How tall is Mariah Carey ?

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Mariah Carey's Height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

American singer known for songs such as "Always be My Baby", "We Belong Together", "One Sweet Day", "Fantasy" and "Dreamlover". She said once, "Everybody who meets me says that I'm much taller in person...They think I'm short, for some reason." She has said in the past "I'm 5ft 9", and also '5ft 8.5'.

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Comment on the Height of Mariah Carey

Mimi said on 3/Feb/16
Mariah is definitely 5ft7 cause in 4 inch heels she is like 3 inches taller than Dermot O'Leary who's listed at 5ft7.5 here. Of course you've got to include the shoes he's wearing which makes him a little over than 5ft8.
plus said on 15/Dec/15
@Janet you should look the last pic with Westlife. With her advantage of typical heels as always, that pic and videos with the group makes her no more that 168-169 cm. Rob should downgrade her. If she was tall she wouldn' t mask her height with platforms all the time. He is average-tall, 168 is very good for a woman. I would bet first for Bieber 172 that for Mariah 172 cm!!!
Aida said on 15/Dec/15
A woman who is 5.8 tall feet doesn't need to wear high heels all the time.never saw her with sneakers for example.
Janet said on 12/Nov/15
I'm sorry Nabuko, but you don't know your heights if you think she's 5'4. That is so outrageous to me. She actually looks at least 5'8 to me. I think she is 5'9, and this listing is off by two inches
Rere said on 11/Nov/15
She was definitely no less that 12 cm shorter than Carson Daly in 7 cm heels atleast. 170 is about right.
plus said on 4/Nov/15
Nicky's on the right and he is 175 cm. 176 cm in heels.

Click Here

singing with Westlife in video she is taller in heels than Shane and Kian (173 cm). I guess she is 168 cm but no less.
joewhite31 said on 21/Oct/15
She is at least 5' 7". She may have been exaggerating her previous height claims in the past but it is implausible for her to be shorter than 5' 5". Search Mariah Carey and Katy Perry (who is listed at 5' 7").
oliver said on 29/Sep/15
I think she's 5' 8.
Nabuko said on 18/Sep/15
Come on guys,I'm 1.70 and Mariah especially in "Obsessed" looks like me when I'm barefoot and she was even wearing high heels. She must be 5'4 for sure but if not then my mistake! I said that because if you notice her whole body-height-mass without her heels she doesn't seem like a 5'9 person. Just an opinion..
vfpswiftie said on 3/Sep/15
She's like 4 inches taller than Kelly Clarkson on American Idol 12. Watchtheir moment after Kelly performed People Like Us. She's also like 2.5-3 inches taller than Ryan Seacrest who's like 5ft8.5 in shoes.
Makana said on 11/Aug/15
Mariah has very poor posture, which is probably why she looks shorter than she is.
Jerome said on 7/Aug/15
Click Here
I doubt Mariahs heels are that much higher than Taylor's
Yasmina said on 27/Jul/15
I saw her yesterday for Her last show in Vegas in Caesar's palace and I took the photo with Her at the end of the show for the meet and greet package and I can tell you that she's not really tall. I'm 5ft9.75 nearly 5ft10 and she's not 5ft7 at all more on the 5ft5.5 5ft6 maximum. I wore 4 inches heels louboutin and here 6inch heels with platform and she wasnt that tall she is average height she doesn't have the proportion of a 5ft8 girl at all short legs and torso. I can tell you she's no more than 5ft6 in my opinion between 1m66 1m68 maximum plus she wore Monster heels all the Time and I was gigantic near her
Hautney said on 25/Jul/15
I saw a documentary about Whitney Houston's death and the postmortem indicated she was 5'6, and I saw WH and MC perform When You Believe and evidently MC is 1 or 1.5 inches shorter than WH, what's that supposed to mean?
M said on 21/Jul/15
My friends were on her concert before many years(7-8) and they told me they were really suprised of her height (They claimed she is 5'4" max).
vfpswiftie said on 20/Jul/15
It's very unlikely she's below 5ft6. Someone whose 5ft3-5ft4 wouldnt claim a very ludicrous 5ft9. She's definitely 5'7 cause she's at least 4 inches shorter than Kelly Ripa
Mouse22 said on 20/Jul/15
(I think there was a problem with my first post here?...) I think Mariah is 5'8", rather than any shorter. A very recent pic shows her and Katy Perry together, and assuming they have the same kind of heels Mariah looks just that 1 inch taller (Katy's 5'7") , similar to pics with Rihanna and katy together. I don't believe pics actually ever tell us how tall anybody is, but Mariah is probably over 5'7", she seems closer to 5'8" to me.
jamie179cm said on 11/Jul/15
i doubt mariah carey over 5ft6 if she looks 5ft8 or 5ft9 shes likely in heels
whaaata said on 16/Jun/15
This height is off by an inch. She is at least 5'8
Judy ann Michelle said on 15/Jun/15
I think that maybe the heels make her tall. Mariah Carey isn't 5ft9 but 5ft8
Bushka said on 6/May/15
Actually, it does. Click Here

"The length of the corpse was measured in the dorsal decubitus position, using an inelastic measuring tape from the top of the head (vertex) to the heel, taking into account the necessity to correct the height retraction due to the muscular contraction caused by the rigor mortis."
M said on 4/May/15
@Buska rigor mortis only affects muscles min body to shrink, but not a body bones, so in that case her height wasn't affected due to rigior mortis..Withney was really 5'6" tall.
Bushka said on 26/Apr/15
Whitney Houston was listed as 5'6" on her autopsy due to rigor mortis. When she was alive, she was 5'8.5".
tiny said on 24/Apr/15
I guess Mariah Carey is pretty tall at 5'8" but looks shorter cos of her big lower body. She has huge hips and thighs and is very curvaceous which doesnt show her real height. I would put Mariah at 5'8" & about 175 lbs, a very well built woman.
Just said on 12/Apr/15
Despite the autopsy report Whitney Houston wasn't just 5'6. Mariah Carey sure isn't as short as 5'6.
Monarch said on 2/Apr/15
Perhaps this will finally settle the whole debate. As you can see, Ms. Carey's wearing flat boots here, and still, she's almost as tall as Alex Pettyfer who stands 5'10. So yes, Mariah's height is around 5'8 and a half or 5'9. Click Here
bee said on 3/Jan/15
She isn't taller than Whitney Houston who is 5'6 LOL
Jersey said on 26/Dec/14
Beyonce is no more than 5'6. Here she is with Jlo wearing the exact same shoes and she only 1 inch taller than Jlo who is believe to be 5'4 or 5'5 . Click Here
jerome said on 24/Dec/14
Click Here
taller than beyonce
Mom2nikki said on 4/Dec/14
I think the length of time this argument has gone on is hilarious
[Editor Rob: the only time an argument should end is when they get measured :) Until then I think every celebrity's height can still be discussed until the end of time...]
BGee said on 28/Nov/14
If Nick Cannon is 5'11 then she's no taller than 5'6 max if not shorter. Click Here < - She's getting at least 3 inches from those bad boys and his shoes make him push 6'0, and he still nearly has 4 inches on her.
nata your bizness said on 28/Nov/14
Mariah is 5'9 i met her in person and im 5'8 she is taller than me .
jamie179cm said on 19/Nov/14
she probably isn't taller than 5ft6 and in the video all i want for christmas is you she look average height she could be as low as 5ft4 5ft5
Lars said on 9/Nov/14
There is no way Mariah could ever be taller than Whitney, whose height is 5'7 as is popularly known, or 5'6 per autopsy report as someone here said. I think Mariah is probably 5'4-5'5.
RC said on 26/Oct/14
she's almost as tall as serena williams who is 5'9".Check out serena's instagram post with Mariah at the elusive chanteuse concert. Mariah is probably 5'7"
Buff said on 22/Sep/14
Thanks Jersey. From first pic Whitney is clearly 2 inches taller although we can't see the heels. From second pic with Whitney, Mimi's platforms are an inch taller than Whitney's heels, but Whitney is still an inch taller than Mariah. So Whitney is two inches taller than Mariah on bare feet. Whitney is 5'6 from her autopsy report. That means Mariah is 5'4.
Norma26 said on 3/Jul/14
I don't know why some people are saying that she is 5'3 or 5'4 I don't think she looks that tall. She could past to be 5'8 at the highest I think 5'7 is a believable height. I don't imagine Mariah Carey being my height or any shorter than that because I am 5'4. People always assume these female celebrities being short.
Jersey said on 23/Jun/14
Mariah in platforms and Whitney in small heels. Click Here
Jersey said on 23/Jun/14
Click Here
Jersey said on 23/Jun/14
Mariah is an inch shorter than Whitney
Meeee said on 16/Jun/14
Whitney is not 5'9. Her autopsy confirmed her at 5'6.
tiny said on 12/May/14
MC is between 5'7" & 5'8" and weighs close to 160 lbs which is just about perfect
Jersey said on 16/Feb/14
Mc and Rihanna. Click Here
Jersey said on 16/Feb/14
Click Here
Jersey said on 15/Feb/14
Rihanna with 5'9 Jennifer Hudson. Click Here
Jennifer with Whitney Houston.Click Here
Meeee said on 10/Feb/14
Oh, yeah, Mariah was first documented as 5.9 in the April 1992 issue of Young & Modern Magazine. 5.9 claim has been around for decades, it's not a recent claim.
Meeee said on 10/Feb/14
Common sense says she's about 5.6 to about 5.7. She's about the same height standing next to 5.6 Whitney and 5.6 Beyonce. 5.10 Rihanna towers over them. All four tower over 5.3 Carrie.
~Nate~ said on 29/Jan/14
Well Hannah everyone is welcome to their own opinion I wonder if you post a picture of yourself how many people would think you are attractive. Anyways 5'7 and 160?! Thats not her @ all sit down somewhere. And She is at least 5'8. #CARRYON
Hannah said on 27/Jan/14
5'7" and 160. I don't understand why everyone thinks she's so pretty she's not at all. IMO
Anna said on 7/Jan/14
@joewhite31,honestly I do not quite believe in pictures, especially the ones that do not show whole body. See some pictures of her with Usher (5'8'') her height compared to him is different in all three, depending on the shoes they were wearing.
Click Here
Click Here
However, in the video with Usher she was definitely shorter even on her heels. see 0:30.
Click Here
Using the maths that some people posted in here, I believe she is much lower than 5'7''. All the videos in this thread give an estimate lower than 5'7''. This does not convince you enough?
joewhite31 said on 5/Jan/14
Anna, she cannot be as tall as 5'3" Kelly Clarkson. Click Here
Juju said on 5/Jan/14
I met Mariah and she is definitely more towards the 5'8-9 height. She is a tall lady and breathtakingly beautiful in person
Barbara said on 25/Dec/13
She is not 5'9...watching her now on the Michael Buble Christmas special...she is wearing 3 -or 4 inch heels and is a good deal shorter than Buble, who is 5'9 max!
~Nate~ said on 24/Dec/13
I hate having to educate women....ANNA ANNA ANNA I'm not sure maybe u dont wear heels? Someone who is 5'3 Barefoot could NEVER reach 5'9-5'10 in heels! A 5 inch heel "MIGHT" Give u 3 inches MAX and thats being generous! A 4 inch heel will give you maybe 2 to 2.5 inches depending if there is a platform or not. Look it up, its not rocket science! When you wear a heel your whole foot is not elevated, just the back! I strongly disagree with her height since I have met her multiple times but I understand that holds no validity since EVERYONE says that. But If you are saying she is 5'9-5'10 IN heels...That would make her 5'6-5'7 without. Some of you people kill me!
Anna said on 9/Dec/13
@Just: If you say she is 5'7 barefoot and 5'9 in heels, then her platforms are only 2 inches? In my opinion if she looks like 5'9-5'10 in heels, this means she is around 5'3 barefoot.
@lamb: what if Whitney's height is lower than 5'7? The autopsy report says that she is 5'6.
Click Here
Then Mariah's height should be lower than 5'6. Not to mention the fact that the shoes Mariah wears are always visibly quite high compared to those worn by other female artists.
Just said on 4/Dec/13
She's 5'7 barefoot and 5'9 in heels. Years ago in a Divas concert with Celine Dion and others, Celine Dion was the tallest person there. Mariah isn't taller than Celine.
lamb said on 26/Nov/13
Whitney Houston said she was 5'7 and she is a touch taller than Mariah so i guess MC is 5'6.5. She does not have the proportions of a 5'9 woman
xyz said on 25/Nov/13
Actually there is no such thing like 20cm heels(there are but not common). The heels she wears mostly between 10-16cm. Notice that, 15-16 cm heels doesn't make you 15-16cm taller than you're barefoot.They add about 11-13cm (changes to material of heels). Plus as I see, men shoes add about 2-3cm . For Mariah, I don't know why but I always think she's 5'5". So she can easily reach 176-78 in heels. In a world JLO said she's 5'6" , I can understand why Mariah said 5'7".
mickj23q said on 3/Nov/13
I met Mariah Carey and spoke with her in the Gold Coast, Australia this past new years. I am 1.75m tall and she was definitely about 10cm taller than me with heels on, so I would say she was about my height without. She's quite tall, also I know this is off topic but she has some amazing, big, dark bambi eyes.
mickj23q said on 3/Nov/13
I met Mariah Carey and spoke with her in the Gold Coast, Australia this past new years. I am 1.75m tall and she was definitely about 10cm taller than me with heels on, so I would say she was about my height without. She's quite tall, also I know this is off topic but she has some amazing, big, dark bambi eyes.
Love said on 28/Oct/13
Mariah is very short bare foot . Go watch the footage of Making I stay in live video toward the end when she was standing next to Nick and lead male actor she was in flat shoes she was 5ft 3 or something. She very short in person don't deceive by 7-8 inch heels
Anna said on 14/Oct/13
To editor: just a thought, comments that does not offer any evidence (video, picture, independent media, quotes, logical reasoning and so on) but only simply claim someone's height or say things like 'I have met that celeb so I know her height' do not contribute anything to our discussion and should be deleted.
@LadyE: well said, I remember her saying this as well. Probably from one of the links some people posted below.
LadyE said on 22/Sep/13
I heard the past that she said that "I'm happy I can wear my stilettos because he(as in Nick Cannon) is so tall...So that's her admitting that she's a lot shorter than Nick...She's probably that height in high heels and stilettos.
Brad said on 2/Sep/13
Be a few feet from here standing on level ground, she's over 5 feet 8 easy out of her slouch. You people don't get it.
Jared said on 29/Aug/13
She is 5'2 - 5'3 bare foot
Dee said on 26/Aug/13
She is 5'5 3/4 .
Anna said on 1/Aug/13
@renee. I did my research. I have met her. I have seen pictures and videos posted here. Even some media articles put forward her height as 5'3 or shorter. Perhaps the only sources that claim she is 5'9 are her personal & fan pages.
Also as someone has said here, claiming 'I have met her' is sort of a futile & funny argument.
tiny said on 1/Aug/13
@renee: agree with u completely. Mariah Carey is not short, she is atleast 5'9" but looks shorter cos she has big hips and is very well built at atleast 170 lbs
renee said on 1/Aug/13
you are all wrong do your research before you claim shes 5'3 or whatever she really IS 5'9 therefore she is tall. I have met her and I am 5'11 she was wearing some kind of flats and we looked extremely close to the same height. she is not short.
Anna said on 30/Jul/13
She claims 175cm but even if she's only 170cm, plus those sky-high platform shoes she could potentially reach 190cm, equal to a 187cm guy (6'2) walking on 3cm shoes. That's utterly impossible. I think in bare foot she could be roughly the same height as Madonna (5'3) or shorter.
Chuck said on 3/Jul/13
5'3 without heels
5'8 - 5'10 with heels
Brad said on 2/Jul/13
Ria is correct in a relaxed pose. Stop the lipsyncing on TV.
J.Lee said on 20/Jun/13
Rob does it seem like Mariah is one of the people who actually believe they are 5 ft 9? Even in her quotes, she is implying that she is taller than people think
[Editor Rob: any woman in 5ft 7-8 range can wear a pair of solid heels and start to definitely feel tallish]
Fred said on 17/Jun/13
Funny you guys keep commenting about her weight instead of height. Some people put on/off weights fairly easily and she is no excpetion. Mariah did look slim and fat for different times but given that her height is 5'5 or lower it is impossible to reach 160 pounds - unless you blow yourself like a balloon.
Miran said on 17/Jun/13
Don't really know where this 5'9 stuff come from. I am an older guy who saw her rise to stardom in the early 1990s. At that time a newspaper even had a quiz about her height - 155, 165, or 175cm. And the correct answer was 155cm. which may seem a bit unreal, but 5'7 is still too good. She should be around 5'3-5'6, especially based on all the vids and pics people posted here.
jersey said on 19/May/13
With 5'5 Mary j Bligde.
Click Here
~Nate~ said on 19/May/13
160 PDS?!!! TINY!? WTF? No U are the biggest hater Look at her LIVE on American Idol just a few nights ago.....this is not what 160 Pds looks like.... Click Here
Ibw said on 19/May/13
She was siitting next to Kelly Ripa once, who looked like a dwarf in comparision. I bet she's 5'9 or taller.
joewhite31 said on 16/May/13
This laughable 160-pound claim is now exposed: Click Here
tiny said on 15/May/13
Mariah Carey is 5'7" but looks even shorter as she is very broad with big hips and thick legs. In fact she weighs close to 160 lbs which is huge for a 5'7" girl
Brad said on 14/May/13
Over 6 feet in heels right next to me. Slouched she's 5' 8", catches a bit more in the big pose.
djjeij said on 8/May/13
The casting call for her recent video was looking for women of similar height to Mariah and included the range 5'7" to 5'9".
J.Lee said on 8/May/13
Rod, doesn't it seem like Mariah fools herself about her height? For some reason she seems to have this idea that she is very tall. Other 5 foot 7 girls wouldn't feel so tall, but for some reason she seems to believe that she really is tall. Do you think she takes pride in height?
titan said on 20/Apr/13
There's no way Mariah is shorter than 5'8"...
chchch said on 8/Apr/13
there's no way she's less than 170cm, she's taller than that.
mbsimon17 said on 28/Mar/13
She looks talller than 5ft8 to me, and her head is in fact big, like many other actors in the media...
Jared said on 25/Mar/13
Click Here
Look at this picture of her and Whitney. She was wearing towering platform heels as always, Whitney's shoes is about 6 cm max.And they are about the same height (compare their eyes). So I guess she was shorter than Whitney for 5 or 6 cm. So if she is 175 cm, Whitney must be 181 cm (which is absolutely nonsense) so 167 to 168 cm is accurate for Mariah Carey.
Jared said on 24/Mar/13
Her short legs make her look shorted. In fact she is 5ft6 not 5ft4 or 5ft3 like some people here said.
LAZOUBID said on 16/Mar/13
Looked 5'7" next to chris o'donnel who's 5'9" in " The Bachelor" .
Ellie said on 28/Feb/13
Mariah is 175cm or 5'9" without heels!
Spencer said on 28/Feb/13
@joewhite your video is interesting. On this video, it is possible that she was wearing approximately 15 cm of shoes, see @ 1:54 - 3:29 - 3:42. For those who disagree, plz notice that her shoes were tall in both the heels and the toes area -this make the shoes look slightly shorter than their real length.
Ryan looks both smaller and shorter than many contestants, but assuming he is 171 cm like this page claims. The problem is that we cannot see his shoes in the video, so let me venture a guess of 4-6 cm. Therefore the height difference in the shoes alone should be 9-11 cm.
Depending on the various moments in the video, on average, Mariah appears to be 4-5 cm taller than Ryan (@joewhite I think we should not 'cherrypick' and choose Mariah's tallest moment - to be fair for Ryan it should be (tallest+shortest)/2, since we really cannot see their whole body, posture and shoes at a straight angle).
If Ryan is 171 cm, Mariah would be 175-176cm when both are wearing same shoes. If we consider a 9-11 cm difference in shoes, her true height would be 176-9,11 = 165-167 cm (5'5-5'6).
Finally, one pic or even one video alone is never sufficient to justify a person's height. See other videos and analyses here to deduce the best estimate.
joewhite31 said on 27/Feb/13
Even if she wears sky-high heels there's no way she can reach 5'11" mark easily with that 5'4" height. You have to be at least 5'7" or 5'8" barefoot to reach that mark. Click Here 5:05 Ryan is standing straight but is still shorter, 5:23 (this slight height difference is now exposed), and lastly 5:30 (where she bends down). I saw at least 3 inch height difference. This woman can't be shorter than 5'7" and taller than 5'9".
~Nate~ said on 27/Feb/13
Oh and BTW BAM Joewhite, Glenn who used to be on here and Brad, have all met her. Joewhite has the shortest claim even though his claim is 5'7.5. Both Brad and mine claims are 5'9.
~Nate~ said on 27/Feb/13
OK BAM lol.....I dont trust videos on youtube because I hear the Government is using their software to change people's heights as well...#ICANT with you
Bam said on 27/Feb/13
Nate: sorry pictures arent that credible. I opt for videos instead. people ve posted videos showing mariah true height here - plz see them. I also have some interesting youtube vids here abt Mariah height Im going to post soon.
If depend on pics, I 'd stick to pics of Mariah & three idol judges, cause they re ofifially from Americanidol & reposted in many popular wpages, the chances they re photoshopped to favour any judge is lower than some pics from public/unknown sources.
in any event u need not be tensed. this discussion is fun, just that everybody has their opinion. whats more height doesnt matter that much for a singer.
Brad said on 27/Feb/13
Nona has it about right but 160 pounds is ridiculous. Ryan lives in lifts, he's short.
~Nate~ said on 26/Feb/13
Oh I'm sorry Bam Here I got links for you from other websites, I see you always reach honey please kill it. So In your words Mariah is 5'3? Well that means lets downgrade Carrie Underwood to 4'11 since they are min 4 inches apart ...see here... Click Here
Lets then Also downgrade 5'2.5 Fergie to at least 4'9 since there is min 6 inches between them. The funny part is you claims she never bends down but she is bending down now.. Click Here
Click Here
But you are correct Bam Mariah is 5'3! You are both irrational and irrelevent, please kill it.
Bam said on 26/Feb/13
Mariah 5'7 - 5'11 but ONLY IN HEELS. Without heels she's 5'3 - 5'4 at most
nona said on 26/Feb/13
Mariah Carey: 5'8" & very well built at abt 160 lbs with nice curvaceous hips and strong toned legs
Bam said on 26/Feb/13
Nate: Link doesnt work, honey. Also, they 're from mariahjournal dot com - not even close to an independent source. chances are they re photoshoped.
~Nate~ said on 25/Feb/13
Really BAM she never bends down? Mariah next to 5'3 looks like shes bending down to me. How can you people say shes 5'3-5'6 when she clearly towers both 5'3 Fergie and 5'2 Carrie underwood?! Now you guys are going to say fergie and carrie are 4'5 right? LOL #ICANT

Click Here
Click Here
~Nate~ said on 19/Feb/13
Lies lies and more lies!!! Even joewhite who has met her can confirm she is nowhere near 5'3! those pics with ryan are so photoshopped for him to look tall! look at this pic she had to bend down to kiss him! Click Here
gizmo said on 8/Feb/13
5'3"-5'6" without heels
Bam said on 6/Feb/13
My mistake, 180cm = 5'11"
Bam said on 5/Feb/13
Mariah 160cm + 14-20cm heels = 174-180cm (5'8.5-5'10)
Ryan, Keith 171-174cm + 3-6cm shoes = 174-180cm (5'8.5-5'10)
I wouldnt be surprised if those three would look same same on American idol, with some slight height difference.It is worth noting Keith seldom wears 6cm shoes.
joewhite31 said on 4/Feb/13
Incorrect, if Keith is 5'8.5" barefoot, he is 5'9.5"- 5'9.75" (almost touching 5'10" mark) in shoes. Clearly, Carey is slightly taller than Keith Urban in her platform shoes, so how can a 5'3" woman reach that height? Next to 5'3" Carrie Underwood: Click Here
Ford said on 3/Feb/13
Actually Rosie did wear men shoes in the video; just see that at 6:13 -)
Ford said on 3/Feb/13
@Heyto not to mention Rosie O'donnell is a Lgbt citizen & often wears men shoes, which is way shorter than platforms stilettos. Yet for this video Mariah, in her usual stilettos, wasn't much taller. I began to doubt whether Mimi can even reach 5'5''
Heyto said on 31/Jan/13
Mariah is like 5'3-5'4, don't know where this 5'9 stuff is coming from. Watch this performance with Rosie O'Donnell, Rosie is 5'6-5'7, and watch the end of the video when they are standing side by side. no way this woman is 5'9, if that were truly the case she would tower over everyone, and she rarely does even when she is wearing platform stilettos.
Bam said on 30/Jan/13
nicky minaj U got it right! With heels Mariah looks perfectly 5'8.5''. That means she would be somewhere 5'3'' or 1m60 WITHOUT those sky-high heels.
nicki minaj said on 26/Jan/13
Barely taller than 5'8.5" Keith Urban in her usual platform shoes.
Bam said on 17/Jan/13
adina u got it right but not enough. Long legs, long neck, slim body, and small head compared to chunk make a person look taller. All these are signs of real good height anyway. Mariah doesn't seem to have any of these features, except her legs look a bit better because of those heels.
adina said on 17/Jan/13
its all about proportion..if you have long legs you look taller, and the persons with shorter legs look smaller
Bam said on 16/Jan/13
@catk celebrities may look taller than average, but the fact maybe is different. Look at pictures of Jodie Foster 1m60 Madonna 1m61, Britney 1m62, Shakira 1m57, Hillary duff 1m57 I can't help questioning 'are they really this short?' Mariah carey doesn't look taller than those ladies.
Dom said on 15/Jan/13
@Kimmie except that she's not even close to that
catk said on 10/Jan/13
i remember in the nineties she said she was 5'8. i think she is somewhere between 5'7 -5'8. either way, she always looks taller than average and is a good height.
kimmie said on 6/Jan/13
I'm 14 and 5'8 and i get a lot of attention, as in i get admire for my beauty and my long legs.. if she says she is 5'9 then she is.. >.<
nona said on 4/Jan/13
Mariah Carey - 5'8" & 165 lbs
Bam said on 4/Jan/13
Gosh even if Mariah was only 1m70, plus 10cm more of heels and stilettos she would be 1m80 or more, which means she must tower over most of the showbiz guys. But her cumulative photo records effectively failed to do that! 160cm, more like.
Spencer said on 31/Dec/12
Mariah Carey’s height attracts much attention, perhaps not only because she is famous, but also because of the way she exaggerates her true height.
No offence, really, but saying you’ve met your celebrity to know about their height a bit unfair and thoughtless. I think it means NOTHING in this forum. So in what ways can we really argue? Let’s apply to the case of Mariah here.
Pictures of Mariah standing next to another celebrity with well-known height are not a reliable way to estimate, since pictures nowadays can be easily edited through photoshop. This is very important, since short celebs are usually more sensitive about heights, and having photos edited before posting them to forums and fan pages is quite possible. In the past, ‘pictures don’t lie’ but now they do.
Using videos is much more reliable. But can we use all sorts of videos? I would not use Mariah’s music videos, even the duets, since most of her recent videos are normally shot upwards from lower angles, such as ‘Triumphant’; or the video frames are slightly stretched vertically, such as ’I Stay In Love’, or both upwards and stretched, such as Can’t Take That Away. Both effects really make her taller, and slimmer.
It is best to use news videos from independent media, shooting directly from head to toe (so we can see the heels), with Mariah being next to another celebrity whose height is well-known. If Mariah was standing with a male celebrity, we must subtract the difference in shoes from the estimate, since 12-15 cm of heels over 4-5 cm of a male shoe would give an advantage of 8-10 cm, or 3-4 inches. And Mariah have been known to live in sky-high heels, possibly higher than even other female counterparts.
2005 said on 29/Dec/12
It is funny MHouillon said she was 172-173cm and yet she was wearing huge heels. That makes no sense.
benjamin said on 27/Dec/12
Saying 'I've seen or met him/her' is NOT legitimate in an anonymous online discussion page. How long will people begin to understand this?
MHouillon said on 25/Dec/12
Well.. To be honest.. She is a little taller than 5'7. When I saw her in concert a couple of years ago she was 172-173cm. And then her huge 4 inch heels..

I would have her at 5'7.5 - 5'7.75 (172-173cm)
BeepBeep said on 11/Dec/12
This page claims her height 5'3" LMFAO along with other short celebs Xtina, hillary duff, lady gaga
Click Here
"Mariah Carey has once said her height was 175cm. Nobody believed her. People say she is about 158 cm tall, but is it really so important? Everyone knows who she is, not because she is tall or short but because she is gifted,..."
joewhite31 said on 11/Dec/12
The listing is correct. Anything over 5'7" is fishy.
Conti said on 9/Dec/12
I would say 5'7 barefoot,and 5'9 in heels.
TallGal said on 7/Dec/12
Im only 14 and im 5'8''so i think im going to be towering her lmfao
Spencer said on 19/Nov/12
Arch Stanton, your picture looks pretty distorted. Why not trying a VIDEO which is more reliable?
Click Here
pause at 0:23. Mariah was at least 10cm shorter than her 1m80 husband - nick cannon. Therefore if they were wearing same shoes she must be 1m70. But her heels are way higher than his shoes. My estimate is that she is somewhere 1m60-1m68. Remember, even her husband height is disputed in this page when people showed pictures of he and Mario Lopez standing next to each other.
Or you can see the video that nhatminh84 has posted here, in which she coached David Archuletta (1m60), pause video @ 0:04 and read analyses that followed, I think it's pretty clear here.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Nov/12
It even used the term 'diminutive diva Mariah'.

Sorry but "diminutive" is a joke for her, she's not small by any means.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Nov/12
Click Here

Looks a giant here next to Mickey Rooney!!
Spencer said on 13/Nov/12
@ThatBreezyChick I have met her. She cannot be taller than 5'7". Probably 5'6" or shorter. Why would Mariah have to lie about her height though? Because that woman is obsessed with height. You should have read older posts in this thread.
ThatBreezyChick said on 9/Nov/12
Why would Mariah have to lie about her height though? As long as she's been around She has been saying she was 5'9... She has never said she was 5'8 EVER so thats inaccurate. But thats a cute pic of her tho.
ThatBreezyChick said on 9/Nov/12
To be honest I have met Mariah Carey back in february of 2012 and She is very tall. I'm only 5'3 and she towered over me... Without the heels she wouldve still been way taller than I am. In the heels she must have been about 6'1 or 6'2 so therefore take away six inches and that would be 5'9.... Basically she is an extremely tall woman. Btw look at how long her legs are... Just saying...
Spencer said on 7/Nov/12
Funny some people still believe she is 5'9 with those short legs, short neck and chubby body.
nicki minaj said on 5/Nov/12
She gets most of her height from wearing high stilettos or platform shoes. If lying about your height is a sort of crime, this woman could have been given a warrant of arrest.
Luke said on 12/Oct/12
@BlueDiamond At least we know this woman is extremely height-sensitive LOL
Blue Diamond said on 11/Oct/12
Mariah can't be even close to 5'8.5 Naomi Campbell who's 5'10 had to bent down when she took a photo with Mariah as reported. It even used the term 'diminutive diva Mariah'. See link:
Click Here
Blue Diamond said on 11/Oct/12
Nathan, Mariah almost never appear public without her high heels especially with other celebrities, except in her bedrooms maybe. Seriously, who are you to 'have met her several times in flats and stilettos'? Her mom? No offense, but that sounds too good to be true.
joewhite31 said on 10/Oct/12
Nate, like I said you can meet her countless times but it doesn't prove your chronic statement that she's at least 5'8.5" min. Let 5'9" Martha Stewart prove that they aren't eye to eye. She can't be taller than 5'7".
Brad said on 10/Oct/12
Nathan is correct.
Luke said on 10/Oct/12
@ Nathan I can made claims I kissed Mariah LOL U can hate me but there is no way to prove Im wrong! This an anonymous Internet discussion for God's sake
benjamin said on 10/Oct/12
:Nathan: Saying 'Ive met her several times' is not legitimate argument/evidence here since anyone can claim such thing. Even if you could show a picture, that could be anyone with Mariah. I should have not said this, but I have attended one of her live performances and I truly think she can never surpass 5'7. No offence to you Nathan, but a person saying this may be well perceived as one of her millions of fans, friends or one of her powerful team of publicists. I NEVER say that you lied, but it is not the best way to prove your point.
~Nathan~ said on 9/Oct/12
at JOEWHITE31 please have several seats. I've met her in flats and in stiletto's. My sister who I've said multiple times who is 5'9 was wearing 5 inch stilettos when we met her and her and Mariah were eye to eye. Mariah might have been a a half inch shorter max. I apologize that you are incorrect and you feel you need to call me a fool....weak minded B.
joewhite31 said on 7/Oct/12
At Nathan, You can meet her as many times as you want but only fools will think this woman is 5'8.5" min. I've seen her standing next to other 5'8" celebrities and I can easily tell who's the shorter one, from Mariah to Whitney H. to Faith H. to Rihanna, all these women look slightly taller than her. That's one thing they all have in common.
Blue eyes said on 2/Oct/12
NATHAN nhatminh's 5'3 estimate may be wrong but he has a point when include a video instead of pics here, which is more credible. If she is 5'8.5, or 1m74, she would be 14cm taller than 1m60 David Archuleta if they were wearing identical shoes. But her shoe heels are high, that would make her 22-25cm taller than David, that's a whole human head! I think Mariah would not be as short as 5ft3 but she cannot be taller than 5'7 either.
~Nathan~ said on 1/Oct/12
NHATMINH84 I have met her multiple times you are crazy! lol One thing we can agree on is that voice! But She is min 5'8.5 LOL never 5'3 Get outta here!
nhatminh84 said on 1/Oct/12
I don't really care about this anymore. It's her voice that makes me love her, not her height LOL
nhatminh84 said on 1/Oct/12
Also, please look at Mariah pic on this page. To visualize her true height, first only consider her height from the ankle upwards, cause what below are essentially heels of her shoes.
The pic was not taken from above or below but directly at her body, so no visual distortion of height here. If you really notice, imagine Mariah was really 1m75, her head would look oversized. This is because head size does not vary greatly between short and tall people.
Perhaps the only source that claim she was 1m75 are her fan pages and personal websites.
But once again, only her amazing voice is more than enough for a whole generation of singers to lift their heads and look up to her!!!
joewhite31 said on 30/Sep/12
nhatminh84, i doubt it. She has to be around 5'7". With Nick Cannon in shoes: Click Here
nhatminh84 said on 30/Sep/12
@Marla Singer actually there is a lot of sources that cite Mariah as 5'3'', such as this (search the name mariah)
Click Here
It is understandable for her to exaggerate her height. Back in Loverboys or honey times, she was trying to become a sex symbol, and 5'3 does not really make her any sexier. Her height does not really matter to me. Im her fan and I love her voice.
It is true that David also wear shoes, but what I meant is that men shoes are around 3-5 cm tall. Mariah have been known to wear sky high heels around 13-25 cm. Just minus the heights to see the difference. So to say her shoes make her 8 cm taller compared to David is not quite an overstatement
I studied art and architecture, and there are overall features of the body for you to estimate a person's height, such as neck-shoulder ratio, upper body - lower body overall looks. Honestly I never think Mariah could be taller than 1m65, or 5'4''
marla singer said on 30/Sep/12
@nhatminh84 are you crazy? That's at least 10-12 cm difference and David has shoes on. Since David looked 5'6.5" next to Shailene Woodley (5'7.5", in heels) Mariah has to be 5'7" or near it. Any estimation under 5'6" is crazy, really
GameOver said on 30/Aug/12
Impossible to tell. The woman lives in sky high heels.
joewhite31 said on 1/Aug/12
5'7", accept the fact that she's shorter than 5'8" Ms. Whitney Houston who was in much smaller heels.
bill said on 25/Jul/12
RSlan said on 15/Jun/12
I didn't ask if that THING will appear taller, I asked if that PERSON would appear taller. So answer the question again:
If I took two pictures, one of a person's whole body, and one of the person's THIGH, because the camera is focused on the person's thigh in Picture 2, that means the PERSON "appears" taller?
Dom said on 12/Feb/12
If the focus is on something as you say, as in it's closer to the camera, yes that thing will appear bigger and taller. Nobody can be that stupid I know youre doing it on purpose!
RSlan said on 11/Feb/12
LOL!!!! So let me set an example: If I took two pictures, one of a person's whole body, and one of the person's thigh, because the camera is focused on the person's thigh in Picture 2, that means the person "appears" taller? LMFAOOOO you are a moron! Your line of "thought" proves it.
Dom said on 31/Jan/12
@RSIan ok can you stop talking to me you're just too damn stupid to understand, no matter what way I put it you don't understand that when someone is closer to the camera than someone else, everything about that person seems bigger and longer than the other person's even though you've posted a few pics that actually proved it. You are a lost cause. Get educated and come back.
Jennifer said on 30/Jan/12
Personally i would also give Mariah 5'8, looks like it!
joewhite31 said on 30/Jan/12
She is shorter than Whitney Houston. Mariah can't be taller than 5'7".
RSlan said on 30/Jan/12
@Dom #DEAD! How does it make him APPEAR taller if only his head is in the picture? You fail, moron.
Being closer to the camera is like zooming in. It doesn't make an object appear taller. As I've said MANY times, it changes DEPTH, which in turn, changes the amount of space the image takes up.
Dom said on 29/Jan/12
@RSIan you cannot be serious... You are IMPOSSIBLY stupid. I've never seen anything quite like it. NOTHING makes someone taller, it just makes them APPEAR taller.
RSlan said on 29/Jan/12
Correction- That was directed at Dom.
RSlan said on 29/Jan/12
@RSlan LOL, idiot, you said being closer to the camera makes you TALLER. Someone's head looking LONGER=/= the person getting taller. #FAIL. You're saying I need to go back to first grade, but you need to enroll in school PERIOD.
Dom said on 28/Jan/12
@Valerie Yes but as has been said before, you have not said one accurate thing since you've been posting here, all you've been doing is upgrading everybody so MC could look taller than 5'7"
Dom said on 28/Jan/12
@RSIan oooohhh so something can seem bigger and longer because it's closer to the camera.... I see. You just basically said I was right, idiot. go back to first grade.
RSlan said on 27/Jan/12
Obviously, someone has never heard about focal length and depth of field, hence his comments about "Measure his head on the first pic and mesure it on the second pic!"
His head is being focused on in the second pic, it is NOT being focused on in the first. His HEIGHT hasn't changed at all (height is from HEAD TO TOE, not head to chin). However the amount of space his image takes up in the photo HAS changed. Get a clue.
Valerie said on 27/Jan/12
@ Dom, onceee again... THATS UR OPINION.. NOT MINE!
IMO she looks taller than 5'7. Ive seen her in person way back in 2005 When she was staying in Amsterdam for her Promotion tour!
Dom said on 26/Jan/12
@Valerie she's a weak 5'7", as shown on about 99% of pics.
Valerie said on 26/Jan/12
I still believe and am convinced that Mariah is a 5'8 woman...! Maybe not the 5'9 & 5'8 1/2 claim from before.. But 5'8 Suits her very well!
Dom said on 23/Jan/12
@RSIan YES HE DOES you freakin' idiot. Measure his head on the first pic and mesure it on the second pic! Enough said.
RSlan said on 22/Jan/12
Fool, it doesn't matter that the dot on Rihanna's hair wasn't quite at the top of her hairdo. The FACT is I was referring to the TOP of her hair, and you understood that, hence your posts. Now, you're looking for an excuse as usual.
myspace celebrity said on 12/Oct/07
i kinda agree with her quote, i would've never guessed 5'7 but with jermaine dupri and missy elliott next to her she does this tall
Viper said on 2/Oct/07
She really does look 5-6-5-7 in the one sweet day video.
Damone said on 2/Oct/07
I'm sorry, but she's nowhere near 5'9...have you watched the One Sweet Day video with Boyz 2 Men...she's standing next to one of the singer's, who's no more then 5'6 5'7..and she's not wearing heels..and the rest of the singers are towering over both of if she's 5'9 then the rest of Boyz 2 Men are well over 6'3 and up... pfft..
jody said on 29/Sep/07
it seems like mariah carey's 5'8'' minimum w/o heels. because she has a curve..and er robustness makes her that much suits her whole body with that height. probably with heels, she's tall about 5'10''
Anonymous said on 24/Sep/07
I saw her at the Dylan hotel in Amsterdam, in the summer of 2005 i guess &nd it was amazing... She wore high heels yes but not THAT high Maybe 3 inch heels. And she stood next 2 me.. I guess she was about 5'11 maybe 6 feet with heels
~Nate~ said on 19/Sep/07
LOL Mariah didnt have a date to the legends ball! how funny she never had one but u claim she did and u happen to know how tall he was....thats ok we love liars here! :D
Eduard24 said on 18/Sep/07
When I met her in the concert, I think she's just only 5'3 or 5'4 but when she stood beside me, we almost have the same height but she appears taller when she wear her very high heels.
Melanie said on 17/Sep/07
She's probably around 5'6 barefoot. I just watched Oprah's Legends Ball and Mariah's 6'6" date towered over her, and I'm sure she was wearing 3, 4 or maybe even 5 inch heels.
~Nate~ said on 12/Sep/07
Franco, nobody asked you to change your mind, because your wrong those of us who have met her all can say she's 5'8 Min...
Franco said on 9/Sep/07
Alessia Marcuzzi is not 180cm, she is 176cm

and i didn't change my mind about Mariah Carey, she's 171cm max.
Steve said on 20/Aug/07
When you see footage where she's performing "When you believe" on stage together with Whitney Houston, it's clear that she's somewhat shorter than Whitney - who's 5'7 herself..
~Nate~ said on 19/Aug/07
LOL Mariah 5'2? This is getting ridiculous Rob Please bring her up to 5'8 Min please....we've showed you evidence supporting this..
Dunken said on 18/Aug/07
Mariah at 5'2... i've heard it all now.
Anon said on 17/Aug/07
How true this is I don't know, but my old flat mate saw her fairly close up and reckons she is tiny as in not much over 5ft maybe 5'2. My flatmate is 5'6 and not the star struck type so I believe her. She may look bigger in concert because mostly you are either looking up or you are so high up it is hard to tell.
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/07
she's def taller than 5'7, saw her in concert and she was almost 6 ft in heels! yes, she wears high ones, but i'm 5'7 barefoot, and i only appear 5'9-5'10 in big heels. she's at least 5'8. upgrade???????
talker said on 12/Aug/07
Here's the link.......

Click Here
talker said on 12/Aug/07
she's taller than 5'7".Check this link with 5'9" Mira Sorvino.Except in the first photos where Mariah wears small healed boots and Sorvino high heels,they look about the same height.
TheDarkCountry said on 23/Jul/07
i dont agree that shes 5ft7in she is 5'8.5"
MHouillon said on 20/Jul/07
Some months ago I thought "What has happened here...? Some time ago I visited here she was on 173cm, now she is on 170cm ?? That's not very realistic. Okay, she is not the 5'9" she claims, but 172cm-173cm is realistic. She walked past me during her concert, and minding her 3-4 inches heels she was certainly not shorter than 5'8 !" Then I wrote

"Rob, bring her back to 5'8 or give her at least the 172cm (5'7.75) (that Tom Cruise has on this site and give HIM the 5'7 (170cm), because this is his actual height.)"

Nothing has happened since then, many people think the same as I do,
no 170cm or 175cm either, just a realistic 172cm-173cm !!

When do we get closer to the truth ? I mean come on! Mariah is 170, but Tom Cruise is 172cm... rrriiight....
mh said on 4/Jul/07
i was in paris on june 29th 2007 and saw mariah carey outside of hotel de crillon where she stayed..and she was about an arms length away from me..she was wearing 4" heels cuz my sister has the exact same heels..and i am 5'10 and she seems about an inch or two taller than she is prolly about 172~173..she is also super gorgeous in person
xy said on 3/Jul/07
she did not want cos alessia marcuzzi was too tall!
Brad said on 3/Jul/07
"want" or "won't"? Non capisco. Lo ripeta per favore. Capisce?
xy said on 1/Jul/07
in an italian program she told to alessia marcuzzi (180 cm) that she won't her to introduce her cos she would appear too short
~Nate~ said on 1/Jul/07
new pics from the Lil Love Video Mariah standing next to Bow Wow and Jd Towering them!..Click Here
Franco said on 27/Jun/07
you guys can say what you want but she's for me she was and will always be 171cm or 5'7.5 and with heels about 5'9.5 to 5'10

makes sense, she does look tallish with heels but thanks to her rounded body you get the impression she's 5'6 or so, not true, she' not 5'7 flat but not 5'8 either.

i have a theory...

maybe she used to be 5'8 years ago before gaining weight, infact i never doubted GLENN being 5'8 at all, i think glenn from the moment he gained all that weight lost at least 1cm and is 5'7.75 pretty noticeble in some of the latest pix, sometimes looks 5'8 sometimes shorter and being closer to the cam or slouching got nothing to do, when he stood straight in some pix he looked 5'7ish. :)

so for me TODAY mariah carey is 171cm and she used to be 173cm, my guess?
**** heels shrinked her spine a bit. :)
LD said on 24/Jun/07
Nate, no need to argue. I just told you a fact about me and my heels-- accept it or not. I noticed you didn't respond my point about the photographic evidence of Mariah standing with women who actually are tall.
glenn said on 22/Jun/07
i couldve sworn she was short when i saw her in 1990 to 1992.did she grow? i agree on 5-7 to 5-8 now.
Brad said on 22/Jun/07
We all who have met the pride of Nassau County know she's 5' 8". Girl rode my favorite roller coaster in Rye New York in a video. She does look short in the rare sneakers.
~Nate~ said on 21/Jun/07
So Rob how about we finally put Mc back at 5'8 where she belongs
titch said on 20/Jun/07
no idea how tall she is. just out of curiosity why is everyone here so obsessed with height?
and what did brad say????
~Nate~ said on 19/Jun/07
LD your a woman you should know this 4"inch heels dont make you four inchers taller maybe 2.5 inches I mean my sister is 5'8 and in four inchers she's about 5'10-5'11 never 6ft and shes exactly 5'8 come on
Brad said on 15/Jun/07
We've met Long Island's finest. Campbell is a building compared to most females.She's a hair under 5' 10". MC rarely stands straight, she throws out one of her legs much like a model pose. She's 5' 8".
LD said on 15/Jun/07
Nate, you are making that statement to a woman. Since I wear them, I can tell you with absolute certainty that my 3" heels make this 5'6 1/2 inch woman as tall as my 5'9" man. Wow, this place is incredible! The photos are right here. Mariah was DWARFED standing next to 5'9" Naomi Cambell. Whitney Houston is standing right next to her in video and is taller. This woman is 5'9 only in heels-- just like me.
Brad said on 14/Jun/07
Word up Nate.
~Nate~ said on 13/Jun/07
Realme we're all entitled to our own oppinion but Brad Glenn Mhoulion and a few others have all met her I dont think you can argue that much
Brad said on 13/Jun/07
Makes Cent$ now.
glenn said on 13/Jun/07
exactly you get me and ill explain in almost full detail.and you will be amazed at how much trouble you didnt think of.much more than you think.better me being paranoid,than sorry.
Realme said on 12/Jun/07
More like 5'6"-5'6 1/2. 5'7" is not really believable.
Brad said on 12/Jun/07
I'll use your personal email to make sense, er "make cent$". Now I know. Have to use a secure computer to do so.
glenn said on 12/Jun/07
i understand brad.its better that alot of different kind of people of all departments in my life,dont know.understand? and the funny thing is,im not involved anyway.
Brad said on 12/Jun/07
I had no idea.
glenn said on 12/Jun/07
email me if youd like brad.or ill call you.its that serious.or we can just drop the whole thing.but you shouldve had common sense with that thing you posted.
Brad said on 11/Jun/07
Clueless is an understatement.
glenn said on 11/Jun/07
let brad have fun.just dont submit personal info again.he had no clue the ramifications that couldve happened against mistake,he is out for good.brad can email me if he is still clueless.
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/07
she is about 5'8.5, i met her in tomes square last year. i'm 5'7, and i was wearing heels, and she was a few inches taller than me in sneakers.
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/07
Mariah could be 5'9", she is very curvy (big hips) and has short legs ,so doesnt look it at all.
Brad said on 11/Jun/07
Get a clue, we've seen her from a foot away, she's 5' 8". Who have you met, yer postman? (Glenn line, copyright 2006). Naomi is a building in heels.

[Editor Rob: are you trying to do a Paris Hilton here?!]
~Nate~ said on 10/Jun/07
LD I'm not sure if you read what I posted about heels as well as the article written specifically about heels on this website. A Four Inch heel will only give you about 2 inches little over of height Meaning if Mariah 5'9 wears 4 inch stiletto heels that would make her a little over 5'11 wouldnt make her over 6' unless she wore bigger ones like the ones she wore when I met her.
LD said on 9/Jun/07
Nate, I see that you are aware that Mariah wears fantastically high heels all the time. If a 5'9" woman were to wear 3" (let alone 4" heels) all the time, that would make her 6' tall and therefore a couple of inches taller than the average man. There are a lot of photo links of her here and you sure don't see that in them. Naomi Campbell is 5'9 or 5'10 and she TOWERS over Mariah in the photos of them together.
LD said on 9/Jun/07
I don't know why some people want to believe Mariah is 5'8" or even taller. She is on video singing with 5'7" or 5'8" Whitney Houston and is clearly shorter. So she can't be 5'8". That is impossible.
Jen said on 6/Jun/07
Okay, I read all the comments. Actually, I do have an article that says 5'7" so that's not true about what's been reported. But that's irrelevant. Her stylist said she was 5'8 1/2" and all I know is, I was EXPECTING her to be tall since I've mostly read that she is 5'9". I am 5'10", we both had on heels, and when she walked past me at Pure, I couldn't believe how much shorter she was than me...I was like wtf...But yeah, 5'8 1/2 is a safe estimate.
Click Here
Alex said on 4/Jun/07
5'7 is a bit too low. Not going to even comment on 5'5. 5'9 is a bit too high. 5'8 seems most accurate.
Anonymous said on 30/May/07
She looks almost as tall as Kimora Lee.
Click Here
~Nate~ said on 24/May/07
For real thats what I been sayin forever Rob really needs to put her back at 5'8 Min
Brad said on 21/May/07
Word Up!
Anonymous said on 19/May/07
Oh come on....please, she's a legit 5' 8", 5' 11" in heels easy!!
Brad said on 14/May/07
Oh cut it out, I met her years ago, she was an amazing 5' 8". Nate/Glenn/Brad all have had her 5' 8" in our faces from a foot away. Look at her with Mira who is in heels. Mira is a tall person.
~Nate~ said on 13/May/07
LD you cant believe anyone would believe she's over 5'5 because your not one of the lucky few to have met her. She does wear four inch stiletto heels everyday of her life but the woman is tall. Back in the day she did wear the highest heels* but not anymore and by the way there spelt *Heels* not *Heals* Bottom line homegirl is 5'8 Min just ask Glenn or MHouillon or the other few who have pics with her who met her.
LD said on 12/May/07
The tallest she could possibly be is 5'6". As I said before, at 5'7" wearing the heels she wears, she wouldn't be shorter than Whitney. At 5'6 in 3 in heels (she wears at least that at all times), she'd be 5'9. She isn't any taller.
ice said on 11/May/07
LMAO at the 5'5 comment! No offense, you are entitled to your opinion, but I think 5'5 is downgrading too much. I can see 5'7, but not 5'5.
LD said on 27/Apr/07
I can't believe anyone would really think this woman is anywhere near 5'9" tall. She wears the highest heals possible all the times! If she were really 5'9", she would tower over most men. But she never looks taller than any man. And one quick check of youtube and you can see her singing live on Oprah next to a 5'8" inch Whitney wearing the highest heels possible and is still a couple of inches shorter than Whitney. Whitney was wearing heels also, just not high heels. She's probably about 5'5".
~Nate~ said on 20/Apr/07
Franco dont act like you know sh** please I already posted the Pic w/ 5'6.5 Beyonce and 6'2 ODB there is no way a girl who is 5'7 can wear four inch stiletto heels and look an inch shorter then a 6'2 man thats impossible unless there platforms Mariah are not Franco putting her at 5'8 min. Period thanks ;)
Franco said on 20/Apr/07
MARIAH CAREY is max 5'7 and dont come telling me anything above that. period.

these last 2 pix especially with beyonce and Chris O Donnell are her nail in the coffin.

5'7 max and she looks it.
Brad said on 5/Apr/07
She's 5' 8" at the lowest. She's in heels 24/7 & 365. She holds her own with ODB.
~Nate~ said on 2/Apr/07
What do we think about this pic kids Beyonce Mariah Kelly Click Here
and does the pic of Mariah and 6'2 ODB that Glenn has met hold no merit ?Click Here
redcat said on 29/Mar/07
In the Bachelor, there's a scene with her and Chris O'Donell (who is listed as 5'9" here). She looks about the same height (maybe 1/2 an inch shorter) although you can't see their feet. For anyone who saw this movie, was she wearing heels? Anyway, here's the pic: Click Here
sarah said on 22/Mar/07
she looks about 5'6 here's a pic of her and gladys knight which you have listed as 5'3.5 Click Here
~Nate~ said on 9/Mar/07
Yeah I saw those pics Glenn she does look a lot shorter then Naomi! But Im not sure her heels dont look nearly as high as Naomi's but its a huge height diff. I'm no expert on Mariah I just have met her and have had many friends too and having a sister that is 5'9 that loves heels when we both met Mariah together we were eye to eye I know this is all he said she said but just my oppinion and Glenn's of course who claims 5'8-5'9 when he met her too. But hey you never know Ill let you know next time I meet her
ice said on 8/Mar/07
I don't know, Nate. You're right about her not wearing heels, but they look really thick. Do you have any clue how much height you get from those? It's clear she would get more than the standard one-inch a tennis shoe would give. Also, she looks even shorter in that pic than the one anonymous posted. I would say she looks about 2-2.5 inches shorter than Mira. Mira says she's 5'9, and it looks like she's wearing standard heels, so she's probably standing at about 5'11.5" This means Mariah would be about 5'9-5'9.5" in her boots. this makes me guess 5'7.5"-5'8" barefoot.

[Editor Rob: there was some playfull pics of Mariah Carey and Naomi campbell,

like this but then Reality, kicks in

really, seeing her with that ian wright fellow who I know isn't much taller than myself in person, its harder to argue 170+ for the lady. That and she's a few inches shy of latifah who can be seen with the glenn]
~Nate~ said on 5/Mar/07
Ok here is that picture anonymous posted of Mira and Mariah, Mariah is wearing snow boots that have no heel and Mira is wearing heels look....
Click Here
Kerra said on 4/Mar/07
I met Mariah back in 2001. I am regular height, 5'6, and I met her when she was coming out of a limo with hundreds of other fans swarming around. Her bodygaurds backed us off, but she came over and met me!!!! I didn't get a picture, however, I was in flat sandals and she was in 2-3 inch heels, I must agree that she stood about 5'9 or 5'10. But definetely with lifts!
cioco said on 22/Feb/07
tom cruise is not 170, that`s imposible. penelope looks at least 2-3 inchees shorter and she is tall. she can`t be shorter that 5'5 and that makes tom at least 174 because penelope wears heels. katie is 175 and she is 5 cm taller with heels and that makes tom at least 175
anonymous said on 20/Feb/07
She appears to be only an inch shorter than 5'10" Mira Sorvino in this pic...

Click Here
com said on 20/Feb/07
Mariah is 5'9. Her height here is definitely just based on mass feedback. No veracity!
MHouillon said on 17/Feb/07
Some weeks ago I thought "What has happened here...? Last time I visited here she was on 173cm, now she is on 170cm ?? That's not very realistic. Okay, she is not the 5'9" she claims, but 172cm-173cm is realistic. She walked past me during her concert, and minding her 3-4 inches heels she was certainly not shorter than 5'8 !" Then I wrote

"Rob, bring her back to 5'8 or give her at least the 172cm (5'7.75) (that Tom Cruise has on this site and give HIM the 5'7 (170cm), because this is his actual height.)"

Nothing has happened since then, many people think the same as I do,
no 170cm or 175cm either, just a realistic 172cm-173cm !!

When do we get closer to the truth ? I mean come on! Mariah is 170, but Tom Cruise is 172cm... rrriiight....
jason said on 14/Feb/07
170 seams to short! at least 172-173 cm for her,peak 5ft-8.
J. said on 12/Feb/07
It's crazy. About a year or two ago, I was saying that M.C. struck me as a regular 5'6"-5'7" woman (with a penchant for thick heels) and seemingly most of the other posters argued "No! She's 5'8"-5'9!; her heels aren't that big!". Now, it's the opposite! Funny how people sway.
Viper said on 10/Feb/07
Shes closer to 5-6 than 5-9, thats for sure.
paul said on 10/Feb/07
try watching divas live at youtube back in 2001 i think, a finale with destiny's child, you'll see how short beyonce is compared to mariah.
~Nate~ said on 10/Feb/07
LOL Earl Yes Mariah was in a cafeteria, I bet you saw her at Walmart after that huh?
Earl said on 9/Feb/07
Met her in Cafeteria in NYC.Shook her hand. I stand by my 2/1/07 comment.
paul said on 5/Feb/07
hey! mariah is 5'9", she looks short because she's not as skinny as the others. i'm 5'9" too and i've seen her face to face. She is taller for about inches or more, realy big woman, in all aspect. tom cruise is 5'8.5 by te way" if you did not change these, you're nothing better than a cheap fake tabloid.
~Nate~ said on 5/Feb/07
Wow thats a different encounter Earl, not to say that your lying cause I'm sure your not its just your oppinion but Mariah is in no way 5'6 in stiletto's and she NEVER wears sneakers or flats, ESPECIALLY not out about in NYC at a restaurant.
Earl said on 1/Feb/07
Stood face to face with her in NYC restaurant. She's 5'6".
~Nate~ said on 1/Feb/07
Oh Im very sorry Ice I had no idea you were a male, secondly this is totally the wrong place for the Bush arguement even though I'm sure we disagree there as well. I know the Mariah height thing isn't that serious but I always get very arguemenative whether I'm talking about Bush, Onions and Apples or even Mariah.
ice said on 1/Feb/07
To bikagyura: ???
bikagyura said on 31/Jan/07
ice ---> -_-'
Nina said on 29/Jan/07
I saw her on a concert in Germany. Already in the beginning of the concert I wondered why her background dancers all looked so small even up on stage. At the end of the concert she went off the stage and came down for a handshaking while singing one of the last songs for the evening (behind the security barrier of course). As there weren't that many people there I was able to stand in the first row. I was wearing sneakers and she high heels and I still was two inches taller than her and I am 5'7 tall.

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