How tall is Henry Cavill ?

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Henry Cavill's height is 6ft 0.5in (184 cm)

Jersey born Actor best known for playing Superman in Man of Steel/Batman vs Superman and Theseus in Immortals. On tv he can be seen in The Tudors.

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Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 20/Mar/15
I think that 6'0.75" is a better shout than 6'0.5" since he always appears to be closer to 6'1" than 6'0" (even considering his posture). Sometimes he can even appear to be 186-187 CM to me. The only person who has made him appear shorter was Kellan Lutz (as they are both tied).
nayhole says on 19/Mar/15
He is very close to 6'1 if not a weak 6'1
james says on 9/Mar/15
I always thought he was a solid 6'1 even .if he's 6'0.5 than Russell crowd needs to be downgraded from 5'11 to 5'10 .he was about 2 inches shorter then cavill in man of steel
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Mar/15
Better chance of him measuring 6ft0¾ than 6ft0¼, IMO.
The current height is probably his absolute lowest
Judd says on 2/Mar/15
there're no doubts that he has a impeccable posture which make him seems taller...i have already no doubt that he's in the 6' range, but actually in the recent days i found a several pictures that showed him as not a full 6'0.5" guy...i agree with dmeyer that he might be 6'0.25" and appear close to 185 cms with good posture.
Mike says on 1/Mar/15
I have no idea why Affleck is listed as 6'3" and often 6'4" if this is true, then Cavill really is 6'1". He definitely is over 6 feet tall. He generated controversy for being British and not being as tall as other Superman actors but I think he has been a good Superman. The interesting thing is that he never refers to himself as Superman in Man of Steel and I do not believe he is ever referred to as Superman in the film by anyone either except by Lois in one scene saying the word "Super".
I still would peg Affleck at 6'2" he seems the same size as his Chasing Amy co-star Jason Lee who is 6'2 as well, and also next to Hugh Jackman the two are the same height. Cavill himself is slightly taller than Chris Evans, who is nearly 6 feet tall.
Dmeyer says on 1/Mar/15
6'0.25 in looking 6'0.75 with posture
Jake says on 1/Mar/15
I have no idea why people say Cavill is a "Dark" Superman, because he is not, he is a more grounded and more "realistic" Superman, the reason people believe he is a dark Superman is because of David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan who wrote the story, and Christopher Nolan who produced the movie and had a hand in the creative direction of the movie despite the fact that Zack Snyder directed. Man of Steel certainly was not the warm and fuzzy romantic Superman movie that characterized the Reeve films, and I think they went in this direction because Superman Returns was a long soap opera and was a chick flick disguised as a comic book movie, that one was clearly made more for female audiences. The studio wanted to make a more action oriented and macho Superman, and reinvent the character to separate him from the Reeve Superman, and I believe they succeeded, still he is not as good as Reeve, Reeve was a perfect 10 as Superman, Cavill is a 8.5.
As far as height there have been pictures of him with his co-star Kevin Costner, who is 6'1" and Costner appears a bit taller, so I think this listing spot on accurate. Cavill is a very good Superman, he just won't be etched in stone years after his stint ends like Reeve.
Colin says on 28/Feb/15
Cavill was 6'0.5" and 205 lbs in Man of Steel, and in the new film he is around 215 to as much as 220 pounds, more likely the latter, he is much bulkier looking in the new movie. I think its too much, when I met him, he looked really bulked up. In his other films he looked leaner, if you saw him in Immortals his weigh was around 185 pounds, so he packed on 20 pounds of muscle in only a year, he probably did not use steroids because actors like him have the luxury of trainers and dieticians to help them quickly achieve fitness goals, apparently someone posted his workout as well as his diet to achieve his Man of Steel body, its not exactly an exciting diet, requires you to wake up very early, a lot of weight training, high protein foods, veggies, brown rice, etc, high calorie, but high quality food, with a high intensity workout routine.
At the BAFTAs though the difference between him and Chris Evans was like night and day, Cavill was really putting on weight, the bad kind, and Evans was lean and fit. Evans is a Gemini, an Air sign that tends to be naturally lean. Also Evans appeared to be only about an inch or half an inch shorter than him, but he is clearly the better looking one.
Judd says on 28/Feb/15
i am a bit confused regarding the "triangle heights" between Cooper, Cavill and Affleck. Cooper does look in the most of the pictures not more than 1.5" under Affleck (with similar shoes), while Cavill with different shoes (and probably he had a small advantage) does look close to 2" shorter than Affleck.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

here, rob you can see their shoes: Affleck has classic sneakers which i guess are likely 0,8-0,9" thicker, while Cavill has dress shoes which averagely give 1"+...
Here you can see a picture with Cavill and Cooper. They had both bad posture but Cooper does look slightly taller: Click Here

Rob until now i was sure Cavill was a legit 6'0.5" but now i am not sure about it.
It's possible he's a legit 6'0.25" (like Kellan Lutz) and with a perfect posture he does look a bit taller?
Tech1 says on 27/Feb/15
can't be 6'1", he is shorter than stephen ammell by at least an inch. I'd peg him at 5'11 3/4"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 26/Feb/15
He looks 186-187cm beside Luke Evans

Rob, have you seen those photos?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 26/Feb/15
Old man Cavill looks 5ft11 range
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 26/Feb/15
Cavill was up to 210-215lbs at nearly 6ft1.

Ideally Superman should be between 6ft2 and 6ft4 and 230-250lbs.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 26/Feb/15
Cavill was up to 210-215lbs at nearly 6ft1
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 24/Feb/15
How tall does his father (Colin Cavill) appear by him? He probably has lost some height:

Click Here
Joe says on 24/Feb/15
I read somewhere that Reeve is either a Virgo or a Libra, I think a Virgo and Cavill is a Taurus, but Libra men are supposed to be wimpy, and Taurus men are supposed to be very masculine, but in my eyes, Reeve was a more masculine Superman by every measure, and to me astrology is a bunch of made up woo anyway. Reeve was a product of a different era, and Cavill is a Gen Y Superman, seeing his character crying over killing a mass murderer like Zod had me wincing, while Reeve's character just tossed Zod down a ditch. Reeve was born in late September so he has the characteristics of both a Virgo and a Libra. Reeve was definitely mesomorphic and his suit was not enhanced. Also in Man of Steel there was a scene where Jor El shows his Kalel his suit, and it shows musculature, people claim Cavill is more ripped than Reeve but his suit is more enhanced, it is true he is already muscular but his suit enhances his looks and makes him look very cut, while Reeve looks bulky and has slightly more body fat. In those days people did not have fat burner pills and no one ever heard of low carb and cutting diets, supplements like whey protein only became common in the 1990s, most weight lifters used to eat raw eggs to supplement their protein. If Reeve was around today, I bet he would be 250 pounds of muscle on a 6'4" frame given the kind of supplements and trainers available.
DanielOrtise says on 24/Feb/15
Reeve was a great Superman for sure! Had the look and build down too. But Joe you really are just putting Cavill's efforts down. His build was great in MOS and it's blady hard work bulking up and being cut too. He's even larger now in BvS and easily 210lbs and gotten even more broader along with having a bigger chest, arms and legs. Also his height 6.05/1 has been boosted with 2 inch heels in the new suit so he's gonna look 6ft2/3 in the new movie too. Plus Cavill has a small head which helps with proportions too! Cavill also looks like a Jim Lee drawing come to life I feel. Anyways I like both Superman's for different reasons and I feel they are perfect for thier times.
Duhon says on 23/Feb/15
This pic is probably a good example of Reeve at his bulkier as Superman Click Here
Joe says on 22/Feb/15
The knowledge that people have about body building and fitness that people have today is much greater than they had during Reeve's day, that is why Reeve had to work out for months to get fit for Superman, also Reeve had to do the work all by himself, he had to go Rocky Balboa on his own which is all props to man. Cavill was babied by the producers, they got him one of the best trainers in the business who spent hours with him, put him on a gaining diet, its not a surprised he bulked up so fast, but if you look at Cavill he was not more muscular than Reeve, Cavill was 198 pounds on a 6'0.5" frame as Superman while Reeve was 225 pounds on a 6'4" frame, so Reeve was actually the same size but had slightly more body fat than Cavill. Also Cavill's suit which has been showin a museum is ribbed with musdulature to make him appear more ripped even though he is already muscular. Reeve did not have that luxury. Reeve was also a more masculine Superman by far, Cavill seemed to much a pretty boy, that is why when he is Clark they made him up as a lumberjack with a beard.
Joe says on 21/Feb/15
Reeve was actually 175 pounds when he was chosen for the role of Superman and packed on 50 pounds of muscle, pretty impressive for a guy who knew nothing about weight lifting, had no trainer, during a time when people knew nothing about weights. Cavill was teamed up with a former Marine.
Arch Stanton says on 21/Feb/15
Reeve a classic mesomorph?? Hardly. Mesomorphs are easy gainers, he worked out like a trojan for months to gain 25 pounds for the role.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Feb/15
Reeve went from a lean 190lbs to 220lbs of pure muscle at 6ft4.
184.3cm says on 20/Feb/15
Yes Henry is the first muscular Superman, he is built. The other guys were slim and athletic (Routh, Reeve).
Scott says on 20/Feb/15
I got to agree with Joe about Cavill's body compared to the other actors who portrayed Superman, the other actors were classic mesomorphs. Reeve, Routh, and Welling, all had broad shoulders, narrow waists, and a V-taper that made them look very athletic, none of them put on weight years after their Superman days. You can see in photo above that his midsection appears "big". And even his Superman suit was modified to have fake musculature even though he put on a lot of muscle for the role, he was allegedly around 205 pounds when they were filming Man of Steel, I am not sure about his body fat ratio, but he was very lean, but you can tell that his waist to should ratio is not the same as other actors who portrayed Superman, and he has been very open about his weight problems. He is clearly someone who needs the assistance of a trainer and a dietician to maintain a physique for an action hero role. The difference between him and the much leaner Chris Evans is like night and day and yes Evans is only about an inch shorter than Cavill, and my most educated guess for Evans is around 5'11 to 5'11.5", although Evans claims to be 6 feet I do not think he is that tall, he only seems slightly taller than Robert Downey Jr., he is not a big guy, just medium tall. Medium tall in my book is around 5-11 to 6-1, and tall is anything above up to 6-3, very tall is over 6-3. Most people expect Superman, being the ultimate superhero to be the very tall category.
I can imagine that Cavill is going to pack on weight when his acting career winds down, I saw photos of him off set enjoying fattening foods. Cavill is a Taurus and people say those with that Sun Sign and the Cancer Sun sign tend to get fat easily, I honestly think Astrology is all bunk, its just how you take care of your body. The three fittest actors in Hollywood happen to be Stallone, Cruise, and Harrison Ford and they have the Sun Sign Cancer, so the Astrologers who claim Cancers get fat are just full of it, the same who claim Tauruses get fat. I heard they say Libras are thin, but tell that to Arnie's younger son Chris who is obese and a Libra.
Joe says on 19/Feb/15
Dejavu, your observation makes my point even more clear, that Cavill is a half an inch above 6 feet tall, he is not huge, he is tall but not very tall like other Superman actors, Tom Welling Brandon Routh Christopher Reeve, who were all over 6'3". I have no idea why Routh is listed as 6'2.5" because he just totally towered over Christian Bale at the MTV movie awards, Bale is at least 6 feet tall, and Routh had 3 to 4 inches in height advantage over Bale, which makes me think that Routh is over 6'3" and close to 6'4". Most other Superman actors seem to be natural Mesomorphic men, they all got big shoulders, massive chests, and narrow waistlines. Reeve, Routh, and Welling have these features. Cavill is more endomorphic, and it shows at the BAFTAs where his midsection appears big. When I met him he was unshaven, looked like he did when he was on the oil rig in Man of Steel, but still a nice guy. Honestly would think of him more as Batman material than Superman.
Dejavu says on 18/Feb/15
Ben affleck looks to have 2 inches on this guy.
Joe says on 17/Feb/15
Chris Evans is 5'11.5 and Cavill is 6'0.5" I met him face to face, and I am his height. He was not a "dark" Superman, people think that because Christopher Nolan and his brother were involved in Man of Steel, but the tone of Man of Steel seems darker than that of the Reeve films, still despite that there are positive message in the films that even in darkness there is hope. Its definitely not pessimistic like the Dark Knight movies but its not light hearted and romantic like the Reeve movies.
As a kid I grew up with Reeve, I recall he was going to quit being Superman after the third film and someone was going to replace him, I could not imagine anyone else being Superman, even now I still cannot, I think Tom Welling has been the best actor to portray the character since Reeve, it puzzles me the producers never considered him to become a big screen Superman. Cavill is very good Superman but not spectacular like Reeve. Reeve will always own the role, and to a degree Welling was his only possible successor. The interesting thing about Cavill and Welling is that they are both Tauruses.
Darren510 says on 17/Feb/15
Cavill's superman was not a dark superman. I am sick of hearing that. Not a boyscout either but more of a quiet and humble guy searching for answers. Also superman is not American, he is not even human. Anyway Cavill could be anywhere between 6'0-6'1. Photos can be tricky and pinpointing is tough so I gave up on it.
SomeGuy says on 16/Feb/15
So is this what a quarter-inch difference looks like?:

Click Here
Mike says on 15/Feb/15
I saw a video on Youtube by an artist known as Adeel of Steel he had some amazing videos of Henry Cavill and Christopher Reeve, they were very inspirational, it seemed like Cavill could be Reeve's son, some claimed during the scene where Superman destroys the World Engine there is super-imposition of Reeve's face on Cavill's, not quite, its his resemblance to Reeve that is uncanny, its almost as if Cavill is Reeve's son.
Joe says on 15/Feb/15
Honestly I saw a screen saver image and thinking of it showed an image of Tom Welling as Superman, Timothy Olyphant as Lex Luthor, and Erica Durance as Lois Lane, that would have worked out spectacularly well as Superman, but this version of Superman is still excellent although its bit on the dark side as Superman is more like an outsider than a Midwestern farm boy. The fact they chose a British actor who used to be a male model rather than a middle American actor is used to emphasize that this Superman is an outsider, but it works. Cavill is a very good Superman, I met him in person, he is a nice guy, but I liked Reeve more.
Joe says on 14/Feb/15
Cavill has had the opposite problem of Christopher Reeve, Reeve was skinny for his height, when Reeve screen tested for Superman he was 6'4" and 170 pounds, which was bone thin, the producers were going to make him a fake muscle suit, but Reeve was dedicated to the role and packed on 55 pounds of weight, mostly muscle mass, and was a solid 225 pounds.
Cavill was allegedly 6'0.5" tall and 202 pounds when he filmed Man of Steel but had a more defined physique than that of Reeve, but its unfair to make a comparison given that people had less knowledge of fitness and weight training in the time Reeve was an actor.
He looked bulky when I saw him, too much I think. Must have been at least 220 pounds, was my guess. I think they did it because Affleck is taller than him. Even when he was training for Man of Steel he wound up gaining some body fat that he had to go on a diet. I could imagine in his older years after he is finished with Superman he is going to have some weight problems, but that's life.
grizz says on 13/Feb/15
@Joe, you do know that he's shooting Man of Steel sequel? He was between 190 and 205 lbs while shooting the first one. Allegedly he wanted to gain even more mass for the next one since Ben Affleck,at 6'2 and over 200lbs, will look quite intimidating as Batman.

I hope he wasn't John Goodman fat when you saw him :D
Dmeyer says on 13/Feb/15
To me he dosnt look as tall as pine near costner , évén with Crazy posture Still looks 6' 0.5 range , also costner whom i met and was 6' 1-1.25 maybe 10 yrs back shouldnt be taller than 6' 0.75/185cm today yet cavill looks 0.5-0.75 in shorter, he does look a quater in taller than 6'0.25 lutz , so can apear 6'0.25-0.75 , so i think 6'0.5 is fair but no more
MD says on 13/Feb/15
@Joe, yeah, he's been really upfront about his weight issues, and that he has to work VERY hard to stay in shape. It's clear from the BAFTA photos that he didn't just put on some weight, but A LOT of weight, and it's certainly not the muscle weight we've sometimes seen him put on for a role. It's clear he's trying to hide it, but, yeah, it's obvious that he's really heavy, right now. You can tell in both his face and his waist.

Click Here

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/Feb/15
The weak 6ft1 could be closer.
Joe says on 11/Feb/15
Evans is leaning over a bit, and Cavill is standing straight, and there appears to be very little difference in height, Evans shoes appear to have somewhat thicker heels though, I think about a centimeter difference, but Evans is an inch shorter than Cavill. Cavill is exactly 6'0.5" tall, he looks like he put on some weight, maybe water weight in the that photo at the BAFTA. Cavill has stated that he has struggled with weight problems all his life, I will not be surprised if he has experiences a lot of weight gain later in life. I met him personally and he seems like he likes to eat.
MD says on 11/Feb/15
Joe, I'm also of the thought that Evans is less than 6'0", but he is listed 6'0", here. When we give heights of people already listed here, it's courtesy to give the site the listing and then simply say in parentheses or something that you disagree with it.
Joe says on 10/Feb/15
Click Here
Here is Cavil with Chris Evans who is 5'11.5", Cavill appears to be about an inch taller. As I said before Cavill is 6'0.5" not a full 6'1", but can easily just he is 6'1". Even on my government ID it says I am 6'1" even though I am actually 6'0.5".
Dmeyer says on 10/Feb/15
Click Here , this pic proves since both have sly posture that evans is more 183cm than 181-2cm Like Many think and that cavill is not a mm over solid 184cm since he has a hard time looking more than a 0.25in taller than evans when in equal posture
Joe says on 10/Feb/15
I met him in the afternoon, and yes it was him, we were the same exact height, we both had to wait in line and had to take off our shoes and it was a unique chance to see a famous celebrity and see just how tall they are, this listing is totally correct, Cavill is 6'0.5" tall, I was talking to him face to face for 20 minutes, real nice guy. I was kind of thinking he would be a full 6'1" or possibly 6'1.5" but he was my size exact. I was kind of surprised he flies commercial airlines and not private jets. Also it was in the afternoon maybe he is 6'1" out of bed.
The Last Son says on 9/Feb/15
Those are all cool stories but how about a picture to back your claims?
and Michael Shannon is 6ft 3.5in (192 cm).
The Last Son says on 9/Feb/15
Yes, they're wearing the same footwear in both pictures.
Click Here
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 9/Feb/15
184-185cm evening, 186-187cm out of bed
Joe says on 9/Feb/15
I can tell you that I think Cavill was exactly my height and we were barefoot, we were in an American airport, as we were waiting in a TSA checkpoint, he is a really nice guy, he was a really friendly guy, and I was surprised that were exactly the same height and similar build. I have a friend who is 6'1" exact, and honestly there is very little difference between me and him, ever look at ruler and see what half an inch looks like? Its a little larger than a centimeter, its not much so for him to put on his resume that he is 6'1" is not a stretch, he is definitely not 6'0" he is legit 6'0.5", maybe he could ne 6'0.75", we me around 3PM in the afternoon.
DanielOrtise says on 9/Feb/15
Henry Cavill is a legit 6'1 which is 185cm which is exactly my height. I was chatting with him in london recently and guess what my phone was dead so I could'ent take a picture or I would have posted it. The guy is bulky and massive in person and made me feel really skinny next to him!lol! He's also taller then Luke Evans and Chris Evans who I'think are 5"11.5 and are 1.5 or 2 inches shorter then Cavill too.
Jared says on 9/Feb/15
Rob, do you think Henry is taller than Robert Pattinson?
[Editor Rob: he can look more of a 184 than Robert can, although Robert certainly isn't a guy who stands with excellent posture as Henry does.
A6'1Guy says on 8/Feb/15
@ If this guy is a real 6'0 foot guy, I wouldn't rule out 6'1 - 6'2 for Henry.
Though, I do not know what foot wear they are wearing, Henry looks at least 1 inch above Luke, if not 2.
He seems to me like a guy who is between 6'1 and 6'2, not 6'0.5.
Joe says on 8/Feb/15
I actually finally got to meet Henry Cavill at the airport, guess what? I am 6'0.5" and had the luck of standing right behind him in security, he is exactly my height. My driver's license says that I am 6'1" because the DMV computer cannot say that I am 6'0.5", so its not a stretch of the imagination for him say he is 6'1" because people have poor listening comprehension if he says he is 6'0.5" tall they will think he is saying he is 6'5".
Also Evans is really a bit under 6 foot, more like 5'11.5".
The Last Son says on 8/Feb/15
Henry Cavill standing next to Luke Evans; another 6 footer
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 31/Jan/15
Rob, maybe give him the same mark as Jon Hamm?
peter says on 31/Jan/15
do u have any proof that he was measured at 184 cm?
Joe says on 22/Jan/15
Take a look at the full body photos of Cavill and Affleck, Affleck is wearing flats while Cavill is wearing dress shoes with thick heels that explains the difference in heights. Also I noticed some variation in height between Cavill and his MOS co-star Michael Shannon, who is a legit 6-3, Shannon was in Bad Boys 2 with Will Smith and was slightly bigger than Will Smith, but he seemed to tower over Cavill in some photos of the Man of Steel film shoot. In some premier photos he only appeared a couple of inches taller. At the Man of Steel event in Italy, Michael Shannon looked at least 3 inches taller than Cavill and was wearing flat boat shoes while Cavill was wearing dress shoes. I genuinely believe he is around 6'0.5" tall and not a bit more, and that is my height as well, I never thought I would be as tall as Superman!!!!
Joe says on 22/Jan/15
Cavill worked as male model before acting, and he was measured as 184cm which is about 6 feet 4/10th of an inch in standard measurements, this seems to be accurate. If you see him with his Man of Steel co-star Michael Shannon, Shannon who is 6-3 has about 2.5 inches on Cavill, maybe even 3. As far as the guy claiming he is 6'1.5", now that is a huge stretch. If he really was that height, he would claim to be 6'2". Ben Affleck is probably 6'2" and a bit over, maybe a half inch over that. Despite the fact he is not towering like Routh or Reeve, Cavill is a very plausible Superman, more so than Routh, but not as good as Reeve, no one will ever top Christopher Reeve.
Judd says on 22/Jan/15
The Last Son, I agree. Except the first top picture, the others don't show 1.75" between the two actors. However you need to consider the best posture of Henry Cavill!
I think Cavill is 6'0.5-0.75" and Affleck is a legit 6'2"...
The Last Son says on 20/Jan/15
Another picture of Ben Affleck and Cavill together:
Click Here
The Last Son says on 15/Jan/15
Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck standing next to each other:
Click Here
Click Here
I don't see the 2 inches difference between the two of them.

BTW:Ben Affleck has a Huge head.
Dejavu says on 15/Jan/15
He was around 2 inches shorter than ben affleck
SomeGuy says on 15/Jan/15
So going by that picture either Cavill is 6'1 or Teller is 5'11.
joe 192cm says on 14/Jan/15
6'1 legitimate
RobertJ says on 10/Jan/15
Maybe a bump to 6'1'' again Rob? Considering the pics with Teller and Evans who are considered legit six footers.
Judd says on 9/Jan/15
Rob you think if he will meet Bradley Cooper, the two guys will be perfectly "eye-to-eye"?
[Editor Rob: I think big Henry has the better posture and at times you might say could look taller, but close enough when measuring I think. ]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 9/Jan/15
186cm out of bed, Rob?
[Editor Rob: quite likely.]
The Last Son says on 9/Jan/15
Picture with 6"0 Miles Teller
Click Here
With 6"0 Chris Evans
Click Here
Cavill looks taller than both of them. I'd say he is 6'1.5 (1.86m)
Joe says on 31/Dec/14
I do not think he will every play James Bond after he took on the role of Superman, doing so would limit his acting options after his stint as Superman ends. I think he is supposed to make at least 3 or 4 Superman movies.
Officially his height is 185 cm and weight is 92 kg, this translates to 6'0.75" and 202 pounds in Standard measurements. I think he is really 6'0.5", regardless, even if he is not a towering 6'4" like Reeve he does the role very well. This is Nolan and Snyder's Superman, in terms of muscles he is in far better physical shape than Reeve was but then again body building and weight lifting were relatively new things in Reeve's days as Superman. Reeve was only 170 pounds during the test screening and bulked up to 225 pounds, with modern supplements and workouts Reeve would have looked like a monster today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Dec/14
I think he's blown the chance to play 007 after MOS. But he'd certainly be a more practical choice than Idris Elba!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Dec/14
Rob, could 6ft0¾ be closer?

I have a feeling he'd be very similar to Jon Hamm. Both guys hold down good posture
[Editor Rob: Cavill I think has some of the best posture I've seen, which is good as his workout/training seems to have helped him. He could be a guy who drops to 184 at his low and part of the day can clear that mark...

I pictured this guy as more of a James Bond than some of the names who have been bandied about for after daniel craig...]
Lebensdorf says on 9/Dec/14
Seeing Cavill with Costner in that photo, he seems no more than 6 feet even.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Dec/14
Rob, do you think Cavill could clear 6ft1 out of bed?
[Editor Rob: yes I think he'd clear that mark, and he is one guy who holds a good posture a lot of the time, I'd put him with Stephen Amell as guys who stand tall.
Patrick Jane says on 6/Dec/14
Rob, here's a picture of Zack Snyder and Gerard Butler on the set of 300.
Click Here
How tall do you think Snyder is?
[Editor Rob: he can look 5ft 8-8.5 range]
gx79 says on 5/Dec/14
does he look like he wears lift sometimes
matt96 says on 26/Nov/14
he's shorter than 6'1" kevin costner. this listing is accurate. At 186cm I never thought I'd be taller than superman, woooooo!!
Joe says on 6/Nov/14
I think Cavill listed his 6'1" height with shoes, he is most likely 6 feet even, he stands shorter than his co-star Kevin Costner who is known as 6-1, Costner was a varsity athlete, and most athletes are measured with their shoes off. If Costner lost some height due to age, then Cavill is probably actually 5-11. Although short for Superman he makes up for it with an extremely muscular body.
Click Here
The above link shows a photo of the two standing next to each other, Costner appears to be leaning his body, while Cavill is standing straight but tilting his head, Costner's shoulders appear a bit higher and his eye level also appears a bit higher than Cavill. So I truly believe he is 6 foot even.
Dejavu says on 18/Oct/14
Ben Affleck had more than an inch on this guy. Possibly near 2 inches
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 13/Oct/14
Around 6' 0.75" (1.85 m)
feder says on 13/Oct/14

looks only an inch shorter than Affleck who is listed at 6-2 in general
Judd says on 12/Oct/14
6'0.5" is spot on
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 10/Oct/14
Actually weak 6ft1 range isn't impossible. He has minimum 2in on Russell Crowe and could look near Kevin Costner
184.3cm says on 28/Sep/14
Just taking a glance at him he looks 184-185cm His proportions are just like mine . Weak Tall guy.
mike says on 26/Sep/14
I'd give him 6ft 0.75in 185 cm.
teej says on 20/Sep/14
I really think the person to play batman or superman should be a comfartable tall like ben affleck. I could actually see him being the perfect batman ans superman. I think 190cm should be the minimum height to play these roles. They are supposed to be comfartably over average. Christian bale is listed as 6'0 which isnt even talk enough, and also he looks more of a 5'10 to me. And henry cavil looks a good 6'0 184cm spot on, but still i dont think its talk enough to play superman, looks average. Being 187cm i would say im not tall enough to play these roles. I would say 190cm minimum
grizz says on 16/Sep/14
Sammy, hair can be dyed, color of the eyes can be fixed with blue contact lenses, weight-right diet and exercises. Well, only the height is problematic, unless Cavill will start using Sly's boots from Dredd :D
SAMMY DERRICK says on 12/Sep/14
Superman:6'3 weighs 235lbs has blue eyes and black hair...
Batman:6'2 weighs 210lbs has blue eyes and black hair...
Where will you get American actors who look specifically like that...NOWHERE!!!
Henry Cavill is GOOD not GREAT but GOOD!!!
Sam says on 4/Sep/14
This guy has great posture, like he's going to make people think he's 6'1" if it's the last thing he ever does. He managed to seem within an inch of a slouchier Ben Affleck at Comic-Con.
rabdomblackguy86 says on 23/Aug/14
Actually superman is originally listed in the old comics at 6'6 and batman at 6'4 i know because it was made in comparison to him being the exact height as micheal jordan. And this is official height if any of you do the research instead of assume youd know this. Secondly i dont know how any one 6'0 or taller is supposedly freakish looking to me is an average height area ive seen over ten people taller thann me on average day t day... i think most of you might be small minded people...
184.9 on a bad day says on 15/Aug/14
Rob, do you think he is closer to 6 ft 0.25 or 6ft.075 ?
[Editor Rob: I think he can pass for almost 6ft 1 at times more than just a little bit over 6ft flat]
Sean says on 13/Aug/14
Isa, I think someone who values an actor's height over their ability is much worse for the film industry than vice versa.
Dejavu says on 7/Aug/14
He looks around 2 inches shorter then ben affleck.
grizz says on 30/Jul/14
Lebensdorf, Superman is supposed to be only 1 inch taller than Batman, check DC Database.
Cavill a priori doesn't fit the Superman role given his height (he's only 1 cm taller than me, and I don't myself tall at all), but somehow he pulls it of in big screen.
Lebensdorf says on 27/Jul/14
Superman is supposed to be 6'5, Batman 6'2. Cavill pulls it off, though, at about 6 feet. Wish they could have gotten Armie Hammer. He would've been perfect. Alas, no one comes close to Christopher Reeve.
JohnGB says on 26/Jul/14
Think he is a similar height to me, maybe slightly taller. He might wake up at 185 then drops to a strong 6ft later in the day.
keno says on 16/Jul/14
looks 6'0.5 and most likely hit's 6'1.5 max in footwear and possibly gives the illusion of 6'2 with the build and hairline.
Roger says on 13/Jul/14
I do not think he is full 6'1" which is his listed height, maybe that is his height in shoes. He looks shorter than Kevin Costner by an inch, Costner is listed as 6'1". I think he is probably 6' feet even maybe a 6' 0.5" but not more than that. Despite this he was a pretty good Superman, but still does not compare to the late Christopher Reeve.
Tony says on 3/Jul/14
DC lists Superman as 6'3" and lists Batman as 6'2".
Bill Finger says on 3/Jul/14

You know zip about DC comics. Quite preaching. You are an absolute joke.
The official heights of these iconic characters are as listed:

Batman is 6.2.

Superman is 6.3.

This isn't up for debate.

Isa says on 30/Jun/14
You're all so off its retarded! First of all, DC does officially list their Superheroes heights. Second of all Super man IS taller than Batman by an inch. Third of all, Superman is actually a whopping 6'6", while Batman is 6'5". That is their height and always has been their heights. Have you never noticed that Superman and Batman don't just tower over Louis lane but all the women in their cartoons/movies? That is the reason. Superman has always been portrayed closer to actual comic book height (which is the only height that counts), while Batman has been given the average man treatment for years. bale was the last sorry cast thank God, but before his cowl and cape could get cold for Affleck (a much more legitimate choice to play Batman), they went and average manned the Man of Steel. The perfect person to play opposite a Ben Affleck Batman would be none other than Tom Wellig from Smallville. It's about time they let him back in the suit to do a movie to make all the fans happy who watched that cheesy show for years only to get a slight glimpse of him in the actual suit before it went off the air (what a jip). Too address what some of you dorks had to say about Superman being better played by someone 5'10"-6'0", you are what's wrong wth the motion picture industry to this day. I bet you're a short average man whose no taller than that height and think that is how things just HAVE TO BE in movies because it suits you. Well, the rest of the movie going public ant the REAL DEAL and not some lame short British Wanna-be. Case and point, now that Americans are just out of fashion and the Brits are taking everything from us, its nice to see an American play Batman again. Too bad they just couldn't allow themselves to do the same thing for Superman. Basically, it should be Affleck and Tom Wellig or it should have been Cavil and Bale for all you short hero needing pansies who just can't stand to see a character played by someone who actually is right for the part (BUNDY). For those who think I don't know what I'm talking about, I got the height measurements out of an actual DC comic book for both Batman and Superman, so you might want to check your facts. Peace!!!
ree says on 22/Jun/14
I didn't notice his height. I was too busy staring at his pretty face and that awesome body
Sam says on 9/Jun/14
I finally saw Man of Steel and felt he did alright physically, they did a good job shooting him to look like a taller man and his physique was impressive. Especially when he's compared to Michael Shannon, who has inches over him off screen but looks the same size height screen.

The movie wasn't very good, kind of dull and so was his acting there IMO. Even Shannon wasn't that interesting as Zod. The film's not horrible, like some have claimed, just not very be honest, Superman was always kind of boring to me since I was a kid in comparison to darker superheroes like Batman or The Hulk, another character that was disappointingly depicted until Avengers.
Dmeyer says on 8/Jun/14
Costner looks taller near cavill than near pine
Sean says on 7/Jun/14
Eyebrow and hair color don't always match up, like in the case of nearly every blond haired person.
BILL says on 20/May/14
Man you guys have some serious issues, I love my height at 6'2 but if I could give up 2-3 inches to look like Cavill I would in a heart beat. And WTF he's too short to play Superman? Stupidest thing I've ever heard, 6 ft is hardly 5'5 now is it.
Arch Stanton says on 15/May/14
LOL. It's bleeding obvious. His hair colour is naturally brown with a little auburn tint to it. Click Here If you can't see that he dyes his hair you need your eyes tested Click Here
Nick B 1993 says on 14/May/14
Michael Shannon is 6'4" isn't he? That was what I based my assertion on.

Additionally, I meant to say 'dark haired' not 'dark', sorry about that. He defo doesn't dye his hair though. The test to see if someone's hair is dyed is to look at their eyebrows; the natural colour of your eyebrows and your natural hair colour are the same so if your hair colour and the colour of your eyebrows don't match, you've dyed your hair because people don't usually dye their eyebrows. He has long thick black eyebrows and his hair is that same shade of black so no way does he dye it.
Arch Stanton says on 14/May/14
@Nick He's not dark!! His hair's dyed!
Nick B 1993 says on 13/May/14
Classic British Hollywood star is Henry C and he's a credit to the UK. Handsome strapping lad; tall, dark and blue eyed and with that he makes nicely informed decisions on choice of suits and ties. A top man and fab actor all in all.

I'd say he's definitely a weak 6'2" at 187cm. He looks it here with Michael Shannon…I think?!

Click Here
Duhon says on 21/Apr/14
What would you estimate to be the height of the gentleman next to cavil here? Click Here
[Editor Rob: might be near 6ft 7]
Mario says on 21/Apr/14
Superman is always depicted as an inch taller than Batman, with 10-15 pounds more muscle. However, comic book standards do not translate into real life. I think they should try to adhere to this and it would have suited Bale better. Having said that all the best to Affleck. Cavill is 186 and a few mm over out of bed and 184.75 at night.
James says on 11/Apr/14
DC doesn't officially list the height of Superman or any other superheroes. Superman might be 6'2" or he could be 6'0". Reeves at 6'4" looked a bit too tall and lanky. A 6'0.5" Cavill looks a lot better, his muscular physique is much better as well. 6'5" Armie Hammer is way too tall to be Superman and a terrible actor. Also Afleck is closer to 6'2", he's maybe 1.5 inches taller then Cavill. 5'11.5" Christian Bale had a better height and look for Batman. Bale and Cavill would have been a better pairing, but Afleck should be okay.
Victor says on 28/Mar/14
Henry Cavill and Kevin Costner stood next to each other on the Katie Couric show, Costner clearly looked at least an inch taller than Cavill, he might even be taller, and both were wearing similar shoes. My guess is Cavill is between 5'11 and 6' even nothing more than that, definitely not the 6'1" that most websites claim.
Anon88 says on 23/Mar/14
Larry you need to calm down, stop insulting everybody and being patronizing because you the one who is wrong here. First off Affleck is actually 6'2.5", so he only has 2" on Cavill which isn't much at all. Certainly not enough to ruin any 'presence' Supes is supposed to have. If he was 5'7 against Affleck you would have a point, but he isn't.
gomey says on 10/Mar/14
Rob do you think he's 5 ft 11.75 at night?
[Editor Rob: no, I think he's still over 6ft flat, I think he improved his posture from Tudors and then Superman and other films and holds a good standing height that is very near what he'd measure.]
larry says on 10/Mar/14
There are a lot of UNINFORMED people on this blog: DC lists Supes at 6.3 and Batman at 6.2. Got it? Also, Chris Reeve was 6.4 and was spot on perfect. Looked the absolute best in the suit and was very commanding presence, which Supes should be. Cavill is a mere 6.0. That's just too short. Particularly with Batfleck measuring 6.3. They are gonna have to do some slight of hand to make it work. They should have gone with Armie Hammer though that is not nearly the worst of their problems...sigh...
Bundy says on 28/Feb/14
Superman is not 6'4", as he's never had his height measured in the comics. It's been estimated and inferred that he might be around 6'2". Any actor playing Superman can't be too short as there's no exact height for the Man of Steel. So a 6'0" actor playing Superman is not an issue. Either way height doesn't really matter that much, the actors looks are more important and Cavil is better looking then the previous actors who played Superman. Tom Hardy was 5'9" and looked big in the Batman movie. With lifts and camera angles you can make an actor as tall as you want. They could easily take a 5'10" actor make him look tall enough to play Superman.
Anon183 says on 3/Feb/14
I wonder what they will do in the new Superman vs Batman film, since Ben Affleck is a bit taller than Cavill and in the comics, Superman is 6'3 and Batman is 6'2. I don't think it would be right for Superman to be shorter than Batman but that's just my opinion.
TripMcneal says on 30/Jan/14
Well Superman is suppose be 6'4. Christopher Reeve did not look too tall or freakish. 5'11 for superman is really pushing it. Cavil is about 6'1 and pulled off looking 6'2-6'3.
D.Kelly182cm says on 23/Jan/14
6'1" is a joke. 6'0" is right on the money.
Bundy says on 22/Jan/14
You are right 6'4" is way too tall for Superman. He would end up looking very awkward and freakish looking. 5'11"-6'1" is the best height for Superman, Batman and other superheroes. Christian Bale was the ideal height for Batman but his performance left much to be desired. The constant growling, grew tiresome very fast. The Man of Steel movie had many flaws but Cavil's performance as Superman was bang-on, and very good. Cavil was the ideal height for Superman and the movie was a lot better then Superman Returns, more action, for one.
Lorne says on 20/Jan/14
6ft4?!? My lord !!! Next we'll be hearing the new batman is 6'7...
Editor Rob says on 19/Jan/14
The young Superman from Man of Steel described him ... "I don't think I'd fit in the suit, because Henry Cavill is like 6'4" and 200 pounds or something"
Matt_Thor78 says on 18/Jan/14
In The Man Of Steel he doesnt wear any lift or high sole, so he's a very probably 185 cm. When he's close to K. Costner in the movie he's a young version of Clark Kent, so "downisized" a little with camera effects.
SAMMY DERRICK says on 10/Jan/14
3;HE IS 6'1 NOT THE USAUL 6'3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 5/Jan/14
"Henry Cavill's height is 6ft 0.25in (184cm)"

Not under 6ft, but I seriously doubt the 6ft1 except as an early morning height OR if Kevin Costner is actually 6ft2! Bulked up and with heels he gave a taller impression, though.
lelman says on 2/Jan/14
He looked much taller than this is Man of Steel, thought he'd be about 6'3".
TripMcneal says on 2/Jan/14
6'0 1/2 - 6'1 seems accurate for Cavil. That is certainly tall enough to be Superman. He looked taller in the movie and his body was pretty jacked.
cucumismelo says on 28/Dec/13
Aragorn was supposed to be 6'6, but Viggo made people forget all about that. Cavill's a fine superman, and he looks 6'1 in most pictures. I think he could use an upgrade.
Tommo says on 22/Dec/13
On this side, the top post as of now (22nd december) is of Cavil stood next to a guy who is described as 6'7. Click Here 7 inches is probably about right.
j0rdan says on 19/Dec/13
All you people are so obviously jealous of Henry cavill hes tall enough and the film was brilliant way better than iron man films Robert Downey Jr. is like 5.5 and 50 years old no one says nothing about that
Mary wit says on 19/Dec/13
some people got really big height issue's in their minds... (especially if i read stuff like "ideal" height 188-189, or that they got took right out of the movie because someone is overtowering superman...)

whatever, chill guys... dont let your complexes **** up your whole life...
John says on 18/Dec/13
He IS too short to play Superman. Superman is supposed to be this strapping, huge fella who towers over everybody. Clark Kent is supposed to be this huge, clumsy fella who towers over everybody. Henry Cavil is too short for Superman, and the movie didn't even bother to disguise that. They could easily find shorter actors to "extra' beside him but nope. The military guys are all taller than him. That guy who spoke to Superman outside the interrogation towered over Superman and that took me right out of the movie. That movie and this doesn't harbour the essence of Superman, period.
(S)aint 185 says on 17/Dec/13
It wasn't how tall Henry Cavill was that killed Superman it was the directing if anything. The movie wasn't even bad.
NJP says on 16/Dec/13
184cm dead on, maybe even 185cm first thing in the morning.
Hypado says on 15/Dec/13

Man of Steel is the best superman movie!
johnmcc says on 15/Dec/13
Not as tall as Reeve but i thought he was a better superman than Routh or Welling. The listing seems correct as he was on Graham Norton with 5'10 Russel Crowe and looked this.
Ali says on 14/Dec/13
Its not that the mythology states he should be 6 4 and 225 pounds. Its just that he is not tall enough to play this role. He isn't. I don't think he made a good superman.
Matt_Thor78 says on 3/Dec/13
Sorry, but Henry is not under 185 cm.
In The Man Of Steel he just had light soles, and you can watch him in the first images of "The Men from UNCLE" close to the "tower" Armie Hammer (not less 194 cm). He's not just big and with a good posture, but tall too....
shell says on 29/Nov/13
You people are all crazy. He played a great superman and I liked seeing a hot superhero. He looks to be a solid 6'1 and doesn't appear to wear lifts like so many other actors, so he is probably secure in his height. And a few inches doesn't make a difference in the movies, they can make people look as big or small as they want. Did anyone see The Green Mile, they made 6ft 5in Michael Clarke Duncan look 7ft tall.
SimeJosif says on 26/Oct/13
I actually like the approach that they took with man of steel, rather than the thin and slender man with broad shoulders, they took the approach of a reasonably tall man with a solid build, an appearance of someone who looks physically superior much like it was in the comics, no one can replace Christopher reeve he was in a league of his own and will always be remembered as the original. He looks a legit 6'0.5 - 6'1
Poek says on 24/Oct/13
Can't believe he is 6 ft 0.5.. He towers so many people in the man of steel movie. I guess americans are short then.. With my 6'2 in the netherlands i'm on the average/short side.
Elias says on 19/Oct/13
He towers 179 cm listed russell crowe so he is 184 cm minimum
clutcher says on 15/Oct/13
very short to be a Superman, fail casting and boring film.
Tim says on 1/Oct/13
Perfect male height he is same height as me
Lorne says on 25/Sep/13
I agree 6 ft0.25 is nearer the mark, this guy has Jon Hamm posture.
Potato Eater says on 25/Sep/13
Superman is drawn with a ripped physique in the comics because it makes the character more believable as a being of immense power. If Superman was pudgy, the character would be laughable. Cavil's chiseled out of stone physique makes the character more believable.
Balrog says on 24/Sep/13
I agree with your comment, Lorne.
Iceman says on 24/Sep/13
Superman was always ripped and muscular in the comics. Even though the sun gives him his abilities being shredded makes it more believable that he's one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. If Superman was drawn as being pudgy, the character would be a joke. Cavil's ripped physique makes him more believable as Superman over Tom Welling or Brandon Routh. Demanding that Superman be exactly some made up height (6'3") is far more ridiculous then having a shredded Superman.
Lorne says on 22/Sep/13
For everyone saying he's "big" enough, remember that, logically, superman would not be huge or ripped.why? Because, HE IS F$&@ing SUPERMAN!!! Think about it: it's been made clear that simply being under the yellow sun gives Kal-El unlimited strength. Even as a child he can lift cars. So why on earth would he work out constantly to maintain a physique he doesn't need? I understand he is drawn ripped in the comics, but that is for stylistic purposes. He also has unnecessary red briefs over his outfit in the comics! Much like Batman has black briefs over his grey outfit in the comics, and anime. Yet, the motion picture Batman hasn't had briefs since 1989, because clearly it is ridiculous. Tell me, should batman be made to wear briefs again?(over his outfit, it's his business what's underneath) no! The only reason they had those strange outfits in the first place is because it was easy to draw way back when. It continued because of tradition. But it has no lace in films. Much like cavils. He's not a naturally built guy, Cavill. It is clear he has to work out constantly to maintain. Between that, and his hair dye, he just isn't at all superman, and it is distracting. Nevermind him standing 183-184cm; he isn't superman tall, but as mentioned, he clearly isn't short. With big boots and his excellent posture, he'd look an easy 6'1. So if everything else was perfect, it would be no problem. Just look at Christian Bale. Bale is 182cm, not really what you would consider an ideal height for the Bat. But everything else was perfect; his looks, his style, of course the fact that he is an amazing actor. So the fact he's a little under 6 feet is no problem.(of course, superman hadn't been tall since he ditched the briefs. Bale is actually the tallest, at a solid 182cm, along with 182cm range Kilmer, but that's beside the point, since Burtons Batman had Bat-Lifts to make him look closer to 6ft) Anyway, superman should be a naturally big guy, tall, slender, yet big. Tom Welling is still the perfect example of how a superman should look, 190cm, black hair, naturally big, but not huge or ripped. Reeve also exemplified superman with his build, though I now think Wellings 190cm frame was perfect, even better than Reeve's, thought at 193cm, and slender, but broad shoulders, was arguably just as good. But not Cavill. Between Cavill as superman, and Affleck as Batman, we are about to enter a dark age for movies...
Larc 74in says on 16/Sep/13
Kevin Costner is still 6'1-6'1.25 and taller than this guy, 6'0.25 is closer for Cavill.
Tim says on 28/Aug/13
Looks shorter than 1.84 m
Arch Stanton says on 27/Aug/13
He's near 6'1". He looks so much better without the dyed black hair and makeup or whatever it is which makes him look plastic. He looks great in the above photo but he often comes across as a bit dull and plastic to me. I'd guess he was about the same height as Bradley Cooper.
The_Eckoman says on 26/Aug/13
batman is going to be taller than superman;
MJ says on 14/Aug/13
He looks like a solid 6" guy to me I can believe 6'.5". And I think he makes a great Superman I really don't think the difference between 6' even and 6'2-6'3 is big enough to make much of difference. People on here talk about a fraction of an inch in height like its a HUGE deal and 2-3 inches like its a few thousand feet, but in reality I think its hardly noticeable. I could see people not being convinced by him if he was like 5'6 or something, but for goodness sakes the man is 6 feet tall!!!! if that's not tall enough to be an effective superman I don't see an extra couple inches changing much. I guess I just don't get people like teej who think a solid 6 feet is too short but 6'2" is perfectly acceptable, It's not that big of a difference guys especially when your muscular and carry yourself well like Cavill does.
Connor 184cm says on 13/Aug/13
@Larc 74in Thor is 6ft 6?, i didnt think he was that big i thought he was only 6ft 3.
Connor 184cm says on 13/Aug/13
He looks nothing like Superman/Clark Kent and Supermans height is 6ft 3 Henry is only 6ft 0.5 hes tall but no where near tall enough to be superman in my opinion i think hes a terrible superman he has muscle build and great looks for the ladies yeah but nah christopher reeve is the real superman he has the appearance and height hes says in the first superman film "about" 6ft 4 so im guessing supermans height in metric is 192cm so hes a strong 6ft 3 but a weak 6ft 4 all the other actors like Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill i cant remember the other guys names there all crap in my opinion as superman not acting by the way Christopher reeve is the best superman hands down.
Larc 74in says on 13/Aug/13
Who the hell cares about height?
RDJ is a questionable 5'8 and he was still awesome as Iron Man (who is 6'1!)

Cavill looks 6'0.5 to me however, Superman is supposed to be an inch taller than Batman, so 6'3.
Even Hemsworth isn't tall enough to play Thor, he's 6'3, while Thor is supposed to be 6'6.
teej says on 10/Aug/13
Im sorry, but the guy playing superman should be atleast 6'2 and up
ReeveisSuperman says on 7/Aug/13
It's more like Reeve 'is' Superman. In every way imaginable, the tallest 6'4",the best looking, the most charming, the most believable. It's actually a miracle that someone could look that much like Superman and even eclipsed what you imagine from seeing a superman comic! Since the time of the Real Superman, we have gotten a chinese superboy (Dean Cain),a skinny farmboy (Welling), a super stalker(Routh), and now British Steel (Cavil). These are all very weak imposters compared to the tallest and by far the best ever to look like (hair,costume, face, and body,and Voice)..the one and only Christopher Reeve...the one God chose to be Superman. Cavil is a 6'0 British SuperChap...yawn...
knarfster says on 7/Aug/13
"In an Poll that came on TV recently, people voted Christoper Reeve almost 70% !! " yeah, and 50% of America has an IQ below 98, what's your point? People who like Reeves either haven't seen Man of Steel, or are old and nostalgic (and I am 48)
Balrog says on 3/Aug/13
210 pounds? Perhaps 195 - 200.
Balrog says on 29/Jul/13
I agree Christopher Reeve was the best Superman.
Danny Harris says on 29/Jul/13
Such bias crap. Cavill was great as Superman and equal to Reeves. Cavill is still big at 6ft1 and 210lbs of muscle. Look I love Reeves and the first Donner film but it was really campy and I simply enjoyed Man Of Steel more cause its fresh, modern and action packed! I also noticed MOS had influences from the comics like Birthright and Secret Origin and Cavill reminds me of Jim Lee's Superman too!
Iceman says on 28/Jul/13
Superman is not 6'3", as he's never had his height measured in the comics. It's been estimated and inferred that he might be around 6'2" or 6'3". He's taller than the average man, but what is that 5'11", 6'3". Any actor playing Superman can't be too short as there's no exact height for the Man of Steel. So a 6'0" actor playing Superman is not an issue.
ReeveisSuperman says on 28/Jul/13
Correction. In an Poll that came on TV recently, people voted Christoper Reeve almost 70% !! as their favorite Superman! The other 30% was spread between Welling, Dean Cain, Routh, and Cavil, George Reeves. Reeve looked exactly like Superman and was American (important)and the movies were great (Superman I & II). Reeve wasnt lanky, He was tall and muscular after the training and yes he stood above the rest at 6'4" because Superman should stand above the rest. Cavil is a good actor, but he is British, has no superman hair,his costume was dark (like batman) and the man of steel movie just simply was not 'Superman' and more like a dissapointing re-boot in same category as Routh's movie. As much as they try , it simply cannot equal the Greatness and Perfection that was Christopher Reeve -The one true Superman...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Jul/13
No he doesn't. Routh, Reeves and Welling looked the part.
This guy looked more like Superman's geeky adolescent brother
Cruisindude says on 27/Jul/13
He's 6,1. Superman is 6,3. Not even an issue. He still was an amazing superman and will be even better in the upcoming batman/superman man of steel sequel in 2015.
Balrog says on 27/Jul/13
Well, he is 6 feet range for sure, there are a bunch of pics of Cavill next to Lutz and they look the same in height. Both are strong 6 footers.
Iceman says on 26/Jul/13
Cavil definitely looked the part of Superman. There's no set exact height for Superman, people think he's supposed to be tall and lanky because Christopher Reeves was 6'4". In the comics Superman was always muscle bound, he had the V shaped upper body with broad shoulders and a skinny waist. Cavil has the superman body and looks the part a lot more then Reeves,Tom Welling or Brandon Routh.
183CM says on 26/Jul/13
He is 6, no more
yum says on 26/Jul/13
Short arms. Ha ha. Maybe part t-rex
TheVerve180cm says on 25/Jul/13
Lo sgozzatore says on 24/Jul/13
Even 6'5 is noticeably taller than nearly 6'3 :)
But almost everybody described Welling as 6'5! Cavill should be described 6'3 :)
Lo sgozzatore says on 23/Jul/13
Rob, i dont know, do they describe this guy as a very tall man? I mean, do they refer to him as a 6'3 guy? I remember you said Welling is upgraded by all his castmates because he's Superman, so they all describe him as a 6'4-6'5 guy. This guy is Superman and i guess he should be upgraded by two inches... This was your thought... Do they describe him as the tallest actor? Dont think so :)
[Editor Rob: near 6ft 3 is noticeably taller to many than nearly 6ft 1, but I've not read many interviews were others have talked about him.]
Alex says on 22/Jul/13
Not a short man by any means. Not Superman-tall ,true, but with two 5cm lifts, he can easily pull it off. And ,as a comic book reader, I must say that he has the looks and the acting skill to play a convincing Superman. Why he gets so much hate I will never understand.
Cruisindude says on 22/Jul/13
He's 6,1. He has good height and a solid muscular build which helps him look taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/Jul/13
Henry Cavill - 6"(183cm)
Brandon Routh - 6"2.75"(190cm)
Tom Welling 6"3"(191cm)
Christopher Reeve - 6"4"(193cm)
Rey says on 18/Jul/13
Very similar body structure and mannerism like the late Jon-Erik Hexum.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Jul/13
In the Superman gear probably 187-188cm.

So about 6ft flat for this gentleman
Rey says on 13/Jul/13
I just watched the Katie show. Kevin Costner is wearing cowboy boots. I can see them when Michael Shannon walked on stage. Henry is wearing regular dress shoes. I observed Henry and Kevin to be about the same height at the Superman premiere in NYC. I can see why the boots caused some height questions...
Rey says on 12/Jul/13
Henrik, there is a big difference between what Reeve says and what Daivd Prowse says...about Reeve's personal weight. I believe Chris Reeve.
David says on 11/Jul/13
Danny Harris thanks for your post. I agree with you now. I saw a recent picture of Henry with Russell Crowe and Henry was 2.5-3 inches or so taller than Russell, so he seems about six one or close to it at least like you're saying. I got thrown off with how it looked on the Katie show. He did appear to have long legs sitting in the chair.
David says on 10/Jul/13
Danny I see what you're saying and agree with you now. Thanks for your post. Just saw a recent pic of Henry and he looks like 2.5-3 inches taller than Russell Crowe, so he may be about six one. I believe it now. The pic is at the bottom of this interview: Click Here

On the Katie show Henry looked like he had long legs as he sat in the chair, this should have indicated to me that he is tall. It seemed like it but when he shook hands with Kevin Costner that threw me off.
joe says on 10/Jul/13
eh, initially i thought he was 6'1, but after seeing him near jay leno on his show, he's probably a solid 6 footer.

Click Here
Henrik says on 10/Jul/13
Rey says on 1/Jul/13
Christopher Reeve was well over 212lbs. when in Superman. He commented he was most muscular in Superman LLL and was over 235.!!!!


You're wrong. David Prowse who trained Reeve said that he managed to put on 40 pounds on him, and that he was 170 before they started. Reeve himself said 215.
Danny Harris says on 4/Jul/13
I also watched the Katie show and the angles were off and it was weird cause Laurence Fishburne looked short aswell. But when I've seen other footage/interviews and pictures of Cavill and Costner together they look the same height. There's pics below of Costner, Cavill and Shannon on this page to judge their heights better aswell.
Danny Harris says on 4/Jul/13
I've met both Henry Cavill and Kevin Costner in person and their both 6'1 as I'm the same height. Also Chris Meloni is 6'1 and Michael Shannon is 6'4 cause he was 3 inches taller then me.

Henry was huge and ripped in Man of Steel and gave a great performance. I loved MOS! Can't wait for the sequel.
Balrog says on 3/Jul/13
Rob, there's a chance he's 6 feet flat? Cavill holds good posture most of the time, so he might pull looking taller.
[Editor Rob: I doubt he's only 6 foot, he has impeccable posture yeah...

a good thing, he's a very confident man!]
Silent d says on 3/Jul/13
I thought he was 6 foot 2 but after seeing him with russell crowe, gina carano and others. He looks about 6 foot.
David says on 2/Jul/13
I think Henry is very good in Man of Steel and the most muscular of the Superman actors. However, on the Katie Couric show Kevin Costner looked considerably taller than him and Costner is no more than six one. For this reason as well as the picture with Russell Crowe I have doubts that he is about six feet. Admittedly though he may look it in the movie.
Rey says on 1/Jul/13
Christopher Reeve was well over 212lbs. when in Superman. He commented he was most muscular in Superman LLL and was over 235.!!!!
isabella says on 1/Jul/13
I was not sure at all if I was going to like Henry Cavill....I thought Tom Welling was all ways...But Henry...did a great the "Man of Steel". I really don't care...if he wasn't 6'3".
Linebacker28 says on 1/Jul/13
Saw Man of Steel the other day, and thought he was great in it. Definitely had the look and screen presence to carry the role. Although height-wise, did appear to be the strong 6' as listed here; if he had another 2", it would've been perfect. Regardless, he's got a bright future ahead of him, and I'm eager to see where this new Superman franchise goes to now.
David says on 29/Jun/13
There is online a picture of the Man of Steel cast at the 2013 Taormina Film Fest. Henry is standing on the far left next to Russell Crowe. Don't they look about the same height? Can't link to it.
David says on 29/Jun/13
Did anyone see Henry on the Katie Couric show shake hands with Kevin Costner (to help us compare their heights)?
Henrik says on 25/Jun/13
Superman in the comics is 6'3" and 225 pounds, from what I've seen. Reeve was 6'4" and 212 pounds.
Balrog says on 24/Jun/13
Superman has been always listed at 6'3''.
Lorne says on 24/Jun/13
I didn't say Welling should have played superman in the movie, in fact I specifically said they never would, and never implied they should have. The 10 years was intended as humorous, and to illustrate a point. I didn't like Cavill B4 Superman, and I think he looks ridiculous. Tom Welling has the perfect look for Superman; but not Hollywood acting abilities. Insulting me, and ESP shattered, is just sad, Cavill looks terrible for the role in my opinion, and I am entitled to it. And as far as what I ejaculate on to the other pages... Wow, just wow. I have never said any of those things. I say Rob's listing for Vin Diesel is crazy, he is nearer 5'11, and I have also stated that upgrading Arnie to 187cm was unnecessary. I say 181(possibly less) for Diesel, Arnie is 185.5-186cm range. You either have a big crush on Cavill, or you simply like making stuff up in your head. 6ft3 Arnold??? LOL!!!
Anonimity is Great says on 24/Jun/13
@Lo sgozzatore.

It wasn't meant for you, but for the other guy who said that welling is a better superman with 10 years more experience.
Dirty Pitts says on 23/Jun/13
There's a lot of people here claiming what Superman should look like who have very little understanding of the Comics. There is no set height for Superman, but in the comics it has sometimes been referenced that he is 6'2". So in fact 6'4" Christopher Reeves would be too tall to play Superman and Henry Cavil would be closer to his actual height. A bigger issue is that Superman is always muscle bound in the comics. Henry Cavil built up that physique perfectly. None of the other Supermen: Reeves, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh looked like they were chiseled out of Steel like Cavil.

@Lorne, Arch Stanton
Your posts seem to be full of the usual dribble you ejaculate all over on the other boards. Calling Cavil "plastic", "fake". You guys should go back to making your posts about how Vin Diesel is 6'0" and Arnold (the Terminator) is 6'3".
Moosa says on 23/Jun/13
He pulled it off really good but he is way too short not even 6 kevin costner is 6'1 legit and he was way shorter than him!!!so i would wellington or Routh should have been superman!!!
Merk says on 23/Jun/13
He is less than 1.84, look at this pic where he's next to Kellan Lutz (1.84 listed here), where Cavill is standing as tall as he can be and Lutz is not standing completly straight so they could be probably the same height, but now look at the bottom of the pic, while Lutz is wearing a flat boots, Cavill is wearing a shoes with heel so Cavill is obviously shorter than Lutz, probably by 1 or 2 cm... or maybe Lutz is taller than 1.84.

Click Here
Johno says on 22/Jun/13
I am going to round him to 6'0

A good choice to play a superman -- could not stand the immortals though
marcus says on 22/Jun/13
Just saw the movie. The individual scenes were well done, but the movie as a whole did not satisfy me. I have to say that I prefer the story in Superman Returns. Cavell does not seem to be even close to 6 ft. Little Amy Adams had no heel at all in any of her scenes with him and appeared taller than she is.
Lo sgozzatore says on 22/Jun/13
Anonimity, I just said Superman should be pretty tall and big, like a Tom Welling. I'm not talking about acting abilities. I still have not seen the movie, so i can't judge. But as for face/physique Welling is much more Superman...
Anonimity Is Great says on 21/Jun/13
Tom Welling?? Are you kidding me?? Cavill's Superman is miles better. Almost as good as Reeve's, but in this new universe Reeve's simply isn't going to work. This is the perfect Superman Movie for our time. Regarding his height, I'm a little disappointed that he is not taller, and the director doesn't seem to try to hide the fact using elevators, but hey, his other properties are more than make up for it. A solid 6ft.
Lo sgozzatore says on 21/Jun/13
Yeah, he doesnt look under 183-184. Good listing. He's still tall, not like a Superman should be, but still tall. Superman should be at least around 6'3, like Tom Welling or Christopher Reeve, who i think has never been a full 6'4 but more like 6'3-6'4 range, just like Welling
Van says on 20/Jun/13
I have just watched The Man of Steel and I gotta say he looks a very very strong 6'1 to me. Probably even 6'1.5 in the morning. He's a big guy with perfect posture IMO
Henrik says on 20/Jun/13
As for the people discussing his genetics, he is supposedly an endomorph, whereas he claimed to have been fat as a child and bullied for it. You can see the "softness" around his waist area, even though he is ripped.

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Pri says on 19/Jun/13
You are idiots saying Henry looks plastic or short. He is absolutely gorgeous. His chiselled face is all natural, NOT plastic. Ugly guys and haters are just gonna HATE. As long as he is at least 6' feet tall who gives a crap after that? With a face like that, he was born to play superman
Sain\'t says on 19/Jun/13
I just saw man of steel he looks like 185 or 186 with his perfect posture. Solid listing rob!
jaz says on 19/Jun/13
well I think he is stunning, I think he will be great :) he's taller then me and from all the recent shots of him training etc, looking good is all I can say. I think he should be fifty shades of grey too, js
Balrog says on 18/Jun/13
He looks like a proper 6'0''. Tall but not Superman tall.
Lorne says on 17/Jun/13
Whoa. A 184cm superman? Ridiculous. It would be different if he didn't look like he's a plastic teenager! Seriously, I haven't seen the movie, but I know his acting abilities are limited, and he's the goofiest looking "Man of Steel" I've ever seen. More like the man of cellophane! Tom Welling would have been better, he has 10 years of experience, and his 190cm build is perfect for Superman, IMHO, of course.
jtm says on 17/Jun/13
5'11.5 tops.
gobsmacked says on 15/Jun/13
Are you people for real!?!...arguing over .5cm height differences of actors and who should play what role.....unbelievable!!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Jun/13
Looked a bit shorter than Costner.

Henry Cavill 6ft0.25in(184cm)
Kevin Costner 6ft1in(185cm)
Duhon says on 15/Jun/13
Full body shot Cavill and 6'3.5"-6'4" Michael Shannon side by side. Click Here

Assuming Shannon is a full 6'4" as he claims how tall does cavill look here?
Sam says on 13/Jun/13
Interesting premiere shots...all guys who claim 5'11.5"-6'1" range: Meloni, Fishburne, Crowe (clearly the shortest), Costner, Cavill...the only height standout is, unsurprisingly, Michael Shannon. Costner may still be the tallest of the similar height guys, in side by side, he looks a tad taller than Cavill (I think in the group shots Costner is slouching), who then looks to have a bit over Meloni, Fishburne and lastly Crowe. Most of the guys look pretty close to Rob's respective listings for them.
TheAngelofHeight says on 12/Jun/13
On Facebook 'Man of Steel' page Costner looks nearly 2 inches taller than Cavill. Could it be that Cavill is not more than 5'11.5 or 6'0. ??
diggy1234 says on 12/Jun/13
Henry Cavill is a legit 6ft1. Costner is shorter then Cavill! Look at the other pics posted and Costner looks 1 or even 2 inches shorter then Cavill all the time. Cavill is max 2.5 inches shorter then Michael Shannon. Lil taller then 6ft1 Chris Meloni aswell.
wingwalker says on 12/Jun/13
He looks like he's standing as tall as he possibly could (same on other pictures) while Costner has more of a loose posture, and still there looks to be about 2cm between them.
Dirty Pitts says on 11/Jun/13
Costner is at most 1 cm taller then Cavil and possibly the same height or even a bit shorter as evidenced by the pictures. Costner looks good for his age but was never at the level of Brad Pitt or Denzel. Most people would say Cavil is more attractive.
Arch Stanton says on 11/Jun/13
No way is Costner only a cm taller than Cavill..
Arch Stanton says on 11/Jun/13
Click Here

He's shorter than Kevin Costner. They're like opposites, Costner looks a naturally handsome guy with a healthy looking tan and features, Cavill kinda looks like he's made out of plastic.
Duhon says on 11/Jun/13
Some shots of cavill next to 6'3.5"-6'4" michael shannon from the premiere. Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Henrik says on 10/Jun/13
Lol, Cavill shouldn't have the role due to looking shortish, yet you suggest the taller actors Stallone and Downey Jr? The biggest factor here would be that they are too old.

Cavill is bigger than the previous Superman actors. I'd argue that you couldn't become much bigger than he is without the help of steroids or HGH, and I wouldn't want Superman to be on those illegal vitamines. And they also make most of the females think that you're a gorilla.

@ Arch Stanton: Reeve dyed his hair black too.
Arch Stanton says on 9/Jun/13
@ Dirty Pitts says on 23/May/13

Depends on what you consider better looking. Cavill to me looks a bit fake looking, obviously dyes his hair black and has to work out a lot to look like that.
Da_Mayor says on 9/Jun/13
He's not muscular enough to be superman. Also, he looks shortish.
Stallone would be my 1st choice. Robert Downey could also add some dimension to the man of steel but he'd have to wear some platforms to pull it off
PaulB says on 7/Jun/13
Should have played Jack Reacher, he's tall enough to have carried it off better than Cruise!
jamie says on 25/May/13
6'1" for sure. There's at least a clear inch between him and 6ft listed Luke Evans.
Dirty Pitts says on 23/May/13
I think this listing is bang on. The Man of Steel looks slightly over 6'0" and around a shredded looking 200 pounds. I think 5'11" to 6'1" is the best range for Superman, it's not too tall and not too short. I think 6'3" Brandon Routh and 6'4" Christopher Reeves looked kind of gangly and not muscular enough in the Superman suit because they were too tall. 6'5" Joe Manjelloeater would have been even worse. Cavil is also far more attractive as Superman should be.
[Editor Rob: I saw a guy I know who is aroun d5ft 8-8.5 meet him few weeks ago and he looks about 4.5 inches taller with him...]
lulo says on 22/May/13
quite surprised, always thought he was 6'3ish
lakoda says on 15/May/13
He is 6.1
joey says on 1/May/13
i think 6'1 is right. he can give a shorter appearance because his arms look short.
Shell says on 23/Apr/13
I don't agree with all these people saying henry cavill can't play superman. I think he is very good looking and i loved him in the tudors. Saying he is too muscular to play superman is ridiculous, in the comics he was always very muscular. As far as height is concerned being just over 6 ft you can still play superman, as we have all seen with actors, they can appaer much larger on the screen.
jamz says on 20/Apr/13
Cavill is a legit, strong 6'1".
RobertJ says on 19/Apr/13
Their close but Henry is taller than Luke Evans. Probably an inch, no more. If Evans is legit 6 feet, Cavill should be listed as 6'1''.

Click Here
Click Here
Alex says on 18/Apr/13
Seriously,Dan, you need to calm down. I mean...5'11'' tops? Short loser? Seriously? Look, I understand that you might think this guy is not tall enough to play superman, many people do, but have some serious problem with attitude. If I were you i'd take that comment back and apologize....
Anonymous says on 27/Feb/13
wtf in a picture with the rock this dude was easily 2 inches taller than him....
jim says on 30/Jan/13
Cavill is 6'1
Rikashiku says on 20/Dec/12
He has quite a tall appearance to him. Maybe because he has a lean body or because he is cast next to shorter actors. I can believe he is over 6'0". 184cm looks just as good.
AAAA says on 14/Dec/12
With Nighy... Someone mentioned wanting to see this picture before I think
Click Here
173 says on 12/Dec/12
Rick says on 11/Dec/12
Tom Hardy is 5'9 and he looks much much bigger than that in TDKR
Have you ever heard of lifts and camera tricks? That's what they used to make Tom Hardy "look" taller.
Rick says on 11/Dec/12
Tom Hardy is 5'9 and he looks much much bigger than that in TDKR
Cbm says on 27/Oct/12
I agree with Steven. 184 in shoe, 182 barefoot. His build makes him seem taller.
Larc-186.7-188.6cm says on 18/Oct/12
6'0.5 is a good height to play Superman, with boots on he will reach 6'3.

Cranberries forgot that Iron Man is 6'1 and RDJ is a questionable 5'8.
Who really cares about height? Michael Keaton was barely 5'10 and Batman was supposed to be 6'2, even Bale at 6'0 wasn't tall enough, but at the end they were both awesome in their movies.
Kid says on 10/Oct/12
Yeah I know this discussion about Henry Cavill's height to play superman really makes a lot of ****ING sense I mean it's not like he's supposed to be acting or anything so I'd just like to add that he can't fly in real life or have x-ray vision and is not susceptible to kryptonite. I mean what were the casting people thinking!!?? Listen morons, it doesn't matter what he's like in "real life" it wouldn't make a difference if he were 5'9 they would just put lifts on him and use camera angles to make him look bigger --these are FILMS that involve CRAFT to CREATE ARTISTIC EFFECTS...
cw says on 23/Aug/12
There's some old pics of Cavill standing next to 6' 1 Bill Nighy, and Henry is clearly taller. Can't see their footwear, but still...
tom says on 15/Aug/12
Mr. Rob: I see a hybrid in some pics of Chris Reeve and Tom Welling --yielding a Henry Cavill, do you see it? Also, Reeve, Welling, and Cavill are all English surnames. Could this be the Anglo connection...
Marcus says on 27/Jul/12
Henry Cavill seems to be playing a more 'realistic' Superman in the vein of Christian Bale's Batman. Regardless, at a little over 6 feet tall he should be very believable as Superman. While he is not the giant that Christopher Reeve was, he will make a great Superman, albeit more realistic and less cartoonish.
Henrik says on 11/Feb/12
I don't think that I would have considered Joe Manganiello to be the perfect choice for the role either. He doesn't have blue eyes and his overall phenotype deviates so significantly from Superman's/Clark's stereotypical appearance.

Armie Hammer with dyed black hair would have been the best choice, if you'd ask me:

Click Here
Joe257 says on 25/Jan/12
Superman is 6'3" in comics and 6'4" in films. I guess Henry will wear lifts or tricky camera angles will be used to create the illusion of a greater height.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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