How tall is Kunal Nayyar ?

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Kunal Nayyar's height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

British-Indian actor best known for his role as Raj in The Big Bang Theory. In a video interview he claimed he was 5ft 8 and said on twitter "I'm only 5'8" and that his wife Kunal was "5 10"

Neha Kapur with Kunal
Photo by PR Photos
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5ft10guy says on 18/Mar/15
5ft6 if Parsons is only 6ft flat
Dmax says on 22/Feb/15
Lol that tip toeing is so obvious.......
hmm says on 10/Feb/15
maybe 171-172 cm? def strong 5'7, maybe a bit more?
Teej says on 25/Jan/15
'chris' i think 'realist' was indicating 'most people' as other memebers of cast. johnny galeki and simon helberg certainly wear lifts. the difference between johnny galeki and kaley cuoco in the 1st season to this current season is tremendous she was comfartably taller at first, now he's just taller or same height. kunal is 5'7, galeki is 5'4.5 and simon helburg is 5'4. galeki and helburg are exactly the same height galeki is barely talle, but hes uncomfartable and concerned about his height, whereas kunal embraces it
IceK says on 14/Jan/15
He is 5'7.5- 5'8 for sure. Rob, you need to upgrade this
evil says on 15/Oct/14
5'7-5'7.5 , doesn't heva a big difference between johnny galecki and simon helberg that are under 5'7
mike says on 27/May/14
Rob, is 5ft 7.5 possible?
[Editor Rob: sometimes he can look a fraction over 5ft 7]
Chris says on 20/Mar/14
Most people wear lifts? LOL I swear people on here choose the most contradictory user names. Must be wishful thinking
Realist says on 20/Mar/14
He is 5'7 and his shoes are very small. Never seems to wear lifts unlike most people.
MD says on 21/Dec/13
BTW, I keep seeing how people are protesting that bringing up your heel like that only gives you a tiny bit of height. That may be true, but that's not the point of the criticism. The criticism is that he obviously believes that it gives him significantly more height in photos, or he wouldn't do it. It's the motivation behind the act that's being criticised. It's really kind of ridiculous.
MD says on 19/Dec/13
With 5'4" Simon Helberg:

Click Here

Click Here

I think the 5'8" claim is subject to the Two-Inch Rule in this case. lol There has never been a full three-inch difference between these two.
Scruffy Goat says on 16/Dec/13
He's not tip-toeing. Only his left heel is raised slightly, as is normal with most people leaning inwards towards someone they're having their picture taken with. One raised heel only rotates you slightly one way or the other - it doesn't make you appear taller.
Hola says on 2/Dec/13
Solid call on the downgrade Rob. Does not look 3' taller than 5'5 Galecki.

In reference to the tippy-toe disucssion, raising one foot does give you about 1-2 cms of height as it adjusts the hip, you can try to do it right now.
leonari says on 4/Oct/13
He is well proportioned and quite a fair bit taller than Galecki and Helberg but Rob once again did it. He nailed him down. Not a mm above 5'7". Qbex: You are way off. Just mentioning 174 for this guy proves you have no clue about the art of height gauging.
Qbex says on 15/Sep/13
I sometimes see a 173-174 on him.
Jithuthevega says on 18/Aug/13
i bet he is only 5.6...
teej says on 1/Jul/13
No wonder sheldon looks like a giant in the big bang theory.. He towers over the rest of the cast because hes quite tall and the rest are short. Kunal is a great actor though and always makes me laugh!
GKay says on 23/May/13
He's not on his tip-toes - he's just got his left heel raised, which won't make any difference given his right foot is planted.
Gheist says on 3/Apr/13
He seems to be taller than Galecki's 1.65, i would put him around 1.69 and 1.71 max, no more.
mike says on 4/Feb/13
To VV: to feel insecure at 5'10, which is slightly above average (5'9 1/2 being the national average) is a tad delusional.

The entire cast of Big Bang theory appears to be shorter than average...
ArjunaKorale says on 24/Jan/13
@VV: Every man is different. You obviously like girls who are at least half a foot shorter than you & fair play to you, man. I prefer girls who are close to my height or are my height. Some men even like women who are much taller than them. Today, in this world of Equal Oportunities anything is possible, man, & that is a GREAT THING!
VV says on 23/Jan/13
I wouldn't say he is insecure about his height, otherwise he wouldn't have married such a tall girl. I'm a bit insecure at 5'10" and the only girls I ever date are 5'4" and under... they help me look tall!
ArjunaKorale says on 17/Jan/13
@Peyman-6ft, I can agree with your estimate about ideal height for a girl - I too prefer a girl to be about 2 inches shorter than me - my ideal height woman would be 5 ft 4 or 5 ft 3 inches! Luckily, my wife is around 5 ft 3.5 inches! Sure, Kunal is tiptoeing, but could he have just been in a comedic mood when the pic was taken & could he have been taking the mick out of himself by tipitoeing!?
Dean 5ft 9.25 says on 16/Jan/13
The 2 inch difference aint the problem. but when girls whack on their heels is the main problem. Without heels height wouldnt be such a problem for men IMO.
Peyman-6ft says on 15/Jan/13
@ ArjunaKorale , nice observation man , but it wouldn't cover the fact that he's tippy toeing.
Why he did it if he isn't unsecure.
A 5ft 9in girl for a 5ft 7in guy isn't that bad , I've seen 5'9.5'' & 5'4''!! It'll be nothing important if you don't care .
I personally like my girl to be at least 2inches & at most 8inches shorter than me .
The problem is not his choice , it is the TIP TOES .
ArjunaKorale says on 13/Jan/13
I dont think Nayyar can be that insecure about his height, otherwise he wouldn't have married such a tall lady! I, myself, prefer women upto around 5 ft 6 or even 5 ft 5.6 (but nothing taller really!) but that's because I am only around 5 ft 6. However, everyone is different & some men suit women who are much taller than them just as some women suit men who tower over them - it is all a matter of personal choice! And Kunal chose Neha.
SAK says on 7/Jan/13
I cannot get over tiptoeing, every time i see his pic it annoys me. I think he could be 5f6.5.
Elijah says on 30/Dec/12
I always knew that he wasn't 5'8"... he gives a short impression rather than a shortish one. And lol at the tiptoes... he seems really insecure about his height.
mofo says on 26/Dec/12
Well he's the second tallest person on the show after Jim Parsons (Sheldon). I always thought Kunal (Raj) was 5ft8. It states on other sites that he is 5ft8 as well!
ArjunaKorale says on 24/Dec/12
Thanx for the info on Neha Nayyar's height, Rob. By the way, I meant to say ex Miss India, and not ex Miss World! Sorry about that!
Peyman says on 24/Dec/12
he is standing on his left foot's toe , not the right one IMO . So he obviously can't gain more than 1_2cm .
& only god knows how tall are the heels neha kapoor has . Their differrece is no more than 2inches.
I'm not a fan of short men I just like to say the truth
B says on 23/Dec/12
Getting caught out standing on tippy toes to look "taller" is very embarassing to say the least
SAK says on 21/Dec/12
That is really sad to stand on your tiptoes. If he's that bothered by being short, why highlight your shortness evenmore by having a tall wife.
ArjunaKorale says on 21/Dec/12
This entry for Nayyar looks fairly accurate, though I am still unsure if he could be 2 or 3 cm taller than this i.e. 5ft 7.5 or even 5ft 8 - I just don't know mate. By the way, Rob, how tall is Nayyar's wife ex Miss World Neha? She looks about 4 or 5 inches taller, though I am guessing that she is wearing very high heels. So, more importantly, what would be her height, Rob, au naturale i.e. in barefoot?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 9-9.5 range might be fair game for her.]
says on 21/Dec/12
His wife was listed 5'9.5 @ miss India pagent.
Emily says on 20/Dec/12
If hes 57, i dont see Jim being over 61.
marla singer says on 19/Dec/12
He's standing on his toes!
Is it a case you chose this picture Rob? hahaha
[Editor Rob: yes, he just wants to close height difference a bit I guess.]
Peyman says on 18/Dec/12
is that his wife?
How tall is she ? 5'8''?
She seems pretty hot !
Nick says on 18/Dec/12
He's tippy toe'ing in the picture!

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