How tall is Stephen Amell ?

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Stephen Amell's height is 6ft 1in (185 cm)

Canadian actor best known for playing Oliver Queen in tv show Arrow. His agency (Goddard) lists his height as 6ft 1 and his weight as 180 pounds.

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184.9 on a bad day says on 3/Jul/15
Rob, how tall he looks in this video
Click Here

He doesn't look 6ft 1 , just wonder how he looks taller than Henry Cavill
sorry my english.
[Editor Rob: he can look a weak 6ft 1 there.]
patrickfitzgerald says on 21/Jun/15
BorkLaser says on 31/May/15
JBL has always been billed at 6ft 5.5-75(197cm)
And he looks that
120 says on 3/Jun/15
Wow, i didn't expect JBL to be this tall. he definitely looks to be about 6'5".
BorkLaser says on 31/May/15
Here he is with WWE's JBL Click Here
JBL's estimated to be around 6'5"
CD says on 26/May/15
Rob is Mamun the exact same height as you?
[Editor Rob: I think he said he typically got around 173-173.3 range for his height, so a small fraction over 5ft 8 flat.]
Andrea says on 25/May/15
Do you believe he'd edge the 184 challenger, if measured?
Here he looks quite "short": Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think there is a big chance he may well measure 6ft 0.75, but he naturally can pull off 6ft 1. On the show yeah he generally can look in that almost 6ft 1 zone, a guy like Ramsay does typically look at times a bit more than an inch taller.]
Andrea says on 25/May/15
I actually showed the picture to big Alex, who didn't even know who this guy is, and he told me he looks 5'11.5-6' with Mamun... You think he looks 6'0.5 with him? I don't know about any footwear difference but to me he looks not much over 6' and, in fact, i was a bit surprised because i thought he would have looked near 6'1, with his impeccable posture! 6'0.5, as i've said many times is a big possibility for this guy, though! I wouldn't put him just 6'... You will consider a small downgrade for him? 6'1 is not that crazy for him because he can look it a lot in pics but he always stands superstraight... Still i don't think he's a big 6'1 guy like a Obama or a Jim Caviezel!
[Editor Rob: yeah I've no knowledge of exactly how they stand, but they look like they are standing fine. There's always been a chance of a fraction shy of 6ft 1. For someone with good posture they can comfortably pull off 6ft 1 in person even if they are a fraction under.

I think Amell's head size is a bit deceptive. You only have to compare it to Mamun's in his photo to realise it around an inch longer, and comparing that photo to roughly my photo with the 6ft 3/8ths kid (I've made my head longer than Mamun's aswell).
Andrea says on 24/May/15
Rob, have you seen him with Mamun? He looks more 6' with him!
[Editor Rob: I didn't know where it was but I did find it and I would say he doesn't appear 6ft 1 but maybe close to 6ft 0.5.]
joe 193cm night says on 19/May/15
Height183 says on 4/May/15
I think he's 6'0.5''. He looks under 6'1'' too much to be a proper 6'1'' guy.
184.9 on a bad day says on 2/May/15
Rob, how tall Stephen look here

Click Here

maybe he's really 6 ft 0.5
[Editor Rob: on the show he can look 6ft 0.5 at times.]
184.9 on a bad day says on 19/Apr/15
hey Rob, how tall Stephen look here ?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: in that he doesn't look over 6ft]
184.9 on a bad day says on 16/Apr/15
Rob, how big is his head ?
seems pretty big. sorry for english.
[Editor Rob: not particularly, maybe a bit above average.]
cole says on 11/Mar/15
He looked more than an inch shorter than 6'2 guys Ed Marinaro and Alan Ritchson on BMS, so nearer 6'0.5 imo. Passes for 6'1 when others around him are standing more relaxed and he's in super military posture mode.
Andrea says on 28/Feb/15
To me, he looks no less than 1.5 inches shorter than Brandon Routh, as always with perfect posture! He certainly can pull off looking a big 6'1 a lot but i wouldn't be surprised at all if he was more 6'0.5-6'0.75! He looks a couple cms taller than Jensen Ackles, in whatever footwear! I have Jensen at 182 and him at 184, of course 185 is not impossible...
JohnGB says on 26/Feb/15
184.9, that video really compliments Amell's height he looks very close to Routh there, somewhere around 3cm. Doesn't seem like he is anything less than 6'1" to me, 185cm at night.
Hypado says on 26/Feb/15
6ft 1in (185,5 cm)

Stephen Amell is a strong 6ft 1
Josh says on 19/Feb/15
6'1 easy for this guy. He's got some pretty short arms for his body though. Great actor
184.9 on a bad day says on 9/Feb/15
Looks like over 6 ft 1 with brandon routh, both with good posture. Click Here
penguinboy25 says on 31/Jan/15
Listing is right. Looks about an inch taller than 6'0 Ackles.
S.J.H says on 31/Jan/15
6'1 looks it stand next to 6'0 grant gustin
Mike says on 3/Dec/14
6ft 0.5-0.75 is probably is lowest he can look sometimes 6ft 1-2 range in Arrow, but David Ramsay looks 1-1.5 inches taller than him.
Andrea says on 10/Nov/14
Rob, how much difference you think there is here?
Click Here
Of course, i do know outside videos like these are sometimes hard to use for a "legit" height comparison but Stephen does look noticeably shorter than Jared, i'd say no less than 3.5 inches and in some "shots" closer to 4!!! After looking him with Colin, Jared and David, i'd rule out the full 6'1, 6'0.5 is a real possibility!
[Editor Rob: it's tougher to say on the street like that, the pavements are 95% of the time having a slight slope away from buildings. In the clip he could look anywhere from 3 to 4.]
Andrea says on 20/Oct/14
Rob met both David Ramsey and Colin Salmon... With David being 6'2 max and Colin just a good 6'4 range guy, i think 6'0.5 for Stephen is very possible! He really might be just a 6'0.5 guy who can pull off looking 6'1 with his perfect posture!
[Editor Rob: unfortunately for me, I think he's at an event which clashes with my usual event. A decent 184 who stands normally very close to measured could pull off 6ft 1.]
Andrea says on 10/Oct/14
Yeah, Balrog. I agree with you, he's likely a weak 6'1, like somewhere between 184 and 185! He's at least an inch shorter than David Ramsey, who is at best 6'2 and could be 187 in fact...
184.3cm says on 28/Sep/14
Amazing posture on this guy. Listing looks right. 185cm.
mike says on 26/Sep/14
Yeah looks 185-186 on Arrow.
BorkLaser says on 14/Sep/14
Strong 6'1" for sure. I met him yesterday and he also has perfect posture. 185cm is good and he might even pass for 186cm.
Balrog says on 4/Sep/14
I always thought he was under 6'1". Now that you met Ramsey, I think there is a good chance he is a weak 6'1". He really has perfect posture, he looks legit 6'1" most of the time thanks to that.
184.9 on a bad day says on 31/Aug/14
Rob, do you think have a chance a little less 6 ft 1? of course no less than 6 ft 0.75 but he have flawless posture.
[Editor Rob: remember a lot of time a standing height could be like half inch less than a military/measured height.

I know a few actors who have done this, just before photo taken, breathe in and stand tall for a measurement pose.

Amell looks a guy who is holding near his best posture a good chunk of the time, which is no bad thing of course. It instills an aura of confidence.

But yeah, always a chance he is a little shy of 6ft 1.]
Balrog says on 4/Aug/14
Rob, you think his weight is really 180 pounds?
[Editor Rob: I think this is a 'before Arrow' weight, he did put on a few pounds of muscle for that role.]
Andrea says on 2/Aug/14
He doesnt give me a tall impression for some reason but to be fair, in every picture i've looked at, he looks at least 6'1... He does have an impeccable posture, almost military, and that could be an advantage over people who don't care so much about appearing tall, if you know what i mean... So a fraction under 6'1 wouldn't suprise me at all... About Colin i said it... I thought he was 5'10 too, at the beginning, but i think he's gotta be close to 5'11, no less than 5'10.5!
Clumsy says on 30/Jul/14
Hi Rob, can you make a page about Grant Gustin (Barry Allen, the Flash)? He's been put as 6'2" online, but is an inch shorter than Stephen Amell in Arrow. Probably solid 6'0".
[Editor Rob: yes I think he should get a page now, I had another look at him and think around 6ft mark is reasonable.]
staygallery downey says on 3/Jul/14
at 6'1 no one can look small next to you except elementary school kids, midgets, and those below 5'8". Sorry also this guy is weak and puny.
Jaypee says on 13/Jun/14
he was just in phx comic con! he wears lifts.. how can i send you a pic rob?
[Editor Rob: and send a message that way if you can]
Vecrotus says on 7/May/14
I always thought this guy was 6ft 2in. He makes 5ft 10in Manu Bennett and 5ft 8.5in Colton Haynes look so small on Arrow when 5ft 10in is an average height and 5ft 8.5in is near average.
joe says on 24/Apr/14
sorry to be the one to break this to you, but ackles is nowhere near the 186cm mark. unless wearing his thick boots....his height in barefeet is 181-182cm, and amell is an ~inch taller than that
serieslover says on 20/Apr/14
Click Here
he is same height as jensen ackles who is 6'1 1/4 (186 cm) :)
MD says on 31/Mar/14
@SL, I wasn't arguing that Shaun White is much smaller than listed, but I think 5'8" may be his athlete height, and that he's closer to 5'7". Good posture, but he still doesn't come off looking a full 5'8" without boots.
SL says on 27/Mar/14
In Re: MD, I met Shaun White at a club and he was def around 5'8. This pic looks like RA is a legit 6'1.
SAMMY DERRICK says on 19/Mar/14
Balrog says on 4/Mar/14
He looks legit 6'1". Has one of the best posture of Hollywood could be 184cm but most of the time he looks 6'1"
Sword says on 1/Mar/14
I've seen him often reported as 6'1 on the web... it could be correct. But his cousin Robbie Amell often reported as 6'2, when he is clearly about 3 inches shorter than Stephen, is ridiculous for me.
The_Eckoman says on 7/Feb/14
yah. he's height was downgraded recently with the new 52. he use to be 6'2 just like batman but now he's much shorter. when i checked out his profile on dc's official website it says 5'11 now;
[Editor Rob: he had knee replacement and shrunk]
The_Eckoman says on 2/Feb/14
Rob, do you know why DC downgraded green arrows height from 6'2 to 5'11?
[Editor Rob: no idea!]
MD says on 19/Dec/13
With Olympic snowboarder, Shaun White, who has pretty consistently been listed at 5'8" throughout his career:

Click Here

Though, I'm not entirely sure what Shaun's height is. Just because he's consistently been listed at 5'8" doesn't mean he is, but that's all I have to go on.
Kath says on 7/Dec/13
Funny thing is, no guys with his build and is 6ft 1 would be 180lbs. he would be more like 190-200. He is 5'11" - 6'.
Hypado says on 1/Dec/13

Stephen Amell's height is 6ft 1in (185 cm)

a legit 6'1 guy
Emily says on 16/Nov/13
His short arms kinda weird me out.
That16yrsoldkid says on 16/Nov/13
I actually met Stephen I'm 6ft 1 and me and his eyes meet at the same height I actually told him how tall are you he replied 6ft 1 and I told him I'm the same height then he replied how old are you and I told him 15 he was like your pretty tall then I got his autograph he's pretty cool
roy says on 22/Oct/13
he looks closer to 6ft on arrow despite having a good posture at all times...

@gatsby haynes is rather short....likely a little under 5'9
Balrog says on 19/Oct/13
Colton Haynes is shorter than Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey who Rob met. So he ain't over 5'9".
Gatsby says on 17/Oct/13
I would like really to know how is colton haynes height..what do u think guy? in some pics with stephen colton looks around 178 max..but no infos about it..thanks
Roy Harper says on 14/Oct/13
legit 6'1". if his cousin Robbie Amell were to get an entry in this website, i'd list that guy's height at 5'10-11" or slightly less
khelgor says on 6/Oct/13
don't understand why u said "xx inch taller" just based on a pic, make no sense.
Balrog says on 3/Oct/13
Cavill is leaning and also closer to the camera. We can't see footwear still Amell looks solid 6'1" as listed. Cavill might be closer to 6'0" he appear same height as Kellan Lutz. And yeah I agree with Lo Sgozzatore like I comment before down there, Amell always has great posture, but honestly he looks the full 6'1" most of the time, can't argue anything under 184cm.
Lo sgozzatore says on 30/Sep/13
They look very similar to me, dont think there would be an inch between them if measured... I actually wouldnt be surprised if Amell would measured 6'0.5! I repeat, he's a guy who always has perfect posture so he could pull off looking taller next to the others who dont have such a good posture! 6'0.5-6'1 is probably what he'd measure at...
AnonGB says on 29/Sep/13
Yeah seems to look about an inch taller than Cavill in that pic, but I expect they are very close in height. I have no doubt that Amell is 6'1
Tony says on 27/Sep/13
Here he is next to Cavill. 1 inch taller Click Here
he has very short arms, therefore looks shorter than he really is.
khelgor says on 12/Sep/13
he is 6'1 rofl its obvious, and stop saying "Colin Salmon towers him" i'm 6'1 and my friend is a real 6'4 and he look so much taller than me, its normal, 6'4 is huge.
Jed says on 15/Jul/13
In fact, a little searching has revealed that his cousin definitely isn't 6'2 - or even 6' (as his other listings say).

Click Here
Jed says on 15/Jul/13
It's interesting because his cousin Robbie is listed as 6'2, yet Stephen post a picture of them together on facebook a few weeks ago and he's got an inch on him + looks bigger. So unless Robbie is under 6' Stephen has to be 6'1 (presumably, unless there's some footwear difference).

Click Here
Balrog says on 5/Jul/13
Yeah, I take that back. Amell looked just 2in taller than Donnell. Like I said, I didn't watch much Arrow. Still think Amell is under 6'1'' but his military posture make him look taller.
Lo sgozzatore says on 1/Jul/13
Rob, here's an interesting photo:
Click Here
Stephen Amell and Daniel Cudmore
How much difference you think there is? Amell actually looks shorter than 6'1 in that photo, even if i think that he generally looks close to it...
[Editor Rob: there could be near 7 inches, it's outside though, so always a chance the ground isn't as level as inside.]
Lo sgozzatore says on 8/Jun/13
Ahahah 177 is ridicolous! He's near enough to 6'1 to be listed here at that! Colin Donnell is not 177, its too low! I'd say he's near 5'11, i doubt he's under 179! Amell always has an impeccable posture which make him look taller than he is
Agneta says on 30/May/13
I would guess that he is about 1.77 cm. He has a great upper body but his legs are short, and when he stands next to the (short) female actors he seems quite short. But nevertheless - he is very goodlooking!
Balrog says on 10/Apr/13
He looks solid 3in shorter than Amell so 177-178 covers him. I watched an episode of Arrow last night and one more time Colin Salmon looked easy 6'5'' next to Amell.
Joe says on 9/Apr/13
In the last of "Arrow" I watched Stephen is taken up next Manu Bennet (5.11). If someone manages to post this photo you will realize that Stephen can not be 6.1.
joaogio says on 5/Apr/13
Yeah what are your estimates about Colin Donnell's height? i believe he is 1.77 or somewhere there
Balrog says on 2/Apr/13
Haven't seen much Arrow lo Sgozzatore only the first episodes.
SAMMY DERRICK says on 1/Mar/13
iana says on 23/Feb/13
ive seen him around vancouver with his girlfriend. i believe the 6'1 listing. minimum 6'0. Also he doesnt look as jacked in person. granted when i saw him he was wearing a sweatshirt but it was rather form fitting and his arms didnt look nearly as large as they do on TV, so the 180lbs claim might be a little low but i wouldnt put him at over 190lbs. his head is also pretty big in person in proportion to his body.
Lo sgozzatore says on 20/Feb/13
6'0.5 is not impossible but i dont think he's under that mark
Lo sgozzatore says on 12/Feb/13
Hey Balrog, how tall you think Colin Donnell is? He can look sometimes 3 inches shorter than Amell but i think he's near 180. I mean, Amell really has military posture, he can look taller than he is. And what about David Ramsey? He looks pretty tall, i'd say 6'3 range. This show is full of very tall guys, see Colin Salmon, David Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne, Amell himself is quite tall...
SamKosta says on 5/Feb/13
Look this pic Click Here he is over 6'0''
Patrick says on 4/Feb/13
This guys is definitely tall. Given the fact that the world average for male height is 5'9, US 5'10, the cast of "Arrow" is extra tall. The European male height average is 6'0, though, so nothing special here tbh. Nevertheless, the guy looks 6'0.5''-6'1 and it is beyond dispute that he is tall.
cRis says on 28/Jan/13
good posture...
spamuloid says on 21/Jan/13
blatant lifts wearer looks about 5'11" to me
Lo sgozzatore says on 7/Jan/13
Yeah, that could be the case! He looks in the 6'0.5-1 range
Balrog says on 6/Jan/13
Then maybe Salmon deserves an upgrade. I still think Amell could be 6'0.5'' and pull off 6'1'' easily with his military posture. Small difference can be masked with good posture.
Lo sgozzatore says on 5/Jan/13
Balrog, i saw the first episode of Arrow and he actually looks noticeably shorter than Colin Salmon. But with Ackles and Hartley he does look 6'1.
Balrog says on 27/Dec/12
You should look him in Arrow next to Colin Salmon, who towers him, I thought Salmon was 6'5'' but he's listed here at 6'4.25'' so that's why I think Amell is not quite a full 6'1''
Lo sgozzatore says on 27/Dec/12
Yeah, in fact i said he's standing better than Hartley... Under 6'1 is not impossible, but i think he's near enough to claim it too :)
balrog says on 26/Dec/12
Lo sgozzatore, in that pic Hartley is taller than Amell even with relaxed posture. I still think Amell might be under 6'1'' but he's close enough to claim it.
Lo sgozzatore says on 14/Dec/12
Rob, i was curious to see the two green arrow together, Hartley and Amell... And i found a pic of them
Click Here
Amell can look taller than 6'1 there but i also gotta say that he always has impeccable posture, he always stands superstraight
[Editor Rob: he does look an inch shorter. He holds good posture a lot, which is a good thing - developing bad posture can lead to bad habits and as you age more chance of looking shorter!]
UK183cm says on 7/Dec/12
I am inclined to agree that he is 180lbs. I am 140lbs, he is not fat so he must have 40lbs more muscle than me, and that seems about right. Certainly not much more than that he would look like a bodybuilder.
Yaspaa says on 6/Dec/12
Jeffrey Nordling is on the site at 6'1 and if anything Amell looked a smidge taller. 210lbs!!! So he's 20lbs lighter than Arnie was in Twins? I don't think so.
Balrog says on 5/Dec/12
Actually now I'm sure that Amell is not a legit 6'1'' because Colin Salmon towers him, so close to 4 in and I thought that Salmon was 6'5'' but he's listed here at 6'4.25'' so Amell can't be over 6'0.5''.
balrog says on 5/Dec/12
He is 180 pounds, cut but not bulk. Amell has great posture and I think he's between 6'0'' and 6'1'' at first look.
lol93 says on 21/Nov/12
Yeah I though too that he was between 5'11 and 6'0 ,but he really looks with Jensen 6'1
anonUK says on 21/Nov/12
There's a lot of tall actors working opposite him in Arrow, so initially I thought he was around 5'11 - 6'0. I think 6'1 is spot on though, especially after seeing that Jensen Ackles picture
Editor Rob says on 21/Nov/12
Look at him with Ackles who claims to be 6ft 1
Click Here
I think Amell has more chance of being nearer his claim than Jensen has...
anonUK says on 21/Nov/12
seems about right to me, although I could buy 183/184 as well.

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