How tall is Manu Bennett ?

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Manu Bennett's height is 5ft 10in (178 cm)

New Zealand Actor best known for playing Crixus in the tv series Spartacus and Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in Arrow. In film he has appeared in The Hobbit (as Azog), 30 Days of Night and The Condemned. In an x96 interview he said "I'm not that tall, I'm 5'11'," although at a Convention in 2014 he said "I'm just over 5ft 9, actually I'm 5ft 10". This photo is by Marco/Starfury, he had near 0.5 inch more shoe than me this day.

5ft 8 Rob with Manu
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indy says on 27/Mar/15
I really think he is wearing some lift on your picture, Rob. And actually he himself admitted - before having second thoughts : 'I'm just over 5ft 9'
[Editor Rob: he had a jean that didn't cover all of his shoes, so they didn't look like they'd have a lift in them.]
Josh says on 25/Mar/15
Man even at 5'10 he's a massive looking guy. Thought he was close to 5'11 or even a little over it. Maybe he's a fraction more like 5'10.5
Chad says on 24/Mar/15
Any chance you will ever change someone who you've met's listing, rob? because I have to agree with them, looks more like a 176~177cm
[Editor Rob: I'd rule out 5ft 9-9.5...177 range isn't an impossibility though, but from what I seen up close I am not sure he'd be much under 5ft 10 barefoot.]
Jed says on 20/Mar/15
He looks 5'10. Although his head looks much bigger than it usually does in that picture Rob!

Seems like a very nice guy as well.
[Editor Rob: photographer is standing more onManu's side so it's a bit nearer and with his lense it has some vertical stretching - see Gwendoline and Lars Mikkelsen photos for same effect.]
sabot says on 3/Mar/15
Great post Aned. Don't forget that Manu had spikey hair in that season. I see atleast 2 cm difference between Manu and Andy. Both barefoot highres pic:

Click Here

So if Andy was really 5'10, Manu is indeed strong 5'9/176cm.
With puffy hair and the right shoes he can appear 5'10.
indy says on 28/Feb/15
@Aned as a rule I do not post my pic on the Net, you have to take my word for it ;) He had no more than an inch difference with me.

Regarding L. Lawless : saw her last week, she's definitely 177cm. Also posted that comment on her page here.

Regarding Dustin Clare : he seemed taller than Manu to me. See my comments on his page here as well.
Ide say atleast 5'10 says on 26/Feb/15
His shoulders being that much above Robs kidna proves it. My friend who says he is 5'8 but wants to claim 5'9 actually is much lower than me in the shoulders and cast a decent shadow on him back to back, so same applies to manu.

6'0 Morning straight out of bed
5'11 1/8th night after 8 or more hours of work and kids
Zmann966 says on 21/Feb/15
This is all waaay over-shot, I was with him at SLCC last year during the VIP party and he couldn't have been more than 5'7" when he cut in front of me at the bar, haha.
[Editor Rob: how many beers did you have :)]
Paul S. says on 21/Feb/15
177.7 or 178 is the same at night
indy says on 15/Feb/15
I now vote for 5'9. I have a pic with him one day we had same shoe height and he looks barely taller than I am.
Zasz says on 14/Feb/15
Wow his torso is really small. I have to agree with @GP Rob, he should be wearing inside lifts that day for sure
GP says on 13/Feb/15
Rob are you sure he wasn't wearing an inch lift in his shoes? He always looks in the 5'9"-5'9.5" range and in the above photo his waistline is really high, which says to me that he either has very long legs or that he is in lifts which creates such disproportion
[Editor Rob: the front would bulge a bit on the type of shoe he is in here, so I didn't think he had any inside.]
Darius says on 12/Feb/15
Rob, if you take out of him 0.5 inch(1,25cm) and then get his upper head point line to line with yours I think you are getting 5'9.5, and not a full 5'10. Plus, couldn't he be superhidrated or awake for 2hours?
Connor says on 30/Jan/15
176, not more, not less
guest says on 24/Dec/14
5'9 max
Gibran says on 18/Dec/14
Manu's hair adds a lot of height as well. Take that away and I agree with max he'll probably look closer to 5ft 9in than 5ft 10in.
[Editor Rob: ignoring footwear, Manu looked at least a fraction over 5ft 10 mark. He did have more footwear so his 5ft 10 claim I think is ok.]
max says on 24/Nov/14
rob i think 177cm is a better shout, i think that's why he said he was just over 5'9
[Editor Rob: ignoring more footwear for a minute, he looked like he was over 5ft 10 and nearer 10.5 that day, so take off footwear difference and I can buy 5ft 10.

Under the stadiometer though...that could be different. I'd be surprised if he really dropped more than a few mm shy of 5ft 10 at worst.]
indy says on 19/Nov/14
on this pic it really shows he is wearing lifts. lol. Dustin is normally a bit taller : Click Here
Zjun says on 7/Nov/14
I'd say 179 cm or 5' 10.5" judging from this pic if shoe-wear is the same.
Btw, did you guys have equal lifts Rob?
[Editor Rob: he had nearly 0.5in more footwear]
mike says on 22/Oct/14
Solid 178 looks about right 2.5-3 inches shorter than Stephen Amell. He reminds me of Liam Neeson in Batman Begins.
sabot says on 30/Sep/14
"indy says on 23/Sep/14
Hi, after having met him again at the Spartacus Con, I would now say 5'9.5 max. It is hard to say because people do not always stand tall, but I saw him quite a few times over the week-end and this was my impression. "

Thanks for sharing your impression. I think that's spot on for Manu.
184.3cm says on 28/Sep/14
177cm. Looks like 3cm of hair as well. 1.5cm more shoe. close enough to 5'10 i suppose.
indy says on 23/Sep/14
Hi, after having met him again at the Spartacus Con, I would now say 5'9.5 max. It is hard to say because people do not always stand tall, but I saw him quite a few times over the week-end and this was my impression.
Oanh says on 5/Sep/14
Taking off 1/2" for his footwear advantage...he is 5'10"
sabot says on 5/Jul/14
First 5'11 then 5'10...Next time he will confirm his real height ;)
But yes, he is 5'10+ in his cubans.
indy says on 3/Jul/14
hi, during this panel he confirmed being 5'10 Click Here
[Editor Rob: it's a good quote to add, as it's there on camera now :)]
sabot says on 21/May/14
"Vecrotus says on 20/May/14
I agree. He looks a strong 5ft 10in in the photo above but onscreen he looks within the 5ft 9-9.5in range."

Yup. Especially in Spartacus, where he is wearing sandals with low height boost.
Vecrotus says on 20/May/14
I agree. He looks a strong 5ft 10in in the photo above but onscreen he looks within the 5ft 9-9.5in range.
Phantom says on 18/May/14
Definitely looks 5'10" here.

Looks shorter than that most of the time though.
Yitzhak says on 16/May/14
Jesus, that guy's skull is massive. I imagined him a bit shorter (maybe 177 cm) but that is probably because of his large head and eye level being shorter.
[Editor Rob: there is some camera distortion in his favour]
The Horse of FUNK says on 15/May/14
177cm. I suspect his 5'10.75" claim is in shoes, which seems to be pretty common practice in Hollywood and showbiz.
Ulysses says on 13/May/14
Yep, 5'10 and built like a tank.
Vecrotus says on 6/May/14
Manu's hair makes him look 5ft 11in next to Rob but given that he is wearing 0.5in more shoe than Rob and judging from his eye line to Rob's, I'd say he is about 176cm at most. I still can't see him being 5ft 10in. What did you think Rob when you stood next to him?
[Editor Rob: I think he is near enough 5ft 10.]
Mr. R says on 5/May/14
This article says that he is 5-9.

Click Here
sabot says on 4/May/14
I agree with Radu. My lowest estimation for him was 174cm. I honestly can't see him be over 176cm. He is always wearing cubans, military boots or dress shoes with suspicious high ankle in public shows/meetings...

Hhmm...Click Here
Radu says on 4/May/14
yeah i think its 176. you just can't know whats inside the shoe! the structure of the shoe or maybe lifts...
Zoro says on 3/May/14
Rob, considering his hair and footwear, do you think is impossible for Manu to be "just" 176.5-177cm?
[Editor Rob: well I think he looked above 5ft 10 flat, but with footwear advantage I think he is near enough 5ft 10. He was shorter than Esme Bianco that day when standing beside her (she of course looked close to 5ft 11 with 3 inches more footwear than me). How much smaller he was, 0.5-0.75 maybe]
TNT says on 1/May/14
I met him at Megacon in Orlando a few weeks back. He was just a little taller than me and I stand around 5'9.75". So I think 5'10-ish is probably correct.
Blink says on 1/May/14
I don't think Manu would ever measure below 177, Dustin seems anywhere between 173 and 174 but in Spartacus he wears boots and in some scenes seems to tower over Crixus but I would honestly say Manu is same height as Lucy Lawless.
Crypto139 says on 30/Apr/14
Still looks to be a solid 178 to me. He looks 180 cm in the picture though. But because of the factors, 178 looks to be a good guess.
Aned says on 30/Apr/14
You are right.
Camera advantage, shoe advantage, hair advantage...
Manu is definitely 176-177.5 9.5 is fair for him.
Alex 6'0 says on 30/Apr/14
Take away the 1/2 inch footwear advantage he would be about 2 inches taller it appears. 5'10 is fair
The Horse of FUNK says on 30/Apr/14
Hmmm, 5'9.5" is possible considering he had a footwear advantage. He's got that tall haircut going on, so it's hard to judge the top of his actual head.
MD says on 30/Apr/14
Yeah, you can definitely see the footwear advantage in this shot.
Hypado says on 29/Apr/14
Manu Bennett is 5ft 10in (178 cm)
Andrea says on 29/Apr/14
Camera advantage, shoe advantage, hair advantage... If he were 5'10, wouldn't he look taller than this, Rob?
avi says on 29/Apr/14

Why's he look 5'11 here??
RP says on 29/Apr/14
Rob, of you're 5'8.25"? Manu is 5'11" there???
Vecrotus says on 31/Mar/14
Who would you say Rob is actually taller between Colton Haynes and Manu Bennett? I was watching an episode from Arrow and sometimes they appear to be the exact same height. Other times Manu is taller than Haynes. It really is hard to estimate an actor's height by watching them onscreen. Here's a clip with Manu and Colton in the same scene.
[Editor Rob: he can look about an inch shorter, sometimes there, sometimes more, around 5ft 8.5 may well be a best estimate!]
LegolasIT says on 30/Mar/14
@Vecrotus and @Rob : I posted an interesting pic on "dave franco's page" :

Click Here

I'm getting really curious about Colton height; what do you think Rob??
[Editor Rob: Franco might be pulling a 'G Lift', going a bit on tip-toes...that smile is a giveaway ;)]
Vecrotus says on 30/Mar/14
How tall is Colton Haynes? He plays Roy Harper on Arrow, and Manu has a clear 2in height advantage over Colton.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 8-8.5 range is likely]
sabot says on 29/Mar/14
Manu Benett next to 6'1 (185cm) Dan Feuerriegel:
Click Here
Click Here

As you can see, he doesn't reach his eyebrows which means there is more then 10cm height differance...
Zoro says on 28/Mar/14
I've seen Dustin upgraded to 174, it seems there is a sort of "upgrading policy" (lol, no offence), why not downgrading Bennett instead (or at the same time)???

I agree he's not so THAT much taller than Dustin Clare, 5 cm are too many, maybe 3-4 are spot on.

Manu is shorter than Andy Whitfield, when they were barefeet in the show, Andy was slighty taller (1-1.5 cm) and the camera was distant with the two gladiators on the same, flat, floor

So why not downgrading Bennett to 5'9.75 or 5'9.5?
[Editor Rob: in person I think Manu is about 178]
sabot says on 27/Mar/14
TNT, I disagree. I can't think of any scene in "Blood And Sand" where Dustin Clare looked "clearly" shorter. Manu Benett is probably the shortest looking 5'10 guy on earth...

Similar pic with different perspective:
Click Here
Click Here
Manu Benett next to ~6'1 Feuerriegel:
Click Here
TNTinCA says on 25/Mar/14

Dustin is clearly shorter if you watch the Spartacus series. The pics you posted have Dustin in the foreground, which would give him a perceptive advantage. I have the entire Spartacus series on Blu Ray and Dustin is clearly the shortest of the gladiators.
sabot says on 22/Mar/14
Even with upgrading Dustin Clare your listing is simply wrong. Dusin Clare and Manu Benett are pretty close in height. So why the 4cm differance? A compelling case of being biased :)
Click Here
Click Here
aned says on 16/Mar/14
I think, Rob must downgrade.That is so certain.
179.8 says on 6/Mar/14
Rob please, downgrade time
[Editor Rob: put your trust in Rob...]
indy says on 15/Feb/14
you might be right for Katrina
The Napleon says on 6/Feb/14
I'd say Manu's listed height is pretty close. No way is he 5ft 11in. I'd say he is a strong 5ft 9in. He looks much shorter than Stephen Amell in Arrow, who is a strong 6ft 1in. Speaking of which, how tall is Katrina Law (she was in Spartacus and has now been cast in Arrow)? I'm thinking 5ft 7in.
Insecureaboutmyheight says on 15/Jan/14
No way he is 5'11. 5'9 most
sabot says on 3/Jan/14
"indy says on 28/Dec/13
interesting picture of the Spartacus cast, to compare... : Click Here "

Note the very suspicious footwear of Dustin Clare and Manu Benett, filled with "special stuff". They almost tiptoeing lol, esp. Manu Benett.

They are both clearly in the 5'8 range.
Click Here
indy says on 28/Dec/13
interesting picture of the Spartacus cast, to compare... : Click Here
johnmcc says on 23/Dec/13
Classic strong 5'9 guy (177cm) trying to claim 5'11.
indy says on 22/Dec/13
I admit I did not really check his boots. I was a bit overwhelmed standing next to them both :)
Zoro177 says on 17/Dec/13
5 ft 9.5 at best, absolutly not taller than Lucy Lawless when they both were barefeet. Also shorter than the late Andy Whitfield, if I remember correctly
indy says on 29/Nov/13
when I saw him I had flat shoes and he had boots ... He also appeared 2 inch taller than Lucy Lawless who is above 5 ft 9 but she too had flat shoes that day... Stupid boots ;)
Vecrotus says on 11/Oct/13
Manu looks more like a solid 5 ft 9 next to Stephen Amell in Arrow than 5 ft 10/11. I'm just curious but is it possible for a man to grow even a little bit when they are 20?
rp says on 13/Sep/13
im 5,10...just met him...he's def shorter than me...
indy says on 7/Sep/13
I'm 5'8 and recently had the opportunity to stand next to him... I'd say he is slightly below 5'11.
sabot says on 18/Apr/13
Here we have "5'10" Manu Bennett with 5'8 listed Dustin Clare.
174-175 max.

Click Here
Click Here
adam says on 6/Apr/13
177cm, theres more than 3 inches with him and Liam Mcintyre.
sabot says on 18/Mar/13
Short legs, arms ect. for a 5'10 guy. Check his proportions - does he really look as tall as for example D. Craig? I don't think so. Weak 5'9.
Anonymous says on 16/Mar/13
If Andy Whitfield was 5'9.5" I don't think this guy can possibly be over 5'9.25".
Rikashiku says on 14/Feb/13
He wasn't that much shorter than Andy Whitfield. They were the same height at most. Keep in mind that Andy wore rubber sole sandals on the set. No one else did. He did appear similar in height as the actor who played Pitros who is 6'1" in their one scene.

I was on set with him on Gods of the Arena 3 years ago and he definitly isn't 5'11" but he is between 5'9" and 5'10".

Click Here
This pic is taken with the Arrow cast. He looks very short compared to the other actors.

Click Here
With 6'1" listed Amell. There looks to be a strong 3" between them.
Yaspaa says on 14/Feb/13
@Crixus, not sure what that pic shows other than himself walking downstairs.
TommyCab says on 19/Jan/13
Five feet 9 inches max. He's shorter than 5'11 Andy Whitfield (RIP) by 2-3 inches
klem says on 6/Nov/12
179 cm is too high for him.
maximus says on 6/Aug/12
5'9" sounds fair for Manu Bennett
Crixus says on 24/Jul/12
He is a quite short guy: Click Here
173-174 is spot on, IMHO.
edward says on 13/Jun/12
173 at max.... stating he is 5 ft 10.5 is just funny.... he looks pretty short.... a guy who is 5ft11 never looks short..

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