How tall is Kristanna Loken ?

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Kristanna Loken's Height is 5ft 11in (180 cm)

American Actress best known for roles in movies like Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and BloodRayne. On tv she appeared in Mortal Kombat: Conquest and Painkiller Jane. She said in USAToday (30/6/03) regarding her stature, "I'm 5-11". Her modelling agency listed her vital statistics as bra size 36, waist 25 and hips 35. These photos are from London Film Con 2010 (double shot with Jenny - Loken had nearly 0.5in less footwear than us) and LFCC 2013 (similar footwear as mine).

Kristanna Loken at London Film Con
5ft 8 Rob, Kristanna, 5ft 8 Jenny
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Comment on the Height of Kristanna Loken

Mark said on 16/Feb/16
Great looking woman-one of the best in natural beauty, style, and above all accurate in her height assessment. She could easily pull off stating 6ft due to her statuesque and healthy non-skeletal physique.
John said on 13/Nov/15
Like how the earlier comment mentioned about her and Mike Tyson liking similar, could this mean he could be 5'10.5 after all?
Thomas6ft1 said on 29/Sep/15
What would legit 6'1" look like next to her? (both barefoot)
[Editor Rob: she'd be looking at the end of his nose, I couldn't find an example.]
Judd ISR said on 27/Sep/15
TNT, Famke Janssen sometimes claims less than what she actually is: she claimed to be both 5'11" and 5'11.5"...Dmeyer met her and said she was an almost 6' and I think it too.
The best listing for her would be 5'11.75" in my opinion!
Judd ISR said on 27/Sep/15
SJH the eye level doesn't mean anything! In that picture she is 5,0-5,5 cms taller than Rob and Jenny and she has a shoes advantage of 0.5"...
The picture above is more reliable and she has 7 strong cms on Rob...
She's an hones 5'11"/180cms girl!
S.J.H said on 31/Aug/15
@Judd says on 1/Mar/15

Check on the picture with jenny rob both and her hair is tall. Rob eye level were about 4cm shorter than her. At very best she could be 5'10
dboe123 said on 18/Jun/15
looks more 5'10 to me
T.N.T. said on 12/Jun/15
Kristianna Loken, Natasha Henstridge, and Famke Janssen are those very few people who are not only telling the truth about their height but they may even be modest about it by stating that they are less than 1,80m tall. No, these beautiful women are 1,80m min-1,83m max barefoot. Ironic how the shorter ones desperately try to fool everyone by making ridiculous height claims (i.e. Taylor Swift's claim that she's 1,94m in heels..). Just remove the stilt-type heels from the feet of these delusional claimers and have them stand right next to the truly tall 1,80m women. Reality speaks for itself and it cannot be refuted by neither wishful thinking nor thick wedge heels.
NBAer said on 14/Mar/15
she looks more 5'10.5 in the top picture with you Rob...maybe she is really a weak 5'11,who just rounds up about 0.5" for modeling reasons.
Judd said on 1/Mar/15
5'9.75"...maybe you need glasses! She's a legit 5'11" woman!
She has strongly 3" on rob in the top picture!
S.J.H said on 6/Feb/15
5ft11 no way. She could be 5ft9.75 at most
Judd said on 28/Jan/15
[Editor Rob: if she drops under 5ft 11 at low it might not be more than a small fraction.]

so you think she might be (with the best posture) a 180,0 cms girl, who could be 182 cms just woke up (after 8-9 hours of sleep)?
[Editor Rob: she might measure somewhere in the 182 range out of bed yeah.]
Judd said on 27/Jan/15
Rob you think for her is likelier 179,5 cms, 180,0 cms or 180,5 cms as common low height?
[Editor Rob: if she drops under 5ft 11 at low it might not be more than a small fraction.]
John said on 15/Jan/15
She's almost as tall as Chris Eubank
MrTBlack said on 28/Dec/14
Can't see her less than 5'11". I even thought she was 6'0" in T3.
Dmeyer said on 3/Nov/14
I think 5'10.75 is fairer
184.3cm said on 9/Oct/14
Looks an easy 180cm to me and as listed more likely the full 5'11 or a little more no less than 180.5cm. Beautiful girl.
miko said on 9/Oct/14
She certainly has an impressive figure on her 5'11 frame.

Do you reckon she could she touch 6'0 straight out of bed Rob?
[Editor Rob: if it wasn't for Jenny I would happily find that out for you.]
GP said on 8/Oct/14
She was in my acting class a while back and I will bet that she is 181cm or 5'11.25". And she clearly looks that in above photos. What do you think Rob? And remember that in acting tall women are made to not to look taller than male actors and she probably has a habit of dropping height in photos.
[Editor Rob: I didn't think she was as high as 181cm, while not impossible I think around 5ft 11 on the nose is what she may measure.]
Judd said on 8/Oct/14
5'11" is spot on! i can't see her below that height!
Chris said on 9/Sep/14
Definitely close to 6ft..Also she looks exactly like my mom lol
Hud said on 6/Aug/14
She was amazing in T3. I have to say that she dominates arnie in every department.It's like when you watch the film her dominance is palpable. She looked taller than him for sure or equal but definitely not shorter.

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Moreover Arnie was in bad shape. He looked pale and definitely weaker than her physically. I'm sure that she'd beat the **** out of Arnie if they met in a parking lot.
tiny said on 21/Jul/14
What a gorgeous and well built tall lady!!! Would put her at 5'11" & about 150 lbs
Crash said on 15/Jul/14
That's a stereotype Alex. My 5'11" sister says that she's 6'0" to people all the time lol.

I think that's very common even at her height. And in many cases women seem to round up more than men in fact.
Alex 6'0 said on 2/Jul/14
Looks legit 5'11. At worst 5'10.75. Tall girls don't inflate their height. If anything they try to round down some.
Damon said on 15/May/14
Holy cow! She's gorgeous Rob! and definitely not under 5'11
miko said on 9/Apr/14
I bet Arnie is hoping they don't cast her in Terminator 5, he'd be in big trouble.
shortie said on 8/Apr/14
Rob must really like that shirt =)
[Editor Rob: it's a different colour, but I like those shirts, good pockets for holding photo tickets/passports/notepad, phones etc.]
176,2Tunman said on 21/Mar/14
Looks around 179-80,Rob when you say about 5'11,does this mean somewhere between 5'10.5-11?
[Editor Rob: I think she would measure near enough 5ft 11]
joy said on 16/Mar/14
What was her footwear?
[Editor Rob: in the dress a sandal which was less than ours, and in black top a sneaker about same as mine.]
Adraino said on 4/Mar/14
Well I don't see footwear,probably wearing heels in those pics.Looked about 5'9 in the Panic.
[Editor Rob: read the description, in the double shot she had a bit less and the newer shot very similar footwear.]
Blaze said on 15/Jan/14
More like 181cm
tiny said on 13/Jan/14
Easily 5'11" and a gorgeous, strong and well built woman at about 160 lbs.
am said on 22/Dec/13
Would she edge out tom sizemore?
[Editor Rob: she's taller in person than Sizemore is.]
Vibram said on 14/Dec/13
Funny, but she looked 5ft8 in the T3 nude scene. Maybe its because she has broad hips?
Arch Stanton said on 1/Dec/13
She's like the alpha female, I bet most women would feel really intimidated around here. I get a tremendous sense of power and strength from her and it's not just that she's a tall girl. Looks a solid 5'11" to me in the top photo.
dmeyer said on 30/Nov/13
Legit 179-179.3cm in the pics
Jack said on 28/Nov/13
Damn she is gorgeous and tall a real stunner knockout beauty
Dmeyer said on 9/Nov/13
I see solid 179cm but i bélieve rob
SHORTY said on 16/Oct/13
Hey Rob, would a 5'11" girl like Kristanna be about equivalent to a guy who is 6'5"?
[Editor Rob: 6ft 4-5 I think]
Matt 185cm said on 29/Sep/13
Wow Rob you look noticeably thinner in the 2013 pic
Soupman said on 30/Aug/13
Clear 1.80 cm. Not shorter
Emil said on 26/Aug/13
Very hard to judge this one. I believe she's the 5'11 she claims to be, but 5'10.5 wouldnt surprise me
Connor 184cm said on 31/Jul/13
She is 5ft 10.5 not quite 5ft 11 unless she is slouching but then again i think 5ft 10 range is more likely perhaps 5ft 11 in the morning?
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jul/13
Is she as attractive in person Rob? There's some very attractive about her and I don't just mean her figure and features, she seems to have some sort of sexual magnetism.
[Editor Rob: yeah I'd hold hands with her and stuff.]
truth179cm said on 12/Jul/13
Yeah she could dip a little below 180cm.
[Editor Rob: I saw her again last week and thought (in very similar footwear) she was about 5ft 11]
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 1/Jul/13
She looks around 178cm in the pic. add the 1.2cm footware Its impossible that shes lower than 179cm.
Id say 179-180 range at night but at worst shes in the 178cm range barefoot.
Silent d said on 23/Jun/13
She was really tall in burn notice. Nearly the same height as bruce campbell and jeffrey donovan. I thought she was same height as yvvone strahovski but 180cm seems right on. She does look like yvvonne strahovski.
Bard said on 5/May/13
Accounting for footwear, I'd say pushing 5'11
Morgan said on 10/Feb/13
She looks around the same height as Mike Tyson when he stood next to Rob.
[Editor Rob: she was taller in person than tyson (and with about 0.4 inch less footwear)]
Mikey T said on 28/Jan/13
5'10". My cousin is 5'10" and I'm 5'8" and this photo looks exactly alike to how I stand up next to him.
Joey said on 14/Jan/13
hmm doesnt look like a full 5'11 to me...more like solid 5'10
Sasha said on 5/Jan/13
J.Lee says on 5/Dec/12
6' morning height?

The variance between morning and evening height is very individual. Usually it is in the 0.5-0.75 inch range. In this case Kristanna's morning height is at most 5'11.75". But if she is very flexible, 6' at the morning is barely possible. :)
J.Lee said on 5/Dec/12
6' morning height?
mike 181cm said on 13/Nov/12
thorterr said on 28/Sep/12
i dont know, 5ft 11 seems spot on ,,for some reason id love to see her in 4inch heels
Mathew said on 3/Aug/12
Gives a strong 5'10" range impression at a slight foot ware disadvantage, so 5'11" is believable.
J.lee said on 28/Jan/12
Rob i want to know how tall super model alexandra ambrossio is
J.lee said on 27/Jan/12
Rob, can i ask you a favor? There are certain girls that i want heights of. You may not know, but if we paid you a small fee for a certain celeb, would you be willing to post their heights and estimate based on your research?
[Editor Rob: I don't think I could do such a thing]
Height Tracker said on 14/Aug/07
Pretty sure she's married to a guy Greylock
Cobra said on 13/Aug/07
In T3 she is described as "about 6ft", women tend to make themselves shorter... I would go for 5f11,25 or 5ft11,5 for her.
Kristanna is a lesbian? Really? Wow, because I enjoy girl on girl in fiction, but the realitiy check ist that real lesbians aren`t a turn on on me.
Did she said that in an interview or what?
Greylock said on 2/Jun/07
My wife is 6'-1/2"", older daughter 6'-3" and younger 5'-10" or so (goes by "Shorty"). I like tall women. As I'm 6'-2" - it works out fine. As Kristanna Loken is a professed lesbian, I guess she is kinda out of the running as far as guys are concerned. Too bad............ Arnold was supposed to be 6'-2", but it's kinda hard to tell. I think, based on his apparent height in non-Hollywood shots, that he may actually be somewhat shorter than advertised.
Marcus said on 14/Mar/07
Just saw BloodRayne...why didn't anyone warn me that it was a Uwe Boll film :)...Anyway, she appeared quite tall (and she walked like a guy), I'd say 6 foot with boots, so def. strong 5'11''.
ADO said on 13/Feb/07
It figures I knew she was tall but I thought that she was taller than that because on the movie BloodRayne she was tall as the men or taller an so I figured that she was at least 6ft 1inches but she did have the boots on and that did give her an advantige.
Alex said on 20/Jan/07
Rob, did you see the movie BloodRayne with Loken? If so by just looking at her in that movie she is easily 5'11, can appear 6'0-6'1 in some scenes though. Tall woman and hot too.

[Editor Rob: I've seen 2 Uwe Bohl movies (alone in the dark and house of the dead). This is enough for one lifetime...]
Alex said on 8/Jan/07
Terminator 3 was just one today and she looked like a 5'11 girl for sure.
Editor Rob said on 12/Sep/06
"I'm 5 feet 11 inches but, when I met him, Arnold is just a bit taller."
Tall-PD said on 11/Jul/06
In the extra scenes in the T3 DVD. One of the directors or SFX guys said that they had to bulid a platform for the actor who played "Katherine Brewsters" or Connors future wife's fiance. Because Kristanna was about 6ft and he was 5'8". This was for the scene in the cementary where the T-X turns from the guy to the evil sexy woman terminator.
Angelica said on 20/Jun/06
Yeah that's true, guys understandably like to give themselves credit for more inches than they've got. While a lot of tall women want to just about hack off their feet to make themselves a few inches shorter. I don't understand it, because height has a lot of benefits. Taller women are often stronger and more atheletic, with solid bone structures, great genes, endurance, and all around good health. The taller they are, the more weight that they can carry, a lot of tall ladies look trim when they actually have quite a bit of poundage on them. Clothes usually hang on them exquisitely as well (why do you think the fashion industries are recruiting models that look like statues?). Height can also give the illusion of elegance, poise and grace.

Alex said on 9/Jun/06
Maybe she said slightly under, not taller than 6'0. Well she says 5'11 but she could pass for a solid 6'0 girl. And some girls who are 6'0-6'1 will say they are 5'11 just to stay under that 6'0 to people. And some girls 5'10-5'11 will say 5'9. With guys its the opposite as they upgrade.
J-Dog said on 9/May/06
I heard she was quoted saying she stands slightly taller than 6'?
The Horse of FUNK said on 5/May/06
This woman is almost as tall as me. Kristanna and Stacy Keibler... *sigh* Damn they have some leeeeegggs on them. Shame they're just so damn tall though.

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