How tall is Gwendoline Christie ?

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Gwendoline Christie's height is 6ft 3in (191 cm)

British actress best known for playing Brienne of Tarth in HBO's Game of Thrones. Her agency lists her as standing 6ft 3 and weighing 168 pounds, a height which she herself has said: "I'm certainly really rather tall at 6 foot 3, and I've been this way since I was 14, but for years, women who are even 5 foot 10 have come up to me in the street and said, 'Oh, it's so nice to see a woman who is taller than me. I've always felt like a giant.'". She also said in Sfx: "many people can't see past my height, and it's been very difficult to be considered for parts simply because I'm six foot three." This photo is by Marco/Starfury, we had pretty similar footwear, under an inch.

5ft 8 Rob with Gwendoline
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ud191cm says on 14/Apr/14
Hey rob,
Her being equivalent to a 6'9 man is hilarious I think. Coz afterall she passes through the same doorways as 6'3 men do, ride in the same car etc. The only factor is when it comes to dresses, rest everything is same. Anyways If I stand facing her, I don't think her eyeleves would match mine, coz you come to the tip of her nose, whilst 173cm reaches around the middle of my mouth, a 5'9 guy reaches till the little under my nosetip. Bottomline, I think at worst she is 189.5cms tall.
176,2Tunman says on 12/Apr/14
That's what I thought,her head is actually smaller in reality.Rory's pic is an excellent proof,one would easily think his head is 11.5-12"which isn't even close.You said "Around 6'3",so 190 or 6'2.75" could be bang on in my opinion.Gabby Reece for instance,is an undisputable 6'3,she looked taller than Laird Hamilton in all pics I saw of them,although he's supposedly only 0.5" shorter.I think Gwendoline although very close to Sorbo would turn a hair shorter.6'3 is okay but you agree more likely 190 than 91?
[Editor Rob: it is harder to tell, I managed to see her beside a strong 6ft 2 friend and I didn't think she definitely looked right around that 6ft 3 zone.]
176,2Tunman says on 11/Apr/14
Rob,considering her head is still smaller than most 6'3 men heads would you say she's rather a weak 6'3? I'm not completely sure she would hit the mark,189,5-90 is still possible.
I'm surprised by the comments down,I mean it's not very rare to see a woman at that mark,within the last 5 years I met a good 18 women (10 Tunisians and 8 tourists) at that mark or over(15 of them wouldn't dip a mm under 6'3).
[Editor Rob: I was in the lobby of this event on the Friday when I saw her and thought at first she looked 189-90 range then at opening ceremony she looked on stage 6ft 3 and the next day next day from seeing her up close a few times and with other people, I think she'd measure right around that 6ft 3 mark. Her eyelevel is tilted down a fraction in most photos I watched...I think her head actually looks bigger in this photo than it is in person...this shot is similar to Lars Mikkelsen - the taller person's head is close to top of frame and there is a bit of extension distortion because of the wide angle lense and closeness of the 2 other pics that day (josef altin/esme bianco) in the full shot (I cropped them smaller size) there is about 9-10 inches above our heads, so not as much distortion...

for interest sake, here is a more pronounced example of the same photographer's wide angle and close shooting with Rory McCann (in my opinion he shoots a bit too close), you end up with extension distortion with Rory's head looking a couple more inches bigger than it really is: See Here.
Mario says on 11/Apr/14
Very tall woman. Uncommon but there are increasing numbers of women taller than 6ft. Heck, female volleyball players are generally 6ft plus these days.
Mid190s says on 9/Apr/14
She is lovely, Rob.
nick says on 9/Apr/14
A legit 6'3 woman midday is about the equivalent of a 6'9 man midday
Anon183cm says on 8/Apr/14
I think a woman 6'0 - 6'2 is equivalent to a guy who is 6'5 - 6'7 - rare, but you will see them often enough. I've come across a few women in this range, often when I go out there will be one or two women my height or taller. I can see why she'd have trouble getting roles though, just as a 6'8+ guy will have trouble getting a role which isn't a giant or a brute of some description.
Rhonda says on 8/Apr/14
Sam says on 8/Apr/14
They make Gwendoline seem bigger and bulkier I think on screen, she's actually quite svelte off-screen. I've got Gwendoline by 2 my experience any girl 5'9" or taller gets told they should be a model. Wow, KROC, a 6'5" girl is like a near 7 foot man, quite rare.
Brad says on 7/Apr/14
Glad I got her by 3". Nice Joe Montana-Al Pacino type signature. I hate those scribbles.
KROC says on 7/Apr/14
I dated a girl that was the same height as me once (6'5)... We were a very interesting couple
Sam says on 7/Apr/14
Great photo, love Christie's looks and her work in GOT. She seems talented enough to get work not necessarily based on her size.

I've met one or two 6'2"-6'3" range women and once dated a 6'1" woman, so she's less unprecedented to me.
lelman says on 7/Apr/14
Must be extremely awkward for her, having most average guys around... that level.

On a serious note, I don't think I've ever met a women over 6'0" in my life. Would she be the equivalent of like, a 6'8" guy?
[Editor Rob: I think that's probably the equivalent.]
tiny says on 7/Apr/14
Atlast a woman who is not afraid to reveal her real height & weight. At 6'3" & 168 lbs she is very tall and also very well built though personally I would have liked another 15 lbs on her skinny frame
VanillaIce says on 6/Apr/14
JESUS Christ i stand at a very Meager 5 ft 5 she could beat the S**t outta me!!
Alex 6ft 0 says on 6/Apr/14
At my job we have 2 very tall women. One 6'2 and the other 5'11-6'0. Aside from them I rarely see women that tall let alone 6'3.
Emmett says on 6/Apr/14
WOW! Tall and gorgeous. The tallest women I've ever seen who weren't pro basketball players were probably 6'1, maybe weak 6'2.
Lillo thomas says on 6/Apr/14
And she is very close to me height. Only 2 inches shorter . Huge woman.
Balrog says on 6/Apr/14
Yeah I knew she was a legit 6'3" Rob does this makes Waldau a legit 187cm?
the shredder says on 6/Apr/14
Damn she is hot for being 6'3 , my 5'6.25 would love to climb her legs :) .
Peyman says on 6/Apr/14
I think she is 190.5 at the absolute lowest & more like 193 out of bed. a real 7in difference should look like that.I've never seen a woman over 6ft 1in from what I remember, it's extremely rare.
taller than 97% of men !!!!!!!!
avi says on 5/Apr/14
She seems a bit pompous about being tall? Is this a charade to make us think she is really happy about it?
Sean.rt says on 5/Apr/14
Is she now the tallest woman on celeb heights that you have a photo with?
miko says on 5/Apr/14
She is huge, I saw 3 women in quick succession last week, two around the 6 foot 1 mark who just edged me out and one that looked close to 6'4, I was standing there shocked, it is weird to see women this tall.
James B says on 5/Apr/14
Massive women and gorgeous as well
Joshua says on 5/Apr/14
Rob my shoe is approximately 2cm in heel i wear 3cm insole am 175 barefoot. what do you reckon is my height with the shoe plus insole?
Hypado says on 5/Apr/14
Yes, very tall.

6ft 3in (191 cm)
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 5/Apr/14
She is a genuine solid 6ft 3 without a doubt shes very honest about her height as theres a lot of celebs out there who lie about their height shes definetly not one of them, i agree alex thats a solid 7 inch difference with rob she absolutely dwarfs him! lol big woman
Connor 184.5-185cm says on 5/Apr/14
Wow, oh my god im shocked shes huge! what a giantess she is and 6ft 3 is the equilavent to a 6ft 8 man! definetly extremely tall i would certainly feel short stood with her as im only 6ft 1/2! rob how rare in real life would it be to spot women of Gwendolines height? i bet you felt really puny stood with her!
Mathew says on 5/Apr/14
Based on the photo I think she's about my height, quite possibly a touch shorter but for argument's sake I'll say the same. About 6'3.25" in the morning and 6'2.5" at night. In person, does that seem about right Rob?
Andrea says on 5/Apr/14
Yeah, she does look near 6'3 ! Very tall woman! Rob, how tall was the tallest woman you ever met?
Lillo thomas says on 5/Apr/14
Wow this woman is huge ! She looks 6'3 next to rob.
Alex 6ft 0 says on 5/Apr/14
With a 9 inch head in length her eye level seems more than 4.5 inches. At first I thought maybe a 6 inch difference and she was nearer 6'2 but looking at it again I do see a 7 inch difference making her a solid 6'3
Maio says on 5/Apr/14
wow giant woman! 6ft3/191 cm seems accurate to me!
Chris says on 11/Mar/14
No, i meant, what is 9 inches range for you in terms of what dimensional unit you have in mind for this term.
Because sometimes you say 9 inches range and then in other cases "a little over 9 inch" and "about 9 inches".
According to the big G (no, not that one) 9 inches is 22.86 centimeters (i'm from Germany), so, does 23 cm fall into category "9 inches range", "a little over 9 inch", or "about 9 inches" for you?
As for my reasoning for being so obsessed with head sizes: I'm transgender (male to female), and i wasn't exactly blessed with a small head. This poses my greatest insecurity in transitioning. My body is pretty good and my face too, but i'm very insecure about my head size.
[Editor Rob: yes 9 inch think of 23cm and your own head isn't big for 182.]
Chris says on 10/Mar/14
Is 23 cm 9 inches range for you, Rob, or a little above 9 inch? What's the deviation for you in X inch range? 0,1 inches up and down max?
[Editor Rob: I think in 9-9.25 range if that is what you are talking about in the old comment you made?]
Chris says on 8/Mar/14
What would be her male equivalent height?
[Editor Rob: 6ft 8-9?]
176,2Tunman says on 6/Feb/14
Your ex wife was certainly a genuine person not to care about your height, genuine people wouldn't care being a head taller or shorter than somebody.
Height is an interesting subject to discuss but after all it's only a mark on a wall, no way should it rule your life or be a condition for loving somebody. My three cousins (girls) measure 172 177 and 174, they respectively married 169 174 and 175 men (Two were taller, one a fraction shorter)and seem to be very happy.They could have found rather easily guys in 180-88 range, but I'm not sure they would have been happier.
Emily says on 16/Dec/13
How long is her head? It looks small in the above photo, but here Click Here it looks big.
[Editor Rob: I had a look at a friends photo with her and I would say 9 inches range]
Sarah says on 28/Nov/13
She is very tall, but she is in proportion and doesn't look like a giant. 6'3".
Xerox says on 30/May/13
My Ex wife was a bit over 6ft 2in (188cm)and she was a knockout. With me being 5ft 9in she absolutely towered over me...especially when she wore her 4" heels and topped me by nine inches. The differences in our heights was the least of our problems in fact it wasn't a problem for either of us.

The only problem we actually had was the USMC and her belief that I loved the Marine Corps more than I did her. But in fairness the USMC eats up a lot of your life if you are a true believer.

The fact remains that not only did her height not intimidates or put me off it was exotic. A woman of that height, good looks and pleasant demeanor is actually one in 10,000. A rare flower.
amanda says on 4/May/13
And the confidence to wear heels! Loved Brienne in the books, and she is perfect in that role, acting and all!
Alex says on 16/Apr/13
@Tracey: I don't think any woman should feel uncomfortable for being 5'11''. It's a very unique and nice height. I know many women women who would give anything to have your height. A 6'3'' woman on the other hand... well, that's tougher but not impossible to handle and still be atttractive. As this lady proves.
Tracey says on 14/Apr/13
I'm a 5'11" women who didn't grow up comfortable with being tall - but am so inspired by her awesome attitude and confidence regarding her height. LOVE her in Game Of Thrones!!
little sue says on 27/Mar/13
She says in today's Metro she is 6ft 3 but I would say probably nearer 6ft 4 with her pictures with Coster-Waldau. I wonder what were the heights of her parents??
Sam says on 21/Mar/13
Yes if Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is 6'2" range (which he does seem to be compared to other actors, i.e. Paul Bettany, Sean Bean, etc.) Gwendoline is 6'3". She looks a few inches taller but is wearing heels.
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Balrog says on 13/Jan/13
It wouldn't surprise me if she's taller than 6'3''. She was clearly taller than Waldau who is a confirmed and legit 6'2'' man.
Jack says on 3/Jan/13
I think she's downgrading herself. 6'4.5" morning height would make her closer to 6'3.75" or so, which she definitely seems much closer to.
[Editor Rob: it's not impossible to shrink over an inch...when you are as tall as that.]
Doink says on 2/Jan/13
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Interview from 2008:

"I am 6'3" or 6'4 1/2", depending on when you measure me. My parents treated my height as a wonderful thing to be celebrated, but also normal. I love being tall as you literally look at life from a different perspective: it's easier to breeze through life's turmoils; there's more room to breathe."
kev says on 28/Jul/12
6ft 3


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