which will make the taller subject appear taller by less. So 192 - 193 cm works. You can make a case for a weak 6'4" with Rob.

Sorry meant "he is NOT far from 6'4"
He's at least 6'3.5
David said on 21/Jul/13
Very likely 6'4. A friend of mine who is 6-1 met him at another convention and had a photo taken, DDP looked 3 inches taller or close. My friend said he hasn't been dwarfed like that before - a definite big guy.
Lorne said on 21/Jul/13
Yeah certainly 193cm peak, taller than 189cm Goldberg and actually held his own against Dennis Rodman! Can't believe you got a picture with DDP Rob. I saw him at the circus in Atlanta over a decade ago(strange, but true) though I didn't get nearly close enough for an estimation, although he towered everyone else. Must say though, he doesn't look even close to 6'4 in this picture. Granted the angle is low, but with your slouch, doesn't look over 6'3 and 100%not over 192cm. Well cool pic though, shoulda got a video of him doing the diamond cutter on you!!!
[Editor Rob: he was definitely doing some move shots with people, although they wouldn't help trying to show height :)]
Kyuss said on 21/Jul/13
6-3" min,perhaps 1/2" more is stood straight.
Mathew said on 21/Jul/13
avi says on 20/Jul/13
Rob is leaning so maybe he is just a strong 6'3. But he is far from 6'4 that's for sure.


I don't think he's far from 6'4". He could be 3.5 - 3.75 range (about 192 cm) but I don't think he looks lower than that because this photo looks to have been taken at a low angle which will make the taller subject appear taller by less. So 192 - 193 cm works. You can make a case for a weak 6'4" with Rob.
avi said on 20/Jul/13
Rob is leaning so maybe he is just a strong 6'3. But he is far from 6'4 that's for sure.
Mathew said on 20/Jul/13
I think in this photo if you consider the angle he does look the full 6'4".
Lo sgozzatore said on 20/Jul/13
Rob, you agree in this pic he doesnt look a big 6'4 guy? You'd be surprised if he was closer to 6'3?
[Editor Rob: I think he could have lost a cm]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/13
He edged out Orton a couple of years back.
May have been closer to 6"5" when he was younger.

Randy Orton - 6"4"/193cm
DDP - 6"4.25"/194cm
miko said on 20/Jul/13
He certainly was a 6'4 range guy in his prime.

Certainly held his own with the big boys like 6'5 duo Hall and Hogan and 6'9+ Kevin Nash.
Lo sgozzatore said on 20/Jul/13
@Phantom, naah! He doesnt lookt taller than Clive Russell! Clive is leaning and he still looks taller than this guy
Mathew said on 20/Jul/13
Looks 6'3.5" - 6'4" range.
Phantom said on 19/Jul/13
Rob he looks taller than Clive Russell in this pic who you have listed as 6'6".

DDP is clearly no shorter than 6'4" though.
Larc 74in said on 19/Jul/13
Looks close enough to 6'4.
Ali Baba said on 19/Jul/13
Unless Rob is wearing boots or something with a big heel there is no way he's 6'4" in that picture. More around 6'3" or a bit under.
miko said on 19/Jul/13
Was he still looking 6'4 when you saw him Rob? If he is then it might mean Randy Orton is a little over 6'4 as he edged out DDP last year.
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/13
Scott Hall 6 ft 5 in ( 196 cm )
Jake Roberts 6 ft 5 in ( 196 cm )
DDP 6 ft 4 in ( 193 cm )
James said on 28/Feb/13
Hall did not look like a dwarf next too 6'9-6'10 Kevin nash
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Feb/13
6ft4-4.5, no less
The Ben said on 20/Feb/13
Hall looks similar to Magic Johnson here Click Here
Hard to tell with posture.
The Ben said on 20/Feb/13
I think Jake was bang on 6'5.
DDP a strong 6'4.
Scott Hall when he was the Diamond Studd always looked huge 6'8 290lbs next to page. Click Here
I stood next to hall in a hotel in 94 and I would have said a solid 6'6. I know most people says he's shorter than this, I'd say 6'4 maybe a little more now.
Vegas said on 20/Feb/13
Rikashiku says on 15/Feb/13
Jake the Snake has to be a solid 6'6" peak

no chance, look at jake barefoot with paul bearer here 1min 45secs Click Here
James said on 18/Feb/13
Sid had a fair bit of height on him actually.

There is even debate that said could be 6'5.5 these days.

6'3 today and maybe 6'4 peak
Rikashiku said on 15/Feb/13
Still a solid 6'4". HE looked almost as tall as Psyco Sid when they had that return to fight Wendy.

Looks to be a good 3cm between DDP and Jake. Jake the Snake has to be a solid 6'6" peak, maybe 6'5" now.
James said on 8/Feb/13
I think 6'3 (191cm) or 6'3.5 (192cm) is possible for his CURRENT height.

Never the less this guy is 56 and with injuries from wrestling there is a good chance he was 6'4 when he was younger but age and his carrier have robbed him of height.
miko said on 12/Jan/13
Always been in the 6'3.5 range. Probably lost very little from his peak, maybe half an inch just through age.

I'd go with just under 6'4 for his peak and probably just over 6'3 today.
KingNick said on 5/Dec/12
DDP and Jake the Snake fairly recent: Click Here
night crawler said on 3/Oct/12
He did look taller in his wcw days compared too when he joined wwe in 2002 and today in 2012. That said it has been brought up on this page that he sometimes had on 2 inch heels like the one's on jay leno.

I am still unsure if this guy really was ever 6'4? He certainly does not look 6'4 compared too now 6'6 Sid Eudy. There's a chance that even hulk hogan might edge out this guy barefoot in 2012.

I think the reason he taked up yoga was because of injuries too his back and i think DDP stated himself "i had a short run in the WWE because of nagging injuries and age". This guy strikes me as someone who looks too wear big shoes too make him look even taller even though he is already a borderline very tall man.
night crawler said on 30/Sep/12
6ft3 (191cm) today
Peak 6ft3.5 (192cm)

Kane had 4 on DDP 11 years ago. These days I'd also put edge at a flat 6ft2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/12
Rob, would you say that this guy edges out Hogan today?
[Editor Rob: unless Hogan's surgeries have actually regained him some height as he claims, it's possible they might measure very close.]
drummer777 said on 8/Aug/12
That height of 6'4 for diamond makes sense because he matches up in height with 6'4 Troy Aikman... unless troy turns out to be shorter.
Witchdoctor said on 1/Aug/12
I'm starting to beleave he's a hair above 6'4 like maybe 1.94m he looked it next to heath slater while he was in what I would say was footwear disatnvantage!
Red said on 30/Jul/12
Standing next to Sid ( 198cm in 2006 Click Here) at Raw 1000 he looked 6´3.5" but he had a little footwear advantage.

today he is noway under 6´3"
mike 6 feet out of bed said on 29/Jul/12
Are you kidding logan DDP at least 6"3 !
Uppercut416 said on 24/Jan/12
DDP is quite tall. All I can say is that he has a good 2 inches on Bill Goldberg. Goldberg himself is 6'2.5" minimum. Myguess is DDP is the same height as Scott Hall. DDP is nothing less than 6'4"
logan noll 1996 said on 6/Jan/12
Christian is 5'10(he is in reality not even 6 foot) and Diamond Dallas is 6 foot or 6 foot 1.
James said on 17/Aug/11
In photos he does look nearer 6'3 yes but in reality he's a solid 6'4 man. With Edge in Bens photo again he looks 6'4.25 (194cm). I am assuming that Edge is still 191cm though? Stone Cold looks 186-187cm range with DDP. IF Christian is only 5'11 then DDP only looks 6'1 1/2 next too him. Although you could argue that Christian looks 6'1.75 (187cm) if DDP is a strong 6'4 man.
The Ben said on 12/Aug/11
Click Here

Ive met Christian and at just over 6ft I was taller than him, an inch at most but I was surprised.
I know you cant see footwear, Christian could have well heeled dress shoes on.
When I met him I would have said 5'11 and 210 lbs max.
I met him twice within a month and his physique changed massively in 3 weeks, Looked like he was taking extra vitamins..
The Ben said on 12/Aug/11
I always thought he was at least 6'4 but looking at these pics that could be a stretch.
He looks nearer 6'3 in quite a few pics
James said on 11/Aug/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 10/Aug/11
194cm is still debatable, James

True since he did have an edge on Drew Mcintyre but his posture was better. Too me as well he looked a fraction shorter than 194cm Scott Hall in TNA years back.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Aug/11
194cm is still debatable, James
James said on 7/Aug/11
Slightly shorter than 6'5 Scott Hall as well. I think probably 6'4 (193cm) is fine for DDP.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Aug/11
Diamond Dallas Page always looked a little under 196cm(6"5) Hulk Hogan in N.W.O.
James said on 21/Jul/11
DDP is a strong 6'4 and Randy Orton weak 6'4. DDP looks minimum 6'4 next too 6'3 Edge and in some of truthmans pics look easily 6'4.

Diamon Dallas Page 6'4.25 (194cm)
Randy Orton 6'3.75 (192cm)
Drew Mcintrye 6'4 (193cm)

PS the rock was 6'4 but clearly not anymore though.
Truthman said on 7/Jul/11
You're welcome, Mamun.
tell-em said on 6/Jul/11
truthman's pics he looks 6'3.5".
MAMUN said on 6/Jul/11
Fantastic find Truthman ! Thanks !


Vegas said on 6/Jul/11
leavines an nfl combine measured 6'4.75 barefoot, austins posture is almost identical in both photos Click Here
Truthman said on 6/Jul/11
I'm sure he is legit 6'4 guy in wrestling, unlike Rock and HHH. It doesn't mean he is full 6'4 at night, but pretty damn close to it.

Here some photos

DDP and Edge
Click Here

DDP and Stone Cold Steve Austin
Click Here

DDP and Kevin Nash
Click Here

DDP and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Click Here

Diamond Cutter with Mickey
Click Here
Jake T. said on 5/Jul/11
Page does look this tall sometimes but I would take 1 cm from this mark at 6'3.5 or 192 cm.
Jon said on 4/Jul/11
Kane is a legit 6ft 8 in. Page has always been a tall guy. I'm 6ft 1in and when I met him I wasn't even up to his nose.
tell-em said on 1/Jul/11
DDP is 6'4". always has been. and in that pic, orton is slouching a bit. they're the same height at both 6'4". drew wasn't standing as straight. and the camera angles weren't that great. drew is 6'4"-6'4.5"
Truthman said on 1/Jul/11
With 6'2 NFL listed Joe Montana

Click Here
James said on 30/Jun/11
Truthman says on 30/Jun/11
Nope. He was exactly same height as Drew.

Yeah maybe Drew was not standing as well as DDP? Anyway i think we can now finally put to rest anything under 6'4 for DDP.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jun/11
James, I wouldn't say it's made him grow. It's probably just helped maintain his stature. The pic with Mamun is a terrible source to gauge height from.

In WCW Page never looked shorter than Hulk Hogan who by that stage looked no taller than 6ft5.
Terryman said on 30/Jun/11
1,93.5 meters tall
Vegas said on 30/Jun/11
yoga, yeah more Click Here
Truthman said on 30/Jun/11
Nope. He was exactly same height as Drew.
James said on 29/Jun/11
i think i was wrong about this guy cause last night on raw did seem to have an edge on Drew Mcintrye.

Could Diamond really be 194cm currently?????? Maybe yoga has made him grow from 6'4 too 6'4 1/2?
Viper said on 28/Jun/11
6-3 Max. Booker is under 6-1
Truthman said on 28/Jun/11
Maybe his yoga actually gives him a bit of height? He does look good 6'4 in 2011 + he is a bit taller than Orton

Click Here
Vegas said on 28/Jun/11
looked solid 6'4 tonight on raw, couldnt see footwear, had quite a few inches on booker t
James said on 11/Jun/11
did look 6'4 back in WCW back in 1996.
Truthman said on 6/Jun/11
6'3 at peak. 6'5 cowboy boots on.
James said on 22/May/11
actually after looking at the video again in cow boy boots diamond has 8 inches on Jay Leno so maybe Diamond was 6'4 at his peak after all?
James said on 22/May/11
In cowboy boots looks 6 inches taller than Leno. So if Leno is 5'11 then that would mean Diamond would be 6'5 in 2 inch cowboy boots meaning his real height barefoot is 6'3 (191cm).

Today Diamond looks between 6'2-6'3. So overall at peak was a solid 6'3 guy as opposed to 6'4.
Vegas said on 18/May/11
page in ~2 inch cowboy boots and jay leno in 1997 Click Here
James said on 30/Apr/11
i still think he might be under 6'4
Jay said on 26/Mar/11
I doubt Page lost much height people. A inch at most. And he's not even standing striaght in the pic. Seems 6'4.
James said on 22/Feb/11
Really rob you think 203cm is possible for Kane????? I think there is more of a chance of the undertaker being 6'8 than Kane.

Today though I think for sure Diamond is not over 192cm
James said on 22/Feb/11
Sorry rob but are you sure diamond is 6'4?

here with kane
Click Here

To me there looks 4 inches between them. and also diamond did not look 6'4 with kevin nash who is listed at 6'9.

do you think 6'3.5 (192cm) is possible for Diamond?

[Editor Rob: he could be lower, or as others say, Kane could be 6ft 8]
James said on 22/Feb/11
I think 6ft3.5 (192cm) or 6ft3 (191cm).
Captain Spaulding said on 16/Feb/11
There's no way he's 6'4. Just no way lol. He doesnt tower over Mamun enough, plus he looks half a foot shorter then 6'8" Tyler Mane.
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/10
I am 6'3 and he was slightly taller than me as well (I took a picture doing the diamond cutter with him). 6'4 or 6'5 depending on his shoes! He's not the tallest dude ever to be in wrestling but he's no short stack either.

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