How tall is Milo Ventimiglia ?

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Milo Ventimiglia height: 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

American actor best known for playing Peter Petrelli on tv series Heroes. On film he can be seen in Pathology, Rocky Balboa and Armoured. He says in an online chat with aol "I don't know. I am 5'9" and in The Daily Mail he commented: "Yoga makes me feel taller. I work out, I run and tend to get stiff; yoga stretches me out. I'm 5ft 9in and think, 'Five eleven would be nice - just two more inches!' I think yoga adds one-and-a-half.". I met him at LFCC 2007 (similar footwear) and again at London Film Con 2014 (he had about 0.4 inch more footwear).

Milo Ventimiglia at London Film Con
Milo, 5ft 8 Rob and Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli on Heroes)
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GP said on 20/Aug/15
Rob, don't you think that height aware person like Milo would most likely use lifts? It makes me question if he could have possibly used lifts with you and he is 5'8" in reality or even a bit under that. And in the first photo he is turned his body that placed him a step closer to camera. I have noticed that lot of actors use that method which gives them an inch advantage. What's your thought Rob?
[Editor Rob: his boot looked normal, there wasn't any kind of evidence to me, but he has 2 tricks, pull you in a little and the one-foot rise.]
Samcro said on 19/Jun/15
Thanks for the reply Rob, I should practise that He makes it look quite natural, which makes it difficult to notice.
Samcro said on 14/Jun/15
So how does the trick work, He looks taller than rob on his most recent photo. Would like to learn that trick
[Editor Rob: it's a trick I explained in a video I did last year Click Here, I call it the Cobra in the clip.

That is basically what Milo was doing with guys that I watched...with ladies he wasn't bothering as much. But it's shifting weight and pushing up onto one leg for a bit of extra height. You can see Milo doing it with Routh here.]
Editor Rob said on 29/Apr/15
This is the technique he now does in lots of photos
Click Here
I mentioned it in my video about 'Sly Photo Tips'. Just shifting onto more of a one-leg stance to give an extra half inch of height.
JB said on 9/Apr/15
Ya who cares that he rounded up half an inch? Some guys add inches to their height and its insane.
b-mint1994 said on 21/Mar/15
@Dan: He rounded up half an inch. That's not as bad as the guys who add 2-3 inches to their height
Dan said on 7/Feb/15
It makes me a little mad that he claimed 5'9 because it makes us "real" 5'9ers look shorter than we actually are.
Ali Baba said on 17/Dec/14
Adrian Pasdar looks nearly suicidal in that pic. Hopefully he was more cheerful in person than the pic would make it seem.
Eclipse said on 29/Nov/14
I find his ''up-on-one-foot''trick to be amusing! Obviously, he didn't seem height cautious when Rob met him back in 2007. 5'8.5 tops!
JB said on 23/Nov/14
I'm surprised he's as tall as he is. On gilmore girls he looked short, I thought he looked 5'7" tops. I'm surprised he's 5'9"(or close enough to it.)
Junior31 said on 19/Nov/14
Rob when you met him did you ask him how tall Stallone was??? If not and you met him again could you! This can be a piece of that difficult puzzle!
[Editor Rob: he never went up on his feet back the first time I seen him, then this year watched him with people and he was raising up a bit for men mostly, a little trick maybe Sly himself has passed on to him :)]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Nov/14
In most pictures I've seen, Adrian Pasdar has at least 2in on him. Either he's a fraction over 5ft10 or Milo is 5ft8 tops.
Andrew M said on 4/Oct/14
A leading man in a hit show, and less than 5'9"! He's done alright!
Chris said on 29/Sep/14
Does he wear lifts in these shots?Click Here
His shoes look stuffed, but shouldnt his kneecaps be higher too if he had lifts in there?
184.3cm said on 28/Sep/14
Madness..he goes from looking 173cm to looking 176cm years later. doesnt look too happy either.
[Editor Rob: it's not madness, he's got better posture more shoes and goes up on one foot with men in photos.]
Josh b said on 3/Sep/14
Click Here
As Rob stated, Milo seemed height aware and was up on one foot to get some advantage.
[Editor Rob: a half inch gain just from a slight foot raise. One of G's tricks I believe.]
Dmeyer said on 21/Jul/14
Rob if not looking at 0.4in advantage how tall did he look
[Editor Rob: he could look near 175, but he was up and down on one foot in that session...mainly with guys.]
Andrea said on 16/Jul/14
Yeah, i said it! :) In fact, there are some shots where he can look taller than this... Wouldnt surprise me if he borrowed some lifts from G too ;)
Editor Rob said on 15/Jul/14
7 years later I saw him again...and as a fellow forum member would attest, in photos now he seems more 'Height aware', with men he was going up a little bit on one foot for a slight bit of extra height, a trick that he learned from G :)
5'9 5'10 said on 8/May/14
Your eye level seems higher but again you guys are only a half an inch apart depending on the eye to chin level someone with a lower eye level can look taller.
Kemalettin said on 6/May/14
Rob are you sure he is 5ft 8,5 inch? He look same as Tom cruise 1,72 cm. Maybe he have a high insoles lifts in the shoes?
[Editor Rob: I think he can be 5ft 8.5, I don't think he is as short as 172cm, he looks taller than that.]
Andrea said on 9/Apr/14
Rob, did he start wearing lifts?
Click Here
He does look taller than 5'8.5 with solid 6'2.5 Brandon Routh... (and he probably isn't even 5'8.5)
[Editor Rob: well looking at the other shot, Routh is in sub inch sneakers, Milo is in thicker boots, he could have about 0.75 inch footwear Milo is standing with a hip-shift on one foot which can add another cm...suddenly you are gaining a bit more height than normal.]
Persian said on 7/Mar/14
173/174 so clean ( 173,5 cm ) not more !
johnmcc said on 23/Dec/13
This is quite shocking as well i thought he was at least 177cm. Doesnt look any taller than Rob here.
LG69 said on 26/Nov/13
@MD, there could be something to that. I remember Adam Richman being listed at 5'11". This was in his early days of "Man vs Food." Recently, he has been listed at 6'. I know he lost weight, but that won't give him 1". He didn't appear 5'11" to me, let alone 6'. Always thought he looked 5'10-5'10.5"max.
MD said on 13/Nov/13
Mickelson's height "increase" has nothing to do with his physical growth (and certainly not in his 30's) and everything to do with him becoming more famous. This happens with a lot of athletes.
LG69 said on 11/Nov/13
I don't know how much yoga can give a person in height, but the golfer, Phil Mickelson, was known to grow about 1" in his 30's. He was always listed at 6'2", but about 5 years ago his height was listed at 6'3". When asked about it, Phil said his growth spurt was probably due to his yoga sessions. I heard his yoga instructor say that she grew 1/4 of an inch. Yoga decompresses the spine, and can cause a person to stand taller. This yoga instructor admitted 1" is unlikely but not impossible.
Wiven said on 27/Sep/13
He may be 5'8 but measure at 5'9 after yoga sessions, what yoga does is decompress the spine and give better posture to give you the natural height you are supposed to be.
cole said on 11/Aug/13
How was his footwear btw?
[Editor Rob: roughly same, within 0.2 inches]
cole said on 11/Aug/13
174 cm is right. Could maybe look close to 175 in the picture with you Rob, but he seems a tiny bit closer to the camera.
Edlt2882 said on 5/Aug/13
I was next to this guy at Comic-Con several years ago. I am 5.725 and when he was next to me, he seemed close to 5.11. But I looked at his shoes, and the boots he was wearing gave him three inches on me easy. So 5.8 does seem valid.
Ed Kline said on 25/Jul/13
No doubt at least an inch taller than Taylor Lautner in Grown Ups 2.
Mike said on 19/May/13
Can yoga over time give you an inch and a half?
Johno said on 8/May/13
BEB said on 4/Apr/13
I'm not doubting Milo, but can yoga really boost you up one and a half inches?
Mathew said on 10/Nov/12
Looks like he's added the 1.5 yoga inches to his 5'9" claim because he doesn't even look as tall as Rob. But then again that's only going by this picture, I'm otherwise unfirmiliar with him.
Silent d said on 27/Sep/12
I was quite shocked how short he was because i thought he was at least 5 foot 10. After watching pathology he looked 5 foot 8. I'll give him 174cm. Wasn't that tall next to alyssa milano who is 5 foot 2.
Yaspaa said on 25/Aug/12
He may edge out Rob in real life, but not in the pic, regardless of chin or eye level.

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