How tall is Hayden Panettiere ?

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Hayden Panettiere's Height is 5ft 0.25in (153 cm)

American actress best known for playing Claire Bennet on the television series Heroes and Juliette Barnes on Nashville. In film she can be seen in Scream 4. In TeenHollywood (Sep 2007) she said "I'm five foot two so any weight that I gain, you can see it". She said her weight was "106 pounds". This photo is from the London Film Con in 2007. She had at least 2.5 inch more footwear than me.

5ft 8 Rob and Hayden
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Comment on the Height of Hayden Panettiere

Saoirse said on 27/Jan/16
Thank you.
Saoirse said on 25/Jan/16
Hello, thank you for replying. But when you mean she's not much over 5ft, is that close to 5ft0.25 or 5ft0.5?
Editor Rob: I thought she was near an inch under my eyes when seeing her up close and her heels that day gave no less than 3.5 inch range, mine about an inch, so I would say somewhere closer to 5ft flat than say 5ft 0.5-1 range.
Saoirse said on 16/Jan/16
What is Harden Panettiere's height please?
People say she's five foot two inches.
Editor Rob: she really isn't much over 5ft
Tunman said on 29/Mar/15
Rob,I know a women who works in my aunt house who is very small,possibly 4'3-4 or so.The thing is that she's not a dwarf,I mean she has neither the looks nor the body of a dwarf (normal head and normal limbs for her height).
Do you think it's common to grow naturally only to that height?I also met a Lybian woman around that height (her 5'range daughter towered her) who didn't seem a dwarf neither but it's the only 2 cases really.
[Editor Rob: might not be a that height it is possible genetically she wasn't going to be near 5ft, but growing up it could also be possible to have health reasons for being inches shorter than you might have.]
Cheryl said on 15/Mar/15
She was supposed to be 5ft only.She is actually really short
Arch Stanton said on 24/Feb/15
Rob, 4 ft for real? That's proper dwarf isn't it? or are they normal, just extremely short? The shortest grown woman I've seen aside from one or two dwarfs was about 4 ft 6 or 7 I think, an old woman. And yeah I do see quite a few 4'9-5' range Asian women about, Cardiff is also a strong Asian area.
[Editor Rob: yes they have Dwarfism. The Mother has 2 daughters who have it, although one of the daughters has a son who has bypassed the gene.]
newguy said on 23/Feb/15
Rob,don't you feel like a giant next to someone a foot shorter I've yet to meet anyone a foot taller than me at my current height
[Editor Rob:
I've stood beside very tall and very short people and really don't think of being tiny or a giant in either case!
littlesue said on 22/Feb/15
I see quite a few women around 4ft 9/10 while I'm working in Brum, about 75% are of Asian origin though. I would say height will probably drop in average in the next decade due to smaller people who immigrate here
newguy said on 21/Feb/15
Rob,she's a foot shorter than me also do you anyone a foot shorter than you that's an adult?
[Editor Rob: I have seen a number of 4ft 8-9 grown women around town, there is a family living round the corner (beside my sister in fact) who the Mother is 4ft, the Daughter about same.]
Ivan Xavier said on 30/Oct/14
No that is why she is taller than vanessa because her position is at the elevated part of the beach
Ivan Xavier said on 30/Oct/14
No that is why she is taller than vanessa because her position is at the elevated part of the beach
blue said on 29/Oct/14
Hey Rob have the date of the quote "106lbs" she said that in 2007 too?
wishbone said on 16/Oct/14
Pretty petite 5'. Nice complexion,but now that she'll have her first baby,I just hope she doesn't look like somebody shoplifted a crate of basketballs and jammed them down her!
judd said on 20/Sep/14
5'0.25" is spot on
Norma26 said on 18/Jul/14
I thought she was 5ft 1 I think that 5ft is pushing it down too little.
Pedro said on 10/Jun/14
It is going to be interesting to see how tall her kid is going to be. I guess everything is possible with those parents. LOL
Arch Stanton said on 28/May/14
Rob she's pregnant, I guess it was before she was though! Seriously how tall do you think Klitch really is Rob? He looks 6'7-6'8 in the check shirt photo!! He close to Cudmore proportionally doesn't he. He's claimed a flat 6'5" which I think is clearly too low, I can't see him under 197. He actually looks 6'6.5" to me as listed but next to his brother maybe 6'5.5-6'5.75?? It's hard to really see him under 6 ft 6, he's too massive. Will be interesting to see how tall their offspring is, two extremes!
[Editor Rob: well I saw a quote once where he specifically said he was 6ft 6 in the morning and 6ft 5 in the evening.

6ft 5 and change is a reasonable look he has and can pass for 6ft 6 to many people I guess.]
Alex 6ft 0 said on 7/Apr/14
Rob, yea that's how some celebs are they don't stand for photos. Sometimes they don't wannna or sometimes their agents don't let them. Its like when I met the Big Show twice I asked for him to stand and they said no because then he'd have to stand for everyone.
[Editor Rob: yeah, I can understand more in an autograph situation and the time could be more limited or just all the up/down for a guest is too much...but Hayden is young and fit, she used to stand and then decided not too...maybe she wanted to limit interaction with fans?]
Alex 6ft 0 said on 5/Apr/14
5 inches taller with her in heels so add 2.5 inches more that's 7.5 inches difference or a bit more. 5'0-5'0.5 makes sense for her
[Editor Rob: she came back to this event a few years later and didn't want to stand up for photoshoot and asked for high chair...]
Olaf said on 21/Feb/14
A stunning looking woman and a great actress too, and I've seen her in interviews, and she comports herself well, articulate, intelligent. But, 5'2"? Ya, I don't think so. She's a wee squeak of a gal, ain't she? Honestly, I thought she was like 4'10" or something.
gian92 said on 9/Jan/14
she stays with 6'8 vladimir Klitschko lol
zz said on 4/Jan/14
Rob how many cm is your forehead? I mean from the top of your head to a bit below your eyebrows. Sorry for the weird question. :)) I hope you can understand the question because english isn't my first language.
[Editor Rob: from top of head to eyes is usually (if looking straight ahead and not up/down) about 4.5 to 4.6 inch. More or less if I then raised eyes or lowered eyes a touch.]
songo said on 31/Dec/13
Klitschko is 6'6, 18 inches taller than her!
Karen said on 7/Dec/13
I saw her in melrose and for sure she's about 5 feet....not any taller than that.
Mike 181 said on 17/Nov/13
You should do her boyfriend Vladimir Klitchko Rob I think 6"5.5 for him
lee said on 13/Oct/13
In a scene in scream 4 when her and Emma Roberts are in her room probably both barefoot as they are in Jill Robers room her and Emma look the same height and Emma is 5 foot 2
big bossman said on 17/Sep/13
well, looking at the pic provided, i'd say she's closer to 5'0 than 5'2.
i mean look at them in the pic. he's about 5'8 and yet even with her wearing 2 1/2 inch heels, and him leaning over a bit- he can still see over the top of her head easily. she doesn't look any taller than skyler day.
Big T said on 12/Jun/13
There's a scene in Heroes where she gets in Kristen Bell's face and punches out a car window behind her. You get a good height comparison and it seems neither are in heels. Bell is a bit taller which fits with the listings here.
kg said on 9/Jun/13
she seems a inch taller than vanessa hudgrns in sb's photo but they're not list in that way so i'm askin' how it's possible
Hazel said on 31/May/13
She's short but I love her. I saw her outside of lax and there were cameras everywhere even TMZ was there. Tmz asked a few questions for her and she seems happy to answer them. She even smile and joke around. She's funny. Anyway who cares if she's short, she was brave enough to confront to stop killing dolphins and whales. I haven't done any brave stuff like her and I'm 5'8 1/2. "Good things alway come in small package."
g said on 27/May/13
yeah rob shes taller than vanessa! but vanessa is listed 5 1 and she 5 feet! how is that??is vanessa 5 ??
Yaspaa said on 2/May/13
Hudgens must be 4'9, lol.
little sue said on 4/Apr/13
The beach is sloping down though so Hayden would appear taller.
SB said on 3/Apr/13
She must be taller than Vanessa Hudgens, this is a pic of them both barefoot on the beach:

Click Here
Lola said on 8/Mar/13
Hayden Panettiere, Vanessa Hudgens, Christina Aquleira, Nicole Richi, Eva Longoria and so on. All these women are about 5ft or shorter and no more. As I wrote before, short celebs lie always about their real height. They tell their height in high heels. A presenter women (I don´t know her name), she has her own late night show in US, told the same thing. They´re in real much more shorter as they claim and she knows it, because she mets all these celebs in her show.
reena said on 6/Mar/13
i think shes 5 2 because she looks taller than vanessa who is 5 1!!
Lola said on 5/Mar/13
5,2 with shoes/high heels and without shoes I guess 4,11 or max. 5 foot. Most of these short celebs lie about their real height.
vanessa said on 17/Feb/13
but she seems taller than vanessa in some photos
Arch Stanton said on 5/Feb/13
Well, she definitely seems to have a thing for tall, dark and imposing men!
Arch Stanton said on 5/Feb/13
She finished with Klitschko ages ago 6W and yeah about 18 inches is right as he's around 6 ft 6.
Godred said on 30/Jan/13
@6`0,17 - Are you talking about Klitschko? or someone new?
6\'0, 17 said on 29/Jan/13
Her boyfriend is 18 inches taller than her, and he's got quite a bit of age on her. Seriously sounds like this girl had major daddy issues lol.
Godred said on 21/Dec/12
@Clover - she`s nothing over 5 foot flat.
Clover said on 12/Dec/12
I think she has something around 1.57 m~1.60 m
Steven said on 12/Dec/12
in picture she came even lower than 5foot. like 151-152cm
marla singer said on 5/Dec/12
@Petitmiam: who said that is jealous of Hayden :D she is indeed quite short but that's not so important. She has a perfect face, she also looks a very outgoing and funny girl on interviews and she's so in a good shape that many people think she is much taller than 5 ft! I bet who said that is VERY envious and insecure :D
Petitmiam said on 30/Oct/12
"Proportions of a dwarf"?? Are you listening to yourselves? How very dare you! Who are you to say she shouldn't go over 100lbs, a BMI of 21.1 low end of healthy range (20-25). I am the same height, no one ever said to me I was too short or too fat and I have dared to let unselfish go over 100lb. Unless you are the same height and the same gender you will never understand how impossible it is to actually eat something once in a while and remain below 100lb. We are the right height for ourselves and I will not allow you to make me feel bad about it. With people like you out there, no wonder she is economical about the truth. Your body would have to be pretty perfect to be able to criticise Hayden's wonderful figure, I can only aspire to look so good one day.
Silent D said on 26/Oct/12
5 foot.
TNTinFL said on 22/Oct/12
On heroes, she was noticeably shorter that ever other cast member. Even when she wore heels. So this seems about right. I pegged her at around 5'1".
José said on 17/Oct/12
5ft2in = 1,57m
Lebensdorf said on 10/Oct/12
She looks more than a foot shorter than Scotty McKnight, her bf, who's 5'11.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 18/Sep/12
Damn she's so short and have also 2.5 inches of advantage in the pic...another inch less and she can easily be classified as a "midget", but who cares?
She's good looking. :)
BaciG said on 7/Sep/12
I think she's lovely. She looks about my height. I'm a little over 5'. I've dated men from 5' to 6'5. I'd rather be a bit taller, but I guess most of us are never happy as we are. Tall, short, or average, you gotta work what you got!
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
5 foot.
Anthony said on 14/Oct/07
Rob, I have a question since you attend these things so often. If you order tickets to these events online (like I did for the Big Apple Comic Con), how long does it take before they are sent to you? I ordered mine last month and it said I'd be getting a receipt but I still haven't gotten it. Any idea on this?

[Editor Rob: oh it could be 2 weeks before, a month before. Hard to say really. Couple times I have tickets not arrive in time so bring email receipt/bank printoff to the show.]
Hayden Panettiere's height ! said on 7/Oct/07
for me she is around 1.50 cm...not more.
Anonymous said on 3/Oct/07
Pictured with Kristin Bell the other day, both in bowling shoes at the "Elevate Hope Foundation's Bowling For The Arts Celebrity Games". Kristin is clearly more than a .25 inch taller. Hmmmm, these two stump me.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/07
As a 'tiny' woman of 4'11", she's definitely not 5'0 right on. Looking at pictures she looks around 5'2".
Jessi said on 30/Sep/07
In all photos I've seen her in, when comparing her to the heights of those she stands next to, she appears to be an even 5 feet, and not an inch over. It works for her though- she plays an innocent sweetheart in every role I've seen, so I think it's one of her advantages.
5'3" Aix said on 22/Sep/07
It implies that Hayden is 5'0.5" while Hilary is only 5'.
Anonymous said on 21/Sep/07
Well, she appears taller than Hilary Duff in any photos they take together. Both of them in heels, just the other day:
Click Here
Click Here
sf said on 19/Sep/07
Rob, I'll give you $501.50....

[Editor Rob: sold! Just move decimal point 2 places to the right :)]
Anonymous said on 18/Sep/07
Click Here

Next to 5'1" Kristen Bell.
Anthony said on 16/Sep/07
Hayden looking Ali's height, in flip flops no less, is indeed a sight.

BTW Rob, I got tickets to that Comic Con thing. In November I'll give you a height report.
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/07
Rob - 2008 will the last year of the site?

[Editor Rob: well, of going to any events. Unless the site doubled in size, I'd much rather spend time doing something like snowboarding or whatnot, the more I see of celebs the more I realise just how many don't really give a damn about fans and only care about money.

But I don't know, by 2009 if I'll still run the site, or if I will sell - a niche like this is very very hard to sell so it might be futile to think of it as a possibility. I'll never forget some guy offering me $500 for this site and thinking that it was a serious offer lol.]
Deception is brutal said on 9/Sep/07
photo 1: Click Here

Photo 2: Click Here

Photo 3: Click Here

Proof you can't always believe what you see in a picture.
Anthony said on 5/Sep/07
Well, in that case, I'm in luck. I do know wosmeone who went to the one in Philly where she sat the whole time.
Editor Rob said on 5/Sep/07
Actually anthony, this photographer does events including the big apple one:
Click Here
see the top left shot on that page, you could be in luck...
Anthony said on 4/Sep/07
Nah, she doesn't stand. It would be to cool to get a photo anyway, though.
Anthony said on 4/Sep/07
Hopefully that won't happen if I go to The Big Apple Comic Con. Though I've been told that you bring your own camera to that event if you want pictures, so I guess things will work out.

[Editor Rob: I don't know if you'd get a pic with her standing though unless they had some professional shoot, but even then I think she sat on a stool for one american event. On Sunday she did stand for photos and looked knackered, she had on big heels. Although looking at all the pics on the tables she must have smiled in nearly every one.

A lot of these events the guests either get stuck behind long desks or some hate getting up and coming round the table for a pic.]
Anthony said on 4/Sep/07
What do you mean AWOL? And I agree that Coleman's closer to 6'3. Sounds like it was fun. I do notice there has been a lack of pics lately. Maybe now that the summer's winding down things will pick up again.

[Editor Rob: imagine 3 tables of a few hundred photos all laid out. Any old muppet could have picked up photos from the tables because they only had a couple of folk helping others try to find their pictures...and sometimes that happens - mine went 'awol' from the desk, i.e. someone picked it up by mistake or nabbed it.

not fun really, the con that is. Hotel cons with 700 max punters are better than these london film cons or collectormania style events, although you get better guests at film cons, of course many of them cancel.
The more of these things I go to the more I look around at the whole notion of celebrity culture and believe 2008 will be my last year. ]
Anthony said on 3/Sep/07
I have a feeling Rob met her at that London Comic Con thing.

[Editor Rob: twas some rumour she wasn't gonna show but she did. The place was manic though as they got Milo and Adrian to turn up at late notice. Boy, did they look tired...
My hayden pic went 'awol' aswell, so I'll add glenns pic and hopefully mine at the same time...god knows when they'll sort the pics out, I did see: Hayden, Jack Coleman, Adrian Pasdar, Milo Ventimiglia..., Dominic Monaghan, Mads Mikkelsen, Will Mapother...well that was names I got photos with anyway. I saw patrick stewart from 6 feet, wouldn't dare estimate as he was shuffling by...

Might adjust a few more 1/4 inches here and there when nobody's looking ;)

Dominic actually was pulling a Stallone pose a lot. I was watching some of the photoshoots from a gap near the exit of the area.

Milo is a tricky one, he could be 174cm, he had a black trainer, I think adidas but couldn't make out exactly what make, a kind of stan smith any case he didn't look really that much taller than myself,...pasdar did look taller by near inch over milo. Coleman looked a legit 6ft 2er, could pass for 6ft 3.]
Boris said on 31/Aug/07
On the Radio 1 this morning she said she was 5'2...
Anthony said on 30/Aug/07
Yes, Rob. If I only knew how to get the tickets. But I'll get there.
Anthony said on 29/Aug/07
I might meet her this November. I'll try and give Rob a height report.

[Editor Rob: are you planning on hopping along to the big apple con?]
Anthony said on 29/Aug/07
Pretty cool you met her. I had a chance but she cancelled her appearance.
Native said on 28/Aug/07
Tiny. 5'0, 5'1 is about right. Met her very briefly last year, but I'm 6'1 so its difficult to judge heights on someone that much shorter than me. Her head was well below my should level, though.
Anthony said on 26/Aug/07
FHM describes her as a "keyhob-sized 5'1".
dreamette said on 23/Aug/07
FINALLY a petite actress, most showws always have girls who are of average height or taller.
loubelle said on 8/Aug/07
First of all Hilary Duff is NOT 5'1, Hilary is around 5'3-5'5, I'd say Hayden is probably 5 on the spot or a little bit taller than that. No biggie, I'm a short girl aswell as cute just like Hayden(just about 5). remember good things come in small packages ;)
Anthony said on 8/Aug/07
Click Here

Zachary Quinto is 6'2 and in this shot Hayden's in heels and she barely gets to his shoulder. I've also seen other pics where evne in heels she barely makes it to his chin. She's 4'11-4'11.5 tops IMO.
your mother said on 10/Jul/07
there's a pic of her here with stephen colletti from laguna beach, Click Here don't know how this helpful since there's not a guesstimation for him or ex kristen cavillari, who's myspace claims she's 5'4", but I think she's more like 5'2"
anonymous said on 7/Jul/07
Click Here
She really is short. Look at her standing next to Lauren Conrad. Lauren doesn't have any shoes on while Hayden's wearing wedges giving here a couple inches and she's still shorter. Cute girl though.
Anthony said on 30/Jun/07
She always comes in 6 inches shorter than 5'7 Ali Larter.
Viper said on 29/Jun/07
I thought she was 5-3.
Alynne said on 28/Jun/07
I was thinking 5'3". She is no 5'0", definetly a few inches taller
Anthony said on 25/Jun/07
Oddly enough, I've seen 5'4+ listings for her.
Anonymous said on 15/Jun/07
Found an awsome pic of her with Taryn Manning (5'2"). You can see both their heels. She looks like she's barely 5'.
Click Here
rochelle said on 12/May/07
i would believe that she is 5'1 she is very small. but also very pretty.
Anthony said on 10/Apr/07
Click Here

Hayden looks half an inch shorter than 5'1 Kristen Bell. I think she's 5'.05 at a max.
amanda said on 10/Apr/07
pretty girl this one. who cares about the height? it's not like she's a model anyway
ratrace said on 3/Apr/07
i think alex is right.

'5'0.75" I believe, is spot on'
Slayerfan said on 8/Feb/07
She's short but hot. And underage, at least for me anyways. Heroes really kicks ass. I thought she was taller, maybe around 5.3, guess I was wrong.
Alex said on 19/Jan/07
5'0.75" I believe, is spot on.
Anthony said on 13/Jan/07
In high heels, she still was a foot shorter than 6'3 Tommy Lee. In my opinion, Hayden is 5' at the most. She's also very cute.
jagie said on 12/Jan/07
their is no way she is 5.1 she look so short I togught she was 4'11
James said on 16/Dec/06
She looks small but still a cutie!!! ;)
Daisy said on 6/Dec/06
I thought she was about 5'4 but I might be wrong... she is very short
jessica said on 29/Sep/06
next to 5'1 hilary duff she looks 5'1.5Click Here
M of Los Altos Hills said on 19/May/06
Whoa!!! Those pictures definitely show s difference between the height of Paris and Hayden!
anonymous said on 10/Apr/06
There is no way she is 5'4 like she is stated everywhere. She probably is only 5'1 or 5'2 at most. Here are pictures of her with 5'8ish Paris Hilton:
Click Here

...Hayden looks a good 6-7 inches shorter, esp. in the third picture>>Click Here

Even though you can't see their shoes, I'm guessing they're both wearing heels since they're wearing dresses.

Serene said on 22/Mar/06
Yeah.. I know she is petite.. very cute one too ..
But I would rather say she is shorter than 5'1"
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
she is very very petite. I didn't meet her, but saw her at wango tango last year, and she is a small girl
Serene said on 23/Jan/06
I saw her in Malcom in the Middle. Hayden was around 5'0.5", abit shorter than Frankie..
James2205 said on 8/Jun/05
Looking at that pic, 5'2 is generous. I'd say 5'1 more like. Hard to tell because you never see Hayden out of heels.
expertatheight said on 8/Jun/05
I have a lot of trouble believing she's even 5'2". Take a good look at her in Raising Helen.

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