How tall is George Foreman

George Foreman's Height

6ft 3in (191 cm)

Former American heavyweight boxer. In The Washington Post (14/4/91) he said "I was 6-3 when I was champ."

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6ft 3.05in (190.6cm)
Canson said on 22/Mar/17
As listed
Canson said on 22/Mar/17
@Reece: Ali was 6'2.5 tops and that may not be his lowest. Like I said Foreman was a strong 6'3". Don't know why Foreman would downgrade his own height. And the person that met him was younger at that point and a solid 6'3" then. Of course foreman may have had him by .25" but nothing more as it would've been noticeable
Reece said on 21/Mar/17
@Canson.did that person meet Foreman in the 70s. Foreman was a taller than Norton,Ali and Lyle in the RING with Flats on.Many people think Foreman was 6-4 it is far from a silly estimate.Sachs has just got problems with somebody disagreeing with him. i still stand by my opinion.all you need to do is check the stare down to see he had a inch on ALI who was a proper 6-3. Ali towering of the Beatles by like a head is proof. and why did Ali oppenents say he was 6-3. Henry Cooper said Ali was 6-3.5 and he was Taller than Liston who was 6-0.5 a strong 2.5 inches and tall man Chris lee in his book said He was 6-5 and Ali was a tall man who can look him in the eye.
Canson said on 20/Mar/17
@HarrySachs: yes there are always people who enjoy inflating heights as well. Not saying that is Reece but it seems like guys over 6'0" are primary targets to be inflated. Rob has him listed 6'3" he claimed 6'3. And someone who is reliably 6'3" that met him said he's the same height as he is.
Bizzare Oaks said on 20/Mar/17
@ Harrysachs. Harry just stop. he disagrees with your opinion just stop. Foreman to me is 6,3.5 but no more. he was a bit taller than lyle in their fight. Insults are not needed on this site
Danimal said on 20/Mar/17
Foreman was on Saturday Night Live in 1994 when he was 45 years old. The then 6'4" Kevin Nealon was clearly taller than Foreman by quite a noticeable amount. Foreman looked under 6'3" next to Nealon for sure. He was never over a flat 6'3" in his prime. Today at 68 years old he appears to be in the 6'1"-6'2" range.
HarrySachs said on 19/Mar/17
Canson don't even bother with people like Reece. There will always be people who think they know more than they do. As I said I just put up 2 picture of the 6'2 3/4 Norton and Foreman is barely taller. Maybe even the same height. He will still go on and on about this guy being a certain size and Foreman being taller.
HarrySachs said on 19/Mar/17
Lol Reece you are a fool . You can't argue with a fool . Foreman wasn't taller than Lyle. That was the camera angle. I gave you a picture of Norton and Foreman side by side and they are the same height. But hey in your little fantasy world you want to believe Foreman was 6'4 plus even though he said he was 6'3 and he was measured barefooted at 6'3 in his 20s good for you. I will ignore now because you are too pathetic to even type too.
Reece said on 18/Mar/17
Foreman was a inch taller in the Fight no way were they the same height Foreman is wearing a hat in those pictures so I cannot see the Height Difference. Foreman was taller than Lyle who claims 6-3 check the touch gloves on YouTube. I don't mean to keep going back and Forth with You about this. I know Foreman was rounding down when he said 6-3 he was taller than Lyle,Norton,Ali who were all 6-3 or very close. I am not continuing this dissertation. Have a good day harry xxx
harrysachs said on 16/Mar/17
Beautiful story Reece. Click Here There is a better picture of Foreman and Norton. Unlike the picture you put up where Foreman is way closer to the camera. This picture they are right side by side. Amazing how Foreman barely looks taller right. He might even be the same height as the 6'2 3/4 inch Norton. So as I said you are one of those people who think they know more than they know. You will give them facts and they will give you their opinion. Foreman was measured at 6'3 230 pounds as a 20-21 year old. Oh and here is another picture of Norton and Foreman side by side Click Here
Canson said on 13/Mar/17
@Reece: in the 70s he was a strong 6'3". He was never 6'4". That just shows the slew of 6'3" guys claiming 6'4" is out of control
Reece said on 12/Mar/17
You don't seem to get upset when people disagree with you. You think 6-3 and I think 6-4. Foreman was a inch taller so by you saying Norton is 6-2.75 that means Foreman in 6-3.75. They were close in Height but both Foreman and Holmes were a inch taller. Just because I disagree does not mean I don't understand logic
HarrySachs said on 12/Mar/17
Reece you are one of those people who can't understand logic. Foreman was measured barefooted when he was 20. He was 6'3. Foreman was only slightly taller than the 6'2 3/4 Norton but whatever. You will believe what you want to believe.
Reece said on 11/Mar/17
Foreman lost height now days. he looked 6-4 in the 1970s 1980s and early 1990s to me.
Reece said on 11/Mar/17
You know somebody who met Foreman nowdays or 70s. Foreman is easily 6-4 in peak to me but looks more 6-2 nowdays.
Canson said on 9/Mar/17
He's 6'3".Maybe 6'3.25 but not 6'4". I know someone who has met him and said they were identical in height looking directly in the eye
Reece said on 7/Mar/17
Click Here both standing still in the Fight,Foreman is a inch taller and Holmes was taller than Norton too.
Reece said on 7/Mar/17
If Norton is 190cm their is more than 0.25 inches difference it was a full inch difference. 6,3.5 is very possible but I still go for 6,4.
HarySachs said on 7/Mar/17
Reece Norton wasn't 6'3. He was 6'2 3/4 according to himself. That picture you put up off is off keyed. Foreman was only slightly taller than Norton. Measured barefooted when he was 20 George was measured at 6'3 and weighed 230 pounds.
HarySachs said on 7/Mar/17
ArjunaKorale what does your opinion on boxing have anything to do with Foreman's height? But since you brought it up Holmes got called out by Foreman in the late 70's and refused to fight Foreman. I think he knew more about his skill set than you. Ali laid against the ropes ( which wasn't his plane according to Ali) and got lucky. Foreman toyed with Jimmy Young According to Gil Clancy and didn't go for the knock out until until he already was suffering from a heat stroke. You don't know anything about boxing so don't bring it up. But anyway Foreman was 6'3 to 6'3 1/2 tops
Reece said on 4/Mar/17
Click Here. Foreman is taller than 6,3 Norton. Norton is likely not standing properly but look how tall Foreman looks. Foreman is 6,4 for sure.
ArjunaKorale said on 2/Mar/17
George was just around 191 cm or 6 ft 3 (perhaps 6 ft 3.5 at the v most) in his peak fighting days...6 ft 4 or anything above is ludicrous in my book. George was great against smaller, shorter men (as well as giant, slower men like Cooney) who stood right in front of, if you gave Big George lateral movement, speed, elusiveness & guile, he was way out of his depth...that's why Ali & Jimmy Young beat him without too much fuss...and that's why Larry Holmes would have beaten him too...I'd bet my house on it.
Reece said on 25/Feb/17
Foreman 6'4 in the 70s his peak but now clearly shorter likely around the 6'2 mark
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Feb/17
Rob, is a fraction over 6ft3 peak possible?

He may have rounded down slightly
Height Freak said on 19/Feb/17
Harrysachs.Tucker was 6,5 at peak,him and Lennox Lewis were the same Height and Lennox is legit 6,5. to say Ali was under 6,2 is false. the guy is tall by the way he was clearly taller than most oppenents in the Ring i doubt Ali was under 6,3. I dont think he was any more than 6,3 but 6,3 seems good for Ali. Ali was 3 inches taller than 6,0 George chuvalo easily.
Muhammad Ali Fan said on 16/Feb/17
I met Ali in the 1971.i was 6,4.5 at the Time and Ali was not too much shorter but he for sure was not as tall as me. i think he was 6,3 on the Dot i am confident he was no less. it is Strange Foreman said he was 6,3 in his younger years,Norton,Lyle and Ali were 6,3 and Foreman had a inch on all three. Foreman and Holmes both look to be taller than Ali. i think Holmes was 6,4 too in his peak he looked to have a inch on Norton.
Reece said on 11/Feb/17
Click Here Foreman and Ali are very close it could be anywhere from 0.5-1 inches their are pictures of it looking more 0.5inches idm sending more to prove it.
Will Johnson said on 10/Feb/17
Ali was not 6,4 but i struggle to believe under 6,3. Foreman looked to have 2cm on him when they fought. Ali 6,3,Holmes 6,3.5,Foreman 6,4 i think those were the peak heights of the 3, IMO
Reece said on 9/Feb/17
Why would Dundee say Ali was 6'4 in 1967 then. Boxing commentators say Ali was a touch other. Cleveland Williams was 6'3 and Ali was every bit as big as his. Cooper said 6'3.5. Ali was 3 inches taller than Chuvalo in the RING to. Not too much shorter than giant terell. Burner said 6'3. All of his 60s and 70s listing before illness and change of posture know Ali as no less than 6'3. He looks every bit after age 21. Foreman was large he look bigger than 6'3 I think he was 6'4 and Ali was closer to 6'3. Some pictures have Ali and Foreman half a inch in height apart they are close. I respect your opinion but I disagree
Reece said on 9/Feb/17
Terrell was gigantic look at the way he towered over ring oppenents. Pierre Cortez's was 6'4 and Foreman was eye to eye. Foreman was 6'4 in the 70s to me. Ali even got measured and had a tail of the tape of 6'3.5 when on to with wilt chamberlain. You think Ali was under 6'2. Look at him towering of Luther king by 9 inches and the Beatles with flat boxing shoes. Liston was 6'1 and Ali had 2.5 inches on him and no less than 6'0.5. If Ali is your claim then Liston is 5,11 only if Ali is under 6'2. Look at Ali towering over a 5'10 member of the Beatles. It is silly to think Terell is not close to 6'6 he may be shorter but he is certainly no less than 6,5. Ali was listed in his Prime and the 70s at 6'3 and not your under 6,2 claim for good reason
Harrysachs said on 8/Feb/17
Touching story Reece as I said Terrell was never 6'6. That is the height he used. Kind of like Tony Tucker claiming to be 6'5 when he was 6'3. Foreman was measured at 6'3 barefooted. Ali was more than .5 inches shorter. But you are the type of dude who will just believe whatever you want to believe.
Harrysachs said on 8/Feb/17
Good God almighty Foreman was measured barefooted at 6'3 and Ali was clearly at least a inch shorter than Foreman. Could you stop with the 6'4 crap and Terrell was never 6'6. It is just like boxer Jeff Merritt claiming to be 6'5 when he was 6'3 Click Here Anyway this thread is about Foreman not building up Ali because he is your TV hero.

Foreman at peak was 6'3
Tall guy said on 30/Jan/17
wow. never knew Ali was that tall i always thought he was 6,2 but after seeing the Pictures below of Ali and with the Beatles he looks 6,4!
Boxing Fan said on 28/Jan/17
Click Here

Click Here

Ali looks tall in the pictures above. Terell was huge and Ali never look more than 2 inches shorter! this is to all the people who think Ali is 6,1 and 6,2. a 6,1 man could not look so tall next to 6,6 listed terell he would be towered over. Ali looks 9 inches taller the luther king who was 5,6.5. Ali looks a solid 6,3.5 in the pictures above
Boxing Fan said on 28/Jan/17
Thanks Rob that really helps!
Boxing Fan said on 28/Jan/17
Click Here
Boxing Fan said on 28/Jan/17
can anybody tell me how to send pictures to caleb heights
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Reece said on 25/Jan/17
you think Ali was 6,1.75? how can a man only than tower over George Harrison in flat boxing shoes. Ali was measured on TV with Chamberlin the great basketball player and the Tale of the Tape had him at 6,3.5. if Ali was 6,2 or even less why did a legit tall 6,6 Terell not tower over him. Ali was also taller than George Chuvalo who was 6,0 and he had him by 3 inches. Henry cooper said Ali was 6,3.5. Dundee his own coach said he was 6,4 in 1967 the listings of 6,2 were before Ali was 21. Anything under 6,3 is likely to low. Foreman was 0.5 inches-1 inch taller. Foreman 193cm Ali 191 cm. or Foreman 194cm and Ali 192 cm.
HarrySachs said on 24/Jan/17
Movieguy people will believe what they want to believe. George Foreman was measured at 6'3 and weighed 230 as a 19 amateur. Like you said he was clearly 1 inch taller than Ali when they fought. But some people because of their hero worship over certain people and how they want to act like their TV heroes are bigger than they are. They will believe Ali was 6'4 when clearly Ali was 6'2 at his peak and maybe even slightly shorter.
Reece said on 24/Jan/17
When Dundee stated Ali was 6'2 he was younger. He stated in 1967 when Ali was fully grown men grow in height till 21 at least some of them do. My dad was 6,1 at 17 but he grew to a full 6'4 by the age of 21. Dundee said before the Terrell Fight Ali was 6'4. The 6,2 listing must have been earlier on. Anyway look at Ali towering of the Beatles in flat boxing shoes.look at him with Martin Luther king who was 5,7 and Ali could look 8.5 inches taller. Foreman was tall too he looked half a inch taller than Ali maybe a full inch but nothing more. Ali was 6,3.5 I am sure. 6'3 is possible to but anything under is unlikely highly.
movieguy said on 15/Jan/17
Reece, Angelo Dundee has stated Ali was 6'4'' but he has also stated Ali was 6'2''. I don't why he gave 2 different heights for Ali. Jim Brown the football player and actor said Ali was 6'2''. I think this is more likely. Foreman maybe was an inch taller. Both Ali and Foreman were given as 6'3'' in their prime but when they met in the ring Foreman looked a bit taller. There is a clip of George Foreman on a Bob Hope special posted on YouTube after he won the title and compared to the great comedian who was about 5'10'' I guess he does look a genuinely big guy.
Reece said on 3/Jan/17
Alan Brisco no way was Ali was 6,1.5 in the 1960s-1970s-1980s. Ali was baely 6,0 when he died but in the 60s and 70s no way was Ali any less than 6,3. Foreman was 6,3.5 or 6,4 in peak you can see he has a shade taller than Ali. Dundee said Ali was 6,4 even in 1967! look at Ali in the ring with Terell and tell me if you think he was less than 6,3.
Borats Chicken said on 23/Dec/16
a pic rob pls
HarrySach said on 20/Dec/16
Click Here Ken Norton and Foreman. Foreman is closer to the camera though
Click Here
Click Here
Foreman and Hulk Hogan Click Here
Foreman and President LBJ Click Here
Foreman and Larry Holmes Click Here
Foreman vs Holyfield Click Here
Foreman and Jay Leno Click Here
Foreman and 6'7 Scott Feldman Click Here
Foreman and the 6'2 or 6'3 Donald Trump Click Here
Foreman and Riddick Bowe Click Here
Foreman and 6'4 Kevin Nealon Click Here
Click Here Various pictures including him with George Bush.
HarrySach said on 19/Dec/16
Click Here George Foreman and Magic Johnson

Click Here George Foreman and the listed 6'3 Axel Schulz
Click Here Foreman and the listed 6'5 Gerry Cooney
Flyin said on 6/Dec/16
Clearly shorter than this now, 186cm.
JoMama said on 24/Oct/16
YLYL Sergei Liakhovich is listed at 6'4 on boxing sites second go to the 7:00 mark of that video. Briggs is shorter than Liakovich? Then you are either blind of stupid. In any case Foreman was listed at 6'3 230 pounds as a 19 year older. He was never 6'4. He was clearly slightly shorter than 6'4 Shannon Briggs and clearly 1 1/2 inches shorter than 6'4 1/1 Riddick Bowe.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Sep/16
Peak: 191-192cm
Today: 189-190cm
Brandon said on 12/Sep/16
6'3.5" peak
He is 67 years old so he is probably 6'2" range nowadays.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Aug/16
I think a strong 6ft3 is possible. Could look 6ft4
Jason said on 18/Aug/16
I met George in 1999 and had a picture taken with him. I am exactly 5'10" right out of bed, 5'9 1/2" around midday, and 5'9 1/4" at night. Maybe it was just my perception at the time (or maybe the lighting or posture issues), but I didn't think Foreman looked all that tall; of course, maybe it had to do with his bulk and large build. But if I knew how to do it, I would post a snapshot of the picture of George and I (and my sister); in the photo, George doesn't look 6'3 and definitely not 6'4". And this photo was in '99, so George was barely 50 at the time.
Candyman said on 12/Jul/16
He was listed at 6'3" as a youth but upgraded to 6'4" in his 40's during his comeback. I believe he is somewhere in between the two having seen him in passing a few years ago with his huge sons. He can easily get away with being mistaken for 6'4" to this day.
movieguy said on 25/Jun/16
Stig, Cassius Clay as he was then known was more than 6'1''. I'd give Foreman an inch on Ali when they fought, Foreman had an awesome physique as a young man. He wasn't a gym bunny or steroid freak like many of today's athletes he was just naturally blessed. Most people these days probably think of him as the fat guy who sells grills and won the championship in his 40s but the young Foreman was a superbly conditioned sportsman.
Canson said on 22/Jun/16
@Ed: foreman was 6'3 maybe 6'3 1/4 never a full 6'4. Out of his own mouth he said 6-3. Ali was 6'2.5. There was 1/2-1" tops between them.
ED said on 22/Jun/16
Kev said on 4/Jun/16
I find it funny how so many comments are rude and convinced they can't be wrong. George probably knows how tall he is. Perspective in photos and life can be deceiving. I would be willing to bet he is closer than any of those infallible guesses.
Stig.. said on 4/Jun/16
Cassius Clay was 6ft 1.. theres a good pic of him with Bobby moore who was 5ft 11.. Clay maybe inch & half taller.. 6, 1 Max..
YLYL said on 3/Jun/16
Jo Mama Shannon Briggs is only 6'2 he is shorter then Sergei Liakhovich who is listed 6'3.5 and actually claims it too!
Chucky said on 13/May/16
Saw him 15 years ago, was easily 6 feet 4. I am also 6 feet 4, was eye to eye.
Candyman said on 30/Oct/15
I've seen him in person a few times along with his sons. He seems like a SOLID 6'3" now even with his pronounced slouch when out of the eye of the camera, which (to me) means he was probably close to 6'3.75 in his youth and is around 6'3.25 to 6'3.5 today standing tall.
Chazlinc said on 30/Sep/15
6'4" in 70s prime maybe shorter now. George was a hustler. He also undersold his height and reach. It was part of his schtick. He wouldn't let the commission measure his reach. He'd hunch over to register 6'3" when they measured him.....then in ring Center at the instructions he'd pull back his shoulders and stand up straight..look at the ali and lyle fights...Ron was every bit 6'3"...when George stood up straight he was a full inch...maybe more..taller
Art said on 3/Apr/15
George really impresive me when I saw him for the fist time. That was on March 1977,in San juan P.R., in his fight against Jimmy Young. Easily he was at least 6'3 . In general he was a big & powerful guy.
james said on 4/Feb/15
If foreman was 6'3 at his peak than Ali was really 6'2 and not 6'3 them get instructions from the ref before their fight in ziare ..foreman was an in taller
Jo Mama said on 25/Oct/14
Shannon Brigg is listed at 6'4 which seems about right because he is only slightly shorter than Lennox Lewis who is 6'4 1/2. In any case after Briggs fought Foreman toward the end of Foreman's interview you could see Foreman was close to Briggs height.

Foreman tends to slouch something fierce. Sometime Foreman looks as tall if not taller than 6'3 Larry Holmes then again sometimes he looks shorter.
Alucard said on 24/Oct/14
I think he was around 6'2.5-6'3 max when young during 60s and 70s... Today seems he lost a bit of height, probably 6'2 max... A guy who always slouched a lot also...
Sackballs said on 18/Oct/14
Right Danny then you realize Ken Norton was measured by the marines at 6'2 3/4 so if he was taller than a prime Norton then he had to be taller than that not shorter. Good grief some people are clueless
Danny said on 10/Aug/14
George is about 6'2 and a half, just a shade taller than Ali and Norton. He only looked about an inch taller than Holyfield
MikeHawk said on 1/Apr/14
Here is Ken Norton with George. Given that Norton is 6'2¾. He looks to have a little edge on Foreman. Click Here
apa rava said on 26/Oct/13
I think George was about 6.3 and a half. He is about one inch taller then muhammad ali and ken norton, both of them were about 6.3(between 190-191 cm).

I have no doubt that George is strong 6.3 and a half. maybe even 6.4.

he was 192 or 192.5 cm

Ali was about 190 or 190.5
Sackballs said on 30/Jul/13
Ken Norton was 6'2 3/4 and Foreman was taller than him so in his prime Foreman was 6'3 at least in of story.
Rey said on 18/Jul/13
Big George was never 6"3"--the height of Kevin Sorbo --no way!! I have seem them both. Without the afro--he was 6'2" in his prime and a weak 6'2". He more big and wide than tall. Holyfield another misleading --not even close to 6'2"
alan brisco said on 4/Mar/13
bob, i always said that holyfield was not so tall as listed,6'2.5". He is shorter, for sure. I saw a paper where holyfield was listed 6'1". It was for the olympic games 1984 in L.A., Holyfield at that time was 22 y.o., so no more growing. So he is 6ft-6'1", no way he is taller than 6'1". He had a good advantage on tyson, who is realistic tall 5'9"-5'10". But he was towered by lennox lewis, who is a legit 6'4.5"- 6'5". About Foreman i think he was 6'2"-6'3" at his peak, probably 6'2.5". He was approx. an inch taller than alì, who was always overestimated, i said alì was more realistic tall 6'1.5".
Sackballs said on 2/Mar/13
Funny when people will dispute you about something like they know it is a fact. Foreman in his prime was always listed as 6'3 and was most likely that in his prime. In his comeback with all of the weight he gained he was most likely shorter.
bob said on 20/Jan/13
U idiot if you check evander holyfield with 6'"1 will smith. You can easily see will is atleast 2inches taller and that would put evander at max 5"11, so if u say he is 6"2 your wrong and if you say foreman is 6"4 your wrong. If u do say foreman is 2-3inches taller. That would put him at 6"2 max. Lets not forget that boxers bull**** so much about their height so take that into consideration.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Sep/12
I think he may have been 6ft3.5(192cm) at peak
Mark said on 8/Feb/12
George Foreman has never been 6'3" maybe 6'2" in his prime.....before he returned to boxing he came to my high school in Houston. First thought, this guy is big, but not that tall. My friend Eric who is 6'3" and was on the swim team and basketball team stopped to say hello. Eric always wore "Chucks" --no heel and had more than an inch on the champ. I will say this...George does slouch when he walks, but was never 6'3".
ArjunaKorale said on 21/Jan/12
You have got this listing spot on, Rob! At no point in his career was Foreman 6ft 4 (163cm) tall, as the great man readily admits to himself! Those people who cite 6ft 4 as his height are only deluding themselves (the fools!). A lot of the heights of heavyweight boxers that "Marcus" mentions need to be downgraded e.g. Ron Lyle was actually more like 6ft 2 (188cm) tall & Muhammed Ali at his peak was around 6ft 2 (188 or 189cm) & never a full 6ft 3 tall. Good on you, Rob, for sticking to your guns & not letting anyone change your mind on Foreman's height listing (I believe you & the team are right)!!!
Marcus said on 25/Oct/11
George was 6 ft 3.5 minimum but I think he actually was 6'4. Ron Lyle,Ken Norton were both 6'3 and George looked an inch taller than each. Pierre Coetzer was 6'4 and George looked to be the exact same height! Holyfield is an even 6'2 and George was at least 2 inches taller. Michael Moorer was 6'1 and Foreman was 3 inches taller. George was 6'4 fully grown.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/11
Minimum 6"3 in his prime, possibly 192cm.
neal said on 18/Jul/11
they never were the same height
you're absolutely right.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Apr/11
192cm peak
190cm now
Mathew said on 17/Mar/11
Yeah he was 6'3", not much debate about it.
d wade said on 5/Feb/11
lol 5,10 what a fake story yes and tim allen is 5,4 Click Here
Sandra said on 3/Feb/11
I met George Foreman at an auto shop while he was making a commercial in Houston, TX. He didn't impress me as being 6'3". He looked more like 5'10". I am 5'9". And he had a big tummy. He smiled a lot.
AAAA said on 22/Nov/10
Here we go... Thanks Rob, I've always wanted to bring up Big Georges height.

So here he (george) is with Harry Carson (listed 6'2 all over the internet) and Thomas Hearns,(listed at 6'1, so believe he may have actually been taller and subtracte an inch to entice welterweights to fight him) and monster Spencer Haywood

Click Here

But, here we have Carson with Derek Jeter (I think even the legendary Viper said Jeter was 6'3) Click Here

And here we have him with LT, also listed here and, for the majority, accepted to be 6'3 (Click Here)

IMO, Carson was a full 6'3 man when he was younger, and still is at worst a weak 6'3 man. The 6'2 listing confuse the hell out of me, given the photos I just showed.

Back to Big George. He is still a 6'3 guy in that photo, when he is older and much heavier. I don't think he got any taller after he was 24 (age during The Rumble), especially considering that after he retired from boxing at 27 he ballooned up to 300+lbs for 10 years before returning to fighting. If anything, I'd be more likely to believe he had shruken a 1/2 in by this point.

I always figured him to have been 6'3.5 (maybe even a full 6'4 in his youth) and a solid 6'3 when he returned for his second career. Here he is claimed 6'2.5 Holyfield (6'1 on this site, i believe he is like 6'1.5 at his peak when this photo was taken) and he looks about 1.5in taller to me.

Just food for thought guys. Haven't posted in forever but I still follows these convos on heights once in a blue moon. Hope all is well, especially with you Rob. Glad to see the site still runs
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/10
He did say in that interview with Ali and Frazier that he had 'grown' by an inch and was now taller!

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