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James Garner height: 6ft 2in (188 cm)

American actor best remembered for his tv series The Rockford Files. In film he is well known for roles in The Great Escape, Maverick, The Notebook, Sunset, Murphy's Romance, Victor Victoria, Move Over Darling, Sayonara, and The Children's Hour. I read a tvguide article in which he commented on his height, saying: "I used to be 6-feet-3. Now, with my knees and my back, I'm 6-feet-2, maybe less."

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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/15
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Rob, he looks taller than Coburn
[Editor Rob: hard to tell...I think somebody said Coburn's character once gave 6ft 1.5 in a movie, but I've not watched to confirm it yet!]
Shadow2 said on 3/Sep/15
In one of his movies in the 1970's ("The Carey Treatment" ?) Coburn describes himself as "six foot one and a half". I've watched Garner throughout his career, starting with "Maverick", his 1960's and 70's movies, "Rockford Files", etc, etc. He was 6' 1" but occasionally measured up well (i.e. level) to 6' 2" actors and at other times not so well. The reasons for this are fairly obvious, and can be applied to many other Hollywood leading men. It can suit the role, the plot, or just the actor's attitude to himself at that precise time. Just like makeup, hairpieces, and the "cut" of clothes.
Anonymous1 said on 31/Aug/15
...I did meet Coburn, back in '83, and we stood, facing eachother, about 2 feet apart (I was a starstruck kid). I was 5.11 and 3/4ths. He edged me out a hair, but barely. He was maybe..."maybe" an inch taller....and that's being generous.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Aug/15
Most films I get more a strong 6'1" impression for him than 6 ft 2 or higher.
[Editor Rob: you may well argue 6ft 1.5 is possible for him. ]
Arch Stanton said on 22/Aug/15
@Rob, do you think maybe high 6 ft 1 range might be more accurate for Garner? Coburn did edge him. I've been taking a good look at him of late in some of his 60s films and I think near 6'2" but maybe not quite. Perhaps 6'1.75 would be
spot on?
Anonymous1 said on 4/Aug/15
...he does look about 6'2 next to Selleck in "some" Rockford scenes or photos. In others...and I would argue the majority of them, he looks at least 3 inches shorter.
jervis said on 3/Aug/15
Lost a lot of height in later life,but looked 6ft2ish with Tom Selleck.About 5ft11 in space cpwboys with 6ft2ish Clint eastwood.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Aug/15
@Arch: During The Rockford Files he could look more in that range for sure.
Near 3in shorter than a young Tom Selleck. He began to lose height quickly.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Jun/15
Increasingly I see him more as a strong 6'1".
movieguy said on 6/May/15
Watching Rockford Files at moment, Garner is definitely a pretty big guy. Quite stocky which perhaps could lead to underestimating his height. At least 6'2'' but don't think he reached full 6'3'' at any point.
DOC said on 25/Apr/15
SonnyboySlim said on 3/Mar/15
Definitely 6'1.5" in his prime, likely 6'2" but by the time he was in 8 Simple Rules and The Notebook, closer to 5'11". Great actor though - a real screen presence.
dame said on 17/Jan/15
Rob, I JUST saw the movie ''Maverick'' with Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and Garner. In the very last scene of the movie, Foster's character suggests that they (Gibson and Garner) have the same height. How come?
[Editor Rob: maybe they could look within the same range, but I think garner was taller than Gibson.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jan/15
He still looked tall in his later mvies
Arch Stanton said on 6/Nov/14
I dunno at 1 hr 6:22 Garner doesn't look shorter, if anything a fraction taller excluding hair.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Nov/14
Rob check out 30:21 Click Here James Coburn looks a bit taller. Somebody needs upgrading or downgrading a cm. Personally I think Coburn could have been a little over the 6'2" mark.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Oct/14
Nah, he never looked near 6'4" in footwear. A solid 6'2" peak, nothing more.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Oct/14
Honestly looked nothing over 6' flat in The Notebook!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Oct/14
Rob, could he have been a little over 6ft2 in his prime?

I thought he looked near 6ft3 in The Great Escape
[Editor Rob: he did lose a good few inches, around 6ft 2 I think is still a decent shout for him.]
Dave618 said on 4/Oct/14
Garner's 6'3" measurement was probably early in the day with shoes. In an ep of Rockford, he lists his height as 6'1". There would be no logical reason for him to not list his own height with a character that was created specifically for him. Roger Moore was 6'1" based on tailors that worked for Eon (the company that made the Bond films) barefoot. Moore said when he took over for Garner on Maverick, the tailors shortened his costumes because they were Garner's. He said they shortened them 1 inch. Garner was peak 6'2" barefoot in the AM. Barefoot. During the day he probably lost about a half-inch or so, as EVERYONE on Earth does, more or less. So call Garner 6'2". But anywhere between six one and six two on a given day during up to maybe the late 80's is probable. That's fair. And that's what Rob has. These are peak heights. Everyone knows Garner lost height later on. RIP one of my favorite actors. James Garner. A class act.
Fern said on 23/Sep/14
Garner was 6'1" at his peak height.
Anonymous1 said on 1/Sep/14
I go back and forth with Garner's height. I just saw a photo of him with baseball's Ted Williams from the 60's, I gather (on a Facebook James Garner fan page), and Williams "easily" has 2 inches on him. Williams, for all I could find, is listed at 6'3.
Anonymous1 said on 20/Aug/14
Just saw the Rockford ep, Requiem For a Funny Box. Chuck McCann is in it, and, for whatever it's worth, he's listed as 6'2 and a 1/2. He's clearly taller than Garner in the episode, and I'd say by an inch or 2. Who knows.
jtm said on 13/Aug/14
definitely more 6'1 than 6'3.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Aug/14
Eddie he never looked 6 ft 3 let alone 6 ft 4! He could look 189 at times but generally he looked 6'1.5-6'2".
eddie said on 12/Aug/14
during his prime, James Garner looked like he was about 6ft4in tall
Anonymous1 said on 11/Aug/14
There is a photo of garner with Roger Moore, I see quite often. In it, Garner looks a hair taller than Moore, who admittedl stated he was 6'2 early, but more like 6'1 (in his 40's). Another photo I just saw of garner, Moore and Joan Collins in the middle, gives Moore the edge. Granted, the angle has Moore slightly closer to the camera, but not so much that one would have to take into account camera distortions. I'll let others argue their points, now, but Garner looked even with Alex Karrass (sp)in Victor/Victoria. Whatever football stats that can be sited, Karrass was slightly shorter than a slouched, 6'2 Alan Alda in a 1975 MASH. My guess for Karrass is a stout 6'1...making Garner about the same (maybe taller out of bed). And Garner was more than a couple inches shorter than Howard McGillin (listed as 6'4.5), in a 1977 Rockford. Injuries aside, I do not believe Garner shrank any by the time he was 50. After 70, it appears everything caught up with him, almost overnight.
Anonymous1 said on 10/Aug/14
...also, if others' heights are listed correctly, Garner looks 6'1 next to 6'0 Simon Oakland, and 5'11 Isaac Hayes. Certainly, neither men (Oakland and Hayes) were taller than those heights.
Anonymous1 said on 10/Aug/14
...that photo of Garner and Selleck is misleading. Watch them on The Rockford Files, and more often than not, Garner looks 3 inches shorter. He's a chunk shorter than Chuck Connors (6'5 or 6'6) in Move Over Darling. He's a hair shorter than John Dehner (6'2) in Support Your Local Gunfighter. Anyone he's acted with who's listed as 6'2, he never quuuuite looks the exact same height. I still go with 6'2 out of bed, 6'1 ish, otherwise. Never 6'3. Other factors had to have been in play for that pic with Walker. Watch Garner with Connors. Not even close.
Lebensdorf said on 7/Aug/14
Solidly 6'2, maybe 6'2.5 at peak. There is a photo of him standing next to Clint Walker. Garner looks about 3 inches shorter. If Garner was only 6'1, he would never have held up so well next to a 6'6 guy, no way. Look it up.
Sam said on 31/Jul/14
I agree that he looked closer to 6'1" (never 6'3") at times but could pass for 6'2" range enough at peak. From your comments, it sounded like a posthumous Doris Day documentary but she's still alive!
Greg said on 31/Jul/14
Just finished reading his biography (a good read). There are some interesting personal, off set pics in it. A younger garner was around 6'3". There's about an inch difference between garner and 6'4" tom selleck in a personal picture taken in 1978. As someone else commented, in the episode of maverick with eastwood there's not a whole lot of difference between their heights.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Jul/14
Sam I saw a Doris Day documentary a few weeks back and yeah he came across as a great guy in it. He found it quite difficult talking about Doris's personal life and the way she suffered from abuse from the men in her life. He never really looked 6 ft 3 but I certainly think he generally looked near 6'2, although at times he could look more 6'1 range.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Jul/14
RIP yeah. One of the most handsome actors I think Sam in his day, didn't age very well though.
Sam said on 22/Jul/14
Funny to see him beat the tar out of a young Clint Eastwood here in a Maverick episode, Clint was pretty skinny then and it looks feasible that Garner could have really whooped him...later in the clips, they stand near each other, although Garner is leaning on the counter, there's obviously not much height difference, so Garner does look solid 6'2" range, other times he can strike me closer to 6'1".
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Sam said on 21/Jul/14
RIP...I would say he could rival Rock Hudson in charm but just had a relatively less successful big-screen career, neither could really touch Cary Grant but that's not a really a knock, Garner was a cool dude and quite a man and a good guy off-screen from what I've heard. A tough year for losing some of the older greats so far.
Mark said on 20/Jul/14
RIP Mr. Garner.
Arch Stanton said on 27/May/14
I think he was still looking around 6'2" in early 80s in Victor Victoria. He looks it next to Julie Andrews and looks almost 2 inches taller than John Rhys Davies in it.
Arch Stanton said on 26/May/14
LOL. Fateful, if he was only 5 ft 11 Brando was no more than 5 ft 6!
Arch Stanton said on 26/May/14
Rob can you add In films he is best known for roles such as The Great Escape, Maverick, The Notebook, Sunset, Murphy's Romance, Victor Victoria, Move Over Darling, Sayonara, and The Children's Hour.
Robbie said on 5/Apr/14
Garner was 6'1" at his peak. Less than 5'11" now, although I heard he's in a wheelchair.
richie said on 30/Mar/14
Peak height was 6'2", 5'11" now. Was marginally shorter than 6' Tommy Lee Jones in Space Cowboys.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Mar/14
He does look 6'2 in The Children's Hour.
James said on 28/Dec/13
Garner was certainly never 6 foot 3! He was always described as six foot one in old film magazines.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Dec/13
In Rockford Files, more of a 6ft1 range guy, maybe 6ft1.5.
David said on 4/Dec/13
Garner was 6'1" at his peak, and 5'11" in old age.
pedriscovery said on 17/Nov/13
in space cowboys in the medical revision scene sutherland was taller tha all partnes and gardner the more short
Arch Stanton said on 16/Nov/13
Looks more 6'1" in The Great Escape. One of the most handsome movie stars of his day IMO. He looked almost cartoon handsome in The Great Escape. Didn't really have the charm of either Cary Grant or Rock Hudson though.
Mark said on 30/Oct/13
I know he was much taller than Peter Breck on McMillan and Wife, and Breck personally told me he was 6'2. Knowitall, did you ever meet Breck, Lee Majors or Chuck Connors? Connors was reportedly 6'5.5, as tall as or a bit taller than Hudson. I have a couple of photos of Garner (with Connors and against a height chart on Rockford), but can't figure a way to post, even with Rob's direction.
Knowitall said on 29/Oct/13
I used to see Hudson on the Universal lot back when I worked there. He appeared to be six five. He was taller than judt about anyone. Most of the time, a full head taller.
Mark said on 17/Oct/13
Wow, Knowitall, that picture says alot. When you're 5 inches taller than someone, you can just see over the top of their head (my mom was 5'7, and I'm 6 even, so I know). Hudson could easily see over Garner's head, especially if he straightened out. That makes him 5 inches taller, easy. You're right, unless he was 6'6 plus, no way Garner was ever 6'3, even in his prime. I still go with 6'1, maybe 6'2 out of bed, but that's debatable.
Knowitall said on 9/Oct/13
Garner was never close to being six three. If he was, Rock Hudson was six six plus!

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Arch Stanton said on 7/Oct/13
He looks 5-6 inches taller than Brando, doesn't look under 6'2" in Sayonara.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Oct/13
Looks around 189cm in Sayonara next to 174cm Brando.
Mark said on 6/Aug/13
This site has Charles Napier at 5'11. I just watched him on a season 2 episode of Rockford, last night. Garner barely looked taller. If the 5'11 claim is true, Garner was never, ever 6'3, unless he counted being measured in cowboy boots, right out of bed.
Mark said on 24/Jul/13
..I'm fairly computer illiterate and couldn't post pictures via that site, Rob. For anyone who is so inclined, in Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs / Rockford Files DVD season 6, disc one/part one, Garner as Rockford is in a police line-up. Granted, we have no way of knowing how accurate the height chart was. But, if it was accurate, and taking into account the upward angle of the camera and Garner's slight slouch, I'd put him at 6'1 in 1980. Take away the high hair and an inch for shoes, he looks 6'1 based on the height chart behind him. Also, for anyone who is so inclined, in a court room scene in Move Over Darling, Garner stands next to Chuck Connors (6'5.5). I'd put Garner at 4 inches shorter, or 6'1.
Mikey P said on 13/Jul/13
Garner is WAY shorter than Clint Eastwood (6'4") and Donald Sutherland (6'3") in 2000's "Space Cowboys". I think your 5'11" current estimate of his height is dead-on, since Tommy Lee Jones (6'0.5") is only slightly taller.
talltalez said on 16/May/13
james garner with 6' 1.5" roger moore. garner clearly looks the taller guy, by how much? who really knows from this photo?
Mark said on 29/Apr/13
Rob, I have 2 interesting screen caps of Garner. How do I post?
[Editor Rob: try using to upload them]
Tex said on 8/Apr/13
Met Garner at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City about the time "Lonesome Dove" came out. He was easily 6'2".
Julian St. Pierre said on 9/Mar/13
Probably never 6'3" peak. 6' 1.75" more like it. Good actor and likable guy. Definately broad shoulder and having an athletic build
Mark said on 10/Dec/12
...I agree with Dave618. 6'1 for Garner, in his 40's, even pre knee surgery. How "Jimmy", "Jimbo" and "Rockfish" got to be in his 80's, I'll never know. Time is startling.
Dave618 said on 8/Dec/12
OK. I caught an episode of Rockford the other day on ME TV. It's the episode where the FBI mistakes Jim for another dude. The FBI agent describes Rockford's similiarity to the guy they want. The FBI agent says the guy Rockford is supposed to be is approximately 6'2" and Garner replies that he is 6'1".

So if Garner was actually 6'2" he probably would have switched the dialogue makinging the dude the FBI wanted 6'3", and having Rockford replie: No, I'm 6'2".

I'm now officially convinced Garner was at the very most 6'2", in the AM, out of bed, when he was young. With dress shoes this makes him 6'3" like he claimed. Many people, especially Hollywood actors, consider their legit height their height with shoes on. Why a tall guy like Garner would need to do that is mystifing. I mean, 6'2" is hardly very noticeably shorter than 6'3". It's just an inch. I'm 6'2" and my neighbor is 6'3". Only when we're standing eye to eye and equally straight is it apparent that he's slightly taller. Very slightly.

After surgeries on his knees Garner lost some height. So by the mid-70's when he filmed Rockford, he was 6'1", which he verifies in the show itself. By the time he appeared in Space Cowboys he was 6'0" tops in the AM. Now, in his early 80's, it's very probable he's what Rob claims. Although 5'11" is still fairly tall (taller than average by 2 inches), it must be odd to not be as tall as you once was. But I guess by the time you get to Garner's age you don't really give a spit about your height unless you're insane.
Lebensdorf said on 17/Nov/12
He was a robust man when he was young. He seemed about 6'2 in The Great Escape. I would say that was his peak. He was in great shape, with a well structured physique. Maybe he shrunk early, like Harrison Ford.
Copnovelist195 said on 9/Nov/12
James Garner was 6ft1 at his peak. Actors tend to be vain and throughout the Rockford files Jim maintains he's 6ft1. The star of the show could certainly be forgiven for exaggerating by an inch or two. There were certainly a few guys bigger than him. In Space Cowboys (2000), Garner didn't look too well indeed and appeared shrunken, which I though was a little sad. He's always been a good actor.
Mark said on 20/Oct/12
..I was always amazed at one Tonight Show interview where Garner said he used to be 6'3 or 6'4. Based on decades of enjoying his shows and movies, I'd never, ever put him that tall. I saw him on that Laugh-In clip, also, and he's barely taller than Carson. He's definitely a good 3 inches shorter than Selleck on Rockford, and in most scenes of Move Over Darling, a good 4 inches or more shorter than 6'6 Chuck Connors. All things considered, I put him at 6'1 peak (maybe 6'2 out of bed)...and that's pre knee and back injuries.
Dave618 said on 2/Oct/12
You maye be right, Shadow2, because I remember seeing Mitchell Ryan, who played the "General" in Leathal Weapon, guest star on Rockford the other day. Also on that episode was Charles Napier, the guy who played the Guard Lector disembowels in Silence of the Lambs. Both actors looked the same height as Garner, sometimes even slightly taller. I dashed to my computer, and Ryan and Napier are both listed as 6'0". I was astonished.

What I don't get is how the heck did Garner ever measure 6'3", even with shoes? But if Garner was max 6'1" barefoot during his prime, it makes it easier to understand how he only looks about 6' or 5'11" now.

Also, on one episode of Rockford, a guy tells Jim he looks about 6'3", and Garner replies: Nah. 6'1".
Shadow2 said on 2/Oct/12
Dave, Rob Reiner was never quite 6'2", there are plenty of pictures on the internet to prove this, ones with Morgan Freeman, his father Carl Reiner, and with Carrol O'Connor. Dick Butkus was 6'3". Garner was a maximum 6'1" on Rockford. Series regular James Luisi, who was a legit 6'2", was always taller than him on the show.
Dave618 said on 1/Oct/12
Just saw a Rockford with Rob Reiner and Dick Butkus. Reiner, when standing level with Garner, is about spot on same height. Reiner is 6'2". When Garner stands next to Butkus, who is about 6'4', he is a couple inches shorter.

When two actors are the same height, it can be hard to judge. In some scenes Garner looked slightly taller than Reiner because of how the camera is placed and where they're standing. In other scenes, Reiner has the edge. But the couple of times the camera has them equally in frame, and they are both standing close enough and erect, they look just about the same height. My conclusion stands: 6'2" in the am, 6'1" and 1/2 in the afternoon.
Mike said on 1/Sep/12
Dave618...That sounds pretty reasonable. I go with 6'1, on average, in The Rockford Files (including before all the injuries). He was barely taller than Carson in some Laugh-in skit(?) in the late 60's.
Dave618 said on 1/Aug/12
I think Garner is my height. 6'2" in the am, 6'1" and 1/2 in the pm. He was probably measured at 6'3" in the am with dress shoes or boots with thick heels. Now, I'd say he's about 6'0" or 5'11". People with knee/back injuries usually lose a lot of height in older age.

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