How tall is Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay's Height

6ft 0.75in (185 cm)

British Celebrity Chef. He once said: "I was six foot, fast, strong, 19 years of age. So the last thing I expected was to be kicked out Rangers"...then in 2000 said "I'm 6ft 2ins, thick-set and rugged". He was measured using a Stadiometer (like the one I've got) by Erin O'Connor who called out 6ft 2.5 but the actual reading was just under 6ft 1.5. I believe the odds are that he was in Footwear for the measurement. On twitter he mentioned his weight: "6'2 220lbs 100% Scottish".

How tall is Gordon Ramsay
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Average Guess (31 Votes)
6ft 0.84in (185cm)
phil said on 20/May/17
gordan he seen to be about 6'1 1/2
Nik said on 18/May/17
I think is Gordon Ramasy closer to 6'. I'm 5' 11.5" without shoes and I stood two feet from him once at a filming of a hotel hell and he seemed to be my height. With his physique though, he could definitely look taller
WeeburaiJones said on 8/May/17
6'2" seems a bit tall for him, but he's still taller than most contestants on Hell's Kitchen, so 6'1" seems appropriate.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Apr/17
He's definitely overcooked the botox and fillers now, looking like a hamster nowadays. He looked better a few years back with only moderate procedures. He swears like that in front of his children too, excessive, overcooks that too!
Nik said on 19/Apr/17
Sander 182cm

He must be the master of delusions!
Nik said on 19/Apr/17
Maybe he ought to be on one of Derren Brown's shows! Ha ha
Sander 182cm said on 18/Apr/17
He is very good at making the illusion of being 190cm when you look at him in kitchen nightmares compared to other people
Nik said on 13/Apr/17

Nik said on 11/Apr/17
@Editor Rob
have you ever watched his first Television series I think it from 1998 called boiling point when he set up his first restaurant in London , the episodes are all on YouTube. I have been watching some of them, on an episode he mentioned his height as being 6'1 when asked about how he keeps fit as you have to be active working on your feet all day, that is more or less in line with his true height especially as you think on that Stadiometer the actual reading was just under 6ft 1.5 and you believed the odds were that he was in Footwear for the measurement I cannot how and why he would have claimed 6'3 ! on the recent nightly show as someone mentioned on here, because surely Gordon was just having a laugh and perhaps inflating height for tv because surely he must know he is not that height and you would think he would think that viewers would know he is not 6'3 if they saw him next to ryan Clarke who is 6'4 so if it is true about the 6'3 what do you make of it rob?
Editor Rob: Nik, I watched that series yes, but can't remember him claiming a height, but if he said 6ft 1, at least he was once more honest about it...but then maybe he listened to that model saying 6ft 2.5 and thought 'sounds good to me' and believed it.

I still don't know if Gordon told her beforehand to say a height, or if it was just an honest mistake, you know, the kind referee's sometimes make ;)
Nik said on 5/Apr/17
@Editor Rob

there's no need for all that effing and blinding. It shows a lack of vocabulary...

It's probably just done to spice up the program!
Editor Rob: that could be true...I don't know if that will help ratings. Good humour and interesting chat might.
bazza said on 4/Apr/17
just under 6' 1"... just short of Jonathan Ross.
Herongate said on 3/Apr/17
Hi Rob mike 2 is certainly right gordon did say on the recently nightly show he was 6'3 in bare feet I found it on you tube. What do you make of it, because surely Gordon was just having a laugh and perhaps inflating height for tv because surely he must know he is not that height barefoot and strangely on a clip online from the 2007 london matharation at the start he said on bbc tv he was 6'1 ? When you said you think he was measured on that stadiometer by the supermodel Erin O connor which I think was filmed in December 2006 on the f word , at just below 6'1.5 and you think he was in footwear, how sure were you, I cannot find any video online of that programme, lets assume if he was measured at just under 6'1.5 in bare feet if he was to wear very large heeled footwear or some lifts he could reach 6'3 ! most unlikely but I think he was barefoot I say that because he looks very similar in height to jonthan ross dosen't he, do you think his true height is between 6'0.6 to 6'0.75 ? because surely he is no where 6'3 even in massive footwear!
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/17
I don't know why he would claim that but it's dishonest as he would surely remember Erin measuring him and know what he is. The Hoff and Rylan Clarke would laugh in his face if he tried claiming 6 ft 3 with either of them.
Editor Rob: Arch, I've literally burned all my Ramsay cookbooks after what he said...
Anonymous said on 31/Mar/17
His listed height seems right, looked 6ft 1 with Bradley Walsh on the nightly show on itv.
Nik said on 31/Mar/17
@Editor Rob

The height police should come and take him away and lock him up in a cell! Ha ha

In fact he ought to be in custardy!

His language is appalling by the way! This is not a reflection of his real life personality and is just done to spice up the program. ,I know someone who met him and she said he was a nice person.

He probably is about 6'0.75" by the way.
Editor Rob: there's no need for all that effing and blinding. It shows a lack of vocabulary...
mike 2 said on 30/Mar/17
Rob this really strange, I was watching him on the nightly live show with frank skinner the other day , and I had to play it back on the internet youtube video about a dozen times because there was a scene when Gordon mentioned to frank skinner when his mircophone piece came out of shirt, and he said I suppose the young girl found it hard to reach me as I am at least 190cm in my stocking feet which is 6'3!!!, now I know from what you have said Rob he cannot be that height unless he was wearing some insane shoe lifts, Do you Gordon must have just been silly because surely he is not 6'3 barefoot ! because you said on that stadiometer that he really measured just under 6'1.5 as opposed to 6'2.5 and you said you were sure he was in footwear- if he was then he is barefoot 6'0.5 - 6'0.75 surely? or if he was barefoot in the measurement then just under 6'1.5, i think you should listen and watch this rob on youtube! he did say 99.9% he is 6'3 ! in stocking feet!
Editor Rob: Ramsay is a real piece of work, 190cm barefoot!!!...if there was a crime against height, he'd be serving a life sentence 😑 πŸ˜„
charlie1 said on 24/Mar/17
I've been watching him on soccer aid from 2012 Rob with some retired goalkeeper I cannot name who is 6'6 maximum. . if you imagine picture of yourself Rob with Brandon Routh. There's a 6 inches between you two . If you watch the video of Gordon Ramasy beside that goalkeeper There's at least the same difference between them (6 inches) he is barely up to that goalkeepers chin. That would make him 6'0". If he's even that. Looks just slightly average height to me. If David beckham is 5'11" maximum. Ramsay never looks much bigger Ramsay at 6'2" is just silly Gordon doesn't look over 6'0" to me. I really think rob you downgrade him to 6'0.
Editor Rob: was it edwin van der sar I presume, yeah that guy did tower the other players from the soccer aid a few years ago.
mike2 said on 19/Mar/17
I've heard claims that Gordon Ramsay is not 6'2 as he claimed . Some say he is 6'1" or even 6'0". I myself thought he was an actual 6'2 or even 6'3 " because He towers over many in his shows, until I saw the stadiometer photo where he was measured at 6'2.5 when really it was more like just under 6'1.5 do you think rob he could be just 6'0 barefoot ? I really do not see how he was ever anywhere near his claim of 6'2
Editor Rob: mike, I think the measurement was enough to say he can measure 186cm range in over 6ft barefoot seems quite sensible.
bernice said on 10/Mar/17
editor rob Gordon ramasy has been quoted and has claimed as 6ft 2 tall although he measured on the stadio meter you said somewhere between 186- 186.5 as opposed to the 6ft 2.5/189cm, and you said you think he was in shoes, it is strange because on hotel hell and other shows he looks so much taller than men who are average height or slightly above average, he must wear large heeled footwear to give him a bigger appearance, I think he is between 6'0 - 6'0.5 barefoot so how tall do you think he is barefoot ?
Editor Rob: a 6ft 0.5 guy is still in the tall range, you'd expect him at times to seem quite dominant, especially as his hairstyle has a bit of volume and his personality is a very domineering type, maybe adding to his perception of being a 6ft 2 range guy.
HSom said on 10/Feb/17
So he has said on occasion he's 6'2, he was measured on camera as 6'2.5.
Rob decided it was 6'1.5 and put him at 6'0.75.
Editor Rob: It is a simple fact he was measured close to 186.5cm, nowhere near 6ft's on camera, the proof is irrefutable.

Anybody can watch the video and see he measured under 187cm.

The only question whether it was agreed beforehand that the model would add an inch (maybe at his behest, if so then it's a classic example of Fake News in plain sight) or whether it was an honest mistake...which is quite possible.

Click Here.

They came into her agency and she talks about measuring him, so she is just under 6ft 1, then Ramsay goes under and pushes it up and settled over 186 and under 187, it looked right around 186.5 to me, which of course is miles from being 6ft 2.5/189cm πŸ˜‚

And I believe he's in his shoes there.
Importer said on 3/Feb/17
So this guy actually grew a bit in his early adulthood. That's always good news for me :))
Nigel said on 13/Jan/17
Editor Rob have you ever watched a old series I think it from 1998 called boiling point, the episodes are all on YouTube, I heard something very interesting Gordon was said he was 32 years old! and was 6'3! I never heard that before, he usually claims 6'2, I think he is 6'0.5-6'1 what do you think about that old quote from Gordon Ramasy about being 6'3!
Editor Rob: Nigel/amy/bernice, he probably sniffed too many cooking fumes when he said that πŸ€”
Aza said on 20/Dec/16
He should chill out a bit more and less hypo... not good for health! He looks as listed.
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Dec/16
I don't watch this guy, but I know he's tall from pictures! They have to bleep out his every other word!
I'll give him 6ft0.5 and that's my final offer!

@ Egill olafursson - yes, mate, we might Google but please don't jump to conclusions about what we get up to in our spare time! Over and out.
Egill olafursson said on 10/Dec/16
Oi! You guys don't get it do you? Gordon is me mate and he is like 1 inch shorter than me, while I am 166. Keep on dreamin, googleing tossers.
Dingus said on 7/Nov/16
His somewhat stocky build makes him appear 6'00.00". However, somewhere around 6'01.00" seems accurate.
Dingus said on 7/Nov/16
His somewhat stocky build makes him appear 6'00.00". However, somewhere around 6'01.00" seems accurate.
Rory said on 18/Oct/16
What I find a bit strange is if Erin o Connor measured 185cm then that means she's very close In height to Ramsay we assume, yet she called out 6'2.5 for him which is odd to announce someone as 1.5 inches taller than you when you can see and the viewers can see in fact you're the same height basically.
Editor Rob: nearly every viewer would have taken what she said, I think you had to pause the video and realise where the 6ft mark would be to see it was a good inch lower. But maybe it was an honest mistake...or it was pre rehearsed and Ramsay told her to say that figure.

In the world of TV, reality situations aren't always what it appears to be.
Bard said on 22/Sep/16
He's around 6'1
travis said on 11/Sep/16
i was bout to say he shunk naw that impossible
grizz said on 11/Sep/16
Yes, really. Spot-on estimate!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Sep/16
Wow under 6ft1...really?
Leslie said on 3/Sep/16
Just ran into him in a shop, he's definitely 6'2", in sneakers at least. Taller than my 6'1" bf wearing oxfords.
Brett said on 19/Aug/16
Rob, In Shoes, Im like 189cm ish... ( youd imagine shoes give an Inch or even 3cm in my case) so Id say hes probably at best 184cm barefoot.'

One things for sure he is not 6'1 and in no way or form even close to whatever he has claimed.

Funnily enough, I saw Rick Yune not long ago, and he was similar height to me until I saw his shoes...he was wearing those old 1990s style Buffalo shoes with like 2-3 inch heel haha, so hes definitely a ringer for heights that one!
Editor Rob: if Ramsay had a near 1 inch shoe for his measurement, then a 184cm barefoot would make sense.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Aug/16
I think he's well worth a page here. Remember, he created the Ram!
Arch Stanton said on 9/Aug/16
He's not as low as 6 ft, but yes, 6'0.5 can often look right.
TJE said on 8/Aug/16
Rob, how about 6'0.75 for Chef Ramsay? I doubt those shoes are only a cm thick. Thin overall? Sure, but more than a cm.
Editor Rob: yeah I think overall on the balance of probablities, almost 6ft 1.
Brett said on 8/Aug/16
Rob, hope you are well.. its been a good while.

I saw Gordon up close recently in Sydney as we have a mutual friend ( hes a young well known chef)...

Anyhow, I met him in person, in the Ivy in Sydney, shook his hand... and as you know Im 185-186cm, he was definitely slightly shorter than me.

Probably closer to 6ft even.
Editor Rob: I don't think I'd go that low since he did measure almost 6ft 1.5 in a shoe of some sort (well 95% sure of it).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jul/16
Rob, have you thought about adding Marco Pierre White?

I think the 190cm club for him but maybe hit 191cm in his 20's
Editor Rob: years ago I did, but I wasn't sure if he was worth at the time.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jun/16
Rob, how likely is 187-188cm out of bed for this guy?
Editor Rob: it could be...I doubt the time of day he got measured was late from the video, but daytime.
If I buy 4 inches said on 19/Jun/16
If you look on his instagram, you can spot his large shoes. Maybe he's even bigger or even smaller.
Tom said on 28/May/16
I saw hI'm personally in Sheffield waiting in 2010 outside a restaurant to film ramseys kitchen nightmares. He was with his PA...I'm 5 feet 11 and a bit, he is surprisingly trim and didn't look over 6 feet 1 to me. A weak 6 feet 1...possibly 6 feet and a half. He has tall hair.
will said on 18/Mar/16
Looks a couple inches shorter than Clarkson from what I've seen
TJE said on 12/Mar/16
6'0.75 for Gordon.
MD said on 9/Mar/16
With 5'11.25" Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here
Chris said on 26/Feb/16
I've just been watching some kitchen nightmares, where he totally TOWERS over everyone, even guys who seem above average. My theory is that he wears massive shoes or even lifts to give him that towering on screen presence, not that he needs it, he's already a decent height. This might be the same case in Hell's Kitchen and other shows, who knows.
Chris said on 25/Feb/16
I've just been watching some kitchen nightmares, where he totally TOWERS over everyone, even guys who seem above average. My theory is that he wears massive shoes or even lifts to give him that towering on screen presence, not that he needs it, he's already a decent height. This might be the same case in Hell's Kitchen and other shows, who knows.
david said on 24/Feb/16
He is taller than most people in his shows, sometimes he has over a foot on some of the women, but he looks quite average sitting down. An enigma for sure, have to see him in person to come to a conclusion.
Marcus said on 12/Feb/16
Edit: Ramsay seems to be wearing sneakers, while Ross is wearing dress shoes in that vid (see the video end). Could that account for that much height difference though?
Marcus said on 12/Feb/16
Hi Rob, have you watched this backstage video of Gordon Ramsay and Jonathan Ross? They're both listed as 6'1" but Ross is looking noticeably taller in this vid- although we can't tell footwear. Either Ross is really a bit taller than Ramsay, or Ramsay is, for some reason, not wearing any shoes while Ross is.

Click Here

What do you think?
Editor Rob: they don't look much apart there. Ramsay looked to have some type of sneaker, impossible to say what it was.
Chris said on 21/Jan/16
Wait a second Rob, you think Ramsay is a full inch taller than Calzaghe from that line up pic? The top of gordon's much thicker hair may be a whisker over, but that's it. And I thought Calzaghe was well reported to be 5'11" no?
Editor Rob: I'm saying Gordon can look not much taller, so at times he can look closer to 6ft than 6ft 1 range, but it's undeniable he did get measured a fraction over 6ft 1 in most likely a normal shoe.
Chris said on 18/Jan/16
Rob, how do you explain this pic with Will Ferrell and Patrick Kielty? Click Here
Editor Rob: I would doubt he's standing as tall as he could, although in the team line up you can see gordon right beside Calzaghe
The Exorcist said on 6/Jan/16

6'1" is tall. Around the 90th percentile I think. He will be taller than most of the people at his height.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jan/16
I got a good look at Marco Pierre White a while back and he looks to be a genuine 6'3 guy.
Marcus said on 4/Jan/16
Thought he was 6'2" actually. For some reason he's always one of the tallest people in his shows..
Adam 1.88 m said on 17/Dec/15
I'm on a P&O cruise at the moment and I met Marco Pierre White and had a photograph taken with him. I had 1-2 cm more footwear than him and he still looks taller in the photo. Do you think he could be 6ft 3 Rob?
Editor Rob: that's a kind of range that Marco has been called before.
joe joe said on 24/Nov/15
always thought Gordon was around 185/186 but he looks a bit shorter than 185 listed (according to google) Norm MacDonald in this vid with Conan
Click Here

Gordan even comments "look at the size of you two guys"
Triplescrew said on 21/Nov/15
Looked 6'0" with Jimmy Fallon.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Oct/15
I think 185/186cm is a good shout.
Height183 said on 22/Aug/15
6'1'' is spot on for Big Gordy
anonymous said on 26/Jul/15
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/15
Not under 6ft1
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jun/15
Rob, you might want to check the wording on but the actual reading wasn't just under 6ft 1.5, should be "was" not wasn't. Can you add a photo too?
[Editor Rob: yes a stray 'nt]
James B said on 21/Jun/15
Ramsey is tall but not compared to some of the chefs he works with
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jun/15
[Editor Rob: unfortunately it is an unknown, I've went with the positive in this case...but he could be 6ft 0.75 or 6ft 0.5]

Remember he looked 6'0.5 with both Hoff and Rylan, in fact Rylan could look a full 4 inches taller, but I think he had on heels.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/15
I knew this would happen eventually
Sam said on 8/Jun/15
Yeah, with his best posture, I'm sure a barefoot Ramsay could measure near this mark. 6'0.75" is basically what I see him at, but quarter inches can be almost impossible to parse from 6'0.5"s or 6'1"s at times!
Andrea said on 5/Jun/15
He could even have been in big shoes, like 1.2-1.3 inches, and be more 6' flat :)
Sorry for the question but what's the sense of trying celebrities to the 1/4 inch and not being able to see an inch difference? I personally can't say that much on him because i haven't seen enough but since you added him on here you must have looked at him at some point!
[Editor Rob: actually I watched the program again, there was a moment in the segment with the models where a rough idea of his shoe is seen Click Here. I don't think this is a big shoe, certainly I wouldn't have guessed more than 0.75 style. Although they cut the video very quick I felt Erin was about to start walking off as though they both have their shoes on...I think the odds are that this might be the case.]
Andrea said on 5/Jun/15
Rob, you usually are very precise in your listings, also giving quarter inches to people and you cannot say if there's more chance Gordon was measured in shoes or not? I mean, assuming he was wearing a "typical" one inch shoe, we're talking about an inch difference (between barefoot and not)... Don't tell me you can't say if he's more a big 6' or a big 6'1! The fact he himself claimed to be 6' is quite a giveaway... Then, he decided to add the "famous" 2 inches with fame!
[Editor Rob: unfortunately it is an unknown, I've went with the positive in this case...but he could be 6ft 0.75 or 6ft 0.5]
an anonymous peach said on 5/Jun/15
If he was 6 foot at 19, I doubt he managed to grow 1.3 inches after that. He may have just been rounding down his height or he actually did grow .25 or .5 of an inch at 19, but 1.3 inches? Very unlikely.

6' 0.25/.5" seems fair. 184cm range.
grizz said on 3/Jun/15
Rob, I think that measurement was with shoes on. He really looked only an inch or so taller than Kimmel, who you have listed at 5ft11.25in (and I agree with your listing). So, he's 6ft0.5in barefoot IMO.
Sam said on 1/Jun/15
Yeah, I think he's a weak 6'1" based upon everything I've seen, I can't see him as low as just above six feet even but again I can't really see him as anything over the 6'1" mark. Occasionally he'll be on camera with a contestant or celebrity who measures 6'4"-6'6" and I would say he consistently looks 3-5 inches shorter.
[Editor Rob: he definitely was measured nearly 6ft 1.5 on the stadiometer. If he was in shoes (and it is a good chance) then maybe 6ft 0.5-0.75 range.
Did they take shoes off to measure, the stadiometer I think was in offices in a hallway...maybe he didn't!]
Kourosh said on 14/May/15
agree with arch stanton hes got more than an inch on jimmy kimmel. More like 1.25 inches to 1.4 possibly, but still he is not anywhere near 6'2. He is probably hovering around 6'0.75 to just flat 6'1.
[Editor Rob: the only myster with Ramsey is whether he had any footwear for his measurement.

If he was barefoot he is 6ft 1 3/8ths. If not, then anywhere in 6ft 0.25-1 range could be possible.]
Arch Stanton said on 3/May/15
That's more than an inch on Kimmel, hair or not. Still, a smidge under 6'1" is possible.
Sam said on 24/Apr/15
I just saw Fred Willard appear on Hell's Kitchen, Rob has him at 6'1.5" peak and 6'1" now. It appeared that Willard still edged out Ramsay when they shook hands IMO.
Verba said on 13/Mar/15
I just saw that video too.. same shoes, good posture on both of them. Probably the best evidence there is that he isn't a big 6'1 footer.. more like a strong 6'0 footer (6'0.75). Never really looked like a strong 6'1 guy to me anyway.

Maybe it's time for a downgrade?
grizz said on 5/Mar/15
Click Here
He got an inch over 5'11 Kimmel
Dorian said on 16/Feb/15
6'1.5 max
miko said on 11/Jan/15
Big hair, a big frame and boots can help him look taller than he is.

6'1 range seems fair but he has looked shorter on more than 1 occasion.
Andrea said on 10/Jan/15
Joe is one of the judges in the italian version of Masterchef... That's why i asked that! Sam do you believe Gordon was measured barefoot or with shoes on? I mean, Rob sometimes tries to be as precise as possible, giving 1/4 inches and cannot say if there's more chance he was measured in shoes or not! We're talking about a big inch difference... I can't say anything because i've seen very few things of him but if Rob has him on the site, he must have seen some stuff, i hope!
Sam said on 30/Dec/14
I believe Joe is a solid six footer and Graham is 6'2", may be a fraction more. Sometimes Graham can look at least an inch over Ramsay, sometimes less. Contestants have noted they are all tall.
I like Masterchef, it's the one American Ramsay show that doesn't feel like Ramsay is just going through the raging motions and parodying himself. Kitchen Nightmares was far better in the UK version than in the now ended US version.
Andrea said on 29/Dec/14
Rob, how tall you think the bald guy is?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: basing of Gordon somewhere in 6ft range, at times a bit above that mark he can appear.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/14
Can look a very strong 6ft1 when he stands tall. I think the 6ft2Β½ is in shoes
Tempest said on 24/Dec/14
He's not calling Gordon Ramsay weak. He means that he believes Gordon is a little less than 6'1", or that he's someone who could pass as 6'1", but might not actually be the full 6'1".
Anynomus said on 14/Dec/14
How the hell is 6'1 weak lol says the dude thats 5'9...his mad lol im 5'11 n im taller then most people
mike said on 5/Oct/14
He can look anywhere between 6ft 1 and 2 so 185-187 range.
Lenad 5 ft 9.75in said on 3/Oct/14
I think he's a weak 6'1 guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Sep/14
I saw old footage of him and Marco Pierre White from the late 80s. If White is 6ft3 or close to it, Ramsey looks about this
Aaron183cm said on 21/Sep/14
He always looked like a proper 6'1" guy to me. All these 6'0" downgrades are laughable. He's always one of the tallest people on his shows.
trav said on 9/Sep/14
he 6'2
Arch Stanton said on 31/Aug/14
Ross Burden, always reminded me of Steven Seagal LOL!
Arch Stanton said on 31/Aug/14
That's an interesting comparison though. In looking Novelli does actually look tall range but he's shorter than quite a few in comparisons, I think he might be near 6 ft but I doubt 6 ft 2. He does look near it in that photo if you're sure the other guy is a solid 6'1!
Arch Stanton said on 31/Aug/14
[Editor Rob: I bumped into another chef last month, nick nairn who actually looked in the 6ft 1-1.5 range.]

Rob, do you think that at Jean Christophe Novelli could be near 6 ft 2? Click Here That surprised me I thought he was fairly average.
[Editor Rob: can look near enough that, or at least similar to nairn]
James B said on 21/Aug/14
Looks 6'0.5 here with ross
Lenad 5 ft 9.75in said on 3/Aug/14
I'm with Sam on this one that Ramsay looks 6'1 max most of the time. I suspect that the 6'1.5 and 6'2 measurements were in shoes
Sam said on 31/Jul/14
What height would be if he was measured there with a typical shoe? I think a flat 6'1" fits Ramsay best, if anything he can seem to be a bit under the 6'1" mark rather than over it much of the time.
[Editor Rob: if he was in a normal shoe he could very well be nearly an inch smaller and more in the 6ft 3/8ths range.]
grizz said on 25/Jul/14
Next to 182 cm Jimmy Kimmel, he doesn't seem much bigger. I give him 184-185 cm max.
Lenad 5 ft 9.75in said on 19/Jul/14
Rob, ive been watching him a lot on hells kitchen and kitchen nightmares lately. If you watch some of those videos you will see he definitely doesn't look any taller than 6'1 standing next to other people. I think that the just under 6ft 1.5 measurement was in shoes. I really would advise you check this one again.
Lenad is sexy said on 16/Jul/14
I estimate 184cm judging by how he looks on hells kitchen standing next to people. He can look just average height at times sometimes but that's due to his habit of hunching over and making funny head movements when he's berating the contestants
bobbbyyyy said on 13/Jul/14
on the jonathan ross show gordon was shorter than him and jonathan ross claimed to be 186, so gordon must be around 184 or just 6ft. he claimed he was 6ft, but that depends on whether he was wearing shoes at 19 or not.
Lenad is sexy said on 12/Jul/14
doesn't look any more than 6'1 to me on hells kitchen
mike said on 17/Jun/14
Rob, why not just list him 6ft 1.25 instead of .3?
[Editor Rob: not sure if the model is identical, it looks same brand but maybe not exact model number so the 1/8th error may or may not be present.]
Stephanie said on 30/Apr/14
19-year-old boys are often still growing so I wouldn't really take his height at that age into consideration. I think he's 6' 1"-6' 2" now.
Charlie said on 29/Apr/14
JAJ you liar, Beckham isnt any "178-179" he is 180 cm!
Astaroth said on 29/Apr/14
I don't buy him at 6'1.3". Looks a hair taller than Jane Lynch in Masterchef USA. Either Jane Lynch was wearing lifts in her Glee set sneakers or Chef Ramsay is a strong 6.05.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: that's the unknown with Ramsey, he was measured about 6ft 1 3/8ths on the stadiometer, but we really don't know if it was barefoot or in whatever footwear...]
Sam said on 24/Apr/14
If James May is 5'11.75" as listed, than anything over six foot does seem unlikely for Ramsay, although I watch his shows and Gordon can seem 6'1" range at times.
Click Here
omg1234 said on 11/Apr/14
gordon ramsay same height as james may, but marco pierre white is taller than gordon.
kate said on 22/Mar/14
Gordon is 182cm to 183cm I am that height and we were the same
JAJ said on 18/Feb/14
Barely two inches taller than 5'10" - 5'10.5" 178-179cm David Beckham. So about 6.0" 183cm to Gordon Ramsay.
hess said on 14/Feb/14
I think 6 to 6.1 is right he said once he had size 14 feet thats huge for that height
ballz said on 4/Feb/14
I think he is closer to 6'- 6'1 because he seems about to my teacher's height.
BigGameHunter said on 12/Jan/14
Smaller than white who maintains 6'3 seeming 6'5 because he doesn't shop at supermarkets, shies away from ego, women and knows his mirrors, usually just drinks coke with a straw to maintain his perpetual moment of clarity.

Oliver is like 5'9 but tubby as hell.
James said on 12/Jan/14
Never looked 6'2
ken said on 29/Dec/13
I do not think gordon ramasy is 6ft 2 he is shorther than a lot of celebrities that height I think is no more than 6ft 0 even that height you can look talo and imposing look at victoria azarenka tennis player how tall she looks at that height
Tempest said on 22/Sep/13
I would agree with Somborac. He's shorter than Norm MacDonald when they appeared on Conan together.
Somborac said on 25/Aug/13
I met him at the book-signing event at the Indigo in the Eaton's Centre, Toronto. I'm 6ft with shoes on & was eye-to-eye with him. He's 6ft even, not an inch taller or shorter.
Tempest said on 9/Aug/13
He's shorter than Norm MacDonald.
Tempest said on 2/Jul/13
I thought he was 6'2". His large head and tall hair give him a bigger appearance. He can sometimes pull off looking 6'3".
miko said on 25/Jun/13
I do think Gordon is a 6'1 flat guy, who with boots and big hair can on occasion give a 6'2 impression.
[Editor Rob: I bumped into another chef last month, nick nairn who actually looked in the 6ft 1-1.5 range.]
Twong said on 23/Jun/13
On the stadiometer on The F Word he was 186.5cm (can see the marks for cm; bold writing every 10cm with 8 regular marks inbetween). I located the mark for 180, then worked it out with a little bit of guesswork; based on the spacing of the other visible marks, I worked out the obscured bits.

186.5cm (6ft 1.43in) minus, say, 0.3-0.5in for typical footwear (it wasn't a serious measurement; they wouldn't have bothered removing their shoes) leaves him at 6ft 1in +/- 0.1in as an average, midday height.
legit177cm said on 20/Jun/13
rob can you give me the youtube link from the picture you posted in above to see how he was measured. Thank you
[Editor Rob: I think it was from a channel 4 video, I don't have it now.]
Sam said on 19/Jun/13
Rob, the link you have at the top to Chef Ramsay's measuring does not work, at least not for me.
[Editor Rob: yeah, imageshack delete images after a while. I don't have the full size image but The smaller one...but it was a clear example of faking a height. Erin called out 6ft 2.5 but the reading really wasn't even 6ft 1.5 when I looked at it closely!]
legit177cm said on 7/Jun/13
I'm about 5'10. When i met him my eye was at top of his nose, so i dont know how tall he was but i guess he was 6'1 or fraction over but dont forget he had a good solid inch boot on and i was with 0.5 inch sneaker.
Frost said on 1/Jun/13
I'm 5'1" and Gordan was a good foot taller than I was when I met him a few years ago.
Tom said on 4/May/13
I think Lenny must be between 1.89 and 1.91. He didn't look much taller than 6'0'' actor Treva Etienne in an episode of The Lenny Henry Show in 1988.
Yaspaa said on 3/May/13
I saw Lenny Henry with Frank Bruno at a comic relief thing years ago, and Lenny was definitely taller or at least appeared to be, which is why I always thought Lenny was 6'4.
Tom said on 8/Apr/13
He looked about 6'0 standing next to comedian Al Murray who is apparently 6'3 which is also supposed to be the same height of Lenny Henry; when Lenny met Gordon he was approximately three inches taller(the videos are on YouTube).
Victoria said on 30/Mar/13
Gordon is around 6'0.5 to 6'1 similar to Jonthan Ross does anyone know his shoe size i have heard him say size 14 and 15 feet
Scott said on 15/Mar/13
He looks 6'1 he quoted last year 15 stone with size 14 feet
dicksock said on 12/Mar/13
He's definitely a solid 6'1". I'd bet anything on that.
James said on 21/Feb/13
6'1.5 (187cm) out of bed
6'1.25 (186cm) morning
6'1 (185cm) lunchtime
6'0.75 (185cm) afternoon
6'0.75 (185cm) evening
6'0.5 (184cm) bedtime
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jan/13
Actually he seems to have on flattish fur boots in the lower pic which I doubt would give much more than an inch. But Rylan surely looks no less than 4 inches taller...
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jan/13
Don't forget though Trent that it's highly unlikely Rylan had on equal footwear with Gordon. He usually wears heeled shoes. He's near 6'6" in them I think.
Trent said on 3/Jan/13
Oh, and those pics with Rylan are very good. There is a bit of distortion, but no way is that a guy only 2.7 inches shorter than Rylan.
Trent said on 3/Jan/13
It seems unlikely she would have made him take his shoes off. It's not like he was being formally screened for the agency. It was just a gimmick thing for the show. So he measures 6'1 and 1/3, minus his shoes and the stadiometer 1/8" error he's 6' even. He claimed that himself at one point, and there is no way he would have downgraded himself, knowing how arrogant he is.
klem said on 27/Dec/12
He looks from 6-0.5 to 6-1 with Beckham, if Beckham is 5-11.5.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Dec/12
Seeing how Ramsay looked next to the genuine 6'4" guys on the Cook along and that he measured roughly 6'1.5 on the stadiometer, chances are he is actually 6'0.5 barefoot. But I've long said his height and build is very similar to my own, it's possible he is a bit shorter than I thought. Strange thing is he often looked near 6'2" and 187 next to those footballers.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Dec/12
Click Here

O dear. Scroll down. See him next to Rylan Clark who claims 6'4". If anything Rylan edges out Hoff in comparison to how Hoff looked next to Ramsay last year. He makes Gordon look little more than 6'0 here.
freddie said on 26/Dec/12
Vika is right, although we cant prove he had shoes on I think he did I met in July this year and I am 6'0.5 barefoot 6'1.5 with shoes on and was eye to eye with him Gordon is 6,0.5
vika said on 23/Dec/12
Editor Rob If gordon was only 6'1.5 with shoes on then he can be no more than 6'0.5 barefoot, so why not downgrade him to 6'0.5 he looks that height not much taller than david beckham
[Editor Rob: he's not quite 6ft 1.5, whether he is in shoes or not or how thick they are we don't know.

If he wasn't then 184-5cm is probably barefoot height.]
Trent said on 20/Dec/12
Are you sure he claimed 15 stone? I'd be surprised if he was that high, 6'1.3 or 6' even.
Amanda said on 19/Dec/12
On a recent cooking show of his in November he was asked to dance, he refused he said 15 stone and size 14 feet, he is somewhere around 6'1.5 no more but no less.
[Editor Rob:
as I mentioned before he was measured (whether barefoot or not we don't know), but the model called out 6ft 2.5 for some reason even when the reading itself looked just shy of 6ft 1.5!]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/12
Gordon Ramsey 6ft1.5(187cm)
Marco Pierre White 6ft2.5(189cm)
James said on 20/Nov/12
Ramsey is tall but I wouldent describe him as 'strong tall'
joe joe said on 19/Nov/12
it happens Im a weak 6'1 and my feat are a size 14 even when I was a younger at about 5'11 My feet were already a size 13 uk not US which is smaller. so it happens. Growing is not an exact science people.
James said on 18/Nov/12
I know someone who is 6'4 with size 16 feet
Arch Stanton said on 11/Nov/12
Yeah its very rare Haddock but some guys do have freakishly large feet for their size. The brother of one my mother's friends is 6 ft range and size 15 feet too. I doubt he'd lie about that.
James said on 5/Nov/12
6'1 like Johnathan Ross
haddock said on 20/Oct/12
i find the size 15 feet claim hard to believe. look how short he looks next to conan gordon is only about 6`0 no way does he have size 15 at that height it is not logical. peter jones dragons den 6`7 has size1 4feet. 6`0 size 15 feet something not right there
Shaun said on 14/Oct/12
No Cranberries, UK size 15 US size 16. Yeah its about what guys near 6'10" wear.
Charles said on 4/Oct/12
I read in the daily mirror an article when gordon was asked to go on strictly come dancing, Gordon said with size 16 feet I think not, I always thought he had size 15 feet, I met gordon in London in august and he told me he was indeed a size 16, Gordon Ramasy has size 16 feet
Shaun said on 27/Sep/12
Ivo Karlovic has US Size 16 feet/UK size 15 and he's 6 ft 10, about right proportionally!
Shaun said on 27/Sep/12
nothing says on 22/Aug/12
he really needs an upgrade rob, seriously 186cm is absolutely ridiculous for him, not even before bed!!!, he's at least 187cm without the hair!

Well he looks very close to my height and build, a bit less toned maybe and my lowest is 186. Actually next to the Hoff at Christmas he was struggling to look even a flat 6'1 though.
Shaun said on 27/Sep/12
Size 15 feet, he has said that a few times, yes that's size 16 US and the shoe size of a basketball player approaching 7 ft. A brother of my mother's friend I met once had size 15 feet and he was only about 6 ft..
Shaun said on 27/Sep/12
No he usually claims 6 ft 2 and 15 stone. He said he used to be 18 stone od; if you look back at old series from like 2002 he was a porker and a lot angrier back then...
charles said on 25/Sep/12
under 6`0is crazy i met and we were the same height 6`1 i am so gordon is 6`1he has size 14 size 15 which are huge for that height
alan said on 22/Sep/12
clive I think Gordon Ramasy has size 14 feet, I found it in a article
Clive said on 21/Sep/12
Editor rob do you know what shoe size Gordon Ramasy is, is he size 14 or is he size 15?
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure]
Aaaron said on 19/Sep/12
He changes stats every time he uses them. I've heard him say 6' 1", 6' 2", 15 stone, 17 stone, size 14 feet and size 15 feet. why can't he make his mind up,he never played pro forο»Ώ Rangers either
James said on 8/Sep/12
I met Gordon recently in the United states I am 6'1 and were very similar in height I cannot see how he is under 6'1
ANDREA[ITA] said on 8/Sep/12
Rob, you said you dont know if he had shoes on but you should be able to see if he looks more a 186-187 guy or a let's say 183-184 guy? You give some people you didnt meet the 1/4 inch measurement, so that means you're pretty precise... It must be easier to choose between 186-187 or 183-184 than choose between 5'11 or 5'11.25, if you know what i mean!
James said on 2/Sep/12
I was reading an article in the daily mail recently about how he struggled to get his body into a small bath in a hotel room in America it said he was 6ft 1, that probably came from gordon himself so i say 6ft Ramasy is
Thunderbolt said on 31/Aug/12
I met Gordon Ramasy in London in July, I am 6'0.5 and we were exactly the same height, if rob said the stadiometer said 6'1.3 in shoes that makes sense he is 6'0.5 barefoot, if Gordon Ramasy does have size 15 feet he has massive feet for his height
Manering said on 30/Aug/12
editor rob I do believe that gordon is around 6ft 2 6ft as some people are saying on here is too low. i thought Gordon ramasy had size 15 feet. he said that in an interview with Jonthan ross about 4 years ago now.
Triplescrew said on 29/Aug/12
He says in Kitchen Nightmares UK that he has size 14 feet. That would be pretty gigantic for someone who was only 183cm...definitely looks closer to 6'2" on the show.
Pike said on 25/Aug/12
Rob I think you should downgrade Gordon Ramasy down to 6'0-6'0.5 ( 183cm-184cm)I saw a old epiosde of the F word in 2008 when he was measured, he had his shoes on and was 186-187cm.
nothing said on 22/Aug/12
he really needs an upgrade rob, seriously 186cm is absolutely ridiculous for him, not even before bed!!!, he's at least 187cm without the hair!
nothing said on 15/Aug/12
no way he's only 186cm, i give him 188cm and 189.5cm with the hair

i watch a lot of his shows and he always one of the tallest people or the tallest, and to tell u the truth 6 ft 1 186 is not always the tallest among people esp in Europe...
james said on 8/Aug/12
i met gordon ramasy in london last month after my 23rd birthday. i am 6`0 barefoot and was eye to eye with him. gordon ramasy is exaclty 6`0. is it possible rob that he could be downgraded to 6`0. the 6`1.4is obivously a shoes measurement
james said on 25/Jul/12
under 6ftis a joke i met him i am 6ft1.5and we were the same height so gordon is sis feet one and half
Shaun said on 16/Jun/12
Marco Pierre is the tallest chef I think, that James Martin bloke in my opinion looks more 6'2" and not quite as tall as he claims. I saw Marco on BB about 6 months back and he looked at least a legit 6'3".
Shaun said on 22/Jan/12
@Serge. Not even 6 ft? LOL. Seems as he has two inches on David Beckham and Robbie Williams.. I'll agree he looked 6'0.5" next to Hasselhoff though.
Serge said on 15/Jan/12
I met him at the Indigo book-signing in Toronto when he released "Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food". I'm 5'11" with my shoes on & was eye-to-eye with him. Gordon is not even 6ft.
miko said on 29/Dec/11
I've been saying for a long time that Ramsey is very lucky if he's 6'1.
Shaun said on 29/Dec/11
Well I was pretty sure he was 6'1.5" range, He could look close to 6'2" a lot next to those footballers for instance and generally does look two inches taller than Beckham. Also he's a few inches taller than Janet Street Porter. Generally in that video accounting for posture I see about 3 inches but as you say they are constantly moving and slouching. Are we certain Hoff is exactly a flat 6'4" though? He could look a bit taller in Baywatch and Pamela Anderson and a few of the others in the cast claim he is 6'5" (although probably so she can claim 5'7"!). I think somebody said though that John Leslie had an inch on him at 6'5". Did Hoff look a weak 6'4" recently next to David Cameron though?
Shaun said on 28/Dec/11
Dunno if you see 42:00-45:10 odd Hoff actually does look near 4 inches taller. LOL if he was 6'2.5" as Erin claims Hoff is pushing 6'7". I'm not seeing anything above 6'1", Rob? Hoff actually makes him look quite small...
[Editor Rob: they are both moving/slouching a lot in these clips, but sometimes it can look a big 3 inch bigger yeah]
Shaun said on 28/Dec/11
Click Here

Rob see the first half hour, pause at 11:10 for instance. What do you think? I'm seeing 3-3.5 inch difference.
Shaun said on 28/Dec/11
Second picture looks a lot shorter than this doesn't he. Click Here
Ejel Khan said on 25/Dec/11
O'Connor was lying on show to give Ramsey a boost. 6'4" Hasslehoff appeared on Ramsey's live cook-a-long on Christmas day. The difference was 4" in Hoff's favour.
Yaspaa said on 23/Dec/11
Erin O'Connor measured him at 6'2.5? He has the same measuring skills as Vince Basille.
SAK said on 5/Dec/11
@ Physics Enemy, Beckham isn't 5ft10, more like 181cm/5ft11.

Ramsay strong 6f1, 186cm for sure.
Physics Enemy said on 18/Nov/11
Beckham is 5' 10" Shaun, he was even listed at that in his early playing days. Ramsey is 6' 0.5" without his sneakers and the stadiometer error.
Physics Enemy said on 17/Nov/11
6' 1.375" is 186.37 cm. Knock off 2mm you get 186.17 cm. Knock off 2cm for his sneakers, you get 184.17 cm. That's bang on 6' 0.5". That's his exact height.
Shaun said on 17/Nov/11
He doesn't look under 6'1" next to Beckham.
Shaun said on 17/Nov/11
One thing I've noticed about Ramsay is that he always wears very flat looking sneakers so if I doubt he'd be much lower than this although he could be 6'0.5" maybe.
Physics Enemy said on 16/Nov/11
He was in footwear. 99% certain. Why lie about the measurement, cut-out his feet from the vid, yet measure barefoot? Never. He's 6' 0.5" barefoot, just under 6' 1.3" in sneakers (without the 2mm error). He's 184 cm.
Physics Enemy said on 15/Nov/11
There must be footage of him with his sneakers visible, in that same episode where he gets measured? If we can see them, we can deduct the sneaker difference since Rob will know how much height they give.

If anyone can find a shot of his sneakers from that episode, show us!
[Editor Rob: what happens if they cut, and during the cut he took sneakers off. Having these unknowns means the measurement is either in footwear or not, but it's not certain.

there might be a greater chance he is in footwear though, maybe the model would remember, although seeing as she called out an inch taller than he was I have my doubts.]
Physics Enemy said on 14/Nov/11
He's exactly 184 cm I think, just about 6' 0.5". He's just over 6' 1.25" with his sneakers and then 184 cm without. His 6' claim for a 19 year old player was close and probably just rounded off from 184.
Physics Enemy said on 14/Nov/11
Come on Rob, he was wearing sneakers. You said yourself they were trying to cheat the measurement and pretend he was very tall. So why would he then be barefoot? It's 99% assured he was wearing sneakers ... IF he was barefoot they'd make a big point of showing his feet in the video to highlight that. 6' 0.5" is fair for him. He even said 6' for himself at age 19.

He's 6' 1.275" or so (without 2mm error) and then 6' 0.5" barefoot.
[Editor Rob: but it's still unknown how much his sneakers are, we could assume, but I don't know.]
Shaun said on 13/Nov/11
Chances are he was wearing sneakers... If so he's more 6'0.5". He looks a solid 6'1" er though to me and 15 stone odd but like myself although I'm 14 st 8 at the moment!
Physics Enemy said on 10/Nov/11
Rob, you should knock off the stadiometer error for this guy. 6' 1.25" (in footwear).
[Editor Rob: it looks the same seca make, but it might be the first incarnation, like 'mark 1' and the one I've got is 'mark 2'...they've changed their portable stadiometer now and the latest one looks quite different from the ramsey/my one.

he's got to be either 6ft 1.3ish or under 6ft 1 if he had any sort of sneaker/shoe on. That is the real unknown, sneaker or not!
Physics Enemy said on 9/Nov/11
Ohh - There's also the stadiometer error to knock off. Solid 6' 1.25" then, in footwear that is. So he's probably a bit over 6 foot barefoot. 184 tops, maybe 183.5 is more accurate.
Physics Enemy said on 26/Oct/11
He's likely 6 ft flat, I think the measurement was in shoes. If they're going to lie about the measurement I doubt they'd measure him barefoot. They were obviously looking to give him an inflated measurement.
Shaun said on 25/Oct/11
More likely in shoes as Erin is listed at 6'0 and measured 185cm on it. She could have been in converse type shoes maybe. Or is weak 6'1" a little undesirable for a model like 6'3" for a male model? Ramsey always wears flattish sneakers though so he wouldn't be that much shorter than this anyway.
Shaun said on 25/Oct/11
Yup you're right Rob, in fact I zoomed in on the Erin O Connor measurement. He's 186-187cm range NOT 189cm. Although he does look taller than Erin who was measured at 185cm. The thing is more chance he was measured wearing 1 inch sneakers than barefoot. But he does very close in height and build to me ..
miko said on 21/Oct/11
With an ego as big as Ramsay's, I'm suprised he didn't try and go for 6'4.
Physics Enemy said on 20/Oct/11
Maybe this 6' 1.375" was in shoes though. Was it?
[Editor Rob: it is a's an unknown!]
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 16/Oct/11
He wears a size 15 2E shoe...
Christian said on 14/Oct/11
Could it be, that the 6-2.5 mark is the last height that is visible in the empty space covered by the measurement tool and Erin O'Connor didn't know how to interpret the measurement? Maybe she didnt lie then?
[Editor Rob: she must have seen the pointers pointing to a mark between 73 and 74, I guess there's always a chance she thought near 73.5 was 6ft 2.5, but I think it's false info she said either way, I think it was done on purpose.]
miko said on 13/Oct/11
I've always said I believe Ramsay was 6'0.5/6'1, I guess this new evidence helps a little.

If he is in any type of footwear whilst being measured it would destroy his height claim.
Editor Rob said on 13/Oct/11
To follow up previous comment, here is a screengrab to show that Ramsay was never measured 6ft 2.5 on the stadiometer:
Click Here

My best guess is it was 6ft 1 3/8ths ;)
Soviet_Rebel said on 10/Oct/11
6ft no more, but not less
Shaun said on 2/Oct/11
Yeah Romeo is an olive skinned kid, looks kind of odd. Brooklyn looks more like he could be the son of Guy Richie than Beckham!!
James said on 7/Sep/11
Shaun says on 6/Sep/11
Actually you are right, Romeo is the most like David, but he is also the most like Victoria. I'd say Romeo looks the most like his parents. Brooklyn really doesn't look like any of them. Cruz looks more like David.

Romeo kinda looks liek david beckham in the 90's. LOL its funny how they obviously give Romeo a fake tan all the time or his skin color could be natuarlly brown?
Shaun said on 6/Sep/11
Actually you are right, Romeo is the most like David, but he is also the most like Victoria. I'd say Romeo looks the most like his parents. Brooklyn really doesn't look like any of them. Cruz looks more like David.
Shaun said on 6/Sep/11
Actually James I think Romeo is very much like Victoria and has the same very thin bone structure. I think Cruz looks the most like David.
James said on 2/Sep/11
Shaun says on 26/Aug/11
Click Here

Ramsay consistently looks about 2 inches taller than Beckham. I think this is spot on at least barefoot. The 6'2.5" is obviously in shoes. Gosh doesn't Beckham look much better with longer hair than the shaved do.

Your not taking into account how ramsey could look 1cm shorter than johnathan ross.

On a sidenote doesn't romeo beckham look like david?
Shaun said on 29/Aug/11
Did anybody see Big Brother last night? Marco Pierre White was on it. I don't normally notice heights on things like that but he really looked a big guy. He was wearing sneakers and didn't look far off the door frame at the end. Towered over everybody when he stood up straight. Certainly he's a legit 6'3", in fact I'd have estimated him at 6'4" he really looks that big.
Shaun said on 26/Aug/11
Click Here

Ramsay consistently looks about 2 inches taller than Beckham. I think this is spot on at least barefoot. The 6'2.5" is obviously in shoes. Gosh doesn't Beckham look much better with longer hair than the shaved do.
Sam said on 23/Aug/11
He does appear to be easily 2 inches taller than David Beckham
Shaun said on 19/Aug/11
Brett says on 26/Jul/11 Rob, I forgot to comment on Gordon when i saw him a couple months ago, at the Ivy bar in Sydney... hes nowhere near 187cm...I was shocked to see that he was shorter than me...Id say more like 183-184cm max... ( as you know im 185-186cm). I got very close to him as a friend of mine drunkardly gave him a hug -To my suprise gordon didnt get heated... mind you he was in alot of hot water with the press at that time. He's taller than six foot Janet Street Porter by 1.5"-2 inches.
Shaun said on 19/Aug/11
Brett says on 26/Jul/11 Rob, I forgot to comment on Gordon when i saw him a couple months ago, at the Ivy bar in Sydney... hes nowhere near 187cm...I was shocked to see that he was shorter than me...Id say more like 183-184cm max... ( as you know im 185-186cm). I got very close to him as a friend of mine drunkardly gave him a hug -To my suprise gordon didnt get heated... mind you he was in alot of hot water with the press at that time. No its just you Aussies are just ****** because Gordon humiliated your newsreader!! He is spot on 186-87cm. He was even measured on TV at 6'2.5" in shoes (very likely).
Shaun said on 19/Aug/11
He isn't under 6'1". He can look just an inch taller than Beckham as he slouches a lot but when stood straight he does look 1.5"-2' inches taller than legit 5'11" er David Beckham. As I said he looks probably the most similar in height and build than any celeb to myself and I measure a whisker over 6'2" out of bed and 6'1.25" at night and weigh about 15 stone.
James said on 8/Aug/11
rob what about........
jonathan ross 6ft1.25 (186cm)
Gordon Ramsey 6ft1 (185cm)
James said on 7/Aug/11
he could look even a fraction shorter than 185cm next too jonathan ross.
Click Here

Brett might have a point because compared too Johnathan Ross Gordon does look 183-184cm range. even with his hair advantage ross does seem too have an edge on him and i think most belive that jonathan ross is not the 6ft1 1/2 he claims too be.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Rob if you look at the youtube videos i posted would you agree that johnathan ross does look a hair taller than him? Will Smith looked taller compared too Jonathan Ross than Ramsey did.

I think gordan should be downgraded too 6ft.05 (184cm). obviously he must have been measured at 189cm in very big shoes or he was just mismeasured?
[Editor Rob: they are pretty close in height, I don't think there'd be more than half inch between them. The 6ft 2.5 measurement was done by the woman, of course he had shoes on, and it could have been a 'lightly' touching head one, I would need to look again if I find the clip.]
Brett said on 26/Jul/11
Rob, I forgot to comment on Gordon when i saw him a couple months ago, at the Ivy bar in Sydney... hes nowhere near 187cm...I was shocked to see that he was shorter than me...Id say more like 183-184cm max... ( as you know im 185-186cm). I got very close to him as a friend of mine drunkardly gave him a hug -To my suprise gordon didnt get heated... mind you he was in alot of hot water with the press at that time.
Ramses said on 23/Jul/11
Lokks about 6'1" to me.
James said on 19/Jul/11
Conan's hairstlye makes him look taller next too Ramsey.

Gordon Ramsey 6'1 (185cm)
Conan O'Brien 6'4 (193cm)
Tony said on 19/Jul/11
He's 5'11.5 barefoot or 6 feet at best, Bout A year and half before the whole Conan Leno thing, He was on Click Here I believe Norm Mcdonald is the solid 6'1 he claims and he's still hunched, If he stood straight up atleast an inch and half he would have over Gordon. Even standing next to Conan who is 6'4, He atleast looks 4 inches shorter

6 feet
James said on 17/Jul/11
i don't think he's over 185cm
Sam said on 5/Jul/11
He only looks about 6'1" compared to others on his shows, he's obviously over average height but is regularly surrounded by equally tall or taller guys. To me, he often looks about 10 years older than his actual age.
Legend said on 2/Jul/11
6 feet
James said on 14/Jun/11
Rob did you know gordon has size 15 feet?

As for his height i think yes 183cm is too low. I think maybe 6'0.75 (185cm)? He looks very similar in height to Johnathan Ross.

Jonathan Ross 6'1 (185cm)
Gordon Ramsey 6'0.75 (185cm)
[Editor Rob: I don't know about feet that big]
Blaine said on 11/Jun/11
is always looks about 6ft 4 to me
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jun/11
6ft2 is not a joke
James said on 2/Jun/11
6'2 is a joke for gordon. look how small he looks in that pic

at 6ft you can look tall and imposing. Slightly shorter than Jonathan Ross as well.

Shaun so i take it you don't belive he is 6'0 (183cm)?
Shaun said on 27/May/11
He doesn't look close to 6'2" next to Beckham, barely looks taller.
Shaun said on 27/May/11
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Hard to imagine this guy is a weak 6'2". This is not how a near 6'2" guy looks compared to most, I should know! On a very rare occasion though you'll find yourself surrounded by 6'3"-6'6" guys all at once.
Mathew said on 23/May/11
6'1" give or take.
James said on 18/May/11
He looks 6ft to me. then again maybe he does not look 6'1.5 becuase he hangs around very tall chefs on a regular basis?
Ace said on 13/May/11
I was watching an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, and when Gordon enters the restaurant for the first time, the manager immediately states that he was intimidated by how tall Gordon was, followed by the mother citing that he was extremely tall as well. Although I don't think he is 6'2.5, it is clear that he isn't 6'0.5. 6 footers rarely get described as towering. He is definitely close to 6'2.
Somborac said on 12/May/11
He's 6ft EVEN.
Cranberries said on 8/May/11
6'1.5" looks taller than average people, significantly. Cooks are usually small to average in stature; 6'1"-6'2" sounds about right. Certainly is thick-set; he's got some sturdy legs and wrists. 215 lbs. maybe, he's fit too.
Somborac said on 8/May/11
6'2?! Are you kidding me? I'm 6ft with my shoes on & was eye-to-eye when I met him! He's 6ft even!
brooksy said on 7/May/11
Walked right past him last year at heathrow airport when I was in the UK, I'm 6 foot 1 and we were roughly about the same height.
James said on 28/Apr/11
6'0.5 (184cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Apr/11
xkon said on 8/Apr/11
Rob do you know if we can find the video where he is measured with the model?If not the name of the episode or the name of the model would be helpful too.

[Editor Rob: it's the F Word, episode with model Erin O'Connor I think.

She was 185cm on the stadiometer (I looked at the video and pretty much this looked bang on), but it wasn't as clear with Ramsey (who I believe was in footwear), Erin was the one who called out 6ft 2.5 when he was getting measured...]
James said on 5/Apr/11
Yeah but rob who knows Gordon could have been wearing 1.5 inche shoes. Ramsey does not look 6'1.5 or 6'2 at all to me.
James said on 4/Apr/11
rob what height did he get measured at on his show?

[Editor Rob: the model got measured first, then Ramsey who if I recall was 6ft 2.5 (at least that is what was said) but I believe this is shoes measurement.

I watched the clip when it was first brought up on here and to be fair, it looked a lot better than the van damme mum measurement!]
James said on 28/Mar/11
Okay maybe 183cm is too low. I think 185cm or 186cm could be on the money for Gordon.

Gordan Ramsey 6'1. (185cm)
Jeremy Clarkson 6'4.5 (194cm)

[Editor Rob: he did get measured on his show, the model got measured then Ramsay, although I think he still had his shoes on for it, we never saw his feet!]
James said on 27/Mar/11
I think he's 6'0. 6'2 is a joke.
Truth said on 19/Mar/11
Looked 4 inches shorter than jeremy clarkson
So id say 6Flat!!!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/11
Seems 6"1.75(187cm)
Somborac said on 9/Mar/11
Met him. Was eye-to-eye & I'm 6ft. Gordon Ramsay is 6FT, NO MORE, NO LESS.
Karina said on 9/Feb/11
I've heard about 6'1.5'' but I've never seen anyone as tall as him so it makes me not want to believe. I can't believe that everyone else is so much shorter
Shaun said on 7/Jan/11
Only looks about 1-1.5 inches taller than David Beckham in recent pics but I think he had sneakers on and Beckham boots. But what has this guy done to his hair/face? He's one of the last blokes who needs a hair transplant, surely?
m said on 30/Dec/10
Under 6'2? He always looked much taller than the participants of the cooking shows, I figured he was around 6'5. Maybe he did factor height into the program because he always seemed to be towering over the contestants and if he's really just over 6'1 I doubt that would happen.
Shaun said on 25/Dec/10
brapp says on 31/Oct/10
he clearly has massive insecuritites, and is very proud of being moderately tall. If you see him on his shows he's always shouting down at people. I bet he specifically picks mostly short, meek people to go on his programmes, and wears high shoes.

No, I don't think height is one off his insecurities, he's got nothing to feel insecure about in terms of height. He generally wears flat sneakers I've noticed.
Shaun said on 25/Dec/10
What makes it obvious to me that he is insecure/nervous is how on edge he always is when presenting. If you want him alosely he is seirously on edge and always looks like he needs to pee. He tends to dancing up and down when speaking and then he gets on with doing something. I think him being a workaholic helps takes his mind off things. He does look 6'1" though.

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