How tall is Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill's Height

6ft 0.5in (184 cm)

Jersey born Actor best known for playing Superman in Man of Steel/Batman vs Superman. Other notable film appearances include Immortals and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. On tv he can be seen in The Tudors.

Henry Cavill is over 6ft
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Mark said on 25/Aug/16
@Rory Cavill is standing further away from the camera. Regardless of the arm length, Cavill sometimes edges out or looks the same as Costner in some pictures. The arms makes Cavill look shorter, but Cavill hasn't looked under 6'0" at all with a lot of actors. He is least 184 cm or over it without footwear.
Rory said on 24/Aug/16
@Mark...look how much shorter Cavills arms are compared to Costner in that pic ! Costner literally looks like his arms are about half a foot longer.
Mark said on 24/Aug/16
a better shot with Cavill and Smith standing in the suicide squad premiere.

Click Here
Mark said on 24/Aug/16
keep in mind that Cavill's had disadvantage footwear.
Mark said on 24/Aug/16
James, Like Celebheights 6'1.5" said, Will Smith had an angle advantage in that shot.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 22/Aug/16
Will Smith has an angle advantage in that shot.
James said on 22/Aug/16
@Mark In the pic you posted Cavill is nearer the camera. He is 2 cm shorter than Smith.
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Mark said on 22/Aug/16
To put an end to the Will Smith having two inches over Cavill statement, Cavill and Will Smith are both standing much better than at the BvS premiere. This was at the Suicide Squad Premiere. (Their footwear doesn't look suspicious by any means.)

Click Here
Mark said on 22/Aug/16
@James, Here he edges out Kevin Costner or looks the same height in these pictures (granted in the second picture, Costner has his legs spread and Cavill is only slightly bending his kneels alittle bit.):

Click Here Click Here

Here, Cavill edges out Kellan Lutz in these three pictures (Actually I looked at the footwear again in the third picture zoomed in; Cavill isn't wearing straight up lifts as anyone claims it. if you look at it on the right side of Cavill's footwear in the THIRD picture, he doesn't appear to have a 1/2 heel more than Kellan's footwear):

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Cavill even looks the same with 6'1" Stephen Amell:

Click Here

Finally, Cavill here doesn't look anything under 6'1" and looks virtually 6'2" (Possibly 6'1.25" or 6'1.4") with 6'3.5" Michael Shannon:

Click Here

While he may or may not be 185 cm the whole day, Cavill is one of the few 184 cm actors who easily clears 185 cm in the morning unlike most pretend 6'0"-6'1" actors.
James said on 21/Aug/16
@Marl I haven't seen any evidence of Cavill being 185 cm. He looks 184 cm to me.
Mark said on 19/Aug/16
Not to mention Cavill is further away from the camera.
Mark said on 19/Aug/16
James you do realize that Cavill's had footwear disadvantage and he's slouching with 6'2" Will Smith.
James said on 18/Aug/16
Yep, he is 184 cm

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LoganNoll1996 said on 13/Aug/16
Character heights aren't always consistent, Sammy.It's like this in the comics, too. Starfire is listed as a towering 6 feet 4 inches in height. She should be close in height to Cyborg(6'6") and taller than Superman(6'3"). However, she's always drawn as being Dick Grayson's height(5'10") or shorter(5'4" - 5'6"). In some cases she's drawn as Wonder Woman's height(6'0") but this is only when she's in a comic with Wonder Woman or Donna Troy. If I remember correctly she was drawn as being 3 inches shorter than Superman(who she's supposed to be taller than) in one comic centered around the two of them.

Hopefully she's depicted as being 6'4" in the upcoming Rebirth series(barefoot height of course).

I do agree with Superman being too short in recent films. It just looks ridiculous due to him always being depicted as 6'3" range.
Tom B said on 12/Aug/16
I agree he should be upgraded to 6'0 3/4".
Mark said on 8/Aug/16
Sammy Derrick That's not Henry Cavill dude.

THIS IS HENRY CAVILL on the right of Stephen Amell -> Click Here
Allie said on 8/Aug/16
Sammy, out of the core 7 members of the JL, Martian Manhunter and Cyborg arealways taller. They were always drawn taller or tall and the handbooks say the artists intend for them to be around 6'7 (I think Cyborg maybe cause of his costume but his character did play college football before he became a superhero).

Also current WW is 6'0, and her newest Rebirth version is 6'2-3 with heels. In fact, the previous two actors who portrayed WW, were both taller than 5'9-10 Gadot. Gale and Palicki were both 5'11ish. Actually I think the tallest actresses for Diana, no portrayed actress has ever been 6'0 or taller..

Sorry just a big DC fan too. Grew up reading the mid 2000s and New 52 comics haha and I read a guidebook But it's been ages since I've opened it.
Sammy Derrick said on 7/Aug/16
This is just my opinion as a DC fanboy/Superman fan.I think that Henry is short considering that Superman is one of the tallest,if not THE TALLEST member of the justice league.
Ben Affleck(Batman)- 6'3
Ray Fisher(Cyborg)- 6'3
Jason Momoa(Aquaman)- 6'4
And while most of the characters(Batman,Wonder woman,Cyborg,Aquaman)are having taller actors playing them,Superman keeps getting portrayed by shorter actors...
Click Here
But what do I know I'm just a 5'8 guy.
Mark said on 7/Aug/16
Agreed, A upgrade to 6'0 3/4 would be nice because anything lower than 6ft is stupid.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 5/Aug/16
Bradley Cooper and Henry Cavill should both be upgraded to 6'0 3/4". Both can pass for 186-187 CM with impeccable posture, despite the fact that neither of them are (except out of bed).
Mark said on 5/Aug/16
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Mark said on 4/Aug/16
Cavill looks about the same with Stephen Amell

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Mark said on 2/Aug/16
Even if he claimed 6'1", Cavill would still look exactly like it or very close to it with Jason Momoa, Ben Affleck, Armie Hammer, and Kellan Lutz.
Sooperman said on 31/Jul/16
And now he has a TV counterpart exactly an inch shorter than him!
Tom B said on 30/Jul/16
To the people wondering whether he claims 6'0 or 6'1, he definitely claims 6'1. I've heard it from him before during Man of Steel interciews but in promotion for Batman vs Superman recently they asked what surprised him most about meeting Ben Affleck. Cavill said how tall Affleck was surprised him, and that being 6'1 he himself wasn't used to looking up at someone - or something like that. Sure the video is around somewhere. But def claims 6'1. He looks it to me, in the morning at the least.
Mark said on 30/Jul/16
I don't know the footwear advantage nor I do really see anyone slouching here, but here is Henry Cavill with Jason Momoa

Click Here
Mark said on 22/Jul/16
He didn't say he was a full 6'1" nor did he say he was a FOOT over 6 feet. Cavill only said he was only 'over six feet tall.'

I can buy a full 6'1" in the morning.
Johno said on 21/Jul/16
@Celebheights 6'1.5, if he claims 6'0 ----- that would be a good average for him.
Mark said on 21/Jul/16
Henry admitted that he was only slightly over 6 feet when he admitted he was doing acting for not just the art but the money is fantastic.
Editor Rob: I'm not sure, in the interview it was "I mean, traveling to New ZeaIand in economy, it sucks. Especially if you’re over six feet."
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 20/Jul/16
John Cena appears to be either a strong 184 CM or 185 CM in person (he definitely downplays his height), but I think that he would appear to be the same height as Henry Cavill if both stood up straight completely. I want to know if Henry Cavill claims to be 6'0" or 6'1"
Mark said on 19/Jul/16
Another legit 6'0.5" person is Chris Tucker (who I think is slightly above 6'1").

Rob, I don't know if you're reading this, but who would measure the tallest 6'0.5" of the 6'0.5"?

Henry Cavill (sometimes appears taller than Kellan Lutz and would be taller than Kellan Lutz. He came above Armie Hammer's eye level and can sometimes appear taller than Kevin Costner).
Kellan Lutz (sometimes appears taller than Cavill. Is taller than Robert Pattinson).
Chris Tucker (I saw him with Bradley Cooper and appears taller than him despite footwear disadvantage and disadvantage of posture. He came above Michael Jordan's eye level).
Chris Pine (he isn't under 6'0" by any means and looks taller than Jason and the looks the same with Kevin Costner).
John Cena (Can sometimes look taller and doesn't exaggerate his height. He isn't short next to the Undertaker, Randy Orton).
Editor Rob: Pine at times can look the more solid 184 guy, Tucker though is a mystery, sometimes he looks 6ft then up to 6ft 1.

I would put Cavill as very close to an even 6ft 1/2, Lutz isn't really much different though, they may well fall within a 1/4 inch range.
Mark said on 19/Jul/16
Wait a minute... Cavill is crossing his legs and slouching so much. Cooper has one kneel bent and has bigger foot wear in that same photo.

I notice that Cavill's eye level is still slightly higher than Cooper's eye level in that same photo. I'm going to say that Henry would give a taller impression than Cooper.
Mark said on 19/Jul/16
I'm sure Cavill would edge Cooper out considering that Cooper usually has larger footwear. Henry Cavill sometimes appears taller than Kellan Lutz while Bradley Cooper is noticeably shorter than Kellan Lutz.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jul/16
Bradley has bigger shoes. I think back to back they'd be close but maybe Cavill would have a slight edge
Johno said on 13/Jul/16
But eitherway, it would be quite interesting to see both Cavil and Cooper stand next to a legit 6'0.5 individual like Chris Pine, they are apparently meant to be the same height as him ...
Mark said on 11/Jul/16
In that photo, Cavill is actually crossing his legs, lowering himself much more and slouching more than Cooper.

I do think Cavill is taller if both stood up straight.
Johno said on 7/Jul/16
I don't believe Cavil is taller than Cooper.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 4/Jul/16
With Bradley Cooper:

Click Here

I wish that they were both standing up straight, but they look about the same.
Mark said on 3/Jul/16
Rob, how would you rate Cavill's Posture? I remember you saying that you did like Henry Cavill's posture.
Editor Rob: I don't know his personality, but his physical look and posture gives me a sense of a confident man.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 2/Jul/16
While I do believe that Henry Cavill is close to 6'1", I believe that while Henry Cavill is further away from the camera in the photos of him and Kellan Lutz, he's also standing between people which apparently improves posture. Therefore, it balanced out to a tie.
Mark said on 30/Jun/16
Alex, no. I believe Cavill is six feet and slightly above barefoot. Now I have the wingspan of a 6'0 person, yet I am actually 5'8.9" - 5'9.5". Judging people on frame is not the best idea until you actually measure that person.
Alex said on 30/Jun/16
Johno, Cavill doesn't look over 185-186 cm, IMHO can't be over 183 cm without shoes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jun/16
No more like 184-185cm barefoot and 187cm+ in shoes.
Johno said on 29/Jun/16
Alex, check him next to Eisenberg and he looks around 4.5-inches taller, pushing 5-inches.
Alex said on 27/Jun/16
his frame suggest an height around 182 cm barefoot, and a weak 185 cm with shoes. he have arms pretty to affleck he seems around 4 or 5 cm shorter..
Johnny said on 26/Jun/16
@Rob has he ever claimed his height? Because generally actors playing a superhero character claim their height.
Editor Rob: not heard a specific height from him.
Mark said on 22/Jun/16
I think 183 cm is Cavill's absolute lowest if he had a complete rough day. 184 cm would be his regular low. Now, 185 cm, Cavill clears in the morning easily.
Dmeyer said on 17/Jun/16
6ft 0,25 at very low 6ft 0,5 1pm
truth said on 15/Jun/16
Strong 6'0"/183 cm in the evening.
Mark said on 15/Jun/16
Celebheights 6'1.5

Will smith is a good inch taller than Henry Cavill even without the footwear advantage Will Smith had.
Mark said on 14/Jun/16
Rob, how tall is Cavill in this picture?

Click Here
Editor Rob: he can look in that 6ft 1 range, but I don't know if Costner is a few inches further away to make Henry look a cm or so taller.

Here was an alternative shot of Kevin and Henry
Mark said on 13/Jun/16
Celebheights 6'1.5" Again, Kellan doesn't actually really edge out Henry mainly because Kellan stands closer to the camera. Henry actually edges out Kellan in person when both are standing together in an equal angle.
grizz said on 12/Jun/16
For all you 6'1 people-I was shocked to see he was in movie Count of Monte Cristo! He was 19 years old and seemed shockingly short next to 6'1 Jim Caviezel. Like 5'11. Is it possible that he hasn't reached his full height at 19?
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 10/Jun/16
Even though he doesn't look near 6'1" by Kellan Lutz, he does look it by Will Smith and Ben Affleck (who are their listed heights in person) so I can't argue that he's anything below what he's listed at.
Mark said on 10/Jun/16
I also consider a upgrade to 6'0.75" if not 6'1"

Click Here
Mark said on 3/Jun/16
He can easily be 6'1" in the morning out of bed.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jun/16
He's close to 6ft1
Mark said on 23/May/16
I think it would be best if Rob met Cavill in person though it would be difficult for Rob to meet Cavill in person.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 22/May/16
Kellan Lutz is the same height as Ryan Lochte in about every photo (or slightly taller), and I don't know if I see Henry Cavill as being taller than Ryan Lochte. Henry Cavill would likely appear taller in a photo of the two, however.
Mark said on 22/May/16
Actually, now that I saw the pictures carefully, Cavill does actually edge out Lutz overall. If anyone would say Kellan edges out Henry in some photos, it's mainly because the pictures are in favor to the angle Kellan is standing. Again, Kellan is standing in the favor of the camera angle where Cavill is not close to the angle at all.

Johno, Don't automatically assume that Kellan is exactly the same height as Cavill. The reason why I chose that other picture where Cavill edges out Lutz is because they're both standing straight with neither of them on the favored angle of the camera.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 19/May/16
How much height would you guess that Henry Cavill loses throughout the day? I'd wager 2 CM.
Editor Rob: that is likely
Johno said on 19/May/16
Yeh true Rob and i do see Lutz and Cavil very close in height but Lutz looked taller than Bradley Cooper when they met and i find it hard to believe Cavil would be taller than Bradley Cooper but i can reluctantly see them at the same height. I got a rough idea of Lutz's height range and i think he would average close to your listing of him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/May/16
No Cavill isn't at all. I think Cavill is near 6ft1.
Mark said on 18/May/16
Considering that Cavill appears taller with 6'0" and some actual 6'1" people along the fact that he holds well with 6'2.25" and 6'3" guys along with the fact that he comes above the eye level of a 6'4.5" despite the latter having footwear advantages, Cavill easily clears 6'1" in the morning and could measure 6'1.25" in the morning max.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 17/May/16
Rob, who do you think would measure taller? Kellan Lutz or Henry Cavill? Kellan Lutz appears to be at least the same height as Henry Cavill in my opinion.
Editor Rob: I think with height, there are fractions that can be accounted for and fractions which we can't account for.
What if one shrinks 1.1 inch, the other 0.7 inch...or one guy has been having a 3pm nap in his hotel.

For Lutz/Cavill I'd say they may well be within that 1/4 inch range, but overall I would say Henry had a better chance of 6ft 0.5 range than Lutz.
Johan said on 17/May/16
Cavill isn't insecure at all. He just has excellent posture which to me shows confidence . Ofc you can overdo that as well like Vin Diesel but in most cases I think its a positive thing.

Im sure if we met we would be very similar. 1cm is nothing, we also have similar build im just lacking the handsome face:)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/May/16
@Truth: Cooper thinks he's 6ft2, so I think the question is "who is more insecure?"

Cavill looks a big 6ft1 w/h Chris Evans (A fraction under 6ft most likely) and just under 6ft2 w/h Michael Shannon
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/May/16
@Truth: Cooper thinks he's 6ft2, so I think the question is "who is more insecure?"

Cavill looks a big 6ft1 w/h Chris Evans (A fraction under 6ft most likely)
Elias said on 16/May/16
@Celebheights 6'1.5 , it's Matt Bomer in your pic and he is listed at 5ft 11 here. But I agree that Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer are like twins though ;)
Truth said on 15/May/16
Who wants to be 6'1" more, Cavill or Cooper lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/May/16
Cavill looks 1in taller than Mark Strong!
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 13/May/16
I think that Kellan Lutz needs an upgrade to 6'0 1/2" at least. He's at worst tied with Henry Cavill.
Mark said on 13/May/16
Rob, do you think you could meet Cavill in person to determine his real height, or is 186/184 cm or 185/183 cm enough to determine how tall he really is?
Editor Rob: I'd love to, but I don't know if he'll ever do the kind of events I go to...
Mark said on 13/May/16
@Celebheights 6'1.5 The times Kellan appeared taller was when the camera lens were distorted.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 12/May/16
@Mark Henry Cavill appears taller than Kellan Lutz in some photos, just as Kellan Lutz edges him out in others. They're likely the same height.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 12/May/16
By Channing Tatum who could be a full 6'1":

Click Here

They are the same height.
Mark said on 12/May/16
MrBoots A hair under 6'1" is the lowest he would measure. Slightly over 6'1" is the highest I can give him considering he virtually looks 6'2" with 6'3.5" Michael Shannon.

He's edges out Kellan Lutz, sometimes look taller than Kevin Costner when Costner isn't wearing Cowboys shoes. Cavil safely comes above Hammer eye level despite Armie having a footwear advantage.
MrBoots said on 10/May/16
If Jim Caviezel is 6'2", Cavill is just a hair under 6'1" then. They looked very close in height in the Count of Monte Cristo. He also looked to have a few inches on 5'10" Guy Pearce. I think his proportions make - shorter arms - make him look shorter than he is. Easily had a half in on Chris Evans when they co-presented at the Oscars.
Mark said on 8/May/16
I don't know why, but Henry stands slightly taller and edges 6'1.5" Mark Strong in this picture...

Click Here

Probably Mark Strong has terrible posture and Cavill has a footwear advantage.
Mark said on 8/May/16
I think 6'1.5" might be a bit too high for Cavill, but it's still possible. Full 6'1", Cavill clears easily and is likely 6'1.25" in the morning.

It's up to you, Rob. That's just how I see it.
Mark said on 5/May/16
Rob, do you mean ship like Cavill could shrink a full inch or do you mean like can clear a full 6'1" in the morning?
Editor Rob: I'm sure he is over 6ft 1 morning...a good chance he could be near 6ft 1.5 if he shrink an inch. But as I say, there are some who would shrink 1 inch, others 0.75, some 1.25, and some 0.5 inch...

the average though is more 0.75
Mark said on 3/May/16
Rob, I know I've been asking too much, but do you think Cavill can appear just 6'1" in the morning or could he look a fraction over 6'1" in the morning?
Editor Rob: really depends how much he shrinks, some guys like him could ship a full inch easily, others might be only 0.7 inch...
Mark said on 2/May/16
Plus, I only see a 1-2 inch difference between Cavill and Shannon. Shannon is listed as 6'3.5' here.
Mark said on 2/May/16
Crane, if that were true, he would not come above armie hammer's eye level which he does. armie has the footwear advantage yet Cavill comes above his eye level a lot.

186/184 cm would suit Cavill with a possible chance of 186.5/184.5 since he edges out Kellan Lutz and can sometimes look taller than Kevin Costner.
Crane said on 1/May/16
183 - 183.5 that what he looks in all of his movies.
Mark said on 29/Apr/16
I'm surprised Jourdan downgrades her height.
Mark said on 29/Apr/16
The only time Kevin Costner edged Henry Cavill out was when Costner was wearing Cowboys shoes while Henry was only wearing regular shoes.
Allie said on 28/Apr/16
She was wearing heels obviously. I don't know how big But considering how Jourdan gets listed as low as 5'10, I don't think someone 5'10 would look thst tall next to someone 6'1-2 in dress shoes probably assuming her heels aren't say Lady Gaga crazy.
Peter175 said on 28/Apr/16
Rob, what would be your guess for Zack Synder, the Director of BvS if you had to choose?
After looking through his pictures he looks to be the 5'7" he is listed as or maybe a bit like 171/172
Editor Rob: he pretty much looks in that 5ft 7 range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/16
The only time I'd say he looked more like a 6ft flat guy is beside Kevin Costner who did edge him out. That pretty much invalidates 6ft1 for him. But then again he pulls it off easily with other actors who are taller or shorter...strange
Mark said on 26/Apr/16
Jourdan Dunn might have been wearing some serious lifts with Henry Cavill.
Allie said on 24/Apr/16
I'm actually stsrting to believe Jourdan Dunn's 6'0 claim after looking at pictures of her with Henry.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Apr/16
"Henry Cavill's height is 6ft 0¾in (184.785cm)"

I never said he was a full 6ft1, although I think he can look over it in pictures! He looks virtually 6ft2 w/h Michael Shannon and his shoes don't look suspicious at all. Looked over 1in taller than Luke Evans (listed 6ft but might be a bit less) and edged out Kellan Lutz (listed 6ft0¼). I think almost 187cm straight out of bed is very possible. He looks safely above 6ft flat and on his way to 6ft1, not barely 6ft like some people here think. 184-185cm is more likely than 183-184cm. There's not quite a full 2in between him and Affleck when they both stand at their tallest...
Johan said on 16/Apr/16
I would have said he maybe looks 6'0.25" there next to Kimmel but then we don't see the full shot. Kimmel is noticeably shorter with better posture and who knows what he is wearing. I would just keep him at 184cm. He holds up well next to a solid 6'2" guy.
Dmeyer said on 15/Apr/16
Rob looking at him with kimmel And Affleck And evens even considering footwear its hard to see him over 184cm And 183-183,5cm is à very big possibility 184,5-185cm is very unlikely
Mark said on 14/Apr/16
186 cm / 184 cm seems more of a reasonable possibility.
BT said on 13/Apr/16
I'd say somewhere between E and D. Nearer 6'0.25 than 6'0.75.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Apr/16
I'd have gone with C with a remote chance of B.
Mark said on 10/Apr/16
187 cm? that's stretching abit too far. With Superman gear, he's that height or he could be 188 cm WITH Superman gear. Now 185 cm? Cavill clears that easily in the morning without the superman gear and can measure more 186 cm than 185 cm without the superman gear. 184 cm might actually be Cavill's lowest at night.

He's taller than Kellan Lutz on the picture I sent. The times Kellan looked taller is when the camera lens were distored and the camera angle was off by alot. With a more equal camera position and nearly equal posture, Henry is taller than Kellan. Cavill comes above Armie Hammer's eye level despite Hammer having a footwear advantage. Cavill is at most 1.5 inches shorter than Affleck and could be at an inch or less shorter than Affleck. There's no question that Cavill is taller than Luke Evans, Chris Evans, and Miles Teller.
Mark said on 10/Apr/16
187 might be abit too high for Cavill. However, He easily clears 185 cms in the morning. He's more like 186 cm / 184 cm like Rob stated.
Jame said on 10/Apr/16
Maybe his height is 183-184 cm in nighg
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Apr/16
Rob, which of these would Henry get from you?

A) 187.5cm/185.5cm
B) 187cm/185cm
C) 186.5cm/184.5cm
D) 186cm/184cm
E) 185.5cm/183.5cm
Editor Rob: stick with D, chance of C..., I would say A-B are too high.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Apr/16
He could be near 187cm out of bed...
Elias said on 8/Apr/16
Henry Cavill is not under 184.5 cm . He is anywhere between 184.5 cm - 187cm, and he looks 186 cm a lot
Dude said on 8/Apr/16
Cavill's 6'1, Affleck's 6'3
Dude said on 8/Apr/16
Cavill's 6'1, Affleck's 6'3
Azulon said on 8/Apr/16
he is 6 ft
Johno said on 8/Apr/16
He is only partially taller than Jimmy Kemmel, who himself is partially shorter than Jimmy Fallon.

In terms of proportions, Cavil along with Hugh Jackman have the best proportions and build and size, for any actor out there and ideal for most men.
Dejavu said on 7/Apr/16
If he is 5'11.5 we should be downgrading alot of actors. Russell Crowe will be 5'9 and Chris Evans probably 5'11 tops.
Johno said on 6/Apr/16
Is between 4-5 inches taller than 5'7 listed Director Zack Snyder as pictures demonstrate.
Johno said on 4/Apr/16
I think i'll go one more state what i believe his morning and evening heights are.

6'0.25 -- 5'11.5; i believe he can be as low as 5'11.5 late in the day. Will Smith has a bit to much height on him.
Johno said on 4/Apr/16
@Knappstern; i would probably classify myself as a Nerd but with a Napoleon Syndrome? I don't believe i have, i am currently wearing shoes that are 0.7-inches thick and i wear similar footwear throughout the year and 2 days was wearing a pair of suedes 0.2-inches thick so i don't really i suffer from any insecurities but everyone does to some extent. I would be considered a large guy i believe but that really doesn't matter when i placing my estimates. "Offending him?" ---- really?

Rampage, the fact that i put down ranges rather than constants alludes to the point that i don't put down facts but rather opinions so your statement is pretty ironic. Arch is personality is there right down below, you can judge it, my response is more of a defensive.

I do often see height cynics on the defensive rather than offensive. I respect some opinions more than others and this is clear. Stick to height estimates rather than politics and on that note, i believe Cavil is a weak-6'0 rather than strong 6-footer.
Jack said on 3/Apr/16
With lifts he stands 188cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Apr/16
Rob, which would you go for?

A) 187cm/185cm
B) 186.5cm/184.5cm
C) 186cm/184cm
D) 185.5cm/183.5cm
E) 185cm/183cm
Editor Rob: stick with C range, possibly a nibble above. I'd rule out E and A.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Apr/16
Well, Johno your posts come across as more matter-of-factly rather than opinions. I for one like Archs opinions, they're very insightful. He posts a lot but he's respectful unlike you.
Mark said on 2/Apr/16
I don't see the 2 inches difference between Henry and Ben in that recent picture SomeGuy posted. I could buy that Henry could definitely pass for 6'0.75" even if he isn't a full 6'1" person.
lelman said on 1/Apr/16
This listing is bang on, he is definitely somewhere between 6ft and 6ft 1
Knappstern said on 1/Apr/16
@Johno you're a liar and an unpolite person. I've got only one nickname and I'm starting to think you're a frustrated nerd with Napoleon Syndrome. When you tell that you follows Rob rules you're offending him because it's not true and we all know that everyone's height cannot be measured with exact precision just by sight. So please stop breaking our balls and find another hobby!! Hast du verstanden? Aufwiedersehen & Goodbye!!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Apr/16
I think 184.5cm at night and you could argue 6ft0¾ for him. Out of bed, he easily hits 186.5-187cm. He really looks no more than 4cm shorter than Affleck.
Jake said on 1/Apr/16
1.83 m
datguy said on 29/Mar/16
both henry cavill and ben affleck seemed to be perfectly listed here
Dmeyer said on 29/Mar/16
Wouldnt be shoked if he was 183,5cm night
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Mar/16
Once again, looks a solid 185cm to Affleck's 189cm.
MAO said on 29/Mar/16
Ben Affleck 2 ınch taller than Cavill, Cavil is 6 ft
Dejavu said on 29/Mar/16
Its not possible that Henry Cavill is under 6'0. He looks at least 6'0.
Johno said on 28/Mar/16
And readers don't mind Arch Stanton; he suffers from a multiple personality disorder and is currently under his typical form but he does carnate as other forms and he does not actually believe in the estimates he spews; remember, you can accuse height cynics of feeling threatened but remember ---- the deflators actually believe in what they say but shills or inflators such as Arch don't believe in what they estimate rather, they are corrupt and not sincere and i believe should not take their estimates seriously. You offer any viable estimate differing from theirs and they take offense; your basically hindering their job.

So tell me Arch, what do you think of the Will Smith comparisons? Think Cavil is a strong 6'0? I would not question stadiometer measurements but i think you would pictures Arch, say ----- You still believe Joe Manganiello looks near 6'5 with Rob Arch?

I don't believe any reader should take any other reader's opinion as fact but rather as a opinion or a baseline but some opinions you should take as more valid than others.

Henry does look more than an inch shorter than Cavil and we cannot deny that.

Smith 6'0.75, 6'1
Cavil 1-inch+ shorter than Smith
SomeGuy said on 28/Mar/16
Full image of Cavill and Affleck: Click Here
Peter175 said on 27/Mar/16
Rob, how tall do you figure the director of BvS Zack Synder is? He is listed at 170, but I think he's a bit below that. Maybe 168 range?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: he could be nearer 170cm than 168cm, I think that might be too low.
Johno said on 27/Mar/16
Click Here

Another angle from the same event and even with lean, Smith looks about 1.5 inches taller than Cavil and would be closer to 2 inches if fully straightened however, Smith's shoes do look 1/3- 0.5 inches thicker than Cavil's thus the height difference is between 1-1.5 inches most probably.

Will Smith 6'0.75, 6'1
Henry Cavil, 1-1.5 inches shorter than Smith
Johno said on 27/Mar/16
Knappersten you sound like a serial Name-changer on this site; stop changing and stop trolling. Explain the Will Smith comparisons and then talk.
Johno said on 27/Mar/16
Taking those pictures as tbey are Dejavu, Will looks around 1.5 inches taller than Cavil and that is with him Will leaning; straightening it up would be around 2 inches but Will's footwear looks thicker.

I would say Will has around 2 inches on Cavil and that gives you a good clue about Cavil's height.

Will Smith 6'0.75, 6'1
Mark said on 27/Mar/16
Dejavu. Will Smith did have a footwear advantage over Cavill. Will Smith is still taller, but Cavill isn't that much shorter. Henry could also pass for a 6'1" in the morning or on a good day.
184.3cm (Night) said on 27/Mar/16
Smith looks like he could pass for 6ft 2 there. If he straightens out in that pic with affleck although i think he has more footwear than Cavilll for sure. Puts to bed the under 6'1" claims for Smith anyway.
Andrea said on 26/Mar/16
He doesn't look much different than Kellan in photos... Bear in mind that Henry is a guy who has got a perfect posture in almost every photos and sometimes he even raises his eyelevel so he can look taller than he is!
Arch Stanton said on 26/Mar/16
I'm 99% sure Rob employs Johno to entertain the guests as a jester. ;-) He has issues that guy, even if a celeb had been measured on a stadiometer with evidence he'd still be knocking off 1-2 inches!
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 25/Mar/16
With Will Smith:

Click Here

Click Here

The footwear:

Click Here

I've seen photos where Henry Cavill appears taller, and others where Will Smith appears to be taller, so there can't be as much as a full inch between them. Maybe Will Smith edges him out by 1 CM?
Dejavu said on 25/Mar/16
I think Rob did a good job with his listing. He looks around an inch shorter than Will smith and could look up to 2 inches shorter than Ben Affleck in the new premiere photos.

Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: Cavill is probably in normal 2cm shoes at this event. I did look through and I think Smith if standing with good posture will be an inch taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Mar/16
Looks 186cm w/h Kellan Lutz
184.9 on a bad day said on 23/Mar/16
Seems a inch shorter than will smith
Knappstern said on 23/Mar/16
Johno sounds like a serial hater in this site....he's ridicolous.
I don't need to downsize other people without a reason just to feel me better!!
MD said on 23/Mar/16
There seem to be so few really good shots of him with Ben Affleck during recent premieres of their movie. I'll add the best ones I can find where they are standing about as close next to one another. The problem is usually one standing in front or behind the other slightly, or not standing side by side, or the angle is off/weird. Henry almost always has impeccable posture on the red carpets (and a consisten pose he almost always eems to do). Anyway...

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
SomeGuy said on 23/Mar/16
Take a look at this image Rob: Click Here

Cavill and Affleck are on equal ground, wearing similar footwear, and are both standing tall. I see no more than 1.5 inch difference between them.

What do you think?
Editor Rob: there didn't look more than 4cm between them, but ben has what looks a 3/4 inch heel at most, I think henry's might be a little thicker.
MD said on 21/Mar/16
With 5'11"(ish) Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel looks to be losing a tiny bit of height whereas Henry is standing his usual ramrod straight:

Click Here
Mark said on 15/Mar/16
Johno I wouldn't so sure.

Here, the camera position is equal and Henry is on the back, yet he's still taller than Kellan Lutz.

Click Here
189 cm man said on 15/Mar/16
183-184 range
MD said on 15/Mar/16
The angle is still difficult on those face-to-faces as they are shot upwards, which adds quite a bit of distortion.
Sam said on 14/Mar/16
Michael Shannon I would say looks anywhere from 2 to 2.75 inches taller than Cavill most of the time, Cavill normally carries himself with great posture.
mark said on 13/Mar/16
he claimed that he is over 6 feet! while talking about his way of travelling
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Mar/16
Costner isn't standing at his tallest in that picture
joe @@ said on 13/Mar/16
Kevin Costner It seems to look 5'11.5 nowadays
Mark said on 12/Mar/16
In the Beijing tour, Henry Cavill is only like an inch or half an inch shorter than Ben Affleck. Do you think Cavill can pull of a 6'1" sometimes compared to most tall actors?

Click Here
The Last Son said on 11/Mar/16
New picture of Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck standing face to face

Click Here
Mark said on 10/Mar/16
Him with Kevin Costner. Click Here
Johno said on 9/Mar/16
Shorter then Kellan Lutz who looked around 5'11.75 with Rob and Jenny but you could give 6'0 for the sake of argument and Henry would still be a 5'11-ranger.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Mar/16
Rob, how tall would you say he looks with Michael Shannon?

Click Here
Editor Rob: he can appear near 6ft 1
Mark said on 7/Mar/16
Now that I saw SomeGuy's pictures of Henry being nearly the same height as Ben Affleck with similar footwear, I think Henry needs a upgrade. I think 6'0.75" would be better. He's above Armie Hammer's eye level despite Armie having footwear advantages.

Ben does have a big head though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Mar/16
He looked 6ft1½ range beside Michael Shannon.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Mar/16
I think 6ft0¾ is better for Cavill. That and you could argue 5ft11½-5ft11¾ range for Chris Evans.
Rey said on 6/Mar/16
@ Burt said on 12/Dec/15
Christopher Reeve had an arm wingspan for a man near 6'7" your theory does not apply to a man near the 6' 3"-6-4" range.
Johno said on 4/Mar/16
Taller then Chris Evans.

5'11, 5'11.25
SomeGuy said on 1/Mar/16
Cavill and Affleck standing across each other: Click Here
The floor they're standing on and shoes they're wearing: Click Here

Rob would it be fair to upgrade Cavill to Jon Hamm's listing?
Editor Rob: I still think a decent 184 is ok for Henry.
moe said on 29/Feb/16
It looks like Cavill is wearing lifts in the movie. He looked pretty close to Ben Affleck in the Kimmel video last night, but in the actual trailer he was significantly shorter.
Mark said on 29/Feb/16
He seems to have half an inch on Jeremy Irons in this picture. Rob, Is it possible that Jeremy doesn't have as a good posture as Henry?

Click Here
Editor Rob: he may not have as good posture, but it looks like the camera angle might be favouring objects on the left and there is a fall off to Irons side.
SomeGuy said on 29/Feb/16
Rob would you say there's a 5 cm difference here?: Click Here
Editor Rob: in that gif, no more than 4cm
Rey said on 21/Feb/16
@SomeGuy Evans has some major heel wear when standing next to Cavill. And Cavill is still taller.
sfs324 said on 17/Feb/16
Rob any comments on this picture? Click Here Know he's leaning but he's getting dwarfed by someone who is only 2 inches taller than him..
Editor Rob: I'm sure there are many more photos of them standing better and closer in height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Feb/16
He looks 6ft1 range more often than just 6ft so anything less than this height is hard to believe.
gpm said on 11/Feb/16
Saw his actual superman costume at warner brothers studio tour (I asked a tour guide). He appeared to be about 5'10" from what I saw.
1.81 cm guy said on 7/Feb/16
he is morning 1.85 and night he is 183
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 30/Jan/16
Henry Cavill is clearly taller than Chris Evans.
SomeGuy said on 29/Jan/16
Rob I don't think Cavill has any footwear advantage over Affleck in the image I posted.

Cavill was wearing regular dress shoes: Click Here
Affleck was wearing boots: Click Here
Editor Rob: oh, I was looking at the other comic con photo
SomeGuy said on 29/Jan/16
Rob Cavill being taller than Evans should not up for debate: Click Here

That picture was taken at same time as the one you posted only from a different angle. They are both standing straight, we know their footwear is similar and the ground they're standing on is even.

Caill is taller that Evans.
Jim Hopper said on 27/Jan/16
No chance hes over 6-0. Shorter than chris evans at that award night thing. 5-11.5" max
Editor Rob: I'm not so sure, Full length and Cavill with slightly less footwear. I'd be surprised if Evans really was taller than Henry.
SomeGuy said on 26/Jan/16
Hey Rob what do think is causing Cavill and Affleck to look so similar in height?:
Click Here

Also would you say Cavill has an unusually long neck?
Editor Rob: I think there could be a 1cm footwear advantage to Henry and maybe the lens effect of objects on the right in that photo being slightly smaller.
Al said on 11/Jan/16
Hi Nicole, look at the pictures of Ben Affleck and Obama. There is less than
inch difference.
Allie said on 11/Jan/16
Nicole if in your opinion Affleck being 6'1.5 is comical then Cavill in my opinion being under 6 ft is laughable as well. Other wise Affleck's only 6'1 as he's only 2 inches around shorter. He's around inch shorter than claimed 6'1.5 Elizabeth I forgot her last name while they looked they one inch or so footwear (Elizabeth's heels looked really small).

I think Cavill can look somewhere in the 6'0-0.5 range. He looks 6 ft flat sometimes but sometimes gives an impression of being near 6'1. As for Affleck I'd say he's 6'2 range but 6'3 and 4 that he's been listed is too high.
Nicole said on 11/Jan/16
Sorry but, Affleck being 6'1/2 ft is comical. He's been onscreen and red carpets for 20+ years and consistently towers over anyone around him, unlike actors like Cavill and the like who's height differentiates with different shoes. I don't think Affleck's any taller than a weak 6'3 ft but, there's no way he's shorter than 6'2 ft.

As far as Cavill, I think he's 5'11. He wears elevators and seems to have unusually short arms and small hands for his height; which leads me to think he's shorter than the 6'1 he claims.
MadMax said on 9/Jan/16
@AI....Man, you got it totally RIGHT!!! Finally, someone noticed the real deal about those lift-wear dudes like Cavill and, sometimes, Affleck as well( even though, i believe that he is no more than 186cm barefoot, standing over a stadiometer)
Al said on 7/Jan/16
Henry Cavill is about 5'11. His arms look shorter because he wears lifts to
be taller. Ben Affleck is 6'1.5 max not 189cm. Brandon Routh is like 189-190cm and
he is definitely taller than Affleck.
MD said on 4/Jan/16
Are there are other photos that show how short his arms are? I have to admit that at least in the photo above and now that you say it they do look a bit short, but they don't look unusually short to me (and I have very long arms for my height).
John said on 1/Jan/16
Cavill just has short arms for his height, he's a 6'0" guy with arm length of an average 5'7" or 5'8" man.
Idk said on 30/Dec/15
After watching preview of new superman v batman movie I think cavill is wearing lifts or clever camera work at play because he looked very close to Afflecks height in most shots. Strange considering he has 2 inches on cavill
Wisgspan Guy said on 30/Dec/15
@Burt, My height is 185cm and my wingspan is 191cm. Is it normal?
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 19/Dec/15
@Burt Not everybody's wingspan is the same as their height is. I have a friend who is my height that has a much shorter wingspan as mine.
Dejavu said on 18/Dec/15
If he is under 6'0 Russell Crowe is probably in the 5'9 range
Allie said on 17/Dec/15
Burt that's absurd. If you think every tall person must have body parts in proportion to their height you're crazy.
MD said on 14/Dec/15
@Burt, that is a crazy theory, and in this example, it couldn't be any less crazy.
jtm said on 13/Dec/15
that 6'1 guy is also slouching. if they are wearing similar footwear and the ground is even then cavill is under 6'0 which i think he is.
Burt said on 12/Dec/15
I'm an artist with a lot of experience drawing people. You can often tell if someone is lying about his height by looking at the length of his arms. With some exceptions, tall people tend to have arms to look long. When you look at photos of Henry playing superman you will notice that his arms appear rather stubby. Some might claim this is due to being 'bulked up' but I disagree. If I had to guess I would bet money that Henry is under 5' 10" max and wears risers in his shoes to put him closer to 6'.
Mark said on 10/Dec/15
Henry's only leaning on to the 6'1". His legs aren't standing straight and he's tilling his head.
Mark said on 10/Dec/15
Patrick, Henry is slouching alot on that picture you just showed. He's not standing straight. He's leaning on to the guy.
Patrick said on 5/Dec/15
How do you guys explain this? The guy on the left, WHO I KNOW, is 6'1". Click Here
SomeGuy said on 5/Dec/15
Rob in this shot Cavill looks the same height as Affleck:

Click Here

They must have made him wear lifts right?
Editor Rob: could be just the lense/position of the people, in that trailer I'm sure he was looking up to ben. Sometimes certain lenses can create pincushion or barrel distortion.
TJE said on 18/Nov/15
6'0.75 is likelier that 6'0.25.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Nov/15
That's about 3in I think. Still that puts Cavill at 186-187cm next to the big 194-195cm Hammer
Allie said on 8/Nov/15
That is not one inch.. Minimum 2 Inches difference.
Chris said on 4/Nov/15
He looks 1-2" shorter than Armie Hammer.

Click Here
Sammy Derrick said on 27/Oct/15
In the movie,The Man From U.N.C.L.E, his character Napoleon Solo is 6'3 in a mug shot,but in his file which is shown during the credits,HEIGHT:6'1 WEIGHT:231lbs EYES:Blues.
Jim Hopper said on 9/Oct/15
Id say 6-0" no more
Dejavu said on 8/Oct/15
Agreed Ben Affleck looks 6'2.5 next to Cavill.
Dmeyer said on 3/Oct/15
Also when in equal posture looks just 4 maybe 4.5cm over crowe 178.5-9cm 6'0.25 is closer for henry
Dmeyer said on 3/Oct/15
Rob in several shots he looks 2in under affleck while ben has a solid 0.25in léss shoes wish indicates 5-6cm diferance so is 6'0-0.25 possible for henry , if he was 6'0.5 plus 0.25 more shoe and good posture he should look Max 1.25in smaller
[Editor Rob: yeah, Affleck can look 189 with Cavill at times, maybe he caught Ben with decent times Ben actually doesn't look like he's standing as tall as he might.]
167.6cm at night said on 22/Sep/15
Do you think he wears lifts he looks a lot taller than 179cm Russell Crowe if you look up the photos
[Editor Rob: don't know about lifts but he has a taller natural standing height than others, so maybe boosting his height a little in that manner.]
Judd ISR said on 16/Sep/15
Dejavu, actually in the first picture you posted it seems that there're less than 2" between they, while in the second the prospective of the photographer is not good, so you might follow the behind lines and then you can see that among Affleck and Cavill there're not more than 1,5"!

However rob i'm a bit confused by this guy...sometimes he does look 6'0.25" while others more 6'0.75"...
For example with Nolan he does look 6'0.75-1", considering Nolan is an honest 5'11.25" guy!
Definitely 6'0.5" is a good listing IMO!
6ft 4 dude said on 8/Sep/15
This guy have a body frame of a 5ft 11 person, it´s weird. But my guess is that he is 6 ft (183cm) flat.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Sep/15
Rob, how likely is a full 6ft1?
[Editor Rob: I'm not convinced he'd be that mark for most of a day, I think his great posture can help him appear near it with many people.]
Dejavu said on 6/Sep/15
He doesn't really look over 6'0 if Ben Affleck is 6'2 max as some says. He looks 2 inches shorter than Ben in those comic con photos.

Click Here
Click Here
The Last Son said on 1/Sep/15

How can he be 6'0 when the pictures show that he's taller than every 6'0 actor who stood next to him?
Dejavu said on 28/Aug/15
If ben affleck is as listed I do think he is 6'0 but not over
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 27/Aug/15
No way does he struggle to appear only 6'0" with Arnie Hammer. He looks to be 184-185 by him (considering that Cavill is above is eye level)
Rey said on 22/Aug/15
Henry had some moments when he looked like Christopher Reeve, but the last scene at The Daily Planet, with the glasses and toothy smile...was very close to Tom Welling's Clark Kent from Smallville. Anybody agree?
Dejavu said on 21/Aug/15
At times he can only look 6'0 but also 6'1.
Balrog said on 17/Aug/15
Hammer's eyelevel is probably 6'0"
JustAThough said on 17/Aug/15
Hm, if Armie Hammer's eye level is clearly at 6' as can be seen here: Click Here and Henry clearly comes above his eye level about an inch here: Click Here , I'd say he's closer to 6'1, wouldn't you say Rob? Either way, close call.
[Editor Rob: there looks 3.5 inches maybe in that photo]
Height183 said on 16/Aug/15
Rob, do you think Cavill and John Cena would measure exactly the same on the Stadiometer?

If you had to give the edge to someone, who would it be?
[Editor Rob: give or take a small fraction, I think they'd be reasonably close]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Aug/15
I think he's 184cm range at his absolute low (i.e. 184.4cm).
Triplescrew said on 16/Aug/15
If Armie's eye level is around 5'11.5" then Cavill easily clears 6 foot. Rob's listing makes sense.
184.9 on a bad day said on 15/Aug/15
I think @joe is spot on, Stephen maybe measure just like me, more than 6ft 0.75 but less than 6ft 1 I'm 185.1- 185.2 at night, and Cavill is close as possible to 6ft 0.5 something like 183.9 -184.3
joe said on 13/Aug/15
cavill 6'0.5-75
Amell 6'0.75-6'1
Height183 said on 13/Aug/15
Looks close enough to 6'1'', Good accurate listing.
MD said on 12/Aug/15
He has impeccable posture, and he's of a fairly large build in such a way that can make him look taller. But, I honestly don't see him taller than currently listed. With 6'4.5" Armie Hammer at a recent movie premiere:

Click Here
Allie said on 10/Aug/15
184.. assuming they both get an inch their footwear, then Elizabeth D's only like an inch taller than him.. and she's about 187. She's also bending her head a bit..

He looks like 185 cause of his posture.
Allie said on 10/Aug/15
184.. assuming they both get an inch their footwear, then Elizabeth D's only like an inch taller than him.. and she's about 187. She's also bending her head a bit..

He looks like 185 cause of his posture.
Balrog said on 9/Aug/15
I think people is overestimating his height due his perfect posture in almost every pic. Stephen Amell edge out Cavill, and Amell is probably a weak 6'1'' since he looks more than an inch shorter next to 6'2'' David Ramsey who Rob met. So Cavill isn't over 184cm, and could be 6'0.25''
184.3cm (Night) said on 9/Aug/15
I agree with Rampage. I think me and Henry would be basically identical. He holds up well next to 6'2 guys just like i do.
joe said on 8/Aug/15
grizz said on 8/Aug/15
More like 186 cm out of bed and 184 cm before bed. That's way sometimes he looks to others like a 6'1 guy (he surely is 185 cm range in the morning and early afternoon) and sometimes he doesn't seem much more than a 6'0.5 man in pictures.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Aug/15
More like 186.5cm out of bed and 184.5cm before bed.
6ft4 dude said on 6/Aug/15
I bet that Cavill is 184 cm at morning and 182.5cm before bed.....both barefoot height.
John said on 5/Aug/15
I think a 1/4 upgrade would be fair. Yes he does have near perfect posture but always looks noticeably taller than 6 footers. 6' 0.75 should be his listing.
Pete said on 3/Aug/15
what do you mean by solid 185 cm?
joe said on 2/Aug/15
185 cm solid
joe said on 2/Aug/15
185 cm solid
The Last Son said on 2/Aug/15
He's most definitely not 6'0". There are several pictures of him next to 6'0" actors and he's taller than all of them.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 1/Aug/15
By 6'1 1/2" listed Elizabeth Debicki:

Click Here
Click Here
Ali said on 1/Aug/15
181 cm at best
Superman said on 31/Jul/15
For one of the shortest supermen, he plays the part really well. Didn't think we were the same height, but he's most definitely 6'0" if not above.
The Last Son said on 29/Jul/15
LOL @Rob really doesn't want to upgrade Henry Cavill, despite all evidence shown to him.

On Henry's far left 5ft11 Hugh Grant
Click Here
leo297 said on 27/Jul/15
That picture below ain't perfect! But that shows Henry Cavill is 6ft1 compared to a huge guy like Armie Hammer who's a legit 6ft4 1/2. I only see a max 3.5 inch difference between the two thier.
SomeGuy said on 23/Jul/15
Hey Rob what do think of this pic?:
Click Here

Hammer has a clear footwear advantage, but even then I don't see more than 3.5 inch difference between them.
[Editor Rob: I think that can be near 4 inches there, but with possible half inch footwear difference aswell it could be more 3.5.]
Ron said on 13/Jul/15
Grizz - you're putting far too much emphasis on the heights of these characters. The filmmakers wanted Brolin at 5'9 originally but when they cast Affleck they did it with a mind to make Batman as hulking as possible. In the suit Affleck stands at 6'5, whereas Cavill's boots keep him at no more than 6'1, and likewise Superman was kept "otter mode" with thinner waist and athletic appearance over Batman's "bear mode". The point is that Superman, though smaller and slimmer, is still completely the one who looks more imposing in scenes. It's a clever power play - bigger isn't better. Notice how in their scenes facing each other Superman stands relaxed and passive whilst Batman stands ready for combat.
The message here is, quite literally, size doesn't matter. Quite the opposite to what you were thinking!

In costume:
Superman - 6'1
Batman - 6'5
Batman in Iron Man Cosplay - 6'6 (as far as I know)
Wonder Woman - 6'1 (I think)
grizz said on 12/Jul/15
It's funny how they try to make Cavill look taller than Ben in newest Batman v Superman trailer and in promo posters. Only in one short scene Ben appears taller than Henry. Makers of the film are perfectly aware of the fact that Superman is supposed to be slightly taller than Batman, not shorter.
SomeGuy said on 1/Jul/15
In this picture they are all wearing similar footwear:
Click Here
I think Cavill has a solid inch on 6 ft Christopher Meloni and Laurence Fishburne. I'm not counting Costner because his posture is bad here. What do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: he can look an inch over meloni there]
The Last Son said on 18/Jun/15
All the pictures are showing up and the difference is not "negligible".

Click Here
MD said on 18/Jun/15
Two of those photos in your June 15th posts aren't showing up. However, the two that definitely do only show a near negligible difference.
The Last Son said on 17/Jun/15
@Mark Cavill doesn't look "slightly taller" than him. I see a bit more than that in the picture. Here below you see him next to the 6ft Luke Evans and Miles Teller.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Mark said on 16/Jun/15
Stevens has said he is "about 6 feet tall", that means he is not exactly 6 feet tall. Henry is slightly taller, so the 6'0.5" seems to be spot on accurate.
The Last Son said on 15/Jun/15
Henry Cavill and 6ft (183 cm) Dan Stevens

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jun/15
Rob, would you consider giving him 6ft0¾?
[Editor Rob: I believe his current listing is fine.]
Arch Stanton said on 8/Jun/15
In Henry's case though Rob I think it makes him seem a bit stiff and formal. I'm not sure that helps his likeability.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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