How tall is Jack Coleman ?

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Jack Coleman's height is 6ft 2.5in (189 cm)

American Actor best known for roles in tv shows like Heroes, Dynasty and Burn Notice. On his blog he says "I'm 6' 2", 185lbs". This photo is from the London Film Con in 2007, I thought he was a strong 6ft 2 range.

Jack Coleman at LFCC
5ft 8 Rob and Jack
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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Jun/15
6ft4 out of bed would make him a strong 6ft3 guy.
Thomas says on 15/Jun/15
Hey Rob, I found a pic where he looked the same height as Zachary Levi.
Levi might be under 6ft 3.
Andrea says on 11/Jun/15
So you think he might have been 6'4 when he was younger? I mean, out of bed...
[Editor Rob: the longer the length, naturally the greater the chance. 1.5 is probably at the edge of what you would measure for that height. It's not impossible.

Andrea says on 10/Jun/15
If he's really 6'2.5 he 100% clears 6'3! Rob, do you think he might be 6'4 out of bed? If a girl like Gwendoline shrinks 1.5 inches, i don't see why this guy can't...
[Editor Rob: he's mid 50's, there's a difference from someone in their 20's with more spongy and thicker discs (out of bed).]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Jun/15
Rob, maybe he clears 6ft3 out of bed?
[Editor Rob: he likely could, at least in his 30's.]
Dmeyer says on 15/May/15
From wath you say rob he seems 6'2.25
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Apr/15
Similar to Lance Reddick in that he rounds down
184.3cm says on 4/Apr/15

And yet he looks almost as tall as many 6'3 listed actors here on this website. I wouldnt put him under 6'2.5".
S.J.H says on 23/Feb/15
The modesty of claiming 6'2 he really is 6'2 not over.
Dmeyer says on 29/Jan/15
Rob from wath you say he is 6'2.25 , and jean. Louis is more 5'10.75-11 than 11-11.25
[Editor Rob: it's tough to say exactly, I think out of all 6ft 2 people who have claimed it he seemed the tallest and has dropped the fraction from his claim.]
Judd says on 27/Jan/15
First celeb I ever seen who claim a bit less that what he really is...incredible!
6'2.5" is right!
Mike says on 4/Dec/14
Solid 189.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 24/Nov/14
6ft1 and 6ft1 is a joke
Jack says on 12/Oct/14
He looks like an American version of Colin Firth
Charlie says on 11/Oct/14
You need a pair if eyeglasses Simon.
Mike says on 10/Jun/14
There is a driver's license from the character that he played in heroes. It says 6-1. Who knows whether it is Jack Coleman's height, since the date of birth isn't.
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cole says on 3/Jun/14
Yeah, the most common thing in my experience is that it's the shorter/average height guys who'll round up and even add another inch on top of that. It's not just celebs who lie though, I personally know a whole bunch of people being overly generous when stating their height (like often seen in Hollywood, 173-175 cm guys claiming 178-180 range). Why so many people are having such a hard time telling the truth about the very trivial matter that is your own height, is beyond me (especially in the case of a 6'1-2 claiming guy like Justin Timberlake for example, who's obviously a 5'11 range guy at best, and the vast majority of people can see that pretty clearly). Then we have the odd person who genuinely doesn't know their exact height, or just don't care about the wee fraction, like Jack here.
Ulysses 5'9 says on 13/May/14
agreed, guys who are tall (6ft +) rarely round up/ use fractions when describing their height. They don't feel the need.
SeanRt says on 17/Apr/14
Could you imagine him and Gil Birmingham stood together, both claimed 6'2 and there's a 3 inch difference!
Tommo says on 6/Apr/14
I dunno whether he 'rounds down' as such, I just think most people who don't really think about height wouldn't deal in fractions so much. My friend says 6'2 when in fact he's probably close to 6'3, just doesn't think to mention the 3 quarters. Kind of the same as how someone could be '40 and 200 days', but they'd never say that and if someone just said '40' they wouldn't be rounding down.
176,2Tunman says on 23/Feb/14
Looks about 189-90, certainly one of the very rare guys who round down.
avi says on 13/Jan/14
@nick says on 15/Nov/13
I'm 6ft 8in. I think jack maybe a touch taller than 6ft 3.

Yeah sure you are...stop trolling.

He's About 6'2.25 no more
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 11/Jan/14
Looks a good 6 inch difference or maybe a bit more. 6'2.25 to maybe 6'2.5 max he looks
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Dec/13
I doubt he's over 6ft2.5
Lenad is sexy says on 14/Dec/13
I doubt he's under 6'2
Pleb says on 30/Nov/13
ZOMG someone who understated their height! Blasphemy!

Must be a height heretic.
nick says on 15/Nov/13
I'm 6ft 8in. I think jack maybe a touch taller than 6ft 3.
roy says on 28/Oct/13
nice to see that not all celebs round up height...solid 6'2 just as he claims..., he could claim 6'3 and probably get away with it
Rusty says on 17/Sep/13
He likely measures between 6'2.25" and 6'2.5" at his absolute worst but is modest about his height and rounds down. Thats what i did when i was a 6'2.5" guy
Lurk says on 26/Aug/13
This is what a legit 6'2 should look like next to a 5'8 guy. Just shows that a lot a of other people don't quite tell the truth about their height
Rusty says on 24/Aug/13
I see some 6'3" listed celebs next to Rob looking this same height. Could he have an extra half inch of footwear on you Rob?
[Editor Rob: no difference]
Blaze says on 11/Aug/13
189cm max
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 27/Jul/13
"Jack Coleman's height is 6ft 2.25in (189cm)"

That's what really counts as being a fraction over 6ft2.
- a little over 6ft2 = 6ft2.25
- between 6ft2 and 6ft3 = 6ft2.5
- just under 6ft3/almost 6ft3 = 6ft2.75
Brad says on 14/May/13
As listed. The 185 pounds in '13 might be low.
Johno says on 8/May/13
He states himself as 6'2. He looks about 6'1.75 with rob there. Somewhere between those parameters.

Nick22 says on 5/May/13
Definitely not under 188 cm. He's likely in the 188-189 cm range.
Xior says on 12/Apr/13
A few months ago Coleman was 6ft 2? Why the sudden update if he claimed 6'2" ?
[Editor Rob: he could be a fraction over but not bother claiming it...]
LG69 says on 28/Mar/13
Easily 6'2"...could be 6'3".
Nick 189 says on 15/Feb/13
Legit 6'2
Joey says on 14/Jan/13
nice to see that there are still some celebs left that dont lie about height^^....looks a solid 6'2 just as he claims
Dirt diver says on 19/Aug/12
In season 1 of heroes when sylar breaks out he pulls out Noah Bennett's(jack Coleman) ID and his height is listed as 6'1"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 31/Jul/12
A rare case of someone throwing away the
lolo says on 29/Jul/12
brandon routh looks taller than him
Brad says on 12/Jun/12
1 foot from me 25 years ago, as listed.
Moke says on 23/Jan/12
I'm the same height next to my 5'9 buddy and I'm a little over 6'2 (measured when I was conscripted). So, yeah he's 6'2 with the possibility to be 6'2.5''.

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