How tall is Kanye West ?

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Kanye West height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)

US Singer. On a casting call for one of West's videos the requirements for the ladies where: "Height can be anywhere from 5'4 - 5'9".
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Editor Rob says on 11/Aug/14
You can see Kanye again with big Mike
Click Here
Jon says on 11/Aug/14
@theshredder Yeah, I always thought he was around 5'10. I trust Rob's judgement more than my own though, so I'm going with 5'8. A great musician by the way, even if he's a little arrogant. I love his newer stuff like MBDTF and Yeezus.
the shredder says on 9/Aug/14
If anything he is over 5'8 , he looked 5'9 with mike myers
fsd says on 4/Aug/14
no way he's 5'8 he's between 5'7 - 5'6 ft a friend of mine who's a flat 5'8 saw him in hakkasan mayfair 5 months ago he had give or take 1 or two inches on him .
steffff says on 27/Jul/14
There it is again: Another 5'8" celeb who tries to look 5'10", while everyone on this website tries to downvote him to 5'6". I love reading comments on 5'8" celebs heights!

Really though, Kanye is a solid 5'8". He has relatively long legs so he also sometimes appears to be taller.
graduation says on 14/Jul/14
Its funny how we make a big deal about how tall he is. We are talking about a grown man's height! It just seems crazy lol. But Kanye does look weirdly taller like 5'10 in some videos/ photos and others, you would guess he is a low 5'7 or even possibly a strong 5'5. I have seen a lot of short men. One time I walked past this dude in Whole Foods and he was like 4'10 and he made me feel like 6'3.(i'm 5'7) it was weird but the funny thing is nobody cared. He was with a hot girl and nobody fussed about it. But anyways, we need to stop trippin out about height. This website is here to be informative, not argue. So what if Kanye is really 5'7.(which he is)5'8 is just a close estimate.
Joe says on 12/Jul/14
@wow: I don't care about his brain, you might hate him, but that won't stop his fans listening to him. We are talking about his height here.
wow says on 8/Jul/14
Kanye is 5'7 those of you that have problems looking at pictures or video look closer .Kanye stands not to much taller than Kim whose also hobbit sized so there is no way in heck he could be 5'8 or 5'9 when Kim who also lies and says she's 5'3 is a little bit shorter than him.If Kanye was 5'8 or 5'9 Kim would be about 5'5 and no way is she that tall.Alot of celebs lie about their heights and weights to make themselves look better but pictures don't lie.Kanye is more like 5'6 or 5'7 max he's not taller than that his brain is peanut sized as well.
yellow says on 13/Jun/14
rob, majority rules! this man needs a downgrade to 5'7. this is ridiculous, almost everyone says he is 5'7 at most, some say he's under. please change this
Joe says on 31/May/14
@Earl: Jay is 6'1, he might be mentioned 6'1.5 here but that guy is no more than 6'1.
5'8.5'' guy says on 24/May/14
ive met kanye before and the top of his head was at my eye level. dude is 5'6ish.
hamm says on 20/May/14
I think is about 170 cm.
temest says on 18/May/14
5'6" to 5'7". Regardless, he's a very small human being in more ways than one.
Mathew says on 16/May/14
Jay Z is 6'1" range. Kanye is 5'7" tops.
Mathew says on 3/May/14
He's 5'7" as in the lyric in his song American Boy. The woman sings "I just met this 5 foot 7 guy who's just my type." Don't think he'd have that lyric in there if he was 5'8".
Earl says on 20/Apr/14
@Adam Jay is 6'2 though
Adam says on 1/Apr/14
Rob he can't be 5'8, it's not possible. Look at this: Click Here
stefan says on 19/Mar/14
He's 5'7" max.

Here's Kim and Kanye both in normal shoes, and Kanye probably isn't wearing any lifts here:

Click Here
James Richardson says on 15/Mar/14
He's like 5'6.
stefan says on 13/Mar/14
He's closer 5'7". He has a good built that makes him look taller.
Standing next to 6 foot 50 Cent you actually don't even really notice that he's shorter, because of his good posture I guess.
chiraq says on 8/Mar/14
@fsd i would say kanye is 5'7 but he can look really short sometimes or sometimes just a little under average. Its possible that he's 5'7.5. His stocky build actually makes him look bigger because he has a wide body, whereas most 5'6--5'7 ers(kanye range) would look shorter due to their stocky build like al pacino.(he might be 5'4) I actually think kim is more like 5'1 or even 5 feet flat since in pictures, she makes ray j and kanye seem to be 5'10, when in reality, theyr'e 5'7
fsd says on 8/Mar/14
kanyeis 5'7 ft he mentioned it in his song american boy .
there is a 5 inch diff kim"5'2ft" is wearing 3 inch heels =5'5ft kanye "5'7ft" wearin 1 inch loafer Click Here
MD says on 9/Jan/14
Not too many men would look short next to a 5'2" female. Given that we closely nail down heighs, here, seems pretty silly to give a two-inch range of height that just so happens to be one either side of the listed height, BTW. Probably would be nice to offer something of value to the discussion, you know, besides making obvious observations.
heigth says on 7/Jan/14
5'7-5'9 zone he dont look that short next to 5'2 kim
rrmar says on 22/Dec/13
My cousin used to be a dancer for Love Barnett on one of her dance shows. Barnett has been in numerous rap videos. I went to one of the shows and Kanye was there and I stood right next to him and had a quick conversation with him..I'm a solid 5'9 and he was at least a inch or 2 shorter then me...
heigth says on 20/Dec/13
he is denfentivly not 5'6 i really would like to know how tall he is beacuse in photos wit kim k (5'2) with heels on wich gives her an extra 3-4 inches he looks at least 4 inches taller than her! i would say 5'8 - 5'10 nothing more! and btw jay z IS not only 6 foot he is like 6'1-6'2
lelman says on 13/Dec/13
@growtallerguru He's going to look 5'7" next to 6' Jay Z, becuase Jay Z is actually 6'1". and Jay Z is going to look 6' next to 5'10.5" Timberlake, because Timberlake is almost 6' himself.
lol says on 29/Nov/13
kanyes no taller than 5"8 MAX he looks 5"9 in timberlands
growtallerguru says on 21/Nov/13
he looks 5'7" next to Jay-Z who looks 6'even next to 5'10.5" Justin Timberlake honestly.
KID Authentic says on 27/Oct/13
To me, Kanye looks like he ranges from 5'7 to 5'9. I'm taller than him because my doctor stated that I am 5'10(177.5-1.79)
KID Authentic says on 27/Oct/13
To me, Kanye looks like he ranges from 5'7 to 5'9. I'm taller than him because my doctor stated that I am 5'10(177.5-1.79)
Dr JJ says on 26/Oct/13
5'6". That's it.
thomas says on 22/Oct/13
@thedutchguy OMG I totally agree with you I'm 179cm (5'10) barefeet but I fell so short. I don't know if it's just in my head when I wear my favorite hiking shoes I'm 6 feet for sure and people tell me I'm pretty tall but I still fell small:( I guess I have tall friends:)
6\'1\" barefoot says on 18/Oct/13
conyeezy it's cool ur taller than kanye we all get it actually went as far as to right a whole thesis on your interpretation. kanye has short legs if his legs were longer he's be lucky at average height. but he grew disproportionately. I had size 12 shoes in 7th grade and was 5'9" barefoot. Measured by the dumb P.E. coaches year later I was 5'11" barefoot in 8th grade. My ape index was +5 or 6'4" in length. people grow differently some do some don't maybe you'll grow if you eat and compete in sports it's a fact that if your testosterone is high you can become a freak like lebron if it's low you'll have alot of estrogen and be soft and have no ballz. Trust me eat, lift, sleep and you'll grow as tall as Lebron and maybe if your lucky you'll be half as strong as him.
the shredder says on 16/Oct/13
5'8 minimum , I give him 5'9.
Conyeezy says on 15/Oct/13
MD, Kanye is barely taller than aziz ansari. He has a good solid build but it's lean as well. Alot of bulk 5'6 people look like midgets but kanye doesnt, however that picture with him and jay at that awards show or whatever shows that he can't be any taller than 5'7 BAREFOOT. I think he probably is a strong 5'6 or weak 5'7, because other times, when i see them perform live or in the otis video, Kanye looks fairly close to Jay Z's height, maybe like 5'10.(Jay is 6"2 i think)Alot of poeple under 5'10 lie or add an extra inch. Im taller than my sisters boyfriend and he claims 5'7 on his license. Listen, If a song says"I just met this 5'7 guy that's just my type, you would think Kanye would differ to that and say he's taller, but he let estelle say it, and she was ouvbiously talking about him. Some pictures Kanye looks like a little, bulk kid, but sometimes he looks average. I always thought he was atleast 5'10 until studying his height. Trust me, Kanye is 5'7, there is no way he's over that, but 5'7.5 isnt that far off so your possibly correct, but no way 5'8, no way, only with his gucci loafers. Also, that picture link by true with kanye in loafers, kanye always has to wear a shoe with some sort of height. Those loafers weren't flat, they had a heel. considering kim is 5'2, and probably 5'5 with those heels, kanye looks 2 inches taller than her, which means without the shoe he might be .75-an inch taller than her(with kim in heels of course)Kanye is 5'7 being generous, no way 5'8. And TI claiming he is 5'8 or 5'9 is ridiculous, he's much shorter. I mean Kanye doesn't bieber boot it but I'm sure Kanye wears some sort of lifts because his height seems to always change. The only way to know about these celebrtities is to look them at the beach. Kanye looked short on the beach, and even zac efron looks like 5'6, while bieber is like 5'5. No attractive male celebrity will admit or list themselves as 5'6 to the public because 5'6 just seems really small. Think ofDAve Franco, girls go crazy for him(and efron, and even bieber) they are all under 5'7, but they claim an inch to 2 inches taller. Franco is like 5'5 and he makes his brother look like a giant.Kanye is 5'6 strong, close to 5'7, thats final. period
MD says on 15/Oct/13
There is no way he's under 5'7" barefoot. He genuinely and consistently looks taller than the 5'5"-5'6" rappers mentioned. Maybe he's more around 5'7.5", but the anything under 5'7" barefoot isn't realistic.
Conyeezy says on 13/Oct/13
I am about 5'6 1/3 and with my hair, maybe 5'7. Kanye looks like a 5'6.5 dude but can get to 5'7.5/5'8 or even 5'9 with dress shoes. I struggled with what i call "height anxiety" and I was going crazy about my small stature. but my hero, kanye , is like my height. If it weren't for this website and these discussions people have that have seen maybe kanye face to face, I could still be really depressed. I trust your judgment rob for the most part, but I think you give these celebrities always an extra inch because though I'm short, in the real world I'm actually not that small believe it or not. CElebrities like Efron, Wahlberg, and even West, T.I. and Wayne are all 5'7.5 and under barefoot, probably even 5'7 barefoot. Im so glad you made this site because it really made me feel secure about myself again and it helped me embrace my small stature. thanks rob
Conyeezy says on 13/Oct/13
Kanye looks 5'7 but, maybe 5'8 with shoes. I say 5'6.5- 5'7 barefoot, plus he's got a big build. Next to Aziz Ansari, he's barely taller but he looks bigger cause of his size
MD says on 11/Oct/13

Can you delete that the comment by Roscoe on 9/Oct/13? It's completely inappropriate, and he'd thought he'd slip it by you by taking off the first letter. Thanks.
heightobsessed says on 10/Oct/13
he looks closer to 5'7
TheEnd says on 3/Oct/13
as Hoops.. a real man said below! Bill O'reilly said he was in the same elevator with Kanye & his 2 body guards. He said ("Kanye was 5'6" and the body guards were 6'5"...and I'm 6'4".")
Im 5\'7\ says on 2/Oct/13
Why does everyone always have to make it about "small man syndrome?" Why can't it just be "Kanye West is an *******?" Why do people hate small men so much?
Cnut the Great says on 27/Sep/13
i agree 5'7".... he is also very annoying.. i agree with the small man syndrome thing.. how small do you have to be to qualify for small man syndrome
Ryan says on 24/Sep/13
He's at most 5'7 and has a bad case of small man syndrome.
Dr JJ says on 21/Sep/13
His ego is so big, he isn't worried about height!
Mathew says on 1/Sep/13
6 ft 8 says on 14/Aug/13
In "American Boy" it says he is 5'7


Yes, and given his ego there's little chance he would downgrade himself. 5'7" he is.
6 ft 8 says on 14/Aug/13
In "American Boy" it says he is 5'7
hi says on 11/Aug/13
i doubth that he is just 57 Feet cuz i saw one picture of him and lil Gay
and kanye west was like 1,5 head taller than wayne!as i know lil wayne is 1,64 cm i think kanye is about lets say 1,77 - 178
SAK says on 2/Aug/13
pockynon says: I saw him at LaGuardia airport and he is a shrimp - both in height and physique. There is no way that he is 5-9 like his bio says.
I can totally imagine this. And I bet Kanye wanted to be a huge guy. Too bad.
pockynon says on 31/Jul/13
I saw him at LaGuardia airport and he is a shrimp - both in height and physique. There is no way that he is 5-9 like his bio says.
hoops ... a real man!! says on 23/Jul/13
I've been a basketball coach for 30 years. I can look at any man and tell you within 1/2 inch how tall he is. West is 5'6"-5'7" at the most. He weighs about 130 pounds. Think about this ... he's a smaller man than Bieber in size, but a much smaller man in character than most men. He proves that every day by picking on little cameramen. Ha! I'd like to challenge him to a 3 minute round in the ring for $1 million. I'm 70 years old and I'd kick his little wimp ass!!
Mike T says on 9/Jul/13
5'6" at the least but nothing more than 5'7"
truth178cm says on 3/Jul/13
Dutch average 5ft11-6ft
Tom says on 1/Jul/13
Anything beyond 5'7" is ridiculous. Probably a weak 5'7".
Mathew says on 28/Jun/13
He's 5'7", it's even in a song. No way this guy downgrades himself.
Cingetrorix says on 28/Jun/13
I'd say 5'7.
On the dutch thing, definitely not a 'stereotype'. The official average is like 6' or 6'1 I believe. But being a Scotsman who is often in holland for long periods of time, I have to say when I'm wearing boots I'm 5'10 or 11. And I do not feel tall. At all. In Scotland I'd be above average from young people my age (19). In holland I am still at least 4 inches taller than the average dutch guy my age. They are a tall race.
Lelly says on 21/Jun/13
My daughter met him at manchester airport and was shocked to report she was taller than kanye, she is 5'6", she insists hes as tall as me at 5'3" !
Adam says on 21/Jun/13
In one of his songs it says he is 5'7 and i dont think he would downgrade himself
LH says on 21/Jun/13
His gf, Kim K, is reportedly just 5'2" tall. Clearly he is no taller than 5'8" in comparison...if that.
East says on 18/Jun/13
truth178cm says on 12/Jun/13
The Dutch are not 6ft1 on average more like between 5ft11 and 6ft at best (a flat 5ft11 more likely). Stupid goddamn myths.
jimmyjon says on 11/Jun/13
Dutch Guy has a skewed perspective. Basically most of the world is a "midget" to the Dutch. The Dutch are just extremely tall people in general. Except for Sniejder. He moved to Turkey where the average height iS about 5'8-9. Not 6'1. Good call.
true says on 24/May/13
def not 5'8, looks about 5'7 here a pic of him in loafers
Click Here
Sean says on 17/May/13
@wooderson she was obviously wearing high heels, models tend to wear them you know lol
Juicey says on 6/May/13
5'7 -5''7 1/2 guy 5'8 a little bit generous
leonari says on 1/May/13
Nothing below 171,5 and probably very close to 173 on a regular day.
Pothead says on 29/Apr/13
I am between 5'6.25" and 5'6.5" and with certain dress shoes I am easily 5'8" or 5'8.5". With cowboy boots (2.5- 3 inch heels) I am easily 5'9". So...basically...add 2.5 inches to your barefoot height to get your "hollywood" height. Image is everything.
Mikey T says on 21/Apr/13
5'6" he wears boots to make him taller
AAAA says on 8/Apr/13
with tyson and 50
Click Here
truth says on 27/Mar/13
No way 5'10" I ran into him coming out of the 86th/Lex station a few months before Through the Wire was released. I have a good friend who is 5'5" isn and he is somewhere between 5'5" and 5'7"
gsbr says on 25/Mar/13
He's taller than Mike Myers. So unless Myers is under 5'7", West is 5'8".
wooderson says on 2/Feb/13
there is no way he is 173, i saw a photo with him and miranda kerr where she is about 3 inches taller than him, he is about 5'6"
someguy says on 30/Jan/13
Rob, i don't get why Kanye is being oversized at 5'8 when in his own song "American Boy" it says he's 5'7? A change maybe?
Mikey T says on 19/Jan/13
He looks 5'8" next to 5'6" Ellen Degeneres. But he could be wearing lifts.
Mathew says on 9/Jan/13
Rob, in his song with singer Estelle she sings "I just met this 5 foot 7 guy who's just my type"(which you can infer, is supposed to be Kanye.) He really doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would okay the lyric short changing his stature by a full inch if he was a solid 5'8". I think he could be 5'7" or 5'7" and some change.
realgame says on 15/Nov/12
Way too high. Maybe celebs are calling them to fix there heights so it says there taller there really is. Big Sean is only 5'6 and Kanye is no taller than him so maybe 5'7 at the most. Jay-Z dwarfed Ye at the B.E.T awards. The same way Puffy dwarfed Nelly when they accepted the award for shake ya tailfeather. Aint nothing wrong wit being short i love short people. We all the same to me.
Omari says on 10/Nov/12
Nah, 173 is very accurate, my mom is kim kardashians height and when she wears heels she's the same height as kim in heels, and im 173 too,and when i look at pictures of them together with kim wearing them it's the same height difference.
Silent d says on 31/Oct/12
Shaun says on 25/Oct/12
Does look 5'7" next to Jay Z.
winner91 says on 24/Sep/12
Click Here

next to levine and cannon which are listed around 5'11 on this site.
Cingetorix says on 14/Sep/12
No way is this guy 5-8 legit. He's an egomaniac so 5'8 in lifts maybe. 5'6/5'7 max barefoot.
SolidSnake says on 6/Sep/12
He has over 5million twitter followers and the ONLY person he follows is kim k. besides that he is a great rapper but yeh 5-8 sounds good as fits with Jay Z listing as well
johnnyfive says on 28/Aug/12
In the picture with Jay-Z from Meatspin, if Jay is the 6'2 listed, Kanye doesn't look any taller than 5'6 or 5'6 and a half tops! A 5'8 dude would look short but not like a dwarf next to a 6'2 dude. My verdict for Kanye is 5'6.
Bran says on 17/Aug/12
I have a photo of him next to a lambo and 5'8" is laughable. He is more like 5'5" or 5'6".

Rob how can I put up the picture?
tony t. says on 7/Aug/12
Looks like a true 5'8 guy.
TrT says on 10/Jun/12
@TheDutchGuy 5'10 is not short, by any standards. Don't know if you live in a basketball training village, or you're not 5'10".
The Dutch Guy says on 10/Jun/12
He's a midget like me, I'm 5'10.5" and he's a solid 5'7.75" (Possibly 5'8").
Stoodnext2 says on 6/Jun/12
Meatspin is right Jay-Z TOWERS HIM. Click Here

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